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Love Stinks


This thread is for everyone who isn’t out celebrating Valentine’s Day.

Misery loves company, so pull up a chair, order a drink and tell us all about the person who broke your heart and burned the pieces.

Tell us what song reminds you of that dirty low-down #*%$#&*!!!

This is the song that reminds me of her

(this is an open thread)

372 Responses

  1. The DNC broke my heart. So did every single person who voted for Obama. Because (to paraphrase Violet Socks) when they voted for Obama they voted for Hillary Clinton Nutcrackers & Sarah Palin is a C*nt t-shirts & Bros before H*s t-shirts. They can fool themselves into thinking that they did not, but that is exactly what they voted for. And they can pretend now that somehow, someway we are r@csist and blame the economy on minorities, but that is blatantly not true & the only reason they insist that it is true is to cover up the fact that they choice of their own free will to vote for misogyny .

  2. Where is everybody??

  3. hi angie, hi sod!

  4. tell us all about the person who broke your heart and burned the pieces.

    Which one?

  5. Here’s the perfect dedication for the “Love Stinks” thread…from one of my favorite 70s bands:

    I can still remember being in Jr. High and singing these harmonies with my BF and our guitars…oh gosh I’m old

  6. Where da beer truck?

  7. Hi taggles!

  8. My hubby (who hates crowds) took me out for an early dinner with all the senior citizens…so I”m home, in my jammies, and relaxin’…

  9. happy VD everyone.
    don’t ever give up on love!

  10. SOD
    we ARE the senior citizens 😉

  11. happy VD everyone

    Why would we be happy about getting VD?

  12. SOD — LMAO! My dad hates crowds too — I should give him that tip about the early bird special!

  13. happy valentines day myiq and all!

  14. Hi taggles!! Do you need me on the show tomorrow? MB is moving so I know she might be busy.

  15. Hi Angie, taggles, catarina, myiq and all


  16. RE: broken hearts — I’ve had plenty but you know, my mom was right — I don’t even remember what I ever saw in any of those guys in the first place & can hardly remember what any of them look like.

  17. happy VD everyone.

    Well a happy SDT to you too!


    You’re on the wrong thread

  19. good thing for antibiotics, huh? 🙄

  20. Happy Valentine’s Day, Conflucians! How apropos, considering that the main reason I am single this VD is directly related to my being a PUMA.

  21. What do you get when you kiss a guy?
    You get enough germs to catch pneumonia.

    Is that more up your alley myiq?

  22. Wife, kids and I just got back from the local pizza place. My wife and I sat across from each other and made googly eyes at each other, drove the kids wild. They almost disowned us…good times.

  23. if you can be there, that would be great. SOD, if you want to and can join, please do!

  24. ((((Sophie))) That breaks my heart!!

  25. I started dating my hubby when we were 15…32 years later and he’s still here.

    He’s really a great guy.

  26. “RE: broken hearts — I’ve had plenty but you know, my mom was right — I don’t even remember what I ever saw in any of those guys in the first place & can hardly remember what any of them look like.”

    This is the day I just walk around stealing Angie’s words….

    Except I should add that I’m grateful that they’re gone ’cause it made it easier to find Mister ♥

  27. What time taggles?

  28. taggles — I’m happy too — any topics I should google? Email me if so (so it can be a surprise).

  29. The person who broke my heart should be in jail by now. I’m sure if I cared enough to investigate, that’s where they are, where they belong. Yeeeeksh! I’ve been celibate since, and there are children who were born at that time who are going into puberty now. Love might not suck, but there are people running around who can make you believe sucking love is an improvement.
    Bitter much?
    Freakin’ A ditty bag.

  30. What did the caveman give his wife on Valentine’s Day?

    ughs and kisses

  31. kb — YES! My mom’s point exactly! I’m so happy for you!!

  32. angie: mine too, but I understand that in [less than] a year, I will look back on this as the best thing that could have happened to me. However, this year, has been a b***** so far. I have to say though, Christmas was harder than today. Today was actually a breeze.

  33. angienc2, on February 14th, 2009 at 8:22 pm Said:

    What do you get when you kiss a guy?

    little specs of someone else’s food if you’re not careful and he didn’t brush.

  34. aw, SOD so romantic!

    Is this the guy who drops his pants on command?
    If yes, he’s a keeper 😉

  35. 8pm est, sod.

  36. Is that more up your alley myiq?

    I don’t want nothing up my alley, thank you very much.

    All this cheerfulness is making me sick

  37. What did the boy sheep say to the girl sheep on Valentine’s Day?

    I love ewe!

  38. Hi Sophie!

  39. Cat — … you betcha!

  40. It’s crashing my browser too

  41. Hi Cat!

  42. I hear ya Cinie.

    Well, just so you know, i love you!

  43. myiq — {{{ passing box of half – eaten chocolates }}}}

    want some?

  44. Sophie — as hard as it is to believe now, it is true — when you find the person who treats you as you should be treated (i.e., like gold) & who accepts & understands you completely, you will wonder why you ever accepted or wanted anything less.

  45. Knock knock!
    Who’e there?
    Frank who?
    Frank you for being my friend!

  46. OK….maybe this will cheer you up.

  47. So, I was the movie W last night. Has anyone else here watched it? It made me think if that saying, “Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity.”

    That being said, Cheney is still as malicious as I thought and Richard Dreyfuss is a brilliant actor.

  48. Love you, too, Murphy, and all my friends here, especially Myiq, ’cause I know he knows.

  49. was=saw

  50. I don’t wanna cheer up, I wanna get my grouch on

  51. My mom & dad have been married 41 years — they don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day because every day is Valentine’s Day.

    BWAHAHA! Not really! I hope y’all didn’t fall for that — they’ve been married 41 years though.

  52. OMG SOD I am gonna download that for tomorrow!


  53. angie: it was like that for the most part, until the primaries diverged.

  54. Taggles — best song ever…no?

  55. Sophie — I haven’t seen W but I want to.

  56. i am still LMAO!

  57. I hope I never see W again

  58. taggles — I love that song too! That guy Dave is hilarious.

  59. My comment got eaten.

  60. myiq — you start with the grouching & I’ll follow. (I’m just not that grouchy, but I’m sure I can think of something).

