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Paul Krugman is really being a buzzkill:

What do you call someone who eliminates hundreds of thousands of American jobs, deprives millions of adequate health care and nutrition, undermines schools, but offers a $15,000 bonus to affluent people who flip their houses?

A proud centrist.


The original plan also included badly needed spending on school construction; $16 billion of that spending was cut. It included aid to the unemployed, especially help in maintaining health care — cut. Food stamps — cut. All in all, more than $80 billion was cut from the plan, with the great bulk of those cuts falling on precisely the measures that would do the most to reduce the depth and pain of this slump.


All in all, the centrists’ insistence on comforting the comfortable while afflicting the afflicted will, if reflected in the final bill, lead to substantially lower employment and substantially more suffering.

But how did this happen? I blame President Obama’s belief that he can transcend the partisan divide — a belief that warped his economic strategy.


And Mr. Obama got nothing in return for his bipartisan outreach. Not one Republican voted for the House version of the stimulus plan, which was, by the way, better focused than the original administration proposal.

Remember way back in January and December when the sippy-kup kidz were telling everyone to wait until Obama actually did something to complain?  Remember last summer when they said PUMAs were Republican ratf**kers?  Remember all last year when they told us to STFU because experience was less important than being the media darling?

In the words of Katiebird, our retired librarian:

“So many Obots, so little spit.”

30 Responses

  1. morning back from Orlando hope the weekend was good!

  2. You probably had more fun than we did.

  3. I would hope so anyway

  4. Frankly, I think “centrist” is too nice a word and none too appropriate. The one billion dollars candidate has been paid for by the plutocracy and it’s serving them. How do I know it? The rich are crying – at the very onset, like they did when W started. You won’t hear from them again, you’ll see

  5. Good morning Fuzzy, myiq2xu. Thanks for this post. His compassionate and clear points resonate with me. I heard a little bit of hope about putting some of these items back in with the combined bill. BBC overnight.

    fuzzy, how was your softball weekend?

  6. softball is next weekend in Tampa where I finally get to meet SM.

    Thias week was a friend of mines b-day took to Disney Dinner etc

  7. fuzzy, I admire your ability to have fun!!

  8. we watched “MOMMA MIA!” the blooper and bonus disk funny!

    Poor Pierce no one told himhe could not sing….

  9. well the wallet and economy say stop after this month

  10. oh crap how much of a re bate is Barry giving us this year in ste sorry ass stimulus package…

  11. fuzzy, the two friends I saw the movie with forgave him for his lack of musical ability. I guess they *saw* something in him that overrode their hearing.

  12. LMAO:

    It was a bum rap.

    Actor Robert Kabakoff snapped a photo of a woman’s bottom as she sunned herself in Central Park on April 22 because he thought it would make a good “slice-of-life” postcard.

    Kabakoff, who had a minor role in the movie “The Wrestler,” never expected to get arrested for it.

    “I notice this girl laying on her stomach with her skirt pulled up over her butt,” he recalled. “So I pulled the bike off and parked about 15 feet away from her.”

    Kabakoff, who spent the night in jail, shot her photograph with his phone and then tried to “exit left” when her friend saw and admonished him with a wag of her finger.

    Before he knew it, the woman was talking to cops and Kabakoff was handcuffed in the back of a police cruiser.

    During the next 18 hours, he was charged with “unlawful surveillance,” a felony, and spent the night in jail. The charge was later dropped, and Kabakoff sued.

    The NYPD admitted no wrongdoing, but the city settled for $8,000

  13. Wow! Krugman is on fire!

    So Mr. Obama was reduced to bargaining for the votes of those centrists. And the centrists, predictably, extracted a pound of flesh — not, as far as anyone can tell, based on any coherent economic argument, but simply to demonstrate their centrist mojo. They probably would have demanded that $100 billion or so be cut from anything Mr. Obama proposed; by coming in with such a low initial bid, the president guaranteed that the final deal would be much too small.

    Such are the perils of negotiating with yourself.


    So has Mr. Obama learned from this experience? Early indications aren’t good.

    For rather than acknowledge the failure of his political strategy and the damage to his economic strategy, the president tried to put a postpartisan happy face on the whole thing. “Democrats and Republicans came together in the Senate and responded appropriately to the urgency this moment demands,” he declared on Saturday, and “the scale and scope of this plan is right.”

    No, they didn’t, and no, it isn’t.

  14. Google “Michelle Obama Klingon” and you’ll get 11, 200 results.

  15. BB Myiq2xu thanks for the morning wake up…of course I isnot as fun as big thunder mountian or Mission space or Tower of Terror or well about a million and one things.

