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Change that will make you want to vomit….

Phil Bredesen, TN Governor in the running for HHS.

WASHINGTON (AP) — Two governors appear to lead the pack when it comes to heading the Health and Human Services Department for President Barack Obama.

One of those governors is already under attack. The other was seen Thursday night meeting at the Ritz Carlton with Obama’s senior adviser.

The pick of Tennessee Gov. Phil Bredesen would clearly cause Obama problems with some of the advocacy groups calling for a health care overhaul this year. One of those groups, Health Care for America Now, put out a statement Friday saying it “couldn’t think of anyone more wrong for health care reform or more wrong for America.”

The advocacy groups have battled Bredesen over the years for his efforts to cut spending in the state’s TennCare program, which provides health care for the poor.

Please watch:

118 Responses

  1. sometimes it is slight consolation that BO really is turning out to be as bad or worse than we predicted…… gag.

  2. I thought he was out of the running. So we have a choice between Bredesen, who would love to preside over the end of Medicare and Medcaid, and what’s her name, the gov. of KS, who is an anti-abortion Catholic. Terrific.

  3. I looked for info on him being out bb, can you point me in the direction.

  4. I’m not at home right now so I don’t have all my info. But when he was Gov. of Tenn., he threw about 200,000 poor people off Medicaid.

  5. You gotta give Obama credit for exceeding himself here. Who would’ve thought he could come up with someone worse than Daschle?

  6. Daschle wasn’t bad. He was just Exhibit A in the Annals of Hypocrisy.

  7. He is still in the running as far as I know.


    And you thought the liberal health care advocates played rough. They’ve been flaying Gov. Phil Bredesen to stop his bid to head the Health and Human Services Department. Now, it’s Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius’ turn to take a beating. The Christian Defense Coalition, which advertises itself as the defender of life, liberty and the pursuit of Godliness, says Sebelius is unfit to serve as HHS secretary because she’s pro-choice.

    According to the coalition, “Her views on abortion are so extreme that Kansas City Catholic Archbishop, Joseph Naumann, called on her not to receive communion at her church.” As HHS secretary, she’d open the door for taxpayer-funded abortions and turn Barack Obama into “The Abortion President,” the group says.

  8. Taggles,

    Here is a recent article from Politico


  9. He is in the health care (HMO, I think) business.

  10. plural,

    I have to disagree. Daschle was really bad for HHS. I’m sure he’ll still be a close Obama adviser too. This might be one job that I’d support Howard Dean for. But he has no chance. He’s under the bus.

  11. From Politico:

    “A lot of elected officials are in bed with the insurance industry, but Phil Bredesen doesn’t stop there. He let them pay to redecorate his mansion. We can’t think of anyone more wrong for health care reform or more wrong for America,” said Jacki Schechner, spokeswoman for Health Care for America Now.

    “This is a guy whose single greatest health care achievement is stripping 200,000 people of health care coverage in Tennessee – a move that was not only bad policy but an unconscionable act.”

  12. I’ve always believed that Obama would do his utmost to eliminate medical services to the people that need it the most. Not the poor. Not single mothers. Not the usual suspects. But that he would eliminate it for US ALL!

    Just look what Mee-Chelle did in Chicago while working for the University of Chicago’s Medical. She went out of her way to charge the poor and underinsured, exorbitant rates. If that did not discourage them from coming to the University’s Medical Center, she advocated turning them away. It is all documented.
    According to the Trib story, Michelle convened health care providers and leaders in the community about the screening program she would initiate to steer people away from the ER as they sat in the waiting room. They didn’t just kick them out the door, but rather arranged for appointments at area clinics, according to the story.

    This, while controversial, is completely different from patient dumping like the kind Kaiser Permanente did to a homeless woman in Los Angeles (and at least on one other occasion) who was admitted and then discharged while still disoriented, still wearing her hospital gown, and in clear need of further medical care. It’s also entirely different from the international patient dumping of undocumented immigrants, who too are still in need of medical attention (though perhaps more stable) that I described in an earlier post.

    Another interesting detail to Michelle’s story at the hospital is that she received a substantial pay raise — from $121,910 in 2004 to $316,962 in 2005 — following Barack’s promotion to the US Senate. Hospital officials defended the raise as on par with other positions and justified for her success. You can bet the hospital saved a ton of money on fewer ER visits too.

