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The Confluence Oscar Pool

Sign up and make your picks here

Pool name: The Confluence Oscar Pool

Password: oscar

Give thanks to Angienc (aka “The Pool Shark”)

This is an open thread

215 Responses

  1. what, no h/t to me for going through all the trouble of setting it up?

    Pool name is: The Confluence Oscar Pool
    Password is: oscar.

    Please add that on the top! 🙂

  2. angie already placed mine for me.

  3. I just signed up!

  4. donna darko said something so dead on in the last thread that I’m cutting & pasting it here:

    donna darko, on February 16th, 2009 at 12:16 am Said:

    DV, yes, it was always that. We were easy targets because we were women. We were only victims last year.

    PUMA was only about two things

    1) The stolen nomination but this time Democrats stole from Democrats.

    2) Historic misogyny

    Race and racism never entered the picture. Anti-PUMAs used selective reading and cherry-picking to deny 1), 2) and our power.


  5. {{{myiq}}} thank you for the edit mon amour! 😉

  6. I guess I should be proud that I, too, have now been attacked personally at the “C” blog. I can die happy now.

    Angie, my parents have been busily seeing all the nominated movies. I’ll ask my mom to make the picks for me tomorrow.

  7. bb — LOL! Most of my picks are based on “buzz” — I haven’t seen all the movies myself.

  8. El gusto es mio, querida!


  9. Angie,

    I haven’t seen any movies. Isn’t that pathetic? But I will get my mom to help me. It will be fun for her.

  10. If you change your mind about your picks you can change them up until the deadline.

  11. Valhalla — I just read (on Corrente — yes, I got sucked in to giving that place a hit to see the attack on bb) that you decided not to comment on either site — please, please reconsider. I adore your comments. You are always fair, rationale and, most of the time, quite funny. I understand you not wanting to be engaged in any more “flaming” and I agree — I’m over it too. Please don’t stop posting here.

  12. I can die happy now.

    You don’t want to say that around the Captain

  13. I meant to ask on the last thread: What is racist about describing a black man dressed in a “string vest”?
    I googled string vest and it said, knit underwear.

  14. I am standing by my picks. Sean Penn in “Milk”, outstanding! Kate Winslet in “The Reader”, stupendous. “Benjamin Button” for special effects, superb. Philip Seymour Hoffman for “Doubt”, amazing. Penelope Cruz for “Barcelona”, terrific.

    That is my best Roger Ebert selection.

  15. angie, i just wanted to say we (or maybe i) had fun last night, even though you couldn’t stay the whole time. you know i love everyone at the confluence..

  16. I’ll probably vote for Benjamin Button for best editor.

  17. katiebird: And for being a great anesthetic if you are having ass surgery!

  18. Pat J — don’t forget all the categories where Benjamin Button isn’t nominated (i.e., foreign film, documentary, short, etc) you told me to pick whatever — I picked for you what I picked for myself in those categories.

    If you want to see everything you voted for, you can log in & review.

  19. I’m in moderation for asking what’s bad about using the term “string vest”?

  20. WWWHhhhhaaaatttt?????

  21. Katiebird,

    Is that because you are related to the editor?

  22. angie: I will go with whatever you chose. I did not see a lot of those nominations either.

  23. plainjane – spammy has been getting every other comment of mine all night.

  24. katiebird: It was almost 3 hours in length and when I left the theater I had to learn to walk all over again!

  25. 3Wickets,

    I had fun last night. And Pat and I got to ogle the young Elvis.

  26. BB, no I’m not related. It’s just that the movie was pretty much ALL editing (special effects)

    I did see it on my BIL’s “For your consideration,” Oscar DVD though….

  27. I guess I don’t know what terms set him off, but I’ve been in three or four times already

  28. always, bostonboomer..

  29. Elvis: The original sex on a stick. sigh

  30. Plainjane,

    What the heck is a string vest, if you don’t mind me asking?

  31. That’s why I’m waiting for Benjamin Button on dvd — the only movie I will sit that long in the theater for is Lawrence of Arabia (a movie, btw, which I think should ONLY be viewed in the theater). I’m sure Button is good, but I’m also confident Lawrence of Arabia it ain’t.

  32. bb: I haven’t seen any movies either.

