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Playing the Race Card?


As we learned last year, any criticism of Barack Obama is racist.  Comparing him to Jesse Jackson is racist, and so is comparing him to Paris Hilton.  Calling his story about his position on Iraq a fairy tale is racist, and so is saying that he used to pal around with a terrorist.  Even using his middle name is racist.

But do all those absurd claims mean that there really is no racism?  Of course not.  The political cartoon above was drawn by Sean Delonas and was published in Wednesday’s edition of the New York Post and it immediately triggered a controversy.  According to some people, Delonas was comparing Obama to an ape.  Reverend Al Sharpton put out a statement saying:

“The cartoon in today’s New York Post is troubling at best given the historic racist attacks of African-Americans as being synonymous with monkeys. One has to question whether the cartoonist is making a less than casual reference to this when in the cartoon they have police saying after shooting a chimpanzee that “Now they will have to find someone else to write the stimulus bill.”

“Being that the stimulus bill has been the first legislative victory of President Barack Obama (the first African American president) and has become synonymous with him it is not a reach to wonder are they inferring that a monkey wrote the last bill?”

NY Post Editor-in-Chief Col Allan responded with a statement of his own:

“The cartoon is a clear parody of a current news event, to wit the shooting of a violent chimpanzee in Connecticut. It broadly mocks Washington’s efforts to revive the economy. Again, Al Sharpton reveals himself as nothing more than a publicity opportunist.”

I’m not a mind reader so I don’t know what Delonas intended, but I can see how some people would reasonably find that cartoon offensive.  But I would like to point out that President Obama didn’t write the stimulus bill nor is he perceived to have done so.  The authors of the stimulus bill are generally perceived to have been Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, so I don’t know if you can truthfully argue that the cartoon is a clear reference to Obama.

But even if it did, is comparing Obama to a chimp racist?  The reason I ask is that George W. Bush was compared to a chimp for most or all of his two terms in office.  He was called “Incurious George” and “The Chimperor” and there is even a website called The Smirking Chimp that features an image of Bush on its banner.

Here is an image from Democratic Underground:


So what do you think?  Is the Delonas cartoon racist or not?  Do we have to spend the next 4-8 years tip-toeing around the issue of race?  What are the rules, and who decides?



Today’s cartoon isn’t the only controversial work done by Delonas.  Gawker has several others.  While the case for racism may be arguable, the case for homobigotry is much stronger.


107 Responses

  1. If you want to stay out of Spammy’s clutches, then use:


    instead of racist or racsim

  2. Bush and Obama both look like chimps for exactly the same reason — the same way.

  3. I’m just a little bit over everything being censored and considered r@cist. Everything is NOT about r@ce. Sometimes people just want to insult you Sometimes people are incompetent AND Black. Sometimes you are a criminal AND Black. Sometimes you had a baby out of wedlock AND you’re Black. Sometimes you’re on welfare AND Black. I’m SICK OF IT!!!!!

  4. It’s obvious now that the “race card” was a predetermined strategy of the Obama campaign. Anything negative that was said about Obama was declared racist.

    Calling him inexperienced, arrogant, elitist or articulate was racist. Mentioning his admitted drug us was racist. Not voting for him was racist.

  5. Give them credit, the strategy worked like a charm.

  6. 1. Yes, it’s racist.
    2. No, we don’t have to tiptoe around racism. HELL no! with a black president and first lady we should feel free to talk about it OPENLY.
    3. The rules are: I decide what the rules are.

  7. oops, forgot about the r@cism moderation trigger. can I come out to play?

  8. Our favorite name for Bush was “monkey boy.”

    Sharpton is an opportunist. I live in the Hudson Valley and I can’t believe he still has a career after what he did in the case of Tawana Brawley. He absolutely destroyed the police officer he accused of sexual assault, and was never brought to account.

    This is also an example of the desensitization of crying wolf. They cried rac*sm so many times this year that it’s lost its power. Now, when there really is a legitimate criticism, it will not have the same impact. I will never forgive Obama and his campaign for smearing the Clintons as rac*ist in order to win the nomination. Reprehensible. Joseph Epstein just wrote a piece this week (Newsweek?) about the failed promises of Obama, but in the article he mentions that Obama ran a campaign that “completely transcended race,” and he never used it to his advantage. How blind can they be–it was everywhere! “They’re going to point out to you that I have a funny sounding name, and oh yea, he’s black.” The only one who was talking about it Barack was you, and your media sycophants.