  13. I thought Kathleen S. was “personally anti-abortion” and a weak supporter of rights to choice. Maybe I’m wrong. Katiebird would know.

  14. Sorry…tried to block Quote and it didn’t work…LOL

  15. Sebelius personally opposes abortion, but has been endorsed by planned Parenthood as pro-choice. She also voted against Comprehensive Abortion Reform Act stating it was unconstitutional.

  16. She is also very much against same-sex marriage.

  17. oh Kim, then she is the perfect candidate, sounds just like Barack Obama!

  18. I was watching fox this morning and was curious to see the difference between their coverage and every one elses. They are not afraid to criticize the guy when everyone else is pretending he has clothes on where there are none.

  19. Or like Gregg, who voted to abolish the Commerce Department. This is reminding me of Reagan’s foxes and chicken coops.

  20. Who knows anymore what our politicians support? One of the things tossed out the most about BO was his liberal record, but when did a liberal believe in faith-based initiatives?

  21. When does a liberal leave pork in a stimulus package and cut food stamps?

  22. I’m with “BB” on this one. For the job of HHS (since it can’t be Hillary) I believe Dean is the BEST choice.
    A MD himself & a former Governor, seems perfect to me.
    He “S@CKED” @ DNC chair; but this he could do well.
    Remember Michelle’s job was “discontinued” when she became 1st lady.
    I’m wondering “if” she had to take an “unpaid” leave during the primaries?? Or was she still collecting a pay-check??

  23. Hi TeresaInPa,

    How are things going for you?

  24. I don’t want Dean to have a ^&%*(&*^*()&*)&(%^&$$#$@&$^&^* thing, the smarmy rat bastard.

  25. Dean really believes in single payer national health care. I heard that his friends were begging Obama to give him a chance, but that won’t happen. Obama used him up and threw him away.

  26. bostonboomer, on February 11th, 2009 at 2:01 pm Said:

    I thought Kathleen S. was “personally anti-abortion” and a weak supporter of rights to choice. Maybe I’m wrong. Katiebird would know.
    She is personally opposed to abortion but basically says as a public official she is obligated to follow the law. IMO, there is something very wrong with a Sebelius, Nancy Keenan, etc. who say they are opposed to abortion and/or believe it is against their religion or is a mortal sin etc. and then support it. How can a person that conflicted be trusted?

  27. I’m with TRK. I can’t stand Dean.

    But Obama seems to want people who oppose the mission of the agency they’re appointed to head.

    Kind of reminds me of what Bush did to FEMA.

  28. I want the whole bunch from May 31st to be be banished to BFE!

  29. plural,

    Bush got it from Reagan. Reagan would have eliminiated every department in the government if he could have gotten away with it.

  30. Kim,

    Well, Dean and Brazile are already banished. LOL! They got rolled the Chicago way.

  31. BB, yes he would have. That’s what I meant about foxes and chicken coops. He appointed foxes to head the chicken coops of the federal government.

  32. Howard Scream and Donkey Brazziere are banished? No way! LOL

  33. Reagan would have eliminiated every department in the government if he could have gotten away with it.

    True of domestic programs that help average or disadvantaged citizens. But Reagan loved himself some war machine. All the guys who skip out on fighting wars themselves love the military toys. It a) makes them feel like manly men, and b) is a great way to funnel money into their and their cronies’ pockets.

  34. Um, please don’t hurl rocks (or sharp objects) at me. BUT…..

    I live in Tennessee and was once covered by TennCare. When I was a single parent going to college and working full time, it was the ONLY insurance I had.

    Granted the cuts to TennCare have been outrageous, but remember this. There is NO State Income Tax here! This makes it extremely difficult to retain health insurance for the masses.

    The same people who wanted Bredeson to increase TennCare benefits while it was going bankrupt are the same people who picket on the steps of the TN Capital building, throwing a fit that they don’t want a State Tax.

    When TennCare came along, it was ground breaking here. Other states scoffed and said there was no way in hell it could ever make it. But the plan at that time WAS to institute a State Tax.

    TennCare is still available and at least it’s more coverage than the current US gov’t provides. Do we wish the coverage was as good as it was when it was first instituted? Heck yes. Have people been taken off the coverage rolls who should be on it?? Absolutely.

