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Sad State of the Union Liveblog




From Politico:

President Barack Obama won’t speak until prime-time, but his aides fanned out to the morning shows Tuesday morning to talk up his first speech before a joint session of Congress. And the word they used to preview it: “Reaganesque.”

“The president believes very clearly that we have to be honest with the American people about where we are,” White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.”

“He will,” Gibbs said, “tell the country that we’ve faced … greater challenges than the ones we face now, but we as Americans always meet those challenges. But in the Reaganesque words, there are always better days ahead.”

It was a full-on rollout, befitting a State-of-the-Union-style speech to Congress, at a moment of economic peril for the nation.

Reagan was an acting President, Obama is an impersonator.  This is who he REALLY is:



Document the atrocities

462 Responses

  1. Wierd.

  2. I wasn’t going to watch this but I gave in. Have it live streaming from ABC.

    Misery loves company!

  3. I’m still watching House – he hasn’t saved the patient yet

  4. I’m watching the Leverage marathon. If I’m going to watch fiction I want it labeled as such.

  5. Having streaming frees me up to type. They are all there and smiling!

  6. I have a confession to make to you all, and request your pardon, absolution and remission of my sinful thought in advance: Someone pull the plug on Barry’s teleprompter.

    Do you remember during one of former President Clinton’s last State of the Union Addresses to Congress, when the teleprompter went out? No one viewing TV noticed, because Bill kept right on going for minutes on end. All the people sitting behind him sure did, along with the folks in the control booth. Bill kept going because he knew the speech cold, and had written alot of it himself, including re-writes in the limo on the way over. I remember seeing him speak, hearing about it after the speech, and how amazed everyone felt about how well he did with no text whatsoever.

    As they said in “My Fair Lady”, “Wouldn’t it be loverly” if the teleprompter went out on POTUS BHO during his speech tonight? Can someone pull the plug? Could BHO, left with his own thoughts, and no teleprompter, even approach Bill Clinton’s command of: a) the English language, and b) cogent thinking?

    It’s a wicked thought…but…it would be a great test!

    • Even I would feel sorry for him , if his teleprompter went out. It would be too embarrassing to watch. He would not have a clue. There is a youtube video of him during a campaign stop when the teleprompter went out and it was painful to watch. That was a campaign speech that he had given 100 times, a fresh address would be a nightmare.

    • What a great thought. I would love that. I need some laughs.

    • Sarah Palin’s teleprompter went out when she was giving her debut speech
      at the Republican Convention. She didn’t miss a beat.

  7. He just could not wait to be “escorted” in.

    • I got that impression, too. In fact, does every new administration rush to get in their first speech in the SOTU format? He is going to burn out fast at this rate.

      I’m also watching ABC. Wasn’t going to because Brazile is going to be part of the analysis team, but then ABC showed the clip from a year ago when Hillary graciously greeted Ted Kennedy while Obama turned his back on her.

  8. Bill could talk off the top of his head. Obama, not so much.

    • Both the Clintons can talk off the top of their heads.

      Oboreme, like Shrubya before him, talks out of his @$$. :mrgreen:

  9. Wolf – blah blah blah blah

  10. This is going to be brilliant! He is going to raise hopes without raising false expectations! (so CBS says)

  11. My 12 year old son just called down and asked– How long will he talk? What should I tell him? If he talks though too much tv, he will lose Michelle’s voters. Does she know this??

  12. The SCOTUSes are wearing their dress blacks.

  13. Ginsburg is getting a big round of applause.

  14. Justice Ginsberg is there. That’s good news.

  15. Nancy Botoxi looks like she’s wearing a green hoodie

  16. Speech is expected to go for 55 minutes. OMG!

  17. Is he doing this because Big Dawg said he should reassure us, or was this planned before then?

  18. I can’t take anymore of this

  19. Okay – Hillary bought 5 more minutes

  20. I have a track suit much like Nancy is wearing. I suppose with ear rings I could be considered “dressed”.

  21. She’s beautiful!!

  22. Oh brother. Thanks Pat. I just turned on the ABC stream to hear how eyes are on Hillary all the time to see if she is loyal to Dear Leader.

