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Hey Nancy Keenan – NARAL – Get a CLUE

X-Post No We Won’t

The Baltimore SUN has an article by James Oliphant about how Abortion Policies Take a Back Seat.

When Barack Obama was campaigning for president, he promised to enact legislation to prohibit the states from limiting the right to abortion. Now that Obama is in the White House and solid Democratic majorities are ensconced in Congress, opponents of abortion rights have been bracing for that and other major changes to abortion laws.

But there are indications that what those groups dread most and some liberal voters eagerly anticipate as the rewards of victory might not come to pass – at least not yet. Democrats on Capitol Hill say that while they are committed to reversing several Bush administration policies with regard to abortion rights and family planning, they might hold off on pursuing the kind of expansive agenda feared by social conservatives.

Despite gains in the House and Senate in last year’s elections, there are still significant numbers of moderate Democrats, particularly in the House, who either oppose abortion altogether or are not in favor of sweeping changes, instead preferring a more incremental approach. And any large-scale effort involving something as polarizing as abortion necessitates spending political capital, something the Obama White House needs in abundance at the moment to ensure the survival of its economic policies.

Remember the backlash regarding the decision of Nancy Keenan of NARAL to endorse Barack Obama on May 14, 2008 well before Hillary Clinton suspended her campaign for President of the United States:

“Today, NARAL Pro-Choice America PAC is proud to endorse Sen. Barack Obama for president. Sen. Obama has been a strong advocate for a woman’s right to choose throughout his career in public office. He steadfastly supports and defends a woman’s right to make the most personal, private decisions regarding her reproductive health without interference from government or politicians.

“Sen. Obama has been a leader on this issue in the United States Senate. Since joining the Senate in 2005, he has worked to unite Americans on both side of this debate behind commonsense, common-ground ways to prevent unintended pregnancy. Sen. Obama supports legislation to provide our teens with comprehensive sex education, prevent pharmacies from denying women access to their legal birth-control prescriptions, and increase access to family-planning services.

“We are confident that Barack Obama is the candidate of the future. Americans are tired of the divisive politics of the last eight years, and will unite behind Obama in the fall. We look forward to working with a pro-choice Obama White House in January.”

I am sure all us PUMA’s remember that day well. It was shocking. We knew Barack Obama was no friend to women, yet these women’s groups who pretend to represent women’s interest in this great country of ours were fooled, or were they. Take a look at what good ole Nancy has to say today in this same Baltimore SUN article:

We deal in reality,” said Nancy Keenan, the president of NARAL Pro-Choice America. “You have to be pragmatic, realistic and, in the end, strategic.”

Keenan said that solid majorities that could ensure passage of ambitious abortion-rights legislation don’t exist. “The votes just aren’t there,” she said.

And who could forget Nancy Keenan’s personal view on abortion:

For many public officials, personal conviction that abortion is wrong does not extend to public responsibility. “As a Catholic, I accept the teaching of my church on abortion. That is my personal religious belief . . . As a public official, there is no question in my mind that depriving women of the right to follow their conscience is the same as imposing religious beliefs,” Montana’s school superintendent, Nancy Keenan, said in a Dec. 5 letter when questioned by her bishop.

Well Nancy, you are quite the capitulator aren’t you. You make us all so proud. We knew back in May what a complete farce you are, and now you just add the exclamation point to it. Thanks but no thanks to that kind of leadership. You won’t hold anyone’s feet to the fire will you? There has got to be a change in all leadership for these alleged women’s groups or we need a new groundswell of women who know what it is we are fighting for. People who decide their status inside Washington DC power brokerages is more important than the women’s back they climb upon are a sickening bunch. You screwed up. Admit it. You really screwed up! Many women knew it in May and it is only reaffirmed every single day, by people like you and your organization and Barack Obama.

Barack Obama has allowed Family Planning measures to be gutted from the stimulus package. Barack Obama has not undone the Bush “conscience rule”, and I think it’s safe to say he doesn’t give two hoots about sex education in schools.

