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SEC Beatdown – We Want Our $$ Back and Verbal BS!!

SEC BEATDOWN – Brought to you by NY Rep. Gary Ackerman

WE WANT OUR $$ BACK – Brought to you by OR Rep. Pete Defazio

Do you think we’ll get our money back? Do you think the SEC will do their freakin job? For some reason the hope gene has escaped me and the reality gene is dominant. So this is probably just some grandstanding but the visual outrage does provide a small amount of comfort.

I was going to end my post but I just have to add this. What good is a press that fawns like this over a man who is reading a teleprompter? A TELEPROMPTER!!!!! Just remember that four syllable word while listening to this verbal Bull$hiite. I am sorry to make you watch, but you must be reminded every now and again of the propaganda unit dispatched by the Executive Branch of the United States of America. This viewing exercise will build up the BS immune system.

Everything just seems so pre-orchestrated, sort of like this:

57 Responses

  1. “Standing in front of the American people on a roadblock”


    I was watching the Food Channel, which was blessedly free of him.

  2. Wow – I love Rep Ackerman! We need more of our representatives to speak out and up like him. He calls BS on the lot of them. Good for him and thanks for posting that, taggles!

  3. Geithner is about to come on..

  4. I can’t watch Obama. I refuse to subject myself to such transparent propaganda and lies. His entire candidacy and presidency is theater and marketing. And what’s worse? It works. People buy this crap.

  5. Chris Dodd the fraud introducing the tax evader.

  6. I am going to post something I read this morning by David Sirota. I don’t know him from a hole in the head (one of my mother’s expressions), but I’ve heard others here mention him with disdain. I was out looking for Gillibrand stories, and came across Open Left. Now I know why I avoid all those Kool Aid drenched sites. He claims to be objective. I am including it all here so you don’t have to give him traffic, but just get a glimpse into the mind of pure delusion. He claims Obama is MORE progressive than Hillary(!) and sneers at our “I told you so’s.” Hey David: I TOLD YOU SO!

    A Note to Naderites and Clintonites
    by: David Sirota
    Tue Feb 10, 2009 at 09:37
    I need to get something off my chest – something that’s been bothering me for a while. Over the last few weeks, I’ve received a river of “I Told You So” email from both Ralph Nader fans and from Hillary Clinton sycophants claiming that because President Obama has made some tactical mistakes and ideologically odious moves – and because I’ve been critical of some of these – that it means I was abhorrently wrong for being generally supportive of his candidacy during the primary and the general election; that I need to apologetically throw myself on the mercy of the court; and that I need to beg for forgiveness.*

    These rants – and they are really, truly half-deranged rants – represent a kind of reductionism that’s just braindead. I stand by everything I wrote and said about Obama during the election – that includes both the praise and criticism. I, and many others who supported Obama, weren’t misled by him. I had my eyes wide open – just read the Nation piece I wrote about Obama after spending a day with him. He’s not a perfect president, and he’s not what I would call a movement progressive. I’m not happy about that, but I never thought otherwise.

    But I did think – and continue to think – he was far and away the best and most progressive person for the job, among the serious contenders out there. Ralph Nader and Dennis Kucinich were never going to win the presidency – I wish I lived in a country where people with their politics could win the presidency, but that’s not America yet (though I’m trying to do my part every day to make that day possible). Likewise, if you think Hillary Clinton would be a more progressive president, then you either weren’t born – or weren’t paying attention – over the last 17 years of the Clinton administration (which she played a major role in) and Hillary Clinton’s career in the senate.

    The Clinton argument, in particular, is so utterly stupid and silly. A big part of what Obama has to do right now is clean up after Clintonism. Granted, lots of the criticism directed at him is aimed at his failure to take on Clintonism, but the idea that Hillary Clinton would be better at taking on the ideology and policies she herself helped craft is inane.