  61. I’m hoping to see “Man on Wire” tonight. I loved the book and 1974 was one of my favorite years.

  62. SOD

    Did I tell you I sent the Scary Dave video to my sweet innocent little 18 yr old niece?

    Her reply was, “Auntie, I KNOW that guy”

    Je*s*s C*ris*t!!!!!

  63. CAt — no way!

  64. myiq2xu, on February 14th, 2009 at 8:16 pm Said:

    happy VD everyone

    Why would we be happy about getting VD?
    I don’t know either…,those Penicillin shots in the butt hurt!!

  65. SOD: Excellent!!

  66. Cat — NO WAY!! She knows Dave? Tell her to tell him I love him!

  67. I just got back from the Mall with my neighbor. Her hubby had a nice fire going in the fireplace, had prepared her a meal, the wine was chilling, and roses were handed to her when she walked through the door. She bough him underwear.

    I came home. It was my ex who broke my heart. He was just good looking.

    Oh well.

  68. SHV — were is your avatar?

  69. I was gonna post this for valentines day, just cause it hat a kitty and a deer. MYIQ don’t Click:

  70. LOL will do angie!

    I’m thinking it’s time to fly down to FL to check on her.

    Maybe Fuzzy will come with me and we can do an intervention 😛

  71. Pat J — don’t feel sad — one day a year all these people who can’t stand the fact that he leaves the toilet seat up & she nags about the underwear (yes, the same underwear she bought him) is left on the floor pretend everything is bliss. Valentine’s Day is a sham made up by our corporate overlords to make us spend $.

  72. angienc2, on February 14th, 2009 at 8:36 pm Said:

    SHV — were is your avatar?
    Is the avatar computer specific?? My computer died yesterday, I am on my lap top.

  73. angie, I don’t feel bad. They are a nice couple. Married over 30 years and they still talk to one another. I think it is nice.

  74. native1 @8:22 said

    “Wife, kids and I just got back from the local pizza place. My wife and I sat across from each other and made googly eyes at each other..”

    How sweet is that. 🙂

  75. A perfect VD song…myiq..don’t open this one either.

    Anyone out there with a soft heart have a tissue if you plan on listening the whole way through.

  76. SHV — your old computer obviously had you signed in to your account at wordpress.com — you can go sign in on the laptop too (if you want) & it will appear again here.

  77. Hi everyone,

    My heart has been broken many times, but like Angie, I don’t remember what I saw in any of them.

    Sophie–it does take awhile, but eventually the pain passes. Just be sure to let yourself feel your feelings and you’ll come out the other side stronger and happier.

  78. Pat J — 30 years and they still talk to each other? Wow! That is nice.

  79. Pat! You finalized your plan and went! Yay!

    I’m sitting here by myself wondering where BB is so she can console me like she did that person in an earlier topic who said no one paid attention to them. She’s not here now.
    [sniff, sniff]

  80. My parents have been married for 62 years. My grandparents were married for 76. Amazing.

  81. to my ex:
    good riddance ( I ) hole!!!

  82. I’m here Fredster. Why do you need consoling?

  83. Hi Fredster — Happy VD!

  84. SOD: That was a lovely choice.

  85. Dang boomer…we’re celebrating our 30th anniversary this year — I hope we can make it to 62! (we’d only be 80, cuz we got married at 18 )

  86. Pat — I cry everytime I hear that song…I’m a gushy romantic at heart.

  87. katiebird: ♥♥♥♥♥

  88. Fredster — I missed it, I’m so sorry. VD (laughing)

  89. bb
    you are the resident blog therapist
    consoling is your job!

  90. How about gettin’ a little sexy on with prince?


  91. My heart has been broken so many times, I had to install a Jarvik 7 — it’s strange though, I have a strong and abiding affinity for Radio Shack stores. It about killed me when Sharper Image went into bankruptcy.

  92. that was “…married at 18, not 1..”

  93. SOD: Me too. There is a scene at the end of the movie, Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolf? with Burton and Taylor. He says, in trying to comfort her from a night of drunken debauchery, “who’s afraid of Virginia Wolf?” And she says, “I am, George, I am”. The camera pulls back and he has his hand on her shoulder, caressing her back. It gets me every time.

    As much as they fought and mauled one another, it was love. What a sucker I am for that stuff.

  94. aw, Prolix.
    How could anyone resist you?

  95. Prolix: I am screaming over here!

  96. JeanLouise, on February 14th, 2009 at 8:12 pm Said:
    tell us all about the person who broke your heart and burned the pieces.

    My heart is a mosaic.

  97. Hi BB: (whining…) I just feel so allllll alone. No one replies to my comments. 😦 I think I’ll just leave TC.

    Actually I’m about to go to Zaxby’s and get chicken fingers and fried mushrooms.

    Really I did say something to someone about how I go out and get the little boxed hearts of candy for everyone and no one gets me any. So, a friend gave me some chocolate-covered pretzels. Yum…chocolate and salt; can’t beat it. 😆

  98. SOD, you got caught by the old eight-closing-parenthesis trick. It happens if you don’t put a space in between 8 )

    (I fixed your comment.)

  99. Pat — oh yes…I know that scene well.

  100. thanks kb!

  101. Prolix, on February 14th, 2009 at 8:51 pm Said:

    My heart has been broken so many times, I had to install a Jarvik 7 — it’s strange though, I have a strong and abiding affinity for Radio Shack stores. It about killed me when Sharper Image went into bankruptcy.

    That would happen to me with Office Depot.

  102. Fredster, (sniff) I’m so sorry….

  103. SOD,

    My grandmother was only 16 when she got married, but no one found out until after she died. She was embarrassed about it.

  104. Pat, I HATE that movie. Just thinking about it makes me sick. I can’t stand people yelling and fighting — and I don’t think it’s art.

  105. Pat and Prolix…ahem…don’t you two live close to each other?
    You’re both single and funny as hell..and Pat, I hear Prolix makes a mean sandwich…


  106. Aww Boomer….

  107. katiebird: I loved that movie. In its own sick and twisted way, it was a love story. Disappointed people carving out an existence of sorts.

  108. Yes, Pat and Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton really loved each other too. Did they get married 2 or 3 times?

  109. catarina: I am in MA, Prolix in KY maybe? You are closer to me than he is.

