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No More Taxation Without Representation

The Time is Now

The Time is Now

Well, my sistren and brethren, after a month of “Hope and “Change,” are you feeling sufficiently represented by your new “progressive” government?

In my case, the answer to that question is a resounding, “Hell, no!”

Legislatively, the Obama Administration has failed to impress. The Lilly Ledbetter Act finally passed, but without the Paycheck Fairness Act, it’s only good for punishing employers after they have already been paying women less based on their sex. To make a real change in the daily lives of women and their families, we needed the tougher regulations the Paycheck Fairness Act would have imposed. As for the fabled stimulus package, when the President wanted to garner Republican votes, how did he reach across the aisle? By cutting Planned Parenthood funding, which helps poor women gain access to birth control. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi was furious at this betrayal, stating in an interview that cutting the funding actually increased the size of the stimulus bill by $700 million.

Pelosi on Planned Parenthood provisions of stimulus

And of course, not one Republican vote was gained by this tactic.

In the category of gender equity in his Cabinet, President Obama gets an “F.” He could not even bring himself to do any better than George W. Bush.

That’s just sad.

In other Cabinet news, let’s not forget that the important posts of Health and Human Services and Commerce are both still open, due to Tom Daschle’s tax cheating and Bill Richardson’s questionable business dealings. American women desperately need a new HHS Secretary to overturn Bush’s “conscience rule.” If you haven’t heard of this disgusting decree, it states that teh wimminz cannot be trusted to make decisions about their own bodies. No, we must give ourselves over to the “consciences” of those who provide health care to us. For example, if your pharmacist deems that birth control pills are “wrong,” so be it. If you’re in a more rural area, you will just have to drive 80 miles round trip to the next pharmacy, hoping against hope that the pharmacist will be kind enough to honor your prescription. And that’s just the beginning, folks.

As for the economic crisis, women will be the ones who suffer the most from the Obama Administration’s mistakes and failures, since 70% of the world’s poor are female. Golly gee whiz, wouldn’t it be a good thing to have a Secretary of Commerce who could start re-regulating the mortgage lenders, banks, credit card companies and hedge fund managers who got us into this mess right about now? No, no, those things have to wait while the corporate pigs stick their snouts into the Treasury trough and hoover up one TRILLION more taxpayer dollars.

But Ms. Magazine says Obama is a feminist, so these things must all be coincidences, right? Ha! Do we really need to go there? Rick Warren? Larry Summers? Jon Favreau? Reverend Wright? Father Pfleger?

The question is, what are we going to do about this situation? Are we going to sit back and take it? Are we going to watch while our new “progressive” President continues to take this country in the wrong direction for women?

Or are we going to fight? Are we going to finally join hands and scream: “No More Taxation Without Representation?”

Dr. Violet Socks wrote in November that she was considering a tax protest. Well, how about it, ladies and gentlemen? How about we join with other like-minded groups to organize the biggest march on Washington in the history of this country? How about we start calling our representatives in Congress and telling them that we need to see REAL CHANGE in Washington, or they won’t be getting our money on April 15th? And put our feet where our mouths are?

We want the Paycheck Fairness Act. We want the ERA ratified. We want an end to institutionalized misogyny. A woman is not three-quarters of a person. Why is it acceptable to pay us and treat us as if we are?

It’s time to tell these so-called public servants that we are their bosses, and if they don’t do what we want, they’re FIRED.

Who’s with me?

Originally posted at The New Agenda; cross-posted at Partizane

154 Responses

  1. I think only rich people should pay taxes

    rich = people who make more money than me

  2. Agreed completely. Though that budget is pretty damn good in the sense that it undoes a lot of Reagan damage that has lead to our staggering income inequality. There is a lot of Hillary plans in that budget, ie the infrastructure bank. But, no, I do not feel represented when the GD “conscious clause” is still standing. I do believe he could do away with that one via executive order today if he wanted to.

    • Obama thinks that women should consult with their pastors or other family members before considering abortion, so why would he do that? He’s also appointed Frank Page to his horrid Faith Based Initiative. Page is not only a raging homophobe, he was a supporter of the Southern Baptist decree that said women should be subordinate to their husbands. Why you would believe anything he says, or why you would even mildly compliment his budget is beyond me. He is not to be trusted, ever.

