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Electric Light Orchestra

This is another one of them “open thread” thingies

106 Responses

  1. Saturday Night Live had an absolutely horrible opening skit. Aside from hating it, I’m not sure it made any sense at all. I’m not sure who they were mocking.

  2. I love you myiq! Will you be my Valentine? 😉

  3. Thanks, myiq. I didn’t want to have to do it.

  4. SNL is no longer funny. Maybe a bit here or there but overall they strain to make it amusing.

  5. Actually, make that:

    Je vous aime myiq. Serez-vous mon Valentin ?

  6. Angie,

    Use “tu” for love. Je t’aime.

  7. You-all should watch that movie I saw tonight, “Man on Wire” — it was mostly in French.

  8. bb — I don’t know myiq that well for the familiar form! LOL

  9. LOL — I just got an email from emily’s list asking me for $ to help save the world from Sarah Palin. This was my response:

    Please remove me from your email list. I don’t support any organization that supports misogynistic candidates as yours did during the presidential election. You could have taken a stand against sexism; instead you supported it & voted for it (and that is exactly what a vote for Obama was — a vote for Hillary Clinton nutcrackers, Bros before Hos t-shirts & Sarah Palin is a C*nt t-shirts). You can fool yourself, but you can’t fool me.

    Thank you.

  10. Hey! I’m in moderation!

  11. Don’t ask Captain Spaulding to be your valentine unless you like receiving hearts in the mail.

  12. That “thing” is awful!

  13. What thing?

  14. je vous aime makes sense too, there are so many of him..

  15. That “thing” is awful!

    Would you prefer a spleen?

  16. OMG, myiq!

  17. I’m not asking Cpt. Spaulding — I’m asking you!

  18. 3 wickets — vous is both the plural form & the respectful form.

  19. Te amo, guapa!

  20. myiq — Cpt. Spaulding can have my kidney, but you have my heart! 😉

  21. myiq2xu, on February 15th, 2009 at 12:08 am Said:

    Don’t ask Captain Spaulding to be your valentine unless you like receiving hearts in the mail.
    Mail is too slow for hearts…Igloo cooler, plenty of ice and Lear Jet is the only way to go.

  22. SHV:

    That’s only for the useable ones

  23. SHV — guess hearts are as important as Sherrod Brown & Obama photo ops.

  24. I would be very leery about opening any package addressed from a “Capt Spaulding”. Just saying.

  25. SHV:

    Lifeguard flights?

  26. PJ:

    Don’t open anything from “Rufus T. Firefly” either

  27. myiq2xu, on February 15th, 2009 at 12:13 am Said:

    That “thing” is awful!

    Would you prefer a spleen?
    speaking of spleens…Ruth Ginsberg says she will be back to work on the 24th.

  28. angie, wtf? Isn’t Emily’s List supposed to PROMOTE female candidates? What’s their excuse, we meant the secretarial pool, now they’re menacing the Oval.

  29. Great news, SHV.

    Good night everyone. It’s been fun.

  30. Oh goody, “The Hills Have Eyes” is on Spike.

    (Capt. S thinks it’s a documentary)

  31. Was Rufus Firefly a Groucho creation of W.C. Fields?

  32. bostonboomer, on February 14th, 2009 at 8:59 pm Said:


    You poor thing. It’s been so interesting hearing about your eating habits today though.

    I know you meant that in a kind and loving manner.

    The shrooms were good but then I had to elevate my feet for the swelling of them and of course zzzzzzz followed.

    BTW: in honor of the previous V.D. thread here’s my musical contribution:

  33. nite bb

  34. Tammy could really belt them out.

  35. bb — night!

  36. The shrooms were good but then I had to elevate my feet

    You had shrooms and you weren’t floating?

  37. ‘night BB

  38. Good Night BB, I think I’ll follow right behind you.

  39. Night KB!

  40. I am off too. nite

  41. Night Pat J!!

  42. (snoring) Dang it, I’m too late…..

  43. Looks like another “zombies only” night

  44. After reading the “drunk husband” stories this is no surprise…the GF worked today and got a patient who was drinking, decided to go rabbit hunting and got hit by a train.

  45. My druken ex isn’t dead — his cold black heart will ensure that he will live a long long time — I’m sure he is drunk tonight laying in some gutter.

