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Friday: {{Gasp!}} Judd Gregg is a REAL Republican??

img_0239Not a fake Democrat, like Obama, but a REAL Republican?

“I’m a fiscal conservative, as everybody knows, a fairly strong one,” Mr. Gregg told reporters at a news conference in the Capitol. “And it just became clear to me that it would be very difficult, day in and day out, to serve in this cabinet or any cabinet.”

He actually believes in that rugged individualism, small government (unless when big government is necessary to help your golfing buds), social conservatism crap.  Oh, and he didn’t like the politicization of the census idea that Obama’s crew is floating.  To be perfectly honest, I don’t like it either.  The idea that we may be stuck with Chicago style gerrymandering makes my skin crawl.  So, can we assume that Obama’s *next* pick for Commerce secretary will be on board with tinkering with the census?

Call me a stickler but shouldn’t Commerce and Labor have secretaries already?

But the political fallout is left to the White House, which now has a string of appointees who have stepped aside over vetting problems, unpaid taxes or philosophical differences with Mr. Obama. Since the president took office last month, not a week has passed without the White House responding to a personnel crisis.

Mr. Gregg said he alerted Mr. Obama to his decision “several days ago,” but administration officials said the senator’s withdrawal had taken them off guard.

The White House sought to contain the political fallout, issuing a terse statement and pointing out that Mr. Gregg had said he would “support, embrace and move forward with the president’s agenda.”

I mean, we are living through one of the greatest economic catastrophes in our nation’s history.  It just seems to me that these departments are very important.  And what about HHS?  Did we find someone for that position yet?  At least the Bushies had their kleptocrats all lined up when they took office.  They were dead serious about commencing the business of f%&^ing things up.  Obama and his crew are still celebrating a victory.  And celebrating.  Put the damn champagne flutes down already and govern.  Enough with the bipartisan gimmicks.

“I am going to keep working at this,” said Mr. Obama, adding that the American people were “desperate” for Democrats and Republicans to work together.”

Uh, no.  David Broder and his Villager pals want mushy, indistinct bipartisanship or they will make your job hard.  The American people want government that works.  That requires a political philosophy.  Hey, DNC, do you think we could actually get a DEMOCRAT to run on our party’s ticket next time?  Just sayin’.

“It has become apparent during this process,” Mr. Gregg said, “that this will not work for me, as I have found that on issues such as the stimulus package and the census, there are irresolvable conflicts for me.”

“We are functioning,” he added, “from a different set of views on many critical items of policy.”


In other news:

  • David Sirota is a fine writer.  Unfortunately, he is temporarily insane.  Note to David: Stop digging.
  • Paul Krugman is eating harshmellows this morning in Failure to Rise.  No wonder economics is called the Dismal Science. He’s also sounding critical of the Obama Administration’s lackluster response to this crisis, which can only mean one thing- Paul is a racist.  Will someone please send him his complimentary white sheet and “So, you’ve decided to become a racist?” Welcome package?
  • Nouriel Roubini lays out the steps for making the banking system solvent again.  There is a continuum from footing the bill for the banks, and sticking taxpayers for the whole damn thing, to nationalizing the banks and forcing the bankers and shareholders to take a loss.  Roubini is advocating the latter because at this stage of the game, that’s where we’re headed if we want to keep the crisis from spreading.  Guess which approach on the continuum Obama wants to take?  Trick question!  Nobody really knows.  He wants a public/private investment scheme.  It’s probably some post partisan yada-yada-yada.  If it’s neither Democratic or Republican, it must be good because it pisses everyone off equally.   Right?
  • Don’t miss the Planet Money podcasts I mentioned yesterday if you want to understand what’s going on with finance and the banking industry.  They’re easy to understand and jargon free.  They break concepts down to bite sized pieces so that everyone gets it.  Before long, you’ll be slinging “tranches” and “haircuts” like Paul Krugman.  Er, without the tenure and the Nobel Prize.  But seriously, folks, knowledge is power and the sooner we know what’s really going on, the harder it will be for Obama and his banker buddies to snooker us.  We don’t want them to yank our chains and distract us.  We want to be able to follow the money.  So, download the podcasts and learn about this nauseating money stuff even if you think you’re going to hate it. (You won’t, trust me)  It’s well worth the effort.  You can start here at This American Life’s episode on The New Boss.  Skip to Act III: Fifteen Trillion Dollar Dismal Science Experiment, which is the background of the Japanese lost decade, which we seem hellbent on repeating.  Then, follow it up with more of Adam Posen’s explanation of the Japanese model and bank nationalization in Get Tougher, Please.  Then go to Alex Blumberg, Adam Davidson and Caitlin Kennedy’s skit on How to Save a Bank. These guys are doing the work of angels breaking down the incomprehensible for the rest of us.  Great job!  Send them some bloggy mojo.