    But I’m grateful we have *something* that most of our neighboring States do not… and that it hasn’t pulled our state down completely, even though we STILL do not have funding through a State Income Tax.

  35. I thought O’ego was going to give everyone a $2500 credit to buy health care so they could have the same coverage as the congress does?

    Another Obot lie for the list.

  36. I always watch CNBC while I eat breakfast. They had some coverage of the hearings on what happened to the first half of the TARP money. They had the 8 men who run the banks who got the money up in front of Barney Franks committee. What a load of arrogance, both from the Congress members who at least seemed to have some idea how this would look but especially from the arrogant bank Presidents who got us in this mess, robbed the Treasury, and still are not contributing anything to our country or economy. I say we are already in deep crap. If we had to go in a little deeper to let these arrogant old men lose everything and ruin the banks they ran into the ground along with our economy, we should do it. I would really enjoy watching them go down. And I am pissed off that I keep paying more and more taxes and the only thing I get for it is war and corporate welfare.

  37. Hi BB, I am hanging in there. How are you?

  38. Constance, please, I am just recovering from filing my taxes. I go into a deep depression for a few days, after I file, every year. I actually considered posting an ad on Craig’s list for a husband in name only to get the married deduction.

  39. I know that doesn’t sound much like a feminista, but damn I am paying 35% of everything I make for things I do not support.

  40. backtrack always seems to make the choices that hurt the American people. I wonder why. He is owned and operated by big business and wall st but without the working American who can buy their products. If we are all supposed to die by 60 years old and never collect retirement who buy the products that older people need. The younger people have not saved enough to buy and since there will be no jobs they never will.
    Just wondering if no one buys or has the money to buy who makes a profit?



  41. And the things I do support, like social security, Backtrack is going to change around.

  42. “A lot of elected officials are in bed with the insurance industry, but Phil Bredesen doesn’t stop there. . . .”

    A lot of elected officials – like Obama. When he borrows a Harry and Louise Republican-style attack ad to hit Hillary on Universal Health Care as he sings the praises of Ronald Reagan, you know exactly whose bed he’s in.

    He’s way over his head. I don’t even think he knows where his head is.

  43. The stimulus passing is a win for Obama and all of his republican friends.

  44. This is totally off-topic. I don’t know if anyone else is following the whole Chris Brown/Rihanna thing but I’m beginning to be deeply disturbed by the fact that some people are okay with this! I really don’t care what celebs say as a general rule but saying “It’s just life. They’ll get over it. He loves her” seems like a really bad response to Chris putting Rihanna in the hospital. God, what’s next. “It was an accident”?

    Yeah, she just fell on his fists and teeth, again and again.

  45. Regency, there is NO EXCUSE for abuse. The people who are saying “It’s just life” are WRONG. How would they feel, if someone punched them?

  46. bostonboomer, on February 11th, 2009 at 2:20 pm Said:

    Of course it will not happen because Obama does not believe or want UHC much less single-payer health care — Howard Dean is a sucker like Siorta and all the other dumba$$ Obots who took Obama at his “word” without bothering to look at his actual actions.

  47. I am keeping up with it, Regency and it is awful.

  48. Jmac — I know where his head is — right up his own you know what.

  49. These Obots are similar to DV victims, always making excuses for their guy.

  50. iohs_2008, on February 11th, 2009 at 3:03 pm Said:

    Your guy won. Get over it.

  51. please clean up the turd @ 3:03.

  52. When my brother was screaming at me during his “Rage Against the PUMAs” rant, he said that by not supporting Obama, I was turning my back on universal healthcare. I bet him $100 that, if Obama was elected and served two terms, after eight years we still would not have universal healthcare in this country.

    I wonder if my brother is going to pay up?

  53. janicen — you should have bet way more than $100! LOL

  54. I know I mentioned it a few months ago but now that I see what they’ve put in the bill – it just jumped right out at me – this all reminds me of the movie Soilent Green

  55. F8ck — Angry/Optomistic/Happy Black Guy & he’s presuming to tell us who is and isn’t a feminist.

    Clean out the trash please.

  56. HBG, Since you keep commenting here, does that make you a Conflucian?

  57. Can someone please sweep that POS under a rug?

  58. What a sad little man.

  59. 1) NOW endorsed a ticket without a woman for the first time ever. They only endorsed four times before and each one had a woman.