  7. The only worthwhile thing about your being between jobs is that you are here to keep us going.

  8. Everyone must use a teleprompter. WTF. left/right


  9. With his panoply of flags behind him. What is with the dozen flags behind every podium these clowns stand at?

  10. Yikes…BTD is back at it rationalizing supporting BO over Hill. Tool.

  11. Geithner is a teleprompter droid and not a good one.

  12. this is painful. his movement and jolting telepromting are distracting.

  13. This guy’s daddy had to be a Vulcan. He’s be 7 foot if his ears hadn’t gotten all the growth.

  14. ROFLMAO prolix!

  15. This reminds me of round robin reading time in second grade.

  16. there is nothing behind it, just reading a screen.

    this is the thunder obama didn’t want to steal?

  17. When I saw a bit of that town hall meeting, which looked exactly the same as the campaign stumps, I began to wonder.

    I read, but never really believed the long references to campaign hypnosis that someone posted prior to the election. But now, with such precise staging, and repeated bodily movements, being followed by an immediate rise in gallup approval ratings- I’m wondering.

    If Obama should produce similar town hall meetings every time he tanks-then I’ll know.

  18. OT, but over at CNN, Jack Cafferty blames all of Obama’s early missteps on -wait for it-Nancy Pelosi.
    Be she left, right or center, Caffery hates any woman with power.
    I posted a comment but it never saw the light of day-big surprise.
    If anybody else would like to mosey on over to CNN and post, maybe he or she would have better luck than I did.
    Whether it’s Pelosi, Clinton or Palin nothing sets Cafferty’s teeth on edge like a girl playing in the boys sand box.
    Have you noticed there’s no such thing as a lovable curmudgeon outside of Walter Matthau movies?

  19. they don’t need hypnosis when you have polling companies and media on your side.

    they control the information and buy the polls.

  20. we will know if this is bad for the American people if the stock market surges.

  21. Meanwhile “Investors pan rescue plan.”

    -201 DJIA

  22. in a couple of weeks we will help you bankrupt americans keep your homes.

    the banks must be saved.

  23. So far he’s committed $2 trillion without a price on the housing bailout.

  24. I don’t see how the stock market coming back is bad for people, seeing how many have their retirement savings in it.

  25. HBG talking about the magic disappearing teleprompters in prev. thread.

  26. Can one of the administrators here look up HBG’s email and post it online? It’s time he deserves some spam too.

  27. no one can ask him a question??

  28. dow is down 300

  29. I really thing that Happy/Angry Black Guy is Roland Martin.

  30. Yo myiq (whut up homie)…

    David Sirota needs a ‘talking to’.


    willyj OUT.

  31. An example of BO’s techniques from the pdf on Obama’s Use of Hidden Hypnosis Techniques in his Speeches:

    This document
    examines Obama’s speeches word by word, hand gesture by hand gesture, tone, pauses, body language, and
    proves his use of covert hypnosis intended only for licensed therapists on consenting patients. Obama’s
    mesmerized, cult-like, grade-school-crush-like worship by millions is not because “Obama is the greatest
    leader of a generation” who simply hasn’t accomplished anything, who magically “inspires” by giving

    large snip

    Obama speaks for 40-50 minutes, 20-30 minute longer than most political speeches. Have you ever
    wondered why Obama gives these long 40-50 minute speeches? Probably not, because most people do not
    even realize time has gone by. This process of pacing then leading, pacing then leading, again and again, as
    well as using other hypnotic language patterns is called “stacking language patterns” (as in, one on top of
    the other)89 The hypnotist blends the process with embedded commands, anchors, emotional transfers, and
    other techniques. What occurs is that the critical factor is bored, worn down, gets tired, and stops being
    critical because it is too much work – then, the hypnotist’s effects increase.90 

  32. David Sirota is a j*ck*ss and always has been. He would’t know a real progressive it one bit him on the butt. He is just another self aggrandizing bloggerboi

  33. ps… maybe david s can come here and post links to his latest book like he does at dkos and DU

  34. willyj
    Someone is very bitter and it ain’t us!
    It seems that Sirota’s head is exploding and he’s trying to convince us that his brain usually flies around in little bits – nothing unusual happened here – move along folks! We got a turd, but it’s the best tird we could possibly ever gotten, so there!

