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Media Malpractice

Filmmaker John Zeigler produced a documentary about the media coverage of last year’s election titled “Media Malpractice – How Obama Got Elected And Palin Was Targeted.” 

I’ve only seen the previews and they left me wanting to see more, like any good preview should.

I’m not endorsing or bashing the film, I’m just presenting these clips for your consideration.

Make the jump for “Sarah Palin Unplugged On The Media” and “How Obama Got Elected… Interviews With Obama Voters”

Troll prophylactic:  Don’t waste your time posting comments about Zeigler’s political views, lack of personal hygiene or scandalous past.

I know he’s a conservative and probably bites the heads off of puppies.  I’m sure the movie is slanted and biased, but so is the media.  I’d rather see the work of someone who is openly biased than someone who claims they are being objective but who secretly has an axe to grind.

80 Responses

  1. That third embedded video I’ve seen before and it’s pretty astonishing, but not really surprising. I’ve used the “Who said ‘I can see Russia from my house'” on some Oborg friends and acquaintances and after an embarrassed pause they inevitably then respond: “Well, it doesn’t matter, she’s still stupid.”

  2. Love the prophylactic!

    Hate what the media has done. What they’ve become. They’re pathetic more than evil.

  3. I’m sure somebody on small blog somewhere is writing a post accusing me of being a racist Republican ratf*cker (again)

    F*ck ’em, I don’t really care.

  4. Hey folks – I have a post going up at 12:10, but I won’t be here. Myiq, can you mind the store?

    Also, I have heard mixed things about this guy. Apparently he was a Clinton hater and a misogynist at one point. I agree that we shouldn’t endorse the film, but people can certainly make up their own minds about whether or not to watch it.

  5. Apparently he was a Clinton hater and a misogynist

    Those are prerequisites to be a member of the media.

  6. Michael Moore is a horrible person and a Clinton hater. Hey, Al Gore is a Clinton hater, too!

    • Meaning?

      First part is OK. Michael Moore is an idiot. But Al Gore never bashed Hillary. He was a stateman. The media CDS also extends to Al Gore, as Bob Somerby has documented.

      • Al Gore had a chilly relationship with the Clintons towards the end of Bill’s Presidency. The fact that the media hated Clinton/Gore perhaps contributed to the fact that Gore (and his campaign manager Donna Brazile) wanted to have nothing to do with Bill through most of Gore’s campaign. Perhaps Gore resented that the media lumped him in with Bill. CDS extending to Gore certainly didn’t make Gore and Clinton friends. And as the primary season got under way this time round Gore was asked if he would be endorsing Hillary Clinton and he said no. He then went on to be an off-the-record adviser to Obama’s campaign. Obama eventually confessed as the primaries were coming to an end that he and Gore spoke every couple of weeks. I have not heard of Gore and Hillary exchanging phone calls.

        • Amen to that. If Gore hadn’t been a complete idiot and ran away from Bill Clinton as fast as he could, he would have won by a mile. instead he listened to Brazile and had his ass handed to him by the SCOTUS. I hate it when people blame republicans for Gore’s “loss”. It was his own damn fault.

          • Brazile sure seems to hate both Clintons.
            What’s with that?
            Does anyone know of any prior history? Her CDS helped bring us Bush and the mess we have today.
            And then it brought her pal Obama.
            What’s with that too?

          • Clinton was a anchor around Gore’s neck in 2000. Independents polled said they were less likely to vote for Gore if he campaigned with Clinton. Despite that Gore talked about Clinton at every campaign stop and in the media. He NEVER ran from Clinton. He may have been mad at him…as was his right. Clinton’s behavior was totally boned headed.
            since then his image has improved due to how awful bush was.

            Now let us address the “Gore Lost” meme……HE DIDN’T. It was stolen and please please please do not tell me it should never have been close enough to steel.
            1. BS
            2. it wasn’t that close, had FL and OH had not been stolen, he would have won by a small landslide.

            Now, Gore may have been fooled by teleprompter Jesus, and yes I do hold that against him. I also hold against him the fact that he chose not to run again. Still, he won in 2000 and because we did nothing we got what we deserved in a way.

          • I remember hearing a lot of coverage about the fact that Gore did not want Bill Clinton campaigning for him until the end. Some went on to say that Bill did not want to campaign for Gore (so it’s all Bill’s fault!), but in fact it was Gore and Brazile who told Bill to not bother. Talking about Bill at campaign stops and having Bill campaigning with you are two different things.

            Gore lost his own home state. Brazile ran a terrible campaign. The media loved Dubya. And then there was Nader.