  33. I was gonna leave this site, but “I just cain’t quit you!”

  34. plainjane — the term r@cist automatically sends you to spammy –use the @ symbol for the “a” and you will not have a problem.

    And yeah, what’s a string vest & who said it was r@cist?

  35. I sat through Titanic, and it was a titanic pain in my butt, let me tell you. And the movie sucked except for the special effects.

  36. Benj Button was very good but long. Better at home when you can pause and get the circulation rolling again. I thought I had lost about 10 lbs but it was only my butt that had gone to sleep.

  37. elderj! why were you going to leave?

  38. “The English Patient” was the longest movie I ever sat through. Awful.

  39. Elderj!!!!!

    I’m so glad.

  40. I hereby nominate David Denby for the Jean Hersholt humanitarian award, since this brave film critic has just saved many of us from wasting our hard-earned money on any of this year’s Oscar picks:


    (And me for the killjoy award!)

  41. Oh, Pat — That’s horrible. I was so lucky getting to watch it from the comfort of my couch. I think it was a 27 hour film, wasn’t it?

  42. jmintacoma,

    I’m glad I’m not alone. Usually I’m a total movie freak, but this year it was all politics and school.

  43. Hi elderj!

  44. plainjane:

    string vest

  45. Oh hey angienc — afrocity left and I was thinking of leaving given some of the not-so-helpful comments made by folks about “evil republicans” etc. Don’t necessarily want to hijack this thread though. there was quite a bit of discussion here about it

  46. (sniffing) elderj, you’ve made me so happy….

  47. bb — I agree with you about Titanic — I still can’t believe that craptacular movie won the Oscar — it was *almost* as bad as when Shakespeare in Love beat out Saving Private Ryan and when Paltrow won best actress over Cate Blanchette in Elizabeth that same year.

  48. katiebird: I had labor that was shorter.

  49. Elderj, have some popcorn!

  50. In the old days, if the movie was really long the theatre would have an intermission halfway through. Like for Gone With the Wind.

  51. aside yes Titanic was craptacular

    Here’s afrocity’s goodbye, quoted for you angienc because I think she mentioned you:

    My Good bye to this place is downstairs.

    SOD and Angie. Myiq, Joanelle, Nancy, Elderj- especially Angie and SOD. Thanks for making me feel welcome. I can’t take this shit anymore.

    Angie you are a beautiful person and I am so proud of what you have accomplished.

    SOD you have a heart of gold and are so giving

    Regency you are a brilliant young woman

    Simofish it was a pleasure meeting you in Chicago. You are very a very old soul which much wisdom.

    Boston Boomer– You are simply amazing

    Myiq you rock and your sensitvity has touched me on many levels.

    It is obvious that there are PUMAs that are bothered by some Republicans being on this board. This past week or so I became a part time lurker. It is hard for me to do. This morning I came to say Happy V-day and saw again another comment warning against scary Repubs.

    This is not the place I used to come to.
    Thanks for everything and the support given to me during the election.

    I guess we all agree that Hillary would have been the best person for the job.

  52. IMNSHO – if you need a decoder ring to figure out if something is racist then it probably isn’t.

    I remember Digby’s “presumptuous = uppity” bullshit.

  53. elderj — don’t you dare leave here! we love you & know you aren’t an evil Republican — I think when people here say that “evil Republican” thing they mean specifically Rove/Cheney/Bush & it is wrong to paint the entire GOP with the same brush because the fact is those 3 mean are not representative of all Republicans — they were bought & paid for by our corporate overlords the same way Obama was.

  54. By the end of that movie I was rooting for Leonardo di Caprio to drown!

  55. bostonboomer, on February 16th, 2009 at 12:39 am Said:
    What the heck is a string vest, if you don’t mind me asking?
    BB I don’t know either. It was mentioned on an earlier thread about the insult to Dakinkat and PUMA, that the term describing a black man’s attire could not be mentioned and that someone referred us to a funny video explaining the subprime lending mess. In it one of the men used it to describe a black man who received a subprime mortgage.
    I googled it and it said, knit underwear???

  56. milk, doubt, wrestler, revolutionary road, dark knight, in order of my preference. not one happy film in the bunch.

  57. It isn’t the first time Afrocity posted a GBCW. I’m hoping she’ll reconsider.

  58. elderj — well h3ll — I wasn’t around much on Valentine’s Day — I missed that post entirely from afrocity. But, I’m going to be “seeing” her on our show (The View from Under the Bus — next show Wednesday, Feb. 25 9:00 EST — be there or be square) so I’ll talk to her about it.