  110. I wanted to wear a tee shirt today saying “Single on Valentine’s Day and I like it”


  111. kb — it certainly is a dark movie. It’s that deeper sense of co-dependent love that tears your heart apart though. And Burton and Taylor lived it.

  112. KB: they are probably looking at the gut and ass and saying “Jesus Christ, he doesn’t need any candy! 😉

    Ah well, off to Zaxby’s for something fried.

    KB-actually the way I phrased it was “Hey, I buy all this shit for people and nobody buys me any shit!” Could have been the phrasing I used when pseudo-complaining! LOL!

  113. What did the boy sheep say to the girl sheep on Valentine’s Day?
    Don’t get Captn. Spaulding started with the sheep jokes.

  114. Fredster,

    You poor thing. It’s been so interesting hearing about your eating habits today though.

  115. Some people have baggage – I have cargo

  116. aw, shucks, PJ
    I thought Pro was in MA too.
    I was all excited to play matchmaker.
    I lurve a guy with a good panini maker.

  117. OH, I get the point AND the background, but it’s still hell to watch. I just feel trapped when I’ve been forced to read the play or watch the movie.

  118. Pat,

    Did you ever see “Two for the Road?” That is an incredible love story with lots of fighting. But I always cry at the end. Audrey Hepburn and Albert Finney.


  119. My hubby and I are sitting here reminiscing about the 70s and listening to Boz Scaggs in his Dodge Charger’s 8-track player.

    Anyone else remember Boz? He was so 70s

  120. I lurve a guy with a good panini

    You’re trying to get me in trouble

  121. I had a good friend who had an uncle who went off to war during WW2. He was stationed for a month somewhere down South where he married a girl before shipping out. They hardly knew one another.

    Anyway, he comes back from the war having lost touch with the bride. A few years later he met the girl of his dreams and married her. The only thing was he did not bother to divorce the first wife.

    They lived happily together for over 30 years and when he died she never knew that she had been married to a bigamist. And because the family loved her so much, no one bothered to tell her. She died thinking that she was the love of his life. And she was.

    I always loved that story.

  122. Catarina, Pat has too much good taste in men and sandwiches.

  123. as if you need any help, mr cargo 🙂

  124. angienc2, on February 14th, 2009 at 8:17 pm Said:
    SOD — LMAO! My dad hates crowds too — I should give him that tip about the early bird special!
    I hate crowds too,. so my husband went down to the turkey farm restarant and got dinners for us. He said it was packed and you couldn’t even walk through the aisles.
    We’re old folk too but “senior citizens” we aren’t unless you’re talking discount!

  125. I always loved that story.

    I worked on a divorce case where the couple had been married 59 years and 6 months

  126. Pat,

    That is a sweet story.

  127. Prolix: You are too funny!

  128. OK….this is dedicated to Myiq2xu and the “Love Stinks” thread.

  129. Sorry to change the subject, but this is hilarious. I was just channel surfing and they have BO at that Lincoln thing on CSPAN- I was ready to click it off, but it is one of the few shots I have seen where both prompters are in the camera shot and they had a close up of his eyes trying to scan the words- it was horrible and pitiful. He would have been so much better off with notes, but he is so addicted to that teleprompter whiplash neck. I wish I could be the programmer and trip him up someday.

  130. Boz – “Lido Shuffle”

  131. Godfather part two is on AMC and husband has the clicker
    so much for sexy time.

  132. Lilliam,

    We need to get a picture that really shows the two teleprompters and post it everywhere.

  133. yep myiq — and “the Lowdown.”

  134. I must have seen the Godfather movies, 1 and 2, a dozen times.

  135. My great-grandfather married a beautiful young lady. Brought her back home where she stayed all of two weeks, left and divorced him. The story goes that she came to his funeral and said, “He never looked better.”

  136. liliam:

    Record a BO speech and watch it on fast forward – he looks like a wet dog shaking off the water

  137. restaurant, that is

  138. Cat — here’s a little “sexy on” for VD

  139. Bill Maher was on Larry King last night. (Larry is still alive by the way.) Bill was saying how much he admires MO and BO since this is the first time in 8 years that we have a president who can speak without a teleprompter. My reaction was, what???

  140. Pat J — Bill Maher is one sick f*ckhead. I loathe him more than I loathe K. Fed.

  141. I love Meatloaf!!! I have another confession: I used to like Boy George’s music.

    Great selections, SOD!

  142. angie: Ain’t that the truth? And I used to like Bill.

  143. bb- if you could catch a frame of the Lincoln speech- they were there all in one shot. They even had one where you could look into his eyes through the transparent prompter screen- I think I’ll have nightmares.

    myiq- my dog (or any dog) is cuter than that any day, but I see your point.

    btw- I keep freezing up between refreshes. It’s probably just me.

  144. Boys will be boys

    When I was young
    I looked at the boys
    And they me
    All liking what we saw.
    Now I peer out from ancient eyes
    At all of the old men
    As they pass by
    Hoping to find some
    Faded friends
    In grey disguise
    They do not look at me.

  145. For Pat….and in keeping with the theme of the thread

  146. plainjane31: That is so sweet.

  147. SOD!!!! OHMG!!!!

    We had a builder work here for several days a few years ago and he played a Meatloaf CD at full volume EVERY SINGLE DAY.

    Paradise by the dashboard light is our private joke.

    Husband just fell off the couch , howling with laughter
    OHMG now I’ll never get any!!

  148. I despise Bill Maher and I hated him even before this year. He’s always been a slimy little sexist pig! Very little.

  149. Pat, he has a lot of ignorant people fooled. I tried to convince a young obot son of an ex-friend that he always has the teleprompter, and he was immoveable- “he writes his own speeches and he never uses notes”.

  150. Arthur Silber responds to a comment by our friend Mandos:

    I will note that this first comment is a vicious goddamned lie or, more accurately, it is a series of vicious goddamned lies.

  151. tiny, bb
    ugh i cant stand Maher either yucky

  152. “I despise Bill Maher and I hated him even before this year. He’s always been a slimy little sexist pig! Very little.”

    (nodding) I absolutely agree. Plus I think he’s insane.

  153. lililam: He is bogus on all fronts.

  154. lililam:

    If he writes his own speeches then what does he need Jon Favreau for?