      • Obama’s handouts to the religious community are a clear violation of the constitution. I thought he was supposed to be a constitutional law prof at one point?

        • According to angienc, real lawyers do not use that designation. It’s a typical Obama self-inflation.


          • Agreed with Angie, MadamaB. There’s no such specialty. You take a conlaw course in the first year of law school, which by the way always includes Griswold v. Connecticut, (right to contraception) and Row v. Wade. ConLaw is one of the core subjects tested on the multistate bar exam, which everyone practicing law in the US since, I don’t know, around the late 1970’s , more or less, has had to pass. There’s no specialty in ConLaw. It’s core curriculum just like contracts, torts, criminal law, and civil procedure. Apparently the supposed con law expert in the White House forgot that Griswold case when he made his deal with the republicans.

            i saw we get every PUMA we can round up to march on Washington. There is nothing in this budget that will help us, and much that will hurt us.

          • MadamaB – I am so there with you – I am sick to death of the way women – all women – are treated – but we need to get them all on the same page – right now there is such segregation that we’ll never be able to achieve anything.

        • He was only a “lecturer” for a short period of time. Hardly what people in my dept would consider “professor” (he had no Ph.D. even if he had his J.D.) & in academia, they are big on these classifications.

        • Obama taught classes on Current Issues in Racism and the Law .
          The NYT published his exam papers for 1996 -2003 which made interesting reading. It includes a memo on the exam results which he apologises for being 2 months late:

          First, let me apologize for the extreme tardiness in getting this memo to you. Due
          to a miscue between me and my secretary in Springfield, I thought it had been faxed to
          the registrar and distributed over two months ago.


      • He didn’t actually write the budget himself, you know. It was basically written by former Clinton appointees. I care about income inequality. Indeed, I think it is probably the biggest issue facing this country. When the top 1% control 47% of the wealth you have big problems that implicates policy decisions from union rights to the minimum wage to energy policy to education policy to health care. Just because I’m not an Obama fan doesn’t mean I turned off the part of my brain that supported the policies Hillary proposed and principles that Democrats long before Obama was even alive have espoused.

        • Ah ha. Now I see why people are getting annoyed with your comments.

          I think you should be a little more skeptical in your praise. Again, what is proposed is only a starting point. And by the way, not every Clinton appointee is liberal or progressive.

          We have seen time and again that Obama’s actions do not match his rhetoric. Would it be too much to ask for you to wait and see before you start cheerleading?

          • Annoyed with my comments? Jesus. Then don’t read Krugman…he may “annoy” you. This isn’t “rhetoric”. It’s the budget the Obama administration has proposed to Congress. It is now up to Congress. What happened to rational discourse? I feel “represented” to a fair extent, by this budget. That seemed relevant to the post.

            “And by the way, not every Clinton appointee is liberal or progressive. ”

            Duh. I don’t even think this budget is so bold, liberal or progressive. Just rational.

        • just because these people were in the Clinton white house, Hillary Clinton would have done the same and suggested the same policies? She is Bill’s rib now…or worse yet, the rib of people who worked for Bill? Or am I misunderstanding you?

          • My point was Obama wasn’t actually in the oval office scribbling down the budget, so supporting it isn’t a matter of praising Obama. Further, yeah, I think Hillary would have had a budget similar to this because as I say a lot of her ideas are in here like the infrastructure bank. Finally, I am one of those Hillary supporters who thought Bill Clinton was a pretty good President and had pretty good policy people working for him, so I’m not surprised the budget is pretty good. Gosh, they are finally going to tax private equity and hedge funds at regular income rates. That will go a long way toward income equality. Do you not support that policy?

        • What I care about at the moment, masslib, is an income, period. While the proposed budget may be a welcome relief from longterm fiscal insanity favoring the rich, there are millions and millions of us out here sking, “Okay, so how do we survive until something starts trickling up? Where is the help for those of us falling out of the middle class now?” I’m not among the rich, I’m not yet officially among the poor. But I’m sure as hell among the truly frightened.