  35. Where is David Sirota’s evidence that Hillary Clinton is not a progressive? “She voted for the warrrrrrr” does not erase her decades of activism on behalf of The Mythical Little Guy (as Rush Limbaugh calls us).

    [cricket cricket cricket]

    Yeah, that’s what I thought, David.


  36. I have a post about Sirota going up at 1pm (or you can see it now at Klownhaus)

  37. It was really weird having to point out that Clinton had a better Progressive Punch score than both Edwards and Obama during the primaries…

    undoubtedly, Obama’s FISA vote makes his score even worse.

    So Sirota (and others who argue along the same vein) are being willfully dishonest at this stage.

  38. on Sirota:

    A big part of what Obama has to do right now is clean up after Clintonism.

    I hate this lie. Not only did we have to sit through 8 years of Republicans telling us that all of Bush’s troubles were caused by Clinton, now we have the Obamabots who have the nerve to tell us that our fiscal crisis now is due to the prosperity of the Clinton 90s. Clinton must have been so powerful that he instituted policies that no Republican or Democrat could do anything about for 8 years. Now, only Obama can reverse the Clinton mess, and to accomplish that, it is neccessary for him to appoint a bunch of people that worked in the Clinton white house?

    Sirota is a nut-case. I wonder how long the bots can keep up this cognitive dissonance without going truly insane.

    As far as some Dem congressman telling off the SEC. Big Fu**ing deal! Where was the oversight when it mattered? These do nothings always sound this tough after the fact. It is all for show, to make you think they are on your side, but they never seem to be able to do their job when it would actually make a difference.

  39. Whatever it is in the O bag of tricks, the enescapable fact is that it is working for him. It worked for Reagan. People are enthralled by the stagecraft and the imagery. And right now those of us who do not buy this don’t have much influence other than to stamp our fingers on our key pads and vent.

    I have listened to some of the Republicans talking on these issues. They seem to buy that we need significant action. They want the AMT eliminated which is in the Sen. bill and probably a good thing because it is reaching deeply into the middle class every year but for last minute relief—not a good policy. But I hear a lot from them about more job focused action. The Elkhart IN thing is so crazy–let’s get credit flowing so people can buy the very epitome of gas guzzling vehicles? Congress is nuts.

    As for the media—-they are slobbering again today for one simple reason. Their great hero was tanking and lord love him he gave a speech wrapped in a press conference and saved his and their a$$s. At least for the moment.

  40. I am happy that those congress people are Dems. I hope we might have some Republicans who would rage equally at this lame group. They should have been FIRED ON DAY ONE.

  41. DAVID SIROTA: I think he is with the Center for American Progress. He was often on Air America hitting Bush. I do not get why all of these people like him have so much Clinton hate. Clinton was not perfect but he definitely was better than the Bush dynasty. If Republicans do not find a true leader ASAP, they are screwed for the next 40 years and probably so are most of us in the middle.

  42. You have a good point maw—where were they when it mattered? So true.

  43. I didn’t watch Obie on the teevee last night. I watched NCIS and whatever was on wherever else. I was surprised that Obie wasn’t on USA since they’re owned by NBC as well as the Weather Channel an Sci-Fi. If they had had him on those I probably would have thrown something at the teevee.

    Christopher Cox was the head of the S.E.C. under Dubya. He had been a congressman from CA and was a douce then. Apparently he kept up the same class of work at the S.E.C.

  44. We have not heard much from Anglachel recently but I thought this comment was appropo of the day:

    I think that the banks have been investing wisely. Wall Street paid enormous amounts to put The Precious into the White House. They are getting their dividends now.

  45. The Elkhart IN thing is so crazy–let’s get credit flowing so people can buy the very epitome of gas guzzling vehicles? Congress is nuts.

