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Early Reviews Are In: This Show is Not Ready for Prime Time

“Spiffy new flight jacket”

It’s been a tough couple of weeks for our new President. Does the guy know anyone he can appoint to a position who isn’t a tax cheat?

Conservative pundits are having a field day with Obama’s recent “missteps.”

Michael Goodwin of the New York Daily News:

It’s not easy to waste a mandate and a honeymoon at the same time, but President Obama seems determined to try. You know he’s off to a lousy start when his most favorable reviews came after he said, “I screwed up.”

Did he ever, and not just once. If he keeps going this way, America will be saying, “We screwed up.”

Charles Krauthammer at the Washington Post begins with a quote from Obama, “A failure to act, and act now, will turn crisis into a catastrophe.”

Catastrophe, mind you. So much for the president who in his inaugural address two weeks earlier declared “we have chosen hope over fear.” Until, that is, you need fear to pass a bill.

And so much for the promise to banish the money changers and influence peddlers from the temple. An ostentatious executive order banning lobbyists was immediately followed by the nomination of at least a dozen current or former lobbyists to high position. Followed by a Treasury secretary who allegedly couldn’t understand the payroll tax provisions in his 1040. Followed by Tom Daschle, who had to fall on his sword according to the new Washington rule that no Cabinet can have more than one tax delinquent.

Victor Davis Hanson, of the The Corner is openly ridiculing Obama for his lack of leadership in “The Impending Obama Meltdown.”

Some of us have been warning that it was not healthy for the U.S. media to have deified rather than questioned Obama, especially given that they tore apart Bush, ridiculed Palin, and caricatured Hillary. And now we can see the results of their two years of advocacy rather than scrutiny.

We are quite literally after two weeks teetering on an Obama implosion—and with no Dick Morris to bail him out—brought on by messianic delusions of grandeur, hubris, and a strange naivete that soaring rhetoric and a multiracial profile can add requisite cover to good old-fashioned Chicago politicking.

First, there were the sermons on ethics, belied by the appointments of tax dodgers, crass lobbyists, and wheeler-dealers like Richardson—with the relish of the Blago tapes still to come. (And why does Richardson/Daschle go, but not Geithner?).

Ouch! I know Hanson is a wing nut, but except for the part about Dick Morris, I really can’t disagree with him.

Edward Luce of the Financial Times offered this synopsis of Obama’s efforts to “reach across the aisle” to win votes for his economic stimulus package:

Obama’s bipartisan dream turns sour…. Several weeks of Sisyphean efforts at building a bipartisan consensus on his $800bn stimulus plan appear to have won the White House very little support from an increasingly hostile opposition. Of the 218 elected Republicans on Capitol Hill, just three have come out in support of the president’s plan – and even their support cannot be guaranteed.


Nor do Mr Obama’s efforts appear to be winning applause from his own support base, which is increasingly agitated about the substance of the compromises that were agreed in the Senate.

Liberal economists point to the fact that the $40bn in education aid to state governments was among the most stimulative elements in the original bill. Even Lawrence Summers, Mr Obama’s chief economic adviser, on Sunday sounded disappointed, pointing out that the several billion dollars that was cut in aid to higher education would have fed rapidly through into the economy.

“Look, I have children at college,” Mr Summers told Fox News.

“And I know that if you put money in their pocket it won’t be saved…The president was very strongly criticised by many in his own party – he cannot do any more [than he has so far] in walking down the road to bipartisanship.”

More moderate and liberal pundits are also unhappy with Obama’s performance thus far. John Dickerson of Slate says it straight out: “Obama got rolled.”

Michael Hirsh of Newsweek is concerned because the Obama administration is moving at a glacial pace to address the nation’s economic problems:

Obama’s biggest problem isn’t Taxgate—which resulted in the Terrible Tuesday departure of his trusted friend, Tom Daschle, and the defanging of his Treasury secretary, Tim Geithner. Nor is the No. 1 problem that the president can’t seem to win a single Republican vote for his stimulus package. That’s a symptom, not a cause. The reason Obama is getting so few votes is that he is no longer setting the terms of the debate over how to save the economy. Instead the Republican Party—the one we thought lost the election—is doing that. And the confusion and delay this is causing could realize Obama’s worst fears, turning “crisis into a catastrophe,” as the president said Wednesday.

Salon’s David Sirota is utterly disgusted by the “zombie” advisors Obama has surrounded himself with:

Only weeks ago, the political world was buzzing about a “team of rivals.” America was told that finally, after years of yes men running the government, we were getting a president who would follow Abraham Lincoln’s lead, fill his administration with varying viewpoints, and glean empirically sound policy from the clash of ideas. Little did we know that “team of rivals” was what George Orwell calls “newspeak”: an empty slogan “claiming that black is white, in contradiction of the plain facts.”

Obama’s national security team, for instance, includes not a single Iraq war opponent. The president has not only retained George W. Bush’s defense secretary, Robert Gates, but also 150 other Bush Pentagon appointees. The only “rivalry” is between those who back increasing the already bloated defense budget by an absurd amount and those who aim to boost it by a ludicrous amount.

Of course, that lockstep uniformity pales in comparison to the White House’s economic team — a squad of corporate lackeys disguised as public servants.

At the top is Lawrence Summers, the director of Obama’s National Economic Council. As Bill Clinton’s treasury secretary in the late 1990s, Summers worked with his deputy, Tim Geithner (now Obama’s treasury secretary), and Clinton aide Rahm Emanuel (now Obama’s chief of staff) to champion job-killing trade deals and deregulation that Obama Commerce Secretary Judd Gregg helped shepherd through Congress as a Republican senator. Now, this pinstriped band of brothers is proposing a “cash for trash” scheme that would force the public to guarantee the financial industry’s bad loans. It’s another ploy “to hand taxpayer dollars to the banks through a variety of complex mechanisms,” says economist Dean Baker — and noticeably absent is anything even resembling a “rival” voice inside the White House.

And finally, even reliable sycophants Maureen Dowd and Frank Rich are not happy. Rich even claims there’s a

tsunami of populist rage coursing through America…. It’s even bigger than the Obama phenomenon itself. It could maim the president’s best-laid plans and what remains of our economy if he doesn’t get in front of the mounting public anger.

Not that Rich would have the faintest idea what ordinary Americans are thinking. Nevertheless, he is not at all happy with his Messiah these days.

Let’s hope the President has something better up his sleeve for next week. While he was licking his wounds at Camp David this weekend in his “nifty” new flight jacket; he’d better have been making plans. Obviously, I’m not an Obama fan; but we’re stuck with him now, and we desperately need him to rise to the challenges of this job. I’m getting very tired of saying “I told you so.” It would be nice to see some actual leadership before the first family heads to Chicago for another vacay next weekend.

265 Responses

  1. This President is taking more vacations than Dubya … and Dubya inherited a peaceful world and a quiet economy with a federal budget surplus….

    all I can say is WTF?

  2. i guess i could’ve also said first …. hmmmmm

    you guys are distracted me from Pareto Optimal Trade, which I sorely need distracting from …

  3. Don’t think I want him here in Chicago. They practically shut the city down whenever he comes.

  4. are the leaving the kids at the white house with grandma? don’t they have school?