  23. I loved Hillary’s fuscia jacket!

    • I call that color “puma pink on steroids.”

      It beats Me-shell’s “I forgot my falsies” dress. The top on that one is really weird. It’s the design, but it simply looks ill-fitting. And while I’m being snarky, I wish she would cover her arms once in a while. It may be my age, but I find her dress inappropriate and more suitable for a dinner date than a presidential speech to the nation.

  24. O.K. – Instant poll – How many of you see Hillary walk in as a member of the Cabinet and feel pained because you know she should be the POTUS?

  25. Good Old Hillary!

  26. Now a line of tax dodgers.

  27. Is Rahm Emmanual out?

    • This question could be answered with a number of things in mi nd. However, I imagine the answer either way would be “no.”

      • That’s what I meant. It seems obvious to me. I just wondered if he thinks it’s still a secret.

  28. Half the country tuned in just for her. And then they will tune out.

  29. Who is this blowhard talking on ABC, Pat?

  30. I hate domestic violence but I would love to slap Nancy right across the face.

  31. Sam Donaldson.

  32. Rahm just went by the camera.

  33. Here he comes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ruffles and Flourishes!

  34. Oh, it’s just Barack.

  35. Hugs, kisses, we love you Barack!

  36. ..I had to get a 5 pound bag of Skittles to get me in the mood.

  37. If Angie is here, I’ve got a question. ..

  38. I am shoving M and M’s into my face.

  39. He just hugged JJJ

  40. Haven’t seen her.

  41. They all just saw each other in the hall. Do we need another 15 minutes of slap and tickle?

  42. I had popcorn instead of dinner.

    • A PUMA after my own heart. The husband is on a road trip, the kids had meat balls and I got popcorn and wine.

  43. Take a look at Reid following O’Blah-Blah. He reminds me of the cartoon…the one with the small dog running around that Bull dog….Hey Spike…hey Spike!

  44. On C-span they said that JJJr. showed up hours ahead of time so he could get an aisle seat.

  45. We’re listening to Ashcroft sing “Let the mighty eagle soar” it seems appropriate.

  46. How the hell much clapping is necessary?

  47. Katie Couric just said Teh One “hosted” a breakfast or a lunch for all the “TV anchors”. That kind of shit just shouldn’t even be legal. There is NO objectivity left in any of the media. Any ‘journalist’ worth his/her salt would have stayed away.

    I’ll bet they served jugs of extra strong kool-aid.

    • There’s a bit in his speech where he says he has an obligation (and intent) to tighten his spending, too. My question is when? Those weekly cocktail parties and weekend trips to Chicago and Camp David, and cross country jaunts to let his fans adore him have gone on non-stop since he moved into the WH.

  48. Where are the teleprompters?

  49. Angie:

    Watch the mole!….LOL

  50. Cranky Christina C must have a new lease on life, some fruitloop officer in Iraq is a “birther”

    That should be good for 10-20 posts at Yes to Hypocrisy

  51. Well, Pat – they said that they introduce him and everyone claps then they introduce him again and EVERYONE claps again.

    I guess this is the second introduction.

  52. Nancy Pelosi looks awful in that color.

  53. I don’t think I am going to last the hour. He will be interrupted with applause every time he gets to a period in a sentence.

    Here we go again! Keerist!

    • Y’know what? They had this happening to Bartlet on The West Wing and I thought it was charming. I was incredibly wrong. It’s annoying, especially if you just don’t see the there that’s supposedly there.

      • Like Gertrude Stein said about her hometown, Baltimore, “There is no there there.” (Although to be fair, there’s more to Baltimore now compared with her day. Their AA mayor had to resign recently – but they don’t like to tell you she was a Democrat, ’cause it would make BHO look bad.)

        • Didn’t Gertrude say that about Oakland, California? That is
          her hometown. Born in PA.,
          went abroad with family, and then West at age 4 to Oakland. When she
          returned to California after living in Paris (and after she was famous),
          she couldn’t find her childhood home in Oakland. It wasn’t there. There
          was no there, there in Stein speak.

