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Conflucians Say: Before and After

Well, the basement is finished.  Yeah.  I’m worn out.   Actually, all of the construction, priming, painting, flooring is done.  I still have some shelving to put in as well as figuring out what the heck I’m supposed to sit on down there.  I should have some decisions made this weekend.  Stimulating the economy is both fun and nervewracking.

Basement Before:

img_0359Basement After:


And join me tonight at 10PM EST for Conflucians Say to talk about your House remodeling plans.  That’s on Puma United Radio (PURrrr)


62 Responses

  1. RD — Wow! Your basement is BEAUTIFUL! You’ve done an amazing job.

  2. Wow!!! That is a “pro”job…When is the PUMA party??

  3. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sheshus Cripes, RD, you did a fantastic job!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I love that blue paintcolor RD. Its super pretty and relaxing.

  5. Well, hello, good looking.

  6. Magnificent! Congrats, RD.

  7. You call that a basement?

    I assume it’s been soundproofed, but where are the wall restraints? That paint and flooring will show bloodstains, and you really should have a floor drain for easy cleaning.

  8. OT, but is it true that they want to send the former Gitmo prisoners to TX? Oh, no, they cannot play in my sandbox.

  9. Katiebird sounds like a banker, not a librarian..


  11. The show is very interesting

  12. I just noticed…the “Possibly Related Posts” listing above relative to this one is:

    Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)

    Man Cave Art

    What criteria are they feeding that filter???

  13. myiq, there’s always a panic room, hidden behind one of the walls. didn’t you watch pulp fiction. anyway, looks like rd did a stellar job. can tell from the moulding work, this was not just something slapped together.

    course for me, the basement is not complete untill the ping pong table moves in. maybe she’s counting on playing atari pong on that 50 inch plasma, or wiiiiiii pong. why is nintendo even still alive. good job microsoft, stop staring at your navel, start innovating, damn it!

  14. It’s really beautiful, RD. Great blue.

  15. The basement looks great. It’s a usable space now. I’d like to thank the guys at The Basement Store. They have franchises all around the country. They make it dead simple to finish your basement and make it into a place you want your adolescents hanging out in so you can keep an eye on them. 😉
    They don’t do paint and floors. Those were my responsibility. But they did really nice work on everything else.
    Highly recommended.

  16. riverdaughter
    Your basement looks terrific. Enjoy it. You deserve it after all the work.



  17. sorry, just fiddling with emoticons again, must learn..









  18. Great job, RD, I expect to see you on HGTV in the near future.

  19. A BANKER???

    Three Wickets — what does a banker sound like?

  20. what does a banker sound like?

    Mssrs Potter, Mooney and/or Dryesdale?

  21. Good lighting, too. I love good lighting. It’s probably
    the single most important feature, because it effects
    everything else, and it’s mostly overlooked.
    Thanks for the recommendation. I’ll tell my daughter,
    for my soon to be adolescent granddaughter.

  22. (shaking head)

    I don’t think I sound like any of them… I DO think I sound like Shirley Jones (giggle)

  23. Riverdaughter, Your basement looks wonderful!

  24. Love the Puma Den – RD — very nice, congratulations !!

  25. katiebird, sorry, back from puppy pee break, meant you sound like you know how these bankers think, knowledge is power, which is why my wife spends hours and hours in the library, and she always puts me in my place..

  26. http://easternshore.craigslist.org/fuo/1030300493.html

    I can picture this there …

    you did a georgous job !!!

  27. I DO think I sound like Shirley Jones (giggle)

    You opened the door:

  28. you sound like you know how these bankers think

    Good save

  29. banker sounds like fredric march in the man in the gray flannel suit, though maybe he was a network executive, same diff..

  30. Ahhh, well, I think we’re all just trying to get a grip on it. Don’t you? It’s so weird that those guys have so much control over us.

  31. yes, whew, pulled that right out of my back pocket..