    As for the cartoon–it seems to me that it’s a clear reference to the current omnipresent story about the chimp, and the bungled stimulus bill.

  9. I think he was saying that this bill is such bullshit that a monkey clearly wrote it. “Bet we can find another one,” he probably thought.

  10. ergh. As much as I believe that the Obama campaign played the race card – since they had no other virtue on their side, no competence, no policy superiority, no resume, nothing – this cartoon is reallly, really offensive. ‘Chimps’ aren’t an obscure racial reference (aka watermelons), they’re a very potent, current symbol used to reference people of dark skin. And calling George Bush a chimp is very, very different from calling Obama one. Sadly, that is the case – even though both of them demostrate the same level of intelligence as one. So, myiq – yes, this cartoon is r@cist.

    But of course, Obama is in the position of the boy who cried wolf. He’s make a public laughing stock of the entire African-American community by calling every criticism r@cism, and put actual race relations at risk….that is as unforgivable today as it ever was.

  11. myiq: don’t forget, calling him “clean” was rac*st too.

  12. IMHO it is not r@cist. There have been so many things arrayed against Black people in our history as r@cist devices that almost ANYTHING you say someone could interpret as being r@cist.

    Barack the Magic Negro is r@cist when said by a republican, but not by a liberal journalist

    Comparing BO to a chimp is r@cist.

    Saying BO went to a crazy church is r@cist.

    Having he and Michelle fist-bumping on the cover of the liberal New Yorker is r@cist.

    Showing a photo of BO with a dark tan is r@cist.

    Even having a cartoon only tangentially and in a contrived way related to Obama is r@cist.

  13. Reg: that’s how I read it, plus they just killed that chimp in CT.

  14. Is it?
    Doesn’t mean that some bigots didn’t manipulate social issues of race and sex to their advantage politically last year.

  15. By the way, if he was implying that Barack was the monkey who wrote this bill (which he clearly wasn’t because it was the hot potato and BO was not IT) then he was implying that he should be shot. I don’t hear the rage!monkeys going on about him calling for Executive Assassination, so they’re picking and choosing what offends them so as not to deal with the bigger issue. In other words: “You fucked up, Mr. President. And you’ll probably do it again. Way to go.”

  16. The only thing I consider r@acists any more are the Obama’s and the Democrats

  17. And I’m willing to play my Black card on this one. This is one Black man who doesn’t think this is r@cist at all.

    R@cism is being discriminated against for a job just because of your color.

    R@cism is being denied employment because of your colour.

    R@cism is finding “A N***** application for employment” on your desk when you’re the first Black person working in a non-manual labor position on your job.

    R@cism is having police harass you because you somehow always fit the description of someone who committed a crime.

    R@cism is having your accomplishment maligned because you aren’t a liberal democrat (i.e. Condi, Clarence Thomas)

    R@cism is having people question your competence and qualifications constantly while uncritically accepting those of Whites.

    R@cism is having people play the r@ce card just because it is convenient for your political career.

  18. Rather ironic considering we were all called moral cowards today because we don’t have dialogue on race. I’ll dialogue all gosh darn day but if we are going to be discussing inequalities then I want a COMPLETE discussion on disparities and inequalities. Let’s not just discuss one particular minority because it suits the agenda of the individual. I wanna know if we are moral cowards for not discussing the disparity of women in poverty or the wage disparity or the disparity between people who have a different sexual orientation than the majority of the population. Why is it that they don’t get the right to pick and choose who they spend their life with the same bells, whistles and protection every heterosexual couple gets. By all means we can have a discussion but lets make it a fair one where we discuss all the inequities in the system.

  19. I added an update – Delonas has a history of making offensive cartoons.

  20. Remember when Obama made his Greatest Speech on Race EVAH?

    It was supposedly start a “national dialog” on race. But instead race has been a taboo topic.

    Meanwhile misogyny is ignored.

  21. night guys.