86 Responses

  1. I mentioned this below but Digby just realized the GOP wants Obama to fail.

    Well Duh!

    Did the Obots really believe in the unity pony?

  2. Obama has no executive experience and clearly lacks leadership ability. These are not skills that you want someone learning while President of the US. Unfortunately 51+% of the American voters aren’t too sharp when it comes to reality. We got an American Idol winner.

    The Obot is still smitten, I am not sure anything will wake him up. But the new welfare program couched as a homeowner mortgage assistence bill will put the final nail in our economies coffin. I only hope I can hang on to my job long enough to survive Obama’s reign.

  3. What a mess. We needed a leader but we got a figurehead. We needed change but we got stagnancy. We needed smart but we got average at best. We needed bold but we got passive aggressive. Let’s hope ObamaNation has awakened to reality in four years.

  4. I think the hardest thing for Obama will be the criticism.

    He has never had to deal with the stuff he’s starting to face.

    LBJ couldn’t take it – it drove him crazy to hear kids chanting “Hey. Hey LBJ – how many kids did you kill today” outside the WH.

  5. thanks for the money-reading links!

  6. Commerce is important not just for the economy, but it’s a major scientific agency working on climate change.

  7. Myiq: they can’t realize that GOP wants Obama to fail when they think that Obama is a Republican.

    Of course they can’t when they think Obama is anything except what he is.

    One more time now:

    Obama is not a Democrat
    Obama is not a Republican
    He is Incompetent
    He is an Ideologue
    Cult of Personality Empty Suit
    There should be no buffer between the Truth and Reality

  8. EAST PEORIA, ILL. — President Obama today repeated the claim we asked about yesterday at the press briefing that Jim Owens, the CEO of Caterpillar, Inc., “said that if Congress passes our plan, this company will be able to rehire some of the folks who were just laid off.”

    Caterpillar announced 22,000 layoffs last month.

    But after the president left the event, Owens said the exact opposite.

    Asked if the stimulus package would be able to stop the 22,000 layoffs or not, Owens said, “I think realistically no. The truth is we’re going to have more layoffs before we start hiring again”

    (Smurffette: Fa la la la la la fa la)

  9. Taking partisanship out of politics is like taking democracy out of politics.

    I’ve never understood what they think is wrong with people disagreeing on issues.

  10. Thanks for all the econ links, RD. I will continue studying over the weekend as much as I can.

  11. “Taking partisanship out of politics is like taking democracy out of politics. ”

    Plural, this is so true. You said it perfectly.

  12. Afrocity,

    How can you say that Obama is an idealogue? What his his ideology then? I’ve been trying to figure it out for more than a year, and I don’t think he has an ideology. I don’t think he believes in anything except power and money and getting it the easiest way possible.

  13. From the preivous thread –

    So, we have trillions for bailouts and pork but no money for “entitlements” for which we have worked and paid for-thus not entitlements but earned benefits?

    While we’re giving the elite political class our taxes to line their pockets and friends pockets with for the most part in one way or another, they plan to take everything else too.

    While they live on the fat pensions they get through taxpayer dollars, after only a few years of service the rest of the population will get their meager SS benefits cut, and the working age raised.