          • I understand that. I personally am not frightened. I actually feel you get the most structural changes in policy in moments of crisis. But I know what you mean. I would like to see more policies to help the middle class, particularly opening Medicare to all Americans, perhaps as Jamie Galbraith suggests a full payroll tax holiday for a couple of years, and a cap on credit card tax rates to bring down household debt. But, with our current crop of Democrats, I am not sure any of those are on the table.

          • I suppose what I’m talking about here is jobs. Why is job creation, for both the middle and lower classes, not at the very top of Obama’s agenda? Without a source of income, however middling, there is no fiscal sanity for the many millions with dwindling reserves. My husband and I have very little debt, but we also have very little income and our hardwon savings are dwindling. Where’s the near term relief for people like us?

          • “Where is the help for those of us falling out of the middle class now?”

            I watched you tube video’s of Webster Tarpley’s past predictions that came true so far and the design for the immediate future to get rid of the middle class. He claims that we are not heading toward socialism but facism…given that most people don’t understand that fascism is the spreading the wealth to the rich and NOT to the poor and is a slow change and not obvious.

            The market shows the lack of confidence n Obama. Anyone who is anyone at all did not vote for Obama.

            I’m still looking for more info on that you tube sound bite from the Republican Senator saying that Nancy Pelosi had a secret meeting behind closed doors on changing the bill of rights. Anyone hear that ?
            So much has been scrubbed.
            And now, Sen. Byrd is crying about the constitution being upstaged. He’s a day late and a dollar short.

            Incidently, Obama doesn’t subscribe to the belief that citizens are the boss and he is the servant of the people. I can see him laughing at that statement. It’s obvious that the citizen infrastructure is not in charge nor do the fat cats care. If they didn’t care to count our votes how can they care about anything else?
            What you see is what you get and I have seen it all with this tin man Obama.

          • I’m with you Kat. Scared to death. Panic attacks every morning. But I don’t think we’re falling out of the middle class. I think we’re being pushed out by the oligarchy which wants what one recent poster described as “a nation of serfs”.

        • Why is it that when you agree with Obama on something, he NEVER has a hand in it, its always ‘Clinton’s people’ but when you don’t agree with him, then its Obama and his hacks (same Clinton people) who are ruining this country.

          I don’t think any President has ever written a budget HIMSELF – if I’m wrong, please correct me and give me that person.

          Obama was never given the title of Professor at the Univ of Chicago; although he was invited to become full time and then qualify for Professor. He declined as he was also a Senator at the time and, obviously, did not want the full-time tenure track position. That was his choice. He was first a lecturer for 4 years, then a Senior Lecturer for 4 years – the Univ of Chicago has stated, in writing, that he served ‘as a professor’ although his title was Sr. Lecturer. All Sr. Lecturers at the school had that title as they were not employed full-time and had other careers in public service anfd politics.

          There is no PhD in law in the US-at least no accredited law school has such a program; although some are considering it. A person with a law degree is eligible to teach at law school, the one requirement being he/she must have written and continue to write, just as any graduate school teacher or professor. The most commonly conferred degree after three years of law schools is the JD. Further study, which is more research oriented, gets the JSD or LLD – often those degree holders choose to go into teaching.

      • I do not support FB initiatives at all. They are a clear violation of the separation of church and state and a boondoggle to which ever President is in office.

      • They just announced Obama is rescinding Dubya’s laws protecting providers that don’t want to provide reproductive health care to women

        • This is very good. So much ground to be regained…

        • OMG! That is fantastic!

          Now see, that is something Obama did that I can be very positive about.

          If I were at home I’d update my post.

        • does anyone have a link? I can’t find it. I did just read that he called Bush to tell him about withdrawing from Iraq as a “courtesy”. what’s up with that?

          • Prolly tha same Modus Operandi that happened with Canada and Ohio Nafta gate. Say one thing and mean another. It’s his M. O…..

        • Well, I’ll give him credit. I wasn’t sure he’d risk the religious folks wrath to overturn it. He always seems to want to placate his opponents more than please his natural allies. Of course, it doesn’t help that many of his natural allies are willing to give their votes away for so little.

    • Thanks Masslib. Although I would caution you to heed Obama’s words about that budget – it’s only a starting point.