  22. I think Sharpton has a valid point that comparing Obama to a monkey raises a problem in a way that comparing Bush to a monkey doesn’t. It is perspective: there is a r@cist history of comparing a black man to a monkey that there simply is NOT when comparing a white man to one.Obama = monkey is r@csit. Bush = monkey is not. It just is.
    However, knowing that Obama did NOT write the stimulus bill I cannot see how anyone thought that the monkey who “wrote the bill” was Obama. Thus, there is no equating of Obama to a monkey in the cartoon. Therefore, the cartoon isn’t r@cist.
    Nonetheless, most people in this country don’t know that Obama didn’t write the bill because they are morons, so they will probably think the monkey in the cartoon symbolizes Obama. And if they didn’t, Sharpton will make sure they do. So, even though I don’t think the cartoon was r@cist, per se, its a no-win situation for the cartoonist & s/he made a misstep in not realizing it.
    My advice to political cartoonists: stay away from monkeys, fried chicken & watermelons in any way shape or form for at least the next four years because no matter how you try to use any of those things in a cartoon someone somewhere is going to think you are being r@cist.

  23. MyIq, excellent and thought provoking — one of your best ever.

    The question for me is this, “Is quashing expression as opposed to rampant “inside” voices really progress?”

    As much as the greatest speech on r@ce evah sparked a discussion, this cartoon does too. Albeit hamfistedly, Delonas did his job.

  24. G’night!

  25. Amen elderj!!!

  26. We have a long history of mocking and ridiculing our elected officials with caricatures. But pretty much any caricature of Obama will be called racist.

  27. Offensive as in “TEH R@Cizzzzzzzzm” or offensive as in people bitch about it because it’s about them?

    Either way, in my judgment, this picture is not expressly racially offensive taken on its own. Added with his record, that’s different but I’m only judging the picture so–*shrug*

  28. No. It’s not r@cist. The cartoon doesn’t even compare Obama to a chimp. And even if it did, Obama is President now and he is wide open to criticism and satire, even when the criticism and satire is offensive.

  29. I dont think this cartoon is as much racist as it is just stupid …
    The analogy that is being attempted is really poor …

    And as for Holder and what he said

    Though this nation has proudly thought of itself as an ethnic melting pot, in things racial we have always been and continue to be, in too many ways, essentially a nation of cowards,” Holder said in a Black History Month speech to hundreds of Justice Department employees.

    “It is an issue we have never been at ease with, and given our nation’s history this is in some ways understandable,” Holder said. “And yet, if we are to make progress in this area, we must feel comfortable enough with one another, and tolerant enough of each other, to have frank conversations about the racial matters that continue to divide us.”

    He can kiss my butt, where has he been ??? Under a rock ?
    And we need more people whose salaries are paid by taxpayers to insult us do we not? There are any number of ways he could have said what he wanted and encouraged dialogue instead of making people angry.. what an idiot!

  30. oh fooey in moderation forgot the R word so sorry

  31. RE: update. This cartoonist seems like a total a$$wipe. Nonetheless, my opinion on this particular cartoon is the same. Not r@cist (because Obama didn’t write the bill). However, so what that this cartoonist is an a$$wipe & his cartoons aren’t funny. Are the liberal bloggers calling for him to be censored? How progressive of them.

  32. They caricatured the Clintons as hillbillies, made jokes about Bill being a sex pervert and Hillary a lesbian.

  33. myiq — hillbillies were the least of it. I’ve seen political cartoons were the Big Dawg was literally a DOG (on Hillary’s leash no less).

  34. I dont think this cartoon is as much racist as it is just stupid …
    The analogy that is being attempted is really poor …

    New York’s sense of humor is “special”

  35. btw — I find it more than a little coincidental that while Obama is sending more troops into Afghanistan, who the h#ll knows what is going on in Pock-is-tan & Gaza & the economy is still nose-diving that this cartoon just happened to come out to divert everyone’s attention.

  36. If I hadn’t already seen references to this cartoon on TL, if I had just stumbled on it in a newspaper, what would my reaction be? I wouldn’t appreciate the violence of it, but neither would I associate the cartoon directly with Obama. As someone else pointed out above, it’s well known that Obama had very , very little to do with the writing of the bill. As usual, he was MIA. So isn’t the question of whether or not this cartoon is r@cist, a moot point?

  37. angie:

    I don’t remember the progressives getting riled up about any of that, do you?

