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Tuesday: Words

I started watching the presidential news conference last night but had to change channels.  Obama’s head whipped from side to side so often I thought he was going to have whiplash.  Left teleprompter 7 seconds, right teleprompter 5 seconds, left, right, left, right, center, right.  Distracting.

When he started describing the deflation cycle as if we aren’t already living it, I switched to Dear Genevieve and spent a quiet half hour of zen inspired sophistication in a Craftsman four square.  Much more soothing.

So, I had to get my news from the live blog and the MSM.  As I was skimming the Politico article, I came across this blurb:

But for Americans tuning in to hear some reassuring words from their new president on the economy, what they heard instead were some dire warnings wrapped in an almost professorial explanation of the causes of the economic meltdown – and his prescription for pulling the nation out of it.

The president also rejected Republican suggestions that he came into office eager to preside over a monstrous government spending spree.

“I would love not to have to spend money right now,” Obama said. “You know, this notion that somehow I came in here just ginned up to spend $800 billion…that wasn’t how I envisioned my presidency beginning. But we have to adapt to existing circumstances,” he said.

Oh, really?  The idea that Bush and his droogs were going to wreck the economy as they plundered the vault on the way out the door has been floating around the web for several years now.   We figured it would be the “revenge of the movement conservatives”: spend every cent in the Treasury on war and tax cuts and force the Democrats to take all of the blame for the pain and suffering when they try to fix it.  If we knew Obama was going to have to immediately spend money like there’s no tomorrow, why didn’t he? His words undermine his own argument.  If the situation is so serious, and it is, and if deflation is a real risk, then spending massive amounts of money is the thing to do.  If he’s truly the “post-partisan” president, then he surely knows that doing the right thing doesn’t necessarily come with a party label.  But if it turns out that only Democrats have a history of spending money during a deflationary cycle to kickstart the economy, then verily I say unto Obama, “Embrace your inner Democrat!”

Sometimes the solution requires subtlety and finesse, shade of gray, diplomacy and nuance.  And sometimes the solution is very clear and easy.  It’s as straightforward as putting out a fire.  Grab a bucket and throw some water on it.  If the bucket you grab belongs to some dead Democrat from 60 years ago and it’s the only one around, are you supposed to put it down because the Villagers are sniffing that it’s not *their* kind of bucket?

People are losing their jobs, healthcare, means to feed their children and their futures.  I am one of the people most likely to be caught by the AMT sometime in the future and scheduled for a tax cut.  PLEASE! TAKE MY MONEY!  Yeah, it sucks to have to pay more in taxes so that unemployed people can feed their kids, apply for COBRA, so that teachers have decent buildings to teach in.  If it means 500,000 more people start working, I’ll eat my tax cut for a few years.  As long as I have a job, I’m one of the lucky ones and it is my obligation to help out in the bucket brigade.  Today I am fortunate; tomorrow it may be me.

I’m tired of the words.  I’m disgusted with the stage craft and the carefully crafted images of determination.  I’m enraged that the Village still thinks it can have its cake and eat it too and has no sense of morality or philanthropy.  And I want Obama to stop trying to walk a fine line.  It’s time to do the right thing, even if you have to act like a fricking Democrat to do it. Words have no meaning if actions fail to match.  Obama needs to get out there, stop depending on Congress to sort it out and lead for a change.

Screw the Republicans and DINOs and the Reagan they rode in on.

101 Responses

  1. Icouldn’t watch it, I tried, but seeing soup lines that wrap around the block and day cares with empty rooms because the kiddies parents have no job; I just didn’t have the stomach to hear him campaign again. After all, that is all that it was, speechifying, he speaks and all is well with the world.

  2. Amen, RD!! I’m sick and tired of it too. Really really sick and tired of it. How dare he stand up there with two teleprompters. It’s about time he just answered some questions. If he can’t answer the questions, he should just admit it. Everyone already knows he has no idea what he’s doing. Bring the so-called experts out there and let them answer questions extemporaneously. And if the press won’t ask real questions, bring in real people to ask them!

  3. I think the thing that scares me most about him is that he doesn’t do “reassuring” or optimism, for that matter.

    When we have problems, we need someone who can do both of those things. It really worries me what will come of this.

    Did he have teleprompters at a press conference??

  4. I didn’t watch the press conf last night, but was there really a teleprompter, or is it just a metaphor?
    If there indeed was a teleprompter and the press didn’t mention it, it’s a major press scandal again – on par with those presumed/real earphones that Bush wore at 2004 presidential debates. But teleprompters, we could see, right? Could we see a photo of the prompters if they were used?