    First, few people can live like humans off SS, one reason why my mom lives with me, and second, companies and businesses already lay older people off since their wages and salaries are higher, as well as their medical costs. That along with the perception that the older one is the less capable one is to do the work results in higher unemployment among older Americans.Once terminated it’s very difficult for older people to get a job – one that supports them, in spite of age discrimination laws – with the exception of academia, and C-level management.

    Many older people do not have a support infrastructure that will help them, or family they can live with while jobless or earning minimum wage.

    If they touch SS, I will take to the streets like many others I know. Instead of SS let’s look at the comfy packages that our political office holders get – there’s no need for some to be more equal than others. If they had to do unto themselves what they plan on doing unto us – they wouldn’t do it at all.

  14. BB

    His ideology is laid out in his books about himself.

  15. BB,

    Don’t shoot the messenger. There is plenty of proof that he is. At Yale I worked on some Saul Alinsky papers. Gave me much insight into his philosophy. Everyone should read Saul Alinsky. (Saul was a Chicagoan by the way) It will give you some clues about Obama.

    It’s going to get worse before it gets better.

  16. Looking,

    Yes I am planning a Chicago gathering. I was thinking about late March. You in?

  17. Afrocity,

    I am in. You have my email I think.

  18. I apologize for my typos, yet another night worked through.

  19. If the Obama administration continues on this slow but steady downward trend, will Obots 4 years from now admit that they voted and enthusiastically supported Obama?

  20. NH Said: “I only hope I can hang on to my job long enough to survive Obama’s

    reign.” ……………….. of error.

  21. looking,

    I’ve read the books, and there isn’t a consistent ideology spelled out in them, IMO. If you saw one, please share.

  22. Put the damn champagne flutes down already and govern.

    lol! good way to put it!

    Enough with the bipartisan gimmicks.

    If only . The bipartisan kabuki is the distraction as our pocket is picked…. it’s kind of central to Barry’s gig.

    However it’s an interesting sign when people want OFF the bus … rather than being pushed under , and not a good one.

    Love the gypsy clip!” somping wrong with STRIPPEN??”

  23. I’d love to hear more, Afrocity. I read Alinsky ages ago, but can’t remember much…

  24. will Obots 4 years from now admit that they voted and enthusiastically supported Obama?

    They’ll still be whining that Hillary couldn’t have done better.

  25. looking for integrity, on February 13th, 2009 at 9:22 am Said:
    So, we have trillions for bailouts and pork but no money for “entitlements” for which we have worked and paid for-thus not entitlements but earned benefits?

    and remember how we just couldn’t afford UHC….but trillions for banks? Sure thing! If we had called UHC a bailout, it might have gotten somewhere.

  26. According to Rahm the Obama administration is so better compared to how the Clinton administration did so don’t judge Obama.

    Emanuel: WH not ‘amateur hour’

    Defending the White House in the wake of Sen. Judd Gregg’s withdrawal as Commerce Secretary, Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel said it is not “amateur hour” and that the Obama administration is still doing better than President Clinton was at this point.

    “Some may call it amateur hour. Having been in two separate White Houses, I’m more than — and within our third week given this set of accomplishments — measure them up,” said Mr. Emanuel, who served as a senior adviser in the Clinton White House from 1993 to 1998.

    Mr. Emanuel said winning passage of the $789 billion recovery spending bill — Congress is rushing to beat a weekend deadline for getting the bill to Mr. Obama — will overshadow the bumps.

    “I think the president has always indicated there will be days where there are setbacks, days where there will be disappointments, but as long as we’re moving forward those will be bright days not just for us but in fact the American people, he said. “Let’s be honest: will the economic recovery or Judd Gregg be a bigger discussion point a week from now?”

    He said Mr. Obama’s early accomplishments also include signing an expansion of children’s health insurance and an employment non-discrimination bill and rolling back Bush administration policies on detention of suspected terrorists, labor policies and fuel efficiency.


