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    • Terrorism = ‘vandalism’
      Interesting. The Emily Grace Rainey in this article is the same Emily Grace Rainey me @StorytellerSBM and @JZBleiberg wrote about for the @AP – she was a psychological operations officer who led a group of people from NC to DC on Jan. 6. https://t.co/TowL5vXw58 — James LaPorta (@JimLaPorta) December 4, 2022
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      A while back EU foreign-policy chief Josep Borrell said “Europe is a garden.” He was fairly widely attacked, but I agree. Some parts are much less of a garden, but Europe is a garden. However, Europe’s status as a garden is based on factors which are no longer true: 1) Vast military superiority. 2) Vast productive superiority 3) Vast technological superiorit […]
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Conflucians Say: What do we want? Accountability! When do we want it? LAST SUMMER!

I was perusing the NYTimes this morning, because I do happen to believe that news is what they do best, (when they’re not the tools of someone who is trying to manipulate the public), when I ran across this little tidbit: Bloggers and Unions Join Forces to Push Democrats to the Left.  That’s interesting, thought I.  They must be talking about us, People United Mean Action and Party Unity My Ass bloggers who tried to get the country’s attention last year after the RBC meeting.  You know, the unParty that wrote the book on PUMA Power and how it was really important to try to get the Democratic Party’s attention *before the nomination* because afterwards, they don’t have to listen to you?  Wow!  What an opportunity for bloggers to join up with the unions and really shake things up!  I mean, we have credibility for seeing Obama and the Democrats as they really are. Our predictions were deadly accurate where Obama was concerned.  Surely, SURELY, we now have the recognition we deserve.

Alas, it is not to be:

Ms. Hamsher said Accountability Now — which will also have support from the Service Employees International Union, one of the nation’s largest service sector unions, and the Web site DailyKos.com — would concentrate more fully on candidate recruitment on a statewide level.

“We’ve gone out to the state blogs asking them to put together research on people who they think are good candidates who should be on our radar,” she said. “We’re not just parachuting in.”

{{Snort!}} DailyKos?  I’m sorry but weren’t they swimming in Kool-ade just last week?  The problem with the big orange cheeto is that the people who hang out there now are incredibly vulnerable to suggestion.  They don’t stand a chance against the Axlerod trained psych infiltrators who derail them with remarkable alacrity.

As for Jane Hamsher and Glenn Greenwald, I used to admire them both.  But I was so disappointed to see how thoroughly they bought into the Obama mystique and how nasty they were to Palin.  They wasted a lot of energy on distraction when they should have kept their eyes on the ball and Obama’s feet to the fire.  It didn’t help that they treated the “old coalition” like red-headed stepchildren.  Oh, that’s right.  We were racists because we refused to recognize the divinity of Jesus Christ Obama.

Accountability now or Better Late Than Never?

Stay tuned for Conflucians Say tonight at 10PM EST when we discuss Accountability Now, books with good moments but bad quarters of an hour and acquaintances who don’t know when to stop digging.  It’s on PUMA United Radio!  (PURrrr)


65 Responses

  1. You sound bitter

  2. bitter knitter?

  3. I hope she’s clinging to a Bible and not a gun right now

    • That pre-argument was pre-constructed long ago, SOD. Problem is, too many out there seem content to receive their ‘news’ pre-digested by the MSM wing of the O-administration, upon which they swallow it whole. Makes life easier. At least in the short term.

  4. All the headlines are talking about him ending the war next year, except that he’s really not. It sounds like we’re just going to keep our foot in the door in Iraq. I don’t doubt it will take very long before we have to send troops back to keep things “stable”.

    • True except I don’t think we’re actually leaving. Those troops left behind could be in combat at any time. Damn it. we should be bringing the troops home!

  5. Well, I hear that leverage comes from letting someone know that he owns your vote regardless of how much he does not represent your interests, and that you’re unbelievably susceptible to moronic scare tactics. If that’s true, then Obama’s feet will be held to the FIRE. And if he doesn’t behave, a strongly worded letter will be under discussion for at least 5 minutes before descending into Palin-based hysteria.

  6. Obama- what is the sound of 1 lip flapping in the wind?

  7. Is it wrong to steal your neighbor’s wireless signal? It’s so much faster than mine for downloading.

    • If it’s not password protected, I’d say no they want you to have it. 🙂

    • I suppose it isn’t nice but I don’t think it’s wrong. May I take this opportunity to say once again that “I love you, Riverdaughter” and is your daughter’s name really Brooke?