  59. Last year we learned that comparing Obama to Jesse Jackson was racist, but so was comparing him to Paris Hilton.

  60. bb — I laughed through the entire end of the Titanic drowning scene. I know, I know; I’m an awful person. But yes, I wanted to see him drown. And I though the girl (what the heck is her name) was rather loose for sleeping with some stowaway she just met on a ship — what the heck? Bad marriage prospects aside, be a little choosier in picking your affair partners. And then the scene where she throws the jewelry into the ocean… umm… that’s just dumb (or maybe I’m over sensitive because the economy is in crisis and only Obamamessiah can save us)

  61. Cinie, on February 16th, 2009 at 12:43 am Said:
    Yes, Cinie, I saw that video earlier but I still don’t get why being attired in a s…v… is a r a c i s t comment, if that’s what they are saying.

  62. Gwyneth Paltrow continues to deliver the same consistent performance: vapid. That was why she was perfect in The Bell Jar. Didn’t require a big leap.

  63. I know one thing. I wouldn’t want to see Obama in one. It would accentuate his man boobs.

  64. bb: I like to be completely lazy and watch movies laying on the couch in my sweat pants with a cozy blanket. They frown on most of that in theaters and the floors are too sticky for my slippers.

    Oh, but I do LOVE the popcorn!

  65. Gwyneth Paltrow covers the range of emotions from A to B.

  66. Oh, but Pat, Paltrow was perfect in The Royal Tenenbaums. Wait, she was vapid in that one, too…

  67. I haven’t watched the video in a while, but an old black man sitting on the porch of a shack wearing a string vest evokes Uncle Tom on the plantation imagery.

  68. She lost her head in Seven

  69. Elderj,

    I laughed too. I started laughing at the part where they were repeatedly calling out each others’ names as they tried to find their way out. I couldn’t stop.

  70. comparing Obama to himself is r@cist in some people’s view

  71. Cinie,

    I’ve never even heard of a string vest before, but apparently they are big in the UK?

  72. I hated The Titanic. But, I’ve got two copies of it. Both my Mother and Mother In Law gave us copies on the same Christmas.

    The whole movie was too silly for words.

  73. I’ve heard of “wife-beaters,” but those are just plain white t-shirts.

  74. Sorry to say I missed “Titanic”. My punishment consisted of renting “The Aviator” on DVD.

  75. BB is STILL making me laugh with every comment!

  76. Cinie, on February 16th, 2009 at 12:43 am Said:
    Yes, Cinie, I saw that video earlier but I still don’t get why being attired in a s…v… is a r a c i s t comment, if that’s what they are saying.
    I reiterate, why can’t you say that?
    Thanks BB for the pictures, I thought that was it altho the google definition said, knit underwear.
    Actually I have a shirt like that still in the package. It belonged to my youngest son when he was in highschool or college.he’s now 40. (I’m not very good at giving/getting rid of their stuff).

  77. but no american actress does a better english accent than gwyneth.

  78. “The Aviator”

    Ali Campoverde was in that one

  79. BB, the image I get when I think of “string vest” is a badly knitted one with large spaces instead of a tight weave. Worn over a rather frayed old dress shirt.

  80. Now myiq, don’t start with the slut slamming or whatever the term is.

  81. so were a lot of other actresses. moving on.

  82. Cinie,

    It’s just something I was never aware of. But I understand how these things get connotations and associations.

  83. My image of the string vest is Onslow’s gut hanging out of one on the BBC’s “Keeping Up Appearances”. I used to love that show.

  84. bostonboomer, on February 16th, 2009 at 12:53 am Said:
    I know one thing. I wouldn’t want to see Obama in one. It would accentuate his man boobs.
    I’ll bet we could send him the one I have and get him to wear it, especially if we could get some little girl to say he would look good in it. You remember like the little girl who told Lincoln to grow a beard!

  85. Kat5: Me too!!!!!!!!

  86. 3 Wickets — I thought Rene Zellweger’s accent in Bridget Jone’s Diary was better than Gwyneth’s,

    Kat5 — The Royal Tannebaums is the only movie I’ve ever liked her in –but you are right, her who character showed no emotion! No wonder she was able to nail it.