  27. BB,


    Rules for Radicals: A Pragmatic Primer for Realistic Radicals (1971) Saul Alinsky.

    Gotta run

  28. Having been in two separate White Houses, I’m more than — and within our third week given this set of accomplishments — measure them up,

    Wow, that’s coherent.

  29. And the Clinton administration only struck out with one nomination — for AG. The rest went through in record time.

  30. Downticket, on February 13th, 2009 at 9:52 am

    Emanuel: WH not ‘amateur hour’

    When articles like this appear, it’s a sure sign of amateur hour. We are in a phase now where truth is always the opposite of the head line.

  31. Guess who is supporting CDS Dave?

    The blogstalkers at Buttburger!

    Irony so thick you could cut it with a chainsaw.

  32. Those afflicted with CDS have to stick together. It’s their only defense against reality.

  33. Whatever happened to the guy with the highest IQ evah, the “IQ off the charts”, the guy with the highest IQ of anyone who ever got in the vicinity of the White House? The guy who prepares so brilliantly for everything? The guy who doesn’t do silly things like the vile Clintons?

    Let’s review shall we?

    – Obama appointed a tax cheat to head the Treasury

    – He appointed another major tax cheat to head HHS

    – Again he appointed a tax cheat to head the Government performance (?)

    – He lost all the political capital given to him on the stimulus bill because he was either negotiating with himself or making concession to some “Centrist” who had no real arguments but the fact that thy are “in the middle” or ruining a good bill to appease some Republicans who wouldn’t vote for the bill anyway

    – He announced the appointment of someone who hasn’t completely agreed to be on board (Isn’t that the a real “junior” mistake?)

    Obama’s first day in office was January 21, 2009 and today is Feb 13, 2009.
    This doofus hasn’t been in office for a month.

    Nice going DNC and “Progressives” 1.0

  34. BB – I agree with Afrocity – Saul Alinski is key. If you can’t get a hold of the book I’ve got books and other materials I can email you.

    I will post about the ideology later – have to get back to clients now…

  35. “Taking partisanship out of politics is like

    taking democracy out of politics. ”

    but they did.

  36. Rule 5: Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon. It’s hard to counterattack ridicule, and it infuriates the opposition, which then reacts to your advantage.

    — Saul Alinsky

  37. Haha, BB! I was just about to post that after reading it!!

  38. looking,

    I have read the book. I don’t have the time right now to read it again. Sometimes it really helps if we can share our knowledge with each other rather than just telling people to read a book. I have tried to share my knowledge directly on this blog and I really appreciate it when others do that. Riverdaughter and Dakinikat have taught me a great deal without requiring me to go read entire books to understand their points.

  39. Delphyne,

    Just look what it is doing to Sirota. And Obama has a big limitation in that he has no sense of humor.

  40. bb- he has no sense of humor re: himself, but doesn’t seem to shy away from ridiculing and insulting others…..

  41. Here’s another Alinsky rule that Obama usually fails at:

    Rule 10: The price of a successful attack is a constructive alternative. Avoid being trapped by an opponent or an interviewer who says, “Okay, what would you do?”

  42. BB> Ditto!

  43. I found this old bookmark on my computer this morning-and now it seems relevant here. It’s from Jan 2007, an article called “Shushing the Baby-boomers”

    . He writes that the politics of that era were highly personal, burrowing into every interaction between youth and authority and among peers. The battles moved to Washington in the 1990s and endure today, he says.

    “In the back and forth between Clinton and Gingrich, and in the elections of 2000 and 2004,” he writes, “I sometimes felt as if I were watching the psychodrama of the baby boom generation — a tale rooted in old grudges and revenge plots hatched on a handful of college campuses long ago — played out on the national stage.
    Mr. Obama says he recognizes that the flashpoints of the 60s — war, racism, inequality, the relations between the sexes — still animate American politics and society and remain largely unresolved. … But he argues that America faces new challenges that require a new political paradigm.


