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Monday: Barn doors and horses

Hat tip to Alegre’s Corner for this very instructive video of Glenn Greenwald and Jay Rosen on Bill Moyer’s Journal recently:

Now, technically, everything they are saying is correct.  In order for Obama to not catch hell about any of the things he does, he has to assume that the DC Villagers have some kind of autistic disorder that makes them freak out whenever their routine is changed.  The Villagers are all about anti-Change!  But the Kool-Ade drinkers should have picked up on this paradox last election season: why would the Obama, the Change! agent, become the “media darling” of the Village when the last thing the Village wants is for its cheese to be moved?  And as much as I enjoyed Greenwald, Rosen and Moyers laying it all out so succinctly, I’ve got to wonder why it is that they just now noticed that they’ve been had because all three of them were Obamaphiles to one extent or another during the election season.

Getting back to Obama and his relationship to the Villagers, he had to have reassured them in some way that their cushy, insular, courtier lives would not be disturbed.  Maybe he appealed to the civil rights era crowd who grew up in the 50’s and 60’s who are now old enough to run everything, ie, older baby boomers, who were yearning for their lost youth.  Or MAYBE it was the fact that he took all that money from the bankers and investment class types that gave them the reassurance that he wasn’t that different from Republicans.

But one thing is absolutely for sure.  He always looked like a shmoozing, corporate ladder climbing, ambitious, ass-kissing guy whose only goal was getting to the top.  People in the corporate world know the type.  They spend most of their working lives getting to be best buds with the guy two levels above them until they have sweet talked themselves into their manager’s position.  They are ruthless manipulators who know how to get others to do the work for them while they spend their time scheming.  When they finally get appointed to their next rung, no one below them is happy.  It’s not that they’re mean bosses.  It’s just that they don’t know their jobs and they tend to make things harder for the people they manage.  Their direct reports just pray they get promoted out of their jobs and let everyone go back to doing their jobs without interference.

This is Obama.  He’s a shmoozer type.  He’s now the president but he has no idea what that entails.  He doesn’t come from a political family so he doesn’t have a daddy who can appoint people to do the heavy lifting.  He doesn’t have a coherent political philosophy.  He’s doing the bi-partisan thing not because he has to keep the Villagers from shrieking.  A good president would get things done during the cacophony.  He’s doing it because he wants to stay on the right side of the guys who footed the bill for the election so he can get their help when he runs for a second term.  That’s why everything is on the table to be negotiated away.  When you don’t have a political conscience, it’s easy to make those kinds of deals.  The unfortunate thing about the way Obama is going about his job is that he isn’t bothering to make nice with the Congressional leadership of his own party and he is giving the impression that the party is at war with itself- which it is.  But giving that impression at a time like this is deadly because the American people are scared $#@!less and it adds to their general anxiety.  When people are scared and anxious, they tend to get stirred to action.

Greenwald, Rosen and Moyers all recommend that the Obama grassroots start holding his feet to the fire.  I hate to break it to them but the time for smoking tootsies was last summer before Obama voted for that damn FISA bill.  But the Obots gave him a pass.  It would have been great if they had demanded more knowledge of the job and less committment to process from him.  But they let that slide too.  And those of us who were insisting on a competent, knowledgeable, experienced leader instead were called racists by the likes of the Moyers types who insisted on living in the past.

Well, I’m sure these three gentlemen will figure it all out without any help from the rest of us.

93 Responses

  1. People in the corporate world know the type

    The guy who grabs the credit (and promotion) that somebody else worked their ass off for.

  2. This video is excellent. For me..the first truthful ,gut feeling words out of any persons mouth. The price the democrats pay for basically taking someone off the street and pushing him into the presidency.
    I have tried several times to envision barfy and meanchelle dancing around in the W.H. not believing what happened to them. Too bad that they don’t deserve it.

  3. And it doesn’t take “the type” long to reveal themselves. You spot them chatting up their boss’s boss — usually the first week of the job. And a couple of times a week after that. I’ve never trusted the sort of person who’s done that.

    Obama IS a little different though. HE somehow became the boss’s boss without ever actually having to hold a job himself.

  4. What different system would these gentlemen like, I wonder.

  5. where was that big shining lightbulb BEFORE the election? I guess I should be glad someone’s finally getting it, but it’s really sort of cold comfort at this point.

    btw, updated my blog: http://julies9164.wordpress.com/cosmic-justice/

  6. And it doesn’t take “the type” long to reveal themselves.

    That’s the thing, if they don’t keep moving their lack of ability and accomplishment gets exposed.