  5. Interesting:
    Analysis: Nobody asked Obama questions readers care about

  6. Aaaaack! He even said “the notion that somehow”!

    That’s one of his big “tells.” That phrase signals a gigantic lie is coming.

    I agree, RD. Take my freaking $600. I don’t want it. Ayn Rand was only a writer, and the anarchy she envisions is inherently amoral.

  7. after watching the video from the guy from PA on the sept. 15 bank run, this wasnt bush, this was obama’s folks pulling strings because mccain had pulled ahead after selecting Palin, and this is proof this election was his no matter what because his financial backers think they own the world and they should be investigated and indicted on fraud charges whoever they are against the financial system of america….Obama is not smart, is a bought and paid for, never in my life I have seen such a plot to overrun our country, what they are goin to get out of bankrupting this country, I have no idea, im sick at heart, sick at heart.

  8. The morning talk shows have been in raptures over last night’s event. You would have to think he just reinvented the 10 Commandments instead of delivering a prepared speech on a stimulus package.

    Meanwhile, over at C Span, the callers continue to phone in with each offering the reality of their daily existence. It is almost like living on two different planets.

    I might be able to tolerate him more if they had not insisted on “selling” him to me in the first place but the hype continues. The “over the top” coverage that we are looking at “greatness” every time he blows his nose. He is average at best. Mediocre to say the least. Like any other president in there first few months of office, he is finding his way. Instead the drumbeat continues, asking us to “behold the man”.

    It is much more than I can stomach and merely adds to my daily dose of cynicism.

  9. PJ – They have to prop up their TeleprompTer Jesus. Chris Matthews said it was his job, didn’t he? Another little Freudian slip.

  10. There really were teleprompters, ecoast.

  11. BB – they were just for his speech, so there’s no scandal. Right?


  12. Don’t let the Democrats pass this pork bill! Call your Senator now!

  13. From the Guardian UK:

    Last night’s press conference was in many ways more a piece of theatre – with the assembled reporters as foil for Obama – than a question and answer session. It began with a campaign-style speech that the president read out from teleprompters.

    He used the questions to hammer home that economic message and to discuss at some length his other goals on energy, healthcare, and education reform.

    In his prepared remarks and responses, Obama returned repeatedly to the same theme – that this was a crisis that could only be solved by a massive infusion of government spending.

    Conventional ideas popular with economic conservatives, like tax cuts, would not work and a failure to act could turn crisis into catastrophe.

    “This is no ordinary run of the mill recession,” he said.

    The press conference was part of a carefully choreographed set of appearances by the president, taking place mainly in the US hinterlands, intended to use his high public approval ratings as pressure to get Republican members of Congress to pass the package by the end of the week.

  14. “Yeah, it sucks to have to pay more in taxes so that unemployed people can feed their kids, apply for COBRA, so that teachers have decent buildings to teach in. If it means 500,000 more people start working, I’ll eat my tax cut for a few years. As long as I have a job, I’m one of the lucky ones and it is my obligation to help out in the bucket brigade. Today I am fortunate; tomorrow it may be me.”

    Riverdaughter, this is very well stated and I feel the same way.

  15. madamab,

    The Guardian comes right out and says that the speech and the responses were prepared in advance and coreographed. If this is what the “press conferences” are going to be like, there really is no need to have them.

  16. Whenever it looks like Uh-bama is watching a slow motion ping-pong game he’s TelePromptering.

    Even some of his biggest fans noticed that he never looks directly into the camera.

    He needs more experience at public speaking – he’s not very good at it.

  17. Tom Brokaw on Morning Joe has not been this impressed since Kennedy back in the 60’s. Can’t say enough about his delivery and coolness. (The same “coolness” I find to be “indifferent” but that’s just me.)

    Bob Herbert was this close to orgasm in his reflection. I admit to not being the sharpest knife in the drawer but what am I missing here?

    My assessment: an unnecessary “speech” since he has the votes already, delivered off a teleprompter to a group of “reporters” pre selected for “questions”. Unless you are comparing him to the fractured and incoherent utterings of Bush, then you may want to cite him for at articulation. But in my estimation, which does not count for much, his answers are so convoluted that by the time he gets around to actually answering them I have lost the thread to the original question.

    Must be me.

  18. Of course, Obama had teleprompters and pre-scripted answers. Can you imagine the gobbledygook that would have come out of his mouth otherwise? Or another ill-spoken “spread the wealth” comment that would have had people flocking to banks at opening time.