  44. He wants a public/private investment scheme.

    That reminds me of another public/private scheme he supported (that failed dismally): Tony Rezko’s housing development projects in Chicago.

    & “I am going to keep working at this,” said Mr. Obama, adding that the American people were “desperate” for Democrats and Republicans to work together.”

    WTF? First, he’s only been in office a few weeks, and he’s already frustrated with the “really really hard work?” Second, this stupid Lincoln fantasy wannabe thing you have going on is all in your own mind Buddy–don’t drag us into it. And Lincoln made many partisan executive decisions to ram his principles through and save the Union, so don’t go selling us that load of baloney either.

    This guy is so completely over his head it is embarrassing.

  45. Somehow I don’t think Saul Alinsky would have approved of having his philosophy used to get rid of Social Security and Medicare and turn over the entire U.S. treasury to the bankers. But I’m open to the argument that that is what is Obama is doing. I just need to see the argument.

  46. afrocity
    I posted about the Peoria disaster with a snazzy graphic too
    As for Obama being surprised that his pick was a GOP-er (who voted to disband the agency he was about to head) – I am sure it was a r@cist ploy to make him seem clueless. I also trust him to come up with an even more dismal pick.

  47. In the back and forth between Clinton and Gingrich, and in the elections of 2000 and 2004,” he writes, “I sometimes felt as if I were watching the psychodrama of the baby boom generation

    I’ll say this again: Gingrich is not a baby boomer. He was born in 1943.

    As usual, Obama makes things up and doesn’t bother to check his facts.

  48. President LincoRooseveltaKennedaReaganBama…..

    it’s multiple presidential disorder

  49. “the election of 2004”

    John Kerry is not a baby boomer either.

    The baby boomers didn’t invent intense politics.

  50. Some old, same old…. I remember when Bush got in, he was” Churchill ” for months.

  51. baby boomers are the new black,…. I mean, woman.
    It’s our year to be villified and our down fall held out as the cure of all ills. The other. Well kiss my ass

  52. I have a bone to pick with the Big Dawg (line to follow). The Fairness Doctrine is nothing more than censorship IMO. Some of the vile stuff radio talk spews is awful, but I it is unconstitutional to limit the rights of free speech. It’s that simple–especially in light of the corporate monopolization of all other forms of mainstream media. It is ridiculous and hypocritical to insist that talk radio offer “balance.” And how would that be regulated? It smacks of fascism to me, and I will fight it if they try. The financial advantage is also a lie. Obama raised almost a billion dollars to run. If they want to create an alternative radio network (which was tried and failed), then do so, but keep your mitts off of free speech! The Democratic Party is starting to look more and more like the Gingrich Revolution. There is a report this morning that the Dems broke their promise to put the bill on the web for the public to view for 48 hours before the vote (all 1,000+ pages), and they are now forcing the vote by today so that Pelosi can go on a pre-planned trip to Rome for 8 days to meet the Pope.

  53. Rd & Co.

    Something is wrong with that census deal.

    And the Caterpillar deal. Funny thing about that Caterpillar deal.


    I don’t care which political party they come from — only that they are HONEST. When the country really needs to feel that right now.

    May the most ETHICAL HONEST people rise to the top right now.

  54. Clinton wants ‘more balance’ on airwaves

    Even though no member of Congress has scheduled hearings on the Fairness Doctrine, it remains on a hot topic on both liberal and conservative shows.

    Today, radio host Mario Solis Marich asked former President Bill Clinton if it was time for “some type of enforced media accountability.”

    “Well, you either ought to have the Fairness Doctrine or we ought to have more balance on the other side,” Clinton said, “because essentially there’s always been a lot of big money to support the right wing talk shows and let face it, you know, Rush Limbaugh is fairly entertaining even when he is saying things that I think are ridiculous….”

    Clinton said that there needs to be either “more balance in the programs or have some opportunity for people to offer countervailing opinions.” Clinton added that he didn’t support repealing the Fairness Doctrine, an act done under Reagan’s FCC.

