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Stimulus, Schmimulus

Some Change!

Some Change!

With all the threatening, cajoling, windiness and righteous rhetoric coming from Obama and the Congresscritters over the Frankenstein mishmash called the “stimulus package,” a few glimmers of light have somehow made it through the fog.

The problem with the package is that it’s not what either party claims it is, and everyone knows that by now. Dianne Feinstein gave the Democratic argument in a wonderfully succinct manner.

See how easy that is? Four and a half minutes was all it took. Actually, I can do it quicker, but I’m not a Senator and don’t need to quote all those facts and figures. We did the tax cuts before. They didn’t work. Why should we do it again? Let’s create jobs instead.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi, while appreciating the need for quick action, is furious that the spending cuts in the package demanded by the Republicans are coming out of all the wrong places – namely, education.

“We must have a bill [quickly],” she said, in a clear message to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.), who has spent the past two days wrangling with moderates who want to cut proposed education funding for the states by as much as $50 billion.

“These cuts are very damaging — [the House bill] was put together very carefully. … The funding goes directly to school districts, they are stimulative because they maintain jobs instead of cutting jobs.”

Furthermore, she wants all those unnecessary tax cuts taken out of the new package, and the soon-to-expire Bush tax cuts for the wealthy repealed immediately. I mean, really – how else is the government going to get back the money it’s spending? Borrowing from China? Printing it? Spinning gold out of Unity Pony poop?

The speaker, who spent early Friday huddled with Democratic governors, reiterated her strong opposition to increasing tax cuts. In January, she convinced Obama to decrease the tax cuts in the package from about $300 billion to about $250 billion. 

The new Senate cuts, if passed, “will do violence to the future,” said Pelosi, who is also pressing a reluctant Obama to repeal Bush administration tax cuts for the wealthy before they expire at the end of 2010. 

Here’s what a real group of FDR Democrats would have done.

1) Tell the GOP that they appreciate their input, then create a completely Democratic stimulus package. That means lots of spending on job creation and the social safety net, and raising taxes on the wealthy to pay for it.

2) When the GOP, David Broder and Rush Limbaugh start screaming and whinging about how it’s not “bi-partisan” enough, the President could THEN make a fiery speech about how the past eight years of tax cuts, crony capitalism and gutting the New Deal have brought the United States to this sorry state, and that it’s time for a new direction.

3) Do enough back-room dealing to win a few moderate Republicans to your side without harming the overall package. If that doesn’t work, make those Congresscritters filibuster till their tongues bleed, all the while telling the American people how obstructionist and selfish they are on every news show they can find. The caving would come shortly after.

Unfortunately, the FDR Dems are rather few and far between these days, and those on the left who do speak up are never listened to or allowed to have any input. All we seem to have is a bunch of careerists on both sides who have no core principles whatsoever, who are only looking towards the next election.

Apparently some type of compromise was reached last night. Details are sketchy, but considering that the package was not good to begin with, I can’t imagine it’s great news for us taxpayers.

Stimulus, schmimulus.

107 Responses

  1. nodding head –

    Yep, what you said!…

  2. DiFi explained this really well on why we don’t need any more friggin tax cuts.

  3. Kat – didn’t she though? I was quite proud of her. She even gave percentages, facts, figures and sources for her objections.

    I’m glad to see you thought so too, since this is your area of expertise and all.


  4. i personally would love to have more stimulus checks to put into my savings account … they’ve been bumping into the paradox of thrift with every Dubya tax cut and rebate. That’s basically what most folks do with it … pay down bills or put it in a savings account –that is not going to stimulate the economy and it only runs up the deficit. And businesses that aren’t earning income and don’t have customers don’t benefit from tax credits or cuts. more of these idiots need to spend time in a macroeconomics class.

  5. Did Feinstein vote against the bill. Ten Dems did, who were they?

  6. the senate vote hasn’t happened yet fif

  7. Matt needs to kick the wp server, having a hard time getting thru

  8. The problem, as I see it, is that neither side has a clue and the posturing is all they have left. Feinstein may draw some very good comparisons, but in the end she will vote for it.

    What needs to be done is a complete reworking of this mess of a package with both sides having input. Start with those of us at the bottom then work on up.

    The harping and carping emanating for each side only scares the rest of the nation. The mess is so hugely out of proportion that there is no easy fix and it will take years for us to grow our way out.

