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His First Term?

obama_on_highJust Barely President, Baracus Hubris Maximus (hail Ceasar!) has been prattling on about “his first term” since he threw his size 10-gallon hat into the ring, like he knows something the rest of us don’t.  Like the rest of his West Wing “reality,” this is yet another transparent bit of scripted brainwashing propaganda in the Theater of the Obsurd.  However, though he no doubt truly, truly believes this one, the possibility that he might have some sort of insider knowledge on this point is more than a little freaking scary creepy.

Yesterday, while vowing to halve the deficit he inherited, yet saying zippo, nada, nuttin’ about the deficit he’s creating, he promised with his fingers crossed to get the job done by the end of “his first term,” something which he has already hinted would ensure him a second.  But, as with all things Obama, one must ask oneself, is there more to this than that?  This is an especially valuable point to consider, given that before the end of “his first term,” we’re all going to be spending a lot of time mumbling to ourselves anyway.  Might as well have something worthwhile to discuss.

Like his handlers’ now familiar other rather adept feats of legerdemain, such as the tried and true, clever use of favorable polling results ahead of entry into particularly tricky territory, in  proven-to-be largely successful attempts to pave the way for the increased possibility of public acceptance of whatever balderdash is read from left to right off his his Traveling TelePrompTer To Go, “my first term” has the hypnotic effect of “you are getting sleepy.”

Of course, in advance of his sure-to-be-historic first non State of the Union address tonight, we have already been treated to the requisite number of “he’s the shit” polls in the last few days, one even going so far as to assure us that he is more heroic, and thus, logically, more powerful, than Jesus.  Since, for Christians, Jesus trumps Moses, we can take comfort in the blind faith that the Obamessiah will lead us to the Promised Land of Financial Security by throwing out the Money Changers.  See how that works?  And, while all this is going on, we are being properly greased and trussed to receive the news that Our Dear Leader will reluctantly have to bite the bullet and nationalize the already nationalized entire financial sector.  Before “his first term” really even starts.

It is indeed comforting to know that we have a Father Figure who will do what’s best for us, even if that means increasing our (the taxpayer’s) risk while fattening the pockets of the beleaguered banksters.  Which is exactly what he’s about to tell us he’s about to do.  But you see, that’s how he’s going to “remake” the country, and bring about the “change” he’s been promising to achieve before the end of “his first term.”  First, see, he’s gotta get control of the banks, then, all industry, then, put us all to work on chain gangs building roads and railroads, then force us to “volunteer,” then turn over the school system to the military.  After that, by the time the government is in charge of everything else, fixing health care is a piece of cake.  Quite ambitious for the four years he’s got until the end of “his first term,” huh?

Now, if this is your idea of liberal/progressive heaven, the Wall Street Journal’s Matt Miller says, in what I assume is not snark, “Shhhhhh! Shut the hell up and let the man do his thing before you blow it!”  Of course, being an Obot fluent in ObaSpeak, he didn’t use those exact words, per se:

President Barack Obama is taking a beating from liberal critics who think his attempt to court Republican support is a political failure and a policy disaster. Yet this assault on Mr. Obama’s bipartisan instinct is misguided and, ironically, threatens to undermine liberal goals.


Mr. Obama’s stimulus plan, which aims first to mitigate the collapse in aggregate demand in the economy, nonetheless lays down important markers toward this agenda, even if (or perhaps because) the details didn’t please partisans on either side. By marrying major new public investments with major new tax cuts, Mr. Obama is signaling that public activism and private incentives both matter profoundly. This yin-and-yang approach was strikingly on display at the bipartisan “fiscal responsibility summit,” which Mr. Obama convened at the White House yesterday. Before members of Congress and other guests, the president insisted on the need to restore long-term fiscal discipline (including entitlement reform) even as the nation runs up historic deficits to battle the recession in the next few years. The president’s professed reluctance to “nationalize” ailing banks — which has left space for an extraordinarily swift outside consensus to emerge (led by surprising voices like Alan Greenspan’s and Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham’s) that temporary bank takeovers may be necessary — shows similar instincts. (emphasis mine)

See, Obie’s just playin’.  He’s finagling the Republicans with fake out overtures of bipartisanship so they can publicly reject him, then, pretending he doesn’t want stuff he really does want, because he knows whatever he says he doesn’t like, they’re gonna promote.  Clever, huh?  That way, he gets his way and if it tanks, it’s not his fault.  If it doesn’t, he’s a hero. (hail Ceasar!)  Either way, he gets his second term.