      I’m saving my reaction for what actually gets passed. And even if the budget is good, women are still going to have to make do with a lot less money than men. It ain’t right!!!

  3. OT but his Ohighness is only about 60 miles away from me at Ft. Bragg and it feels like the eye of sauron is closing in on me….but how can he say in the same breath that he is ending the mission in Iraq but leaving 50,000 troops? Where is MoveOn.org? Isn’t he President Betray Us??? He is a liar, a pathological liar.

    • Gary – not to mention he is “surging” in Afghanistan. Where are those troops coming from?

      • Iraq?

      • 17,000 new troops were already sent to Afghanistan… he pledged 34,000, which is less than half that was suggested by his top military leaders … you bet they are coming from Iraq when the occupation ends in Aug 2010… one troop in Iraq is already saying that he will disobey Obama’s orders until Obama proves he is eligible to be POTUS… I wonder if we’ll see more of this the closer we get to 08/10

        • Leave it to Obama to keep THAT promise. He always said he was going to shift the focus to Afghanistan…and I always wondered where those troops were going to be coming from, and feared it would mean more extended tours for our troops.

          How anyone ever believed this guy was anti-war is beyond me.

  4. oops he’s at camp legeune, not ft. bragg…

  5. what is this world coming to????

    Budget airline Ryanair is toying with the idea of charging passengers $1.40 to use the lavatory during flights, the Daily Telegraph reported Friday.

  6. I’m totally for a march, madamab, whether it’s a women’s rights march or one for more income equality, or both, I’m in.

    I also believe economic inequality is the most important issue.

    First in the hierarchy of needs, is survival, and feeling safe – food, clothing, and shelter.
    Your point about 70% of the world’s poor is very important, and brings both issues together. On the endless shows about being black in America, they talk a lot about poverty, which is important. Equally important is the position of women as a minority, and among the poor. We have to demand attention.

  7. From a small blog:

    Well, apparently…
    By lambert on Fri, 02/27/2009 – 1:00pm

    … we’ve been removed from The Confluence’s blogroll. What a shame.

    • What a drama queen.

    • Why is he over here looking around?

      I did notice this morning something missing in the “C”s.

    • Did he really think that riverdaughter was going to pay petty and immature little games with him forever? If he really wanted dialogue it would have been as simple as allowing dak access to defend her ideas. He didn’t have to agree with her but courtesy dictates that he should allow her the opportunity to explain her position as long as she maintained civility(and I have a hard time picturing dak not being civil). Echo chambers are afraid of having differing opinions among the ranks. Sites that actually want to engage in dialogue not so much.

  8. I am there too, madamab, you want a march, count me in.

    I am sick of working my ass off only to be told by high paid partners that the firm isn’t making enough money to give me a raise, but we can afford new Range Rovers for the partners.

    I am sick of being terrified at tax season because I am single and have no dependants.

    I am sick of stimulus plans that give me $13 extra every two weeks, that I am probably going to have to pay back at the end of the year because I have to work two jobs to maintain a fairly decent lifestyle.

    I am sick of being told I just need to find a nice guy and get married and then I wont have to worry any more.

    I am sick of being afraid that if I really DO get sick, I will go broke.

    A march on Washington, yeah, I can fit that in.

    • Kim, wish I could say that a nice man would do it… but, we’re just barely making it ourselves and we have no dependents — so we get no help from the govt or family members. Also, I have a partial disability which I get no SSI for and have been living with for years … I manage to get to work and pay for my own birth control (which is exorbitant), notwithstanding other meds for those other health problems.

      Yet, I’m supposed to be supportive of people like Octomom … it really burns me because I’m compassionate but there’s a limit. Incidentally, I’m getting squat under Obama’s stimulus bill and budget.

      BTW — why is Obama’s budget when he wants to say so, but when he gets criticized its the budget Congress sent him? hmmmmmmm?

    • TRK,

      You don’t get $13. That’s for married folk. 😦

      I think yours is only $7.50. I’d give you more and banks less. Unfortunately, I don’t have a Congressional seat.

  9. Masslib, I can’t reply to you nesting-wise, so here it is:

    My skepticism of Obama is 100% rational. We have been watching this guy lie, cheat and steal for two years. In no universe does he deserve the benefit of the doubt.