  8. Just call me bitter bear…

  9. RD go ahead some stole my band withs so bad that I had to stop the wireless

  10. RD good show nice to hear Dakini and BB and SOD on the show tonight….you had a good crowd

  11. some other show guys were in the room David Allen and the Filibusted guys one of the guys from filibusted looks hot btw

    • Wow. I think most financial advisors would say keep your life’s work, downsize your home–especially since it’s apparently multiple inherited homes.

  12. Annie Liebovitz had to give up control of all her photographic work past and future in order to get a mortgage loan.


    • this cannot be true

    • A £10 million loan???? Well, I’m speechless.

      I don’t get it. Can’t the properties she’s mortgaging be the collateral?

    • That’s unfortunate but I cannot understand how she can be $16 million in debt. I have a hard time sympathizing with the wealthy who end up spending lavishly or making bad investments in the millions of dollars. We have millions of other American families making less than $50k/year who have managed to survive. Those who are in the top 1% really have no excuse to be that much in debt.

    • OMG, that had to hurt, sort of like having to sell your offspring. Nothing like having inherited a huge problem.

    • So she inherited properties from Sontag… Guess she had to pay a lot of inheritance taxes (as she was not a Class A or B beneficiary) and she probably borrowed the money to pay those taxes.

      Seems to me she should sell a property or two.

      • We don’t have enough info to know whether or not Leibovitz tried to unload some of the inherited properties before the crunch hit.

  13. well night all

    gotta get up early and change the hampsters on the wheels at the power plant and feed em early…we set a winter power demand record during our last cold snap 420 MWH so the buggers are hungry all the time

    see you in the morning

  14. ‘night fuzzy.

  15. Our predictions were deadly accurate where Obama was concerned
    Yes. And remember we said if he got the keys to the Whitehouse he’d be partying all the time? Yup. He’s partying with full line food buffets prepared by the Whitehouse Chefs and with the Stevie Wonder Band as the music headline, all paid for wtih taxpayer dollars. The Obamas intend on using the Whitehouse to meet every movie star that they ever wanted to meet so they say. Meanwhile, Congress picks up the slack and is leading the country. Obama is just Nancy Pelosi’s mouthpiece. He makes no decisions what-so-ever.
    Animals are being displaced by the thousands while their owners lose their homes. 677,000 have lost their jobs in February. Food banks are struggling under the weight of so many people going hungry.
    While Obama parties on the taxpayer dime, people are suffering from the depression we are in. Michelle wears expensive designer dresses and who knows where the money is coming from to pay for them. They cost hundreds of thousands each.
    Yes, the Democrats have been in control of spending since a month before the first bank collapsed on Christmas Eve, 2006. (Indy Mac) It all happened under Nancy Pelosi’s watch who was chosen as speaker by none other than the DNC in November 2006!
    I see so much suffering while Obama parties on. I could cry. I’m holding back tears because of all this and Hillary WON not Obama! It’s like we don’t have a president at all, just a front man. Nancy Pelosi is calling the shots and Obama is an imposter. Obama has no idea what is going on in the economy. He’s so out of touch. He spent nearly a million dollars hiding his birth certificate and other papers. Well it’s obvious that he is hiding the fact that he is ineligible. Why else would he spend so much to prevent being vetted? A million dollars could feed a lot of people and where did the money come from anyway? This is so corrupt and sad. Can we have Hillary as POTUS now?
    Oh, and millions upon millions of stim-use-less money that has been allotted for 3 new Portland Oregon PARKS is a shocker since Portland has the most parks of any city anywhere and doesn’t need anymore. And close to a billion has been alloted for a Portland Trolly car that will go a couple miles around the track that no one will ride…I could cry.
    Thanks for letting me blow off steam. Sniffle. You are right though. We have predicted what will occur. 😦

    • Since when does Meanchelle Pay (gasp) for her clothes?

      Accountants say that the first lady’s practice of borrowing both clothes and jewelry raises major tax and disclosure issues, not to mention ethical questions.

      “The transactions are clearly taxable,” says Richard Rampell, a Palm Beach, Fla., accountant whose clients include several of the island’s billionaires. “The designers are indirectly paying Michelle Obama to go and display their wares. And they get a huge economic value for it, just as if they were paying a model to do this. If they are paying her in this indirect way by lending her their clothes, then she is actually performing a service for the designer, and she should have to recognize as income whatever the value is of the clothes that she got.”