    2) They defended Larry Summers.

    3) They stood silent as the media and blogs destroyed Clinton and Palin.

    4) Gandy engaged in pay to play i.e. she endorsed so Obama would make her head of the Cabinet of Women’s Affairs.

    It’s absolutely despicable that Gandy, the head of the most powerful women’s group in the US, stood silent in the face of the worst misogyny so she could be promoted to Cabinet Office of Women. Violet Socks said it was the worst sexism she witnessed in her life and many of had the same experience.

  60. Regency, on February 11th, 2009 at 3:12 pm

    Some are blaming Rihanna. Its sick.

  61. HBG/ABG aka Pain In the Ass:

    What Donna Darko said.

    I don’t even understand WHY you bother coming here. Really.

  62. Don’t know if this has already been posted

    Economic Stimulus Package Would Place Social Security Trust Fund in Deficit for First Time Ever Next Year</b

    Only $57 Billion in Surplus Forecast for 2010, But $80.8 Billion Needed for Stimulus Plan’s Payroll Credit

    WASHINGTON, Jan. 29 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — The Congressional economic stimulus plan would place the Social Security Trust Fund into deficit for the first time ever next year, if the current economic stimulus package is passed by both Houses of Congress.

    Social Security is funded by payroll taxes that employees and their employers pay into the system. Money that comes into the Social Security Trust Fund is used to pay the Social Security checks retirees receive each month, and since the creation of the Trust Fund in 1983, the program has always had more money coming in than going out.

    However, that may change as soon as next year, due to a proposed refundable payroll tax credit which would offer workers a refund on their portion of Social Security taxes, meaning there would be insufficient cash to pay benefits.
    The $145.3 billion refundable payroll tax credit proposal would give individual workers up to $500 and couples up to $1,000.

    The Senior Citizens League is advocating for any decrease in payroll taxes to be taken from the general treasury, not the Social Security Trust Fund.


  63. Regency/Downticket – I AM FUMING over the Rhianna/Chris Brown drama. She was brutalized by this guy and now it’s HER FAULT????? I hope remains strong and doesn’t go back with that POS – and PROSECUTES. Even if my daughter and I love his songs.

  64. Happy Black Guy:

    What you don’t understand is that we don’t want a woman who sells out women as the president of NOW.

    It’s like having Clarence Thomas as the president of the NAACP.

  65. RD, you need a Obot dungeon on your blog.

  66. You missed my point.

    And NOW did NOT speak out against the misogyny and what they did was VERY LITTLE and VERY LATE.

  67. Backtrack showed his true colors again and the obots are out in force.
    Angienc2 Is it time for the us to ask them Why do you hate America?
    Most things that create jobs taken out of pkg, but that’s ok backtrack is going to get them a house and pay their bills
    They will never get older and maybe need medical care.
    Not too much in the pkg to really stimulate the economy but that’s ok. Not having a job or a home is fine. Backtrack will stop the rain and they won’t get wet.



  68. I posted this on my site today…I thought you would get a kick out of this obot!

  69. Kim Gandy sold out women just so she could be promoted in the Obama administration.

    Rihanna’s being blamed? This is the misogynist culture Obama promotes.

  70. Regency and SM77,

    Do you have links?

  71. Donna – Check E! website, Dlisted, Perez Hilton too – TMZ, etc.

  72. SM: I’ve heard. And when you call them on it, they just say if they heard the facts or “his side” then they’d understand better. What’s to understand? He beat the hell out of her. That’s bad–under any circumstances.

    DD: Terrence Howard, actor, and rapper (facing weapons charges) T.I. are on Chris’s side. Allegedly, Jay-Z is pissed and Kanye West is hanging with her.

    Insane quote:

    Actor Terrence Howard tells Hollywood.tv that “everybody needs to get out of [Rihanna and Chris Brown’s] way.”

    “Chris is a great guy. He’ll be all right,” Howard says. “And Rihanna knows he loves her.”

    Mostly Sane Quote:

    Kanye West says he is shocked by the news that Chris Brown allegedly assaulted girlfriend Rihanna.

    “I was completely devastated by the concept of what I heard,” the rapper said Tuesday on Ryan Seacrest’s KIIS-FM radio show.