  5. Great post BB!!!

    But Siorta can kiss my cat’s a$$ too — we weren’t fooled by Obama’s “team of rivals” bs — only he & his fellow Obots were. I’m tired of them trying to shift the blame for this incompetent empty-suits elevation on the rest of us.

  6. Okay I got rid of avatar with me holding the funny looking thing. For some reason it did not show my dogs and I don’t know why.

  7. bb — one point of disagreement with you — I never, and I mean NEVER, get tired of saying “I told you so.” In fact, that should be my epitaph.

  8. This is why we can’t have nice things.

  9. Personally, I predict Obama will move the WH to Chicago — that will stimulate the economy — all that building & such.

  10. I also predict a nervous breakdown for Obama by June — it was obvious to me during the primary that the man simply cannot hack the job.

  11. Great post BB, I got the same impression surfing the net today; it’s almost sad enough watching the Obaglow fade true blue Obamaniacs for me to feel bad about saying, “I toldya so.” Almost, not quite.

  12. …fade FOR true blue Obamaniacs…

  13. I switched to a different picture so you can see the embroidery on his flight jacket. Will he have as many military-style outfits as Bush did?

  14. angienc2, on February 8th, 2009 at 10:09 pm Said:

    I also predict a nervous breakdown for Obama by June — it was obvious to me during the primary that the man simply cannot hack the job.
    June may be a little early but, unless he has a major personality change or goes on high dose psychoactive drugs, I don’t think he can do four years. It’s been less than a month and I think he hates the job.

  15. Chicago is the new Crawford, Texas

  16. Angie,

    I’ve been seriously depressed for the past few days. It’s started to hit home that Obama really is clueless and utterly unprepared and incompetent. We ordinary Americans are going to pay the price, while the people who forced him on us get away with all our money. Yes I can laugh at the Obots, but I don’t want him to wreck our country–or what’s left of it after Bush.

  17. Angie!! LOL

  18. oh….and angie from the last thread.

    Backatcha sista! 🙂

  19. yes, BB, i’m glad to see all this synthesized into one place. It’s amazing how the press is suddenly waking up after the afterglow. however, this putz is in charge during a huge global crisis, i’m still guessing Michelle will have to do a Mrs. Wilson, or a Mrs. Roosevelt, or a Mrs. Reagan and run the White the place eventually

  20. the white house, the us sheesh, i’m spent way too much time researching this weekend, i’m shot

  21. SHV — seeing you you actually have a M.D. after your name & I only a J.D., I will defer to your medical opinion. But I see the signs too. And yes, he does hate his job — mainly because it is the first real one he ever had. Ready on day one was more than just a campaign slogan.

    bb — I agree, I hate, hate, hate the price we will all have to pay for having this moron in office but I am petty enough that as I lay in my tent after a night of hunting my own dinner, my being able to say “I told you so” will bring me a modicum of comfort.

  22. Excuse me, but what the frack does Frank Rich know about “populist rage coursing through America?” Does he feel a rumbling from his fancy Manhattan condo? I’m sure that’s only the subway rolling through underground.

  23. Dakinikat,

    The piece in the FT was really good, except for they quoted Senator Shelby. It’s amazing that Obama has managed to outrage the left, and convince the right that they are going to be back in power in two years.

  24. SOD — I know of a former Louisiana governor being committed to a mental hospital (Earl Long) but not a President. Of course, there is nothing to say he would be committed — they didn’t ship Reagan off when he developed Alzheimers.

  25. Afrocity,

    Chicago might be the new Crawford, but I just hope the Secret Service won’t let Obama anywhere near a chain saw.

  26. dak — I know we’ve both said it before, but I trust Michelle more than Obama — I don’t see her waffling like him & I am certainly sure she is will not crack like the hot-house flower that is our Dear Leader.

  27. Somebody here said there’s too many Obots and not enough spit in the world. I’m going with that slogan!

    Also: “Obaglow.” Hahahahaha. Have there been more puns made on anybody’s name? We should start a dictionary!

  28. Have you guys heard of


    Is it a PUMA?

  29. I knew that Obama’s “all things to all people” schtick was gonna blow-up as soon as he was sworn in.

    No matter what he does, some of his supporters will be unhappy, and he can’t vote “present.”

    It’s his own damn fault.

  30. Somebody here said

    That was Katiebird, our retired librarian.

  31. angienc2, on February 8th, 2009 at 10:21 pm Said:

    SHV — seeing you you actually have a M.D. after your name & I only a J.D., I will defer to your medical opinion. But I see the signs too. And yes, he does hate his job — mainly because it is the first real one he ever had. Ready on day one was more than just a campaign slogan.
    As a JD, you analysis of people is superior to mine..I was a mechanic.

  32. afrocity – yes…she’s a NQ poster

  33. And yes, he does hate his job — mainly because it is the first real one he ever had.

    He can’t run and he can’t hide.

    He could resign tho

  34. It’s a freak show and a half.

  35. SHV –LMAO!! good one! But my J.D. hasn’t given me a very good opinion of people in general — my eye may be too jaundiced for my analysis to be “fair.”

  36. what is NQ ?

  37. SOD — yep, the freakshow continues — but attendance has fallen off — pre-election an obot house party would get 500; post-election they were lucky to get 50. The worm has turned now that people are realizing their mortgages are not, in fact, going to get paid.

  38. afrocity — NQ = No Quarter — a blog were a lot of PUMAs write — uppity woman is one, for example, so is rabble rouser.

  39. How can any reasonable person see these photo ops of Obama, the spiffy flight jacket, topless in Hawaii, etc., and not see he’s any empty suit? I really just don’t get what people are expecting here.

  40. I get the feeling that Obama doesn’t really like people. He’s more of a loner.

    He hates the “meet and greet” and “press the flesh” stuff. Giving speeches to adoring crowds he loves, but not the 1 on 1 encounters.

    He doesn’t like the policy wonk aspect of the job either.

    Obama is like G-dub without people skills.

  41. Great post BB!

    Whether left or right, no one in the press seems to be lurving Obama any more. Of course, I always thought the media would turn on him shortly after his election. They were setting him up for a big fall. Why else were they treating him better than John McCain?

    No matter what Obama did, the wingnuts would have been writing his epitaph. They would have done the same for Hillary. The thing is, Obama does not have the deep support Hillary does. She’s earned that support over decades, and it would have sustained her through the inevitable onslaught.

    But Obama is not only just as awful as they say he is; he also doesn’t have the character to stand up to the VRWC.

    He’s toast. And sadly, so are we at the moment.

  42. Sorry to barge in here, just couldn’t help but say…. I will be tired of saying “I told you so”…when the main stream media comes out with the headline….” Hate to say it folks, but the PUMA’s were right all along!!” Until that day……ummm yep, we tried to tell you this would happen…..

  43. I don’t know about y’all but until the rise of the ocean slows & our planet begins to heal I will consider the Obama Presidency a complete & utter failure.