    As for Krugman, I was unaware that he was commenting on TC.

    • Why are you so rude to me? I am not a big Obama person. You ought to know that by now. But, I can not help but be pleased to see the a budget they roles back tax Reagan tax policies I have lived under nearly my entire life, with adjustments during the Clinton years. There is really no reason to be so rude. I care more about policy than any given politician. I don’t trust Obama. But when a President hands his budget over to Congress, that’s it. It’s up to Congress now, and this budget is a good starting point toward income equality.

      • I forgot how much you love to hijack a thread.

        My mistake.

      • masslib, we get it. On the surface I was almost happy at the budget proposals (have you read that mass thing?), but Obama’s real priorities will be ascertained once Congress gets a hold of it and he signs it. So, personally I’m preparing myself for the inevitable let down. Just like the SOU address — ‘we’ll be better than we were before’ — how completely uninspiring!

        Like we’re saying — The Devil is in the details!

        • It’s not really Obamas budget right? It’s Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reids budget. right?
          After all, Nancy reminded the women on The View that she is the ‘third down in power….President, Vice President, and then her…” But she’s likely THE ONE in power. Why else would she not want Hill as Prez or Vice prez. It’s plain as day. She herself was never VOTED in. She was given her postion by the DNC (perhaps Alice Germond?)

      • That is not entirely true. Once Congress gets the budget he still has a lot of avenues to influence the bill that gets sent back to him through politics. You can’t possibly believe that he simply hands the budget over and stays out of it. Chicago pay to play is how Obama operates.

      • Masslib

        The devil is always in the details with Obama. Time and time again we have watched him preen and fawn over the opposition’s admiration while kicking his natural allies in the teeth. examples include snubbing Clinton while fawning over Reagan, asking for funding for low cost birth control to be cut on request of GOP members who then still failed to vote for his bill. again today, he has an opportunity. It saddens and upsets me that so many on our side are willing to accept so little.

  10. I didn’t watch Obama’s gabfest on Tuesday, but I heard on NPR the other day about a young woman from SC who he invited to trot out as an example of young people wanting change. She had written to Obama pleading for money for her school, half of which has been condemned. He said that her letter stating that she didn’t expect much but that it wouldn’t stop her from trying was inspirational. NPR interviewed the superintendant of the school district and asked if the stimulus was going to help them rebuild the school. It won’t. You would think that Obama would pull some strings, you know make sure the school he was spotlighting would get some help. nope. same old shit, they never follow through. it’s always about using people’s pain to further themselves. He is just a despicable human being, and I don’t believe he does anything without the ulterior motive of benefitting himself.

  11. “In a swift about face from her views as New York’s senator, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is now hammering Israel over its treatment of Palestinians in Gaza. As First Lady, Clinton raised eyebrows when she kissed Suha Arafat. Since she was then seeking a Senate seat the resulting brouhaha caused her to “re-think” her positions. “I’m a very strong supporter of Israel,” Clinton said back in February 2000. On Thursday, as Secretary of State she had yet another about face in the form of angry messages demanding Israel speed up aid to Gaza. Jewish leaders are furious. “I am very surprised, frankly, at this statement from the United States government and from the secretary of state,” said Mortimer Zuckerman, publisher of the New York Daily News and member of the NYC Jewish Community Relations Council. “I liked her a lot more as a senator from New York,” Assemblyman Dov Hikind, D-Brooklyn, said. “Now, I wonder as I used to wonder who the real Hillary Clinton is.”

    Clinton’s decision to hammer Israel comes as the Clintons and President Barack Obama are planning to give the Palestinians $900 million toward the rebuilding of Gaza in the wake of the Israeli offensive that was sparked by Hamas rocket fire. ”

    Consistency is the hob goblin of small minds?

    • The Secretary of State carries out the policies of POTUS

      • aren’t these obots really fucking stupid? I mean do they really think she’s out there making up her own policy? It is an easy trap to fall into if you’re pretty stupid. I mean it does make sense, given that she is ten times the natural leader he’ll ever be….

        • She chose to be in his administration.

          • that’s not the critique though. I agree. I know I’ll take crap for this, but I doubt I would ever vote for her again.