    Many of them are “job-hoppers” that move from company to company in their upward path.

  7. During the campaign it always amazed me that BHO was able to run with the “Washington is broken” meme, when he, being a senator, was of Washington.

    The counter argument was then, well he hadn’t been there very long. So the counter argument should have opened him up to a lack- of- experience attack. But that didn’t stick to him either. When Hillary said she’d be “ready on day one” she was met with derision.

    So now BHO’s enables want his supporters to hold his feet to the fire. Are these three men going to be out front on that? Be interesting to see.

  8. I hate to be a downer here but – I don’t see the villagers or
    even the public really catching on to what Obama is about.
    After watching Sunday morning shows and Morning
    Joe, CNN this morning, I’m left with the sense that the
    only ones criticizing Obama are the Repubs.
    And that’s no big surprise, they’re preparing for the
    next election where they’ll want to bring in even lower
    taxes for the rich, end Social Security and all other programs,
    Schumer was on this morning saying Obama’s
    approval rating went from 65% (what it went down to),
    up to 70%, after he said he screwed up. Is this for real?
    Maybe I missed something, but I didn’t hear the
    Three Musketeers above criticize Obama either. They
    seemed to very carefully avoid doing that. Maybe a very
    little bit, veerrry gently. Maybe one of his feet got a teeny
    little red spot from the teeny little fire.

    Whatever little there is, isn’t enough.
    I purposely avoided watching Moyers this week,
    because that’s what I’ve come to expect from him this year.
    I loved Moyers, considered him one of the few truthtellers
    and spokesman for me on the media. So another betrayal
    last year.
    I haven’t seen any change from him or the others.
    Scarborough and others like him are the only ones
    attacking, and they are attacking all Dems.
    There’s still no one out there talking for me.

  9. They have moved the goalpost yet again. “Bipartisanship” now constitutes 3 Republican votes!

    Let’s reinvent the dictionary while we are at it.

  10. This clip reminds me all over again why I stopped watching TV news. I wish they would have talked about the fact that the media turned on the Clintons because they not only wanted to change things but had the knowledge and experience to do so.

    RD, I love your description of the corporate types. Perfect!

  11. They did finally point out where the media is coming
    from, though.
    Still, too little too late. I’m disgusted with all of them.
    I want more, much more from them.

  12. Oh wow….I could not have said this better. Your description of Obama as the corporate schmoozer who doesn’t know his job is right on. And for Obama…it’s all about who will help him get ahead. That’s obvious by the Maytag deal that he made in Chicago where he took a large campaign donation and helped the Crown family to sell off their business and have it shipped to Mexico (I just wrote a post about that on Bad Habit), his deal with Exelon when he ditched the people he said he would help and after a huge donation to his campaign he watered down the legislation to allow them to self regulate.

    I also have to wonder about that FISA bill. If you remember, he said he would filibuster the bill, especially if there was telecom immunity. Then he not only voted for the bill, but didn’t stick around to vote on the amendments which would ban telecom immunity. Shortly after that, AT&T gave him a huge campaign donation.

    Obama can be bought easily and the lobbyists know it. Now he’s selling out the American people with this so-called stimulus bill.

  13. SpeakTruth said : “After watching Sunday morning shows and Morning, Joe, CNN this morning…”

    Ah, well there lies the problem. That is like expecting a mother to say her baby has the face of a horses butt.

  14. If these bloggers hadn’t viciously attacked Hillary and supported the stealing of votes for Obama, maybe we could have held Obama’s feet to the fire even if he had still won. But the left blogs made no demands on Obama whatsoever during the primaries. They just wanted him to destroy Hillary. I realize these two guys aren’t the worst of the worst, but they enabled it. Now Obama can cast them aside. He doesn’t need them. Their voices are as irrelvant as they were under Bush.

  15. bb: Your comment is wholly accurate. It was all a game with these people, a chance to make “history” without scratching the surface and they willingly destroyed an experienced candidate in the process to achieve the desired result.

    Now they seem to be reflecting their decisions but all too little, too late.

  16. Another day in moderation hell.

  17. Right. If they hadn’t attacked Hillary, I could be sympathetic. But they were complicit with the hijacking of the primaries, so what do they have to complain about now?

  18. I’m sitting here enjoying every last minute of these complicit d!ckheads trying to oh so carefully parse their way around the fact that they are the Village who don’t want any change & who will turn on Obama the minute he actually tries to change anything. Doing a little CYA so they can pretend they didn’t have a hand in it or sending out a warning to Obama to watch his step? That is the more pertinent question.

