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Post-Presser Open Thread


What did you think?

BTW – Did he answer 8 questions?

153 Responses

  1. He didn’t answer a damn thing Myiq.

  2. Spike just showed my governor walking naked into a biker bar

  3. Yummy! pet food its whats for dinner-

    brought to you by the meat by-products council
    and the road kill packing plants of Mississippi and Tennessee

  4. really Ahhh-nold naked in a biker bar…I could do so much with that..LOL

  5. RedDragon — from last thread — my poor 5lb chihuahua will not even make a good broth (all skin & bones) but my 2 big fat kitties better watch out!

  6. I feel like a dissenter, but I got caught up in a Nancy Grace telecast and forgot about the speech. Did I miss anything
    (she coyly asks in a syrupy and insincere tone)?

  7. (gurgle, gargle)


    Still feeling like crap – so this would’ve added to my misery.

  8. I closed comments down below to make everyone come up here

  9. I had a taste of him this morning and was not ready for a repeat.

  10. angie:

    Didja know that the Aztecs bred chihuahuas as meat animals?

  11. Pat J! LOL!! I’m watched a Law & Order rerun because I’m unpatriotic. 🙂

  12. Hi Pat!

    Are you still in the same pajamas???

    (LOLing when I read that a few minutes ago downthread)

  13. Just heard O’Reilly say before break that they’d size up the White House Press Corps performance during the Prime Time Conference tonight, and ask, “Were they there? Were they even in the room?”

    I hope “Billo” and his crew excoriate them!

  14. Did y’all see that they sat that 300 lb. sack of dung Bob Beckel next to Helen Thomas on the front row? Why would a hack like him get to be on the first row unless BZero needed emergency fellatio?

  15. myiq — mine must be defective — she is the boniest chiahuahua you ever saw. Just my luck with hard times a’coming.

  16. Next time he has a press confrence one of the networks should show random stills of penises with his voice over to see if anyone notices the difference

  17. prolix, lmao!

  18. Then I guess your Chihuahua will be one of the lucky ones Angie…:-)

  19. I’m guessing Obama was rehearsing answers during his trip back from Elkhart.

    BTW – my mom was born in Elkhart – the one in Kansas.

  20. SM: Yes. Why bother changing when I am just hours away from bedtime. I must remain practical while practicing.

  21. So it sounds like even the questions & who got to ask questions were preempted.

    Was this like an elementary school roll call?

  22. I had to turn CNN off….If I wanted to watch “Soft core porn, I would watch HBO!

  23. fuzzy — OMG!! LOL!!!

  24. Liberty in response to you in the previous thread — not sure about the origins of his brain it came from, but I’ll tell you this: Obie was using the “blow up the schools” term in relation to Repubs not liking certain things about Dems educational programs — and his sarcastic point was to say that just b/c some people didn’t like some things, it doesn’t mean we blow the schools up.

    I just struck me as a very violently odd analogy to make.

    I’m at CSPAN now and even people who didn’t vote for him are lapping up this speech. Why? B/C he got tough — that’s what Repubs like b/c they thought he’d be a wuss.

  25. I dont have a pet but I make a great Stone Soup!

  26. fuzzybeargville – Now that’s whipping up a thought form! Sorry, I couldn’t deal with thinking about it, but laughed, anyway.

  27. Pat – LOL! In my house, we call it “Pajama Day” – stay in jammies until late afternoon, and when it’s combined with a pizza or Chinese Food and a good movie? PERFECTION.

  28. random stills of penises with his voice over to see if anyone notices the difference

    They won’t notice if someone glued Mr Potatohead ears on them.

  29. For the record: I just wasted an entire day doing absolutely nothing! Tuning into that speech would have placed me in the minus category. There is not enough aspirin in the house to quell that pain.

  30. fuzzybeargville, on February 9th, 2009 at 9:16 pm Said:

    I dont have a pet but I make a great Stone Soup!