    There was a small flap over Don Imus’ comments at the WH Press dinner, but that was it.

  38. Is it Spring Break? No long line of comments to catch up on, on any thread! Must be boring topics! 😉

    Oh and don’t forget-along the r@cist lines: we now have the first AA prez and FL plus the first AA AG; cowards that we are.

  39. Pardon my French, but d@mmit I’m an American, and if I want to call the president a friggin’ monkey, so be it. And that doesn’t make me r@cist. I understand what r@cism about, but this word is being thrown about as a bludgeon to silence free speech and is un-American

  40. myiq — of course they didn’t because back when Bill was President all the “progressives” who are riled up now were Republicans.:-) We liberals on the other hand understand how the 1st Amendment works.

  41. “Bill is a hard dog to keep on the porch.” Apparently Hillary said that once. Allegedly.

    I’ve seen the comic in question and it’s beyond bad taste. Then again, I can admit my biases against anything that seeks to mock the Clintons unnecessarily. This was not mocking.

    I really am gonna stop repeating myself now.

  42. I’ve seen the comic in question and it’s beyond bad taste.

    One person’s bad taste is another person’s hilarious.

    I don’t find Howard Stern funny but some people love him.

  43. elderj — you have to admit though — you, as a black man, calling the president a monkey doesn’t have the same connotation that a white person calling the president a monkey does.

    But I agree — if I don’t like what someone is saying, I don’t listen. But I will defend their right to say it. That is the American way.

  44. Considering the severity of the attack on that poor woman, I think any humor related to the incident is inappropriate to say the least. The cartoon is tasteless and offensive, but IMO it has nothing to do with Obama or his bir@cial parentage.

  45. IIRC Stern says something in his movie “Private Parts” about having a rough childhood because he went to a mostly black high school and had a small penis.

    Nobody called him a racist for saying that.

  46. myiq — I think you might be mistaken — I don’t know if Stern was called a r@cist for saying that in particular, but I’m pretty sure he has been accused of being a r@cist.

  47. The cartoon with the caption is offensive. Not only for those who are affected on r@ce, but for timing. There is a woman with no hands no face in the hospital. There should be no connection to the outrageous faux r@cism during the campaign. The cartoonist is at fault here, no one else.

  48. One person’s bad taste is another person’s hilarious.

    Yup, and like I already said, I have a bias that precludes me from finding most of that stuff funny.

  49. angienc — you’re right, it doesn’t have the same connotation. Sadly our race history in this country is so tortured. But it isn’t going to helped along by the PC police running around screaming “R@cism!” at everything that moves. It minimizes the real r@cial issues in our society and it creates the “boy crying wolf” syndrome and people just begin to tune it out.

  50. Did Al Sharpton mention anything about the cartoon being offensive considering the severity of the chimp victim’s injuries? Or did he just find fault with the nonexistent Obama comparison?

  51. I don’t think Stern is a racist, I think he tries to be as offensive as he can get away with and that includes using racist, misogynistic and homophobic “humor”

  52. This might very well be in bad taste. However, to me woman have an important lesson to learn from the Sharpton’s of the world. That is when you don’t like something said about another woman…”Scream it from the rooftop”!!!
    The main thing 2008 taught me is to never let all those “little” slights go un-noticed ever again!!

  53. Obama thinks he has a skin-color problem:

  54. I’m with Regency — that cartoon we’re talking about (Dog on porch) isn’t funny at all. C’est goût.

  55. gxm:

    I gave the long version of the written statement from Sharpton. As far as I know that was all he said, but he’s probably been on television a gazillion times today so he may have added that too.

  56. The rules are whatever Oborgs say they are.

  57. Howard Stern is pro-gay marriage.

  58. that cartoon we’re talking about (Dog on porch) isn’t funny at all.

    It’s hater humor, the kind of stuff Wankette does.

    You’re not haters

  59. All these white kids that get their news from Comedy Central are probably also watching stuff like The Chappelle Show, Carlos Mencia, and stand up shows with Katt Williams and Chris Rock.

    The laugh at racist humor but don’t feel guilty because the comedians are minorities.

  60. Well, what I’m finding offensive is the folks who are shouting r@cism about a nonexistent comparison while the real victim (of the chimp) attack is completely forgotten. The poor woman suffered horrendous injuries, truly nightmare inducing.