  155. Pat Johnson, on February 14th, 2009 at 9:13 pm Said:
    I love Meatloaf!!!
    I bought a CD just to hear the lyrics of “By the dashboard lights”. Funny. funny.

  156. Cat — sorry…but I’m ROFLMAO!! 🙂

  157. myiq,

    LOL! Does Mandos know? LOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!

  158. He needs Favreau to brainwash the young’uns into thinking that he writes his own speeches.

  159. SOD I can’t f-ing believe you posted that! LOL!!
    The tinfoil is making you a little funny!

  160. Pat Johnson, on February 14th, 2009 at 9:16 pm Said:
    plainjane31: That is so sweet.
    Thanks Pat. Now I can’t say that no one ever responds to my comments.
    Well, almost never.

  161. Deja Vu: I’m with you, I gave up masochism years ago … i’m happily solo and a conscious objector to anything remotely resembling a ‘relationship’…

  162. plainjane,

    I respond to your comments.

  163. And a special dedication to my hubby..

    I remember some hellacious make-out sessions to this music in 1977. 😉

  164. But no one ever notices when I respond to their comments (whining).

  165. This is a head scratcher if ever I heard one — today at the American Art Museum some artist made a double portrait of Lincoln and Obama from 5,600 cupcakes. It was billed as a photo op — today cupcakes, tomorrow Rushmore…

    The really good part is that the press MUST have an escort — presidential cupcake protection detail.

    Click to access presidential_cupcakes_advisory.pdf

  166. I’m loving all the anti-bill-maher remarks

  167. bb: I think it was part of the poem.

  168. bb- I responded, for what it’s worth.

  169. Bill Maher is a P.I.G. who lives at the Playboy Mansion boinking all the girls. He is about 5 foot 2 and always looks as if he needs to wash his hair.

  170. myiq2xu, on February 14th, 2009 at 9:18 pm Said:

    “Arthur Silber responds to a comment by our friend Mandos:

    I will note that this first comment is a vicious goddamned lie or, more accurately, it is a series of vicious goddamned lies.”

    Wow, I consider myself in excellent company. The more I read Mandos, the more I develop an appreciation for old time sanatoriums

  171. Here’s a really romantic song I like.

  172. lililam, on February 14th, 2009 at 9:17 pm Said:

    O/T but I put up a post at Potpourri because of what you asked about earlier this afternoon. Not sure whether I’ll cross-post it here but I wrote it because you are the friend who asked – http://tdg.typepad.com/heidi_lis_potpourri/2009/02/for-a-friend-what-it-is-like-to-be-a-liberal-law-professor-in-washington-dc-in-february-2009.html

  173. Bill Mahr should’ve stayed in the Avocado Jungle of Love and done everyone’s brain cells and eyes a favor. That was his big screen debut … very telling that.

  174. OT, but has anyone else seen this? Fricken scary.

  175. Forgot to mention, I received a color photo signed by Joe Biden of Obama taking the oath of office that was sent by the DNC today in the mail. Am planning on giving it to my son in law as a thank you for the grotesque cardboard cutout he has made me live with since Christmas.

    A valuable keepsake.

  176. I propose a nobody-loves-me whining thread.

    For all commenters feeling neglected , ignored, and picked on here at TC.

  177. myiq — very interesting article on the power of the narrative — thanks for the link. btw — have you seen any European press lately? Guess who is getting blamed for the economy there? Yep, the Jews — here we go again.

  178. i have a post ready, but it can wait t’il tomorrow.

    I am going to bed, not feeling to good right now. my tummy hurts.

  179. catarina: Your “evil” side is showing!

  180. Feel better taggles.

  181. Sounds good, Catarina. We can all let out our insecurities.

  182. Take care, taggles.

  183. bb: That was a great selection.

  184. bostonboomer, on February 14th, 2009 at 9:25 pm Said:
    I respond to your comments.

    Yes, BB you do, and I do appreciates it!

  185. I am honored, Heidi. I will check it out in a bit. My browser is screwing up lately, so I’m not real responsive right now.

  186. here’s one for you catarina:

  187. I propose a nobody-loves-me whining thread

    We should invite Lambert:

    Well, if I was looking for a Grand Unifying Theory to explain getting attacked from both ends of the Democratic Circular Firing Squad yesterday, I think I need look no further.

    I guess RD tore him a new one

  188. Sophie: I can hardly contemplate that. Jeeeesssshhhh!

  189. sorry, pat.

  190. Ugh I’ve detested Bill Maher for years and years. A repellent slimy twit.

  191. heidi: That was perfectly stated. It must have been doubly hard for you to maintain your pose being surrounded as you were by people who refused to give up the dream of Obama.

  192. LMAO dakini!
    I love Alberta!

    Was trying to find Ruth Brown’s chair song for ya-

    *If you dont wanna buy it
    then I’m just gonna sit on it.
    I aint gonna give it away..*







  194. Here’s the theme song for the nobody-loves-me thread

  195. Pat Johnson, on February 14th, 2009 at 9:39 pm Said:

    Thank you. I value your opinion.

  196. Myiq, and everybody who thinks love stinks, I think you’ll appreciate this:

  197. sm!
    he was supposed to hug you for me-did he???

  198. And I got the bestest fuzziest bear hugs too!!!!!!!!!!!!

  199. bostonboomer, on February 14th, 2009 at 9:28 pm Said:
    Here’s a really romantic song I like.

    BB, Thanks for widening my appreciation for young groups.
    My i-Pod plays mostly old songs by long ago artists.

  200. ohmg sm you lucky girl you

  201. Catarina – YES! we talked for like 4 hours nonstop – and your ears must’ve been ringing – it was the greatest.

    Us PUMAs are truly kindred souls.

  202. Cinie: That could have been my theme song 20 years ago.

  203. SM: Did you give him my hug too?

  204. sm
    maybe one of these days we’ll have to crash “tuesday steak night with the obots!”
    fuzzy cracks me up with those stories

  205. BB, Thanks for widening my appreciation for young groups.

    plainjane: I was thinking the same thing.

  206. Bet fuzzy was just the same in person as he is on the blog. Totally lovable!

  207. Pat – YES!!!! I was overpowered by the Bear Vastness – Fuzzy is a BIG man, and fuzzy just like his name – SHESUS can he squeeze that Charmin.