      Aside from the tax implications, Obama is obligated to report the value of the clothes she has received free of charge on government forms mandated by the Ethics in Government Act.

      “Michelle Obama Accepting Fashion Freebies” Newsmax

      ht to American girl in Italy-No Quarter

    • I have to confess that partying on the taxpayer’s dime in the White House doesn’t bother me. It’s their job to have state dinners and entertain foreign dignitaries. It’s got to be done in style. In the whole scheme of things, it’s probably a drop in the bucket.
      And please, let’s not go there with Michelle’s clothes. It’s not my taste but it’s just not important. Let’s focus on what she does with her time. For example, what projects is she going to make part of her WH legacy? Criticise her for not helping the food banks, not what she wears.

      • Amen

      • ok

      • Leave the topic of Michelle’s clothes to the GOP – that’s the kind of thing they love to obsess about.

        • Really? Seems to me the Democrats obsessed a hell of a lot with Palin’s clothes during the election. Don’t see any problem there?

          • You missed my point completely – WE ARE NOT GOING TO OBSESS OVER MICHELLE’S CLOTHES

            We didn’t obsess over Sarah’s either.

      • Partying on the taxpayers dime does bother me when it is for Jay-Z not foreign dignitaries. What state dinners have been held that we haven’t heard about? Further, such excess that we are seeing does bother me during these financial times — it is a very “let them eat cake” attitude that is unbecoming in the President of the United States. During the Depression FDR served angel food cake at his (small) innuagural dinner. Having dignity means not flaunting your position in front of others who are suffering. The Obamas have none.

        • And another thing — Michelle Obama is being sold to us as a fashionista (see covers of Vogue, People, etc) Therefore, her clothes are fair game — SHE & the Obama WH are the ones who raised the issue.

  16. This is a just a suggestion but I think that if Confluence and PUMA wants to expand their coalition, they should try and reach out to union leaders and workers who were big Clinton supporters last year and who did not come out enthusiastically for Obama. The blog can only do so much. A website that also has a meet-up feature, similar to a campaign site, might help. Understandably, that costs money that most of us do not have right now but it is just an idea for anyone who wants to see us grow even more in the years ahead.

    • i think eventually people will start reaching out to us, it’s looking a lot like politics as usual back there in DC

      • The problem is that PUMA continues to carry a negative connotation that many people unsatisfied with the Party do not want to get involved with because we’ve been categorized (by folks at Corrente and Anglachel) as r@cist Republicans.

        If a lot more people become dissatisfied with Obama and the Democrats, DailyKos and the rest of the DINOcrat blogosphere who are largely to blame for giving us Obama, will likely create coalitions similar to PUMA for Democrats.

        Here is the good news:
        I can’t imagine seeing DailyKos, TalkLeft, Wankette, etc. ever totally turning their back on Obama regardless of what he does. That’s when PUMA steps in before the ‘012 election. The big cheeto and the rest of them are too dedicated to Obama and the Democratic Party to ever truly hold him accountable.

        They will use the “but we can’t vote for Republicans” excuse to whine, cajole, and r@ce bait Democrats into voting for Obama again. Hopefully, more people will see through the lies and not be bamboozled twice. That’s when more people might turn to PUMA as long as we don’t totally go Republican or endorse any candidate but simply maintain a neutral NObama/hold the Democrats accountable stance. Individuals can vote for anyone they like (as long as it isn’t Obama) or they can choose to abstain from voting.

        In the end, the focus shouldn’t even be about voting. It should be about holding candidates accountable for sexism, lies on the campaign trail, disenfranchisement, caucus fraud, and corruption. Many Democrats are against these things as well as Obama but they felt they had no other choice but to vote for him. People need to be educated that the only way the system will change is by withholding your vote. That’s the only way you can get these crooks to work for the people again.

      • On a related topic, what are Daily Kos’ “state blogs”? who exactly is qualified to assess these candidates they’re going to support? Just a quick thought. I’d be amazed if anyone involved has actually worked on a campaign before Pampers (as in, they’re not gonna pick people who are actually viable)

  17. I’m in moderation

  18. garychapelhill, on February 26th, 2009 at 10:49 pm Said:

    All the headlines are talking about him ending the war next year, except that he’s really not.
    Except for the 50,000 “non-combat” troops that are staying. There is no way in hell that they will leave 50,000 American troops who are dependent on the Iraqi Army for protection.