  19. Over at Salon Alex Obamaman said:

    Obama’s answers weren’t, really — they were mini-speeches.

  20. BB – What I want to know is this:

    In his prepared remarks and responses, Obama returned repeatedly to the same theme – that this was a crisis that could only be solved by a massive infusion of government spending.

    Conventional ideas popular with economic conservatives, like tax cuts, would not work and a failure to act could turn crisis into catastrophe.

    Then why are the freaking tax cuts in the freaking package? It’s 40% tax cuts! Why are we devoting 40% of $900 BILLION to something that WON’T WORK!!!!

    (Sorry for shouting)

  21. I didn’t watch the presser, but I saw some clips on the morning news shows. I noticed that The One called on one questioner by name, “…Sam Stein of the Huffington Post…”. I vote we get White House Press credentials for myiq2xu and send him to the pressers. Do you think The One would have the ovaries to call on myiq2xu?

  22. Do you think The One would have the ovaries to call on myiq2xu?

    Only if he was accompanied by that “thing” that lives in his basement.

  23. take it from an economics professor, he may have given an hours worth of rambling professorial answers to the questions, but they weren’t one’s an economics professor would’ve given to the economics questions. i can’t speak to the ones out of my field, but i thought the second question on iraq was about a 15 minutes nonresponse filled with a lot of stuttering.

    was there one nugget of actual information in this speech?

  24. Janicen – LOL!

    My husband snorted very loudly when Helen Thomas asked her question, which was “Which countries in the ME have nuclear weapons?”

    He didn’t answer that one. Apparently we are never supposed to admit that Israel has nukes. I thought it was because he didn’t want to admit that Iran doesn’t have them!

  25. I thought his press conference wasn’t bad but to me it was just more rhetoric – and we all know the guy has learned how to give a decent speech. People concerned about the details aren’t fawning. Krugman is still on point and won’t get distracted by Obama’s stagecraft. I suggest that we all try to do the same.

  26. Also was wondering if Obama knows that Pakistan is not in the ME.


  27. And if you read the comments on the Obama Friendly blogs, Helen Thomas had the nerve to pose that question in the first place! How dare she!

    The only one in the room still carrying creditable credentials when it comes to journalism and they snipe at her for asking a question that put him off his stride. Unbelievable!

  28. madamab,

    I guess India and Pakistan aren’t in the ME? I’m not very good at geography. But they are close and they both have nukes.

  29. The country in the middle east that has nukes is Israel, and I suspect that’s what Helen Thomas was meaning.

  30. I did a word count from the CNN transcript and Obama’s “prepared remarks” were 1235 words long and his first “unprepared” answer to a question was 902 words long.

  31. I would have asked about his flip-flop on the “state secrets” pledge.

    I was a little surprised that nobody asked about it then I realized the reporters/kabuki performers had all submitted their questions the night before (when they didn’t know about the flip-flop yet)

  32. Okay, I just read Herbert’s hagiographic column.

    HBG – Herbert, Bob Guy?

  33. Impressed Me Not
    by Walter Shapiro
    On Obama’s first White House press conference

  34. It depends. If we use the literal definition for Middle East, it would be Israel. Their possession of nuclear weapons is an open secret to which they themselves alluded to a while back, but has never been officially confirmed. Confirmation would mean that all countries in the ME would then work to acquire nuclear weapons – making a volatile situation even more volatile.

    If we expand the definition to reflect the current definition of the ME, Pakistan would be included.

    Current anti-jewish events in Britain, Sweden, and other European countries may result in Israel becoming even more defensive.

  35. Plural – that’s what she meant, all right. My hubby caught it.

    BB – me neither, but they’re not in the Middle East. Just think of the ME as across from the top right section of Africa (Egypt).

    I guess Pakistan and India are considered Asian?

  36. Looking – we’d have to add Afghanistan to that mix too, if we add Pakistan. Afghanistan is farther west.

  37. His answers are mini speeches. That is a good one. He needs to send his gals/guys out to do the nuts and bolts. He is supposed to be the boss and busy but instead he is a pitchman. He has the entire US government at his disposal and all he wants to do is spout double talk and hog the camera. He is going to become a joke and not in a good way.

  38. I love the way she phrased the question.

    And also, do you know of any country in the Middle East that has nuclear weapons?

    Sounds like she’s challenging him.

  39. Pakistan and India are south Asia, I believe.

  40. Pat Johnson, on February 10th, 2009 at 9:18 am Said:
    And if you read the comments on the Obama Friendly blogs, Helen Thomas had the nerve to pose that question in the first place! How dare she!