    Just a wonderful soul. BTW, his softball team is going to the finals! (that’s why he was in my town).

  208. Catarina: we talked about them – OMG, they make me want to do a crash landing on that steak dinner.

  209. SM: I would have paid money to see you two together. Delightful!

  210. Pat – THE SAME!!!!!!!!!! Imagine this mountain of a man, with the heart of a teddybear, that’s him.

  211. Did Puma Cub go with you?

  212. that’s so kewl … yawl should come down here for carnival …

  213. Another great song for “Love Stinks” night…

  214. Pat – we talked about how much we love you & others here on the Confluence – now when is a multi-millionaire going to sponsor the PUMA get-together?

  215. SM: It is in the stimulus package.

  216. we don’t need a wealthy sponsor-we can all go to Nawlins for carnival and pile into the Katmobile..

  217. LOL pat!!

  218. Love Pink!

  219. Pat: PUMA cub stayed with Grandma PUMA to babysit her hand. She can’t do stuff with it yet, so she needs help. We’re going to aim another outing with the familia next time.

  220. Cinie
    I went to the Phillips site and saw this on the sidebar, “Please release me.” Now that’s one of my favorites.

  221. So happy you guys were able to hook up.

  222. SOD: love pink, that’s a woman with strength and attitude!

  223. Pat Johnson, on February 14th, 2009 at 9:54 pm Said:

    SM: It is in the stimulus package.


    Sheeeet, gimme some of that then!!!!

  224. SM: SOD is our DJ tonight. Great picks!

  225. Stateofdisbelief, on February 14th, 2009 at 9:42 pm Said:
    Here’s the theme song for the nobody-loves-me thread________________________________

    Alice Cooper, now I have gone over the edge.

  226. PAT: Fuzzy was in a time crucnh with his Bear softball team.


    The all around MVP of the team…. A WOMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She can pitch, hit, catch – I mean = WOW.

  227. Hi everyone. Happy Valentine to all.
    We are finally getting decent rain here in California, so is wet and chilly today.

    Hubby wants to take to the movies for Valentine. I don’t
    like t go to dinner due to the looo…..ng lines at the restaurants.

    I don’t comment often but lurk almost every day. It’s good to have you PUMAs around to exchange ideas and to hang with.

    Be safe,


  228. There is nothing a woman can’t do. Even can stand up to pee!


    Alanis Morrisette, Hand in my pocket:

  230. Pat Johnson, on February 14th, 2009 at 9:59 pm Said:

    There is nothing a woman can’t do. Even can stand up to pee!

    It’s all in the way you tilt that backside…errrm, yeah, not that I woulkd know…(lol!)

  231. Crowded House is ’80s music, but for us old folks I guess they are young. They got back together for an album last year. Here is another one of their songs I love.

  232. plainjane…..

    Alice Cooper was the bomb in the 70s! 🙂

  233. SM,

    I’m so glad you and Fuzzy had fun.

  234. Boomer — I love that song!!

  235. sm77, on February 14th, 2009 at 9:50 pm Said:
    Pat – YES!!!! I was overpowered by the Bear Vastness – Fuzzy is a BIG man, and fuzzy just like his name – SHESUS can he squeeze that Charmin. ___________________
    I’m glad that he is like he sounds. You are lucky to have met him in person and that he turned out to be a fuzzybear.

    As far as MVP being a woman. Aren’t softball teams usually women?

  236. Pat, I can’t stand up to pee.
    Well, I could, but then I’d have to stand up to shower.

  237. SOD — I went to an Alice Cooper concert when I was in high school (in the late 80s). He was still the bomb.

  238. plainjane — professional softball is women but the non-professional are men or women.

  239. Fuzzy sounds wonderful! I knew he would be.

  240. Plainjane, that version of “I Hope You’ll Be Very Unhappy” is not as good as Randy Crawford’s imo, but it’s the only one I could find.

  241. Stateofdisbelief, on February 14th, 2009 at 10:05 pm Said: plainjane…..
    Alice Cooper was the bomb in the 70s! __________________________
    Yes, I remember, but I never could get past the face/makeup.
    Anyway, in those days I had three small sons, and didn’t have time for much else.

  242. plainjane31: This was the LGBT league – cities from all over were there, they were playing against Chicago – and what was GREAT was the teams were COED.

    BB: I



    SONG from Crowded House. You took me back to my pre-teen days!

  243. miq at 9:35,

    How can you be attacked from both ends of a circle?

    I ask you for obivous reasons.

    I just cant get my mind around that statement of Lambert’s.

  244. “You picked a fine time to leave me, lucille
    With four hungry children and a crop in the field
    I’ve had some bad times
    Lived through some sad times
    But this time the hurtin’ won’t heal
    You picked a fine time to leave me Lucille”

  245. Angie — I say Alice in 1974! Billion Dollar Baby tour.

    “I’m Eighteen…I just don’t know what I want…” (I know…that wasn’t on the album but he sang it that night! loved it!! even though I was only 13.)

  246. …saw Alice…

  247. I thought lucille was justified to leave his whiney ass, personally

    hi RD !

  248. Cinie, on February 14th, 2009 at 10:09 pm Said:
    Plainjane, that version of “I Hope You’ll Be Very Unhappy” is not as good as Randy Crawford’s imo, but it’s the only one I could find.
    Cinie, I really didn’t care for her voice. I thought strident.
    I’ll try to look up Randy Crawford when I get a chance. On the blogs, I get so much new info on such a wide variety of topics that I have no time to sleep. (What with worrying about the State of the Nation, also)

  249. cinie, and then you’d have to stand up to wash down the toilet.

    maybe that’s the only diff between us and men.

    we COULD stand up to pee, but then we’d have to clean it up.

    (maybe they KNOW that we’ll clean it for them and that’s why they do it . . .)

    men. cant live with them . . .

    arent allowed to compost them.

  250. Heidi, if you’re still here, that was an excellent essay. i commented at your site, but perhaps you should be a bit more cautious than what I may have intimated in my comment.

  251. Feeling a little “Arsenic and Old Lace” tonight, Murphy?

  252. OK….

    THIS is another love stinks song, but it’s a medley.