  54. What the hell was that about? Seems Obama had to let everyone know who he was huh?

  55. I think I’m going to vomit. Her high privilege? Oy…easy stomach…

  56. He muffed his opening

  57. Oh I see the teleprompters now.

  58. He read “I have” off the left teleprompter and “come here tonight” off the right one.

    • They said it was going to be a pivotal address; was this back and forth movement what they meant?

  59. I hate this president more than I hated Reagan and that is not easy.

  60. The TelePrompTers were late coming up…But they are there!

  61. I am performing my duties at the Ministry of Silly Walks, as usual, hence I can’t watch. My duties are coming to a point where they require my full attention, so ciao for nao.

    I suspect that I am missing nothing. :mrgreen:

  62. I am going to count the number of times they applaud.

  63. Yes, it will stronger when the top 1% has allllll the money and the rest of us are slave labor.

  64. Crisis….crisis…crisis…uh…crisis…um

  65. I know this is a stupid question – but is this supposed to be the State of the Union Address?? I have heard it referred to as O’s speech to a joint session of Congress, but I haven’t once heard it called the State of the Union by any of the media. I hope it is ’cause I just don’t think I could stand having another “big O event” again soon.

    • It is called “An Address to Congress”. He hadn’t given a speech in the last 24 hrs and he does not want to get rusty.

  66. Good lord, I really can see him reading the words. Couldn’t he go over the speech a couple of times so he could remember some of the words?

  67. He reminds me of a Preacher we once had here in Chicago….Rev. Ike.

  68. I would give $500.00 to the person who runs the teleprompter if they would unplug it — right NOW.

    • I used to run TelePrompTer for a local newscast. You can really screw someone over just by dialing up the speed of the roll a weeee bit. Whoever is reading has to read faster and all their words start to lose their inflection.

      A good TelePrompTer operator can make or break a speaker.

    • I’ll donate to your cause if they up the ante.

  69. Where are the applause signs? I can see the Teleprompters, but where the the flashing signs telling the studio audience to clap and cheer?

    • Nancy P is the applause sign.

    • Looks to me like the applause prompts are written directly into the provided copy of the speech. Watch Nancy set hers down and stand to clap before the point is even made………..

  70. it probably is WAY FUN to have people applauding your every word…

    is this some sort of imitation inspiration?

  71. You tell ’em, B0. Oh, and tell them what you had for lunch with your reporter friends.

  72. Pelosi looks like she had one too many Gin and Tonics

  73. Nancy looks like she’s bored

  74. Now we know. The people who bought the homes are at fault.

  75. he’s making me dizzy.

  76. He can’t even read off the teleprompter. Maybe he should have a smoke and come in again.

  77. Do you think Biden will cry after the speech?

  78. “Loans they couldn’t afford?”

    Call Lambert, Anglachel and Mandos! Obama is a racist, ratf**king Republican!

  79. I have to admit I don’t miss seeing Cheney’s nasty face.

  80. Ego stroking is like sex after a time. If you have to do it the way he likes it too many times, you can–and do start to–do it with your eyes closed. Nancy, put down the astroglide.

  81. Nancy is reading a book during the speech.

  82. “Because I love, love, love Ronald Reagan!”

  83. The America By The Nuts Act you mean…

  84. I wish I’d had one too many gin and tonics…

  85. The Acorn ACT — that’s what it is

  86. Check out the GOPers, they ain’t clapping

  87. Yes, folks, we have already succeeded in giving you the old okey doke.

  88. Is he giving us ponies?

  89. Well , he would know about broken promises wouldn’t he?

  90. no, no ponies yet, KB… but all of ’em look a little drunk…

  91. “Nobody messes with Joe” (and Joe blushes and nods)

  92. I hate these people. The whole lot. (not Hillary)

  93. Nobody messes with Joe?

    Sarah cleaned his clock

  94. Yeah, where’s my frickin’ pony?!?

  95. Who was that guy that looked like a mobster? He wasn’t smiling.

  96. And Joe knows all about the credit card business.

  97. I hit the mute button, and he sounds a lot better now

  98. hello all back from dinner I have Ice cream whats happening has Pampers lied to “We the People ” yet?