  19. Pat J — do you have your list of picks for the Oscars? Send them to me so I can put them in for you.

  20. This is COMPLETELY off topic…but…with the way things are going, we all may need to know some ways to take care of ourselves other than relying on our health insurance (or non-insurance) for the future…

    I will be setting up a separate archive on this information, buf for today, it’s in this post.. Info from GG’s post about her mother and additional NEW info….

    The Scanner-Politics 2/9/2009 (Future Palin “Problem”; Tracking What They’re Doing in D.C.; Useful Healthcare Info for Escaping the Grip of Mainstream Medicine (Re: Cancer and Degenerative Diseases)


  21. Rosen-“If Obama becomes ensnared by Washington”…(then he will fail.)

    He seems to actually believe the hype-that BO is outside the system

    Greenwald- His left-wing supporters need to hold his feet to the fire
    . He seems to believe that BO listens to the left wing of his party-he doesn’t, because, like women, they have nowhere else to go.

    I cannot believe these two are so naive.

  22. Don’t hold your breath on them being out front. Their little niche in life is throwing harmless fluff balls from the side, even through this segment did seem a bit bold even though the horse is way out of the barn. They will fall back in line after the wind shifts a little bit. You know, in this lucid moment they still don’t seem to understand the enormity of what happened in the Democratic Primary in 08.

  23. Angienc:
    complicit d!ckheads trying to oh so carefully parse their way around the fact that they are the Village who don’t want any change

    Yep-loyal elitists

  24. Afrocity said, re my comment about watching media:

    Ah well, there lies the problem. That is like expecting a mother
    to say her baby has the face of a horses butt.

    Exactly, Afrocity. And lol, perfectly said.

    My BF, still the Obot, usually changes the channel when his
    man-crush, Obie, comes on.
    Now why, if he still loves him so much, would he do
    Could it be because he knows the truth, and, like the
    mother of the horses-butt face baby, won’t look because
    it’s too ugly?

    He (like most of the Obots), will never allow me the
    pleasure of “I told you so”.

  25. angie: Here is my list.

    Best Actor: Sean Penn
    Best Actress: Kate Winslet
    Best Supporting Actor: Philip Seymour Hoffman
    Best Supporting Actress: Penelolpe Cruz
    Best Picture: Slumdog
    Best Director: Slumdog
    Best Art Direction: Benj Button

    All other categories for Benj Button since they were phenomenal.

    Picks are based essentially on who I think will win, not for who deserves.

  26. When Obama ran for the Senate for the first time in a very blue state and identified himself as a “moderate Republican”, then you have to wonder who he was playing to. When he ran for the presidency by consistently seeking to divide his natural base while claiming a desire to move past partisan ideology, then I think we needed to look into who was behind his candidacy by following the money. I don’t believe that Obama is a well-educated, corporate-type Sidney Falco but a Raymond Shaw. I believe that Obama is a puppet, selected because of his relative youth, decent looks, education, gender, and race. This enabled Obama voters to see what they wanted to see for a variety of reasons – desperation, misogyny, ageism, appeal to their egos because they could support an AA, thereby proving how advanced they were.

    Obama’s dilemma is to put a veneer of “change” over the same old elitist policies that those in power intend to keep while he attempts to dismantle/privatize what remains of the social safety net put in place by real Democrats decades ago. He will play Democrat against Democrat, youth against boomers, men against women, all the while claiming that he is trying his hardest to avoid gridlock by taking all opinions and ideas into account. He needs to keep pretending that the Democrats don’t control Congress and that he doesn’t enjoy the benefits of the bully pulpit and of being the head of the Party. The great danger to Obama (and the elite who support him) is that he will come off looking less like a post-partisan conciliator and more like a weak twit.

    I also can no longer stand Moyers. He’s either a tool or a fool.

  27. I’m just a fricken’ girl but can someone tell me why Obama and his merry economic team were babbling about Social Security being in crisis when it has over 12 years when meanwhile over half of the states UNEMPLOYMENT FUNDS WILL BE BANKRUPT IN LESS THAN A YEARS TIME AND WILL NOT HAVE THE MEANS TO SURVIVE A MODERATE TO SEVERE RECESSION. Some of the states are already having to borrow from the Federal government. Now this may just be the “unknowledgable math girl” in me but wouldn’t shoring up something that will go bankrupt in say 6 months be a little more important than shoring up something that may go bankrupt in 12 years? I’d love to see dak take a look at this article and tell me what she think.