  44. SOD: I have a friend who went to an Obama party this week in Miami. All of 8 people attended. The thrill is gone.

  45. Okay. I am on my other blog home Little Green Footballs- a conservative blog and they said nice things about PUMA and mentioned Rabble rouser.

    I will have to check No Quarter Out

  46. Invalid Response — EXACTLY!! Nothing short of complete vindication of us by the entire public & msm (with the requisite mea culpas & a$$ kissing) will satisfy me.

  47. Obama is like G-dub without people skills.

    He’s Dan Quayle with a good speechwriter.

  48. Oh, and you’re not barging in!

  49. myiq — I wonder how he spells potato.

  50. Next time I hear someone say Obams is going to “change” things I’m telling them: yeah, he is changing things — we are going out of the frying pan into the fire.

  51. Bush was a lousy President, but he’s got a likeable personality – that whole “guy you want to have a beer with” thingie. He could give a decent speech too, as long as somebody else wrote it.

    Obama hates socializing.

  52. Obama is in deep shit. (Sadly we’re stuck with him.) He doesn’t know how to govern. He’s never done it in his life. Neither has Axelrove. They won a campaign, but running a campaign (and not running it well, contrary to popular belief because blowing through over $700 billion and just barely squeaking through is not great campaigning), running a campaign does not prepare you to govern. So Obama and his evil brain Axelrove are clueless and are doing some major on-the-job training. By the time they’ve memorized the “How To Be A President” handbook it may very well be too late for the rest of us.

    All this bipartisan shit pisses me off. I don’t want bipartisanship. When you don’t have two sides disagreeing – you don’t get a debate. What we need are two equally strong, fearless, and gutsy sides going at it with their teeth barred.. That’s how you debate and compromise and reach middle ground. All this “can’ we all just get along” is bullshit because it only applies to Democrats, and for Democrats “can’t we all just get along” means Democrats crossing over to Republicans and asking them how they feel about the state of the world. And Republicans are seeing all this for what it is: weakness. They smell blood in the water and have taken control of the debate on the stimulus plan; I’m not sure Democrats can take it back again. And this is only week 2. Obama, with his huge majorities in both houses, is acting the way Democrats have been acting for the past 8 years: they bend over and grab their ankles and say: “What do you think, honey?” And Republicans, whose balls are made of steel, are flipping the Democrats off. And why shouldn’t they!

  53. myiq — that is because Obama hates people to a sociopath like Obama other people are pests — he hates having to pay any mind to them. It is like when he told Ed Rendell — we don’t need the people, we just need the checks.
    And you are right — as big of a moron as W is, you can’t say he doesn’t like socializing. He does.

  54. Just got in and read the thread. (I always get home late.)
    Anyway, I have been feeling all along as though BO’s head would explode – or that he was headed for a nervous breakdown.
    As I said before, it was clear during the campaign that he lacked stamina.
    I really thought that maybe MO would clue him in on some things. (I agree that she is tougher. I think she wears the pants in the family.)
    I come here, feeling depressed, hoping that I am just over-reacting. You guys don’t help! (Except I think that maybe I am not crazy.)

  55. He is so over this thing….

  56. Obama is not Dan Quayle. Dan Quayle did not have that whole manipulative narcissistic charm. Quayle was just a dumbass placeholder with no delusions of grandeur.

  57. Oh, jeebus, that nifty new O-jacket is making me nuts. This guy is ALL props, no substance. And that, my friends, is really, really scary. I, too, believe there’s a damn good chance that the O-ego can’t withstand any amount of serious opposition without disintegrating in a very public way. Air Force One may end up on permanent auto pilot before it’s over. But what the hell, we’re all on our own now, anyway.

  58. DYB — AMEN!

  59. Quayle was just a dumbass placeholder with no delusions of grandeur.

    Okay, so Obama is Quayle with delusions of grandeur?

  60. Obama hates socializing.

    Whenever I see Obama meeting and greeting people I really get the sense that he’s not shaking anybody’s hand; instead he’s allowing them to shake his.

  61. Fran — knowing you’re not crazy is more help than you may realize! 🙂

  62. This guy is ALL props, no substance

    quote of the night…give that Kat a dolla!

  63. I should have written “$700 million” not billion, but these days – what’s a few billion between friends!

  64. DYB — yes — he’s allowing them to shake his hand & he is looking over their heads to see if there is someone “more important’ in the room so he can “better deal” them. UGG!

  65. DYB: “And Republicans are seeing all this for what it is: weakness. They smell blood in the water and have taken control of the debate on the stimulus plan; I’m not sure Democrats can take it back again.”

    😀 Jaws theme

  66. Obama hates people to a sociopath like Obama other people are pests

    He’s a con man – he manipulates people. They aren’t pests, they are sheep to be sheared.

  67. maybe we should buy him a mission accomplished banner … that might cheer him up

  68. Hanson said the media tore apart Bush. In what parallel universe did that happen? The media fell over themselves to kiss Dubya’s sorry @$$.

  69. Agree about the bi-partisanship. There needs to be dialogue and debate. That is what democracy is about.

  70. This guy is ALL props

    Since Fuzzy isn’t here, I’ll say it:

    Michelle wears the props in the family.

  71. LOL myiq!

    Like I said earlier – Obama would have been a perfect VP. Maybe after 8 years of training he could have been ready for Presnit.

  72. The Grammys finished with Neil Diamond playing “Sweet Caroline”

  73. OMG! Gov. Phil Bredesen of Tenn is being seriously considered for HHS. He is the guy who threw 200,000 people off Medicaid in TN. Blue Cross Blue Shield paid to redecorate his mansion. He’s a former “managed care” exec. who said this about Medicaid.

    “The way in which Medicaid pays for services has more in common with a socialist economy than the common-sense economic and business principles that do such a good job allocating resources efficiently in other parts of our American life.”

    –Governor Phil Bredesen



  74. myiq — oh sure, sociopaths use people to serve their own purposes, but they don’t like them — they hold them in contempt & that is why Obama doesn’t like to socialize with people — that is “a bother” for him. We don’t need the people, we just need the checks. That sums up his whole philosophy of his “use” for other people.

  75. maybe we should buy him a mission accomplished banner

    How about sending him on a 4-year world tour giving speeches?

    He could take Hair-plug Joe with him, and leave Hillary in charge while he’s gone.

  76. The media hasn’t been nice to Bush for a few years. That’s probably what Hanson is talking about. He’s conveniently forgetting about the media’s love of all things Bush 1999-c.2004.

  77. bb — I read that earlier & forgot to get outraged about — I trust people in the health insurance industry (or with ties to same) as far as I can through them when it comes to health care. Bredesen will probably be picked for HHS.

  78. HelloKitty – tr0ll

    BB – and I’ll betcha he’s “pro-life” to boot.

    At least I heard Ruth Bader Ginsburg is doing well.

  79. How many times have we seen clips of Obama being rude or snotty to people? (waffles, sweetie, etc)

    Have you EVER seen Hillary or the Big Dawg do that?

  80. “The way in which Medicaid pays for services has more in common with a socialist economy than the common-sense economic and business principles that do such a good job allocating resources efficiently in other parts of our American life.” ……………………………..

    well, private insurance does efficiently deny care to the people who need it, or don’t have money.