          • Oh, please!!! Gore should have beat the shrub by 10 points. He did lose by being incompetent enough to be so close to let them steal it. I don’t know what planet you were on during that election, but Clinton was wildly popular (he left office with one of the highest approval ratings of any president) and totally dismissed by Gore. Get off your high horse. You see Gore/Lose in the same sentence and you lose your mind. if you had read my comment you would have known I wasn’t pushing that meme.

            May I remind you that Gore could have fought to challenge a full recount in Florida and did not. Had he done so we might be a much happier nation right now. I’m sick of dems who look at Gore as some kind of demi god. he lost because he was an unskilled politician who had some very stupid advisors.

          • speaktruth –

            DB was on This Week after the election (I believe the topic under discussion was Caroline Kennedy’s pursuit of the Senate seat) and inadvertently exposed her hatred for Hillary. DB had a friend who had planned to run (and win) for the Senate seat that HRC “came out of nowhere” to steal from the woman. DB showed exceptional disdain in her descriptive retelling of that story.

    • I agree about Michael Moore. Used to think he was a good guy but he endorsed Nader in 2000 telling women that abortion was not an issue then he flipped in 2008 and suddenly abortion was an issue. I don’t like men who beat women up with the abortion stick. He’s a jerk and a bully.

      • Michael Moore has been MIA since Obama’s been elected and throwing progressives under the bus. He had no qualms dissing Clinton and calling her a r@cist during the primary but now that his man has named Gupta surgeon general (the same guy who bashed his documentary Sicko) and has placed universal health care on the back burner, Moore has kept his mouth shut. I think Moore has good intentions but like so many progressives today, continues to side with losers and have no problems with continuing sexism and misogyny in politics, the media, and in our daily lives. What he says in the future about Obama will determine with or not Moore really cares about health care and Afghanistan or if he’s a wimp who can’t imagine standing up to the first black President even when millions of lives are on the line.

  7. I don’t know, I think the pump has been primed; I think people are ready for some “truth”. Many know now that they’ve been had. Having seen only some trailers I’m anxious for the release of the documentary. I saw Ziegler on a news show and he didn’t come off like a rabid reactionary, so hopefully the film will be good.

  8. I think this may be a teaching moment. Whether you agree with either political side or not, I think it will serve to make viewers a little more atune to how a story is told or not told.

  9. I think this may be a teaching moment

    If you rely on one source or side for information, you are at their mercy.

    The best way is to listen to both sides (or all sides if there are more then two) and make up your own mind.

    That’s what really annoys me about the people who get their knickers twisted and scream “OMG! How can you possibly listen to _________”

    Just because I listen doesn’t mean I agree with them.

    I read lots of stuff everyday, including the rabid right-wingers and the puerile PUMA haters (who can only be told apart by who they hate)

    • I’ll let you in on a little secret. I don’t agree with all PUMAs, either. Hell, sometimes I don’t agree with Conflucians. I didn’t always agree with my mother, either.

      • But you always agree with me, of course. That’s all I care about, since I am always right about everything.


        Seriously – I totally agree with your point. I figure if we have to agree 100% with everything here on TC, we will be no better than Obots.

        • I agree.

        • Yes we Virgos usually know the correct and best way to do things.
          Just do it our way and do not argue as we are always right.



      • I disagree with myself sometimes

    • The best way is to listen to both sides (or all sides if there are more then two) and make up your own mind.

      Agreed, myiq. “You be the judge” is the only way to go, after giving the subject in question due process.

  10. Michael Moore is an idiot

    Moore is pretty good when he’s presenting facts.

    When he presents his opinion he’s a buffoon.

  11. I’ve seen the third clip and was floored. I couldn’t believe that voters are so uninformed and/or misinformed. It’s really rather depressing.

  12. Sarah rox,

  13. If the film shows only ignorant BO voters, you could say it is one-sided. They could show ignorant McCain voters. They are all still ignorant.
    Anyway, the vast majority of first time voters were for BO. They were young people and people who never bothered voting before. The most uninformed groups. It’s not just about who they voted for, but that their reasons were not even based on accurate information.

    • Most people from the left side of the aisle simply take it for granted that Sarah Palin is a fool. They have completely bought into the spin on her.

      There is no coverage whatsoever of her latest efforts to move Alaska away from fossil fuels and explore alternative energy sources for each area of the state. How…foolish.


      Gotta go – later Conflucians!

    • I’ve come to believe that this country has more uninformed votes than not. I’ve long thought that an uniformed vote is worse than no vote at all.

  14. Sorry Puma’s that I have become one of those readers who never comments. I am so glad someone has done a documentary on how the media went gaga over Omighty.

    As much as I read I am embarrassed to admit that I also thought Sarah said she could see Russia from her house. I need to go to an AA meeting and cleanse myself.