What a bunch of FOOLS!

And you gotta love this from the same article:

There are signs, however, that the Obama administration is in no mood now for a politically draining fight over abortion


128 Responses

  1. It’s so darn short sighted to think failure to allow over half the population to control something like reproduction isn’t going to have huge consequences on us as a nation.

  2. Expanding the office of “Faith Based” Initiatives is another blow to any reforms on behalf of women. Can Sharia Law be far behind?

    These women are considered “sell outs” but my gut feeling tells me that their views and policies are pretty much in line with his. They did not sell out as much as “ordained”.

  3. Can Sharia Law be far behind?

    Look at the bright side – when you start wearing a burkha you’ll save a fortune on clothing and make-up, and no one will judge you on your looks.

    Them things look like they would keep ya warm too!

  4. myiq: *&**&*^^%^^&%!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *&^U^$%^$!!!!

  5. Keenan leading NARAL is a bit like a Libertarian member of the KKK leading the NAACP.

  6. Nancy Keenan is so willing to go along, what the hell is she doing as the head of a group she has no intention of advocating for.

  7. I read last week that he wants to wait until they figure out a way to make his decision irreversible. Good luck to that.

  8. really plural. is that what’s he telling them? Ha!

  9. “You have to be pragmatic, realistic and, in the end strategic.”

    What. A. Bunch. Of. Crap.

  10. I wish I could remember where I saw that. It struck me as typical of Obama, claiming to be post-partisan, in the sense that these things get overturned when the party in the White House changes hands.

    But that’s democracy. As they say, elections have consequences.

  11. Nancy Keenan doesnot want to fight for these things. She would rather go along and see what happens.

    What the hell is she doing as the head of NARAL?

    Is this what it has come down to. Everyone is post partisan. except the right wingers?

    Good luck with that and kiss reproductive freedom goodbye if that is the case.

  12. This is going to sound pretty bad, but we are always here and we are always preaching to the choir. Nobody cares and nobody seems to listen, they have their golden boy and because of that everything is just going to be great. What was it Hillary said, “the clouds will open up” and all will be set right. They believe this and nothing is going to change their minds, excuses will be continual.

    I have never felt this way before. I used to be all about civil rights, women’s rights, no wars, but now I see that those things instilled in me, because I grew up in the ’60’s now mean that I am one of those “bad boomers”. According to most, I created this mess. HELL NO I DIDN’T.

    The only thing I know to do is try to keep my job, keep a few bucks in the bank and hold on to those I hold dear and try tokeep them safe. If I sound like I am suffering from severe apathy, I guess I am.

  13. So much “crap” that I am beginning to wear boots indoors!

  14. I think each and everyone of us had at some point kim. it seems overwhelming. after everything we screamed about for 8 years, now we get to play the same role for another 4 atleast.

  15. Taggles, it is getting worse with each passing day and no one gives a r@ts @ss. All the Obots are completely okay with him feeling his way through and aren’t noticing that they have been bent over and are getting screwed without a kiss. It is disgusting.

  16. Kim is correct. Nobody cares. We are being governed by the oligarchy who have absolutely no idea what goes on beyond their own purview. Obama is a case in point.

    No one is held accountable. No one is forced to pay back. Wall Street bankers and financiers are treated like pashas. Stealing and lying has become the norm. Shame has been replaced by adulation. Donors are treated with reverence.

    We live in an age of irresponsible actions that rain like confetti into our everyday lies and are expected to be thankful for that.

  17. Tommie: what equal pay law are you referring to?

  18. I see two types of bots now a day. Ones who are willing to make any excuse for the One. And ones who are starting to question.

    Also, I have seen the excuse that even if Hillary had won (we know she did), this is what we would have gotten anyhow because she is a centrist.

    The are short quite a few brain cells, that’s for sure.

    It is going to take sometime for them to dis-contortion themselves from the positions they found themselves supporting.

  19. Tommie, we have a GOP whitehouse and legislature, that’s the freakin problem. They just call themselves Dems.

    They have control of the House, the Senate and the Executive.


