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    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on Shiny Happy People
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on Shiny Happy People
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on Shiny Happy People
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Defending Government By Astroturf

barack_obama_on_the_primaryThe latest trumpeter of the “Obama Drama Equals Bad PR” song, Marc Ambinder is the most recent addition to the growing chorus of Obama fluffers playing what’s rapidly becoming a hauntingly familiar and disturbingly discordant  tune.  The reason the American public is getting impatient with the whole stimulus bill kerfuffle and the Spokesmodel in Chief’s early performance of presidential duty is not because they fear it is a bloated, most likely ineffective bill that will probably cost them money in the long run, or they’re afraid that he really is the empty suit he’s been accused of being and now actually appears to be, but because the Republicans got to tell the public more bad stories than the Obama team could effectively Astroturf over.  We, the people, are only upset with Obama’s cabinet picks’ lack of ethics and stuff because Fox News made a big deal about it, so the theory goes.  News outlet after news outlet is putting forth variations of this Axelrod-generated theme, straight-faced, no chaser, and offering the sage advice that all that’s needed to lead us transparently on the way to financial recovery is a really good TelePrompTer-read speech, the kind the candidate Obama used to read in front of thousands of people who had already pledged their love and devotion to him by attending his campaign rallies.  That anyone would dismiss legitimate criticisms of a president’s performance as merely opposition pushback in a spin war is bad enough, to use it as a defense for incompetence is appalling.  To forget that half the country is not predisposed to embrace anything that comes out of his mouth as gospel is stupid.

If Obama sucks, he sucks because he sucks, not because Rush Limbaugh says he sucks.  Whether Obama forcefully denies that he sucks or not, does not change the fact that he does or he doesn’t.  So, why are so many people in the media, mainstream and otherwise, rallying behind the “he’s just been getting bad pr” theme?

Like Politico, Ambinder blames the lack of bipartisan support for Obama’s stimulus plan, and all his other problems in the first two weeks in office, on the White House email system.  According to these guys, the problem is not that Obama was trying to stuff the cabinet with crooks, and shove a high-fat and cholesterol pork-laden stimulus plan down the country’s throats on top of the mystery-shrouded TARP, or that his bumbling outreach for Republican support was clumsy, stupid and unnecessary, it was because the ancient email system didn’t allow reporters to get their talking points in a timely enough manner:

When news of Daschle’s car-and-driver tax problem was disclosed, the White House faced an immediate communications challenge. Mr. Obama had campaign on a platform of single standards and transparency, and here he seemed to be making an exception for a good friend of his on the basis of, well, nothing but the friendship.

He campaigned on a platform of blocking lobbyists from serving in his administration, but he had just given several of them a waiver, and here was standing by a Washington insider who ostensibly (although unintentionally) broke the law to the tine of over $100,000.

I know White House aides were worried about this appearance, but I also know they had a tough time figuring out which reporter was working on which story, and they didn’t respond to events as quickly as Republicans in Congress were able to exploit them.

During the campaign, Mr. Obama’s team was known for its ability to proceed along several tracks simultaneously. It’s been harder in the White House.

The trouble with Daschle bled over into the debate about Mr. Obama’s stimulus principles, forcing the White House to use Mr. Obama’s personal charm as a pitchman. He spent three hours of daylight in television interviews on Tuesday.

Nobody is offering any practical advice on how to fix the bill in a way that efficiently serves the public’s interests, or pushing for Turbo Tax Timmy Geithner, tax cheat to be fired and replaced in an effort to shore up the Neophyte Naked Emperor’s ethical transparent government creds.  Nope, just give a speech, send out some emails, manage the message, massage the messengers.  Why not?  That’s what got him elected.  But the presidency is not a 4 year campaign for the next election, or at least, it shouldn’t be.  And even if that is an element of a politician’s life, it is not the goal of governing.  You don’t perpetually run for office and do a little of the people’s business on the side.  Unless you’re Barack Obama.

That’s why he has met his ultimate Peter Principle level of incompetence, and will ultimately fail.  He probably reached it earlier, but the miracle of elections as popularity contests obscured that particular truth until now.  Unfortunately for him, and us, there’s no higher office to try to attain; it’s put up or shut up time.  And sadly, his media baby sitters, enablers, and defenders don’t realize that every time they blame his setbacks on the opposition’s better campaign spin, rather than a rectifiable lapse of some sort on his part, they admit he’s got nothing else.