    Click to access Trust%20Fund%20Solvency%20Update%202008-Final.pdf

    Personally, I’m thinking there are going to be a whole lot of screwed people out there and the people in charge don’t seem to have any clue on where to focus their attention.

  28. Laurie said: I cannot believe these two are so naive.

    Exactly. And still make all that money.

    Or is that the reason. MyIq seems to think they all know
    exactly what they are doing. That’s the big question.
    Moyers, too. Sold out because he was told to?
    Or dumb and naive? Which is worse?

  29. I was also a fan of Moyers, believing that he emphasized the “truth” in journalism. But when he offered a softball forum for the likes of Rev. Wright while chug a lugging the Obama Kool Aid, I knew then we had lost him. This man is far too intelligent to have bought into the sappy rhetoric and rainbow promises that were being uttered on the campaign trail.

    I have never questioned the inability of the Obots to be dazzle the likes of me, but I do question those, far more educated and far more erudite than myself who eagerly sought a place on the Obama Express to Nowhere when their rightful reservations could have made a difference.

  30. I agree with myiq; they knew right from the beginning what they were doing. These people are far from stupid. When almost the entire blogosphere and the MSM all lined up with the same talking points, casually pushing aside important questions and refusing to examine the Chicago Machine up close, I knew there were elements at work here far beyond our knowledge to comprehend.

    They got what they asked for but I don’t think they actually knew how far over his head this guy is in dealing with matters they chose to ignore on the stump.

  31. old dem,
    I agree with everything you said above. But one question:
    Did Obama really run as a moderate Republican. I never
    heard that before – though I’ve always believed that’s what
    he is. But not publicly.
    Can you elaborate.

  32. cwaltz
    I was thinking that too.

    When unemployment insurance goes bankrupt-then maybe-just maybe-Washington will realise that they are out of touch.

  33. The thing that nobody in the interview comes close to acknowledging is the sheer perfection of a candidate like Obama for the media and the Washington establishment.

    The beauty of Obama as a politician, from the standpoint of the media and the powers that be in Washington, is that he offers to the American people the illusion of historic change in the complete absence of any fundamental change in how Washington behaves.

    He is the perfect embodiment of a purely symbolic change. That, at base, is what made him a media darling. They know that he will allow people across the nation to feel their need for change satisfied while maintaining the most rigid status quo.

  34. Pat, re: Moyers, I think it is closely linked to the thought process of someone like Ted Sorenson, who I saw in a forum at the very beginning of the primaries. He was getting all starry eyed about the possibility of completing Kennedy’s legacy by seeing the country elect the first black President. By doing so, they will finish their appointed task before they croak. As you know, Sorenson was involved in speech writing for obama. Moyers, being the Southern gentleman and liberal idealogue he has been, fit right in, although he was more involved in the practical aspect of guilt reduction, a la his involvement with Johnson. It was too tempting for these men not to be involved in this event. When I saw Sorenson, he had this look of absolute religiosity when discussing the possibility of obama. It was beyond being paid off.

  35. Ack.

    My last comment has been detained in moderation. Don’t know what the charges are.

  36. OT: I was talking with my son about the troop withdrawals and he asked if the media had picked up on the military movements. According to him, a lot of machinery is being moved, supposedly for the anticipated troop withdrawals from Iraq. However, all the heavy machinery is going to the Iranian border.

    Has anyone heard anything about this?

    I won’t watch the news anymore.

  37. Pat
    The whole thing about the same talking points was simply unbelievable. I don’t think they realised the state the country was in. They were just too comfortable dipping into their canapes on Washington lawns.

  38. Kim-no I haven’t heard anything about this. OMG

  39. TheRealKim, All I heard is that the 16 months may move to 23 months as per the military consultants obama is listening to.

  40. lililam, yup. Give ’em that old time liberalism.

  41. lililam: Agreed. The need to be seen as both a true “liberal” and escape the white guilt led to their bouncing onto the bandwagon and critical reason was left at the door.

    This man was elected to be president of the US not the black president of the US. Therefore, he should have come prepared. “On the job training” should be reserved to those kids working the day shift at McDonald’s.

  42. We all knew Obi would conform to the Bush strategy as soon as he got elected and Obama’s military withdrawal timeline is pretty much the same as W’s. But the movement of heavy artillery to Iranian border is scary, especially with my son over there.