    “In that sense, I feel like that’s my baby sis,” he said of Rihanna. “I would do any and everything to help her in any situation.

    Although West didn’t want to get into specifics, he said, “All I want to say is, it’s so devastating. Just as a person, I don’t care how famous she is or even if she just worked at McDonald’s … [abuse] should never happen. It should never come to that place.”

  73. There are a lot of sites out there stating that because, she (Rihanna) did not call the police and did not want police intervention, then something else happened. Because of her injuries, she got the medical assistance she needed anyway, as the police should have done. I do NOT in anyway believe that any woman should ever be brutalized.

  74. Can someone please remove the tr*ll.

  75. TRK: Didn’t somebody else call the police when they heard her scream? She didn’t even have a chance to call them.

  76. Happy Black Guy — why can’t you get over the fact that your guy won?

  77. As to HBG, I do not want a recession/depression. I want healthcare. I want to be in charge of my body reproductive rights. I do not want a group of religous zealots to decide what is right or wrong for my community. I want my vote to count and I do not a panel to decide whose vote is more important. On all these issues, Obama is a compete and total bust. I wish he were not, for my sake as well as for the sake of all my friends, loved ones and neighbors, but the truth is the truth.

  78. Happy Black Guy, on February 11th, 2009 at 3:45 pm Said:

    I am awesome.

    Yep — and Obama is competent! And just because someone has scary lady parts she is ispso facto a feminist. LMAO — that kool aid is powerful stuff!! No wonder the Obots think Obama is a genius — compared to them, he is!

  79. I read that she did not want to cooperate at first. This was from TMZ, but was talked into it when it became public.

  80. Way OT, but if you guys are ever looking for something to watch that is not the news, think of investing your time in to RuPaul’s Drag Race. I’m re-watching it again online, and you know what, it’s phenomenal. Take everything great about America’s Next Top Model and Project Runway, and combine it with drag queens. That is art, trust me.

  81. Regency — Terrence Howard is a freak — I read some interview he did way back during Crash or Hustle & Flow (one of those) — he was going on & on about how he has a hard time with relationships because the woman always wants to tempt him into having premarital sex (yep, he said that) and that when he goes to a woman’s house he always checks to see if she has baby wipes by the toilet & if she doesn’t he tells her she needs to start or he will not see her again because if a woman doesn’t wipe herself with baby wipes “she isn’t clean.” (yep, he said that too).

  82. Oh and you are not awesome, you are probably suffering from short man syndrome and have a tiny little wee-wee, if you weren’t completely and totally inadequate, you wouldn’t get your jollies by coming here and aggravating the piss out of us.

  83. Ange: Oh, what the hell? Damn, even if you feel lit, don’t tell people that in an interview. That’s so bizaree.

  84. They should stay away from each other and be alone for awhile. Except she loves him. Oh well.

  85. Oh and you are not awesome. I see you as as somone who suffers from short man syndrome and you probably have a tiny little wee-wee. If you weren’t completely and totally inadequate, you would not bother coming here and aggravating the piss out of us.

  86. There are internet rumors that they argued and fought a lot. I was a counselor for years and I have seen cases where the woman hit the man and they ended up in a free for all, with elbows and hair flying. In these cases, I have seen many women that looked pretty beat up, then I saw the men and they looked worse. I always advocate walking away and never, ever, hitting anyone, but sometimes you just have to look at the circumstances. Right now, I want Chris Brown strung up by his ears, because I am a woman, but remember, myiq’s story. He used to be abused by a woman.

  87. The sad thing is that many of the obots I know include health care as one of their top priorities. They voted for this lying sack of sh!t thinking he would work to make health care available for ALL Americans. Who knows if or when they’ll finally figure out they’ve been played.

    My DIL has RA and their new health insurance won’t cover it for another year since it’s a pre-existing condition. Because of this she can’t afford the $1,000-per-shot medication she needs. That’s bad enough but then she tells me that everything will work out because her doctor told her things will be better now that Obama is in office. The doctor for chrissake!

    The scariest part of this mess is that people continue to “believe” in Obama even though he says one thing but does another. It’s frightening to think that they may never wake up to the truth.

  88. There is a zero percent chance we will get UHC. There was a chance under Clinton because she made it the centerpiece of her campaign.