    Go Sarah – don’t backdown!

  15. I don’t think the clip on Obama voters is incorporated in Media Malpractice. I know the Palin interview isn’t (it’s a bonus feature on the DVD)

  16. I meant the third video

  17. Fran> I agree with your point that there are ignorant McCain voters, but we’ve heard about them already. R@cist, gun waving, religion clinging, bitter, etc. The short-comings of Obama voters have, so far, been taboo for discussion. In fact, I’m sure it remains taboo still. Oborgs seeing that third video would accuse those who made it of being r@cist.

    • Yes. That is the point. I was just trying to give the counter argument.

      Plus, the most right wing Republicans did not support McCain.

    • plus the media flat out lied about them when they reported that people were shouting that they wanted to kill obama at Palin rallies. I never heard anything outrageous like that about O supporters, even though I saw many of them frothing at the mouth first hand, especially in Unity.

      • the media LIED about many things they claimed in NE PA. Obama’s campaign LIED about those things and it is one of the reasons I can not stand him.
        There were never any signs calling Obama the N word or calling for his death.
        On the other hand, every time I sent a group of women to the corner to hold up Hillary signs they got called every sexist name in the world, usually by car loads of young men.

  18. Agree with you Fran and DYB about having ignorant people in both camps. No one has a monopoly over Ignorance but the way things were shown to us through the media was that only Shara’s supporters were the ignorant hicks, rednecks, racists, etc. The one my wife (an Omighty voter) always used were uniformed voters and low information voters. I will email this last video to my to my wife and everyone to demonstrate your point Fran.

  19. low information voters

    Ahhh yes, I remember that term well.

    Those who haven’t seen the glory of Teh Precious are low information voters.

  20. I am one of those who believe you should consider the source of criticism of Obama. Basically, when criticism is from the right-wing, they are saying he should be more conservative, which I disagree with, since I think he should be more liberal or left.

    That said, each time I’ve seen Zeigler talk about this film, I agreed with everything he said. The topic and and the title is The Story this year.

    You can’t have a democracy with a – biased is too mild a word – they are so over the top – propogandized totalitarian media.

    The other big story is how Obama stole the nomination. Zeigler won’t get into that because he probably hates Clinton more (the problem with criticism from the right), but his film is still very important – and accurate, from what I’ve seen.

    The big question now is – will the story of the caucuses ever be told. And what will be the response if it does.

    • For fun:

      Quotations about
      Media and Journalism


      “Advertisements contain the only truths to be relied on in a newspaper.” ~Thomas Jefferson, letter to Nathaniel Macon

      Journalism is the ability to meet the challenge of filling space. ~Rebecca West

      The bigger the information media, the less courage and freedom they allow. Bigness means weakness. ~Eric Sevareid, “The Press and the People,” television program, 1959

    • I heard him on several interviews, and he said that the first half of the DVD is about the primaries and how the media destroyed Hillary so that Obama can get the nomination. So, it sounds as if he does “go there” and he does delve into the media’s malpractice of Hillary.

  21. I ordered a copy of the DVD yesterday. Can’t wait to see the whole thing!

    Oh yes and…. GO SARAH! Don’t back down. We are gonna need a straight talker like you to pull us out of this mess that we allowed the MSM to get us into.

  22. Also, Sarah’s whole point that Russia is not just a place on the other side of the globe, but that we actually have close borders, was completely lost in the whole satire.
    Saying that you can actually see Russia from Alaska was meant to dramatize that point.

    • Too true. Her point was intentionally misreported and mocked. And never mind that the Big Zero thought there were 57 states!

    • Yes, I agree. Palin’s larger point was that US relationship with Russia is an important one because Russia is not some far-off land on the other side of Europe. People forget that the US actually shares a border with Russia. I understand satire, but I think Tina Fey did a great disservice with her one-liner punchline.

      • The Russia deal was pretty much on a par with the “Gore invented the Internet” smear – cheap and dishonest, and insidiously effective. Very Axelrodian.

      • I was heartily disappointed in Tina Fey’s portrayal. She could have employed all the personal quirks about Palin, and caricatured her image, but she allowed it to be a smear.

        Two smart, accomplished, tough and straight talking women were trashed on that show, and it was sad and revolting to watch.

        Is Obama even capable of one on one conversations?
        He seems to only want to hear his voice if he’s in front of captive audiences.

        Appears the Marines at Camp Lejeune were lukewarm about his speechifying today.

        I can only imagine the group of nodding syncophants he drags along with him, when he’s forced to actually do some governmental work.