  81. angienc2, on February 8th, 2009 at 10:51 pm Said:

    myiq — that is because Obama hates people to a sociopath like Obama other people are pests — he hates having to pay any mind to them. It is like when he told Ed Rendell — we don’t need the people, we just need the checks.
    Psychopathy Checklist-Revised (PCL-R)

    Factor1: Aggressive narcissism

    1. Glibness/superficial charm
    2. Grandiose sense of self-worth
    3. Pathological lying
    4. Cunning/manipulative
    5. Lack of remorse or guilt
    6. Shallow
    7. Callous/lack of empathy
    8. Failure to accept responsibility for own actions
    9. Promiscuous sexual behavior

    Factor2: Socially deviant lifestyle

    1. Need for stimulation/proneness to boredom
    2. Parasitic lifestyle
    3. Poor behavioral control
    4. Lack of realistic, long-term goals
    5. Impulsivity
    6. Irresponsibility
    7. Juvenile delinquency
    8. Early behavior problems
    9. Revocation of conditional release
    Each category is scored from 0 to 3

    After reading through this list…does anyone come to mind???

  82. You know, if Obama doesn’t step down (which I hope he does) I can certainly see him pulling an LBJ for 2012 (“I will not seek, nor will I accept”) in the face of the withering criticism that has not even started on him yet. Really, the stuff that is happening now is child’s play & still contains “hope” that he can learn super fast & pull this out (a job, imo, that he cannot do).

  83. myiq2xu, on February 8th, 2009 at 10:40 pm Said:


    Right on! Didn’t have you pegged as a head shrinker IQ, despite the avatar.. 🙂

  84. myiq,

    I usually agree with you, but I can’t agree that Bush has a likeable personality. I find him rude, crude, and obnoxious.

  85. SHV — OMFG!! See! When I’m right, I’m right.

  86. DYB—love your comments at 10:51

    State of Disbelief–I’m thinking about baking some waffles tomorrow and sending them to him.

    Maybe we should all cut out or draw some and have a “waffle shower”. That should cheer him up.

  87. Angie sorry but for the sake of AA’s i hope he does not step down. Idiots elected him. Just like they did Bush.

    The issue is to make sure he is out in 2012.
    Really it is not a DEM issue.

  88. Didn’t have you pegged as a head shrinker

    Captain Spaulding has quite a few shrunken heads.

  89. How about sending him on a 4-year world tour giving speeches? He could take Hair-plug Joe with him, and leave Hillary in charge while he’s gone.

    I was going to LOL this, myiq, then I started thinking, “Hmmm, you know, this is actually very doable. The O-Prop would go for it in a second (long as he wasn’t stripped of His Title), and old Joe’s only along for the ride. Hillary , of course, would step right up and Do The Right Thing. This could be our ticket outta this mess!”

    Spread the word.

  90. bb — aw bb, that’s because you don’t know a lot of Bubbas — W does have that good ole boy b.s. charm going for him (even I have to admit it). Notice how nice he is to his dogs — and btw, have the Obama’s gotten a dog yet? that would be a NO. Obama does not want a dog — he doesn’t like dogs. He only talks about getting a dog because he thinks that is what he is supposed to do. All props, no substance.

  91. I find him rude, crude, and obnoxious.

    But he likes being around people.

  92. angie: that’s what I said earlier today … LBJ

  93. If he steps down, we’re stuck with Biden anyway. It’s a toss up as to who’s more embarassing.

  94. I LOVE this post, BostonBoomer. I’m particularly shocked that he’s already planning a vacation. A vacation? Poor guy, I guess it HAS been 2-1/2 weeks already.

  95. and where is hair plug joe, speaking of props

  96. dak — I missed that! but GMTA!

  97. BB,

    I found Bush likable but I think it was only because he was my Governor in Texas and I had met him and Laura. He was not a good president, I don;t really know if anyone is. Memory is kinder to some more than others.

  98. katie: second vacation, including this weekend at camp david …

    i was thinking he was beating Dubya’s record already

  99. Some tr0ll tried to comment on my blog that if McCain had been elected as “my crowd” wanted, we would have had nothing but holdovers from the last admin in this one.

    Do you think people like this realize that Robert Gates is still SecDef? Or that Obama has kept 150 other Bushies in the Defense Dept? Or that he’s now going to have three
    Repubs in his Cabinet?


  100. Sorry afrocity — I don’t care about for the sake of the AAs because for their sake it will be a lot better a lot sooner once Obama is out, imo.

  101. If Obama got a dog he would stage a photo op of him playing with it and then he would ignore it – some staffer would be assigned to take care of it (and keep it out of Obama’s way.)

  102. he needs a stuffed dog … it fits the prop mo

  103. Hi Katiebird! The Obamas were already on vacay this weekend at Camp David.

  104. LOL It’s hilarious that we nominated someonw who is EXACTLY like Bush. Exactly. After all we complained about how many vacation Bush takes, he’s ready to go after what maybe 5 weeks since his last vacation, they must be biting their tongues really hard.

  105. dak — he is going to beat W on vacations & by being even more anti-gay (something I didn’t think could even be possible). Hillary would have had that “office of faith based initiatives” closed down on day one.

  106. A “bipartisan debate” would just give us a bipartisan screw over. The problem with the repubs is they support terrible economic policies only a plutocrat could love. The problem with the Dem’s is they want to a)split the difference between us little guys and the plutocrats, and b) throw money at state boondoggles. For example, they are giving states money for the vaunted infrastructure, however they have no strings attached. Obviously, you give states that kind of money, you want them to repair what they have and work toward federal priorities, not build new tunnels and bridges, etc. they don’t need but are being lobbied to build. That’s where we are going to see a lot of waste with this thing. The nuke/”clean coal” boondoggle in Illinois. That sort of thing. Then, these dumbass tax credits for new cars. Again, it doesn’t go along with any federal priorities. it’s like a bait and switch. Free cars for the masses, while they give the banks our money. Seriously, where did they come up with this one, Oprah? If you are going to give tax credits for cars shouldn’t they at least be hybrids for crissakes? That’s why a “bipartisan” debate isn’t worth spit. The Parties find “common ground” on the same ineffective policies. If there were like a competence Party or something…

    And, I can not believe Obama couldn’t get it together enough to propose anything even a little bit bold. Nothing in this bill transforms the economy going forward. No high-speed rail. No Medicare expansion. Zip. Just a hodgepodge.

  107. Yee-ouch! Even we couldn’t have seen an implosion that was this rapid. It’s stunning. Heckuva job Bambi.

    But hey, nifty new flight jacket! Is the Presidential Seal on the back?

  108. It’s a toss up as to who’s more embarassing.

    Biden is a pretty good policy wonk, but he opens his mouth without brain engaged and he sold his soul to the credit card companies.

  109. Does Camp David usually count as a vacation? I don’t remember anymore.

  110. Dakinikat,

    Hairplug Joe just got back from a foreign adventure. I didn’t even know he was gone.