  87. Cinie: That video was funny.

  88. No, jane, just tell BO that Lincoln never left the house without a string vest. He’ll have one draped over that bust in the O Office in no time flat.

  89. bostonboomer, on February 16th, 2009 at 12:53 am
    BB He could wear it when he works out or on “casual Fridays”

  90. In the late sixties, I had a couple of vests that were made out of chain links–they were like jewelry made into a vest shape.

  91. Nicole Kidman is another one who is vapid. The only time she showed a little oomph was when she played the role of the teacher who had her husband killed in NH. Can’t think of the name. Other than that, she leaves me cold as an actress.

  92. What WAS the name of that movie, Pat? I agree, Kidman nailed it in that one. Unfortunately, for the first and last time.

  93. re: string vest — see, I would have called that a mesh undershirt. not a string vest. but Cinie — thanks for clearing up why it has r@cist connotations. Now that I’ve seen the thing, I see what you mean.

  94. From the London Times article:

    Changing fashion tastes and that nemesis of male slobbishness – women – are apparently to blame for the string vest’s demise. Ed Watson, spokesman for Asda, said: “While a string vest looks good on a man when he is fit, slim and well-muscled, it simply reveals too much flesh when things begin to sag,” he said. “The unobscured view of bulging waistlines, hairy chests and – worst of all – sweaty armpits, placed prominently on display by the baggy, open-structured string vest was too much for many wives and girlfriends to bear.”

  95. Kat5: I can’t remember the name of that movie. To Die For?

  96. No, wait, I’m thinking of the movie in which Kidman played the screechingly ambitious TV person…

  97. angie, no way. i’ll always love renee for her role in jerry maguire, but paltrow’s english accent is dead on british bougie.

    wouldn’t these string vests leave unsightly marks on the body..

  98. Pat, I thought it was funny too, but the “old black man” thing did make me uncomfortable, to be honest. I just chalked it up to the British distance from the legacy of slavery rendering them unintentionally insensitive, though.

  99. Must be time for sleep – that is the right movie, Pat.

  100. Pat J — yes, To Die For is Kidman’s best movie.

    I also love Moulin Rouge (all that dancing, singing, great costumes — she didn’t need to act much but she looked absolutely beautiful).

    I also liked her in The Others — that’s a good movie.

  101. Toni Collette is another great actress. Up there with Blanchette and Winslet.

  102. Kat4,

    That was the same movie. It was called To die for.


    That movie made me cringe.

  103. I think that in England an undershirt is called a vest.

  104. kidman though is a better all around actress than paltrow, imo..

  105. angie; I’ll give you The Others, somber as that was. Another real bad movie she did was Dogtown. OMG! Stupid story, stupid performance.

  106. I guess it’s time for me to go to bed…. (dragging my pants behind me)

  107. NK was good in Practical Magic

  108. Pat J — Toni Collette is a great actress — she is going to be on a new series on Showtime “The United States of Tara” — the premise is a comedy about a mother with multiple personalities. I don’t have Showtime & haven’t seen it, but you know, I don’t think that is a good concept — people with multiple personalities is a serious thing & I just don’t like the idea of playing it for laughs.

  109. katiebird: That was me coming out of Benj Button!!!

  110. yeah;.. i am sleepy and don’t watch many movies

  111. dragging my pants behind me


  112. angie: I don’t get Showtime but the series got bad reviews.

  113. night Katiebird!

    PatJ — Dogtown was an “art movie” us peons just don’t get it! {rolls eyes} (I agree with you – it was a pretentious POS).

  114. myiq: I thought Sandra Bullock was better.

  115. night elderj!

    myiq — anybody could have played Kidman’s role in Practical Magic.

  116. nite elderj and katiebird

  117. G’night!

  118. 3 Wickets — that is because Paltrow isn’t an actress — she is the daughter of a famous producer & actress & goddaughter to a famous director (Speilberg).

  119. Nicole Kidman really chewed up the scenery in “Invasion.”


  120. who knew. she was ok in sliding doors.

  121. (sometimes it’s my shirt. I just start stripping as I get sleepier and sleepier

  122. Here’s another string vest. If you Google “string vest photo” you’ll find that they tend to have rather unsavory connotations associated with them.