  89. gxm17, on February 11th, 2009 at 4:42 pm Said:

    The sad thing is that many of the obots I know include health care as one of their top priorities. They voted for this lying sack of sh!t thinking he would work to make health care available for ALL Americans. Who knows if or when they’ll finally figure out they’ve been played.
    Here is the Obama health care plan…it’ pure crap


  90. gxm17: My heart breaks for your DIL. I’ve had RA for close to 40 years. I lost count of the number of years I waited for insurance to kick in.

    If she’s not already on methotrexate she should look into it. It’s fairly cheap and would tide her over until she can get on the biologics. it’s very effective for many people and might stop the need for biologics. They shouldn’t be the first line of treatment.

    Her doc is liviing in la-la land over Obama. If it was me I’d be running out the door lookinig for a real doc that doesn’t mix politics and treatment.

  91. The governments under Bush and Obama want a society made up of “pay as you go”. Healthcare comes solely out of your pocket, someone else decides if you are deserving of care, and if you are unable to pay, oh well.

    They want to do this as well for road maintenance, selling off chunks of highways and allowing a fee every 50 miles to continue your ride.

    They want to discontinue government programs, financial assistance, low interest rates on student loans, and any other program supported by the government. Rid the nation of unions, fire at will, import more immigrants willing to work for peanuts while continuing to outsource higher paying jobs overseas.

    The new “capitalism”. Our very own Mexican economy. The money and the land in the ownership of the few and below that line, socialism. Spread the poverty around and all will be equal.

  92. The compromise stimulus bill, still not clear to me on its scope relative the existing federal budget. Outside of defense, social security, medicare, other public trust fund disbursements, debt service, there are still about a trillion dollar’s worth of ongoing domestic programs in the federal budget. Is the stimulus package entirely supplemental to these existing program, or does it in some cases simply replace them.

  93. Regency – Drag Race sounds incredible. I love drag queens. They are the most fun and have the most fun. Here in DC they have drag races every year – racing drag queens.

    angienc2 – you are cracking me up with the get over it/deal with it posts. Too funny.

    Probably because I had a great workout today – I think we are all going to survive and thrive. It’s a learning experience. Yeah. That’s it.

    Gandy can go suck a toe. Dick Morris, on the other hand, may not.

  94. perries — I live to make you laugh! 😉

  95. Regency — here is a link to that Terrence Howard story — hold on to your hat (its even worse than I remembered)!


  96. Here is one of the things Howard said in that interview I had forgotten about:

    “I like women who look like me. Generally, you’re attracted to women who look like you, because the most beautiful thing in nature is your own reflection.”

    He & Obama — birds of a feather! LOL

  97. Angie: Okay, he’s so gross. What the fuck?

    Perries: I now wanna hang in DC a lot more.

  98. Angie: What is wrong with him?

  99. Three Wickets, on February 11th, 2009 at 5:12 pm Said:

    Is the stimulus package entirely supplemental to these existing program, or does it in some cases simply replace them.

    The stimulus bill is nothing more than taking Pelosi and crowd to the toy aisle and saying. “Anything you want as long as it’s not over $800 billion.” They know the well is going dry and they are getting their pound of pork while they can.

    No one in the MSM gets that the majority of spending is in the 12-24 month payout so that the House can campaign on it. It is basically the scene from “Apollo 13” where Johnson brings space control to Houston and says, “Look what I have brought you.”

    This whole scenario sets up the House races for 2010. The only stimulus is stimulating the next round of House races — this is the mind of Rahminator at work. Disgusting is what it is, just disjusting.

  100. Downticket: thanks for the yahoo link. I can’t believe anyone thought that would be a good idea. I guess it is the obama admin’s first step to cutting back those pesky entitlement programs.

  101. Since HBG can’t get over himself, could someone please clean up the thread that he’s trying to cr*p all over.

    All the pro-Gandy sites are operating just as the obots have for Obama, claiming all sorts of miracles she’s performed (she got Lily Ledbetter passed single-handedly! She once spoke out in favor of a woman! etc. etc.). It’s the same old, same old.

    It’s a sign of how thoroughly the Reagan-Bush-Bush years have demoralized this country, that a person such as Gandy is praised to the skies for just doing the minimum one would expect from someone who claims to be an advocate for women’s equality, and all her contra-actions are just ignored. What I’d like to know is how many of these ravingly “pro Gandy” bloggers even knew her name before it was rumored to be in circulation for the post. Not many, I’d guess.