  23. Speaktruth, Ziegler said on GretaVS that the first 30 min.or so of the docum. are all about the primaries and the way Hillary was treated by the MSM. He said Hillary’s supporters have reason to be very angry for the way she was portraied on every news channesl (I am paraphrasing, don’t have the exact words)

    • Yes, Bella, I did hear him say that about Hillary, and I was impressed. However, he seemed to move on from that point quickly. I DIDN’T hear him say that the first 30 minutes were about the primaries.
      Now, that should be interesting.

      I’ll be shocked if he covers the caucuses, though. To show our president cheating. My guess is that will remain a coverup for a long time, maybe forever, because it is so devestating. But who knows.

      Can’t wait to see it, though.

  24. Here’s a “line of succession” quiz:

    Fill in the blanks:

    1. Barack Obama

    2. Joe Biden



    5. Hillary Clinton



    (no cheating)

  25. I just read the comment above about Gore–which crushes me. I thought he remained neutral. Ugh. I was not crazy about this film’s trailers. I wholeheartedly agree the media was in the tank for Obama in an astonishing and disgusting way, but when I hear things like “the liberal media” I am reminded that I am liberal and this is liberal bashing. Chris Matthews, Keith Olbermann, et al are not liberals in my book. They are Obots. I do not ever engage in Sarah Palin bashing, and I thought her interview was very good. That stood out to me as one of the better features.

    • We are the liberal media – but they aren’t referring to us in the movie.

    • Personally I think there is no such thing as “liberal media.” The media follows the $$$. There is no real ideological drive. It’s about narratives and money. Which is how we end up with Bush followed by Obama.

      • Liberal media? You mean like GE? (That’s NBC).
        Puhleez. That’s such a crock. There is no liberal media.
        Exactly, DYB and myiq. One more way they have people fooled.

  26. I watched the interview of Governor Sarah Palin by Charlie Gibson. The guy was condescending an a total a$$.
    He was asking something related to foreign policy and Gov. Palin did mention something like she could see Russia from her house, but it was in relation to as how close Russia is to Alaska that the Alaskan Guard and she, as the Chief Executive of her state, have to be mindful and alert as to the comings and goings of Russia whether is fishing rights disputes or military maneuvers by the Russians, since only the narrow Bering strait separates them geographically.

    Aren’t we as watchful in regards to the actions of Canada and Mexico, our other next door neighbors? So, why is it surprising that the Governor of Alaska has to keep an eye on what Mr. Putin might be up to in the eastern part of his country, so close to Alaska, therefore the Unites States of America? Governor Palin and the Alaska Guard are watching our backs on that end folks. We should be thankful
    to them for doing that instead of deriding them as hillbillies.

    In the past, whenever I heard news about or just thought of Russia/ Soviet Union, in my imagination I flew from California to New York City, crossed the Atlantic Ocean, passed Europe then got to Asia and Russia, a long way from home. Most of the time I forgot the eastern border of Russia was just next door, by Alaska. I’m sure Mr. Gibson forgot this as well.

    Governor Palin is an able and effective Governor.
    The icing on the cake is that SHE CARES about the people of Alaska, who elected her to govern their State.


  27. New post up!!!

  28. I sell medicare supplements among other things. Yesterday I met a man who has skin cancer at a very advanced stage, to the point that a minor cancer is probably going to kill him. He has plenty of income and could afford a supplement but will not pay for one to cover the 20 percent of his medical costs that medicare doesn’t cover. This is what he told me:

    “Obama is going to make sure that I get on medicaid (on a Social security and pension income of 2200 a month, not bloody likely)and it will happen with in the next few weeks.
    President Obama is the best thing that ever happened to this country.”

    • Well, it’s a shame that this man is going to die waiting for the Obamamessiah to save him.

      Truly sad . . . . . . .

    • This man reminds me of a character in the film “Brazil.” This woman keeps having plastic surgeries that continuously debilitate her, so she keeps having more to fix the problem. And things get worse with each surgery. But she keeps the faith in the procedures and her surgeon, and simply says: “It’s just a little complication!”

  29. My only problem with this documentary, is it’s just MORE propaganda. Showing the evil liberal media beating up on poor sweet Sarah and her conservative values. Never mind that they were ALSO kicking liberal Hillary around almost a year before Sarah came onto the scene. But somehow I don’t that THAT part of “how Obama got elected” is even touched upon.

    I want an honest fair look at what happened last year and all it’s horror without someone’s agenda getting in the way. But of course no conservative is going to show a Clinton in a good light, and I doubt any big time liberal film makers will say anything against “the One” or the media.

    Guess we need someone outside the US to get the job done right.

  30. Guess we need someone outside the US to get the job done right.

    Unfortunately, we don’t have that. And even if we did they would have their own agenda anyway.

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