    Chances are Obama has no idea what is contained in this so called stimulus package. He has left that up to both Nancy and Harry to carry it through so that he can accept the accolades when signing it into law. His motives are at least clear.

    Throw out this package and begin anew. This is the only fair way to achieve any confidence and stability that we so desperately seek. We are going down the tubes. Fast.

    These beauties are making speeches from the well with an eye on the next election. It is a never ending cycle. The same faces, the same voices, the same tactics, are once again in charge. Just depends on which party holds the reins.

  9. i will take every damned tax break i can get…i sure do think i can best spend my money, it’s obvious the government doesnt know what the fuk they are doing

  10. Read the bailout bill here. Penned by Rep. Charles Rangel, Larry Summers, Pelosi, Reid and a host of others.


  11. Sorry for the double post. My server told me to “refresh” and this is what caused it to appear twice.

  12. First time that I have been “there” since Jaralyn lost her mind but the comments are interesting…Kool-Aid wearing off???

    The Age Of Nelson, Collins and Obama: Part 2


  13. I did my Puma Prowl yesterday and called DiFi’s office to say I don’t support the stimulus package.

    I agree with Pat — she’s blowing hot air and then she’ll vote party line.


  14. I am so depressed this morning, I can barely keep my chin off the keyboard. This country screwed the pooch when it elected Obama. We PUMAs knew it, and soon most everyone will, in spite of the Best Efforts of the craven MSM. I have this deepening sense that we are facing an unparalleled economic crash and it’s scaring the crappe out of me. Along with many thousands of others, my husband and I lost a huge amount of ground thanks to Katrina, and now we have very, very little chance of ever regaining it. Something tells me that soon we’re all going to be from New Orleans. In this case, the misery will only be greater because of far too much company.

  15. My take on the global economic melt down is that it is inevitable and quite NECESSARY.
    Stimulus…for what? So we as the global consumers can continue to pillage the planet and use up everything, pollute the planet and cause further degradation into global climate change.
    I say…good that chains of department stores are closing. I live in CA and I see the extravagant lifestyles and the waste and the bloated budgets of every government agency and fat cat corporation. How many houses, cars, ipods does a person need?
    The human race just needs to slow down. No more “growth”. Let’s have LESS not more for a change.
    I say, no stimulus package is needed. None.

  16. Tax cuts aside, the bill as the Dems penned it is a mess too. As DiFi pointed out, there is very little actual stimulus spending in the bill–15% for infrastructure. That was the biggest element they were selling, and it’s only 15%? I think there is far too much unnecessary special interest pay back in it and too little actual stimulus spending. Am I wrong Dakinikat?

  17. Obama is heading for a weekend at Camp David and next weekend will be in Chicago. Has anyone told this nimrod that the campaign is over? That he won? That perception is the key to most things and the “need” to get out of the WH at any opportunity may not rest well with the populace who are struggling each day?

    At least try to look busy, that you really feel the pain. Tidbits of him working out and reading to school children during the first 2 weeks of employment just don’t cut it. Hosting cocktail parties for a group whose only aim is to cut off your b*lls does not add up to “leadership”.

    Hey Barack, get off your high horse and pay attention for once! Popularity is a fleeting moment. Earn your goddamned salary!

  18. It is obvious to us that Obama is way over his head, but the Americans who voted for him, again and again, maybe not so much. I haven’t heard any Obot make a negative comment yet.

  19. I haven’t heard any Obot make a negative comment yet.

    But they are unusually quiet, aren’t they?

  20. Is there even a faint hope that this bill could actually get more clean up in the House/Senate resolution committee. I think the limiations there are that they have to stay within the boundaries of what they have passed in each of the Federal political penitentary workshops.

    At least with the military plan for “the surge” in Iraq we had a staff of professional competents who put it together to achieve a defined mission and they had an organizational structure in place to carry it out. You know what the difference is: “the surge” was a clean-up of a mess made by ideologues for political reasons but the clean-up team just wanted a plan that would work, not get them elected for another millennium.

    I am so sick of our government. I want a divorce and a clean settlement for life afterwards.

  21. While senators worked into the night on an economic stimulus plan, Pres Barack Obama sat back and relaxed to observe a popular dance theater group at the Kennedy Center. ARGH!

