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    riverdaughter on Here’s the plan, Nancy
    Ga6thDem on Here’s the plan, Nancy
    riverdaughter on Here’s the plan, Nancy
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Public Service Announcement



Ok, so I decided to do some of the most difficult work I’ve done since I was laid off in Mid January.  Which is to bring to you a public service announcement.  This is extremely important information, so pay attention.

I watched the must go to Colorado Obama Stimulus Speech and signing of the bill extravaganza. Alright, I watched but didn’t really listen which was good, but I wasn’t not listening because the drone hurts my ears. I was watching and not listening because I wanted to count how many times Professional Telepromptman would swing his head from side to side. I discovered some very interesting results.

During the speech Obama swung his head side to side approximately 259 times.

Do you all have any idea how exhausting and mind numbing this task was for me??  But no worries, I completed it.

Then I decided I needed to bring forth more information. So I did the math to determine how many words Obama reads off of each teleprompter before jostling his head in the other direction to read off the other. Remember, he has two of them. So I found his prepared remarks which totaled 2,068 words.

This means:

Obama reads approximately 4 words from a teleprompter before he swings his head to read the next four words from the other.

But HOLD ON, I didn’t finish there folks! I timed the speech which was about 15 minutes. This allowed me to calculate how many times Obama swings his head left to right in the span of a minute.  Here are the results:

Obama swings his head left to right approximately 17.3 times total  per minute.

Let me tell you gathering this information was not easy and I do hope you all appreciate the great amount time, effort and absolute dedication it took to accomplish this task. I am happy to have brought you this very interesting information.  You may now return to your regularly scheduled programming.

P.S.  if you want to know how many ummm, errrrs, and ahhhs, you will have to do it yourself.  That is just too much to ask of one person.

91 Responses

  1. Great stats.

  2. Get ready for the bake sale and to pass around a hat , it looks like Chrysler needs another 5 billion.

  3. I can’t believe that the take away line from the signing was “The beginning of the end”. WTF is he talking about . Was that really the best that his perverted speech writer could come up with??? It sounds like something from the “Apocalypse Pretty Soon?” post.

  4. Yeah, that was pretty bad.

    I wonder what the end is.

  5. So, do you think Obama is going to ever spend any time in the White House. 3 day weekend in Chicago, now off to Denver, wonder what all this traveling is costing us?

  6. “the beginning of the end” ? That is pretty lame – does he mean the beginning of the end of our economy?

  7. Impressive!

  8. I am very proud of you and thank you for your time and service.
    Not everyone can be that dedicated to the national good.
    Have you ever seen such a national disgrace? I do not know which is worse him or the fools that put him there.



  9. thanks helen, it wasn’t easy but someone had to do it. Inquiring minds needed to know.

  10. i got this from pumaeyes — courtesy of enicks — right up your alley

  11. Wow! Taggles, I’m LMAO! I thank you so much for viewing that on our behalf. It sounds dizzying!

  12. I have turned my head left to right less times at a tennis match.

  13. celeste, LOL! 🙂


  15. Wow! Good work, Taggles. I never would have guessed anyone could turn their head that many times in 15 minutes. It’s a wonder he doesn’t get whiplash.

  16. Ooops! I’m sorry … delete the J comment. My 2-year old has discovered the keyboard.

  17. Taggles- Your work will be cut out for you when Obama gets his new teleprompters. They will be embedded into his podium so that he will look ‘more natural’ in his delivery during press conferences. At first , I thought that this was a joke, but it is true. Incredible. You will now have to note how many times he looks left, looks right and looks down. I wonder if he will due it in the same order each time or if he will mix it up to keep us on our toes. inhttp://www.kxmc.com/News/Nation/333371.asp

  18. I think that would trigger a seizure if I tried doing it.

  19. 4 words per swing of the head that is awful…

    Taggles are you sure that Pampers is not just shaking his head because he doesnt believe what he is saying and that he doesnt believe the bill he just signed into law will do anyone any good?

    Or he could be swinging his head thinking “You Suckers…You Poor Suckers”

  20. I’m not very good at this does this work better?? http://www.kxmc.com/News/Nation/333371.asp

  21. “honora”
    I heard that too.