  99. I’ve had enough of this Bull! This man makes me violently ill. No need for Immodium!

  100. Where’s the youtube of Joe drunk and singing by the river when you need it?

  101. Boehnert. Minority Whip.

  102. Stop using so much credit…. !!!

    Wait, we’ve got to jump start the credit cycle!!!


  103. Jeez, he’s explaining what happened to the economy. I didn’t think he knew. Or cared.

  104. Hillary looks a little tired or grim – I can’t decide which…

  105. Oh sit down you idiots.

  106. Let’s start a PUMA business and get us some of that money!

  107. This speech really sucks. It sounds like a lecture to explain economics to middle school kids.

  108. Hillary is either bored or suffering from jet lag.

  109. kb — what’s up?

    • How do you watch TV (or Obama) on Facebook?

      • I’m breaking my no-nesting rule this one time to answer you 🙂 There was a link on the right side of the page when I signed on that had the schmuck’s face with a link: “Watch Obama’s speech on facebook.” BLECH.

  110. Who gets to save that $2,000?

  111. I do like the way the red stripe tie just vibrates on screen – ‘specially when he flips his head from one side to the other…

  112. Dude’s reading the racing form from the horse track

  113. Shelby is studying the birth certificate.

  114. I thought someone said Nancy looked refreshed but I believe the word was constipated

  115. Saving 2K a year on a mortgage when you lost 50K in equity and lost your job. Sounds about even.

  116. He’s so transparent I can see right through him.

  117. OK, didn’t we just hear THIS MORNING about parties in California after a Bank Bailout?

  118. Lordy, lordy, Can I get an Amen!

  119. No one is riding in a private jet more than him. what a fraud.

  120. Somebody tell those fools to sit down.

  121. OOps,

    Angie: How do you watch TV (or Obama) on Facebook?

  122. Sit down you idiots!

  123. When does the band come on?

  124. Cinie: Half time. This speech is 55 minutes long.

  125. Oh here they go again! Sit down you idiots!

  126. why am I thinking of little plastic wind up dolls?

  127. I think Pelousy is texting someone.

  128. Burris: “I’m still here!”

  129. Oh no…he’s using Preacher Cadence!

  130. 13.00 a week will go a long way…

  131. That’s it. I can’t take any more for now.

  132. Looks like Joe’s taking notes. Is there an exam later?

  133. It’s not about helping banks. We’re giving those guys the money for you… it’s for you, really.

    “Confidence will Return”

    ’cause this is a Crisis of Confidence — not a total collapse.

  134. Biden looks like Jeff Dunham’s puppet “Walter”

  135. It’s like snow on top of dog poop. Sure,…it looks pretty for a while, but when it melts the dog poop is still there.

  136. Joe is probably making a shopping list. He needs to stop at the corner store on the way home.

  137. Can we get ” term limits” in there somewhere?

  138. Heck, I thought we had a serious economic crisis.. But, it’s just that I’m not CONFIDENT enough….

  139. Charlie looks like he ate something nasty…

  140. That “not about helping banks” thing cracked Burris up.
    If it’s about helping people, why not give the money straight to them?
    Oh, and all you have to do to get people to clap on cue, is sprinkle the audience with shills and tell ’em to clap whenever he takes a pause. The only problem is you get inappropriate responses whenever he loses his place.

  141. Oooooo! The budget is now a “blueprint for the future.” Hey dude, the future is deeply in debt.

  142. That was Peter Orszag, the architect of the Social Security smashup.

  143. Schumer can kiss my ass

  144. Why do I feel like I’m a visitor in a Bordello?

  145. He can start his “sacrifice” by stopping flying around in his big fancy jet that we own and pay the fuel bill for…

    that really chaps my ass…

  146. I would rather read the comments here than actually listen to him and have to keep a bucket nearby …

    THANK YOU !!

  147. Remember last year when BO “snubbed” Hillary & Bush.
    Sooooo arrogant!!!!!!!!!!!!
    For all those “hoping” for a “Teleprompter” malfunction?
    Don’t hold your breath; he has a “backup” in the podium.