  22. Our government is hopeless and changeless.

  23. So let me get this straight…we got into this mess because we overspent, lived beyond our means, maxed out our credit. We will tumble into a ‘depression’ unless we spend more. Lowering taxes will encourage saving, which is ‘bad’. (Currently Americans have a negative savings rate–!!)

    Look, either it’s going to be one way or the other. Either we continue spending, devaluing our dollar, bringing on inflation and making recovery even more difficult (you think you have it tougher compared to your parents, just think how tough it’s going to be for your kids), or we face the tough times now, and get prices adjusted to where they should be (deflation).

    Everyone wants adjustment to better times without pain. It cannot happen.

  24. Perception is everything and this nimrod is off to Camp David for the weekend for a little relaxation. Next weekend: Chicago, here we come.

    Could someone please inform the Perpetual Candidate that he has won? That now is the time to at least look busy? Save me from more workout stories or cocktail parties with those whose only wish is to cut off his b*lls.

    Hey Barack, start earning your salary. At least pretend that you “feel our pain”. Get off your high horse with the “I won” comments and begin to govern for a change. Insisting they start over with a package targeting those on the bottom first up is a good move.

    Nobody likes this package but by hell they will vote for it anyway. Meanwhile, let’s hope the photog’s get plenty of pictures of you stepping on and off the plane. Just warms my heart!

  25. ““Buy American” and $650 million for converter box coupons
    Posted on February 7, 2009 by Uppity Woman

    Ok here’s your assignment. Call someone you know who has a TV converter box in ready for the digital switchover. Ask them to turn the box over and tell you where it’s made. Post your answers in the Comment section.”

  26. The massive economic-stimulus plans in Congress dramatically lowball the real amount of increased welfare spending – with one estimate predicting it may be more than triple the forecasts, according to a new report.

    The true welfare cost could be as much as $787 billion, not the $264 billion that supporters have claimed, the study by the conservative Hertitage Foundation found.

    The report forecasts the cost over 10 years, charging that it was a “political gimmick” to claim the boost in welfare spending would lapse after two years.

    “Both bills [Senate and House versions] use the idea of economic stimulus as a Trojan horse to conceal massive, permanent increases in the US welfare system,” writes Robert Rector, senior research fellow with the Heritage Foundation.

    The real goal is to get “the camel’s nose under the tent” for a massive, permanent expansion of the welfare state. The goal of the bills is ‘spreading the wealth,’ not reviving the economy,” he said.

  27. rise_Hillary – And then, he compounded his “hard work” by taking a vacation to Camp David.

    Most tone-deaf politician ever.

    A billion dollars and the MSM covered his tone-deafness long enough to get him elected, but now that the campaign is over, nothing is going to keep Americans from seeing who this guy is.

    As for BTD, he can kiss my *ss. He is such a hypocrite. He said PUMAs were idiots. Who’s the idiot now, BTD?

  28. SHV: wow, if i didn’t know better I’d say TL was taken over by PUMAs

  29. The Commerce Department is in line to get a $34 million face-lift, thanks to the stimulus bill – drawing howls of protest from lawmakers who insist the building’s in fine shape.

  30. fif: some special interest pay can actually stimulate the economy, i don’t consider community organizing to be a particularly value-added job, but its still a job with a paycheck that will get spent, if you catch my drift.

    checks sent to head start or other agencies go towards hiring people or buying materials …

    even providing birth control to low income women entails a stimulus, you buy the pills, etc, you hire the nurses and rent a building right?

  31. BTD is a giant hypocrite. Now he’s so surpised that Obama turned out not to be a Democrat after all. I recognize a lot of those commenters names as Hillary supporters. How did they stick it out there?

  32. bb: yeah, there were a lot of recognizable names there … and quite a few we told you sos but i still think the bottom line is they voted for this disaster …

  33. oy, i want to moderation for some reason

  34. BB – maybe they didn’t, maybe they’re coming back to gloat.

    I personally will never give that f*cker another iota of traffic. He was so dismissive of PUMAs and now he’s realizing we were right all along.

    Not only a jackass, but a slow learner. I prefer the company here.

