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Hoodwinker and bamboozler: Burris and Blago

Burris and Blagojevich have no problems kidding the kidders

Burris and Blagojevich have no problems kidding the kidders

Burris and Blagojevich had no problem playing Harry Reid and the rest of a the Senate like a violin. They race-baited, they turned hasty and stupid claims about the Senate’s power back on the Senate, they masterfully orchestrated p.r. And all along any ordinary non-politician knew that these two were just like Paul Newman and Robert Redford in The Sting.

See reports here, here, and here for why that comparison is so apt and see who’s laughing now. Let’s see if the DNC and the DCCC get behind Kirsten Gillibrand’s reelection in 2010 or whether they leave her to fend for herself while they try to vindicate the Burris appointment by a “redemptive” election.

40 Responses

  1. Had he told the truth he would not have gotten the job. He knew that so he lied.

  2. BTW, the first link isn’t working correctly.

  3. ha, ha, ha!

    First link is dead, Heidi.

  4. I have to take exception to the comparison with Redford and Newman.

    No comparison. Never, not ever.


  5. Burris didn’t do anything Obama and his friends didn’t do during the primaries and the election.

  6. Just curious, was it wrong to suggest an interest in the job as long as no exhange of favors or money took place? I don’t understand how Burris could expect to get such an appointment without somehow putting his name out there for consideration. I am under the understanding that discussions such as what Rahm had are not wrong, only discussions involving quid pro quo. I understand Burris skirted the truth under oath, but any admission of any contact would have meant he would not get the job. Where is the comparison of Emmanuel and Obama as lying schisters, then?

  7. It’s not so great when your on the receiving end…Ha Reid & Obama???
    Now they know how Hillary & her supporters felt.
    As far as Gillibrand goes; I’m very disappointed. I liked that she was tough on the bail-out x2. Her voting for this stimulus when her co-bluedogs in the house did not is troubling. If I wanted a “minime” to Shumer, I would have pushed for Kennedy.

  8. tpt/ny: Just curious. What would you have preferred? A bigger stimulus bill or none at all?

  9. Lying under oath is a federal offense. Even if Burris didn’t pay the 10,000 campaign contribution, he should be impeached or step down. These Dems would have no trouble making this demand if Burris was are Repub

  10. Why is anyone surprised? Obama met with Blagojevich and his people too–in person–right after the election. Will anything be done about it? No. Our country is going to be run the Chicago way from now on.

  11. BTW, RD and others, about the last post. If we consider joining forces with the enemy to combat a common assault on our freedoms then, this time, I do not believe we can allow the enemy to only non-publicly admit to being wrong about us and Obama. And furthermore, this enemy and others like him, will desert us as soon as the issue pertains to women. We have joined forces in the past and we never get pay back. Lets not do it again even if the issue is also important to us. If women’s support is needed, lets get something for it.

  12. “nene”
    I would have preferred a “REAL Stimulus Bill”. With a return to more of the Clinton Days, “Targeted Tax Credits”. The spending portion to be on more than “expanding governmental offices”.
    Bring back the 1970’s home improvement tax benefit for adding “Solar panels” etc….! I’ve been “green” for a while now. When I wanted to add Solar panel it was WAY too expensive up front. The people who did them said by removing those tax credits years ago; their industry DIED.
    Next, as a nurse:
    “The medical records thing had NO BUSINESS” getting put in this bill. We as a nation deserved to have a “Healthy” debate about this. In addition we all must remember Obama voted for the FISA Bill.
    Don’t even get me started on the Census in the hands on Rahm-Bo & all the $$ that went to ACORN.!!

  13. First link is fixed and is well worth a click.

  14. Lying under oath what sets up the continuing farce. Now we’ll have a perjury trial.

  15. Kirsten Gillibrand will not be a mini-me to Schumer. Remember she has to run in 2010 and she has to decide which battles are worth fighting as she has limited time to appeal to a wider constituency. Her Congressional district is more conservative than the state as a whole.

    Give her a chance before judging her.

  16. I’m sorry that Burris did not respond by saying, “I’ve launched a thorough internal investigation into my own activities and found no wrongdoing whatsoever.”

  17. Lying under oath what sets up the continuing farce

    As usual in politics, it’s the cover-up

  18. They’ve got him for perjury, but nobody says Blago asked Burris for money in exchange for consideration for the Senate seat. I don’t think Burris was ever on Blago’s list, until after he was arrested. Burris wanted the job, but didn’t want to raise funds, Blago wanted the money and didn’t want to give him the job.
    Supposedly Blags’ price for his “f*ckin’ golden” seat was what five hundred grand? His brother asked Burris to raise, what, 10?
    Blago knew Burris couldn’t buy a seat at the table, I don’t think there’s much pay-to-play involved here.
    It’s the fudgy perjury thing, imo.

  19. The dems like being screwed without being kissed.
    Otherwise why would there be a bill being brought forward by a dem to do away with term limits for the president?
    The pols in Chicago all know the rules you must pay in some way to play. The smart ones do it in a way that is not so public.