  148. I think they electrified the seats, too.

  149. Can’t he use a little tiny bit of emphasis or inflection so he doesn’t sound so monotonous?

  150. Absolutely critical: new teleprompters, an end to Presidential term limits, and a new White House Slurpee machine.

  151. Same old bullshit………………….I’ll wait for results…………….

  152. Like a drone. But watching Nasty Nancy and her smug Botoxed face is wrenching as well.

    • Yes! I feel such anger and hatred for her! I put my fingers up to the screen and tried to smash her smug-fulll-of-herself- face – now THAT’s weird – glad no one saw me do it.

      Notice how she is leading all the ‘stand-ups’?

  153. (eyes crossed)

  154. seriously, I think Pelosi is just plain drunk.

  155. What a fucking liar. Keep jobs in America? Then why piss all over “buy american” in the “stimulus bill” and go to Canada and say the opposite?

  156. Slurp….slurp

  157. Send me a bill to make energy prices so high that people will be burning their underwear to stay warm…awesome!

  158. He is SOOOO hard to listen to (read: boring). And you notice everything is about him “I will not accept” “I will not allow”

  159. Or maybe they just juiced up Pelosi’s Ben-wa balls. She seems to be the cheerleading.

  160. We invented the automobile??? That is so not true.

  161. Whoooohoooo!!!

  162. It looks like Nancy is wearing a mask.

  163. Is it too early to say that he is full of shit or should I wait until the end?

  164. President Ron Burgundy

  165. Can’t put health care reform on hold.

    OK — this is it.

  166. I heard health care “reform” had already been put on hold until next year.

  167. see? doncha think Nanc is drunk?

  168. That’s it, I am sending Nancy a “chimp” for Easter!

  169. Health Care goals: technology, save costs, cure cancer in our time, largest investment ever in preventive care.

    • I guess that means no actual health care for anyone…

      saw my doc yesterday – small individual practice – very old fashioned… she said it was going to cost her $90k to put all the records on electronically and, “that’s a lotta pap smears!”

      she can’t believe what’s happening…

  170. He’s gonna CURE CANCER!!!!!!!

    Then we won’t need health insurance.

  171. I’ll bet Pelosi’s main thought right now is how f*cking happy she is to have defeated Hillary.

  172. We must have quality affordable bullshit running from my lying mouth…

  173. It’s important because it will bring down our deficit.

    NOT because otherwise it’s Murder by Spreadsheet.

  174. ya know, I just don’t hear a thing he’s saying any more…

    prolley keeps me from having a stroke.

  175. Look at Pelosi sucking her dinner out of her teeth…

  176. What are these “efficiencies?” I have a feeling it has something to do with Social Security.

  177. A nothing burger. What is his idea of reform. bleh.

  178. Just more of his usual bloviating and speechifying.

    Clearly the man loves the sound of his own voice. Oy.

    • How the hell are you?

      • I’m holding on, Pat. I’ve been pretty busy, but manage to ‘check in’ as often as possible. Though I sometimes find myself pondering a self-induced coma. Say, 4 years? Heh. Dubya redux.

  179. The third challenge…you must climb the highest mountain in the realm, eat a pound of gravel, and sew your head to a yak.

  180. He is soo full of himself. He wants to be president, he does not want to do anything.

  181. So what’s he blathering on about? I can’t watch him–more pompous, carefully crafted speechifying. Gee, I wonder where he got the idea to be “optimistic?” Notice they gave the credit to Reagan, when it was Bill Clinton who came out last week and recommended Obama stop with all the depressing rhetoric?

    Empty suit: we knew it from the start. When does he start sounding like who HE is–whoever that is.

  182. What happened to the preacher speak?

  183. Yak!! I can’t stand it….love you all…goodnight.

  184. It seems that he’s changed the world in just this last month.

  185. Uh-oh, here comes the military schools.

  186. More reform? uh oh….

  187. We are now onto 32 applause interruptions.

  188. Pretty soon he is going to tell you how he intercepted a killer astroid and saved the world before breakfast.

  189. If you drop out of high school we’ll send you to Gitmo.

  190. Charter schools. oh goody. Let’s send all the poor kids to military schools like in Chicago.

  191. stop standing up you idiots!