  43. Speaktruth said old dem,
    I agree with everything you said above. But one question:
    Did Obama really run as a moderate Republican.I never
    heard that before – though I’ve always believed that’s what
    he is. But not publicly.

    Obama is a DINO but not a Republican Moderate. I guess the reason why these statements seem so off base to me is because Obama was my senator and state representative. Obama’s record in Illinois is one of the most liberal. He adheres to Saul Alinsky principles and is not an “either or type of guy”

    But I have come to realize and accept that maybe some who are wounded or traumatized by his accession to POTUS need to label him as such in order to process the events of last year.

  44. PatJ: Help wanted, USPresident. Experience helpful, but will train right person.

  45. Listening to the C Span call in show for the last few days, it is amazing the number of horror stories being related by folks throughout the country. These Villagers and DC insiders have no concept of what suffering and sacrifice, coupled with downright fright, entails.

    Perception is everything and when the president opts out for a weekend of “fun with the family” at Camp David, or is planning a “Valentine’s Day Weekend” in Chicago with his wife, the perception is not good.

    Meanwhile, as Kim points out, troops are being moved without our knowledge, the economy continues to sink, nominees are being picked who have little familiarity with the tax laws, lobbyists are placed into key positions, the unemployment rate points upward, and the person “in charge” is taking time out for pleasure. Give me a break!

  46. What screamed out of the clip for me was the unexamined assertion that the media and the right wing formed a lynch mob to get Clinton in the wake of the Lewinski scandal.
    That lynch mob, government funded (Ken Starr), and with huge media involvement got underway minutes after Clinton took office. I well remember Sam Donaldson’s reaction when Clinton publicly admitted having an “inappropriate relationship”. He gleefully declared that Clinton would “HAVE to resign now… no way he can survive this!”
    That Donaldson performance has only been rivaled since, in my eyes, by Lawrence O’Donnell on the night of the 2008 New Hampshire Primary, talking about how thrilled the press was in anticipation of a Clinton loss, so they could then hop on the “cool” bus.

  47. Spammy and I are now on first name basis. Could I be rescued?

  48. Pat,

    Spammy is a ladies man. watch out.

  49. frankly0, on February 9th, 2009 at 10:31 am Said:
    He is the perfect embodiment of a purely symbolic change.

    Exactly. An opportunity to feel good with no effort.

  50. Pat J — got your list & made your picks — however there are some categories that Benjamin Buttons isn’t nominated:
    * Writing (Original Screenplay)
    * Short (Animated)
    * Short (Live)
    * Foreign Film
    * Documentary (Feature)
    * Documentary (Short)
    * Song
    * Sound Editing.

    Do you want me to list them for you & you pick or do you want to do some “research” on those?

    Everyone else who wants to play — go to http://www.oscars.com sign up & find angienc2’s group (ID #1759)

  51. Well

    Six or one half dozen or the other, which is worse complicit or lacking common sense and the ability to think critically despite more education than the average American?

    I really don’t care why they did what they did anymore, I just wish they would sit the Hades down and shut the F- up so the big people can figure out how to proceed with the mess they made —–AGAIN.

    Oh and can we just call Obama what he really is Obama(C)- beholden to corporate interests. It’s why he voted FISA, why he’s bailing out banks, why he isn’t doing anything with Iraq- there’s money to be made in them thar’ hills.

  52. jackyt, isn’t that how they got to Lewinski in the first place, as an asterisk in the “gotta be something to some of this stuff” everlasting investigation into Paula Jones?

  53. New P0ll out this morning:

    Scott Rasmussen finds that 62% of Americans want any “stimulus” bill enacted by Congress to include more tax cuts and less spending. Even among Democrats, a plurality prefers the bill to be heavier on tax cuts. Only 14% want fewer tax cuts and more spending.

    I wonder what Obama will say.

  54. TheRealKim> The Iranian border? Gird your loins folks! (BTW, did your son just give away a top military secret? LOL.)

  55. angie: I did not feel qualified to make a pick in those categories since I did not see the movie. Go ahead and throw my vote toward whatever you chose.

  56. Afrocity,
    Can you give some examples of his liberal votes?
    I know both the right and left call him so liberal, but I
    haven’t seen it.
    I’m very interested in your take on it, both because
    he’s from your state, and because, I can’t place you as
    right or left (combination of both???). I’m not sure what
    any of these terms mean any more, since everyone seems
    to define them differently.
    So I’d really appreciate some specifics. Thanks.