  61. Know what? I’m personally weary unto death of hearing about r@ce and r@cism. I lived with this for so many years in New Orleans, where it was a running subtext from dawn to dawn, dusk to dusk. Anything and everything was open to connotations of r@cism, but genuine debate and discussion were basically verboten. I felt I was constantly being reminded that I wasn’t black, a situation just as wearing as blacks being routinely reminded that they aren’t white.

    Guess who fueled this divisive dynamic and profited mightily from it. Big surprise – corrupt politicians and power hungry preachers.

    I should add here that I did find it possible to have good relationships with black neighbors and acquaintances who didn’t want to be part of the game, any more than I did.

  62. Obama is POTUS now. He is fair game when it comes to satire. And I certainly don’t want to live in an America where “offensive” political speech is silenced. We’re already in a world of hurt when it comes to the free speech department. Let’s not make censorship any easier than it already is.

  63. The post about this by Sam Stein at HuffPo has about 4800 comments.

    We’ve got about 60

  64. More:

    NAACP President Benjamin Todd Jealous released a statement: “NAACP continues to fight for a country where America’s promise can be realized for all and where racism Is just a tragic memory. We are saddened that the New York Post chose to create a symbol that is so divisive, insensitive and antithetical to that goal. The NY Post must do better.”

  65. Yeah, but he’s had his up all day.

    I’m beat and heading to bed. Nite all!

  66. Yah well, myiq, this sort of thing is the NAACP’s bread and butter, reference my post above.

  67. At least the NAACP is doing its job – NOW only speaks out for women when?

  68. The post about this by Sam Stein at HuffPo has about 4800 comments.

    I find Sam Stein offensive.

  69. night gxm!

  70. this sort of thing is the NAACP’s bread and butter

    I would expect the NAACP to be hypersensitive to racism, just like I would expect NOW and Ms. magazine to be hypersensitive to sexism and misogyny.

    I don’t have a problem with that – they’re supoosed to be advocates. I would only have a problem if they weren’t doing their jobs.

  71. I’m heading to bed too.

    Good night everyone!

    myiq — bon soir mon amour.

  72. Buenas noches querida!

  73. As I started reading the post, I was thinking – but Obama did now write the bill, so it’s not about him. It says that the bill could have been written by an ape – tied into the chimpanzee that had to be shot. Not a very good cartoon, but I think it was mainly aimed at the stimulus bill. Of course, a lot of people do not know that BO did not write the bill, so they might think it is aimed at him.

    But, all the outcries do not, I think, help the cause; do not help end real discrimination.

  74. I would expect the NAACP to be hypersensitive to racism, just like I would expect NOW and Ms. magazine to be hypersensitive to sexism and misogyny.

    But, myiq, if women’s organizations routinely resorted to seeing misogyny and sexism where reasonable people might well not, they would be doing just what elderj described above: crying wolf and eventually causing reasonable people to just tune out. There’s a reason that parable has such staying power.

  75. if women’s organizations routinely resorted to seeing misogyny and sexism where reasonable people might well not

    They appear to agree with you – that explains the “boys will be boys” attitude they have.

  76. […] all.  The only caveat, and it’s a big one, is that “-isms” are like pornography, hard to define quantitatively.  While we claim to know it when we see it, ultimately, offense is in the eye of […]

  77. They appear to agree with you – that explains the “boys will be boys” attitude they have.

    I’ll excuse that one, just b/c I have a weakness for clown faces. I won’t even call it a low blow. Or dirty pool. Or anything like that. I’ll just head off to bed weeping at the gross injustice of life and hunt up my voodoo doll and put a clown face on it and stick pins in all over it.

    There. Now I feel better.

  78. Anyone with half a brain should know enough to not use ape, monkey or jungle imagery in reference to anything to do with the federal government. Having two cops shooting a gorilla and then falling back on the fact that he didn’t actually have anything to do with writing the bill (though god knows he didn’t) is shaky at best. Sharpton is right. There’s no comparison to making monkey references with Bush and with Obama, there’s just not the same context there, what’s innocuous inn one context is gross in another.

