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      The United States is moving into a time of catastrophe. Thirty-two percent of people were unable to make either their rent or mortgage payments in July. Twenty-two percent of small businesses seem likely to go bankrupt. One-third of small independent farms are on the verge of bankruptcy. When these people lose their homes and wind […]
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Don’t Forget to Tune in at 8:00pm for NO WE WON’T

Tonight’s Guest Host is the Confluence’s Own: Angienc


To Listen to the Show: CLICK HERE

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Heidi Li’s post downstairs and join in the discussion

22 Responses

  1. So, what did y’all think?

  2. Good show angie

  3. OOo ugmo avatar still on

  4. I heard the first part, Angie, but not all of it. You’re a natural, and so is SOD. You get better every time I listen to you.

  5. Afrocity,

    I like that picture of you. The one on the sidebar shows really shows up.

  6. Angie,

    I have a post to put up. Would 10:00 be too soon for me to do it?

  7. I like that picture of you too afrocity!!

    thanks bb!!

  8. of course not — we need something new up.

  9. This is the woman they are pushing to be Rahm Emmanuel’s


  10. Do you know anything about her, Afrocity?

  11. afrocity — what is that blue thing you are holding in your hand in your picture?

  12. No Boomer,

    She annoys me because she call her support group Team Sara.

    I am not sure if she is an Obot or not but I am guessing yes.

  13. It’s a ball she is getting ready to throw to her dogs, Angie. I read that in a comment yesterday I think.

  14. bb — thanks!

  15. Afrocity,

    She has to be an Obot. Now that Blago is out there won’t be any fooling around with non Obots, I’m guessing.

  16. It looked like a sno-ball to me — do y’all have sno-cones up in MA? We have them in New Orleans — shaved ice with different flavors & the flavors are all colored brightly — blueberry, raspberry, etc.

  17. BB, Yes it is a ball for my dogs.

    We called it a sno-cone in Chicago. I loved them and people would just sell them on the street.

  18. angie and afrocity are natural celebrities…except they have dignity, intelligence and REAL beauty

  19. SOD — have I told you lately that I love you? 🙂

    bb’s new post is up & its a humdinger!

  20. Angie, you’re a natural. SOD, Afrocity, Betty Jean, and that guy, you were all great!!

  21. thanks 3 wickets!

  22. I can’t keep apologizing for missing the show, nor can I appreciate it fully from the comments. All I can say is that I am proud of you all for being such naturals! (intimidated a bit…)

    The kids cleared out of here around 7pm PST.
    Friday-staff party from my boss
    Saturday-staff party from me to my employees
    Sunday-kid’s 12th birthday party
    Yikes! I’m burnt out!

    I adore you beautiful women!

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