  20. Whether or not the Obots want to believe it, few of us were ever enamored by the McCain/Palin ticket. None of us were ever foolish enough to believe that McCain was the answer. Hell, even his own party didn’t believe it.

    But we also saw through Obama. An empty suit in a nicely wrapped package who had little, if anything, in his background to support the adulation he was receiving. Our fears are somewhat bearing this out as we go forward. But the Obots must consider that much of what Obama is doing is not much different than what it gave us 8 years prior.

    McCain may not have done much better but Obama may be proving we could not have done worse.

  21. Sorry to go O/T here, but sometimes our threads end up stepping on one another, leaving not enough time for some topics to be adequately explored. I just finished reading this morning’s threads below and would like to nominate this post as comment of the year:

    frankly0, on February 9th, 2009 at 10:31 am Said:

    The thing that nobody in the interview comes close to acknowledging is the sheer perfection of a candidate like Obama for the media and the Washington establishment.

    The beauty of Obama as a politician, from the standpoint of the media and the powers that be in Washington, is that he offers to the American people the illusion of historic change in the complete absence of any fundamental change in how Washington behaves.

    He is the perfect embodiment of a purely symbolic change. That, at base, is what made him a media darling. They know that he will allow people across the nation to feel their need for change satisfied while maintaining the most rigid status quo.

    This is exactly right. Thank you, frankly0, for summing up so perfectly what some of us have been struggling to articulate for many months now.

  22. McCain may not have done much better but Obama may be proving we could not have done worse.


  23. very true pat, we did not endorse or support John McCain. That is a red herring thrown out by these in denial obotters.

  24. On January 29, 2009, the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act of 2009 was signed in to law, drastically changing the time frame in which employees can file wage discrimination claims against their employers.

    The Act is Congress’ response to the Supreme Court’s decision in Ledbetter v. Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co., 550 U.S. 618 (2007), in which the court held that Lilly Ledbetter, who worked for 20 years at a Goodyear plant before discovering that she was paid less than her male counterparts, could not maintain a claim for wage discrimination against Goodyear because she did not file her claim within the applicable 180-day statute of limitation. According to the court, the statute of limitation ran from the date the employer made the discriminatory pay-setting decision, not from each subsequent payment made under the decision. Justice Ginsburg dissented, stating that “the ball is in Congress’ court . . . to correct this Court’s parsimonious reading of Title VII.”

    Congress heeded Justice Ginsburg’s exhortation, finding that the Ledbetter decision (1) undermined statutory protections against wage discrimination by unduly restricting the time period in which victims of discrimination could challenge discriminatory compensation decisions or other practices and (2) ignored the reality of wage discrimination and was at odds with the robust application of the civil rights laws. Congress’ first attempt to “correct th[e] Court’s parsimonious reading of Title VII” fell just short, however, as the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act of 2007 was narrowly defeated in the Senate. Passage of the Act picked up steam again during last year’s presidential election, and it passed quickly through Congress last month and became the first major piece of legislation signed into law by President Obama.

    The Act’s key feature is to allow employees to file claims for wage discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, national origin and age within 180 days from “each time wages, benefits, or other compensation is paid” pursuant to a discriminatory pay-setting decision or practice. Essentially, each paycheck renews the 180-day statute of limitation, regardless of when the initial pay-setting decision occurred.

    The Act also provides that aggrieved employees may recover up to two years of back pay from the date they file their claim if the wage discrimination that occurred during the charge filing period, i.e., 180 days from each time an employee is paid, is similar or related to wage discrimination that occurred outside the charge filing period. Thus, each time an employer pays an employee pursuant to a discriminatory pay-setting decision or practice, not only does the 180-day statute of limitation start anew, but the employer also subjects itself to liability for up to two years of back pay.

    The Act is effective as if enacted on May 28, 2007, and applies to all claims of wage discrimination that are pending on or after that date under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (42 U.S.C. § 2000e et seq.), the Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967 (29 U.S.C. § 621 et seq.), Title I and Section 503 of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, and Sections 501 and 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.