    However, I will say that Obots are disingenous asses in all things, because they were forever hangng around the Hillary boards waiting for a discussion of Bush to flare up and then coming in, batting eyes and asking innocently, “who is this ‘Chimpy’ of whom you speak?” As if Bush hadn’t been known to everyone as Chimpy for 6 years. They were just waiting to find some Chimpy reference oblique enough that they could pretend it referred to O instead of B and spread it all over to gin up a fake controversy.

  79. What about Bedtime for Bonzo? Is anybody channeling Ronald Reagan?

  80. In case it’s not clear, I meant Dellonas and his bosses should know enough not to that use imagery in the paper and can’t fall back on the excuse Obama didn’t actually write the bill, not referring to anyone else.

  81. What’s sad is that a woman just had her hands and face torn off and is on the brink of death. So what does Sharpton chose to focus on? A cartoon.

    And where was Sharpton when a woman was decapitated this week? Women don’t have the luxury of worrying about subtle monkey references, the messages we are sent involve corpses.

  82. Complimentary post up.

  83. I don’t need compliments, but thank you


  84. Yeah, a cartoon is not important compared to someone being killed, but then neither is Obama making statements like “periodically being down.” We worry about things that are somewhat trivial (comparatively) all the time, for the simple reason that we can’t necessarily do much individually about hese major issues except try to make small changes that may lead to big changes. I’d fault Sharpton more for something like tending to more often side with black men accused of crimes instead of their black female victims (see a website like What About Our Daughters?) than for doing what most of us are also guilty of.

  85. commenter–I’m just a little bit over everything being censored and considered r@cist. Everything is NOT about r@ce. Sometimes people just want to insult you Sometimes people are incompetent AND Black. Sometimes you are a criminal AND Black. Sometimes you had a baby out of wedlock AND you’re Black. Sometimes you’re on welfare AND Black. I’m SICK OF IT!!!!!

    You go!!! If Obama sucks, it’s because he sucks. Not because he’s black.

    This cartoon is ridiculous and Sharpton has tunnel vision.

  86. i dont think its racist either.

  87. We have a homophobic President, so why shouldn’t cartoonists be homobigots?

  88. Cartoon – yes, offensive. Yes, it implicates Obama. Yes, the cartoonist and paper deserve critical feedback. Yes, it was also a poor analogy. It fails totally.

    It is also highly offensive to chimps. Why blame chimpanzees for human actions?

  89. Pelosi wrote the turd.

    Congress voted on it and went ape.

  90. Pelosi wrote the turd.

    Congress voted on it and went ape with the spending.

  91. Apparently there a quite a few people who don’t know about the recent chimp attack and that there is a woman in the hospital in critical condition whose life will never be the same.

    I’m with yttik. The upsetting aspect about this cartoon is how many people jump to take offense at a nonexistent comparison when the female victims are ignored. It is just this sort of attitude that put an inexperienced politician in office over his much more capable female contender.

  92. BTW, for people who don’t know, the chimp was shot dead by police. The cartoon is such an obvious reference to the attack, it’s unbelievable that anyone would miss it.

  93. Yes it is a r@cist cartoon.

    Too bad that r@ce was used the way it has been the past year because now the meaning of r@cist has been cheapened.


  94. gxm17, I didn’t know about the attack when I first saw the cartoon. I bet I’m not alone. I am sorry for the woman’s injuries. I think the cartoon failed in all aspects, except to get the cartoonist and paper lots of attention.

    As far as who wrote the bill, was Nancy in Denver to get any credit for this? Obama’s been happy to take the credit for this bill. Why wouldn’t people associate him with the bill immediately?

  95. The cartoon controversy reminds me of the uproar over the Jugenlander ‘Mohammed and the 70 virgins cartoons’ a few years ago.

    The newspaper was bombarded with threats of terrorism, violence, bloodshed and they were eventually forced to apologize.

    I am genuinely concerned that it may become a ‘crime’ to do or say anything AA’s construe as racism.

    My own inadvertent governor, Patterson, made it his top priority to immediately sign a bill making noose displays a felony as his first act in office.

    I would not have minded if he’d also made homophobic, sexist, anti-semitic displays punishable as felonies but he didn’t.

    The irony is he based the bill on the Columbia U incident a few years back where an AA professor charged that nooses had been hung on her office door.