  111. Way OT..but important…Andrew Wakefield is the “hero” of the anti-vaccine crowd..such as Patrick Kennedy. This worthless POS has done incredible harm to children and parents. He is the person who first claimed an association between the MMR vaccine and Autism…The science of the “paper” was crap..it has now been show to be fraudulent. “He mad it up”…what isn’t mentioned in the Times article is that he has been charged with taking $750,000 from lawyers who are trying to sue the vaccine companies.

    MMR doctor Andrew Wakefield fixed data on autism

  112. I think it counts as a vacation. It was counted when Bush’s vacation time was added up.

  113. afrocity, on February 8th, 2009 at 11:09 pm Said

    I hope for the sake of AAs, at least, he does not step down. I hope he’s too arrogant to implode….I don’t see him imploding. 😐

    Just watching Al Green and Justin Timberlake on the Grammys…they’re pretty good together!!

  114. katiebird: eight years of dubya can do that to one, just wait until four years with this one

  115. But realistically he has no reason to step down. I don’t want that for the United States either. Biden is not much of a better president.

    BO won. I have made peace with that. Now I am concentrating on what I do have control over and that is the future starting with some elections in Illinois, including our Mayor Daley.

  116. dakinikat, on February 8th, 2009 at 10:02 pm Said:


    wish they had you in DC, dakinikat. barry could use some pareto principle for the stimulus, some nash equilibrium for tarp.

    ok, just lego-ing around with emoticons here…let’s see 😦

  117. Off Topic Announcement: I’ve started reading 3 Cups of Tea. It’s more interesting than I expected. AND an easier read.

  118. He needs to find a new name for vactation, how about
    “Hopeful Revitalization of Change.” The President isn’t here, he’s on HRC business.

  119. i spent a few days with timberlake in a studio with him trying to record a song i wrote … i still like to play the rough cuts and laugh my ass off … let’s just say, if he’s not highly filtered through the board, you’d find it difficult to determine which key he’s in …

  120. myiq2xu, on February 8th, 2009 at 11:13 pm Said:

    Exactly myiq & that is why I call b.s.! What is going to happen to that dog once Obama doesn’t have the staff for it? off to the pound. Plus, whatever designer dog he gets (and it will be a designer dog, not some shelter dog like he said) all the obots will go out and get the same regardless of whether that type of dog suits their lifestyle — and after a while most of those dogs will end up in the shelter too. At least if he got a shelter dog the Obots would get shelter dogs too. The dog saga really ticks me off because there is no good ending to it.

  121. ” . . the common-sense economic and business principles that do such a good job allocating resources efficiently in other parts of our American life.”

    Cool, does he mean the business principles that plunged our economy to where it is now? That governed our mortgage industry? Our banks? Our auto companies?

    Cool, can’t wait to have this guy in charge of HHS!

  122. I also take great objection to this notion that he is so calm and controlled. The only reason he appeared that way during the campaign is because NO ONE challenged him. If they did (eg: Hillary, Palin, McCain, an occasional reporter), he immediately became testy and rude. His thin skin has been obvious from the start. Now that the pressure is on, he’s running as fast as he can. Again I am reminded: we could have had Hillary, who stands strong in the face of anything. What a mess.

  123. no singer is EVER safe from the sound engineer … they should build altars to them

  124. myiq: Obama is Dan Quayle minus the looks.

  125. I’m getting very tired of saying “I told you so.”

    I’m not. Most of these asses deserve to be told over and over again. We can’t change who Obama is – in order to be the president his followers wanted him to be and what our country needs at the moment, Obama would need to have vision, a moral compass, original thoughts and not just empty words stolen from other people’s speeches, and years of experience that was lost when he spent most of his time in the Senate running for President. Anyone with the looks, confidence, and a large ego can learn how to give great speeches from a teleprompter. The courage to anger the Right and be treated as enemy #1 the way Hillary was treated is something Obama can’t do. He ran on ambition rather than the desire to fix the nation based on his own beliefs and principles – he has none. He is as much of a mystery to us now as he was a year ago. He’s a man who never really cared for much other than fame and fortune and he wants to be worshiped so badly that it terrifies him to even be labeled as a liberal.

  126. Big Dawg (in that inimitable drawl): “I feel your pain.”

    Tiny O (sans phony preacher drawl): “You little people are such a pain. Waiter, waffle me – now!”

  127. SHV – my physician friend is also very frustrated about the false autism/vaccination link. It’s especially hard b/c she’s a pediatrician.

    Night all!

  128. 3 Wickets — dak is a female. Obama wouldn’t listen to her even if he had her on his board for “show.”

  129. katiebird: I started 3 Cups too, and I like it.

  130. Angie,

    The last I heard was that the dog has been postponed until Spring. That really isn’t nice. I’ll bet those kids were really looking forward to having a pet.

  131. ‘night madamab! I’m glad you stopped by!

  132. afrocity — you missed part of the conversation — no one said obama had a reason to step down — we were saying what if he had a nervous breakdown & stepped down. Fantasizing, whatever, but that is what we were talking about.

  133. Night MB!

  134. OK, this is hilarious in a stomach-clenching kind of way.

    I just found out that I am hosting the next meeting of my book club (all progressive lesbians in the SF Bay Area) and the book is none other than DREAMS OF MY FATHER. I kid you not.

    So I am officially soliciting menu ideas from my PUMA kindred. I’m thinking arugula salad, melon wrapped in prosciutto (if I can still afford it in one month). If I can’t, maybe waffles? Ideas, please.

    And most of all, think of me and send me strength on the second Sunday in March!!

  135. myiq, I’ll never forget seeing some Dem hack defend the double standard on Palin vs. Biden on grounds that her gaffes were gaffes, while everybody knows that you can’t listen to anything he says without some major screwup so we’re programmed to tune him out. LOL

  136. I was just remembering his “bitter-clingy” remarks.

    His analysis of people who have been screwed economically was distinctly lacking in empathy.

  137. Erica — try to see if you can get hold of some of that $100 an ounce beef that Obama loves! HA!

    Can you serve horse sh!t or do you think your guests will be offended?

  138. Erica Leigh,

    How ghastly! Can’t you trade with another member and skip that night?

  139. The courage to anger the Right and be treated as enemy #1 the way Hillary was treated is something Obama can’t do. He ran on ambition rather than the desire to fix the nation based on his own beliefs and principles – he has none. He is as much of a mystery to us now as he was a year ago. He’s a man who never really cared for much other than fame and fortune and he wants to be worshiped so badly that it terrifies him to even be labeled as a liberal.

    Bingo DV! Hillary would have fought for UHC, knowing it would unleash hostile forces. Obama is busy throwing cocktail and football parties, and is then infuriated and wounded when the Republicans vote against him anyway. How naive can you get?

  140. oops, my comment got eaten…

  141. fif, I’m always really nervous of any book the first time I read it but, especially non-fiction…. I’m always worried about where it’s going. I’m a little worried that I like the mountain climbing so much. Will I like it when he stops doing so much of that?

  142. myiq — yes, lacking in empathy & justifying why they didn’t ADORE him.

  143. DisenfranchizedVoter at 11:21–YES, well said.

  144. I will leave you guys to your fantasizing.

    Have fun.