  25. Tommie, the LLA only allows someone a longer period of time to sue and employer for wage discrimination.

    It does not guarantee equal pay for equal work.

    A person must know they are being paid less, must be able to prove it is based on gender or race or age alone, nothing else.

  26. taggles: Most of us here did not support McCain/Palin with the exception of a few who really went overboard in their support. That “over the top” gush got on some nerves after awhile, particularly when it came to Palin. She may be a very nice lady, but in all due respect, she quite frankly was another who was in way over her head. The perception some “lurkers” may have drawn was that we were all beating the bandwagon on her behalf when this was simply not the case.

    It was best during that time, and probably even now, to tippy toe around the notion that Sarah Palin is going to bring us to the Promised Land just because she is a woman. We need to step back and seriously question all candidates on all positions rather than just assume that gender is to be the end all, be all, of our decisions.

    We saw much too much of this throughout this election and the result is not what was anticipated.

  27. I am back once again in moderation. May I have a hall pass?

  28. The reason I voted for McCain was that it was clear to me that behind the campaign lies, neither his positions nor Obama’s were anywhere near liberal. With McCain there was a chance – no guarantee, but a chance – that an overwhelmingly Dem Congress would oppose his retrogressive policies. Whereas with Obama they’d fall in line and pass them, singing alleluia at the Great One’s beneficence to the people.

    Also, I felt that McCain, even where he was wrong, actually cared about the country’s welfare, while Obama clearly cared about nothing but himself.

    It was a strategic vote trying to make the best of two stinky choices.

  29. Pat I think the main theme was defending Palin against sexist attacks.

    Those sexist, misogynistic attacks no matter a woman’s ideology, are off limits and should be to every liberal.

  30. cwaltz, on February 9th, 2009 at 10:47 am Said:

    It’s so darn short sighted to think failure to allow over half the population to control something like reproduction isn’t going to have huge consequences on us as a nation.
    And, with respect to HeidI Li, that is the problem with the 51% meme. 51% of the American population may have an XY genotype but what percent of those are committed to equal right for women, reproductive self determination and other gender specific issues that the vast majority of people here would agree on? And even if they agree in theory, how many will follow through? The “leadership” of the national women’s groups have certainly failed on the last point.

  31. taggles: Agreed. The personal attacks were out of bounds. Challenge her on her positions, not on her choice of eyeliner.
    Had they spent the same amount of time digging up the skeletons in Obama’s closet the outcome may have been a lot different. As a woman she found herself under attack solely based on that premise.

    But in all honesty, as a candidate, IMHO, she was lacking.

  32. I am convinced that these women’s rights groups are looking at this issue entirely backward. This is not about “abortion rights” this is about sex discrimination. ANY law that treats abortion in any way differently from any other medical procedure IS sex discrimination. THAT is the argument they should be making. Call it what it is — sex discrimination. And start working on getting the ERA — because sadly, under our Constitution, sex discrimination is ok.

  33. The head of “Pro-choice” Naral admits to being a Catholic
    who is against abortion in her personal life????
    Is that for real?
    Now, I’m able to accept that many people have
    conflicts about personal and political beliefs on this and
    other issues. And that’s perfectly fine, we’re all ambivalent
    about some things.
    But what the h*ll is she doing representing Naral?

  34. cwaltz: I agree. The candidate must be receptive to the feminist cause regardless of gender. I am not about to cast my vote for a woman who thinks like an Ann Coulter or a Michele Malkin simply because they are female. In my view, that defeats the cause and the message.

  35. SHV, what is the use in them?

    We need to start over, it doesn’t matter whether we have a majority. Equal rights are equal rights and the majority, no matter how you slice and dice it should not have a say.

    That is what frosts me. We need people agitating Washington DC, not trying to be post partisan about it, and gaining more numbers.

    For Christ Sakes we will have no rights.