  192. It started this morning with the optimism. The stock market went up so we’ll get it every day until it stops working.

  193. Clean up committee at 9:48 please.

  194. Has Congress ever gotten this much exercise?
    Uh-oh, here comes the “mandatory volunteering.”

    • No. Well, no, my friends won’t. I like helping people but I have shit to do.

      Why don’t you do it, Big BO, since you’re just inundated with free time? Read a child a book. I don’t know, “My Pet Goat” comes to mind. By all means, really, be anywhere but the White House. And leave the keys! Leave them with Hillary. She’ll guard the farm admirably.

  195. had to toss his “Daddy” a bone there didn’t he?

  196. is he done yet

  197. Hate to say it, but I have heard this speech about 20 times over the years. The same words.

  198. I feel like I’m listening to a fairy tale. No, wait. I AM listening to a fairy tale. . .

  199. We need a new thread. This one is close to 300 comments.

  200. does pampers look like he is trying to hold in a fart while he is speaking….

    Arugulla air bisciuts are plain nasty I would hate to be in bidens shoes right now

    Nancy deserves it!

  201. A plan without earmarks????? did you hear the Repubs boo him at that line?

    • Yes, I did – the Repubs think of what hypocrites the Dems are with the Stimulus Package earmarks (even if Obama said there were none in the package). it was the Porkulus Package, as Rushbaugh himself said (sad when I start to agree with him).

  202. You are only getting one term, buddy.

  203. Inherited? The Democrats abided the Repugnicans!

  204. Nancy’s hands are going to hurt from so much clapping. Boy she sure does love her some Bambi.

  205. We have already found 2 trillion dollars in savings…which is why i will spend 3 trillion this year.

  206. Does he know this has to get by Congress?

    • like everything else he just makes it up — no one holds him accountable — the stimulus bill had a line item for developing a new flavors of kool-aid

  207. no I need a response

  208. I was thinking, “yaddah, yaddah, yaddah, blahblahblah” but I found myself running my fingers over my lips going, “blubblubblublub” really fat.

  209. If Pelosi jumps up that quickly again her spanx are gonna fall down.

  210. Dude, your porkulus package put the past in debt…forget the future.

  211. “Let me be clear” followed by “Mom on foodstamps”. Typical.

    • Did he mention her Cadillac because ya can’t mention a welfare mom without a Caddy to haul her twelve chil’en with their 13 fathers around in.

      Oh, wait, I’m sorry. I thought that was Reagan talking. Sometimes I forget how old I am.

      • Reagan- Obama

        Same difference or so sayeth the media at least this speech.

        You gotta love the fact that each and every speech is a history lesson. Yesterday and days past he was FDR and Lincoln and Kennedy. Today he is Reagan. Maybe next week he gets to channel Stonewall Jackson or Eisenhower. Personally, I’m waiting for when we can call him Hoover.

  212. How about property taxes you idiot. Mine are going up.

  213. obama clears the house with nasty arugulla flatuence insident

  214. No cheers about Social Security changes. Hmmmm. Wonder why?

  215. Tax free universal savings accounts?

  216. He is still talking. Jesus… he must really love his own voice.

    You guys here are brave, I can’t stand to hear him anymore. a couple of times a day in my job is enough.

  217. geez, more social security “entitlement” reform…

  218. Adjusted for inflation after he’s done printing more money, we’ll probably end up owing more in taxes.

    Deficit of trust…accountability…honesty…no longer hiding the price of war…just hiding the price of everything else.

  219. Instead we will move the whole kit and kaboodles to Afghanistan!

  220. I wonder what McCain just said?

  221. Why does he pronounce Pakistan funny but, not other countries?

  222. he is a one note candidate-some one get this guy a violin

  223. Hey dude, did you check with Pockistan first?

  224. I love John McCain. :heart:

  225. What or who is goosing Nancy out of that chair? Talk about shovel ready!

  226. A soldier on active duty in Iraq has signed on to a birth certificate suit. Whoops!

  227. Is anyone going to watch Jindal…I wonder what his response will be and how he will deliver it.

  228. Big talk from someone who has NEVER worn a uniform!

  229. You cannot go wrong with a military reference!

  230. I am tired of watching him trying to look Presidential.

  231. ok release me from moderation spammy does not like Vi0lins!