  22. oh gaaawwwd honora! what next, a trap door beneath his feet to make him disappear if the questions get to hot for him.

    Nix that. The question will never get to hot for him to answer.

  23. Honora, what are you trying to do. make me go into a trance I will never recover from?? I can’t possibly do what you request!

  24. make that several bake sales and hats. GM needs another 17 billion even after plans to close 5 plants and get rid of 20,000 jobs.

    So Cali is eliminating 10,000-20,000, Chrysler 8,000, andGM 20,000 and that is just todays big economic news………Have we hoped our way to recovery yet?

  25. I want to be in charge of Pampers Teleprompter…man could I do some damage with my bad spelling and aversion to punctuation!

    “First I want to make the following Allies Ill-Eagle Britian France Is-reel and Australia….then I will do the cha cha with Rick Warren and Former Gov Bag-O-Chips…I will rap up this news confrence with afew comments on my chicken legs and my hard nipples I get from looking at guy in the third row over there in the local press cage….is that you john? did any one tell you you have a perky bottom and I would like to bend you over in the lincoln bedroom!”

  26. Life is one long run on sentence is my motto. 😉

  27. Taggles, thanks, best laugh I’ve had today.

  28. Honora,
    It isn’t just teleprompters, it will be small computer screens so they can actually feed him lines in response to questions that weren’t pre-screened. So he won’t ever have to answer any question off the cuff.

  29. sorry I couldnt resist….beer and brats anyone?

    Oh and for those of you who set your watches tonight on Channel FBC (fuzzybear Broadcasting Channel) its Stake Nite with the obots!

    Preview -John Obat commander will say something stupid about women and moon over Pampers proving they give German PHDs to anyone

    His First LT will accuse fuzzybear of being “Harsh”

    The other minions and pleebs will basically want to lick Obat commanders N*tsack because the real pampers is not around.

    so tune in tonight for another inane episode and watch Fuzzy suffer!

  30. Wizard of Oz anyone – don’t pay any attention to the man feeding the teleprompter.

  31. Does anyone remember the scene from “Singing in the rain”,
    when the curtain is pulled back & Cathy (Debbie Reynolds) is the real voice. For those who don’t, there was someone else “lip-singing”.
    I wish that for Obama & Axelorod.
    See now with the TV screen in the podium he can provide BO with the answers. The Fraud continues.
    I am angrier now than I was in Nov & early Jan.
    I knew then he’d be bad, I just did not think it would come so quickly.

  32. hey britgirls, I’m gonna leave your two year olds comment there. I like it!

  33. I know Celeste, why would we even refer to them as press conferences? Just let the WH write the questions, give them to the ‘journalists’ and then the ‘journalists’ can ask the questions and Obama can read the computer screen answer. We should have foreseen this type of progress, when the DNC got rid of the voters in the primaries. Democracy can be so time consuming.

  34. I’d like to see more analysis of O’s crowd-mesmerizing technique, and a comparison with other, historical, charismatic cult leaders.

  35. Ha, ha. In September, I wrote a snarky post about Obie’s TelePrompTer use recommending something similar to what Honora’s link describes.

  36. On another blog someone asked , “When he’s negotiating with our enemies in Russia, Iran, North Korea, and Venezuela, will he have a cheat screen then or will he just wing it?” Really good question

    It’s really kind of scary thinking that this man is supposed to be keeping us strong ad safe.

  37. ha! Cinie, LMAO!

  38. Well, that made my day. So the nation has elected a teleprompter reader. Great.

  39. This was waaaay above and beyond, taggles. You deserve a special PSA award, especially for promoting the most important food group – laughter.

  40. Cinie, you CAN read the future. I think the raybans with teleprompter screen will probably be next for when he is out talking with the people.

  41. Holy Crap-

    Just got an Email from Pampers himself-

    He just asked me if I would be interested in being Commerce Secretary….

    I just got a text from Rahm Emmanuel telling me I am the most qualified democrat that doesnt have any problems with paying my taxes (use from 1040EZ) paying payroll taxes on my Nanny (never had one) and there is no embarassing footage of me before the house finance committee…

    What should I do I men this tool is really digging deep to fill his cabinet? hugh?