    But, it was the stereotype of an old black man on the porch of a shack being the first one duped that was offensive, if I remember the bit correctly. The string vest was just a shorthand description, imo.

  123. For non horror freaks that was the third remake of Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

  124. bostonboomer, that would make her michelle then..

  125. Kidman had some nice parts in “Eyes Wide Shut”

  126. bb — Invasion — gah! that movie really s*cked didn’t it?

  127. I prefer the story and expect the acting to heighten it. If the acting spoils the story then the movie overall stinks.

  128. katiebird, whaa, are you in the right tc room for all that..

  129. She was good in “Dead Calm” too

  130. myiq: Yes, and when I saw that movie it really scared me to be honest. Just when you thought it was finally over something else happened. Very good. But she was propped up pretty much by bad boy Billy Zane and Sam what’s his name.

  131. I thought she was dead in “Dead Calm”

  132. myiq — Eyes Wide Shut was the dumbest movie I’ve seen in a long time — actually pornos have better plots than that POS. I walked out of the theater (something I almost never do because usually I think — well, maybe it will get better at the end). When it came on cable, I sat through the whole thing just in case I was wrong. I wasn’t.

  133. myiq, yes she was good in dead calm, and no let’s not disrespect any film made by kubrick..

  134. Sliding Doors! That movie s*cked too — how dare they appropriate the genius “No one expects the Spanish Inquisition” for that stupid movie.

  135. oh, i guess angie beat me to it as usual.

  136. Kubrick can kiss my a$$ — I don’t care how great a director he was — he left a black mark on his legacy with that POS “Eyes Wide Shut.” blech. I wish I would have kept my eyes shut.

  137. geesh, i’m taking some blows tonight. touche (with the accent).

  138. Are the awards next week?

  139. yes, the film was bad, yes he was also on his last leg, no that’s not a reason to forget his enormous legacy.

  140. The problem with Nicole Kidman is she is so beautiful (at least before she started going to heavy on the botox) that it is difficult to notice anything else when she is on screen — but good actress? meh. Not so much.

  141. I hate to be mean, but there is a picture of J Lo and Marc Anthony holding the twins. They are really homely! The two little honeys look just like him. Both the boy and the girl. OMG.

  142. Three Wickets,

    Eyes Wide Shut was dumb, but I kind of liked it anyway. On the other hand I hated Moulin Rouge. There’s no accounting for taste. I have a soft spot for Stanley Kubrick. I’ll forgive him anything in return for Dr. Strangelove.

  143. marc anthony was suprisingly good in man on fire with denzel.

  144. This is a stone cold lie:

    Goldberry posts here; myiqu can’t — exactly because he violated site guidelines after being warned; as he well knows. Goldberry hasn’t. And if myiq can point me to the site policy I violated at TC, I’d be very glad to see it.

    I was banned without warning or explanation.

  145. BB: I posted to the youtube link to the Bird and Fortune skit about the subprime lending mess. In it the Brit Banker character (Bird or Fortune?) mentions a guy going up to a black man sitting on the porch of a broken down house in Alabama in a string vest and asks if he’d like to buy the house. That mortgage gets packaged into a bunch of other mortgages and gets sold as a structured investment vehicle.

    I said that after the other crap with DK someone would probably say that mentioning a black man on a porch of a house in Alabama in a string vest would be considered r@cist.

  146. But he is not a very good looking man. She is lovely at least. But the two kids, jeesshh!

  147. yay for kubrick, bostonboomer. though i actually liked moulin rouge. eyes wide shut, i like to blame that on cruise. think i’ll netflix strangelove again next week.

  148. Republicans are surprised and pleased at Obama’s remarks about “bad teachers” needing to be fired.


    Speaking of “right-wing memes.”

  149. myiq: I read that exchange and I could see no reason whatsoever why you were banned. It made no sense. Just that you must have gotten under his skin by pushing back.

  150. This is a stone cold lie:

    Goldberry posts here; myiqu can’t — exactly because he violated site guidelines after being warned; as he well knows. Goldberry hasn’t. And if myiq can point me to the site policy I violated at TC, I’d be very glad to see it.

    I was banned without warning or explanation.

    And I would assume since he posted here several times tonight he has not violated any policy has he?

  151. Enormous legacy? The man made one movie every 10 years. He directed a total of 16 movies in all. I can only think of 4 that are “classics” — Dr. Strangelove, A Clockwork Orange, Space Odyssey & Full Metal Jacket.