But, first, he’s gotta get the banks.

Now, you may say, “oh, come on! Are you really trying to tell me you think this guy is that friggin’ Machiavellian?”  To which I would respond, “you must be an Obot.”  Everybody else is well aware that similarly scuzzy, deceitful, underhanded manipulations are the reason he’s president now.   Step away from the KoolAid, and prepare to serve.  First though, I should warn you, you, too are going to have to assume the position sooner or later.  Once you have a firm grasp on your ankles, maybe you’ll begin to really see The Light.

“Cross posted at my place, Cinie’s World.  For more background information on my take on the meltdown and how we got here, see my earlier posts, Inside the Wall Street Whisper Campaign, and What “Is” Is.

63 Responses

  1. Koresh willing, his LAST term

  2. Will I have to do extra duty if I miss the speech of our dear leader tonight? I promise I won’t dance too fast and will think about “him” all night.

    • Tsk, tsk, Betty. You forgot to capitalize Dear Leader and say “Hail, Ceasar!” I bet you didn’t even genuflect, either. Tsk, tsk. Keep this up and your money just might become worthless.

    • From what I understand,they are still coming up with the guidelines for appropriate behavior under the
      Thing That Ate America. I believe we will all be thoroughly briefed on when and how we should worship it when the final guidelines are hammered out.
      I’m going to a talk by a woman explorer tonight at the local U. It will be good to see someone who actually accomplished something through their own effort, rather than on the backs of others.

  3. Have you seen this:

    “President Obama has accomplished more in 30 days than any president in modern history,” a senior White House official said today in a background briefing.

    Besides the economic spending, the senior official pointed to the passage of children’s health insurance, and requirements in the stimulus bill that made major changes in energy, education and tax policies, the official said, describing the bill as a “major paydown” on what candidate Obama ran on. The provisions in the bill promoting energy independence, the official said, constitute “the largest energy independence investment policy ever in the U.S.,” and maybe even in the world. ”


  4. There will be a “Sad State of the Union” Liveblog for anyone who doesn’t watch the poetry reading live.

    • Thank you. I definitely can’t watch the asshat.

    • Thanks once again for the sacrificial barfless blogging. Know how much tooth enamel you’re saving out here?

      • Kat5, You’re in San M, from the other thread. I’ve been in Austin for about 10 years. We should meet up and down a cold one someday.

        • You’re on fer sure, ralph. We’re up in Austin (and down in San Antonio) pretty often, if for no other reason than to get a much needed urban fix. I’d love to meet you one day soon. How does this spring sound?

          • Like a winner. I’ll spring myself from just about any obligation to meet another PUMA or 9. My email is in my profile here at TC, so just let know when. There’s too many wheres to count.

          • Hope I’m not replying to myself (just hit the nesting wall – ouch), but I’ll definitely be in touch, ralph. Can we wear our PUMA costumes in Austin? Hopefully we’ll be out of season.

          • If I had a PUMA costume, I’d say sure. Where can I get one?

            Out of season, I haven’t been in style for so long I’ve forgotten how.

          • As long as we stay away from the campus, PUMAs will probably be fine. So many Obots, so little spit down there. And a bad lack of a sense of humor.

    • I might listen on the radio if I can stomach it. I don’t think I canstand to look at him and listen to him simultaneously.

  5. I don’t see how we get away without a second term, at this point. No Dem is gonna challenge him. When was the last time there was a Dem challenge to a sitting Dem prez, Carter and Kennedy? Carter still became the nominee.

    No, the only way we probably avoid a 2nd term is if things get really crappy and the country elects a Repub. Will the nightmare of 8 years of Bush be flushed from our memories by then?