  35. ninja kitty: the savings rate’s gone back to the positive realm now … it hasn’t been negative for a few years

  36. bostonboomer, on February 7th, 2009 at 12:26 pm Said:

    BTD is a giant hypocrite. Now he’s so surpised that Obama turned out not to be a Democrat after all. I recognize a lot of those commenters names as Hillary supporters. How did they stick it out there?
    I agree…It’s just like Sirota saying but..but..how could anyone have known??? The surprising thing is that the neg comments survived moderation.

  37. A comment at BTD:

    …and other Obama supporters. Look at what just happened. Isn’t this exactly what President Joe Lieberman would have done?
    Obama’s true colors —milquetoast and ecru—are finally revealed.

    Now that the Campaign Hoopla is over, and real governing is required, the intoxication is wearing off and there is going to be a lot of very disappointment and disillusionment. It doesn’t make me feel any better to know we saw it all along, because we are watching the country implode. I have a house I can’t sell, because property values have fallen so far, and the rental rates don’t cover the mortgage–and I don’t see any of that reversing anytime soon. And this punk is watching theater while the most critical legislation in decades is being hammered out? Bill Clinton used to stay up all night discussing policy, because he loved it.

  38. OT–More signs that Obama is Nixon/Reagan. He sent Henry Kissinger to negotiate with Putin. I wonder if the Sec. of State was informed about this?


  39. WordPress has the flu or something today.

    It’s doing all kinds of weird stuff.

  40. I’ve had a couple of wierd experiences with WordPress today too.

  41. kat5: i’m still down here in new orleans feeling like I’m treading water … it’s like a tent city in many places. just here in the bywater, no grocery stores anymore, no banks, no dry cleaners … so many business just up and left and i’d really hate to live in St. Bernard parish. it’s a highly frustrating life and now I have to worry about the state’s cuts to higher education. I’m betting I’m going to be back in cafes playing jazz after my day job again shortly.

  42. he sent KISSINGER? wow, i wanna see how all those obamites at that stupid orange site deal with that …

  43. Yup, WordPress has been Obamized!

    BB – Henry Kissinger?

    It’s true – only the good die young.

  44. fif – “Milquetoast and ecru?”

    Oh, that’s beautiful. Sounds like Cream City to me.


  45. Finally, Democrats have found a tax-cut they can support – one that puts even more money in the pockets of Barbara Streisand, Michael Moore and the rest of their pals in Tinseltown.

    Big Hollywood opened its hearts – and fat wallets – to get President Obama into the White House and give Democrats both chambers of Congress and now it’s time to return the love.

    A provision in the current “stimulus” bill would allow Hollywood moguls to write off half the production and filming costs of big-budget films and TV shows.

    Backed by Walt Disney and the Motion Picture Association of America, the provision amounts to an estimated $246 million Hollywood tax break over 11 years.

    It’s the least Democrats can do for some of their richest and most generous supporters, who gave nearly $20 million in campaign contributions to Democrats during the 2008 election cycle, according to OpenSecrets.org.

    Currently, only the first $15 million of production costs can be written off – a rule aimed at keeping low-budget film-makers in the U.S.

    Republicans on Capitol Hill noted that Hollywood seems like an odd choice of bailout since it appears to be the one sector of the economy unaffected by the current meltdown.

    Last month alone, the industry raked in a record $1 billion in box office receipts, according to industry watchers

  46. wake me up when the skies open up and the rainbows appear, and all the unicorns return to earth like i was promised

  47. HillaryIs44 makes the good point that Obama was for tax-cuts when he ran for Pres. So the tax-cuts aren’t all Republicans’ fault. Obama campaigned on big tax-cuts.

  48. tee-hee Kat!

    Well, at least r*cism has ended.


  49. rise_Hillary: that would be the Employment for Overrated Acts Act

  50. good post, madamab. I like your FDR democrats scenario

  51. The Obama administration should come out of the gate with a comprehensive economic program that has two pillars in addition to a fiscal stimulus package. One would prevent housing prices from overshooting on the downside by making mortgages cheaper and more available and reducing foreclosures to a minimum; the other would enable banks to resume lending by adequately recapitalizing them. It would take several months to implement the program and a further period before it impacts the economy. But in the meantime, people could see that there is a way out, and that would help mitigate the severity of the downturn.
    Adequate recapitalization of the banking system now faces two seemingly insuperable obstacles. One is that former Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson has poisoned the well by the arbitrary and ill-considered way he implemented the $700 billion Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP).