    In the past week, a couple Democratic Senators, Debbie Stabenow and Tom Harkin, have both spoken favorably about the Fairness Doctrine, or holding hearings on radio accountability.


  55. Hi, BB
    just googled Alinsky and found that American Thinker has an article on Obama and Alinsky.

    “Obama’s Alinsky Jujitsu” (Jan 2008)

    Alinsky considered himself a realist above all, the ultimate pragmatist. As a confirmed atheist, Alinsky believed that the here and now is all there is, and therefore had no qualms about assorted versions of morality in the pursuit of worldly power. He didn’t coddle his radical acolytes or encourage their bourgeois distinctions between good and evil when it came to transferring power from the Haves to the Have Nots. Alinsky saw the already formed church communities as being the perfect springboards for agitation and creating bonds for demanding goods and services.

    When Obama first undertook his agitating work in Chicago’s South Side poor neighborhoods, he was un-churched. Yet his office was in a Church and most of the folks he needed to agitate and organize were Church people — pastors and congregants — who took their churches and their church-going very seriously. So, this became a problem for the young agnostic, who had been exposed to very little religion in his life. Again and again, he was asked by pastors and church ladies, “Where do you go to Church, young man?” It was a question he dodged for a while, but finally he relented and joined a church.

    Not just any church, but a huge black nationalist church with a pastor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, who unabashedly preaches a “black” gospel.


  56. vbonnaire, on February 13th, 2009 at 10:34 am Said:
    Rd & Co.
    Something is wrong with that census deal…..

    Indeed. One can know that because Barry & co are involved and they DO NOT waste time on non paying concerns…..

  57. Thanks for the Alinsky facts this morning, all. Interesting reading.

  58. In Clinton’s defense he was only elected by a plurality. There was no way he could get as much done as quickly as Obama.

  59. Just got caught up on the latest Sirota hysteria:


    HAW!! *What* an egomaniac. He personally is supposed to be the target of some sort of metaphysical garment-rending on the part of people pi$$ed off over a number of legitimate situations – he actually thinks people give a big sh!t what he thinks about a lot of things…I ask you, if you stopped someone on the street and mentioned his name, would he or she know who he is? He just doesn’t get to take this much credit for influencing current events.

    I mean, I’ll grant you, he does appear to be a good writer, even tho he’s, um, one brick shy of a load. But come on.

    Just another example of Beltway derangement on the part of a guy who’d like to be more a fixture of the MSM than he likely is, IMO.

  60. (Whoops! Edit out my link if you guys want…just realized he was also making a big deal out of links from PUMA sites supposedly driving his blog traffic….the fact that he’s paying so much attention to that says his traffic generally is not where he’d like it to be, IMO)

  61. BB-

    I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to come across as thoughtless. I will post later – had bad news this week and am trying to save by dept. from being eliminated in the name of economic downturn. We have six weeks to acheive a goal, although we just finished surpassing the one given to us a few weeks ago. I’ve been on the clock close to 18 hrs. per day, including weekends, and have done two overnights in less than 10 days.

    My staff needs to keep their jobs.

  62. Oh, Afro- nice new pic! 😀

  63. I thought the reason the census was to be put under Rahm’s control was because the Latino and African American groups didn’t like Judd Gregg and complained to Obama.

  64. I reffed that Alinsky months ago, now. That is a really good article. Most of us who are Dems know something is wrong this year. There is nothing but dissent — everywhere — nothing smooth and easy post Bush.

    It’s hard to really nail down what it is — except– ifwe go back through all the writing — especially here — at the Conf. —

    ps, you guys — you just never know where your blog may end up.

    Check this out — a series I wrote on propaganda is part of a class being taught down in Georgia! — gee whiz! Wow.
    See that RD? One just never knows….

    Where that hypergraphia…….might go.

    We had never had a Prez do target-marketing on this level or have the “pastors” — the artist Fairey made. Before. Or the use of the internet “outreach” — that alone has changed the shape of politics in the future…

    I just can’t remember an election that was this difficult, this argued, this important — ever before.