    The only one in the room still carrying creditable credentials when it comes to journalism and they snipe at her for asking a question that put him off his stride. Unbelievable!


    he did to helen what he did to Hillary during the whole campaign with his remark “now i feel fully inaugarated
    that i am answering Helen’s question” this guy makes fun of women every chance he gets, and he makes fun of his vice president, all in the same press conference, isnt he just the Perfect ONe, only he is without flaw, and everyone thought it was just sooooooooooooo cool that he said selecting Daschle was a mistake, oh i messed up, pweeeese forgive me,
    you fuck nut case I have such disdain for the supposedly president, i dont have the words to even explain it.

  41. We all viewed the news conferences out of a different lens but there were some who admitted to having been “reduced to tears” and therein lies the problem. When too many are so invested in this one individual that they become overwhelmingly emotional, I am reminded of those in the 1930’s who wept at the sight of another leader passing by in an open car.

    This much attachment to one man, and heaping undue praise on his merest gestures, is craziness. Utter devotion and blind faith is the fastest way to ensure a dictatorship no matter how thinly disguised.

    It was a press conference for God’s sake, nothing more.

  42. “Middle East” is kinda vague – in usage it usually refers to the Muslim world and Israel, except they exclude Indonesia and all the sub-Saharan nations in Africa (which is a whole lotta Muslims)

  43. dak — but Dear Leader told us last night that EVERY economist agrees that his stimulus package is da bomb!

    MB — exactly — why does he keep talking about tax cuts not working when 40% of the “stimulus” package is tax cuts? And more importantly why doesn’t the msm call him out on it? (Krugman & his Nobel prize don’t count — he musn’t actually be an economist — see above).

    I’m tired of all the stupidity.

  44. Pakistan and India are south Asia

    Egypt, Libya, Algeria and Morocco are in Africa.

  45. Isodole — Obama told Nancy & Harry to “give it [the stimulus] to him & he’d sell it.”

    Funny, I think a real leader would have actually worked on what was in it not treat it like it was some product. Can you see Hillary saying something like that?

  46. My boss summarized Obama last night pretty well, he said he looked the dog that finally caught the car and had no damn clue what to do with it now.

  47. Obama told Nancy & Harry to “give it [the stimulus] to him & he’d sell it.”

    “Give me stimulus!”

  48. madamab-

    I agree. When people talk about the ME now they seem to include most Muslim nations in the area or somehow close to it (though it may be technically wrong).


    Thomas is challenging him. As the daughter of Lebansese immigrants ME questions specifically related to the Levant have always been very important to her. She does not support the pro-Israel policy the US has held all these years, and has continually challenged successive administrations regarding this position and Levant related issues.

  49. Just a quick comment, re Obama claiming tax cuts do not work.

    In the primaries, he promised to give 95% of Americans a tax cut.

    And of the $300 billion in tax cuts in the compromise bill, $140 billion are Obama’s tax cuts/rebates, including the refundable “tax cuts” he gives to those who don’t pay income tax.

    I don’t want to argue about “yeah, but they pay payroll tax……”

    But I DO find it deceitful and misleading for Obama to play political games, pushing the meme that Repubicans did tax cuts and it didn’t work…….while half of the tax cuts in the bill come from Obama himself.

    And the claim that the only other choice comes from people “who would rather do nothing?”

    That’s a lie, too.

    Due respect.

  50. There used to be something called the Near East, but I guess that’s disappeared.

  51. I don’t agree w/ how the speech was delivered and the staged questions, but, I do agree with the premise . We need economic help ASAP and if the word “catastrophe” does it, then, so be it. Get the money moving NOW. I just pray he now realizes that the repugs et al are not his friends. Bi partisan, shmi partisan. Fu*k ’em.

  52. Wiki has a good description of “Middle East”

  53. Even if he wants to, how can Plastic Jesus do the right things when the people who profit from the wrong things being done OWN his bony @$$? 😦

  54. http://www.epi.org/analysis_and_opinion/entry/public_investment_far_better_than_tax_cuts/

    Worth a read if you haven’t checked it out yet from the EPI and the link itself explains the topic well

  55. elixir — I don’t follow you at all — getting the money moving without a good plan is called throwing good money after bad. I recall people (ah hem) running around here like Chicken Little screaming that we had to get that $700 million approved & to the banks NOW. I called b.s. on it at the time because I realized that handing that money over with no strings attached would save the fat cat’s but the banks were STILL not going to be lending. Who was right? I was. And I’m calling b.s. on the sky is falling argument again. Do the damned thing right — without 40% of it going to tax cuts. Without cutting out things the average person actually needs & which would actually be stimulative. This is $800 BILLION we are talking about here — with a “B.” This is NOT monopoly money. Do it right.
    And Obama knows exactly who his friends are — the same corporate overlords who brought us W brought us Obama. He is just counting on us peons (i.e. suckers) to worship him anyway.