  52. DYB – I agree – another reason why I didn’t vote for him.

    I’m not saying this is all Republicans’ fault. Far from it. The problem is that Democrats followed Obama’s lead and adulterated their philosophy with a lot of free-market gobbledy-gook. Now, most Democrats can’t defend their positions properly because they are not doing FDR Democratic economics. In essence, they have ceded too much ground to the Republicans once again.

    That’s why DiFi’s presentation was so good. It was the standard Democratic line backed up with facts and figures, broken down in easy-to-understand bullet points.

    Too bad the Obama for America Party has decided that taking a stand won’t get them re-elected. They’re just craven careerist cowards.

  53. dakinikat, on February 7th, 2009 at 12:41 pm Said:

    wake me up when the skies open up and the rainbows appear, and all the unicorns return to earth like i was promised

    If you would just drink that kool-aid dakinikat you too would see the rainbows, unicorns, etc.! You could even make cool nifty trails waving your hands back and forth in front of your face! Timothy leary would be so proud………….

  54. Kat: I understand that some special interest spending can be stimulative, but 100’s of billions of $ worth? Some of the things I’ve been hearing about are patently absurd. Nancy couldn’t wait to pass these measures incremently–they had to try and shove through every desire in the first major legislative bill? Talk about tone deaf. All this blather about accountability and oversight, and they seem to be reckless and self-absorbed. It just reinforces the stereotypes about profligate spending Dems at a time when they could have crafted a very intelligent and lean bill aimed at the critical problems we face, and not try to solve all of our ills in one fell swoop.

  55. How did the president select manage to send Kissenger to Russia in December?

    that seems very odd.

  56. ainnj, on February 7th, 2009 at 12:48 pm Said:

    now ainnj, how would you know about nifty psychedelic trails? 🙂

  57. fif – I agree.

    This should have been ONLY stimulus. The public is already disillusioned by the bank giveaways that had no oversight and did nothing to unfreeze credit.

    Hillary had the right idea. Freeze foreclosures for several months, renegotiate mortgages, keep people in their homes. She wanted to do this two years ago. Of course, these ideas wouldn’t have put a lot of money into the pockets of Wall Street, so they were summarily rejected.

    Government by, for and of the top 1%. Hooray!

  58. He he he

    Obama has lost 15 points in less than three weeks in the Rasmussen Presidential Approval Index (from +29 down to +14)

    I wonder if Angry Sockpuppet Guy knows?

  59. Bye swanspirit! Thanks for all the great tunes.

  60. Hype can only be sustained so long. On to the next corporate manufactured can’t-live-without trendy product!

    Results in on Obama’s grassroots appeal: It’s a bust

    WASHINGTON — Few supporters are answering President Barack Obama’s call for nationwide house-party gatherings this weekend to build grass-roots support for his economic stimulus plan.


  61. They had to pork up the bill, guys. How would it look if they gave 700 billion to the bankers and less to the people?


    Who ever heard of making an argument based on approval numbers? GWB had 90% after 9/11. Does that mean he was a great President?

    Obot “minds” never cease to amaze me.

  63. Dakinikat–OK, so in 2006 it was 3/4 of 1 %, 2007, around 1/2 of 1%, 2008, around 1 1/2% (due to spikes in Qs 2 & 4). Extremely low.

  64. Cinie – from where I’m sitting, that’s what they’re doing anyway if you substitute “super-wealthy” for “bankers.”

    What a turd sandwich.

  65. Apparently Geithner is going to unveil his housing recovery proposal on Monday.

  66. FIF you so rock stick around for SISTERMOON Rock and Love Radio up next restart your players !!!

    ps the only “pillars ” barocks in his head knows about are the fake greek ones he paid 6 million dollars for

  67. They had to pork up the bill

    It’s not a stimulus, it’s a shopping spree.

    Congress is acting like a bunch of crackheads with a stolen credit card.

  68. fif – It’s separate from the stimulus package?

    I don’t get it.

  69. madamab:

    Geithner to unveil bailout plan

    Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner is expected to unveil the administration’s proposal to tackle rising foreclosures and the toxic assets weighing down financial institutions in a speech Monday.

    The noon address, delivered from the Treasury Department’s Cash Room, will outline the administration’s plans for the second half of the much-criticized $700 billion Wall Street bailout package. They are billing it as a “comprehensive plan” to stabilize the nation’s wobbly financial markets.