Somehow, the Post-Racial President’s “it ain’t perfect, but it’s something” argument in support of a 900 billion dollar spending spree during yet another “this is our moment” rah-rah, just doesn’t cut it for me.

Now, I believe that legislation of such magnitude deserves the scrutiny that it’s received, and you will get another chance to vote for this bill in the days to come. But I urge all of us to not make the perfect the enemy of the absolutely necessary. The scale and scope of this plan is right.

Sez you.

X-Posted at Cinie’s World

182 Responses

  1. Obama is waaaaay beyond his level of incompetence.

  2. “had to spend 3 hours of daylight in TV interviews”

    Had to? Oh, yeah. When he’d much rather be spending 3 hours in the gym.

    For cryin’ out loud (as my father used to say). Buck up.

  3. It’s all the ancient E-Mail’s fault!
    The sad part of that is , there are people out here in the wastelands that believe it!

    It is too much for them to acknowledge that their “Emperor has no clothes!” Damn! He’s buck naked!

  4. Sorry, not an exact quote; shouldn’t have used the “”””. But “forcing the WH to use Mr. Obama’s personal charm as a pitchman” is a “had to.”

    If Obama’s charming, all I can say is: “Ewwww.”

  5. Then how come he’s prez, myiq? When does he reach our level of intolerance?

  6. Stimulus bill announcement supposedly imminent. They don’t wanna work the weekend, so they’re waking up Kennedy.

  7. Hillary was forced to run her campaign with one arm tied behind her back (and she still managed to be called a ra cist) and the Rep. decided to plead nolo contendere in the election. He really thought that he would skate through 8 years in the WH and then play golf with W’s Dad and Bill.

    Sad thing is that none of this will impact any more that his legacy. America will be in messed up until Malia’s kids have kids.

  8. Then how come he’s prez, myiq?

    Ronald McDonald isn’t really the guy in charge of Mickey D’s.

  9. Cinie- I heard that Kennedy was “working” in Florida. Is he heading north?

  10. myiq- Is there anything about clowns that you do not know??

  11. interesting twist on the dog ate my homework … great as usual cinie!

  12. Kinda OT, but I teased some Obots today. Yeah, I know, not nice of me.

    Two young guys wearing ACLU sweatshirts, holding clipboards, and signs for repealing Prop. 8 were standing on a streetcorner when I walked by. The younger one begin to talk to me. I asked if he meant the Prop 8 in California (as we were standing in Washington state.)

    O: “Yeah, but it’s a nation-wide campaign to get them to repeal it.”
    P: “Tell me something. Did you vote for Obama?”
    O: “Yes” (warily)
    P: “You know that the Prop 8 backers used Obama’s own voice and words in their robo-calls to drum up support FOR Prop 8?”
    O: “Uh……yes, but….”
    P: (suddenly furious, but trying not to spit at this clueless naive youth and everyone like him who robbed us of the woman who would have had the situation well in hand): “Happy now?” and stalked away across the street. D*amn, I didn’t even get to Rev. “Nazi” Warren and his invocation.

  13. Obama is president because of $1 billion and a lot of morons who will literally buy anything. If the networks started selling “liquid kill yourself” as the “must have” item of 2009 52% of the US population would be dead.

  14. What is the significance of the three “daylight hours?” I don’t get that. Does he stop working when it gets dark? I thought this was a major crisis?

  15. “There’s still a 30% chance we’ll get it wrong.” – Joe Biden

    Captain Gaffe-tastic strikes again.

  16. AP says they need Kennedy’s vote to pass it, and he’s indeed in Fla.

  17. do three Rinos make this bipartisan?

  18. angienc: that would certainly improve the gene pool

  19. myiq- Is there anything about clowns that you do not know??

    I know far more than I want to know.

  20. PumainSeattle — woo hoo! “not nice of you?” bah — I think it was awesome of you!

  21. Cinie,

    Where did you get that picture? It looks like he’s sitting at a lunch counter trying to figure out what to order. But I’ll bet he think he looks like he’s thinking deep thoughts.

  22. dak — lol — yeah, I think the gene pool is over due for good cleansing.