  32. katiebird, on February 13th, 2009 at 12:04 am Said:

    Ahhh, well, I think we’re all just trying to get a grip on it. Don’t you? It’s so weird that those guys have so much control over us.
    With the guys, don’t forget Obama’s BFF Penny Pritzker who was in on the ground floor of the “mortgage scams”.

  33. It’s so weird that those guys have so much control over us.


    the operative word being “guys”. i personally only trust meredith whitney’s prognostications from oppenheimer.

  34. Holy hermiola, is Obama REALLY now trying to dismiss Gregg by saying he’s against the Commerce Department? How shameless is this guy?

  35. need to tend to a small family emergency..

  36. I hope it works out OK, Three Wickets.

  37. i hope so too katiebird, thank you, means a lot coming from you..

  38. There he goes again

  39. If he’s gonna steal my expressions he should cite TC in his whine list

  40. Great space, Riverdaughter!

    Can you tell me how you did the hardwood floors? They look beautiful. I’m assuming that you put them in over a slab, right?

  41. WOW RD!


    It looks great!

    ps: hope you can find a fab couch….. or?

    it really looks fab! — hard to believe what it once was.

  42. Let’s see if I set a new record for getting banned at OpenLeft

  43. My reply to Sirota:

    *[new] If you’re gonna plagiarize me (0.00 / 0)
    at least mention The Confluence in your whine list


    by: myiq2xu @ Fri Feb 13, 2009 at 00:59

  44. That Sirota guy is kinda loopy, huh? “You wanna pretend Clinton never supported NAFTA? Yeah, well, read what I wrote about it before, here, here and here! So, there! I win, you lose, na nanna na na! Nyuk, yuk, yuk! Wooo wooo woo wooo wooo!”

  45. Help Myiq, I’m in moderation!

  46. Hillary publically supported NAFTA when Bill was in office, but privately she disagreed.

    But the real issue last year was Obama saying one thing to voters while secretly telling the Canadians something different, then trying to blame Hillary when he got caught.

  47. I’m not quibbling with Clinton’s stance, it’s Sirota’s “standard of proof.”

  48. Sirota thinks he knows it all.

    That’s why he annoys those of us who really do.

  49. OT
    There is an article on the bbc website about 2 judges in Luzerne County Pa taking kickbacks for sending kids to a private detention center. They gave them extra long sentences so the detention centers would get paid to keep them.
    I hope these bastards rot in hell.
    What will happen to these kids , they will trust no one, their lives will be messed up when they could have been helped
    Most of these kids were first time offenders for petty offenses.
    I am sorry if I sound emotional but you do not hurt a kid.



  50. Obama supported everything and nothing AND lied about it at the same time! He’s much worse!

    At least with his new post, the netroots finally admits we’re fringe leftists like Naderites, not Republicans and racists, just like them!


  51. And they’re irrelevant just like us!

  52. Greenwald, Sirota and Hamsher only link male PUMAs like Darren, Joseph and the PUMA-like Lambert never Murphy, Kim or Susan.

    Sexist, sexist, sexist.

  53. RD, the basement is gorgeous! I like the way you handled the ductwork. Looks very nice. Who gets to use it first, the adults or a kids party?

  54. Beautiful!

  55. Looks great, love the flooring too. Looks like a laminate, I loooove mine… indestructable. Wonderful job!!

  56. Wow, RD….your basement is beautiful!

    It’s very impressive. Good job! 🙂

  57. Bravo RD – terrific job!!!

    I always thought bankers sounded like Lionel Barrymore in It’s a Wonderful Life

  58. RD — awesome job! Nothing like good old fashioned hard work with your hands to make you feel like you’ve accomplished something. I love the aqua blue color too.

    If it was me, I’d make a huge workout area to help get rid of all the stress and anger I’ve felt this year. Might come in handy for the next 4 years 😉

  59. It’s beautiful like your blog.

  60. Excellent job! Do MINE!!! 🙂

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