  70. Congress is acting like a bunch of crackheads with a stolen credit card.

    lol! Exactly.

  71. Ah-ha! So this is what they’re going to do with the rest of the $700 billion.

    Well, I like that idea a lot in principle. It certainly needs to be done in a huuuuuuuuge way!

    May I say I’m a tad skeptical about the execution, though?


  72. The stimulous legislation began at a cost of 750 billion, a figure that shocked conservatives and blue dog democrats into not supporting the bill.

    The senate increased the number to 850 billion which also sent those opposed into a tizzy. Negotiations were held, the cost rose to 950 billion. Yesterday republican opposition were slamming the democrat’s “trillion dollar bill”.

    Obama leaves DC to take a walk through the woods of Camp David, Meanwhile back at the senate miraculously negotiations amongst senators bring the cost of the stimulous down to 850 billion. The thieving politicians and media call this a compromise which reduced the cost of this bill to the American taxpayer.

    Was this a scheming scam by both democrats and republcians to claim they reduced the funding when it actually was increased?

  73. Myiq – can you mind the store? Gotta go do some packing.

  74. bostonboomer, on February 7th, 2009 at 12:33 pm

    Saw this in your article.

    The decision to send Mr Kissinger to Moscow, taken by Mr Obama when he was still president-elect, is part of a plan to overcome probable Republican objections in Congress.

  75. FDR Dems!

    what a fab concept!

    Great one, I have lost all faith in any Dem women from CA — including her. That’s true.

    ps: there is worse news — for anyone who calls themselves a green — turns out the new FDA dude — well?

    This is the biggest harsh of the mellow yet — RD & Co.



    Put this one in the ol’ Arugula pipe & ?…….

    Clones you can believe in! TM!

    maybe ol’ Feinstein ought to get on this, you know? SOON.
    while she still has one shred of credibility left to her name…


  76. D’kat, there will always be an irreparable crack in my heart. Katrina marked that moment in time when I lost not only a home of 30 years, but any belief at all in government at any level. Turns out New Orleans was pretty much a disposable commodity, a place that was fun while it lasted, but too much trouble (read: too co$tly) to sustain, even though it’s one of the richest, most valuable repositories of history – and culture – in this country. The un-stimulus bill is of a piece with the fall of New Orleans. The profit in sausage making is pretty much the whole point, deadly toxins notwithstanding.

  77. I agree that BTD should’ve known better. He mainly endorsed Obama because of his media darling status. His mistake was believing that finding a candidate that appeals to the media was all the Democrats had to do and then we’d all live happily ever after. News flash, that only happens IF your candidate is actually a Democrat and not an empty suit opportunist triangulator. BTD knew this but still sided with Obama.

    That is something BTD and the other fools will have to live with for the next 4 years each time they see Obama pander to the Repugs and allow them to dictate how he will govern. Those who were not initially Obots should feel worse because they were intelligent enough to know better but smoked the Hopium to make themselves feel better for endorsing him. I like to know who my enemies are. I’d rather have a corrupt Repug that I can outright oppose and fight rather than a DINO who forces the left to vote for him with threats then acts like a Repug.

    That said, I am open to reading anyone who is willing to now hold Obama’s feet to the fire regardless of who they voted for in the election. We need as many people as possible fighting against the Repugs, the DINOs, and the media whores like Andrew Sullivan who worship at Obama’s feet. Our country’s future is at stake.

  78. I’m in moderation

  79. I got it

  80. Poor Bambi is already bored with his new job. Isn’t there something he can start campaigning for???

    Described by his press secretary as “a restless soul,” President Obama will be moving around quite a bit in the coming week.

    The first family heads to Camp David for the first time on Saturday. The Obamas will stay overnight and return on Sunday.

    On Monday and Tuesday, Obama is slated to travel to Indiana and Florida for town hall meetings on the economic stimulus package slowly making its way through Congress.

    On Thursday, he flies to Springfield, Ill. For an Abraham Lincoln celebration. And then on Friday, the Obama family will return to Chicago for the first time since moving to DC shortly after the new year.

    “I’m sure the president and the first lady will go out for Valentine’s Day,” Robert Gibbs said.