    Good night.

  145. Erica:

    How about mountain oysters?

  146. dakinikat, on February 8th, 2009 at 11:19 pm Said

    Ha ha, I believe it…I have listened to Timberlake’s second album.

    What I didn’t mention is that Al Green is one of my favorite singers…I even had a slight crush on him whan I was like, oh, six years old!

  147. Erica — you must serve kool aid! (its cheap too, so you can probably still afford it a month from now).

  148. Erica, how about hot baloney sandwiches with waffle fries.

  149. pigs in a blanket! (cause the main qualification for Obama over Hillary was his you know what). Plus, for his “lipstick on a pig” remarks.

  150. Erica: waffles cut into small pieces with arugula and goat cheese on top, brie cheese, prosciutto, and wine. No chips. Everything has to be organic too. Make sure the Whole Foods bags are out in the open to give the room a more elitist feel.

  151. The Obama sandwich — ham, baloney & limburgh cheese (’cause he has stinky feet — Michelle told us so!)

  152. Erica, it’s simple, it’s Obama, and it’s expressive of his recent betrayals of the poor, poor women, and the GLBT community, to name only a few:

    Let them eat cake.

  153. Erica, PUMA Spamalot casserole would be just the ticket. Myiq has the recipe, which you’re more than welcome to distribute to your guests.

    (Question: who the hell chose the book club selection – ?)

  154. Afrocity,

    Don’t go away! He isn’t going to step down. I feel the same way you do. He is the President now. We really need him to rise to the occasion.

  155. And something no one will be able to identify, which with represent Obama’s principles.

  156. Make it Devils Food Cake!

  157. If there’s a sign that says “The White House- Chicago” this weekend I’m gonna hurl! I sware my head will explode!

    As far as the dog stiuation…you know that EVERY breeder in the country has contacted Mr. O’Bitchin and offered a FREE Labradoodle or Water dog. FWIW- good luck finding one of those particular breeds at a shelter. IMO, they’re keeping it on the back burner so they can pull out an adorable, new puppy next time he hits the skids. Sounds totally Axelrod/Rove to me.


  158. And something no one will be able to identify

    With some fava beans and a nice chianti

  159. That’s Wagyu beef. Pure Wagyu has to be specially flown in from Japan, which would add to the cost.

  160. cali — sounds about right — that is probably why the “dog debut” has been put off until spring — so the momma dog can have her liter & wean the pick of the liter for the Obamas.

  161. For dessert, you gotta have something that will explode in flames in hornor of Obama’s ghostwriter and bff, plus smashed wedding cakes to represent the state of marriage rights thanks to Obama Nation.

  162. Aw, no worries. He’ll rise to the occasion. It only took Bill a year to get it together, and he had years of Executive experience. With all of Barack’s experience, it’ll only take him–meh.

    I got nothing.

  163. If I have to watch the press fawn all over a puppy AND a pregnant Michelle (please God no) I will not stop throwing up all year.

    A new syndrome for the new HHS to address:


    Obama Induced Bulimia

  164. fif, on February 8th, 2009 at 11:26 pm Said:


    Agree completely fif. Absolutely no convictions. Therefore no vision.

  165. firelgiht2012, on February 8th, 2009 at 11:28 pm Said:

    Egads…didn’t mean for this to sound strange…just meant Al Green’s so good that maybe it doesn’t matter who he’s singing with, he sounds great.

    Anyway, heard former CA Gov Jerry Borwn say earlier tonight on Fox News that bi-partisanship was needed to help give confidence in the economy, etc. Not sure about that….

  166. can someone unmod me please?

  167. It turns out that “not ready on day one . . .” was too kind. He won’t be ready even after 1460 days.

  168. BB,

    It is not that I am defending Obama. 4 years actually goes relatively fast.

    I do think time is being wasted and like last time you will see that he is not your ordinary animal.

  169. O.I.B. is also why I can’t read “Dreams of My Father.”

    I mean, I’m trying to stay healthy in The Land of No Insurance.

  170. Afrocity – I’m one of those 10 percenters who never, ever made peace with GWB’s presidency. I was ready to see him step down before his first inauguration. Doesn’t mean I had fantasies of blowing up Air Force One. I just didn’t see W as being remotely presidential material. I look at Obama the same way.

  171. He won’t be ready even after 1460 days.

    “Ready on Day None”

  172. If Michelle is pregnant–what are the chances a 45 year old gets pregnant naturally? I’m soure it happens, but it’s probably pretty rare. Wouldn’t that suggest fertility treatments are likely?

  173. Reg–I appreciate your trying. The math was too hard for me.

  174. bb — I’m with Regency — hope for the best, expect the worse. I don’t see that he has it in him to rise to the occasion — the best we will get is that the msm will continue to prop him up. and yes, despite some criticism the msm is still propping him up — they actually turned the President of the United States saying the words “I screwed up” into some kind of wonderful, humanizing moment instead of an example of his total lack of decorum that should shame this entire country that we have a President who actually goes on tv & says those exact words. What’s next — if he says “I f*cked up” we will treat it as the Gettysburg address?!?!?! And really, do you see an outrage by the msm over his subing Sting’s “Desert Rose” for “Hail to the Chief?”

  175. Regency and Angie,

    I don’t think he has it in him either, but I wish he would prove me wrong. We really need a leader right now.

  176. Perhaps Michelle is simply flatulent?

  177. Michelle had Sasha via in vitro.

  178. Afrocity,

    I didn’t know that.

  179. My wife thinks sound engineers are gods, loves hanging around with them, which means I’ve got to hang with them too. The good ones do seem to make or break a vocalist’s career these days.

  180. bb, don’t get your hopes up. I smell peanuts. I smell Carter. And I sense weakness. I’m totally flashbacking to the 70’s here.

  181. If they are expecting, good on them. It’s not unusual. The Clintons had intended to have another baby right after Big D’s re-election. Unfortunately, Monica happened and that blew those plans out the water.

  182. Erica: I suggest crow

  183. afrocity — you may see it as wasting time, but I don’t — I don’t think the man can hack it & I will keep saying it because it is as plain as day that he can’t. I hope he does not run again in 2012. That is the only good scenario I see because while I had no problem voting for McCain (because I actually believe him to be a good honorable person) I will have plenty of problems voting for a Jeb Bush or a Bobby Jindal. So, I’m not putting my eggs in the GOP basket.

  184. dak — LMAO! crow is perfect.

  185. Okay, it’s mean, but if she turns up pregnant, I’m sure Axlerod was the one who made the suggestion. They can’t do policy, but they’ll go the whole nine to stagemanage PR stunts. First the Obamas, next heidi and Spencer.

  186. myiq2xu, on February 8th, 2009 at 11:27 pm Said:

    How about mountain oysters?
    When I lived in Jackson, WY, the big Spring social event was a BBQ party where the main entree was grilled Bull testicles. My net worth was several billion dollars short to be included on the invite list.