  232. We hit 50 applause interruptions!

  233. Can’t believe I’m missing “The Mentalist” for this.

  234. Expanded Health Care and Benefits to Soldiers, “which they have earned”

    We haven’t, I guess that’s the difference.

  235. Just occurred to me: Are they going to jack up college tuition to get kids volunteer into Barry’s/Rahm’s Civilian (Whatever) Corps to get their year of service in exchange for a year of tuition?

  236. The US does not torture? What the hell do you call listening to this speech?

  237. WE don’t torture — we outsource it.

  238. didn’t Bush also say, “the United States does not torture”?

  239. Dude!
    You are full of shit. How can you say America does not torture? Your torturing us now!

  240. Spammy caught some ugly shit tonight.

  241. My ears are bleeding. Could it be from that pencil I just shoved in my eye?

  242. Even Captain Sullenburger couldn’t land this wreck.

  243. Barry – hate to tell you this but the dollar is just too strong for anyone else to buy our sh*t…

  244. kb —

    Why does he pronounce Pakistan funny but, not other countries?

    Because he’s an asshole.

  245. I love hyperbole! This is a magnificent one.

  246. The CIA could use this speech to get “Information” from the terrorist!

  247. (sniff) A wonderful bank president. What a guy.

  248. Mr. Potter from Pottersville.

  249. Yes, let’s applaud someone who actually did the right thing…

  250. How much you want to bet he works his father into this? “I think about my father…… “

  251. Just an ordinary guy with 60 million dollars to give away.

  252. I wonder if Greensburg is really going to get rebuilt?

    • Greensboro – that’s the tornado that Obama spoke of during his campaigning === remember, 10,000 lives lost?!

  253. I can’t take anymore.

  254. so freakin arrogant

    I’ll save you

    I’ll lead you to the promised land


  255. Where’s Oprah?

  256. just how frickin’ tall IS Michelle??

  257. How long is this crapola suppose to be.

    Why isn’t it over yet. I have only had it on for 5 minutes, and I already can’t stand it.

  258. Hi angie!

  259. I am starting to think he doesn’t read his speeches before he gives them. From what I read it was full of contradictions.

    • I think that’s his signature. He thinks on the fly and doesn’t have any real solid beliefs that can remain consistent from moment to moment.

  260. We just hit 60! And I just hit the bottle.

  261. Most of this is about fiscal 2010. If we don’t solve the economic crisis we face TODAY, 2010 will have to be reconfigured anywhere. He spend five minutes on the financial crisis. This speech is irrelevant. He’s just going through the motions of a play president. He does not inspire me, does not give me confidence.

  262. Gotta be close to wrapping this up, no?

  263. does Obama know that the states provide almost all the money for schools? how is this poor girl going to get enough money from the US Congress to fund her school?

    Title I helps but it sure as hell doesn’t paint the school or pay the heating bill…

  264. If we lift our nation out of the depth of this crisis it will mean that we impeached your skinny ass!

  265. We can tell our children sorry for giving them a whole lot of debt.

    • That’s the first big contraction. They keep saying we are leaving this huge debt to coming generations….AND, they keep saying this money needs to be paid back by those who got bailed out.

  266. ItS OVER!

  267. Typical Pampers…lots of words not saying anything.

  268. Now for the good bye hugs and kisses.

  269. damn need new thread broswer keeps crashing

  270. Well, can I say I am underwhelmed?

  271. My left eye is throbbing.

  272. Okay, now I want to hear Jindal. Want to see how he performs. Does he fall flat, or show some charisma.

  273. Take the pencil out.

  274. This is as big a load of bull as GWB ever laid on us………….

  275. Ack! there’s nothing of value on the horizon!! 😦

  276. omg! he’s signing autographs!

    spare me!

  277. Okay, you guys, I cannot stand seeing this guy glad-handing everybody like this. I am SO SICK AND TIRED OF MEN doing this. I want a female President and I want her NOW!!!!