  56. madamab

    Yes, I think Pakistan and India are considered Asian. I think there is East Asia and West Asia? Again, I readily admit I don’t do geography well.

  57. this is another interesting one with a graph that shows the effectiveness of different types of stimulus:


  58. You’ll see the top three most meaningful stimulus items are : food stamps, extend UI benefits, and infrastructure projects

    tax cuts are way at the bottom and really don’t even pay for themselves

  59. Dakinikat,

    That looks like really good economics site. Thanks!

  60. dak — well, golly gee! Aren’t food stamps, UI benefits & infrastructure projects the things that are missing from this supercalafragelistic stimulus package that all economists agree is the bestest stimulus package ever? /s

  61. FDR had the “New Deal” and HST had the “Fair Deal”

    Obama is giving us the “Raw Deal”

  62. From AofS:

    President Franklin D. Roosevelt: “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”

    President Barack H. Obama: ‘Do what I want, or the economy will melt, and you’ll all die poor and alone.’

    Irresponsible fear-mongering is not all that presidential. Now that I think about it, weren’t we promised a calm, cool, post-partisan president?

    Guess that ‘hope over fear’ stuff from the inaugural address was “just words.”

  63. Angie2,

    Sorry I wasn’t clear. So do we disagree w/ Krugman, that an economic stimulus package is critical to our economy right now? And that the proposed package is too small? Because I agree w/ Krugman.

    I think that this current package is far from perfect but I’d rather see something than nothing. And I really don’t think this package is going to improve.

  64. In his defense, the responses on not wanting to start the Presidency with a huge spending bill were addressed to those who have been whining about the deficit. I have to agree that if we weren’t stuck with the last 8 years of fiscal asshattery that put us in this depression then their main focus would be addressing the deficit. But breaking the unemployment and lack of cash flow cycle has to be the first priority right now. He was rightly pointing out that borrowing against the future isn’t always fiscally irresponsible.

    He also made a point of saying that it isn’t the fault of individuals being fiscally irresponsible. It was high end financial institutions who were relying on unsound, unregulated ponzi schemes that they were selling over and over again without any real sense of the value of the asset.

    Yes, it was an awkward first press conference. But it was an attempt to sell their plan rather than shove it down our throats. It will be hard to get back to some regular civility in our processes. We have become so accustom to the Rovian blowhards who have been running the table. It’s hard to establish new habits.

    Yes, I wanted Hillary up there if only because she wouldn’t have to learn how to do this but frankly this was going to be a tough learning curve for anyone. I’m not going to beat the guy up for not being superman. You are right about him hogging the limelight a bit. I do want him to start recognizing the difference between those who support him and those who support sound policy.

  65. India and Pakistan are in South Asia, in which you can also include Bangladesh and Sri Lanka South East Asia is Thailand, Phillippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, etc.

  66. I’m not going to beat the guy up for not being superman.

    Don’t worry, we’ve got it covered.

    He was sold to us as Superman, and so far we have “non-conforming tender” That’s a breach of contract.

  67. Surprise!:

    While most on the front row got to pose a question to President Obama, the two reporters from the black press did not. Nor did any other black-press reporter, for that matter.

    “This was like Reagan, when he’d put all the blacks up front,” said another prominent but visibly peeved black-press reporter who asked to remain anonymous. “He oughta’ be ashamed.”

  68. Questions not asked by the fawning press :

    1. Who contibuted to bos campaign , and when will we have a full accounting
    2. What was the origin of and what are the details of the bank run on Sept 16 2008
    Strangely enough ( this is tin foil hat Tuesday is it not ? ) that is almost the to the day of Oprahs visit to Saudi Arabia and the anniversay of Black Wednesday
    On Black Wednesday (September 16, 1992), Soros became immediately famous when he sold short more than $10 billion worth of pounds, profiting from the Bank of England’s reluctance to either raise its interest rates to levels comparable to those of other European Exchange Rate Mechanism countries or to float its currency.

    3. Why is the Census being moved from the dept of Commerce

    I am sure this list is longer … and
    4. When will these questions be asked ??