  102. Prolix, on February 11th, 2009 at 5:33 pm Said:

    I was thinking the same thing-it’s all about 2010

  103. RealKim:

    if you’re still around this has a bit about Iran at the bottom of the article.

  104. Prolix-And if I can see it, the whole of the MSM can see it too.

  105. Laurie,

    Cognitive dissonance doesn’t mean you don’t see it, they just process it differently than we do, but you make an excellent point.

  106. A sell out is a sell out. Doesn’t matter what he or she did up until giving it all up for, well, a whole lotta nuthin’.

  107. Thanks for the kind thoughts G-cat. Her flare ups are so painful that it makes taking care of her beautiful baby boy very difficult. I will check and see what pill she’s on this week (they seem to be searching for the “right” one) and ask if she’s tried methotrexate yet.

  108. could we have at least 1 uplifting story on Lions share or View under the bus…

    this TOOL occupying thr White Houseis so depressing the ol fuzzy bear!

  109. new thread up.

  110. what did you guys do to AGB while I was napping? He’s filled up the moderation filter AND the spam filter. He’s got a bad case of Puma Derangement Syndrome. Maybe he should take two packets of koolaid and go home to his wife.

  111. “The new “capitalism”. Our very own Mexican economy. The money and the land in the ownership of the few and below that line, socialism. Spread the poverty around and all will be equal.”

    Pat — you aren’t kidding. When I lived in Mexico in the 90’s you had to prepay for your hospital stay to have a baby! I guess that constitutes a pay as you go system.

    So, now Pres 0 wants pay as you go, but only for social programs that people actually need, anything else can just come from the trough of the never ending pile of funds. I’m all for light rail and expanding mass transit in the development of infrastructure, but holy jc we have so many pot holes on Milwaukee streets that last year when we went over one it broke our rear suspension in the middle of nowhere (which for us is the south side of Milwaukee).

  112. dakinikat, sorry I shouldn’t have quoted the troll cause I filled up your spam, but he really pissed me off.

  113. Maybe he should take two packets of koolaid and go home to his wife.

    He can’t – restraining order

  114. Oh I did kill at dinner with the Obots last night!

    Jon (Obot commander)went into his anti woman tyraid and I had had enough….

    “they are usless bad drivers hateful and the c word….but I have a few that I like…yada yada yada”

    well I just glared and then I smiled and bated him and said…”Jon I am sorry I will keep my mouth shut…”

    OH and the the silly Obat opend the door with ” No mike please if something is bothering you about what I said please speak” (or words to that effect) and I walked right through it! Like a 1000 megaton bomb I rained a radioactive shitstorm on him!

    Me: “Jon take what you just said and every where you said woman replace it with the word black and tell me how it sounds please just repeat what you said out loud and replace the woman with the word black.”

    (from the peanut gallery) “that is different that would be R@cist!”

    Jon: R@cistism is different!

    ME: “sorry It is offensive to me your tone about women it is Big0try and a big0t is a big0t is a big0t!

    (from the peanut gallery)-Gosh Mike that is really harsh!

    Me: Yes it is harsh would anyone like to go out for icecream!

    It was a great meal…then I went into the stimulus package being reaganonomics ect….

  115. Prolix, on February 11th, 2009 at 5:33 pm Said:

    The stimulus bill is nothing more than taking Pelosi and crowd to the toy aisle and saying. “Anything you want as long as it’s not over $800 billion.” They know the well is going dry and they are getting their pound of pork while they can.


    Thanks, as always.

  116. I remember that fateful day during the campaign when Bimbo misrepresented Hillary’s Health initiatives back in the 90s with Harry and Louise misquoted on his imitation-brochures. Hillary was, justifiably, very very angry and she raised in her hands the fraudulent Xeroxed brochures and shouted:


    The Xeroxed Presidency of this camouflaged misogynist is accurately captured in Kathleen Parker’s WashingPost column “OBAMA IN THE SHALLOWS”!!

    Periodically, Barrack will feel down and will start launching attacks on women to ….boost his bipartisan appeal!….

    Zeus help us all!

  117. taggles — just sent you an email — yes, I’ll call in at 8:00 EST

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