  278. had to go to the back room to watch TV (since main one died by computer). Saw Barry pass Hillary on the way out without speaking to, or even looking at her.

    Did you all see what I saw?

    I swear to God – did he snub her again? Two years in a row in Congress? I thought HRC is the good ole gal on his team now – what gives?

  279. I understand how people might feel about Jindal, but I am curious to see how he sounds – his delivery.

    I think Sandford should give the rebuttal next year and then they should roll out Palin, as a way of looking forward for the election.

  280. There were over 61 standing ovations which computes to about 1 every minute. Donaldson is now picking the speech apart.

  281. browser crashing every time I post a comment

  282. As he leaves the chamber, Reid and Clyburn are right up his ass.

  283. He is signing autographs, what is wrong with our representatives???

  284. I was in another blog, I read the CNBC is crushing the speech.

  285. I thought it was supposed to be the best speach evah!

    • You need to go to MSNBC where Tweetie and KO are in the throes of orgasm.

    • Your right fuzzy, they told us that before the speech started. We also like Michelle’s dress and did not notice that she was wearing short sleeves in February. Most of us do not heat our lives in order to wear short sleeves in DC in February, but we are not royalty.

  286. Donaldson said “no specifics”. Malveau says he is “preparing” us. OMG! Like we don’t know.

  287. ABC is talking about the rotten Supreme Court and why they do not stand for the Messiah.

  288. Pat, that’s because they have no answers.

  289. As for tonight’s Nancy In The Box – maybe they threatened to cut off her botox if she didn’t jump fast enough.

  290. I could be wrong; but “I think BO Blew off Hillary AGAIN”.
    I saw him make a point to stop & greet Napolitano & kiss her on the cheek…UGH…!
    Then out of the corner of my eye it looked he gave her a slight tap on the shoulder & did not make eye contact with her.
    I utilized my DVR option & yes what I saw is true.
    BO snubbed HC 2 for 2.

    • Hi tpt, actually he kissed her on the way in.

    • Thanks, tpt/ny, for checking the video on your DVR. I know some networks used different cameras, and thus angles, so may have missed something.

      BO snubbing HC 2 for 2 sounds about right – just like the middle finger rubbing his face when he mentions Hillary during the campaign, and again when introducing her as “the gift I’m giving you” when he came to visit the State Dept. (except that the flick finger was extended under his nose, instead of across his check). “Just scratching his face”, right?

      • Don’t forget St.of the Union 2008; after he rolled out the Kennedy endorsements.
        “nycblue” I missed the “kiss” on the way in; but he also KNEW the cameras were on him then. After the speech he might have let his guard down.

  291. Honora, Really — that’s pretty funny. It makes me wonder why the Senators & Congresspeople do.

  292. CNBC loved Pampers speach…

    Obama Popularity down to 59% in 30 days?

    the slide to bush levels has begun

  293. You know what would have been great, if there would have been a glitch in the prompter and then he had to figure out what to say.

  294. If the GOP picks Jindal I am going third party next year.

  295. So Jesus is down to 58%, fuzzy? Sad, ain’t it.

  296. katiebird, myiq: Could we have a new thread please? tx

  297. Pampers the man with NO plan…

  298. hey, do you guys want a new libe blog post? this one is gettting long

  299. live blog

  300. Jindal coming on now.

  301. Sorry, what was that, gary? My browser is busy reeeeefreshsshshing.

  302. gary :Please!

  303. Lent begins in 1 hour 45 minutes obats must start their atonement and penance…

    Monkey Poop Sandwich diet for all of you for the next 40 days!

  304. When your retirement savings dwindle
    Vote for Bobby, Bobby Jindal!


  305. New post up ya’ll

  306. Holy shit! I would give anything if McCain had won the election. I can’t take 4 years of this asshole.

    Can we impeach this asshat for criminal boredom and excess stupidity?

  307. Testing: trying to see if comments on this thread post quickly. The thread uptop is verrrrry slow to post them.

  308. i’m with ralph

  309. Does TC have a new server. 450 comments, wow.

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