  46. a patient who was drinking, decided to go rabbit hunting and got hit by a train

    He must have been following some tracks

  47. You left me downstairs crying. You sent me to memory lane and were gone when I came back.
    Anyway for my finale tonight, er, this morning, take this:
    Ray Charles and Barbra Streisand with Crying Time

  48. Well for all of the people that made poor choices in marriage, it wasn’t your fault.

    “The Scent of Sexual Sweat
    Do you like the scent of your Valentine? The Journal of Neuroscience reports that certain regions in women’s brains are activated when they smell “sexual sweat.” Christie Nicholson reports:


  49. Gosh darn it .. I can’t read old threads cause my browser crashes … and yes love stinks .. so I not only avoid it but celebrated not being miserable “in love” with some great sushi and egg drop soup …

    I can empathise with the GF having worked today myself .. had a patient whose home reeked intensely of animals so badly I tried not to breathe ; .. and have decided to buy Tiger Balm to to apply under the nostrils for myself and the rest of the staff who visit that home and any others that might require extra measures ..
    or I might make some homemade .. for fun …. anything …. to permanently remove that odor from my olfactory memory cells
    10 drops essential oil of peppermint
    10 drops essential oil of eucalyptus
    5 drops essential oil of clove
    60 ml extra-virgin olive oil or coconut oil
    15 g beeswax

    Heat olive oil and beeswax in a double-boiler over low heat. Stir until wax is melted. Remove from heat. Stir in essential oils, and pour into small glass or metal containers to cool.

  50. well, now i’m crying..

  51. Three Wickets, on February 15th, 2009 at 1:06 am Said:
    well, now i’m crying..
    Why fair damsel?

  52. More Violent Femmes for plainjane:

  53. angienc2, on February 15th, 2009 at 1:15 am Said:
    you’re sure that’s for me?

  54. *hands out tissues*

  55. yes plainjane — you had never heard of the Talking Heads so I figured you’d never heard of the Violent Femmes either — just want to expose you to 2 of my favorite bands (Talking Heads & Violent Femmes)

  56. Here is another good one for anti-Valentine’s Day:

  57. it’s a verklempt kind of night, i guess..

  58. It’s crying time again
    Your’re going to leave me…..

    Goodnight all

  59. angienc2, on February 15th, 2009 at 1:20 am Said:
    yes plainjane — you had never heard of the Talking Heads so I figured you’d never heard of the Violent Femmes either — just want to expose you
    Thanks Angie. Talking heads yes (strange but nice beat), Violent Femmes, I’m not sure.
    Maybe I’m up too late

  60. Three Wickets, on February 15th, 2009 at 1:22 am Said:
    it’s a verklempt kind of night, i guess.
    Come on cheer up. I can’t go to bed unless you smile. I don’t know where you are, but here, it’s not Valentine’s Day anymore.

  61. Ok all — I’m off to bed.

    Good night all.

    Myiq — bon soir mon Valentin!

  62. for you plainjane31

  63. Hasta los huevos!

  64. Angie
    While I was over looking at Violent Femmes, I saw one by theirs called, Please Do Not Leave Me, which I thought might be the same song by Warren Zevon which I like.. I was just a little confused; the one I like by WZ is Please Stay. You can see why I’d be confused, can’t You?
    The one by Violet is not bad though. The lyrics are a little repetitive but “likeable enough”.

  65. Hey Three
    That was great. Louis was young then.
    Now I can go to bed

  66. The shrooms were good but then I had to elevate my feet

    You had shrooms and you weren’t floating?

    alas, just the plain garden variety-battered and fried.

    and those along with my salted chocolate on pretzels was not kind to my footsies, thus needing to elevate them and hence off to zzzzzzzzzzzland.

  67. Fredster, ry the chocolate covered potato chips. They scared me for a long time, but they’re amazing.

  68. wish i had some shrooms now.. everything would look so pretty..

  69. Oh Gawd Seriously! If the pretzels did my feet in I don’t know what the tater chips would do! (sigh) I’ve put on some weight, I guess from the winter (being kind to myself!) and just need to do some more walking. We’ve had a couple of nice days but now have another cool front in and later this week another cold front. It just makes it not so nice to be out walking for no good reason other than the walking. Can’t wait for spring to get here.

  70. Not the ones I had 3W.

  71. last time i had shrooms I was living in West Va ..and I rode this stud pony up to the top of the nearest mountain … ; the pony caught the scent of some mare in heat , he .. threw me off, and went chasing after the mare … I pulled a thigh muscle and I had to limp back down the mountain …
    gosh I miss those days ….

  72. too bad you don’t have snow where you’re at Fredster, cause walking in the crunchy snow, you get the same exercise for half the distance. and if you do ever find yourself digesting other kinds of shrooms, suggest you head to the vegetable section of the nearest brunos. the veggies will come alive like little furry animals curled up together. you won’t buy anything, but it’ll be like a great day at the zoo.

  73. 3W – ROTLF!!

  74. Oh shit and I didn’t have *those* mushrooms.

    At 2:38 it should be ROTFL!!

  75. do you miss lala land Fredster?

  76. do you miss lala land Fredster?

    Do you mean nola? Gawd yes! As screwed up as the place is, I do miss it.

    It’s sort of odd though. I was an Army brat and we moved here there and elsewhere, but when my father retired from the Army we went to his home in KY first and then moved to LA. My parents met there when he was stationed in nola.

    My mom wanted to go back to nola because I have two 1/2 siblings there and she wanted to be closer to the grandkids. It didn’t really work out all that well for seeing the two 1/2s and families, but after 30+ years there it became home more than any other place.