          • She is really on the side of Isreal. But she can’t do anything about that? She’s a die-hard for Isreal. What’s up?

          • garychapelhill, on February 27th, 2009 at 1:53 pm Said:…I know I’ll take crap for this, but I doubt I would ever vote for her again…..

            I agree. I feel as if she caved when she accepted the job of SOS and I have to admit that I am disappointed.

        • Particularly when they all took such great joy in saying that he’d be her boss. Uh hello? Is there some sort fo disconnect.

      • This is going to get old so fast.

    • I have checked a number of links on this Israel subject and have yet to find a clear quote of Hillary’s, all of the citations are hearsay- has anyone seen something more definitive? I am skeptical until i see something in black and white (or preferably, color). I know the obama administration is pushing this, but where is Hillary deriding Israel?

    • foolish consistency

    • As we know, Barack Obama has always had a consistent position on Israel, and so many other issues.


    • Where did this article come from? The tone is really anti-Clinton. How many times do they use “about face?” She’s not writing the policy. And giving aid to the Palestinian people is not anti-Israeli. This is Bush-speak for “if you’re not with us, you’re against us.”

      • I think this article in the AP is a little more reality-based.

        • Interesting. I didn’t see anything that suggests “hammering Israel.” In fact, the AP article doesn’t have any quotes from Hillary. The person speaking on her behalf only says that she’ll be assessing the situation on the ground when she meets with various parties. Whatever the article above is it is clearly muckraking propaganda.

    • Nice try Obot — more lies and distortions about Hillary are supposed to do what exactly? Your guy won; he sets the policy; GET OVER IT.

  12. Women in the Congress remain stagnant. Not all women who were tapped to be in the Messiah’s cabinet are being replaced by women. So there are no gains. We haven’t increased the representation of women in government at all as a result of the Hope’n’ChangeHistoricalElection.

  13. Oh the Masslib is back….Yawn….why iis this Obamabot in denial allowed to control the conversation of the thread?

    I am sorry if this sounds hostile but I really dont care a piss what you think Masslib….

    When the going got tough you switched teams its you bed your wet spot enjoy…..sleeping in it!

    What was the flavor of the koolaid you drank….

    Now if you are not here to appologize for voting Pampers on November 4th or to get you daily ration of M0nkey P00p sandwich for your lenten penance….

    Go I am home for lunch and dont want to waste any more of my brain cells on you

    To think I shed tears over this personality when she left us….

    I guess I was just a sucker!

  14. I really thought that last comment was going in moderation! Spammy loves me today!

  15. It’s true Hillary works for Obama now. But a good sec’y of state also helps form policy; she doesn’t have to just take orders. I don’t have a lot of admiration for Kissinger or Nixon, but the symbiotic relationship they had with respect to foreign policy (for good or ill) at least set the US on a consistent path. I am sick of the Israel bashing. I don’t think Israel is perfect. But sometimes there is a side to the story we never hear. Israel was sending in aid to Gaza and Egypt never lifted a finger to send any.

  16. But a good sec’y of state also helps form policy; she doesn’t have to just take orders.

    Ask Doug MacArthur what happens when you publically disagree with your boss.

  17. I didn’t catch the recent obama-propaganda state of disunion pep-rally. Instead I went and saw a woman who is an explorer and is running an organization in
    India right near the Pakistan border which is focused on helping folk (with an emphasis on women) who live in villages at high altitudes. Their culture is being overwhelmed by the influx of the Indian army who see this land as being valuable strategically in their ongoing fracus with the Pakistanis. It is a battleground of traditional cultures trying to survive the influx of modernization (and not good modernization, but things like developmental agencies putting in law that there must be flush toilets so that the water supply to all the native inhabitants in the area is jeopardized by the tourists who want flush toilets in their hotels). It is enough to rip your heart out to see what is happening. But this woman and the women she works with have the drive to keep striving for intelligent solutions. This explorer was no wild-eyed optomist
    (not that that’s a bad thing) but a person who sees the difficulties involved and is committed. She quoted the Dalai Lama who had told her to go and try to do more good than bad in this life. I guess that’s the goal.
    I guess it is for us here too, as we see what’s going on in our country. And we all know that women are on the bottom of the human rights list. Islamic fundamentalism is just downright disgusting. And now the buddhists in India are putting forward the idea that birth control is wrong. This woman said she belives that idea is being put forward because the buddhists want as many bodies as the muslems for the ongoing battles between them. Sorry for the long post, but it seemed appropriate somehow. I just remember the spirit of this woman and her permanently windburned cheeks. Sort of felt like a little bit of Jane Goodall.
    She also used the quote that others here have often used about “how never doubt that a small group of thoughtful people can change the world. Indeed, that is all that ever has.”– I believe that’s Margaret Mead, and I paraphrase her. There is much good out there.