  187. bobby brady jindal… GAG … i’m praying they release big Ed from jail and i can vote for him … Jindal is SOOOO amazingly stupid, he’s thrown TWO hiring and salary freezes on this last year, ruining my life, and yet, the number of state employees AND the state budget for salaries is UP UP UP …

    and he LIES and says he’s cut the number of state employees and the budget for salaries …

    he’s the biggest friggin liar I’ve EVER seen

  188. Michelle had Sasha via in vitro

    Barack wouldn’t let her have draft so she settled for bottled?

  189. Reg, normally I would say the same thing about a pregnancy, but everything about these people is so calculated, staged and false it is repugnant to me. The baby would be just another version of Styrofoam Greek columns, just an engineered, ham-handed invocation of Camelot. And it will arrest what is and should be happening: a clear-eyed look at the man this country elected.

  190. Thing is, magda, Carter at least had experience (there’s that word) as a Navy officer and as guv of Georgia. What’s O got? Several works of fiction (including his campaigns) and a love affair with himself? There’s just no apparent there, there. This makes O a much higher risk for failure than Carter was.

  191. dak — not to mention he is even more anti-woman & anti-gay then Obama!

    And btw, I’m not saying I would vote for Obama in an Obama v. Jindal contest — I’ll vote green.

  192. The only place my eggs reside are in my ovaries. in 2012 I will vote for the person that I think is best for the job depending upon the conditions our country is in.

    We may not know who the nominees for either party are because Obama already effin proved that you can be sh!tted out of a donkey’s ass one day and be molded into POTUS the next.

  193. Kat5, on February 8th, 2009 at 11:38 pm Said:

    Afrocity – I’m one of those 10 percenters who never, ever made peace with GWB’s presidency
    Me neither..and Obama saying we need to be looking forward really pisses me off. Bush/Cheney, Rumsfeld, Gonzales et al should be indicted under 18 U.S.C. § 2441. War crimes.

  194. I do believe that most things about them are calculated, however, I’m willing to back off and stay out of their bedroom lest I become as warped as the Republicans who wouldn’t keep a fair distance between them and Bill’s erections.

  195. WTF??:

    When the novelty of the first African American president wears off, the sight of Obama talking on television might have less impact if it becomes utterly routine. For now, though, the White House is cranking up the volume, staging Obama’s first presidential news conference tonight — in prime time.

    “Quick, turn on the television! There’s a black man talking and believe it or not he’s the President”

  196. angie: if those were my choices, I’d leave the country and I’m not kidding

  197. Great post, BB!!! Your quote below is the funniest thing I’ve heard all weekend. Well, it wasn’t a very funny weekend, listening to Congress try to knock each other out on Saturday. But this, this is priceless:

    “Michael Goodwin of the New York Daily News:

    It’s not easy to waste a mandate and a honeymoon at the same time, but President Obama seems determined to try. You know he’s off to a lousy start when his most favorable reviews came after he said, ‘I screwed up.’

    Did he ever, and not just once. If he keeps going this way, America will be saying, ‘We screwed up.'”

  198. Kat, you get no argument from me.

    BTW, is the kid behind Obama in the picture upstairs blushing? Or did an Obot slap him silly to make sure he looked properly adoring? Or did Obama give him a hickey? Or is Obama already sucking blood from the people who voted for him?

  199. dak — for real — which one is worse? I honestly could not decide. And the fact is, the GOP right now is in love with Bobby Jindal. That makes me shake in my boots.

  200. magdalena: it’s the build up of koolaid … you mainline it enough, you get a skin rash

  201. myiq –didn’t you see that moronic Ashton Kutcher on some red carpet talking about seeing on TV them announcing the President & Obama walked out and he gushed “WOW! that is what our President looks like!!” oh so impressed with himself for being white & voting for Obama. GAH! There are A LOT of stupid Obots just like him out there.

  202. I’m not staying out of their bedroom, as a result of, among other reasons, Obama’s betrayal of poor women seeking access to birth control. Not everybody gets to have babies on TV and live in a big White House and dine on Japanese steak. But the people who sell out other people’s bedrooms to Republicans? They do.

  203. you mainline it enough, you get a skin rash

    Sometimes known as a “Kool-aid smile”

  204. Speaking of Bobby J, I heard him speak at Loyola in spring ’06 (just before we moved to TX). My impressions: very, very quick of mind, almost hyperkinetic, and a tad too quick to kiss the Bible.

  205. Thanks, Ladyboomer!

  206. dakini–HA! That’s it.

    “Kool-Aid will out.”

  207. EricaLeigh, the only thing to serve, in my opinion, is baloney.

  208. Reg, I get what you’re saying, but I’m sorry, picturing the MSM erection quake hat would follow a pregnancy annnouncement, I can’t help being cynical about it. If they thought the chenille bedspread gown was life altering, gosh it’s hard to imagine the tsunami of saccharine.

    “When the novelty of the first African American president wears off’

    The “novelty”? WTF? Forgive me for thinking these useless frat boy twits don’t take this seriously enough. It’s like Cruel Intentiions meets The paper.

  209. Kat5 — I saw Bobby J speak at some lunch thing when I worked at the Mayor’s office — yeah, he’s smart, but he’s a smarmy bible thumper too. So, our impressions are basically the same — we both can’t be wrong. LOL

  210. You worked in the mayor’s office, angie? (RayRay’s??) Did you happen to know Stephanie Dupuy – the one-woman film-promotion department?

  211. myiq,

    Howard Kurz sounds like a r@##st, doesn’t he? Interesting.

  212. Oh, God, I’d rather they didn’t have a Baby O, but I couldn’t actually care less either way. I don’t even see them as sexual people so I struggle with the idea of them even doing it, much less reproducing as a result.

    The novelty will near wear off because he will always be a cheap joke.

  213. The one thing I do not look forward to from Obama’s fall from grace (if it comes) is the r@cist crap the same Obot blogger boyz who support him now will use against him (because you know they will). Those a–holes are going to put me in the position of having to defend Obama & that burns me up!

  214. Seriously, maybe we don’t have to worry about the whole pregnancy thing. I mean, if I remember the rhetoric surrounding Palin correctly, any parent (even if they have an attendant partner) who has an infant or small child is immediately disqualified from serving as President.


  215. there’s an online article he writes about being just being so spiritually effected by an exorcism … and he was asked in a debate what the most important event in his life was, and he said it was when he found Christ and became a catholic …

    i’ve heard he goes to those charismatic churches and speaks in voices … wonder what the pope thinks of that?

  216. Jindal is glib but he is three pints short of quart, believe me

  217. I will not be defending BO because there’s no reason to. Defending other black people who will now have to work harder to get where he has, I can do. We said that he was settings AAs up for a fall. Here we are.

  218. make that I read articles in the newspaper about when he goes to those charismatic churches up north …

    it’s not some odd rumor if it’s reported in newspapers all over the state

  219. blogs everywhere are frothing at the bit about bo. should be a very interesting week.

  220. All right all — I’m going to bed! Good night!!

  221. I’m off too … 8 am class and that damnable commute!


  222. I’m gonna follow Angie’s lead once again. I’m heading back to the dorm and working on this damned paper due soon.

  223. We said that he was settings AAs up for a fall. Here we are.

    Sadly, you got it, regency. As we’ve learned, the MSM could give a fying fluck what sort of damage they help wreak.