  69. Kim – I thing your boss is right – there was a very real – Oh my God, now what do I do moment.

  70. I had the One on when I was driving home in a rainstorm. I was not going to listen but decided I would. I also listened to the post speech commentary on Fox. The take away was that most people thought he probably did a good sell job to the American people. The most recent Gallup poll on it confirms this. His approval rating is at 67% still and the approval rating on the Slim Sell package has come up from something like 38% to the 50s. The Dem congress is now leading the Repubs even tho’ congress is sitting low. My take was that he had the spin down well. The teleprompter support helps him to sound like he is well informed. THE BIGGEST PROBLEM IS THAT THE REPUBLICAN MINORITY DOES NOT HAVE AN ARTICULATE VOICE. The only problem I see for Obama right now is that this Slim Sell package is HIS. He owns it. If it does not work, he will have the failure. If it does work, he will be the messiah. If it does work, Dems will have a huge political advantage for years. If it does not work, we may have more competitive politics in the future.

    By the way. One of the first things that Hoover did was cut taxes. Dems in the 30’s including FDR were touting the need for a balanced budget. The greatest parallels between the 29 Crash and post crash depression:
    1. Workers were not seeing any increase in real wages; the rich were experiencing a huge income boom and they were putting that money into stock speculation.
    2. The speculative booms that occurred in the 20s. This was the age of Ponzi and the Florida land bubble. The grand speculation that brought average Joe’s into the speculative markets did not really get underway until late 28 and 29 until about June of 29.
    3. The leveraged speculation of the investment trusts which seem to be very much like the derivatives market and hedge funds today.

  71. http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=20601039&refer=columnist_mccaughey&sid=aLzfDxfbwhzs

    This is the part of the stimulus bill whcih worries me. That some of these provisions are already being implemented became clear to me recently when my mother’s physician could not do certain things for her because of reercussions he would have. She has been a taxpayer all her life, and pays a portion of her SS for medicare, and has an AARP supplemental plan.

    In 15 years I’ll be retiring, unless they extend the retirement age. Things will be even worse for my generation. Is this our Democrats idea of universal medical care? Care for the young and/or healthy?

  72. myiq2xu,

    Oh dear. But something tells me those criticisms won’t appear anywhere but the right wing media. Will we live to be grateful for to Rev. Moon for the Washington Times?

  73. Swanspirit,

    When the questions are screened in advance, no uncomfortable questions can be asked.

  74. It seems as if he knew what the questions would be, yes?

  75. Daschle says health-care reform “will not be pain free.” Seniors should be more accepting of the conditions that come with age instead of treating them. That means the elderly will bear the brunt.

    jesus fucking christ .. just take the “seniors” and throw them in pile and bury them alive why dont you …
    how is this extending the quality of life
    this is unfucking believable
    I am sorry but I am stunned beyond belief………

  76. I changed the channel too and finished making my artichokes.

    Did you catch the AP “analysis” this morning?

    The opening sentence is DELICIOUS…as were my artichokes!

    AP Analyzes Obama:He’s FED UP With Protests About the Stimulus Plan…Too F*cking Bad!!


  77. Pat : I just about always agree with you and do so with your post above with one little caveat. This was not a press conference. This was a presidential speech-a-thon disguised as a press conference. For the most part his answers were way too long and sucked up all the air time. There were only 13 questions asked.

  78. Obama has been attacking Rush Limbaugh all week, but then puts Ed Schultz on the front row of the press conference next to Helen. Ed Schultz who pushed for Obama relentlessly while he threw Hillary in the ditch and spit on her.

    I don’t mind that he attacks Rush, but to send and “up yours” with Ed Schultz just reenforces what kind of man he is.

  79. Will we live to be grateful for to Rev. Moon for the Washington Times?

    Whenever I read questionable media outlets I look for factual specificity and sourcing.

    It was like the Enquirer reporting on Edwards – they had when – where – who and how nailed. The only speculation was on the why.

  80. new post up.

  81. Yesterday the headline in USA Today was about the fact that 3.9 B $ in hurricane relief and rehab funds was still unspent. In the take away about why, the big issues were governmental roadblocks—fights between the Feds, states, local governments and basic people. I see this as a big problem for the Slim Sell bill. It is certainly playing a role in the TARP mess.

    Although I know there are schools that desperately need construction and remodeling funds, I also know from a 30 year career doing it that there is nowhere in the US where you can do school construction right away. Usually “shovel ready” projects can go forward despite a downturn because most school construction is funded by bonds. So while I think such monies are a good idea, they do not meet the test of immediacy.