    When RD said “Dems in exhile” that was TRUE for so many of us.

    Anyway geez look at this class! Yikes…………


    There are no books — only internet articles?


    Politicians aren’t saviors. We know that.
    Younger Dems might not. The trouble with painting oneself into a political corner and then trying to blame everyone who doesn’t go that way smacks of things troublesome.

    I feel that I have to have some faith in some politicians — that they will do their jobs– that they aren’t all bad?

    It’s just WHO? Right now?

    I have never felt such distrust — probably because it is the Alinsky model but to what end?

    At least I knew who Hillary was. And who McCain is. I trust them on ethics due to their records….

  65. BO’s ideology is fascistic — or totalitarian leftism if you will that has as its goal, not actually progressive ideas (i.e. UHC) but rather government / business partnerships that allow business to make as much as they want while paying the price of towing the gov’t line as far as certain policies go, guaranteeing some level of employment for workers while restricting their actual freedom, and carefully controlling the levers of cultural influence and media propaganda. All of this is sustained and justified by constant fear mongering which induces the population to relinquish more and more rights, both economic and political, to the executive branch.

    The biggest indication that this is his direction is his narcissistic grandstanding and constant need for fawning adulation, expressing in a cu lt of personality that is rather more fitting for north Korea than the USA. Likewise he continues to sideline his so-called rivals by appointing them to high position and then undermining them by stripping those positions of much actual power.

  66. fif, me too about Big Dawg and the Fairness Doctrine.

    As for Debbie Stabenow, since her husband is an Executive Vice President of Air America it seems to me that she should keep mouth quiet lest it appear she has a conflict of interest. Yeah, right, listen to me thinking a politician would have the brains to keep their mouth shut. LOL!

    More liberal programming? Like the vileness of a Randi Rhodes, the purile nonsense of Stephanie Miller or the lies and distortions of Ed Shultz?

  67. oops I’m in moderation — someone rescue me

  68. thanks

  69. Hey all

    fif – I completely, completely agree with you about this fairness doctrine stuff. I will fight it too because “I may not agree with what you say but I will defend with my life your right to say it.” I was very disappointed to hear Big Dawg put up some rationalizing about it – there’s plent of $ to float lib radio or whatever – they can do BTR or podcasts – it’s wide open, but instead they want to stifle other people with whom they do not agree. Not cool with me.

    vbonnaire – yes – please integrity above all. I am just dog paddling in this deep deep political sewage yearning for ethics and honesty and people who do their damn jobs.

    Regarding the census: Here is what kept me awake last night:

    $5 billion to ACORN

    Census snatched from the oversight and administration of an agency, going directly into the non-transparent (not listening to what tehy say, only watching what they DO) administration.

    That money to that organization, and this plan for the census – it’s part of the same scheme. That huge treasure to ACORN is not just a Thank You card.

    And the more people realize it, the earlier we realize it – the better chance we all have to get traction on it. Because the things in this stim, in between the kitchen sink and the all the toys, are meant to advance short, medium and long term agendas that are stinking of corruption.

  70. The fairness doctrine was begun under Harry Truman and has tradtionally been supported by Democrats because the big money that pays for advertising is generally Republican.

    It was ended by Reagan, and in some ways by court decisions by Republican judges, using the First Amendment argument.

    In a lot of ways, it may be obsolete and unenforceable now because of the proliferation of new media.

    But Bill Clinton speaks as someone who remembers what it was when it was in force.

  71. Maybe Obama will choose a Commerce secretary who doesn’t oppose the mission of his/her own department, and then the census won’t be an issue.

  72. I would like to believe it will be simple as that, but currently the evidence is against it. I think it likely that appointing a republican to commerce allowed the administration a convenient excuse for moving the census. Again – that’s what they say and let’s remember WORM (which is basically ‘gee that lie didn’t work so I need to find another’), but that’s not what they are doing.