  224. My prediction (unless it’s wrong!) is that the GOP establishment candidate in 2012 is going to be Jindal. Palin – if she survives the next four years – will be the grassroots candidate. With Romney as the wild card. Plus, the super wild card of somebody we haven’t met yet.

    I can’t imagine Jeb Bush running in 2012. Dubya did serious damage to the Bush brand. Although Jeb has always been considered the smarter and more sane of the brothers, I can’t imagine him overcoming the Bush reputation as soon as 4 years after Dubya left office, not with Independents and even a lot of Republicans. I don’t think Jeb would get far.

  225. I’m in moderation at 12:13.

  226. zzzzzzzz Nite all.

  227. “maybe we don’t have to worry about the whole pregnancy thing. I mean, if I remember the rhetoric surrounding Palin correctly, any parent (even if they have an attendant partner) who has an infant or small child is immediately disqualified from serving as President”

    LOL Yeah, but if you’ll also remember, anyone who gets a slight quaver in her voice with dry eyes is a emotional crybaby who is disqualified from ever serving as President. Anyone who sobs openly with penis (see Obama, Barack AND Biden, Joe) somehow mysteriously manages to escape that hard and fast rule.

  228. Howard Kurtz was one of the very few people in the media who during the primaries argued that the media was too worshipful of Obama and was not asking him tough questions. During the general election he jumped not so much on the “Hail Obama” train as on the “Palin is Dumb” express.

  229. Goodnight, everyone.

  230. I need to take a moment to say, Rise, Hillary, Rise.

    I hope she can at least do some good for us abroad.

    I hope her experience and tenacity will be allowed to help people where it can, i.e. where Obama does not interfere with it.

    I wish we had her experience, tenacity and bravery in the White House. But we don’t.

    Rise, Hillary, Rise.

    The world–and not just Iceland–needs a woman right now.

  231. Night, all. And thanks for being here.

  232. “My prediction (unless it’s wrong!) is that the GOP establishment candidate in 2012 is going to be Jindal”

    I don’t agree with you DYB

  233. DYB. I don’t think it will be Jindal

  234. Thank you Magdalena, for that prayer. I will take that to bed now. Buenas noches everyone..

  235. Well, at least if little girls ask if they can becme President, we can honestly say yes and then whisper, “If you move to Iceland.”

  236. (yawn)

  237. afrocity> Who’s your list of GOP characters in 2012, if not Jindal?

  238. Incidentally, I think it will be Jindal getting pushed by the party because it’ll be a way for GOP to put forward a non-white male candidate. Jindal is a lot like Obama. He’s young, he’s articulate, he’s not white (but not black because that’s soooo 2008.)

  239. I’m in moderation at 12:28. There’s gotta be a new spammy word or something.

  240. It won’t be Jindal.

    He is not RINO enough and it won’t be Jeb Bush either.

    More than likely it will be Palin/Steele or vice versa. Or the Senator from Missouri

  241. New thread up

  242. I’m talking more about the GOP primaries, not who the nominee will be. I couldn’t begin to predict who the nominee would be.

  243. Who do you think afrocity?

  244. Jindal would not make it out of the primaries.

  245. Who’s the Senator from Missouri? Is he the guy who called Barbara Boxer the “gentlelady from California” on the Senate floor and she had to correct him “Senator!”

  246. Well, if it’s a choice between Obama/??? and Palin/Steele – as of today I’d be voting for Palin/Steele. But we’ll see how that goes…

  247. The Repub Establishment hates Sarah like the Dem Estab hates Hillary. I hope they don’t pull the same tricks

  248. Not RINo enough? I don’t see them going that route again after McCain

  249. OMG, your menu suggestions are incredible. I will compile the final menu and let you all sign off.

    I have the flu and had nothing to do with this book choice. I HOPE the weather will CHANGE so I can host in my backyard, because I really don’t want B0 mania to linger in the house.

    I love these women but listening to fawning over his petulancy will be a challenge. Usually I serve wine, but I’m thinking Ketamine for me this time.

  250. Seriously> I agree about the GOP establishment hating Sarah. My Republican friend (she wasn’t going to vote for McCain because he’s too liberal, but loves Palin) has been telling me the same thing. The leaders of the party hate Palin. I think a lot depends on how she manages the next four years, but she has to get past a lot of mines without getting blown up.

  251. It is not the GOP leaders that choose. The GOP leaders did not like Bush either or McCain. There are a lot of libertarians and independents who vote in GOP primaries and Jindel is a nut job and too conservative.

    It will be palin/steele

  252. Yeah, the media and political establishments of both parties have a lot in common, Palin is more in that populist vein that gets their classist and misogynist juices going. She seems to have a good base among regular people though, but that cocktail party circuit crowd doesn’t wnat to be seen with her.

  253. Yeah, but it’s supposedly not the Dem leaders who choose either, and they still found a way to rig the process. Seeing them get away with that might give the Republicans ideas. Anyway, don’t conservatives tend to be overrepresented in Republican primaries? Most people don’t vote in primaries, it tends to be the hardcore base. Right after McCain lost because the base sat it out, I don’t necessarily see being conservative as a handicap. Sarah’s popular because she’s so conservative.

  254. Boom: I think enicks may have an answer to Hansen’s question about Geithner:


  255. Most republicans vote in the primaries.

    There are conservatives and there are conservative nut jobs.


    I have foreseen it.

  256. Sounds like a winning ticket.

  257. SHV, on February 8th, 2009 at 11:17 pm Said:
    Way OT..but important…Andrew Wakefield is the “hero” of the anti-vaccine crowd..such as Patrick Kennedy.

    Thanks for posting this link. It’s a pet peeve of mine and your comment here inspired a mini-rant from me over at Blue Lyon. Small quibble: It’s RFK, Jr., not Patrick, who is the big-time anti-vacciner.

  258. Well, that would be one ug-lee campaign. The dems will hit your ticket with all the sexism and racism in the universe.

  259. What? I thought having a black president would eliminate racism.

  260. I love the idea of a Palin/Steele ticket. I’d vote for them!

  261. Team Obama sent out an electronic call to arms to his faithful 18-25 yr olds in an effort to gain support for his “spending bill”. Guess what? My kids (24 & 25) and their college friends don’t even want to talk about him anymore. Apparently they have moved on to other more interesting subjects.

  262. Pam, I was wondering about that. I’m not hearing much from the obots I work with. It’s almost as if they feel that they helped elect our first black President so their work is done and now they can go back to ignoring the news.

  263. And…what if despite passing the “wonderful” BO economic stimulus plan that the economy is still hemorrhaging badly? What if nothing really happens? No miracles to be had and people are still losing jobs. What will the BO Bots say then?

  264. Clean-up 2:10.

    Doesn’t know what “irrelevancy” means either.

  265. PamFlorida:
    Ah, so he was trying to mobilize his “BO Youth” aka “Young Red Guards” to bs with him. Alas, many young kids today have the attention span of a door knob. 😀

    Let’s hope that the Kool Aid is beginning to wear off in his older constituents.

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