    It was later discovered she’d hung them there herself.

  96. I’m black and I live in New York City but I don’t read the post. I prefer the Daily News which is ever so slightly better. However, the chimp story was all over the broadcast news. Do I think it’s racist? No.

    Since I know that BHO didn’t write the stimulous bill and probably isn’t even familiar with half of what’s in it, it never would have occurred to me that the chimp is supposed to be him.

    The racist outrage only works with low-information people who think BHO actually wrote the bill. It’s also a reflection of how ignorant many of our citizens are that they don’t know that presidents don’t write bills; none of them do. That’s a legislative function. Maybe more civics lessons would help.

    As for Reverend Al, he’s been seriously marginalized by the BHO post-racial thing, so he’s just trying to get back in the game. Best thing that could happen to Rev. Al is another shooting of a black youth by the NYPD. Now I can tell you that’s racist even before it happens.

  97. purplefin,


    Anyone who doesn’t know BHO had nothing to do with writing the stimulus buill is living on another planet.

    The cartoonist could have inserted Pooplosi’s face in place of the chimp’s and then the intent would have been perfectly clear.

    Question is, would that be racism, or sexism?

    WTF should everyone have to go around walking on eggshells because of some perceived non-existent slight by a couple of thin-skinned opportunistic race-baiting conmen?

    This is absurd! Is Obamthism now an official organized religion?

  98. basil, I’m just calling it as I saw it. I don’t think it’s worthy of all this attention. I’m not sure the intent was r@cist, but it’s the effect that counts. Mostly it was off the mark.

  99. So basically the cartoon is offensive because people who are ignorant of the facts that A) Obama did not write the freakin’ bill, and B) there is a woman fighting for her life after being horrendously mauled (ripped apart) by a crazed chimp, will misread it? Sorry, but this reminds me of the “niggardly” controversy we had many years ago in DC. Someone didn’t know what the word meant and took offense. The man who used the word was fired, although he was later reinstated. We shouldn’t have to watch what we say because someone who is ignorant may wrongly take offense.

    And, honestly, when it comes to political satire the POTUS is fair game, however offensive that satire may be. It comes with the job. And, IMO, making special exceptions for Obama is, well, r@cist.

  100. The cartoon is racist. Sharpton is right about the history of portraying black people as apes. The stimulus bill is everywhere referred to as Obama’s regardless of who technically wrote it. That the cartoon is a take-off on an actual incident on the subway is in no way an explanation. Of course cartoonist use real life incidents and translate them to make their point.

    There were piles of bogus racism claims during the primaries, orchestrated and approved by the Obama campaign.
    That doesn’t mean ALL cases are bogus.

  101. This is a documentary about Condoleeza Rice: http://www.courtingcondi.com/Uploads/AmFaust_1.31.mp4.
    It shows you can criticize someone who is black without sounding or being r@cist, but it is much harder for some of these talking heads not to sound sexist. And BTW, why wasn’t she heralded as the first black Sec’y of State? Wasn’t that pretty freaking historic? She was never anyone I supported, indeed I dislike her policies, political views, and Hobbesian nature.

  102. […] rejected by all.  The only caveat, and it’s a big one, is that “-isms” are like pornography, hard to define quantitatively.  While we claim to know it when we see it, ultimately, offense is in the eye of […]

  103. c, read the news. The cartoon isn’t a “take-off” on a subway incident. It’s a direct reference to the chimp who was shot by police during a violent attack outside the owner’s home. The real offense here is that the cartoonist is using a tragic incident to satirize politics. The victim is still in the hospital fighting for her life. she was, literally, ripped apart.

    And, BTW, historically women have been defined as half human, a sub species. It’s interesting that only a few folks seem to understand the absurdity of the true victim being lost in this r@ce-baiting ruckus.

  104. Wow…..I’d forgotten all those chimp comparisons with George. Very interesting! Thanks!

    The NYPost editor didn’t mince words about Sharpten, eh? I had to laugh.

    I think I’ll just stick to shoe jokes, myself. The ape comparison riles people too much.

  105. Condi was not the first AA Secy of State. C0lin P0well was.

    (BTW, does P0well’s name still rile Spammy?)

  106. The DU members will soon flood this comment section with their double standard.

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