    Asked if the president is already feeling cooped up in the White House after three weeks in office, Gibbs replied, “Safe to say.”

    “He’s a bit of a restless soul,” Gibbs explained. “His idea of a crazy day is to take a long walk…in solitude and isolation.”


  81. fif, I have friends who are lawyers, teachers, social workers, and journalists who work longer hours than Obama and they are getting at most a quarter of his yearly salary. Some of them miss out on important family events and Valentine’s Day to work in the office. He’s not even been in office for a month and he’s already tired of the White House? Someone needs to tell him that the presidency isn’t just about photo ops. Can’t he get his private chef to create a Valentine’s Day dinner at home? Oh, that’s right. He has to show off his good looking wife for the cameras and make a scene at a restaurant. While our country burns at least we can look forward to reading about the weekly adventures of “Where in the World is Obama” in a gossip rag.

  82. That Obama PR/fun tour schedule makes me just seethe, fif. Many of us can barely afford to travel across the county line, and our glory hound f*cker in chief’s agenda consists of little more than “what to pack”??? He’s worse than Bush, he really, really is.

  83. pssss!

    Code Pink is about to HARSH MELLOWS!

    hahahahaah! he fooled them too, didn’t he?


    look out Pelosi and Feinstein — Miq2xu & I — we understand San Fran style “activism”


  84. Show horse vs. work horse. The contrast is quite clear, is it not?

    Say what you will about John McCain, I have no doubt he would be working his *ss off rather than parading around the country making speeches in this time of crisis. He might not be doing the right thing, but at least he would have the f*cking decency to show he cared.

  85. sonic ninja kitty: yup, still extremely low, but at least not negative … it’s on its way up with this latest mess.

  86. look out Pelosi and Feinstein — Miq2xu & I — we understand San Fran style “activism”

    I wouldn’t say I understand it, but I am acquainted with it.

  87. Great comment over at TL calling that super f*cking a–hole BTD out byt someone named Intrepid One — I have to reproduce it here:

    Obama is exactly the same guy, that everyone voted for in the primaries. He is doing nothing different than what he told you all. So what is with the faux outrage?

    When others brought up who he really was; when he went on Fox; when he distanced himself from being a Progressive; when he said Republicans have a lot of good ideas…

    All I heard were excuses that he didn’t mean what we heard. All I heard were shout downs and flames against those who took what he said at face value…

    And now you are all OUTRAGED!!!??? Sorry but those who supported him in the primaries have no right, no standing to be outraged. None. Least of all on this blog BTD who, as I read back, adamantly supported Obama for no good reason other than the media loved him.

    Everyone who sent money to Obama to buy his ticket to the WH over Hillary; Well this is the ticket you bought. This is the ride you paid for. And it’s going to get worse. Hang on!

    I heard a few fence sitters during the primaries say if he didn’t perform they would hold his feet to the fire. As I read back some on this blog said that. Well go on! What are you going to do that will change him? Go to his website and speak your piece? Do you really think that will change a thing? It won’t.

    Hillary and her life long dedication to Progressive issues is looking real good now in 20/20 hindsight. Hopefully she gets fed up with what she is seeing and challenges him in 2012.

    We are all PUMAS now I guess. Including Obama himself. If there is one person who doesn’t believe in party unity it is Obama.

  88. Oops, I’m in moderation.

  89. And I agree wholeheartedly btw — no one & I mean NO ONE who supported Obama in the primary has any f*cking right to be outraged now least of all the guy who said we PUMA’s were insane for pointing out the things Obama actually said & did. BTD can kiss my cat’s a$$ — my a$$ (and madamab’s) is way too good for him. In fact, if BTD started crawling today from NYC to China it still wouldn’t be good enough for me.

  90. That’s a great post, angie. What’s BTD?

  91. What’s BTD?

    The captain of the short bus

    The Beltway “Bipartisan” BSers got their man

    Those would be the media. BTD claimed to support Obama because the media loved him.

  92. DYB — BTD is “Big Tent Democrat” headliner at Talk Left. He used to be at kos too. All around misogynistic a–hole who has the good sense to *pretend* he isn’t — but he supported Obama over Hillary in the primaries for the sole reason that Obama was the media darling (and btw, the fact that Obama was the media darling was the MAIN reason I didn’t like him — unlike BTD, I remember the last media darling — GWB). He also said, repeatedly, that Obama & Hillary’s policies were exactly the same and would flame anyone who dared to say no they did not.