    And you know what? The Shining s*cked — totally re-wrote the very good horror story for what end? Plusl I don’t think Full Metal Jacket is that great — yeah, I said it. That stupid Pvt.Joker character ruined the whole thing for me. (The first part in boot camp was good though).

  152. I documented the whole thing in a post at Klownhaus titled “That was chickenshit, Lambert”

  153. angie! oh no! I just meant on that particular topic. And realistically, only for tonight, because I won’t be able to help myself! I said that very badly. I’m not going anywhere! (and TC is the last place I’d leave anyway, y’all’d have to pry my cold dead fingers off my keyboard…)

  154. Speaking of which, Charlton Heston was a pretty lousy actor too.

  155. myiq, maybe they have a different definition of violation. i partially violated a stop sign today driving home. they’d probably ban me for that.

  156. Valhalla — phew! Thanks for clearing that up — if you leave here, I’ll find you and I’ll .. . beg & cry for you to come back! 🙂

  157. I’m gonna paste in my comment from the last thread:

    We da beer truck here and it’s fun on da truck (as opposed to being under da bus)!

  158. Pat J– yeah, but remember how gorgeous he was in Ben Hur? Lord almighty! Especially in that loin cloth when he was rowing the raft!

  159. you forgot paths of glory, a classic in any book.

    hetero male that i am Pat, i think marc anthony is not a bad looking man.

  160. Full Metal Jacket

    The part where “Private Pyle” kills himself the Drill Instructor made no sense at all.

    Imagine if when Joker meets back up with Cowboy that Pyle (Vincent DOnofrio) was the psycho marine character (Animal Mother)

  161. He never did anything for me.

  162. Pat, can’t disagree with you on charlton, before we even think about his politics.

  163. 3 Wickets — whatever — I would feel fine criticizing Jesus Christ if he subjected me to anything as lousy as Eyes Wide Shut.

  164. Since when is saying “You said . . .” and then quoting the person an “attack?”

  165. three wickets: Wait until you see the babies then. One thing for sure, he won’t need DNA to prove if they are his. They are.

  166. Fredster,

    Thanks for that explanation. I somehow missed that video.

  167. myiq, he could have been rehabilited by then. bullying always has consequences. in pyle’s case, he gets to do law and order for the rest of his career. and that’s a good thing.

  168. Here’s another typical Lambert move:

    See in any case this thread on PUMA, which seems to cover the ground more than adequately.

    Instead of providing specific, substantive responses, he just posts a link.

  169. Charleton Heston never affected me that way. Now if Elvis had played Ben Hur….

  170. I didn’t realize it was this late. I am off to bed.

  171. myiq — he just wants hits to his site.

  172. look, they were off and on for that stupid shoot for 18 months. cruise pushed the project thru for the sake of kubrick and his so called wife.

  173. BB: I’ve got a couple of B&F skits in my favorites at youtube. I just enjoy that Brit sense of humor.

  174. Oooooooowwwww, Elvis!

  175. The Shining didn’t make any sense either, but it scared me half to death.

  176. Night Pat J!

    I’m off to bed too everyone!! Good night all!!

    myiq — bon soir mon amour.

  177. angie — ha ha, I hated Eyes Wide Shut too, and I’ve never gotten the Kubrick fandom. Here is an exchange I had with a movie buff friend of mine:

    V: Some people are aghast when I tell them I don’t get what the big deal is about Kubrick.
    MBF: I’m aghast.

  178. Pat, i’ll pass on the babies, lol..

  179. Hasta los huevos!

  180. Vallhalla –LMAO! Exactly!! “I’m aghast.”

    Thanks for that — now I’ll go to bed with a smile on my face!

    Good night for real!

  181. Angie, go back in the threads from last night when you can.

    I put up some Miss Irma music and some Carnival stuff.

  182. The one movie that frightened the hell out of me was called “The Haunting” and starred Julie Harris. I had it on late one night when I was breast feeding one of my kids and it scared me enough that I had to turn all the lights on in the house.

  183. g’night Pat. g’night Angie.

  184. LOL, Valhalla! But did you hate Dr. Strangelove? I hope not.

  185. Republicans are surprised and pleased at Obama’s remarks about “bad teachers” needing to be fired.

    Yesh, and Obama stole that pander from Kerry. What a glorious party! Hey, I got an ideal, let’s remember what Holmes said about government being he ultimate teacher and fire all our horrible politicians.