  42. Kat5,

    It was my pleasure! Anything for my fello PUMA’s!

  43. And who here gave my private cell number to this idiot? I dont have texting on my phone so Att will charge me 49 cents for the text-

    He is babbling about duty to country….and it being a historical moment in my life yada yada yada

    I put my cell on vibrate at least someone should get pleasure out of this!

  44. could you all imagine playing the drinking game with this info. any one of the stats would have us visting the ER to get our stomach pumped.

  45. Well its off to dinner with the Obots

    wish me luck!

  46. good luck fuzzzzzzyyyyyy!

  47. At least when his head swings side to side you can’t even see the strings.

    Taggles, I owe you a debt of imearsurable gratitude for taking on this painful and dangerous task. Surely there is a medal that covers this type of unselfish public service.

  48. “This report assumes that flight operating costs are $56,518 per hour for Air Force One….These figures are based on the per hour cost figures cited by GAO for fiscal year 2000, adjusted for inflation.” from a report compiled for Henry Waxman on costs of presidential travel.

    I hope that Michelle is really pleased with the money Bambi spent taking her home to Chicago for a Valentine’s dinner. Wonder if we bought them $100 steaks, too.

  49. Taggles deserves an award for service above and beyond:

    The Croix de Confluence

  50. is that good, myiq? LOL

  51. is that good, myiq?

    Yes, unless it’s awarded postumously

    My head would have exploded trying to watch the whole thing.

  52. good, let’s hold off on any posthumous awards! 🙂

  53. Taggles, this is service way beyond the call.

    Just think about how stringent the stress testing for the bobbleheads will be!

  54. Can we add a strobe light, glitter ball and some disco music?

  55. every fourth word we clap, SOD!

  56. taggles, you are a great American. You make me proud ::wipes leaking tear::

    No seriously – I never could have done it. No, not even with a drinking game – that would be the ultimate alcohol poisoning game however. Frats might make pledges play Head Swing – the new new thing.

    lol @ fuzzy! Maybe PBO will text his next nominee. Better check my cell….

  57. How about donning some roller skates? strobe lights, glitter ball, disco music and roller skates…

  58. He is doing the Hustle, after all….

  59. I haven’t been on rollerskates in years, but I use to be able to skate backwards.

    Yeah I’m up for it!

  60. Can you imagine??? the head swing…the stutter…

    doo doo do do doo too do doo doo…do the hustle

  61. I watched a little bit of last week’s Teleprompter conference and I thought he was moving on a three-count:

    Left -2-3
    Right 2-3
    Left 2-3

    But even with the sound off it was too much so I changed the channel.

  62. instead of kick ball change, we can hope for change.

  63. myiq, my guess was about 4 words per prompter even before I calculated, it’s that obvious.

  64. perries, on February 17th, 2009 at 7:13 pm Said:
    He is doing the Hustle, after all….

    so true!!!! LOL

  65. Yeah, a four count sound closer.

    Turn the sound off and he looks like he’s sitting mid-court watching a tennis match.

  66. Play it on fast forward and it looks like he’s watching ping pong

  67. It’s like going to a car race. vrooom, vrroooom, vrrrooom.

  68. After that I bet he needed a neck massage.

  69. The Croix de Confluence should look kinda like this:

    but with a Puma in the middle, and crossed knitting needles. The ribbon should be orange with blue stripes.

  70. you should have seen him eyeing Joe Gaffe Biden when he was speaking before him.

    It was like, shut up, don’t go off script, you better not embarass me, bud!

  71. Amazing work, Taggles. I know it was tough but it had to be done. I’m sure he is in no mood for any more Biden Baffoonery.

  72. myiq, crossed knitting needles… you are too much. I love it!

  73. Wow Taggles, you have gone above and beyond the call of duty with your withering analysis! 😀

  74. Poor Greg, in the spam filter no one can hear him whine.

  75. OMG!!!! I now believe I have seen everything.

    I just came across something both horrifying and amusing. For only $19.99 we can all be the proud owners of Chia Pet, the Obama Edition.

    some product copy….