  36. I give up. Most of my comments are going straight to moderation which maybe Spammy’s way of saying STFU.

  37. Exactly, that is what I waiting for Tommie to say – Paycheck Fairness Act was not passed, only Lily Ledbetter. Fool has no clue.

  38. sister of ye, on February 9th, 2009 at 12:12 pm Said:
    …..It was a strategic vote trying to make the best of two stinky choices.

    Here here. As a Dem, I really didn’t see any advantage to picking Barry over McCain ….I felt their policies would be similar and the top 1 % wanted Barry so badly, I knew he was the wrong choice. By Sept , it was clear we were going to get a GOP president who ever got in . I’d rather have one I could some what admire.

  39. I got em out pat!

  40. Tommie, on February 9th, 2009 at 12:04 pm Said:

    On January 29, 2009, the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act of 2009 was signed in to law, drastically changing the time frame in which employees can file wage discrimination claims against their employers.
    And that is the “cred” that “obots” point to, to show Obama is a feminist. He had nothing to do with the legislation other than to sign other peoples work and from a practical point of view, the law has little effect on working women. He killed equal pay. Ledbetter is symbolic, IMO, bringing a law suit against one’s employer is occupational suicide.

  41. angienc2, on February 9th, 2009 at 12:18 pm Said:

    I am convinced that these women’s rights groups are looking at this issue entirely backward. This is not about “abortion rights” this is about sex discrimination.
    Exactly..That was Ruth Ginsberg’s argument..”How can women receive due process and equal protection under the law when (at the time) state legislatures were more than 90% male.

  42. Hi everyone!

    I see the Bloviator in Chief is on the campaign trial again. WTF!!! It’s like he actually believes that the power of his voice is enough to fix everything. Or it’s probably more likely that it has nothing to do with us and everything to do with Obama wanting to feel some love. After all, he has had a couple of hard weeks on the job. Giving speeches is like his comfort food. He is such a jacka$$.

    I remember the day over a year ago when it hit me that we were in for another four years of crap. Before that, I was so excited by the idea that Bush would be gone. I remember the day I realized that Obama was nothing but hot air. Such a sinking feeling. Like a kid finding out there is no santa claus. Hillary was our only chance.

  43. its even worse

    Now doctors and health care professionals don’t even have to put all the alternatives out there for you if your a woman.

    I wanna know where’s the morality clause for Viagra? I mean there is something morally repugnant to me that Rush gets unlimited trips to Thailand with all the blue pills he can carry but some woman who just wants to prevent a pregnancy may be whistling dixie since the morality police think she should just be able to abstain or do “God’s work” by having the little urchin.

  44. I have Obama streaming.

  45. I’ll say it again: we need to stop talking about abortion rights & start talking about equal rights & the ERA. This last election & the endorsement of NOW & NARAL of Obama proved to me that those two organizations are tools of the Patriarchy to keep women divided by focusing solely on abortion rights instead of women’s rights — notice how the endorsements came in order to scare us wimmen folk to come back into the fold or Roe was going to be overturned? Worked like a charm.

    Start demanding that women’s rights as equal citizens be embodied in the actual Constitution via an Equal Rights Amendment & we will not have to worry about Fair Pay Acts and other such b.s. –we will be protected by the Constitution against such discrimination. Same with abortion — making laws that treat it differently from any other medical procedure is sex discrimination — and we will be protected against that discrimination in the Constitution. This is the ONLY way we have to make sure that decisions of future d!ckheads don’t overturn the puny little rights that we have & we will no longer be able to be blackmailed into voting by the threat of the loss of rights that we already have.

  46. Errr, I meant two posts – parts 1 & 2 —

    Hi taggles! Strong post, thank you for it!

  47. I have no way of knowing whether McCain would or wouldn’t have been more successful at anything since he didn’t win. We don’t get to play pretend that we have some alternate reality to comp[are this to. The people saying this would be better off just admitting they screwed up by voting for a guy who isn’t fixing bupkiss instead of indulging in MORE fantasy(just as they fantasized that Obama was going to fix all the wrongs of Bush).