  57. The stimulus package is over 600 pages in length. Most of us do not have a clue what it all involves. All we are looking for is some form of relief: in housing payments, extended unemployment benefits, healthcare, etc., you know, those things that DIRECTLY AFFECT US!!!!

  58. Afrocity,

    It’s too bad the American people have been bamboozled into believing that tax cuts will stimulate the economy. The stimulus package is already very heavy on tax cuts–40% and everything that would help states keep from laying off people and help unemployed and uninsured people has been cut. Also anything to do with education or anything else that would help ordinary Americans.

  59. Ok Pat — I will put you down for the same ones I choose in those categories! LOL

  60. uh, Speaktruth I think you can get that info at Illinois.gov

  61. These 40% of tax cuts – tax cuts for who exactly? The middle class? Are we supposed to get more than $50 back with these tax cuts?

  62. Pat,

    Even Carter, big Obot that he is, talking on CNN about
    how he raised his kids in the White House, said that,
    of course, Camp David would be nice for them to visit with
    the kids, AFTER this present crisis is over. Then he sort of
    smiled sheepishly, knowing they were on their way there
    this weekend.

  63. No, it was not a military secret, just seems no one seems to give a damn anymore. He says the violence in Iraq has escalated quite a bit since the election. I asked him if it was a secret and he said no, and wondered why the media had not picked up on it. I told him they were only interested in anything Obama. The litle people who work, the military, the wars, just not worth reporting on anymore.

  64. BB,

    Someone is not getting the message out. Pelosi is at fault for padding the bill with lettuce and not enough meat. That is what the public heard about. The Dems are losing the PR war on this. Some people have not read the bill. I read it and even downloaded it on my Amazon Kindle ;-). There was a lot of frosting. They should never have let get through. I blame Obama for this. The point is that something needs to stimulate the economy and many of those things did not- at least in a manner that is timely enough to make a difference now.

  65. DYB: I was told that we may make an additional $20 a week with the tax cuts, now that will keep people from losing their homes. $20 a week YAY I dont know what I am going to do with all that extra money!!!!

  66. TheRealKim> Yes, don’t spend it all in one place! And whenever possible, buy something with Obama’s face on it.

  67. cinie… Exactly!

    And the other unexamined statement was re: the size of the demonstrations in the run-up to the Iraq invasion. Not one noted the media’s failure to report on the magnitude of those demonstrations and the unpopularity of unilateral warmongering.

    I have long thought that we are too easily distracted by the electoral “Punch & Judy” show. I think we need to shift attention to the media’ stranglehold over what is considered newsworthy, and what opinions hold sway.

    The media manipulates the political process. It is the media that needs to be discredited before we have any hope of electing politicians committed to the “common good”.

  68. I don’t understand “stimulus.’
    People owe more on their mortgages than their houses are worth. Isn’t that how we got here in the first place? Isn’t the “housing bubble” bursting the reason the economy tanked? So, what is it about building roads and 500 dollar a year tax cuts that’s going to make up the difference between the mortgages and home values?

  69. I have to admit that there’s part of me that’s glad when I hear
    latest bad news on economy.
    Each time my thinking is: Okay, NOW they’ll finally
    HAVE to do something. Look, there’s 50, 000, then 70,000,
    80,000 more jobs lost. Maybe finally they’ll finally get it,
    and do something.
    But the fact is, NO, they don’t. I think it’s so much
    worse than we can imagine, being in our own little corner
    of the world. What we hear is the tip of the iceberg.
    My BF, visiting his mother out west last year, noticed
    how somber and depressed the mood was, in layover cities
    in the midwest.
    This economic meltdown has been going on for a while
    now, and we hear very little about how it really is. Up until
    September, many were surviving on credit. Now that’s over,
    and we’re starting to see the truth. I think they knew all
    about that, too.
    Maybe if there’s not rioting in the streets, they’ll
    continue to ignore us.

  70. do you have your list of picks for the Oscars?

    The Oscars have less to do with who did the best job than with who is hot (when the voting takes place) and who is not.

    IOW – politics

  71. OT, but fun. This is from the end of an SOS briefing on 2/6, discussing Hillary’s choice of Holbrooke to be Special Envoy for Afghanistan & Pakistan:

    *QUESTION:* Okay, great. And one more personal anecdote. I have a little sketch of the dinner parties that Ambassador Holbrooke has thrown for you over the years in New York. It sounds like they were pretty fun affairs. Do you have any sort of favorite memories or moments from those?