  31. As with all Obama moments…..my TV was OFF!!
    Sounds like he did his “tough-guy” routine.
    The “man crush” media people must have gotten their “THRILLS”!!!

  32. thanks Angie nothing gets by you!

    If Pampers wanted to really embarass the Bankers and Wallstreet bad boys he would make their kids go to public school…make them sleep with their wives and not $ 1000.00 a night call girls….and then force them to eat pet food and sell pencils on a street corner.

  33. fuzzybeargville, on February 9th, 2009 at 9:14 pm Said:
    Next time he has a press confrence one of the networks should show random stills of penises with his voice over to see if anyone notices the difference

    LMAO! I’m still cleaning Tea off of my moniter!

  34. I found this comment fragment in the spam filter:

    The Magic Man hit it out of the park

    Steroids are for cheaters

  35. I didn’t watch but I’ll now how he did it when I see the press reactions — the more wildly complimentary they are the worse he did.

  36. Sm less than 5 days till tampa…I can hardly wait and I am almost peeing my pants!

  37. What planat do these Obots inhabit?

  38. he got rid of the most ummmms and aaahhhhs and eerrrrrrrrrrrs

    beyond that not much improvement.

    it was still like listening to a drone.

    not much was said.

    he didn’t answer questions asked and answered questions unasked.


  39. Planat/planet

  40. Prediction: Given the number of times he mentioned Elkhardt, IN, BZero will locate his presidential library in Elkhardt in a huge double wide RV right next to the limestone cave where they find bin Laden.

  41. Just had an “Obama moment.”

  42. sorry had a Julia roberts Pretty Woman moment there

  43. I listened to it on the radio. I was driving. It was on NPR. I did not sit in my car in the driveway to listen until the end.

  44. At times like these I’m glad I’m on the west coast. Prime time doesn’t even start for another hour and a half, so I will watch a House re-run at 8:00. They aren’t showing the press conference in primetime here (they showed it at 5:00 when everyone was at work.)

  45. Fuzzy:

    I watched a show where they made this guy try to survive for 1 month on a minimum wage salary.

    They took care of deposits and stuff but he had to pay rent, utilities, groceries and transportation costs.

    (but no medical bills or credit cards)

    He didn’t make it.

  46. Lady Boomer NYC – Thanks for clarifying about the context or BHO’s comment on blowing up the schools, but I was kidding to some extent, and yet…

    Hasn’t there been speculation that William Ayers was a ghost-writer or editor for BHO’s books, going back to his first? (Saw a side-by-side of something Ayers wrote with passages from “Dreams Of My Father”, I believe, that showed prose style very similar).

    I’m serious when I say some of his violent, rhetorical retorts could stem from BHO just hanging out with Ayers, and in a sense, being schooled, mentored by him. May be somewhat subconscious, and also, BHO seems to use extreme, or violent metaphors to make a contrast, get attention (whether it makes a whole helluva lot sense or not).

    Another possibility: Don’t forget the impact of long-term nicotene use on the brain over time (and who knows about the cocaine…).

  47. Prolix:

    I was in Elkhardt Ind. Today. My mother in-law lives there. IMost of those that went to Elkhadt were from Gary Ind..Chicago and Hammond… I know alot of folks in Elkhardt and I do not know one that went there. Some may have but most of the tags on the cars I hear were from out of state…Illinois

  48. sorry had a Julia roberts Pretty Woman moment there

    You like Pirates of Penzance?

  49. myiq — I saw that too — 30 days! The same guy who did that doc. Super Size Me (he lived on nothing but fast food for 30 days & had a doctor chart his weight gain, damage to liver, etc). He’s also done 30 days in jail, documented other people doing 30 days as a heavy drinker, once he had a border patrol volunteer guy live 30 days with illegal aliens. That was a good series.

  50. Fuzzy, I need to email you – are you at fuzzybeargville@Y___o.com?

  51. RD,

    Since most of the cars were from out of state, they were practicing their Iowa caucus strategy.