  48. cwaltz,

    Amen! I am more and more disgusted everyday. I am so sick of the messages thrown out there. When men have sex, they are heros. When women have sex, we are sluts, whores, irresponsible…… This isn’t so much about sex and morality as it is about sexism. A way to to keep women in their place.

  49. angie: Spot on!

  50. Obama is on the stump again and i am watching it live. This is pure shit. This is dangerous. Obama should be in Washington doing his job. This is pure shit. he is saying things that are inciting class warfare. This is Stalinist and cult of personality bullshit.

    Thank god someone just said your cabinet is not trustworthy. Then she got heckled by the crowd. This is bullshit

  51. the impact of wage disparities within corporations is peanuts next to the impact of female dominated professions getting paid much, much less than male dominated professions.

  52. afrocity: Exactly. He is just blowing smoke. As usual.

  53. increasing pay for teachers will do more good for more women than any kind of (fundamentally very difficult to enforce) equal pay act.


    Now he is talking about Sean Hannity.

  55. Am I taking crazy pills????

    Is it like October 2008?


  57. afrocity: He is “restless”. Needs the stump to have those in the audience announce how “honored” they are to be in the same room with him. Jeessh! What is the matter with you??

  58. It’s like I said earlier. The Bloviator in Chief is looking for some love. I love that he’s getting some tough questions.

  59. The question is why am I wasting my time listening to this bullcrap?

  60. He’s on the stump because it is the one thing he actually knows how to do.


    Increasing the pay for teachers doesn’t help females working in business sector.

  61. We are back to the medical records again. Almost as consistent with “mother on food stamps” meme.

  62. this is painful. it is like he is on the stump.

    i thought he was mr. post partisan, who is his challenger?

  63. cwaltz that is very true, but increasing pay for business women doesn’t help teachers. that doesn’t mean it isn’t an important goal of course.

  64. Was the Paycheck Fairness Act passed and nobody told me?

    BO signed the Ledbetter Act right after he kowtowed to Republicans on family planning. IMO, he used the Ledbetter Act to deflect criticism on his sucking Repub a$$ and not getting one Repub vote.

    The man is NOT a feminist or a quick study. Really, from what I’ve seen so far his political instincts suck. I wonder if he won’t have a nervous breakdown before the year is through. He wasn’t ready for this job and he is stumbling n’ bumbling in front of the world. It’s painful to watch even with the “I told you so” factor.

  65. Fifth home??? Who are we talking about here?

  66. You silly gooses — he’s campaigning for 2012!

  67. Now he is making fun of people with more than one home. It is class warfare.

    Mr. Afrocity said unless a Clinton is on the ticket, never again will he vote for a democrat.

    This party is a disgrace. I don’t recognize it anymore.

  68. Both parties are a disgrace. This is why we are where we are today.

  69. Pat J — he’s talking about US — as in, I’m white, I’m an attorney, I didn’t vote for Obama — I must have 5 homes.

    Class warfare just like afrocity said.

  70. afrocity: This party is a disgrace. I don’t recognize it anymore.

    Amen and a hallelujah chorus!

  71. Pat J — exactly — I give my allegiance to NEITHER party — I’m staying registered “I” and sending no $ to either — I will pick the one or two candidates who I believe are decent & perhaps send money to them, but never again to the “PARTY.” When it comes to the GE I’ll vote for whoever I think is best — even if that means voting Green.

  72. Owning one home outright, like in my case, must cast me in the category of “moron”.

  73. oh god, he is trying to reconvince people they just voted him preznit.

  74. Hey! I’m in moderation — for agreeing with Pat J!

  75. I am so angry i could scream. I can’t believe what I am watching. Is this Mussolini? What the hell is Mr. Cult of personality doing. This sociopath is spending my tax dollars fueling his jet to campaign, plus the security issues involved with this. I am not paying him to campaign.