    *SECRETARY CLINTON:* Well, Richard and Kati are close friends of mine and, you know, I really enjoy spending time with them. And the annual Christmas dinner, which they started in the late ’90s, was just a delight. I mean, a wonderful guest list of eclectic and interesting people. You know, one year Richard had the Salvation Army show up and sing Christmas carols, and another year we, you know, had the late Peter Stone, who was just so funny, start an annual tradition of delivering a poem. And you know, he – I was First Lady and he called me the “First Shiksa” of the nation. I mean, we’ve just had a lot of fun over the years, and they’re just great to be with.

    *QUESTION:* Okay. I heard the toasts got considerably more outrageous than that. (Laughter.)

    *SECRETARY CLINTON:* Well, you’re not going to get any confirmation from me, Jodi. (Laughter.)

    *SECRETARY CLINTON:* Remember, I am now the chief diplomat of the United States of America. (Laughter.)

    *QUESTION:* Okay, fantastic. Well, thank you so much for this. It was really great to be able to talk to you.

    *SECRETARY CLINTON:* Thank you. Great to talk you. Have a good weekend.

  72. I don’t have faith that the items that they are even doing some of the spending on is going to make that big of a difference. It’s great that they are increasing spending in education but I don’t see that as creating more than a miniscule amount of jobs. I really don’t see spending more money on converting medical records from paper to computer as that revolutionary and even something that will sustain a large number of jobs certainly not much more than it takes to mkaintain them in paper format. The state funding cuts that occured in the Senate are going to hurt alot of states that are already running into fiscal problems. They already are with UI. They were also running into funding problems with Medicaid. I mean geez.

    As for the cuts, I think that we need to quit pretending we can cut our way into economic prosperity.

    Personally, I agree with one of the posters I read over at TL. It would have been smarter had he told everyone he was coming up with a 2.5 trillion dollar stimulus package- let them talk him down to 2 trillion and got everything in there and called it a day. The longer they wait the more it is gonna take to pull us up and out of the ditch we are digging.

  73. The media wanted a war. Little of the demonstrations were ever televised or reported on at length. The war coverage was going to be “fun”; embedded reporters, troop movements, Baghdad Bob.

    Those journalists who protested were not often seen on the usual cable shows but were relegated to the bleachers and labeled as unpatriotic. The congress people rushed to the floor, insisting on educating us (and of course those voters at home!) on their singular”patriotism”. Even Hillary acquiesced in the face of the possibility of losing votes should this unnecessary war become a “triumph”.

    Another futile exercise of appealing to votes with an always on the next election to ensure their treasured seats.

  74. I agree with myiq


  75. TRK

    The media doesn’t do multitasking- Right now their laser sharp focus(okay-I couldn’t say that with a straight face)is on the economy. On about the 10th of never, when we resolve our fiscal problems, they’ll get back to you on what is going on overseas with the military population. Unless of course we manage to declare “war” then they might dust off the ol’ pom poms.

  76. Cinie,

    They say that infrastructure will create jobs. I know that in Illinois most of those jobs will be “Pay to Play” and go to Mayor Daley’s grandson’s masseuse.

    The original stimulus hardly addressed the mortgage crisis.

  77. Cinie,

    I think that the “banking plan” may deal with some of the problems with the housing bubble. Hopefully once the federal government buys the bad assets, it will look at revamping some of those mortgages to (fingers crossed) salvage some. Of course, I may be giving them more credit then they deserve.

    Personally, I’d like them to see them do a freeze on foreclosures. Reassess everything and go from there. I don’t see how we get sound footing in shifting sand.

  78. You have to have a lot of income for a tax cut to be even meaningful, let allow stimulative. Businesses need customers right now and people need well paying, steady jobs. Period. Tax cuts are irrelevant to those two things.

  79. tax cuts work well for long term growth purposes, but for short term stimulus … not so good.

  80. The media is in love with the “us” vs “them” concept. Who will “win” in the end? Have the Repubs gutted the Dems? Is Nancy being toppled by Susan? What’s Mitch McConnell’s next move? Is Harry able to herd the sheep? What does Schumer have to say? What effect will this have for 2010?

    Utter and complete nonsense when you consider what is at stake. It is nothing more than a daily Super Bowl while the president flies all over the place pretending to be in charge.

    Another notch in the Same Old, Same Old brand of governing.

  81. They need to get money moving through the economy again, and the federal government is the only way to do that.

  82. What keeps triggering moderation? I am back in there.

  83. Dak

    Did you look at those numbers for funding for unemployment Insurance? Not good at all- the economic recovery better take less than a year or the bozos in Washington better figure out how to help shore up those funds.