    I guess that we really are right this Pampers guy is gonna sell out every dem principle in office that he sold out in the primary and GE!

    What a crock I wanted a democrat and what did I get? YOU! PAMPERS YOU!

  16. Hey, yall! Check out my horoscope for today:

    Virgo Horoscope
    Go to: Yesterday | Tomorrow

    A friend is likely to show up with some rather sheepish apologies today. Turns out you were right in some political or social discussion that they took a little too seriously. The best thing to do is accept the apology with grace and humility. An “I told you so” could backfire.

    I thought this would be my husband or my best friend, but apparently it’s Paul Krugman!

  17. Oh, moderator? Before you get me out of moderation, could you fix my quoteblock, please?

  18. It’s FALL 2008 / “All Over Again”!!
    “We the People Rejected the details of the “Bail-Out”.
    “Not the Concept”!!
    We thought the Senate “listened” to us.
    They all stand “Shoulder to Shoulder”; with a FAR WORSE package than we rejected from the House version.
    Now, those same people are saying….”Ooops” we had NO IDEA the banks would use your money SOooooo BADLY.
    In the mean time right under our noses “our” new President is signing “EXECUTIVE ORDERS” orders; like a drunken sailor with NO OVER SITE / NO DEBATE!!

  19. tpt – SNL had a very funny skit on the stimulus – I got the video.
    But the hard times show even on the cover of the tabloids these days

  20. WTF??:

    WASHINGTON — The presidential campaign trail often loved Barack Obama more than he loved it back. When he was sworn in last month, he told friends he was eager to tackle the rigors of the Oval Office without the drudgery of shuttling to a different part of the country every other day.

    But a road trip is suddenly looking far more appealing.

    In an effort to build support for his signature economic stimulus plan, Mr. Obama is setting off for Indiana on Monday, holding his first prime-time news conference on Monday night and heading to Florida on Tuesday. In both states, he will be working to counter Republican criticism of his $800 billion recovery package and take greater control of the debate.

    He also is hoping to refill his reservoir of political capital and escape Washington after a bruising week in the White House.

    ‹^› ‹(•¿•)› ‹^›

  21. He hasn’t been Preznit a whole month yet and he needs to “refill his reservoir of political capital?”

    No wonder we’re broke.

  22. In my neighborhood there are a lot of people (mostly elderly) who don’t like trick or treaters, so they turn their porch lights off when they see one approaching. BHO will get the same treatmeant when he goes to “refill his resevoir of political capital”

  23. You will see more vacations from this guy than Bush. He can not handle the responsibility of the office he purchased.

  24. They should be called “conservative,” because that’s what they are. Instead, they are called “centrists” only because the far right is calling itself “conservative.”

  25. Unfortunately I think you’re right PKJAYNE. And it’s odd how not one of the obots I work with has mentioned BO’s disappointing performance so far, so I can’t tell if they’re disappointed or if they’ve just stopped paying attention. It’s almost as if they think, “okay, I helped elect the first black president, I can go back to sleep now.”

  26. Krugman is becoming more my hero every day.
    Is he the only media Democrat attacking Obama?
    I can’t think of one other.

    He was never an Obama cheerleader. Except he
    thought he was better than McCain.

    As much as I can’t stand Obie I’m still glad we don’t
    have McCain. The only thing I’ve heard him say about the
    economy is to lower taxes. Same old same old recipe for
    even worse disaster.

  27. This is a great post–as is RD’s above! This painful travesty surrounding the stimulus package reminds me of my favorite moment with Hillary on the campaign trail last year (you know–the one that pissed off the kool-aide sippers to no end). Here it is again, in all its prescience.

    Hillary slams Obama

    She was right and we knew it–that’s why I am proud to be a PUMA, even if being right is rather cold comfort right now.

  28. Glad to see Krugman criticizing Obama, but he’s still somewhat apologetic for him. I agree more with the synopsis from the Black Agenda Report — Obama’s just dancing with the ones who brought him and is using the bipartisan meme in order to do so.

    JulieS9164, on February 9th, 2009 at 7:44 am Said:
    Hey, yall! Check out my horoscope for today:

    Julie, where do you get such awesome horoscopes with political input? That is too funny!

  29. Ruh Roh!!


    ruh roh —- !
    (all the young dudes edition)


  30. Paul Krugman is like George Clooney except only much, much, much smarter and not a douche who dates women who are half his age.

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