    • I think it entirely possible Obama will realize his pension/benefits are the same after one term as two. It will probably occur to him that being Past President could be more fun, less work, and potentially more profitable than staying on, so he’ll retire after 1 term. Of course, he won’t hint at his decision until just before the convention, leaving no time for other contenders to ramp up. Now, I don’t know any more than anyone else what he WILL do, but this scenario seems in character to me.

    • Pretty much, nobody is going to be happy when their opposition is in office. And with that, every policy made is gonna get criticized brutally and publicly. News stations are up in arms over this whole “slash the deficit by half” thing: http://www.newsy.com/videos/trillion_dollar_question_for_the_u_s/

  6. It’s Tuesday, so there will be 3 hours of Boston Legal on Ion tonight. Hell, I’d rather deal with Denny Crane.

    • I love Denny Crane.

      • Oh I do too. I wish I had the mad cox excuse that I could use for outrageous behavior.

        • Oh duh…mad cow!

          Fredster is not feeling well today. I started with a boo-boo in my nose which I think may have turned into an infection plus having nasty cough/cold.

          Called the doc and he phoned in scripts for me, to the tune of $166. for a z-pack, flonase and the liquid gold tussionex cough medicine. The cough med (including hydrocodone) was $72.99

          Hell, I’ll slug the cough medicine, watch Boston Legal and still do better than watching obie

          • $73.00 for cough medicine? Good lord! I can remember when you buy that stuff without a prescription too. That’s terrible.

  7. Actually, during the primaries I saw a clip of him responding to someone’s question about something and he said, “I’ll just be finishing my second term about then, so….”

    I gag every single time I see him. There was a photo of him drinking a glass of wine at the governor’s dinner on the internet yesterday…it was absolutely repulsive.

    These declarations of his greatness from anonymous WH sources are so idiotic, so are these falsified approval ratings. I want to see the questions that were asked and the number of people polled. He is so full of himself, I won’t be the least bit surprised if we have a SOTU speech every month so he can amaze himself with how many adoring fans come out to see him. His behavior is more like a dictator’s than a true leader.

  8. At times I wonder if it’s all an Alinsky ploy to destabilize the country-but maybe that’s too tin foilly.

  9. From
    “Yet here is the paradox the president faces: The same New York Times/CBS News poll that found that Mr. Obama instills a remarkable sense of confidence — 76 percent of Americans say they think he will make the right economic decisions — also found that Americans dislike many of the choices he has made thus far.

    Fifty-nine percent said that the bank bailout would help bankers far more than it would help the country. More than two-thirds had no stomach for bailing out G.M. and Chrysler, even if the alternative is liquidating the companies”

    Cognitive dissonance, anyone? http://www.nytimes.com/2009/02/25/us/politics/24web-sanger.html?hp

    • It’s the honeymoon period, particularly relevant in a time of turmoil when people want to believe the president is acting in good faith.

      What I find so sad is all the so-called liberals lining up to support whatever health sham plan Obama introduces instead of demanding we have a government administered health care program like nearly every other industrialized nation. His private insurance modified program is going to suck, just like the MA plan.

    • the pollsters are LYING.

    • yeah, my vote is cognitive dissonance, they don’t want to admit they voted in a hapless newbie who is in completely in over his head and has never done his homework

      • The concern here, d’kat, is: just how badly does O have to screw up, how much worse off do Americans have to become, before the poll numbers achieve something approaching sanity?

  10. AIG is having some problems restructuring. Article at Bloomber.com.
    Feb. 24 (Bloomberg) — American International Group Inc. may scrap a plan to repay a $60 billion U.S. government loan by selling businesses, after failing to find enough promising bidders, said two people with knowledge of the matter.

    “Chief Executive Officer Edward Liddy, who took charge in September and unveiled the strategy the following month, has concluded it won’t work, said the people, who spoke on condition of anonymity because the insurer’s talks with the government are private. AIG is proposing additional ways to reduce the company’s debt to the U.S., including handing over stakes in some operations directly to the government, a person said.”

  11. Let’s see: the economy is down the tubes, people getting laid off right and left.

    Looks like this might be the only thing we can do and it at least has beneficial effects!


  12. bostonboomer, on February 24th, 2009 at 5:15 pm Said:

    $73.00 for cough medicine? Good lord! I can remember when you buy that stuff without a prescription too. That’s terrible.

