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    riverdaughter on He knew he was a looooose…
    Propertius on He knew he was a looooose…
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Happy Valentine’s Day!

For the hopeless romantic:

And a more complicated romance for the hopeless:

Hope your Romeos, Juliets and Quasimodos brought you plenty of red roses and decadent chocolates.

38 Responses

  1. RD, Happy Valentine’s Day! XO LB, resident optimist

  2. PS — I LOVE the new photo image header.

  3. Bah! Humbug!

  4. I’m buying myself chocolates. *sniff sniff*

  5. DYB, I’ll buy yours, you can buy mine. How’s that?

  6. No red roses here – as a gardener I am not into cut flowers. But plenty of chocolate, a music box that plays “Imagine” and a mug with a drawing of Alice and the Cheshire Cat which slowly disappears if something hot is in the cup. Except the smile, of course. oh, and a little doggy that, when plugged in the USB post, does push ups.

  7. OK, I’ll ask: where is the header pic taken? It is stunning!

  8. No candy, flowers, notes, nothin’. Where’s the “love stinks” thread?

  9. The header pic is the confluence of the Monongahala river and the Allegheny river at The Point in Pittsburgh to form the Ohio. BTW, that was the official starting point for Lewis and Clark. Back then, Pittsburgh was the western frontier.

  10. Where’s the “love stinks” thread?

    That goes up later, while all the lovebirds are out having fun.

  11. Lady Boomer NYC> I’ve got some Russian chocolate candy!

  12. Hopeless here. Yet I celebrated with two young friends yesterday – kids still have Valentine’s Day parties at school. I gave my cat some all meat baby food with warm water. He was sick last month and this was a winner. So why not as a Valentine’s treat?

    I make of holidays what I want. Love those roots of holidays info pieces.

    RD, stunning symbolism with the confluence. May your Valentine’s Day be sweet indeed!

  13. I’d go for the music box (I already have a collection) and the mug sounds cute. Where do you find your treasures? (not that we have any space left for anything after 48 yrs. in our “starter house”,
    My husband and I give each other cards that we have recycled from year to year.. No mushy, just ones we’ve found funny before.

  14. edgeoforever, on February 14th, 2009 at 3:44 pm Said:
    —–See above

  15. hugs and kisses to all you ‘sweeties”

  16. Oops, I’m having a blogger identity crisis — I meant —

    DYB — Yummy! My paternal g’ma was from Russia, so those sound wonderful to me.

    I’ve got some See’s dark “Nuts and Chews” boxed chocolates. (stop it, myiq!)

  17. My parents always celebrated their Valentine’s Day Wedding Anniversary with a horribly-cruel-verbal-only fight that would last an hour or two (while all eight of us kids would gather on a bed hugging and crying) — So I’ve always been a little suspicious of the day’s possibilities.

  18. katiebird: I always taught my daughters to beware of men bearing gifts … they usually either want something or are trying to cover up for something …

    ((((katie))))) sorry about your family experience …

  19. Katie, I just talked to mom and dad— 56 years! Glad I’ve blacked out everything under the age of ten–you are cursed with remembering everything.

  20. Dear Conflucians, YOU ARE MY VALENTINES! I love you all, my PUMA family.

  21. Hi {{{Joanie}}}!! I just got of the phone with Joe. I forgot to tell him to call Mom and Dad.

    dakinikat, your advice to your daughter’s reminds me of an experience with a friend in high school. She had a boyfriend that I detested. And he showed up one day with a gift for her. As he handed it to her he said, “Greeks bearing gifts” and looked over at me (why, I don’t know.) But, when I said that I thought we supposed to beware of “Greeks bearing gifts” it turned into a glare….

  22. Hi Joaniebone!

    Katiebird, I can remember all us kids hiding in fear when my parents argued. I don’t remember if it happened on Valentine’s day, but it seemed like every Sunday.

  23. BostonBoomer, I guess parents don’t always realize how kids can worry….

  24. My neighbor and I are going shopping. Whoopee! She needs to buy her hubby new underwear. Eat your hearts out! Can it get anymore “romantic” than this?

  25. I’m sorry for those who have bad parental memories. My parents rarely argued, though they had some significant disagreements. In any event I never heard them arguing seriously except once and never in front of us. I consider myself very blessed considering they both came from households of poverty, alcoholism and abuse. My dad tells me that before they became Christians things were really bad in terms of how he treated my mom.

  26. http://news.yahoo.com/nphotos/Valentine-Day/ss/events/lf/021109valentinesday
    ———————————See some slideshow of Valentrine’s Day around the world. Be advised 250 slides!

  27. Live it up Pat!

  28. Hubby is still on the road. 😦

  29. On the overnight thread I gave the recipe for cheesecake filled Chocolate covered strawberries.
    Easy to make. A real blues chaser. And damn good to eat.

    Happy Valentines Day



  30. Happy Valentine’s Day to all Conflucians!

  31. 😦

  32. I am so lucky – I don’t ever remember my folks arguing – although I am told one day while they were baby sitting with our older son my mother called my dad “bull headed” my three year old piped up “no grandma he’s baldheaded”

    After 44 1/2 years of married “bliss” although we’ve disagreed many times, we’ve always been able to talk through things and are still good friends as well as lovers! Can’t get much better than that! 😀

  33. I guess Obama got his “sweetheart” deal and we will get to see a razz ma tazz President’s day signing. I would like to see this stimulus bill save our economy but I would also like to see it tank and take Obama down with it. I think what is going to happen is we and the economy will muddle through and the Congodems and Obama will pretend it was a brilliant success and they will get by with it.

  34. Now that Rahm has control of the census & ACORN is well funded; there’s no stopping him now.
    Obama did not care about the details of this “Stimulate Nothing” Bill. All he wanted was the “Photo-Op”, just like “Jangles” said.

  35. Thanks for the link to the Valentine photos, plainjane- I was feeling more
    hope for humanity with the love in the air all over the world. Too bad they added in some gruesome stuff ,but otherwise, very entertaining.

  36. Joanelle — the bullheaded/baldheaded story is hilarious!

  37. Woohoo! My valentine made it home and he took his 36. I’m so happy. No chocolate but I have a brand new rose plant for my garden when it gets warmer. I also got a gift card for books, a stuffed animal, wine and my closet is being remodeled. I’m so spoiled(and lovin’ it).

  38. Happy Valentine’s Day, RD. See you tomorrow!

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