  77. my fault for making the mistake. thought you’d grown up in los angeles. understand about the moving around, wasn’t an army brat, but must have attended a dozen different schools before landing in college. still trying to plan that road trip from birmingham to orleans. may not make it for mardi gras unhappily, but we’re really hoping sometime in the spring. life is unpredictable, nevertheless..

  78. well, here’s a little elton. he stood up early for hillary when few others in the business would.

  79. myiq’s gone to sleep, sometimes tempted to do something really outrageous, just to see..

  80. Did someone call me?

  81. no myiq, someone just bumped into the keg…err the sofa…you can go back to sleep. everything’s under control.

  82. 3W-made a quick trip to Wally-world.

    I sometimes abbrev. LA for Luzieanna so the mistake is natural.

    Oh! in the spring of course there’s Jazz Fest and the Fr. Quarter fest.


    Fr. 1/4 festival dates are here:

  83. Fredster, merci beaucoup, that will definitely come in handy..

  84. Fredster, try and avoid the toys at wally world, they are all made in china, but then what isn’t at that franchise. no worries, hillary will slap them into shape next week..

  85. our dear friend angie has called in with a request. not sure whether she wanted the stefani version or the talk talk original from the 80s. oh well, we’ll go with stefani..

  86. the 80s were really not that bad for music. you know, more than just madonna and michael. i’ve been getting advice from SM and Cinie. hope they approve..

  87. Oh 3W, I don’t even buy the dog’s toys there; nor her treats or food!

    Actually I wanted to see if they had marked down the Valentine day candy (nope, not till the a.m.) since I was going to buy some pour moi! I guess it’s a sign from God to not buy V.Day candy for myself.

  88. Angie, good nola gal that she is will know this one:

    and this one:

    this is for what’s coming up on the 24th:

  89. uh-oh, I’m in moderation.

    With that it’s a good time to call it a night.

    Later y’all.

  90. just got home from work now I can see the music videos everyone posted.
    In 1985 I taped the Live Aid concert from the tv for my kids.
    I just converted it to dvds. Since I taped the commercials along with the shows you can see ads for 1985 Camaro and Lionel Richie ads for pepsi. Years later I found out my youngest angel sweet child that would never do anything wrong was selling beer in the parking lot of the concert. She was 15.
    Oh the joys of motherhood.



  91. screw that, load up on the stuff tomorrow for toi-meme, not too much. just enough to remind toi-meme that you’re special. i myself am thinking all-you-can-eat dimsum when the day arrives. i’ll get my valentine’s kiss from the lovely chinese ladies who wheel the carts..

  92. eeek!! helenk

  93. well, it’s sunday..

  94. KB: (I’m late/early, I know): I watched the same opening last night and I was confused too! First, I was amused. Then, annoyed. Finally, I just changed the channel. It just wasn’t funny.

  95. The stories your kids tell you when they are grown and on their own will amaze you. You think to yourself was I that unconscious ,I thought I knew what they were doing.
    The only good thing is they now have kids and are worried I might tell the kids what their parents did when they were young.
    Blackmail is a wonderful thing.



  96. morning Regency. i’m subbing for myiq, he’s over there under that bottle of wild turkey..

  97. hahaha, great..

  98. I swear I heard someone call me

  99. It has been a long day and night. Good night and I enjoyed the music



  100. Hi £W-hope everything’s well with you-loved the thievery corp-
    so here’s koop (Swedish version of thievery) for you 8)

  101. Or this one wickets-Talvin Singh (London-Indian electronic)

  102. PS.-Thx for the Potuguese one yesterday 🙂

  103. omg Laurie, those are great. talvin is new to me, but sounds great, and the swedish thievery, think i’ll wear that to breakfast.

    i have two right back at you. the first is a slightly more political thievery (they did not back barry), but of course it’s always more about the sound. the second is morcheeba, talented studio vocalist from few years back, not sure what she’s up to lately. anyway she’s singing bout roma, and though you may not live right in the coliseum city, you’re clearly in country somewhere.. enjoy..


  104. thanks myiq for indulging the music. won’t make it a habit. i’m never confused about the purpose of this space.

    a bit of smarm. i’ve been to the confluence in pittsburgh, two magnificent rivers converging then moving forward as one to the mississippi, where the missouri joins, to head down together to nola. think that’s right. without the originating headwaters from a thousand different sources, these rivers would not have the strength to keep moving, all the way, to the ocean. just lakes and ponds, here and there. my small wish is that all the headwaters that make their way to the confluence can be embraced, selfishy as that sounds.

    just two more tracks, my valentine’s gift to moi meme. first is gwen stefani, a performer and woman whom i respect greatly, in and out of the music scene. second is wilco, a talented band that may not be for everyone. if you do open wilco, try and listen all the way thru (says the nerdy music gnome inside my head). love to all.

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