    • how many troops will be going from Iraq to Afghanistan?
      So many people believe he means to bring the troops home.
      That is not true.
      fake – fraud – phony = backtrack.



  19. Italian news this morning is all about Obama taxing the rich and providing health care to the unemployed. (also about MO on Vogue)

    Here is a nice front page from a left wing paper:


    • Vogue: the voice of the common people. Next month’s issue will undoubtedly be filled with righteous pleas for health care for the unemployed, and ringing endorsements of greater taxation of the rich. In between ads for Kate Spade, Tiffany, Escada, and Ferragamo, of course.

  20. OT (again) For the insomniacs, if you’re really bored, I’m cleaning out old files and came across this from C Bowers from 5/08. Changing of the Guard – Out with the Bubbas, in with the Creatives. It’s SO interesting to read now. Especially the comments. This past year seems so surreal.


    Feel free to delete if you don’t want the link here.

  21. This was in today’s letter-to-ed in the NYTimes:

    To the Editor:

    Re “Obama’s War on Terror May Resemble Bush’s in Some Areas” (news article, Feb. 18):

    Outrage. Betrayal. Heartbreak. These are just a few of the words describing what I feel today after making all those phone calls and going door to door for the election of Barack Obama.

    I did hope that the undermining of the United States Constitution would finally be over with this “change” from the Bush administration; unfortunately, “change” is not happening.

    Judith Allen
    Jenkintown, Pa., Feb. 18, 2009

    Well, Judith, your heartbreak and outrage don’t come anywhere close to mine – and instead of knocking on doors during the primary, you should have been listening.

  22. My nephew is now in Iraq. He’s only been there two weeks. I didn’t expect any changes to affect his tour (Why in the hell do they call it a “tour”), but I hope it doesn’t mean his stay will be extended or he’ll be moved to Afghanistan. So much for the “anti-war” President.

    • I’m sorry, GAgal. I hope your nephew comes out of this safe and relatively sane. Unfortunately, I have a really bad feeling that much of the soldiers who have already served their required tour of duty will just be more bodies to send to Afghanistan and Pakistan to the Bus- I mean Obama – administration. Many more people will have to die and this time it will be under the Democrats’ watch. The Democrats have blood on their hands. Voting for Iraq right after Sept. 11th is somewhat understandable since we were traumatized, unable to think clearly, and couldn’t have expected how incompetent and irresponsible Bush would be in Iraq. But continuing the bloodshed after 8 years and the possibility of another war that we can’t win in Afghanistan makes the Democrats just as disgusting, criminal, and immoral as the Republicans. It makes me sick.

  23. Myiq: Did you see the latest on Cannonfire about D. Sirota wanting/begging (?) for a gig on MSNBC?

    I was surprised you hadn’t commented yet.

    • Oh maaaaaaaan. That is hilarious. I remember commenting something along the lines about his obviously angling for something like that vis a vis his attacks on TC in recent weeks…why else would he be making a big deal about his blogstats?

  24. Chris Bowers has also written a piece on this:


    Both Open Left and BlogPac will be a part of this effort, which has been desperately needed for some time. Kudos to the leading organizers, especially Jane Hamsher, in making it happen.

    • By this I meant <Accountability Now whic Bowers is already solliciting donations to, and which already has $500,000 in the bank.

  25. What’s “Accountability Now”? Sounds like a PUMA group….

  26. Meanwhile, Democracy Now (rather than Accountability Now) interviews a Nobel laureate in economics.

  27. Well yes RD. But it helps me to distinguish between those who kvetch about preserving the status quo and those who who can process new information and adapt their views and action as warranted.

    Conservation or progress are not the pervue of one or other party in my view. They are individual inclinations and self interests as they relate to different issues.

  28. … was perusing the NYTimes this morning, because I do happen to believe that news is what they do best, (when….

    I disagree. Sorry for the delay in response to your post but It took a couple of days for the statement above to sink in.

    I think the publishers of the NY Times should spend some time in jail because of the damage they have done to this nation. The newspaper itself should certainly be shut down with its inventory sold off, while there is still a chance that history will be kind to their memory!

    I don’t think they deserve any longer the honor they are given in our society since their information now is mixed with misinformation and *disinformation*.

    Isn’t there merit in the thought that the NYT is no longer a viable news organ?

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