    • okay, sorry. that was an enormous post. and not meant to hijack the discussion, as i see there is some mention of that happening here today. it just seems all related the struggles we are having.

    • Thank you for sharing that, angelasmith. I do believe that women are the hope of the world. If we can work together for full and equal representation, we will really see TRUE change in the world.

    • Has she written a book?
      Thank you for that. Flush toilets are such stupid things.

  18. Great Post as always madamb”
    Look in you e-mail for a sad; but funny “vocabulary lesson”.
    Just got back from work so I’m playing “catch-up”.
    On the Ziegler film I’m waiting for my full copy too. There is some action for a “screening in NYC” within the next month.
    *He was a Clinton hater; but I heard him say on more than “1” occasion that in this film “Bill Clinton is the hero”. It had to do with him (Bill) being the only one through the primaries “trying” to get the media to “VET” Obama..
    Supposedly, the 1st 30 mins is on the primaries.
    **Palin NEVER said she can “see Russia from my house”. She said (to demonstrate they are close) that there “are PARTS” of Alaska that you can see Russia From”!!
    On Hillary & the “Gaza / Israel issue. Sadly, this might be the “much feared” Colin Powell moment.

    • I got something from Will Bower about the press viewing it this week

    • Sadly, this might be the “much feared” Colin Powell moment.

      Please explain

      • I’ll give it a try. Essentially, Colin went to the UN and lied about Iraq in order to gain popular support for the war. He later resigned over his disagreement with the stated policy, i.e., he lied and felt bad. It cost him accountability in the long run–and possibly a place as the first Black President.

    • TPT/NY – thanks, but I highly doubt the credibility of this story, and I do not think what she may or may not have said is equivalent to Colin Powell deliberately lying us into a war.

      • The article quoted above has a very clear agenda. Everything from “hammering Israel” to “about face” clearly shows that the writer is not reporting the news, but is spinning it. Giving money to rebuild Gaza is not anti-Israeli. And there are no direct quotes from Clinton or from anyone in the Israeli government. That article is grinding an axe. I will wait for an actual quote or statement from Clinton. In the meantime I think that entire post should be removed until we get hard news on the subject because it is a) a distraction and b) could be highly misleading if not outright false.

        • One giving money to Gaza might actually be argued as pro israel. The money is not going through Hamas from what I remember reading previously . One of the reasons Hamas has managed to win the hearts and minds of Palestinians through their “good works”(its why I disagree with the faith based crap being funded by tax dollars). It sounds like we have decided to compete with them for affection. In theory it sounds good. Oversight will be key.

      • “I PRAY YOUR RIGHT MB”!!!!!!!!!!!!
        “Laurie” What I meant about a “Powell” moment; is that he “fell on the sword for Bush” & damaged his amazing reputation ever since. I “feared” something like that happening to Clinton with BO as Pres.”.

  19. It almost seems that bots think we are hoping and praying that he screws up. That is a stupid notion, considering we all in this mess together. In this economy, all our livelihoods are banking on his doing a great job. I want him to be the bestest president evah, because I can’t afford for him not to be, so far though, he is just more of the same.

    • Hoping he screws up and knowing he IS screwing up are two different things.

      Reality sucks. BIG time.

      At this point I have no hope that he will ever do the right thing about anything. That way, if/when he does something good without the hidden middle finger to women, I will be happily surprised.

  20. Good!

    LOS ALAMITOS, Calif. — The mayor of a small Southern California city says he will resign after being criticized for sharing an e-mail picture depicting the White House lawn planted with watermelons under the title “No Easter egg hunt this year.”