  76. Is he making a speech, or answering questions?

  77. taggles — you give him too much credit — I think he is rabble rousing to remind the rest of us how much “power” he has over the peons.

  78. I hate to sound like a broken record, but much of what he is saying about energy was said during the primary by Hillary Rodham Clinton!

  79. OMG. Campaigning is the only thing he knows how to do. ObamaNation didn’t elect a President… they elected a salesman.

  80. I am tuning out, just like I did for 11 months in the year of 2008 when he was campaigning.

  81. Unlike our Dear Leader — I have to get back to work. Take care gang!

  82. cya later angie.

  83. afrocity
    I am so angry i could scream. I can’t believe what I am watching. Is this Mussolini? What the hell is Mr. Cult of personality doing. This sociopath is spending my tax dollars fueling his jet to campaign, plus the security issues involved with this. I am not paying him to campaign.

    I just got done screaming the same thing. I frightened my cats.

  84. Just thinking of getting some lunch. However, watching this may just help to regurgitate it back up.

  85. I feel like I am watching a newsreel from September 2008. I am just waiting for the split screen of McCain to come on at any moment. Hey dumb a$$ YOU WON!!!!!!

    Didn’t you get the memo?

  86. Well, unfortunately for him I think most of the obot peons have gone back to sleep and I’m not sure he’ll be able to rouse them from their slumber.

  87. He is working the crowd so well he really deserves that vacation weekend in Chicago. Come on! Like Bush said, “it’s hard!”.

  88. he just said we had the best schools and colleges and now he is dissing them so we can compete with foreign countries and that will make employers want to keep their companies here……


  89. yeah you

  90. I may be getting lightheaded but after awhile I begin to lose his train of thought.

  91. yeah you to a nine year old.

    class act.

  92. Jesus H. Christ! Taking a question from a 9 year old? Does it get any easier than that?

  93. Now a nine year old stands up and asks what are you gonna do for our schools.

    My question is why isn’t the kid in school.

  94. Afrocity, ha ha ha ha ha!

  95. I got it! The fault for all this is that 9 year old James just has not worked hard enough! Thank God. I though it was the politicians in DC who let us down. And all along it was James!

  96. I need to get off. In moderation once again. I guess I just need to work harder.

  97. How much did it cost us for him to fly to Indiana for an hour? He is such a jacka$$.

  98. honestly, i got NOTHING out of it and that is NOTHING new.

  99. taggles; Release me from moderation. I found the the answer.

  100. And for those of you who found this illuminating, he will be on once again tonight to go over it once again!

  101. I love the guy who asked Obama why he doesn’t just give the money directly to the people. He said Obama needs to help those that put him in office, not the fat cats.

  102. I think this is too much. Its like they are trying to control women.

    More states consider mandating ultrasounds before abortions

    LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) — Abortion foes have a new tactic: The hope that women can’t look away.

    Lawmakers in 11 states are considering bills that would offer or require ultrasounds before a woman gets an abortion. The most stringent are proposed laws in Nebraska, Indiana and Texas, which would require a doctor show the ultrasound image of the fetus to the woman, despite legal challenges to a similar measure in Oklahoma.

    “Many times, these are young mothers who are in vulnerable situations. And they are about to make a very grave choice.” said Nebraska Sen. Tony Fulton of Lincoln, who introduced the ultrasound bill (LB675) there. “This is about informed consent.”

    But Oklahoma’s law, which is being challenged in court, is the only one that requires the image to be presented to the woman, even if she refuses to look at it. It also requires the doctor to describe the picture.

    Indiana’s proposal requires the mother to listen to the fetal heartbeat.

    Oklahoma’s law was supposed to go into effect Nov. 1, but a judge put it on hold after the Center for Reproductive Rights filed a lawsuit saying it intrudes on privacy, endangers health and assaults dignity.

    “They really do not even veil their goal, which is to make a woman feel badly and to make her change her mind,” said Celine Mizrahi, a lawyer for the New York-based center. “It really is a ridiculous position to put the doctor and patient in.”