    Sigh. Elkhart IN used to be the home of American band instruments. They were all made there by Selmer, Conn and other companies. Today, I don’t even know how many, if any, have survived.

  46. Prolix, on February 10th, 2009 at 11:28 am Said:

    So far he’s committed $2 trillion without a price on the housing bailout.


    Geithner sounds like a Barry clone. After the robot speech, he ran over to NBC with Brian Williams and a CNBC guy. He doesn’t like specifics, and on his tax issue, he said “I screwed up.” Great. Seems to be the standard get out of jail line for them.

    On housing relief, he said get back to you next week or the week after. Some of the financial media are saying 50b. Meanwhile, around 200b of new capital infusion into banks. Up to 1 trillion in government loans to auto/students/cards/commerical mortgages, with 100b in guarantee reserves. Up to another 1 trillion in government participation in a private/public investment fund to take care of the bad assets (gives no clue on how he’s going to swing that, Sheila Bair and the FDIC will probably be involved, insuring up to another 100b).

    Defer to dakinikat as always. Just seems like everything should begin with the housing relief, with much greater commitment. But for him, it was a tag along, we’ll see how it goes, as expected. He did not even use the word “foreclosure” once.

  47. Blaming Clinton for what happened under Bush is truly bizarre.

    I have never understood Sirota’s CDS.

  48. A good antidote to Sirota — and all the media nonsense — is Somerby:


  49. Sirota, like many B0 supporters, wants it both ways:

    During the primary, Hillary Clinton was just a First Lady going to tea parties who’s experience was worthless.

    Now, she was the all-powerful creator of policy that poor B0 has to clean up after.

    I swear they think that just because they say something makes it true…..hmmm, who does remind me of?

  50. Wow! Rep. Peter DeFazio makes me proud to be an Oregonian! “We want our money back!”

  51. Seven years too late and a trillion dollars short.

    The question is where was CNN when Dick Cheney simply refused to turn over his records of his involvement with Haliburton when the SEC subpoenaed them during Bush’s first term? Where was CNN when Haliburton and KBR were looting federal funds on handshake, no-bid contracts?

    Being color announcers at what they seem to view more as professional wrestling than a congressional hearing doesn’t let CNN off the hook.

  52. madamab, on February 10th, 2009 at 12:11 pm Said:

    Where is David Sirota’s evidence that Hillary Clinton is not a progressive? “She voted for the warrrrrrr” does not erase her decades of activism on behalf of The Mythical Little Guy (as Rush Limbaugh calls us).

    [cricket cricket cricket]

    Yeah, that’s what I thought, David.

    Actually if these folks with CDS would listen to her address in front of the senate before the IWR vote, they would know she did not vote for the war. In fact her vote was to slow down and stop bush before he could go to war.
    If you want to see exactly who the war monger was before that vote, check out John Edwards speech. He was all gung ho.

  53. The Sirota thread you couldn’t wait for is up.

  54. well done there, edge. who indeed is the happy winner here??

  55. WTF is Sirota talking about when he says things like “over the last 17 years of the Clinton administration”????? Is Bush now absolved of all responsibility? Is it now the fault of Bill Clinton that Bush, Cheney and Rove robbed us blind for the last 8 years? Hello? Does anybody remember that Clinton left us with a budget surplus? And in peace?
    What the hell?
    Are there any liberals left who remember that Ken Starr spent 8 years and $400million to look for something he could pin on Bill Clinton and all he came up with was a stained dress and a BJ? Does anybody but us PUMAs remember how outraged we were at the B$ kangaroo-impeachment trial? Does anybody remember that he was the first and only defendent filmed while testifying to the Grand Jury and that it was televised in gleeful hatred — do they remember how we hated the GOP for doing that to us?
    What happened?
    When did “liberal” become chic? When did “liberal” come to mean “I shop at Whole Foods”?????

  56. I SO wish I had an Ackerman or a Dafazio as my Congress person!!!

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