  73. Thanks RD for the topical post. We’re in the middle of the greatest economic crisis of our lifetime, it seems important to focus on the issues that will effect the most lives. As you say, it is unthinkable that we have no heads of Labor, Commerce, or HHS as this stimulus plan heads into implementation. We have a dead in the water financial system that appears more likely to be rescued by Bernanke at the Fed than by his former underling Geithner, now at the Treasury. As in any organization, the speed of a reaction is determined by the rate limiting step.

  74. What I heard is that Gregg offered himself as commerce secretary.

    Which would mean that the Obama people accepted without thinking it through, and remembering his positions on commerce and the census.

  75. Jim Owen of Caterpillar is one of the strongest CEOs this country has. He is as good a bellweather as any for the health and prognosis of the US and Global economy. It embarasses me to even think of him and Barry (the junior pol from the Chicago machine) in the same room.

  76. wow – did that bring back memories – I “bumped it with a trumpet” in our sorority fund raising musicale when in college –

  77. elderj — (formerly)

    I think you nailed it — above. It’s a little like reading Orwell and deciding it was all a good thing?

    This must be why Gregg left — his point about the ideology he couldn’t work with. This must also be why we can’t fathom it?

    If what you have said is true, above?

    Then, let’s just hope Repubs and Dems alike bring REASON to the table soon.

    The uniting factor would be AMERICANISM, one hopes.

    He has that Caterpillar guy as an advisor — then the layoffs — then the TV appearance — and the promise those jobs will be restored if his bill signed?


    It’s that simple — elderj I wish you would expand on your thoughts about this system? The minute I saw the Fairey art posters I thought Korea?

    But? That won’t fly here. At least I don’t think it will.

    Personally, I’d rather see the Republicans in charge if that is the case.

  78. afrocity, I read some of your posts about being isolated in the obotland. I can relate to that, my hubby is an Ofan (he would hate me calling him an Obot) and all his liberal Hollywood friends are certainly Otons too and he’s from chicago and I visit the city a lot for work. Yeah count me in, late March might work. It’ll be great to be in the company of likeminds!

  79. Three million jobs is a joke when we are losing 500K jobs every month. Actually most recent numbers were over 600K.

  80. Re: Sirota, at least the netroots finally admits we’re “fringe leftists” like Naderites, not Republicans or racists, just like them.

    They are just as irrelevant as us. Obama only responds to criticism because he’s a narcissist who needs to be “loved” by all. Until they became PUMAs, Obama only reacted to us because we were his only critics.

  81. Looking,

    I didn’t mean to come across as rude either, and I’m sorry if I did. It’s just that I find it really interesting to discuss things like this here at The Confluence. I’m thinking it might be interesting to have a thread where we provide some information about Alinsky’s ideas and then brainstorm about how Obama might be using them to achieve whatever his goals are. What do you think?

    I hope your work situation will work out OK.

  82. I think Adam Davidson’s work is groovy. That is all.

  83. Narcissists are unpredictable!

    Politico: Obama backs off ‘Buy American’

    First he responds to Dave’s criticism about Buy American now he reneges because narcissists are sadistic.

  84. Davey fluffed him, then withdrew his love, Barry wanted Davey’s love back and Barry ultimately punishes Davey.

  85. Davey crowed for days that Barry supported Buy American because Davey “made him do it”. Now Barry slaps him back down.

  86. Paul Krugman is eating harshmellows this morning in Failure to Rise. He’s also sounding critical of the Obama Administration’s lackluster response to this crisis, which can only mean one thing- Paul is a racist. Will someone please send him his complimentary white sheet and “So, you’ve decided to become a racist?” Welcome package?

    This is the best blog ever! In the end, it will be Obama supporters who were racist. Read Adolph Reed in The Progressive. He said white liberals voted for him not because they care about inequality but because they want to feel good about their racism and black people voted not the content of his character but the color of his skin which is the inverse of
    MLK’s dream.

    We’re surrounded by idiots. The fauxgressives and the Third Wave destroyed the Democratic Party and feminism for Bush III. Hence, lobotobots.

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