  186. “his so called wife.”

    ROFLOL! Well said.

  187. Speaking of gorgeous (I know, I’m supposed to be sleeping), Omar Sharif as Doctor Zhivago knocked my adolescent socks off. I wanted to knock Julie Christie right out of that sleigh, grab her fur coat, and set up housekeeping with Omar in the dacha. And I hate cold weather.

  188. Kat5,

    I loved that movie even though it was sooooo corny.

  189. Kat5: It was those eyes in Zhivago.

  190. kubrick appreciation doesn’t have to be kubrick worship, i hope, i’m checking.. but strangelove and path of glory on their own, really good films.

  191. OK, I’d better try to get some sleep. Good lord! It’s almost 2.

  192. G’nite BB.

  193. I need to put up another post – I’ll do Eyes Wide Shut

  194. he had them in lawrence of arabia too, i think..

  195. g’night bostonboomer. g’night Kat5.

  196. I think it really was the eyes, fred (that, and the hair). They were so very soulful and misty. How the hell was I to know that in real life Omar was an insomniac card sharp who mainly liked to hang with his buddies?

  197. Kat5-I remember the first time I saw the move (in the theatre) and I just thought “Whoa!” Of course add in the accent too!

  198. g’night y’all. I shall endeavor mightily to dream that I’m 16 again and innocently mooning over Omar in a small town movie palace, with my whole life ahead of me.

  199. And I shall pray I can get my fingers to move correctly on a keyboard again sometime in life!

  200. Kat–that sounds like it would make a great movie. 🙂

  201. This thread is full

    New thread up!

  202. Boy, sure don’t get the animus toward Gwenyth Paltrow. Shakespeare in Love is one of my all time favorite movies (Joseph Fiennes should have at least been nominated), and Sliding Doors was great — an under-appreciated sleeper. I enjoy them all, really: Paltrow, Kidman, Blanchett, Winslet (magnificent). It’s always hard to choose a “Best” when you have several good choices, and it’s not like there’s some universal standard for what makes good art. I agree Oscar wins are often inscrutable and too commercial — and political (like when Brokeback Mountain got screwed). I don’t blame that on the artists.

  203. bboomer – don’t know if you’re still up, but I did like Dr. S. I think it’s the slavish devotion to Kubrick I don’t get. As 3W said, appreciation vs worship. I didn’t like Clockwork much, but I think that is less to do with the movie than the original book, which I thought was a rather dogmatic take on political ideologies at the time.

    With Eyes Wide Shut I went into it expecting something pretty good, if not great, but all I got was long and boring and kinda pointless. Kubrick’s better works all have left some sort of iconic imagery in the culture, but EWS left me with nothing.

  204. Angienc2

    Kubrick is probably the most intellectually complex director out there. With the exception of his very earliest films, Spartacus and perhaps Loliita, they are all pretty much considered to be superb works of art – frequently without equal.

    Now, that doesn’t mean that they are user friendly – they aren’t.; I had to watch 2001 6 times before I began to understand it. Very few people who are fans of Kubrick’s feel like they get his work first time out. Much of it requires repeated viewings before you even begin to figure out what he is up to. Andrew Sarris, the film reviewer for the Village Voice, actually had to take back his review of Barry Lyndon because with subsequent viewings, he realized he was completely wrong. Kubrick is like that.

    EWS is a puzzle first and foremost. Much of it is a dream, some of it is Tom’s fantasty and some of it reality. What Kubrick wants the viewer to do is figure out when Tom is making shit up, when he is fantasizing and when it’s for real. That may not be the kind of movie you enjoy, but it certainly isn’t a piece of shit. It’s one of the most complex films I’ve ever watched. it is also, amusingly, Kubrick’s thoughts about marriage and lust. He comes down on the side monogamy. The orgy is a bore because Kubrick thinks orgies are boring. Kubrick’s wife’s paintings are all over Tom and Nicole’s home filled with blooming plants, fecund gardens and pregnant women with round bellies. Kubrick isn’t cynical about married life.