  84. Don’t forget about those new gifts (bailouts) to the bank
    CEOs. Gifts from us. Redistribution of wealth. From the
    poor to those poor needy rich.

  85. Pat J

    It doesn’t help when Congress treated the process like we were voting for Homecoming Queen. Heck, they are just as bad as the media in my opinion.The 700 billion for banking? A number they pulled out their backside. Reproductive rights? A tricky political football that needs to be carefully navigated. Tax cuts while spending trillions of dollars? Sure, why the heck not. Hey do we have anymore park benches or anymore “little people” we need to thank or condemn? Our government is seriously dysfunctional.

  86. Great point CWaltz. Obama is neither a liberal or conservative. He is neither Democrat or Republican. He is a corporatist and a kleptocrat.

  87. You called it RD. We’ve all worked with the type — you describe so well — the schmmoozely kind of exec.

    In this case CATAPULTED forward by?

    Obotville Inc.

    Usually they are delegators…

    So, the underlings?

    In this case……………….?

    It boggles the mind and the soul to think about it right now.
    You know what is the worst? Thinking the Democratic Party meant what they stood for. I believed them. Up until this year.

    Being WITHOUT a political party is a little rough.


    with ETHICS!

    ps: what does BLAGO know?

    a bunch I bet…..

  88. “…That’s the thing, if they don’t keep moving their lack of ability and accomplishment gets exposed.

    Many of them are “job-hoppers” that move from company to company in their upward path…”

    Miq2xu said the above — this is very true of narcissism in the corporate sphere — sometimes these types of execs bankrupt companies then leave — we’ve all seen it happen I bet.

    All eyes are glued on Washington’s dysfunction and this big stimulus deal — except, this is a time when the country has to start from scratch in order to get somewhere.

    So, he goes to the land of RV — now defunct — because, gee, how many Americans are buying RV’s and cars right now?

    With job stability (vanished) you get the breakup of marriages/families/vacations/RV’s and so forth…
    The whole wholesome 50’s concept of nuclear family has been shattered in the country.

    In order to even try and get that back – you’d have to change CORPORATIONS here. But will that happen?

    That 50’s grid no longer exists, does it?

    So why keep pretending it does — and, on those faith based things — I’d hate to tell you tales of what that looked like inside the Rehab where I was doing some hours ages ago, now.


    One of my fav clients, a black man clued me in.

    It was bad.

    We could call that institutionalized in that institution.

    Basically, they had “slave labor” ala Rehab.

    It was very non-Democratic.

    Perhaps O’Axelstein ought to rethink some stuff — by taking a few tours of faith based orgs.

    To get the real picture?

  89. I won’t have a chance to read all the comments until later, but who is heaven’s name would think that the golden boy of the Chicago machine (next to Gov. Blag), sold by Daley’s PR man Axelrod would be “left” leaning? The same man whose State Senate career was the result of Emil Jones, Jr. strong-arming Dems who had worked for years on legislation to pass it on to Bama so he could take credit and have a “record” while Jones made himself a U.S. Senator (and received much “steak” for his adjacent Southside district when Bama ascended to Washington. What kind of man claims the work of others?

    Then was the non-establishment Bama catapulted to the Senate because someone revealed the sealed divorce records of his Dem and Repub opponents so he could once again run unopposed (Keys was a strawman from out-of-state who was in for the last two weeks of the race)?

    Why did Arthur Daniel Midland loan the “lefty” one-year Senator a jet?

    As for the media, Bama had the right equipment and looked good in a suit. He also was beholding to everyone. Each vote cost $10 or $15 dollars.

  90. brilliant, RD, absolutely brilliant!!!!!

  91. speaktruth, they really are in the first stages of awakening from the denial. And I agree with you they are still being apologetic for Pres 0. The funny thing is they are saying that it is up to the internet people to hold Pres 0’s feet to the fire…. WTF?

  92. riverdaughter, you summed up Pres 0 really really well. But the apologists still don’t get that Pres 0, all he cares about is appeasing the DC villagers because he wanted the job, he has no moral compass so he isn’t gonna all the sudden challenge them like the Moyers group seems to hang onto that illusion. It’s really sad when you see them talking about this. They still can’t wake up from the hopium… and have shifted the onus onto the Internet!

  93. Can’t make out if PBS is looking to become apologists for the Obama administration or apologists for themselves. They survived cable by maintaining their integrity. They need to watch their step.

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