    Well, it’s only in brand name and has codiene in it. I’ve taken it before (but had script insurance then!) and it will clear it up so you can at least sleep at night.

    I was also surprised at the z-pack being $57, but the zithromax will clear up the crud. Still, it all better be gold or at least gold-plated for those prices!

    • Fredster,

      You need to find a different drug store. I have gotten a Z-pack at mine–Osco, in my supermarket–for around $13.00. I switched to them after Walgreen’s tried to charge me around $50.00. My pharmacy also gives a discount to people over 55. Call around and compare prices.

    • Fredster: Jaysus wept! What has happened with drug prices since I went on Medicare D (which really does suck)? Phenergan with codiene cough syrup used to be dirt cheap, I think it was a generic. I used to use it back in the 60’s. Was your z-pack generic? That’s all I’ve gotten in the last year and it does work fine.

      Have you tried hitting your doc up for samples? There used to be tons of flonase samples available.

      I hate big pharma, for very good reasons. Sorry RD, my problems with them are not typical.

  13. Check out what Dear Leader and his cheering section had for lunch today:

    The three evening news anchors — Charlie Gibson, Katie Couric and Brian Williams — were there. So were the Sunday show hosts: NBC’s David Gregory, CBS’s Bob Schieffer, ABC’s George Stephanopoulos (who knows his way around the premises), CNN’s John King and Fox’s Chris Wallace….

    Over a lunch of what Stephanopoulos described on Twitter as “lobster bisque w beignets, seared Virginia bass w leeks and pot, pound cake w fruit compote and lemon sorbet,” the conversation was conducted on background, according to an administration source speaking on background.

    • Those poor people, having to eat that way. Must be tough 🙂

    • are they kidding us? tempting fate? this is getting to be too much like 1780’s France….

    • Lunch? Frakin’ lunch?

      The jerk won’t accomplish squat in 4 years but apparently he’s determined to eat well.

      For tonight I’ll have: soup a la Campbells and a spam sandwich. Maybe I’ll get fancy and trim the crust.

      • The astounding thing here, BB, is the tone deafness. Who announced this pricey menu to a nation where twofer pizzas every two weeks has come to constitute the maximum household restaurant budget?

  14. What’s sad to see is how people tried so hard to pat themselves in the back that it’s totally fine for government to nationalize the banks, turning it into a discourse and not really questioning how long it will last. Such lack of literacy is evident in most media.


  15. Cinie,

    Have you been able to find anything more about the “civilian national security force?’ I know Obama has some outside group that is getting Obots to volunteer in their communities. I think he must be trying to get people used to the idea so that when we go back to serfdom, people will be grateful to be doing things for him for slave wages, if that.

    • BB, I haven’t heard much, or researched the subject, since it came out that Rahm is a big “mandatory volunteer service” proponent, too.

      • There was an executive order (I think) that all workers at the Defense Department must be prepared to go overseas if asked. And in your post from Sept, he also mentioned employees of the State Depart.

        • They were going to have a hard time staffing the huge embassy in Baghdad. I think that was the reason for that EO.

  16. This guy ios in over his head he is gonna crash and burn in such a brilliant manner that I will gladly sit back and watch….pass the popcorn….

    At Pampers first cabinet meeting he will have all members wear littl stick on paper name tags that say for example…..

    HI MY NAME Is:

    Ms Ethel Schwartz
    Homemaker Queens NYC
    Commerce Secretary

    the name will be witten in pencil so it can be change with the persons with out having to waste paper so at the next meeting our example is:

    HI MY NAME Is:

    Mr Horatio Bombastic
    Pampers Former Neighbor
    Commerce Secretary

    It will be so cute to see the revolving door on this TOOL’s Cabinet

  17. market closes up today after major jawboning by FED chairman Bernacke….

    Dakinikat can you say….Suckers Rally?

  18. Speaking of Boston Legal…Do you think Pampers Has Mad Cow?

  19. I plan on using the phrase, “when we dump your sorry ass in 2012” in everyday conversation as much as he uses, “my first term.”

  20. Oh Cinie, that name may be the Roman Emperor Contest Winner right there.

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