    Frank Sinatra and Antonio Carlos Jobim:

    Corcovado, How Insensitive and Ipanema:

  253. not really — just playin boys ya knows I luvs all y’all.

    but i DID have a dream about that freaky Faulkner story A Rose For Emily the other night.

  254. Oh, I love the Girl from Ipanema. Did you ever see the documentary about it? Lovely footage of the Brazilian beaches.

  255. murphy, on February 14th, 2009 at 10:13 pm Said:

    How can you be attacked from both ends of a circle?

    I just cant get my mind around that statement of Lambert’s.

    Excellent point — he considers Dems always being engaged in a circular firing squad. Therefore, if he is being fired upon by both ends, he has two people standing side-by-side firing at him — all he has to do is step to the side. IMO, I think he confuses the circular firing squad with his reasoning processes.

  256. did you all read about this extremely strange story? As our reader Trish put it — the twists in this one will spin your head:

    Here’s a story with a few twists:


    Ohio woman pleads guilty to exercising 73-year-old husband to death

    By The Associated Press

    CHARDON, Ohio – A woman has pleaded guilty to reckless homicide for exercising her 73-year-old husband to death in a swimming pool, repeatedly refusing to let him leave the water.

    Surveillance video showed Christine Newton-John, 41, pulling James Mason around the pool by his arms and legs, said Middlefield police Chief Joseph Stehlik.

    The chief said he counted 43 times in which Newton-John prevented her husband from leaving the water, and Mason rested his head on the side of the pool several times while gasping for breath.

    “The video is bone-chilling,” Stehlik said. “The whole case is very sinister.”

    Mason had a heart attack June 2 after the extended swim session. An officer who had investigated previous complaints that Mason was being abused pursued the case because he suspected there was more to the death, Stehlik said.

    Newton-John pleaded guilty Thursday and faces up to five years in prison. No sentencing date was set.

    Police did not immediately respond to a call Saturday seeking comment on a motive.

    The video would have had a profound effect on a jury, Geauga County prosecutor David Joyce said. But that wouldn’t have been enough for a conviction if Newton-John had been charged with murder.

    “You can see the man struggling for his life on the tape, but there is no audio, so we couldn’t hear what he was saying,” he said.

    Geauga County Chief Public Defender Robert Umholtz, who represented Newton-John, declined to comment.

    Mason was a longtime friend of his wife’s family. He knew her as John Vallandingham before she had gender reassignment surgery in 1993 and changed her name in honour of the singer and star of the hit movie version of the musical “Grease.”

    The couple were wed in 2006 in Kentucky, where people can change their gender on their birth certificate.

  257. Prolix — Amen.

  258. Here’s the Antonio Carlos Jobim song:

    Not by Sinatra, but it’s still a “love stinks” song:

  259. sry I’m in moderation for a long comment.

    prolix, right (I think. what are u like miq3?) — it’s such a shame and really too bad because I really like Lambert and admire his intelligence, principles, and integrity. Plus he’s a Boston guy.

    damn. why’s he such a schmuck!?

  260. Murphy – Do like Jay-Z:

    Brush it off like dirt on your shoulders.

  261. bostonboomer, on February 14th, 2009 at 10:04 pm
    I never heard of Crowded House, but II do remember hearing that song, Don’t Dream It’s Over. Guess I’ll have to go CD shopping tomorrow, even tho the economy doesn’t need my bit of stimulus..

  262. murphy, on February 14th, 2009 at 10:27 pm Said:

    (I think. what are u like miq3?)

    I’m not worthy of carrying his pancake makeup.

    I read through the thread and I just don’t get it either. I would agree with him more times than not.

  263. yes ma’am sm77, thanks!

    Hey, did you read the article in this week’s New Yorker by George Packer about Fort Myers and Coral Gables (or some such)? Oh my lord it was shocking and depressing sm77.

    new yorker is firewalled so I cant link to it, but here’s the abstract and if you get a chance, pick it up at the library or newsstand.


  264. Murph: SHIT IS bad here in FL.

    I can’t tell you how much.

    We are the dangly penis of the country and there ain’t no Viagra for it.

  265. sm77: uh, if you’re the dangly penis part, what does that make new orleans or should I ask?

  266. note to self. on any given day, resist the temptation to post before having read all the threads first, even if those threads happen to be gargantuan in size like the ones from rd and heidi earlier..

  267. Dakinikat: Think about the weather & geographics!


    Us girls all have a New Orleans living inside of us!

  268. Ok, gotta go – but this is a love stinks anthem, for FuzzyBear and the Gay Bears and Bearettes Softball team:

  269. Night SM!!!

    I’ve always loved the Talking Heads & this is exactly how I feel this Valentine’s Day:

    Same as it ever was.

  270. Riverdaughter, on February 14th, 2009 at 10:13 pm Said:
    “You picked a fine time to leave me, lucille
    With four hungry children and a crop in the field
    That song makes me depressed. I keep thinking about those poor children.

  271. Oh my god, let’s start with the public school system in toto, circuses, zoos, the FDA, the medical system, the judicial system, the political system (and NO ONE broke it better than the democraps), the feminists, the non-feminists, Prof. Windham, the tri-delts, the ACLU, most Distric Attorneys, my lil’ sister….

    right now I am sleepless over the factoid that animals in the gaza zoo have been left to starve to death. I am going to call PETA monday. I pray God watches over them, but I think he is on permanent holiday.

    oh, and jason. but that is a story for another lifetime.

  272. why do those no-money-down infomercial guys get to walk, heck they’re still on the air hawking foreclosed properties now, america’s own seedy black market, for illegally priced sunshine..

  273. we used to sing…

    400 children and a crop in the field

  274. ANGIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That is one of MY FAVORITE all time songs – I mean shit! Once in a Lifetime is a CLASSIC.

    But if it’s same as it ever was… there is nothing that the Energizer Bunny can’t fix with Mr. Rabbit.

    Now I REAAALLY gotta go!

  275. “Love on the Rocks”. Neil Diamond. Just to keep in line with the topic.

  276. okay, here’s mine, from way back when I wasn’t even a teenager!!! but, hey, i really believed I wouldnt!

  277. Angie — ROFLMAO at the Talking Heads…

  278. dak — why did I get this irresistible urge to throw my panties at the laptop screen when I saw that video??? 😉

  279. SM — that was very naughty!!! 😉

  280. next time I’ll post what’s new pussy kat?