    Hail to the CH- CH- CH- CHIEF
    In honoring our 44th US President, the Chia Pet company presents this Special Edition Chia Obama.

    Celebrate the Change right in your own house – Watch it Grow!

    Can you grow one? YES YOU CAN.
    Easy to do… Fun to Grow.
    Full growth 1-2 weeks
    Reuse your Chia indefinitely

    Walgreens is taking pre-orders. I can hardly wait to get mine.

  76. Damn that man, I keep turning to CNN for him. Should I be worried that he’s now modeling the Foundation’s fundraising on the presidential campaigns?

    Meh, can’t be bothered.

  77. Taggles, I have been miserable today with a horrible flu, but your post was gleeful. Thank you for your sacrifice to bring light to the darkness.

    You’ve begun to answer my question: “How can we possibly get through these coming years?” Ridicule. My top of the list.

    I. Can’t. Stand. Him.

    Still not looking at newspapers. Still not daring a glance at TV.

  78. Home and not one word about the glory that is Pampers….

    Dinner was good! as was the home made Icecream afterwards!

    Fuzzy’s flavors tonight were:

    Vampire Chocolate and Mint chip…

    with toasted pecans on them yummy

  79. I’m looking for a quote by Nixon… something to the effect that a political leader can survive anything but ridicule .. anyone know what that is?

  80. Not the quote you meant but interesting:

    Certainly in the next 50 years we shall see a woman president, perhaps sooner than you think. A woman can and should be able to do any political job that a man can do.
    Richard M. Nixon

    No one can say that crook wasn’t enlightened.

  81. “A public man must never forget that he loses his usefulness when he as an individual, rather than his policy, becomes the issue.”

    Richard M. Nixon

  82. poplicola: even if Nixon didn’t say it, I’m sure it’s true UNLESS the leader in question has a sense of humor. ‘Cuz then she could laugh back. But that’s not B0 so he’s done for.

    About the 4-seconds-side-to-side, I’m sure the timing is intentional. I’d be willing to bet dollars to donuts there’s research showing that’s how often people tend to move or gesture in relaxed speech. If you’re not paying attention, and that timing is coming in under the radar, I bet the overall effect is supposed to give the impression of a relaxed speaker.

    On the other hand, if you are paying attention you either have superhuman strength like Taggles . . . . or your head explodes.

  83. Good job, Taggles! I mute my tv whenever The One is on. I really don’t want to hear his lies! I try not to look at him either. It’s something about him that bothers me deep down inside. It bothers me because I have the gift of discernment but haven’t been able to figure out what it is about him that annoys me so. I live with a hubby and daughter who lov-v-v-e-e-e him, so you know what I’m up against! It’s nothing that I set out to do but he has always rubbed me the wrong way. It appears that my Junior Senator from Illinois is about to fall, which marks another Chicago politician “biting the dust”. I am convinced that BO can not have come up through the ranks of
    chicago Machine politics and remain “in good standing”! The truth shall be revealed. The higher up he places himself, the further he will have to fall!

  84. hahaha. didn’t watch but read all of the above… can i introduce to you our president, MR. BOBBLEHEAD.

  85. Tweetle-de,.,.Tweedle-dum,.,.Buda-do Buta-bum. And that my dear friends …..sums it.

  86. […] Nothing could be further from the truth.  The man is so inept as a speaker that he has to take a TelePrompTer into the shower to read a Cardboard Titty Groper-written request in case he runs out of shampoo.  […]

  87. I’ve also noticed that they have inserted a lot of “hums and errs” in his speeches, of late, to make it look as if he’s not reading – what a phony!

  88. poplicola said: I’d like to see more analysis of O’s crowd-mesmerizing technique, and a comparison with other, historical, charismatic cult leaders.

    check out the studies on Hitler’s mesmeric speaking style. There have been plenty of them done….it’s about repitition, straw man arguments, physical gestures — all the tricks that Pampers uses.

  89. lol

    Thanks for this post and your heroic hard work, taggles.

    I still can’t watch or listen to him. Something about his speech pattern really turns me off.

  90. thanks Taggles. your a better man then me.I.can’t stant him ..

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