  52. I have the words and music to the song “Mr. Wonderful” roving in my brain. I wonder why?

  53. I am going to have nightmares tonight! That damn mole winking at me really effed me up! 🙂

  54. myiq — I saw that too — 30 days!

    What’s really hard is trying to get on your feet when you’re broke and only have minimum wages to work with.

    You can’t get a place without money for deposits (security, utilities, phone) and you can’t save it up if you’re living in a motel.

    At best you’re running as fast as you can just trying to keep up and not drop farther behind.

  55. yes SM-thats me!

  56. taggles – You said, “he didn’t answer questions asked and answered questions unasked.


    Before the press conference started, I was predicting he’d do that.

  57. Ed Radice Field and Woodlawn Fields

  58. Fuzzy – check you email again.

  59. Ann Althouse has a different perspective on the presser

    (yeah, I know, but I said it was “different,” didn’t I?)

  60. myiq: And that is?

  61. myiq: And that is?


  62. That was born here — birthed by our own SM77.

  63. Liberty — Sorry if I repeated myself. I’d thought the Ayers association too, so our minds must have gone to the same place. I’d heard what you heard about the possible ghost authorship.

    The only thing is, I don’t think that BO was brain-washed or schooled that insidiously. I think that people choose particular teachers or mentors, at least as adults, because they see some part of themselves in that teacher, or somewhere they think the teacher will help them get to — OR that the teacher recognizes and encourages something in the student that makes them feel valued and seen.

    I’m now watching Kennel Club dog show (much less stressful) w/ my cat, Suki, who’s ignoring it. I’m trying to finish my post on putting a woman in the White House/electing a lady Prez.

    Catch you later.

  64. Found at NQ:

    “I watched Obama’s press conference. Anyone who doesn’t realize by now that the guy is a master is, not to put too fine a point on it, either a brainless moron or someone whose own professional success lies in knocking the guy down.”

    My God! Are these people that daft?

  65. myiq: I just read the Althuse article. The comments were hilarious!

  66. Our Lady of Perpetual Outrage:

    The wealth-redistributor-in-chief, his High Holiness, is set to begin his first official prime-time press conference at 8pm Eastern.

    Will he go all Howard Dean?

    Will he get snippy?

    Drinking game buzzwords: “Bipartisan,” “crisis,” “get the economy moving again,” “create jobs.”

    Add your own.

    Update 8:05pm Eastern. President Obama. “It is only government that can break the vicious cycle.”

    Jobs, jobs, jobs. Investment, investment, investment.

    Gag. President Obama claims to be acting on behalf of my children and grandchildren.

    Stop, thief.

    Update 8:13pm Eastern. Obama dissing those who have criticized FDR’s growth-stifling interventions. Attempts to shut down and whitewash the economic dissenters. It’s the Obama way.

    8:15pm Eastern. BOHICA. Obama says trillion-dollar porkulus is “just one step.” Mentions Geithner initiatives still to come…here comes the new mortgage entitlement.

    8:40pm Eastern. Huffington Post has a seat in the WH press conference room. Nutroots membership has its privileges.

    8:58pm Eastern. Obama lectures conservatives: “People need to break out of their ideological rigidity.”

    Repeatedly insists that there is no dissent among economists about his porkulus.

    I repeat: President Obama, you can’t stifle this dissent.

    Ends the press conference: “Thank you, guys.”

  67. SOD — I was leaving but saw your post. Tell us more TAOD. Can you do a review?

    Not sure of who you’re referring to — Would that be Will Bower?

  68. sorry all trying to find a hotel in tampa is impossible

  69. I totally predicted the “twist” on The Closer.

  70. POTD at Althouse:

    I’m only watching to see if anyone throws a shoe.

  71. Lady Boomer — No, it’s someone else.

  72. my last comment was OT sorry.