  20. Obama has lied repeatedly. He has lied all over the place, very publicly, but never, ever been held accountable. So the criteria is: lying under oath is not acceptable, but lying absent the ceremony of oath is quite alright?

    Obama lied to get elected. Burris apparently lied to get appointed. What sort of hair does it take to split this difference?

  21. All the lying, ALL of it – and it is of deeper vaster nastier variety in some states and cities and others (Including Illinois, including Chicago) is the problem. Then the covering up is awful. The covering up is awful because the coverup always tells us that the liar knew she or he was lying.

    Odds on Rahm Emanuel ending up being deeper in this muck than anybody is saying publicly now? High.

    The perjury issue and possible trial for that is what keeps the lying about the alleged bribery in the public – legal spotlight. But that doesn’t mean it is only type lying that is ethically repugnant.

  22. All I read was that he now recalls being asked to contribute $10,000 to Blagojevich’s campaign, and that he declined to do so. I didn’t know Burris lied under oath. Link please.

  23. “heidi”
    I supported her appointment even though she was not my personal 1st choice. I still do support her. However, I would hate to see her “loose herself” in the process. As recent as the release of the “TARP $” she’s voted on the side of fiscal responsibility.

  24. found the source in the OP…. thanks

  25. maybe this why the dems don’t want to talk about it.



  26. Now that Dems are the majority, they want to scrap the Senate filibuster.

    I guarantee that if they do it will come back to bite them somewhere down the road.

  27. tpt/ny:

    Thanks for clarifying. BTW, I agree with each of those points.

  28. myiq — isn’t that always the way? It’s one thing to hamstring “the other side,” but it’s no good when it’s your turn.

  29. In fact that’s a pretty good test — you know, the Golden Rule.

  30. Does this remind anyone else of bush promising to restore honor and integrity to government?

  31. So the criteria is: lying under oath is not acceptable, but lying absent the ceremony of oath is quite alright?

    Um, make that ‘criterion’. There are downsides to sitting at the keyboard in one’s bathrobe, not having drunk enough coffee on a Sunday morning, and feeling utterly dismayed for the ten thousandth time in a year.

  32. I keep thinking of the Speaker of the House railing about the “culture of Corruption,” and in countless hearings gangs of thieves decrying rampant “waste, fraud, and abuse.” In retrospect those weren’t complaints so much as plans.

  33. “nene”

  34. It’s one thing to hamstring “the other side,” but it’s no good when it’s your turn

    A while back on a different blog somebody was suggesting we impeach SCOTUS justices because of their rulings.

    I told them that was really not a road we wanted to go down. Sooner or later the GOP will be on top again (despite Obot claims that the other party is dead) and when that happens they would use the precedent to re-pack the federal bench with conservatives.

  35. The thing is, removing the filibuster before wouldn’t have mattered because the dems are quisling weenies and never used it anyway. Removing it now won’t matter because the repubs will just find some other way to run the show

  36. There is a post at No Quarter about the WIt and Wisdom of Will Rodgers. It is like he said those things today. I think I will have to find a copy of that book for comfort in the coming days.



  37. Well we got our answer from the progressive blogs.
    They sold the country down the river and are proud that they did so. They really do not have a clue of the damage they did to this country. I felt that they did not know history and now I know they don’t.
    My children and grandchildren will have to pay for the mistakes made by so called progressives and the new democrats.
    Maybe it is easier not to think before you vote. Maybe having thugs threaten and cheating and lying is the easiest way.
    Damn shame so many fought and died so we could have the right to think before we vote and they just threw it away.



  38. You know what really astounds me? All of a sudden, there is “outrage” at what Blago is being accused of! Are you kidding me? Corruption has always been part of the political DNA and, Chicago has elevated this to an art form!

    This is how the system works! Sure it stinks, but do any of these politicians actually think that those of us that “Pay Attention” believe that this is something new? That this is an anomaly and that Obama swam in the sewer that is Chicago Politics and never once got wet? That he floated above the shit and never dipped his saintly wings in the cesspool that is Chicago Politics? toe in this cesspool?
    Obama’s political life took form in it!
    He thrived in it!
    He excelled in it!
    Give me a freaking break! You cannot survive here without yourself being willing to swim in the shit that is Chicago Politics!

    And isn’t it funny that the politicians screaming the loudest turn out to be the one’s that always have much to hide.

    Here in Chicago, we all know Burris for what he is. Burris is a Political Buffoon. He has always been and he remains so. This man inhabits a realm all his own….”in his mind!”
    He adores him some Burris so much that his Mausoleum reads: “Trail Blazer!” Yet, he has blazed zero trails and always seems to be the one that finds himself playing in the weeds!

    I am glad Blago stuck it to the Democratic Party. When they needed him, they adored him. When he was arrested they fled from him. That is the way it works I suppose. But, Blago knows where the bodies are buried so to speak. If I was one of these Illinois politicians, I would not be sleeping to well nowadays.

    Blago has hinted that he has much to say concerning Chicago Politics. I can’t wait for that day…if it comes!

  39. “Sen.” Burris is giving press conference in a few minutes about this.

  40. Trainwreck.

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