    If you watch Barry Lyndon, you should know that it is shot without any artificial lighting. Kubrick had a spy lens adapted for a particular movie camera and that allowed him to shoot scenes at night by candlelight. It is the most beautiful film I have ever seen and every frame looks like an 18th century painting. The story is about sublimation and the use ritual. I find the story incredibly painful to watch, but no one else could have told that story in the first place, much less with the technological finesse he mustered.

    One can recognize that a film is substantive and great without actually liking it. I think I’m in that category on 2001. I’ve seen it ten times now and I’m still not sure I like it – but I know what it is. It is the essential film of the 20th century.

    Just like great novels are sometimes tough to read, so it is with Kubrick’s films. I don’t read Dosteyevsky anymore because it just doesn’t seem worth it to me. But I don’t mistake that as a shortcoming on his part. I recognize that I simply am no longer willing to put the time into it. Kubrick is a lot like that.

  205. Adrienne,

    I’m with you on Shakespeare in Love. I think it’s one of the best scripts ever written and Paltrow does just fine in a film filled with great British actors on their own territory. That is no small accomplishment.

    The line where Shakespeare is talking to the kid who wants to become a playwright and write plays with lots of murderers and decapitated heads and then reveals his name to be John Webster is one of the most brilliantly funny and unexpected lines I’ve ever heard in a movie.

  206. I love Shakespeare in Love. I don’t find Paltrow as great of an actress as Kate Winslet or Cate Blanchett, but she held her own in that movie and I enjoyed her performance. I fell in love with Joseph Fiennes after that film and I find it unfortunate that his career never really blossomed (I read that he turned down the lead role in The Pianist – that is very unfortunate!). What I enjoy most about Shakespeare is its soundtrack. I have the entire soundtrack on my ipod and can listen to it several times each day on my way to work. I love it.

  207. hmm. i miss sarris, and paulene kael. kubrick is not tough. ews notwithstanding, he goes down easy, like a fellini desert. tarkovsky is tough. godard can be tough. but often that much more rewarding. relationships can be like that. you get what you put in. isn’t that the point of effort. why so serious, he asks himself..

  208. I just watched “Milk.” Great movie. I hope it wins!

    And Harvey Milk talked a lot about hope. Unlike a certain somebody else, though, his talk of hope was based in reality and action.

    I think some of Tarkovsky is hard. Okay, most of him. There are a couple of movies that goes down easy…okay, easier. Actually, “Ivan’s Childhood” goes down pretty easy (his first film.) I think “Solaris” goes down easier once you get past the firs half hour. I also loooove “Andrei Rublev.” There’s not much of a story, but visually it’s one of the most stunning films ever made.

  209. Oh, wait a thread where “Shakespeare in Love” doesn’t get bashed? I remember I worked at Miramax when it was being shot. We didn’t know much about it in our department, but we were getting the dailies. And there was Joseph Feinnes running around old London for days at a time. And Gwyneth Paltrow with a mustache. We were like, WTF? I loved it when it was finished.

    Incidentally, I’m glad it won over “Saving Private Ryan.” I hate “SFR.” Except for the opening scene that movie is pure tripe. But Spielberg deserved the Oscar for Director for that opening battle alone.

  210. Pat J> Bashing “The English Patient” is fighting words. I’ll meet you outside…

  211. I agree about Kidman, mostly. She was very good in “The Others.” And also “Dead Calm” is very good.

  212. Afrocity — oh no! I read upthread you may not be gracing this blog any more. Please reconsider.

    2008 is the year I got smacked upside the head with the facts that Dems are not automatically good and Repubs aren’t automatically bad. The hel1 with party labels — let’s judge by character and policies.

  213. I have to confess, I have been so busy blogging and working this year, I haven’t seen many movies. I was waiting for them on DVD. I did play the Oscar pool, and just picked based on hunches. For example, this is definitely Kate Winslet’s year–there’s no way she is losing the Oscar this time. Can’t wait to see The Reader. I also think Heath Ledger will win on the sentimental vote. He was a really talented actor, and did a great job in that role, but the political and emotional factors always weigh heavily in Oscar voting.

  214. Winslet made a fan out of me for life in “Eternal Sunshine”. It’ll be a crime, pure and simple, if she doesn’t win.

    Also a Philip Seymour Hoffman fan, even if he does trend toward old-sad-bastard movies. Anybody seen ‘Synecdoche New York’? It would have been pure genius if Kaufman had cut out about 45 minutes.

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