  73. SOD — oh, right some guy in L.A. or something that was part of Will’s Hillary fb group?.

    more about the movie?

  74. ok SM got it!

  75. Angie and SOD, thank you both so much for filling in for me last night. You did a great job. Got to listen to it a bit ago!


  76. Wait a g.d. minute — the President of the United States of America ended a press conference by saying “Thank you guys”??!?!?!?! WTF is wrong with these morons who insist that he is a “master” and I’m too stupid to see it?

  77. Thanks taggles!

  78. taggles — no problem! We had fun!! Hope everything is well with you!

  79. LBNYC — still watching!

  80. Dear God, I am so glad I missed the Obamarama show.

  81. What happened to the tradition where someone says “Thank you Mr. President” when the time is up? Also, couldn’t he at leasst fake knowing where the reporters were? Isn’t he embarrassed not to be able to answer questions extemporaneously. God, I remember watching JFK’s press conferences. He was completely natural.

  82. Comment for the Althuse blog:

    Cripes Pelosi has had this shopping list up her sleeve for years..

    Now she’s loose and buying so much that half of it will rot before it sees the light of day.

    Almost, but not quite as good as myiq.

  83. That is what this creep said Angie! He’s a “Master!”

  84. SOD-that is a laff we know PUMA was invented here by our Own SM!

    AA Blogger needs to stop smokin the weed! or at least share it I have a scrip for it!

  85. So Huffington, the zealously pro-Obama proprietor of one of the most vile and vicious rags in the blogosphere has been rewarded with White House press credentials. When do we get to see Kos raise his hand in the WH “press” room ?

    I can well imagine the rage and exploding heads if Bush had given such access to LGF or Red State.

  86. SOD – yeah, that guy is a hack. He came up with it after reading it here, then he went back to his blog and entered a previous date. I saw it 5 days after we came up with it here.

    Whatever. The point is something great came out of it and that’s what counts.

  87. SOD – I’m just really curious, but can’t afford to buy anything right now, so I’m hoping someone will do a report and review.

    See you later . . .

  88. just popping in to say that the Westminster Dog show is on CNBC.

  89. Bowers was given proof that PUMA originated here way back in June.

  90. Well the Bushies did have Jeff Gannon there for awhile until he was “outed” so I guess HuffPo deserves at least a crack a the same pinata. Got to keep that room bursting with Obama love or he might get “restless”.

  91. LBNYC — you’ve got mail.

  92. Huffpo got funds from Obama’s campaign. They are the “house organ.”

  93. Guys – I’m off to bed, see you guys tomorrow!

  94. Arianna has given Obama an ultimatum – Bipartisanship Fetishism or What’s Best for American: Obama has to Choose

    Well, she chose during the primary and now I hope she chokes on it.

  95. Oh dear…this site has destroyed my brain.

    it’s all yer faults it is..

  96. They are the “house organ.”

    With “mouth organ” as a job description

  97. Uh oh…I must’ve gone to spammy’s dungeon. I don’t even have a “moderation” warning.

    help…there are scarey people there that smell of stale grapes and sugar.

  98. OK…everything I say is going to spam. I hate spam…I’m a vegetarian!!!

  99. test

  100. crud computer acting up sorry re-boot time

  101. Speaking of which, has anyone seen ABG lately? Seems like it is time for him to bounce in crowing about The One’s handling of today’s events.

  102. *

  103. I also just learned from the Althouse blog that Obama actually said:

    “Now is the winter of our hardship”

    Is that true?!?!? Did he really just rip off Shakespeare? Does he even know what the actually phrase he ripped off mean? “Now is the winter of our discontent” (the opening lines of Richard III) means that the time of unhappiness (discontent) is past. Did Obama mean to say that the time of our hardship is past? Happy days are here again — no more suffering or tightening belts, we can all breath a sigh of relief? Some how I don’t think that is what he meant.

