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He’s Just Not That Into You, Dave


Dave Sirota discovers he was just a booty call:

I forgot how weirdly rigid the social hierarchies are at official political events, but I was reminded when, as a member of the press, I was corralled into a steel cage (see right) and cordoned off from the audience, as if under quarantine. Oh, and I was also set apart from the “traveling press” – the national reporters that travel on Air Force One. They got the good seats, and the local media was put in the back (no sour grapes, I swear – I’m just happy to have gotten in).

That last sentence is full of sad.  Dave must still be longing for a repeat of the day they spent together because he’s still infatuated:

Is President Obama rediscovering the economically populist voice that fueled his campaign? After spending a week traveling to locales outside the eliteosphere in Washington, D.C., it seems like he certainly might be:

The president, as reported by the Detroit Free Press, “said he believes there is no economic risk to workers organizing and making a living wage.”
The Philadelphia Inquirer, meanwhile, quoted Obama as saying he didn’t “buy the argument that providing workers with collective-bargaining rights somehow weakens the economy or worsens the business environment.” Moreover, the paper reported that Obama “would not urge a delay in consideration of the Employee Free Choice Act.”

When I read this, my reaction was a fist pump – perhaps the first full-on fist pump I’ve been moved to engage in since the inauguration.

Fist pumps?  Doesn’t Obama even have the courtesy to give you a reach-around?  C’mon Dave, put down the Kool-aid and step away from the punch bowl.  If he cared about you he wouldn’t avoid you in public. 

When was Obama ever an “economic populist?”  When he was bashing NAFTA in Ohio while secretly telling the Canadians he didn’t mean it?  Would an economic populist want to privatize social security?  Wouldn’t an economic populist make universal health care a top priority?

Haven’t you figured out yet that you have to parse Obama’s words carefully?  How come Obama didn’t say he “would not urge a delay in passage of the Employee Free Choice Act?”  Quit falling for all the smooth talk and demand a commitment.  As my grandma would say “It don’t mean a thing if you don’t get that ring.”


34 Responses

  1. The PDS sharks are going after Bristol Palin again.

  2. Going after Bristol about what? The girl has been saying what liberals have been saying all along….abstinence only doesn’t work. furthermore, she is not be daughter but I would be darned proud that she is taking the opportunity to try to maximize the good to come out of it by telling other teens that becoming a parent means putting yourself second and the child first.

    As for David Sirota I enjoyed reading him, it’s a shame he is willing to set the bar so low in order to justify his vote in November. I am watching closely to see how the Obama admin “arbitrates” between the car companies and their union employees. Judging by the way they acted like they were providing a largesse for providing a conditional bailout 10% of the size it gave the banking industry I’m not going into this goo goo eyed.

  3. I saw her interview last night and I think I understadn why they deride her: she takes responsibility for her actions. It really threatens them. They probably will never understand that.

  4. And who the hell is Dave Sirota? Never heard of him. Should I?

  5. And who the hell is Dave Sirota?

    One of the Obamafluffing bloggers.

  6. Damn I log off this morning and do just a little work and when I log back on you guys have four or five new posts up, lots must be going on.

  7. Oh, the poor kid.

  8. perhaps the first full-on fist pump I’ve been moved to engage in since the inauguration.

    I’m far too reserved* to “fix” Davey’s sentence for him…

    but it would involve “fisting” instead of a “fist pump”.

    *I’m lying

  9. Oh that’s not right…

    I’m full of fail if I didn’t properly close my tag.

  10. Bristol Palin seems to be a young lady who understands her responsibility towards her child. Knows that she made her life a little harder than it had to be. Is willing to put herself out there to help other teens. What is the problem?
    I have seen so-called adults that can not do that.
    These fruitcakes want people to have children but want them to conceived by immaculate conception. Then do not want to help when the parent needs help to raise the child.

    just returned from some errands. Why to California drivers insist on tailgating when it is raining? I really wish they would wait to get home to take the viagra and stay off everybody’s ass.

    David Sirota sings” wishing and hoping” a lot and is still a wall flower.



  11. LoL. After just having seen “He’s Just Not That Into You” at the theater, I’ve learned to recognize the signs and Sirota is the most similar to Drew Barrymore’s character when a guy she had coffee with on videocam (she wasn’t important enough for him to meet her in person) leaves a message on her answering machine with a love song. Then he accidentally called her again with a love son for another woman. Oopsie!

    Dear Dave, you’re not special, he doesn’t even find you worthy enough for a special seat at an event, and to him you’re just like any other journalist he bamboozled in order for you to become his love slave.

    He’s just not that into you!

  12. Ouch:

    How do our “intellectual leaders” make us liberals get dumber? This post appeared on Duncan Black’s web site this Sunday morning, beneath a “Sunday Bobbleheads” headline. The headline would have made better sense had it said, Hey you dumb f*cking rubes:


    “So many Republicans,” Black oddly said, posting a list which featured nine Dem pols and Dem-leaners versus only four Republicans. But so it goes as we become the people whom we once claimed to despise.