  281. dak — I sing that song to my cat all the time. Usually she’s an aloof snotty ….welll, cat – but when I sing that she purrs and nuzzles…

  282. ah, SOD: this is for you, watch the hips!!!!

  283. I adore Tom Jones — I love Wayne Newton too. I’ve never been to Vegas (because I know I would hate it) but I do want to go for the sole reason of seeing Wayne Newton & Tom Jones. This is my favorite Tom Jones song:

    (the only one I love more than Tom Jones & Wayne Newton is Prince)

  284. the thread is morphing into the it’s not unusual thread … i see

  285. My daughter and son in law just stopped by to drop off a piece of Black Cherry Cake from the restaurant they dined out at tonight in honor of Valentine’s Day. They looked happy but I was shoveling a bowl of cereal into my face when they walked in. So much for my Valentine’s Day dinner.

  286. SOD — my mom used to sing What’s New Pussy Cat to us all the time when we were little. She loves Tom Jones too.

  287. angie: yup, we used to watch the Tom Jones show cause my mom had a thing for him!

  288. well, I’ve always liked this one from Miss Peggy Lee, and it seems appropriate

  289. This video needs no introduction:


  290. OK, here’s one from my teenage years, only a little more upbeat than the original.

  291. I’m watching a Burn Notice rerun — is the guy who plays Michael Weston gay — ’cause he’s way too good looking & thin not to be, imo.

  292. We just watched “Man on Wire.” I don’t think it’s as good as the book (which was magical)

  293. SOD — OMG! Did the perp just say “That’s my p3nis?” ROFLMAO!

  294. Uh oh…boomers bringing out the King!

  295. Dakinikat,

    I don’t know why, but every time I hear “The Green Green Grass of Home,” I tear up.

    Check out the tight pants!

  296. angie — yes he sure did!!

  297. SOD,

    I prefer the 1968 leather outfit version, but that video was pretty good, you have to admit.

  298. great songs tonight y’all!

    as usual I’m catching up and falling asleep,but this has been fun reading and listening

  299. I am toe tapping to Elvis!

  300. Elvis sure knew how to “play” those women in the audience.

  301. My husband just said he saw Elvis that same year when his family went to Vegas — they saw him at the Las Vegas Hilton.

  302. It’s amazing how many guys like older women. Oh, well, I gave that up a long time ago. (Thought I’d move the drift here.)

    I guess I could relate to Virginia Wolf, although I only saw it when I was too young to relate.

    My ‘ex’ and I had a volatile relationship for 23 years, at which time he died. He was a musician, actually charismatic ….. but too volatile. If I had a daughter and she fell in love with a musician, I would lock her up.

    One funny story – I think Angie was talking about ‘dumb’ DAs – we ended up in court (only twice in 23 volatile years). My ‘ex’ was the defendant. He represented himself. He won his case. The DA in the case is now a high profile DA in our state. I did not know whether to laugh or cry. I was so angry that they were losing that I had to leave the courtroom.

  303. angie — have you ever been to : http://failblog.org?

    Hours of fun I tell you.

  304. Angie – If you want to meet slim, pretty boys who are not gay, go to a bicycle shop. I went with my son to a bike shop recently and that is what I saw. I thought the guy waiting on him was gay, but my son said no.

  305. SOD — OMG — thanks for a new addiction!

  306. Fran — actually, I can appreciate slim pretty guys, but my type IRL is much closer to the guy who plays Sam — I like big & cuddly.

  307. Fran does any woman in her right” mind really want to date a guy as slim as a bike rider? It seems like it would cause a lot of stress to me.

  308. Elvis in leather outfit in 1968. eeeeek!

  309. riverdaughter, on February 14th, 2009 at 3:49 pm Said:

    The header pic is the confluence of the Monongahala river and the Allegheny river at The Point in Pittsburgh to form the Ohio. BTW, that was the official starting point for Lewis and Clark. Back then, Pittsburgh was the western frontier.


    that’s the “monongahela” river. i used to live on it. will be looking forward to correcting rd, on a semi annual basis..

  310. angienc2, on February 14th, 2009 at 11:04 pm Said:
    . I’ve never been to Vegas (because I know I would hate it)
    It’s worth one trip…

  311. KB — exactly! My first husband was an olympic disc thrower — body like a Greek statute. I’m nothing to sneeze at (especially when I was 19) but it made me terribly self-conscious. LOL

  312. that should have been statue not statute!

  313. E.L.V.I.S. is in the house!

  314. SHV — I’m going to wait to go to Vegas for my 3rd wedding — I want to be as tacky as possible — my first was an elopement, the second was Audrey Hepburn beautiful & elegant — so I’m hoping that a tacky Vegas wedding in a red mini-dress & go-go boots (with an Elvis Presley impersonator as minister) will ensure a happy marriage.

  315. Pat,

    He’s hot, he’s sexy, he’s dead!

  316. angie: My ex turned heads he was that handsome. But there was nothing but suds floating between those perfect ears.

  317. Pat,

    He’s hot, he’s sexy, he’s dead!

  318. angie: And a Dolly Parton wig should do it!

  319. bb: I know and we are sitting here dreaming about him. How nuts is that?

  320. Pat J — my first husband was a wonderful man — beautiful inside & out — but we were 19 — we married because I didn’t think it was ok to have sex without marriage (Catholic upbringing). He should have just been my first boyfriend. It was my second husband who was a total f*cking druken a–hole.

  321. myiq2xu
    Last night I was the villian that made the conductors and engineers work on Valentines Day. Now when they mark up I remind them to buy flowers or candy on the way home.
    One conductor called me tonight to see what he is working tomorrow and told me he was at a wedding.
    He would not let me talk to the bride to tell her she just cheated herself out of an anniversary present or a valentine present.
    does that help your thread of love stinks,

    I was not complaining on the earlier thread about answering comments. Sometimes I see something on the news and just have to rant and do not require an answer.



  322. angie: I was 20 when I got married. Didn’t think I could live without him. Five days later I wanted to kill him. But he was cute. Which just goes to show how shallow I am.