  104. WordPress got the vapours for a couple minutes there

  105. “I think..therefore my head explodes”

    Wow! I’m a philosopher

  106. “I watched Obama’s press conference. Anyone who doesn’t realize by now that the guy is a master is, not to put too fine a point on it, either a brainless moron or someone whose own professional success lies in knocking the guy down.”

    Meh. I work with academics for a living so I’m used to pompous men with strangely petty little souls who loooove the sound of their own voices. Masters? Okay, sure. Masters of something or other that the rest of us cleaning up out of the barn. And really, BO is even an amateur at that. I’ve seen far better at my non-Ivy cowtown college.

  107. Oh dear…this site has destroyed my brain. I see “Obama” and “house organ” and all I can think of is…you guessed it..

    Head O State

    it’s all yer faults it is.

    I didn’t think that until YOU said it, so I think it’s all your fault.

  108. Did he really just rip off Shakespeare?


  109. “Now is the winter of our hardship”

    He was following the prediction of Groundhog Day.

  110. lady boomer NYC – I figured we were on the same wavelength about BHO/Ayers association. Appreciate your theory on students, teachers and mentors, and would love to know the real, full, history between those two guys. I’ve wondered if someone directed BHO to Ayers, going back to his days at Columbia U.

    Enjoy watching the Kennel Club Show! Suki has feline prerogatives for viewing. Will have to catch your post on electing/putting in a Lady Prez when ready (good luck). Going to destress myself, too – live Obama events do this to us sometimes.

  111. myiq — him, Favreau — whoever — was the meaning of what Obama was saying that “the time of hardship is over?” or did he/Favreau not even understand what they were ripping off?

  112. SOD< More there than what meets the eye!

  113. alice, on February 9th, 2009 at 10:12 pm Said:

    Brava alice — very well put!

  114. or did he/Favreau not even understand what they were ripping off?

    I don’t think Bartlett’s has explanations, just quotes.

  115. “Now is the winter of our hardship”

    He meant to say weiner.

  116. Sorry, SOD. I confess, I did it deliberately….

  117. Prolix — LOL!

    myiq — aw, Bartletts.

  118. it was a campaign speech briefly and sporadically interrupted by primping fixtures once called journalists.

  119. taggles: lol!!

  120. OT

    I wish the AKC would take the dalmatian out of the non-sporting group. The Bichon or poodle always wins that group and every breed in it is disadvantaged.

    Just frustrated that the dalmatian did not get placed again. At least it is not as painful now that my dal is no longer on the receiving end.

  121. David Sirota is over at Open Left, whining some more about the man he forced down our throats. Meanwhile, Joseph Cannon is on fire with a diatribe against David Sirota for being a total liar and hypocrite.


  122. myiq2xu – I will attest that I first heard of PUMA on the afternoon of Saturday, May 31, 2008 in Washington, D.C. outside the Marriott, waiting for the DNC RBC decision. A couple of nice young men handed me a handbill with the Web address for The Confluence, and told me about PUMAs, and what it stood (for Party Unity My A**). Believe I still have the paper. Does anyone need an affadavit on this?

    I don’t know who the nice young men were – they were moving down the line to hand out their handbills. Recall black T-shirts, jeans, one was blonde with glasses. Nice smiles. Surprised a bit at their expression, given reports coming out of the committee meeting (perhaps they were happy Phase II had started, or there was still a chance).

    If I’d known PUMA origins were important, would have asked more info from the fellows for a better eyewitness account.

  123. That must have been Gary and Mawm. They were at the RBC meeting.

  124. Most of the people here are probably like me and can’t stomach watching him for more than a few seconds, but I happened to turn on the TV for the last minute or so. My impression was he’s already coming unglued. He looks desperate and starting to realize he’s in way over his head. “I answered 8 questions, can’t I just go eat my waffles now…guys? Hey, I won!”