  82. This $800 billion is nothing more than an amuse bouche to quiet the petulant Pelosi crowd while the more mature corpulent porcine crowd bellies up today with St. Timothy of the Banks releasing his first epistle. This is where the ones who paid for this dance will get their feast. There will likely be a dollar for dollar government gift for the “rescuing” private equity placed in the system with the purveyors of this mess picking up their tips on the way back through the system.

    Eight hundred billion was the price of a course correction on priorities without having to wait for the budget process and it is being sold as a stimulus not unlike taking the kids to the toy department and saying, “You get to pick anything you want as long as you keep the cost under $800 billion.”

    This whole little vignette reminds me of the saying, “You can call a horse a cow, but the milk is going to taste funny.”

  83. Prolix — I love you! LMAO!!

  84. myiq,

    I meant my comment literally. I think we may live to be grateful for the Moonie times. I wasn’t criticizing you for citing it. I’ve noticed several times recently that they have covered angles none of the “mainstream” outlets do.

  85. “People are losing their jobs, healthcare, means to feed their children and their futures. I am one of the people most likely to be caught by the AMT sometime in the future and scheduled for a tax cut. PLEASE! TAKE MY MONEY! Yeah, it sucks to have to pay more in taxes so that unemployed people can feed their kids, apply for COBRA, so that teachers have decent buildings to teach in. If it means 500,000 more people start working, I’ll eat my tax cut for a few years. As long as I have a job, I’m one of the lucky ones and it is my obligation to help out in the bucket brigade. Today I am fortunate; tomorrow it may be me.”

    Rd said this, and this is how Dems have always felt — about helping the poor. The thing is though, it seems like this stimulus isn’t about that — at all.

    One of the reasons I liked McC was because he had that insurance plan for people — $5000 for people so they could go get some — but his main idea was to create jobs in small business.

    Given what American corporations have done here — in terms of literally bankrupting the country by outsourcing et al — small business seemed like the only way to go.

    By permitting business to do what it did — the government is responsible for this huge economic failure. And the failure of things like Social Security. If people are laid off from high paying jobs — only to have to line up for 10.00 an hour jobs?

    They will destroy any benefits they have accrued.

    Somebody yesterday was mentioning the date Sept. 18th, 2008.
    In terms of banks. I found this:
    It may mean something to people from that industry:
    They also mentioned Soros. To me he seems like a Madoff type? He did something to England in the 90’s. He is one of Pelosi’s and O’s pals. With his own ideas about our country…there are youtubes on him.


    Are they all in on something larger? With this stimulus?

    Out here, years ago now, they put in the lottery to fund the schools. And yet, the schools never have anything it seems. Now, teachers face layoff notices on a monthly basis…I have a friend who is teaching.

    The system needs an COMPLETE overhaul — back to a 70’s model.

    But I don’t think you will get that by throwing money at things that are already broken. In this election we saw all the corruption surface, didn’t we? All the fraud.

    It’s like those bank bailouts?

    Like a bandaid? But for who?

    Look at this:

    “Companies will begin hiring back and shovels will be going in the ground,” he said.


    No, Axelrod — (who said that) — you are wrong! Companies here are still laying off people — check today’s headlines — !

    This was something else — now, I have always been a Dem till now — but — what is wrong with this picture? This is on the census.
    It seems to me that we always had a system of checks and balances by having two political parties — why are the Republican’s concerned over this? It sounds odd. Doesn’t it?

    It does.


    Given the political ideology of the Far Left (in deep republican drag) — what are they after?

    We already figured out that they aren’t Dems as we have known Dems. Who the @#$%^&^%$#@! are they?

    Rather than spend all these bazillions — people could be given jobs? I think the WPA worked like that. This stimulus doesn’t seem like that at all.

    Moving the census is also like a red flag?

    I knew McC was ethical — on his history alone with that FEC deal.

    The ethics of the others? Dunno.

    People who are given a tax break will go spend it on “earrings” won’t they? Remember who said that?

    But that won’t help the larger problems the country faces.

    For that you will have to have industry “be” here, no?

    It will have to be here — and that is going to look like Nationalism to the rest of the world — but, perhaps it is time all countries went that way?

    It’s a hell of a lot better than the alternative…

    The gov would be wise to utilize the arguments on both sides — to come up with a solid plan. It is so not about a popularity contest at this point.

    McC had very good ideas, like Hillary’s.