    Bob has some PUMA in him

  13. no sour grapes, I swear – I’m just happy to have gotten in

    methinks the lady doth protest too much.

  14. OT — so do you think anyone will be reporting on Obama signing off on 17,000 more troops for Afghanistan or will we be getting more snap shots of him at the basketball games?


  15. I’m in moderation for linking!

  16. The entire interview is linked at InsightAnalytical. Bristol seems to be a very mature young lady with a good head on her shoulders. With the help of that fine loving family, she and her baby will be just fine.

  17. the grapes haven’t gone sour, they’ve done fermented to about 190 proof and he’s three sheets to the wind….

  18. Once upon a time David was just as quick to deride Obama- I’d say he has the- I need to have my head up a Democrats backside -itis. He jumped on the Obama bus after Edwards backed out.

    I’m sure that if the Obama admin disappoints David on the Employee Free Choice Act that he’ll be sure to send them a sternly worded letter right before voting for him again. It’s what the Democratic Party and it’s faithful do.

  19. miqu – THIS is one of your best.

  20. I’m fixed!

    Yo myiq…

    Duncan also snarked about Britol today.

    The comment section is pathetic.

  21. Don’t know anything about Sirota’s private life, but he sounds infatuated, lonely, lovelorn and may be a repressed stalker.

    But not to worry, the Secret Service has ordered 28 new Marine One helicopters and BHO already travels in a new Air Force One. So Sirota will have to do some 007-type maneuvers to get close to the object of his affection. lol

  22. Ok pretty soon these Obat tools will be accusing us of ODS (Obama Derangement Syndrome)….

    Before they do they must consider that accusing someone of ODS is a sure sign the accuser is suffering from the Following:

    1. CDS (Clinton Derangement Syndrome)
    2. PDS (PUMA Derangement Syndrome)
    3. ED (Electile Disfunction)
    4. PBS (Paralized Brain Syndrome)
    5. IBS (Idiot Brain Syndrome)-when coupled with PBS it is often fatal and the brain infected has to be disposed at a hazzardous waste sight to prevent contamination of ground water.
    6.TKOLD-Tweety Keith Olberman Love Disorder
    7. FBUYAS(Fuzzybear Boot Up Your A$$ Syndrome)

    I think this covers all the special mental and physical illinesses most koolaid drinking Obats suffer from

  23. FYI-appears that the NYCE delivery Point of Crude oil in Kushing Oklahoma is full….the US inventory of Petroleum Natural Gas and Natural Gas Liquids are at an 82 month high…you heard it 82 months thats a 7 year high….almost.

    Surplus Tanker Capasity is disappearing as brokers and commodity traders look for places to store all this surplus oil. Even if OPEC cuts oil production again it would take months to duse this vast inventory of stored crude.

    Oh and the demand for petroleum is continuing to go decline…..when all is said and done the 4.2 million barrel cut in production has not kept up with demand distruction.

    Only speculation and refinery maintenance are supporting gasoline prices. Gasoline is the next commodity bubble mark my words!

  24. David Sirota sounds like he’s about eight years old in that excerpt.

    Sharply dropping oil prices could raise the threat of a deflationary spiral. Would want to confirm that with dakinikat though.

    The opposite is apparently happening to coffee. Sharp drops in inventory and production pipeline for coffee because of speculators over shorting. Means Starbucks may have to raise prices by up to half. Who is going to take that in this economy. Doesn’t look good for Starbucks.

  25. Economic populist????? David, please I am begging you, STEP AWAY FROM THE HOPIUM BONG!!

  26. Very nicely done MyIq.

    I’m a little surprised that Sirota, given his BBFF (Barack’s Bestest Friend Forevah) status didn’t claim that BZero came to Colorado because of him since he’s moved there. He probably rode the bus to the press conference.

    Reading his little screed I can almost visualize Sally Struthers coming on and saying, “Because of you this little boy will go to bed happy tonight.”

  27. Fuzzy:

    Sounds like its about time for the price of gas to go up.

  28. Obama Derangement Syndrome

    More commonly known as “Kool-aid induced priaprism”

  29. Dilbert’s a fucking idiot.

  30. Mr. Sirota has let a good mind go to waste. Sad, really.

    But not that sad, since it’s pretty funny that Sirota got all roped in and was only able to gaze longingly (and, apparently, resentfully) upon his true (political) love.

    I love the smell of schadenfreude in the evening.


  31. Everything Sirota writes here reeks of ego, vanity and yearning. Journalistic objectivity is gone. Fist pump? That’s just embarrassing.

  32. But Sirota has nothing on Bob Herbert! Talk about love letters.

  33. i’d say sirota had a MAN CRUSH!

  34. Ironically, my first impulse is to say that Bristol Palin sounds much more mature and grounded than does David Sirota.


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