    • Good news indeed!

      Now if only Favreau would resign. (sigh)

      • hah! I was just about to say the same thing. and while we’re at it how about Chris Mattews, Keith Olberman, Andrea Mitchell…..

    • Ha! Good. What an ignoramus.

      That’s one good thing about Obama’s election – these *sshats won’t be able to get away with sh*t like that any more.

      Of course, I’m wondering why Bush wasn’t forced to resign after lying us into a war. I can’t help thinking that was a tad more important than some small-town moron’s r*cism.

      Oh well. Guess I’ve gotta get over it, huh? No consequences for Bush, Cheney, Rove, Rummy and Rice.

  21. From the State Dept’s DipNote blog (ht to Reg) Hillary Clinton on Pacific Partnerships:

    The Obama Administration believes that the futures of the United States, countries in Asia and around the world are increasingly inextricably linked. As you may know, I spoke from the Asia Society in New York City on Friday afternoon where I outlined the opportunities that I see for stronger bilateral, regional, and global cooperation and ongoing collaboration to deal with the economic crisis, to strengthen our alliances, to prevent the proliferation of nuclear weapons, and to build on efforts to face challenges like climate change, clean energy, pandemic healthcare crises and so much more.

    As I’ve said before, America cannot solve the problems of the world alone, and the world cannot solve them without America. A Chinese aphorism says, “When you are in a common boat, you need to cross the river peacefully together.” The wisdom of that aphorism must guide us today.

    Wise Hillary.


    • Thank you! I just love reading about what she is doing.


    • This is why she’s in the Hall of Fame. There has to be a special place in government/feminist Heaven for her.

      • I need to ask this. What is up with the suit that looks red in one pic and pink in another? Srly it is like it changes color. Red/dark pink

        • Ha! I know exactly what suit you’re talking about. I have no idea what it’s deal is. Maybe it’s made of silk (as many of her jackets are) and so is prismatic. It responds to different grades of light by changing color. I’m not explaining it well, but suffice to say it looks different under different camera flashes.

        • “Shot silk is a textile fabric which is made up of silk woven from warp and weft of two or more different colours producing an iridescent appearance.” wiki

          (A lot of handwoven Thai fabric is “shot” silk. In this case the horizontal threads might be red and the vertical threads might be pink. I love shot silk, and made a lot of jackets from it in my day.)

  22. For me only, I just finished a final brief for the appeals court. Not on topic, but I am happily dancing around my office. 😀

  23. Congrathulations Kim. Nothing feels better than getting one of those things finished.

  24. OT

    I was eating lunch and the staff room had CNN on and there was Obama talking AGAIN!! Is he never going to stay at the White House and do any work? I don’t remember any other president getting this much airtime.

  25. Okay, done dancing, we just got our first foreclosure case. The client’s mortgage company was a subsidiary of Bear Stearns and our client is not behind on her payments.

    This may be a sign of things to come, as more and more banks are eaten up by this financial crisis are we going to see more and more banking errors.

    • speaking of banking errors. earlier this week a relative got a letter from the state supreme court notifying her that a default judgment foreclosing on her house was going to be entered against her but that entry of judgment was stayed for 60 days so that the lender could provide the court with the mortgage note to determine whether this was a subprime mortgage. My relative says she was unaware that there was a foreclosure action pending and that she is not in arrears on her mortgage.

      So yesterday, I accompanied her to the court and pulled the file. Couldn’t find anything wrong with the pleadings. So then we went to the City Register to look at everything that’s recorded against her property. Turns out the original lender assigned to note to another lender. The assignee is the foreclosing bank. However, the assignee sold the loan to another lender and last fall my relative did a modification with this (now the 3rd) lender; and is up to date on her payments. The foreclosure action was begun in 2007.

      The attorney for the first assignee was unaware that his client sold the loan and was also unaware of the modification. He might have proceeded to judgment had the court not sent the letter to my relative

  26. This week’s NY Times Book Review has #15 on the nonfiction list as The 2009 Inaugural Address by Barack Obama.

    It’s in book form? People are buying it? I guess it will look well beside the Obama chia pet on the coffeetable.

  27. New post up!!!

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