    Guess they are pretty smart after so many years — of service.

  86. Happy Black Guy, on February 10th, 2009 at 11:27 am Said:

    And it was stunning.

    Yes, I agree, stunning is exactly what this is. I have been stunned at just how easily the American people were bamboozled by this whole charade from the very beginning.

    stunning: causing, capable of causing, or liable to cause astonishment, bewilderment, or a loss of consciousness or strength: a stunning blow.

  87. what I am sick of … this particular verbal tic:

    “You know, this notion that somehow I …..”

    yee gads, get a new catch phrase.

  88. I just saw something over at Uppity’s and now NQ — better read this — boy, is this ever corrupt. It really is. All doctors should be up in arms on this. Really.

    Government will now dictate treatment?


    Uppity nailed it, once again. She is one of my faves — just like RD is.


    McC’s idea of that $5000 was far better than this.

    It’s about Daschle — in the larger sense — his ideology.

    CORRUPT! Unbelievable.

    This whole election has caused me to really rethink who is who politically. I haven’t even minded reading “the other side” — whose values I have never understood much till this year.

    I think I used to think of them as repugnant as well, but no longer — they seem (at least McC) practical?

    If there is NO MONEY you can’t just print more, can you?
    You can’t.

    Whatever Bill Clinton did to reduce that DEBT should be done again — immediately! Not make more. Whatever just happened with those banks shows how insane it all is.

    Really, CLINTON should be around with his ideas on that — soon.
    It makes me so angry about the last eight years — all the good things the Clinton’s did — taken apart — and now?

    Plunging the country into more?

    We can’t. It’s almost like every state for itself, or community at this point. Government has failed us. All.

    They really have.

  89. River Daughter………..Great post, I agree completely!!!

  90. madamab: Then why are the freaking tax cuts in the freaking package? It’s 40% tax cuts! Why are we devoting 40% of $900 BILLION to something that WON’T WORK!!!!

    This is what is driving me freakin’ crazy. He says one thing, does another and the MSM (Misinformation Central) stands up and applauds. And the people don’t notice. Are they all on some drug that we’re immune to?

  91. oops. sorry for the botched code. i haven’t had my coffee yet today.

  92. Somebody! Anybody! Please, tell Obama that the campaign is over and it’s time to do his job!

  93. Good post except for the last line about the Republicans and DINO’s.

    The Republicans behaved like spend happy Democrats in my opinion. As a Democrat about ready to become an Independent, the Democratic party does not get high marks from me. When centrist Democrats rule, things are generally good. When leftist Democrats rule, things can easily get out of hand. They do not seem to know what a budget is. We all need to live wihtin our budgets, but the Democrats are very happy to spend working people’s money like it is a perpetual supply. The fix is not all about spending money, but about spending money wisely. The pork is in the stimulus package, and until it comes out, I’ll cast a wary eye at the Dimwitocrats.

  94. >When centrist Democrats rule, things are generally good. When leftist Democrats rule, things can easily get out of hand.

    Then you should be thrilled-Obama is a center-Right pol.

    Personally, I want FDR or the domestic version of LBJ back.

  95. And as for Obama’s press conference, what an embarrassment. He is dumbing down the presidency, and people thought George Bush was bad! Obama may believe that his speaking image somehow relates to ordinary Americans, but I don’t want ordinary when it comes to the President of the USA. I want EXTRAordinary. I want to believe that the person that was voted into office has what it takes to make the best decisions on behalf of the rest of the country. Obama was the wrong person for the job, and it’s so apparent already. What the hell were Americans thinking when they voted for this turd?

  96. Obama is not a center-right pol, and I am not “thrilled”. He is amorhpous, in my opinion. To classify him as center right is simply wrong.

  97. I, too, am in favor of FDR style Democrats. But I also want accountability, and wise decision making. No blank checks for anybody.

  98. nomobama,
    Agree completely with your statements but obama is not a center right politician. He would like to institute his brand of politics but wants others to do the works for him. That way when things go wrong or fail, he will blame others never taking any responsibility. His actions and language remind me of the teens I taught.

  99. Rascal,

    He is a figurehead president. He wants the glory when things seemingly go right, but your are correct about his blaming others when things don’t look so good. The buck doesn’t stop with Obama.

  100. nomobama:
    The country desperately needed a leader and a manager, not some talking head. But alas, dumb ass Americans and O Bots voted for a figurehead instead of a leader/manager, thinking that just because you can bullshit using a teleprompter, you also happen to have leadership and managerial skills.

  101. So true, hrod.

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