  323. and it was my 2nd husband who has caused me to never want to marry again — I’ve come close 2 times since I left him more than 10 years ago (yes, I was only 23 when I married my 2nd husband) — and I mean close — bought the dress, the engraved invites had just come in — but I canceled it. It is much, much better to just have lovers, imo.

  324. angienc2, on February 14th, 2009 at 11:32 pm Said:

    SHV — I’m going to wait to go to Vegas for my 3rd wedding
    Thinking about a 3rd gives me a stomach ache!!

  325. When I was on my first honeymoon my husband told me about the time when he was 10 or 11 years old he tried to kill another kid by smashing his head with a rock.

    I’ve always wished he’d told me that story a week earlier…..

  326. Pat J — shallow at 20 is no crime weren’t we all? LOL

  327. katiebird: That was known as “making memories”.

  328. SHV — what can I say? I’m a romantic! LOL

  329. Pat, LOL! So true.

  330. Angie,

    My first husband was very sweet too, but he went to Vietnam and we both changed completely. My second husband was a drunken a-hole too!

  331. angie: But I still am!

  332. Sex is a powerful force when you are young.

  333. kb — on my honeymoon my second husband told me about how he & his first wife were swingers! (he was 17 years older than me). Ugh! I wish he had told me that story a week earlier too.

  334. How do I change my Avatar, I mean, the assigned on is “cute” and everything, but it sorta looks like I gotta couple a tusks coming from my junk. help 😉

  335. KB,


  336. Fran: So is absolute stupidity.

  337. Oh, yuck, Angie. That’s pretty bad too. Was he hinting that he still wanted to do that?

  338. (agreeing with BOTH Fran and Pat)

  339. Pat J– no you are not!

    bb — drunks are the worst — mine was a binge drinker — he’d go the whole week with nothing, but on the weekend he would start, not come home until 10:00 a.m. (bars don’t close in NOLA) drunk as a skunk & as mean as a snake. The first time he did that I was calling the hospitals, out on the streets looking for him, etc. I stuck it out for 2 years, trying to get him help, going to Al-Anon meetings myself (he refused to admit he had a problem that wasn’t caused by me). It got to the point were I was hoping for the police to knock on the door to tell me he was dead — that’s when I knew I had to leave.

  340. BostonBoomer, That wasn’t the only time he told stories about his violent past but, I never, ever, actually saw any violence.

  341. Dead Girl –sign up for an account on wordpress.com & you can upload whatever avatar you want.

  342. After my divorce I went out with a guy who told me on the first date that he only had one testicle. I remember I was slurping soup at the time. Wasn’t sure if he wanted to “trade” secrets so I told him that I had my tonsils taken out as a child.

    The first date became the last date.

  343. The closest I came to getting married was when I got engaged and we announced our engagement over Christmas. I got a terrible migraine. The idea of marriage makes my hyper-ventilate. I always felt that I would be trapped.

  344. kb — he wanted to see me with another guy — it never happened. Reason number 2 (after his violence & drinking) that I finally got myself together & left him for good (with mucho thanks to my therapist Dr. Baker).

  345. since we are talking about our ex’s…

    the first week I was married to my ex, he told me he used to dress up in his mom’s clothes… I wish he had told me that a week earlier…

    I knew the Honeymoon was over when I asked him to start wearing underwear to the dinner table.

    I learned something very important from him about men the day he complained we had not had sex in months… when I told him it had only been a couple of days, he said “not in weenie years”

    we actually had fun. until the 7 year itch hit at exactly 7 years.

  346. Dead girl,

    LOL! I think you have to be signed in to WordPress, and then you go to your user page and there are instructions on how to do it. It took me awhile to figure it out though–only did it with help from Katiebird.

  347. Pat J! LMAO!! I dated a beautiful guy — Frank — who had one testicle –never got to see it myself — at least he waited until the 3rd date to tell me.

  348. Thanks Angie, It was pretty much looking that way!

  349. i proposed in vegas, infront of the fountains and the eiffel tower, whatta guy..

  350. This thread is getting really long. Should we start a new one or is it too late?

  351. “not in weenie years”

    (LAUGHING) I love it!

  352. “we announced our engagement over Christmas. I got a terrible migraine.”

    I got strep throat 3 times the summer before my first wedding — I should have paid attention.

  353. The last time I was stalked was only 2 years ago – in my fifties! I started to wonder whether there are just so many crazies, or whether I just attract them.

  354. new thread up

  355. Oh, right. I noticed and was kind of amazed how long the thread was when I first got here this evening!

  356. Yeah katiebird, he was hilarious and had a wicked sense of timing. My friends used to think he was just this workaholic geek with no personality, then he would drop a single line bomb, deadpan, and we would all be rolling on the floor laughing.

    I miss him sometimes, but I was too “high strung” for him…

  357. Nite all! Happy VD to all (even myiq2xu).

  358. Night SOD!

  359. katiebird – I was sure that if I got married I would become an alcoholic – and I don’t even drink!

  360. I wonder if I will ever remarry… I know too much now… how could I be naive enough to entangle my life with a stranger ever again…

  361. nite SOD. You put the cherry on the cake tonight.

  362. bostonboomer, on February 14th, 2009 at 8:59 pm Said:


    You poor thing. It’s been so interesting hearing about your eating habits today though.

    I know you meant that in a kind and loving way.

    {{burp}} The ‘shrooms were good. 🙂
    As you can see, I’m just now catching up since I ate and then napped (due to the fact I have to elevate the feet for edema-you see)

  363. we used to sing…
    400 children and a crop in the field
    Kiki, I just found out last night that there’s a name for that.
    Lyrics which are misinterpreted (misheard) and sung incorrectly by a singer.

  364. angienc2, on February 14th, 2009 at 10:46 pm Said:
    Night SM!!!
    I’ve always loved the Talking Heads & this is exactly how I feel this Valentine’s Day:
    Never hear of them until just this evening. Just listened to several of their videos. They are strange.

  365. Here’s a great tearjerker: Ray Charles and Barbra Streisand, Crying Time

    Now I am depressed

  366. plainjane! you’ve never heard of the Talking Heads!!! OMG — how old are you?

    They aren’t strange — they are artists! LOL

    I adore the talking heads.

    How about the Violent Femmes? My first album I bought with my “own” money (also a good one for anti-Valentine’s Day)

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