  103. will he have to take questions from the press? not that that means anything.

  104. Pat
    if you’re going to watch this then skip lunch
    trust me on this one.

    Obama is campaigning after it was reported that attendance at Obot house parties was down.

    This is unbelievable.
    The world is watching.

  105. Ultrasound pictures don’t look like anything to me.

  106. The Press: “Pres. Obama, speaking of the stimulus package, have you decided which restaurant you are taking MO to this weekend in Chicago?”

  107. Downticket, on February 9th, 2009 at 1:12 pm Said:

    jesus h christ ohmyg
    they dont want to pay for birth control for the uninsured-who the fuck is going to pay for the ultrasounds!!

    that is psychological abuse.
    i’ve got to go lie down.

  108. Now he will fly Airforce One back to 666 Pennsylvania Ave.

  109. Nothing, but nothing, is unbelievable when it comes to Obama. Who knew there was no light at the nonexistent bottom of the rabbit hole?

  110. The Faith Based Iniative, alive and well and at work in Nebraska. Owed in large part to the support of NOW, Naral, and all those other feminist groups who tried beating us over the heads with the SC possibilities.

    Who needs the SC when the states are already imposing this on their own? Tragic.

  111. Whitehouse taking over the census. He took it from the commerce department and now Rahm Emmanuel is over it.
    Obama on the stump instigating class warfare.
    He is not a Democrat
    He is not a Republican
    He is dangerous.

  112. downticket that is so disgusting

    good thing we havy NANCY KEENAN on our side!!

  113. Both parties strive for “one party rule”. Rove attempted it in the last administration. Emanuel is here to put on the finishing touch.

  114. I feel nothing but dread.

  115. what happened to Tommie the troll?
    He didn’t mention the fact that Obama ignored the
    “Conscience Rule”-did he?

  116. Pat don’t eat, I’m telling you. It’s just agita waiting to happen.

  117. I don’t see how they can move the census out of the Commerce dept without legislation.

    Not that I have any use for Judd Gregg, who I think is a terrible choice.

  118. The GOP is up in arms over this? Where were they when Delay got his way in Texas a few years back and redrew the lines down there?

    Where were they when Rove tried to install only Repubs in the DOJ as another example?

    Huffing and puffing now is the surest sign of hypocrisy coming out of this congress.

    They may be correct this time, but their acquiescence when they were in power is astonishing. What’s good for the goose, etc., etc., etc.

  119. plural,

    The census will still be at Commerce, only now, they will report to the White House as well.

  120. Pat who cares about GOP or DEM doing it? It is not good for the people period. B Clinton is gone. Rove is gone. Bush is gone. no matter who tried to institute this before it is dangerous now. I don’t want the White House in control of the census.

  121. afro I agree

    right now the GOP is all we’ve got.

    I don’t see them as my party, but as the party with the money and means to get Obama the fuck out of office after one term.

  122. He shouldn’t have put someone in charge of the commerce dept whom they don’t trust to do the census.

  123. Pat J — just popped back in for a second — the census is very different from re-districting (which is what Delay did in TX & which is basically what each party does once they get in power to try to keep their own party in power — and yes, you are right, it is hypocrisy on both their parts when they try to call the other one out on it). Delay re-drew the district maps in TX to try to keep the GOP in office there — but he used existing census data to do it. Delay did not actually control the census data. What Obama is proposing is that he have the ability to actually control the census data — that is what afrocity is talking about when she says this is dangerous. Personally, I don’t trust Obama or the Obama WH one bit to generate accurate results with any census they control.

    Ok, cya later!

  124. Backtrack was put in office to finish draining the wealth of America. To finish shredding the Constitution and make sure most of the democratic rights of Americans are done away with.



  125. despicable, that’s what nancy keenan is. nancy keenan is no leader, she’s a raving incompetent! this makes me sick to my stomach.

  126. Oh, and have you seen the news that the singer Rihanna has been assaulted by her boyfriend, singer Chris Brown? They’re both huge stars! He’s 19 years old!


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