  125. fif, on February 9th, 2009 at 9:04 pm Said:


    fif, on your question about mom, and i mean this in the kindest way, i tear up at movies too sometimes, while still knowing full well that these people on the screen are really just silly actors living their empty lives out in malibu. A POTUS should not have that luxury.. 🙂

  126. bostonboomer – Thank you, so much, for thinking of them. If they knew Riverdaughter already (in May), it would make sense that Gary and Mawn were the most likely dynamic PUMA duo on the prowl, looking for recruits. (It worked in my case.)

    I met Gary and Mawn later in August (PUMA PAC – they are both gentlemen, indeed!). And yet, I didn’t associate their faces with ones I recalled from May. Of course, the walk-by happened so fast. Which one of them would wear glasses? (Don’t recall them wearing glasses, or perhaps missed it).

    We’ll get that positive ID yet! Guess I’ll have to go over to Gary’s site and ask ’em.

  127. We’re made glorious summer by this Son of Dork.

  128. thenotionthatsomehow: I don’t quite see it the same way. I think he loves the “trappings” of being president; the seal, the plane,4 Camp David, the grandeur. What he dislikes is the governing. If he could just get away from that things would be even better for him.

    The duty of the staff is to keep him from performing the mundane chores of governing. As long as he can play at being president and gets to play with all the toys, he will be content. A break in that routine, you know, like taking a role in leadership, may prove too much for the perpetual candidate. But right now, he is giddy with the sense of being called Mr. President.

  129. Spammy is forcing me to watch reruns of the “Greatest Speech Evah” delivered on the economy!

  130. I think he loves the “trappings” of being president

    It’s like wanting a job without actually having to work

  131. He would be goof if we had a ceremonial head of state with someone else to handle the actual thinking. Well, maybe not good, considering he’s a little too buffoonish for life appearances, but he’d work on still shots and the calendar–here is Obama teeing off! Here he is looking up at something!

  132. Looks as if Murtha may have some explaining to do:


  133. Seriously, on February 9th, 2009 at 10:41 pm Said:

    We’re made glorious summer by this Son of Dork.

    LOL! Seriously knows her Bard — that’s what I’m talking about!

  134. This link below from HBuzz may or may not make it thru.. Think the part about Hillary is relevant, and safe..


  135. Sort-of-O/T:
    I heard Obama stopped them playing “Hail-to-the-Chief” when he enters a room. They all love saying what a “regular guy” he is. Unfortunately, I believe he has them play Cole Porter’s
    “Night & Day”. Isn’t the next line of the chorus:
    “You are the One”?!?!?

  136. Oh angie, I have so often thought to compare thee to a summer’s day, thou art way cooler. I’m told I have a way with words like Favreau’s.

  137. tpt/ny — I heard it is Sting’s “Desert Rose”

    Seriously — you are much better than Favreau — you understand what you are writing! LOL

  138. Yeah, it’s more appropriate than Desert Rose, Night and Day, you are the one. The only thing more appropriate would be the Zombies’ theme from Night of the Living Dead. He’s turning a ceremonial occasion into kareoke night at the piano bar. How about Darth Vader’s theme, duh dun dun dunt duh duh duh dunt duh DUH.

  139. boston – I doubt if it was Gary and Mawm. I met Mawm that day but he was by himself on the street because Gary was actually “in” the meeting.

    Also, don’t think Mawm was wearing a dark t-shirt. I sort of recall a light colored shirt and a big sign.

    On the other hand, eye witnesses are the worst witnesses. BTW – no one handed me a note about PUMA. I always miss out.

  140. typ/ny — and yep, the chorus of Night & Day:

    Night and day you are the one
    only you beneath the moon or under the sun
    wheather near to me or far it’s no matter darling
    where you are
    I think of you
    day and night, night and day

    I’m sure Barry likes to “mix it up” between Sting & Cole Porter.