  93. Melanie Phillips asks “America-what have you done?”


  94. angienc2, on February 7th, 2009 at 2:07 pm Said:

    And I agree wholeheartedly btw — no one & I mean NO ONE who supported Obama in the primary has any f*cking right to be outraged now least of all the guy who said we PUMA’s were insane for pointing out the things Obama actually said & did. BTD can kiss my cat’s a$$ — my a$$ (and madamab’s) is way too good for him. In fact, if BTD started crawling today from NYC to China it still wouldn’t be good enough for me.
    Exactly…Just like MoDo, Sirota, et al…Boo fu*king hoo..too late ass*oles!!!

  95. Oh, and Cream City pointed out in that same TL thread something I didn’t know — Obama told those kids at the book reading that he was “tired!” OMFG!! America what have you done is right.
    I’ve said repeatedly that by October 2009 you would not be able to find one person who admitted to voting for Obama & have bet anyone who takes me up on that $1000. I know way it will be May.

  96. “We are all PUMAs now I guess”

    Priceless, though an extremely, extremely, outrageously high price has been paid for that moment of enlightenment.

  97. Melanie Phillips seems like a right-winter to me. But the first part of her article I agree with.

  98. I’ve said repeatedly that by October 2009 you would not be able to find one person

    they can deny voting for Obama they want-i have my list.
    it came in handy at christmas…all that money I saved
    not buying the obots gifts…

  99. Melanie is a righty, for sure DYB.
    She’s well known for her staunch support of Israel and warnings about Sharia law.

  100. Cat — LMAO!! Thank god my mom & cousin are PUMAs — everyone else in my family are Republicans — here that everyone here who likes to bash Republicans! (And I’m not ashamed to admit that — they are all hardworking, educated decent people who happen to be fiscally conservative — they are not right-wing nuts. I think too often here we have a tendency to confuse the neo-cons with the traditional Republicans, and I have to say I find it childish & unwarranted — especially given the fact that the neo-progs have taken over the DNC).

  101. New Thread

  102. Wow. Great comment! Thanks for posting that Angie! I need to go over to TL now and read all the responses and excuses the Obots including BTD will come up with. I’m glad that at least he’s not covering Obama’s ass anymore but BTD brought this onto himself as with every other person who was dumb enough to believe Obama was going to magically become progressive after voting for FISA, hanging out gay bashing pastors, and idolizing Ronald Raygun. Good for those who are going back to TL to tell the posters there to stuff it.

  103. “…spending on job creation and the social safety net, and raising taxes on the wealthy to pay for it.”

    And protection for current jobs! Forget the tax cuts…get money to the states immediately!

  104. 40% tax cuts!
    Check who the compromise was done with

    The nature of the “compromise” agreement is best illustrated by considering the political physiognomy of the five senators who negotiated it. They include three Republicans—Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe of Maine and Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania—Senator Ben Nelson of Nebraska, the most conservative member of the Democratic caucus, and independent Joseph Lieberman of Connecticut, an all-out supporter of the war in Iraq who was one of the most vitriolic supporters of defeated Republican presidential candidate John McCain in the 2008 elections.


  105. Help! I am in moderation!

  106. […] learning from Diane  Feinstein that 40% of the 900 billion “stimulus” is tax cuts it makes perfect sense to find out who this compromise was reached with: The nature of the […]

  107. It seems that Obama got even more tax cuts into the Senate bill by hiding behind Emanuel. Found this in a comment at Corrente:

    Obama endorsed the moderates’ effort and brought its leaders — Sens. Ben Nelson (D-Neb.), Susan Collins (R-Maine) and Arlen Specter (R-Pa.) — to the White House to discuss their proposed cuts. White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel attended the final meetings in Reid’s office last night to work out lingering differences. Before Emanuel arrived, Collins said, Democrats were advocating $63 billion in cuts. “Then Rahm got involved, and a much better proposal came forward,” she said.M


    Back in 2007, I ventured over to TL and asked why, at a time when the economy was terrible and likely to get worse, Obama had such appeal since he clearly was not someone who would support traditional Democratic solutions to an economic crisis. I was told by an Obot that the economy was fine and that the big issue in the GE would be Iraq. I haven’t been back since.

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