  141. Seriously — I thought Cheney had first dibs on the Darth Vader theme.

  142. The only thing more appropriate

    “The Great Pretender”

  143. New thread!

  144. LOL Everytime he snarls and the music begins, Lynne STILL jumps a foot.

  145. dee – Thanks for sharing your recollection of Gary and Mawm on 5/31/08 (“a day that will live in infamy for PUMAs”*). I definitely recall the dark t-shirts, and thought the fellows were young guys.

    It was later in the afternoon. Don’t feel left out – I missed out on some of the a.m. activities (long drive).

    *If Obama can attempt to borrow from Shakespeare, why not borrow from FDR? Believe FDR would be just as apt as The Bard for the times.

  146. Aw, I have to admit, taking that jab at Cheney made me a wee bit sad — remember the good old days when we thought we knew who the bad guys were? Now we know they are all the bad guys (sigh).

  147. Here’s the perfect music for Obama:

  148. nice to be here after a long hibernation….hello to all …and the ever-gracious hostess RD … especially on a night when we should have been watching Hillary…

    i noticed all the drama over puma origins — i told Fox & Friends last summer, when asked, that it originated here on Riverdaughter (prob should have said ‘the confluence’)….

    to me, it matters less about ‘credit’ and more about how it successfully became ‘generic’ as a term for the disaffected dem voters from the 2008 elex…..i believe the in-fighting is what dilutes its strength….

    i remember all the videos last summer, created by people who declared themselves ‘pumas’ – that type of organic movement cannot be ‘controlled’ — like some brand license… this is just my opinion…

    all i know is that when the word PUMA is uttered on “Meet The Press,” you’ve all done SOMETHING right 😉 And to be recognized by the NYTimes on January 2 as a key news event of 2008, well, that puts you in the history books – no one can change that.

    so congrats to all the pumas here…

    as an aside, i posted this thread on justsaynodeal.com … which was down for 4 months — back up (along with hireheels.com) if anyone wants to highlight their individuals posts or commentary.

    warm miami cheers,


  149. “angienc2”
    I heard it was “Both”.
    It took me a couple of days to remember, “Why” I found the N&D piece disturbing.
    “Three Wickets”
    You American Thinker link came through.
    I believe strongly the he is “Under-Minding” Hillary.
    The 1st solid evidence to me was his “AL-whatever” interview.
    Just days after the big State Dept. intro of Mitchell & Holder.
    Hillary was there leading the show; then “BOOM” he introduced Mitchell to the Muslim world & NO MENTION OF HILLARY!!
    I knew then “for sure” she’s going to “clean-up that Dept” & the boys will get the acknowledgment…AGAIN!!

  150. Pat Johnson: you’re probably right — He just LOVES this job. (except for all the work and stuff ) I only caught a snapshot out of context — I don’t even know if he was asked any tough questions. His big one liner now seems to be “stimulus IS spending”. He was getting petulant (and not in a good way, myiq). I was struck with the amount of hostility I saw bubbling away beneath the surface (well, nothing new there). But he’s already frustrated. Passing this bill was supposed to be a cakewalk. He’s a salesman – he’s used to selling one product: himself. He has no comprehensive grasp of any other.

  151. What a guy. What a prince, even. He actually “spent a day talking to the fundamentally decent” people of this country.

    We should be honored, really, shouldn’t we?

  152. “I’m watched a Law & Order rerun because I’m unpatriotic”

    I watched a rerun of Rock of Love. Sounds like I didn’t miss anything…

    Also watched AMC’s showing of “Mildred Pierce” followed by “Imitation of Life,” OMG too much teebee-watching goodness to spoil it watching T-Prompter J.

  153. Not only did he answer no questions last night, he never HAS answered any questions…not about his policies, the state of our nation, or even himself. It’s just a continual visit from the Great Big Nonentity.

    Personally, I cannot watch Teleprompter Man. These days it’s all work anyway–correspondence, networking, radio shows and the like. If we all continue to work together, we just might become a driving force in the saving of our nation and its Constitution.

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