  23. Kennedy’s en route to D.C.

  24. We could use a little chlorine in the gene pool.

  25. I hope they don’t kill Ted with this nonsense. It also wouldn’t be good if he has another seizure on the Senate floor. The man is sick. Leave him alone.

  26. God Angie, you are exaggerating again. We would not buy “liquid kill yourself”–unless you were selling the ” Improved Fast Acting Lemon-Flavored” with a Double your money back guarantee. DUH

  27. I hope they don’t kill Ted with this nonsense.

    Axelrove probably has contingency plans to take advantage of the sympathy that would result from it.

  28. BB, I just Googled “Obama photo” and there it was.

  29. BB- I don’t want him to get sick again, but maybe this is a wake up call to him that Massachusetts needs a working senator.

  30. bb: I’m getting this visual of “Weekend at Teddie’s” …

  31. We would not buy “liquid kill yourself”

    People buy cigarettes don’t they?

  32. Honora, a lot of folks would too, buy “liquid kill yourself” KoolAid.

  33. myiq — they buy drugs & alcohol too.

  34. Cinie — LOL — I should have said “Kool Aid flavored liquid kill yourself”

  35. Why do so many of his pictures have that” I am here God waiting for you to speak to me ” look to them.

  36. Cinie- I think a lot of people did buy liquid kill yourself koolaid and we all are paying for it now.

  37. there sure were a lot of zombie voters this last election

  38. Why do so many of his pictures have that” I am here God waiting for you to speak to me ” look to them.

    He always seems to be posing for pictures.

  39. Astroturf failure — the reason the Axelturf has broken down is because holding office is different than running for it. It didn’t matter that Obama has no talent for leadership — his m.o. is to hang around hoping crisis x will just move past without him, or waiting to see what everyone else is saying first — because Axelrod could react immediately to any event without him. He didn’t need to wait on Obama to make a decision, he could crank up the machine and say anything that would work, if Obama didn’t like it he could just say the total opposite (a few minutes) later.

    But now Axelrod has to wait for Obama to actually make a decision before he grinds up the machine. And since Obama’s always behind, and never in front, of any issue, Axelrod will always be behind.

    The only safe spin left is exactly what we’re seeing now, it’s all the fault of the evil Repubs/women/Clintons/Rush/media. And it’s all we’re going to see for the next 4 years.

  40. David vitter’s speaking now … he’s sure showing the senate who wears the diapers!

  41. Clowns and zombies in one thread!

    Captain Spaulding is pleased.

  42. Now they’re nitpicking who goes first on speaking about the bill. Reid vs. Vitter are sparring.

  43. myiq — cigarettes aren’t liquid. Keep up!

  44. Vitter the shitter?

  45. Should we live blog this rather than use Cinie’s space?

  46. OT– did everyone see that Obama (at a National Prayer Breakfast yesterday) said “We know there is no God who condones the killing of an innocent human being.”

    I found the video on a conservative blog — it is almost 10 minutes long, so if you can’t take his VOICE (and I don’t blame you) just take my word for it.


  47. Angie:

    Remember how the Obots said McCain would repeal Roe?

  48. Senator Nelson better not let a cajun get near that hair piece, he’d mistake it for a coon

  49. Dakinikat,

    We already have one case of “Weekend at Bernie’s” syndrome. Robert Byrd is older than Kennedy and has to be wheeled up to vote. They probably have to hold his hand steady for him while he pushes the button. I think we either need term limits or a set retirement age for these guys.

  50. DK, I don’t mind, let’s let it rip. Doesn’t look like they’re gonna vote tonight, anyway.

  51. Angie,

    What was the context? Were they talking about abortion (not that I’m surprised).

  52. i remember the first time I met him . he was a neighbor of my campaign manager, there is just something about a toupee, it’s like you can never take your eyes away from it … it’s magnetizing…

  53. myiq — yep — everything they said about McCain is what Obama will do — Bush 3, anti-choice Supreme Court Justices — that will be their punishment.

  54. okay, Cinie, thx, i’m watching it on cspan 2 … at the moment it’s rivals a good sleeping pill

  55. Thanks angie! I’m sure the future will bring us many more opportunities to not be nice to the wee-brained Obots.

  56. Or should that be “wee-wee brained”?

  57. The E-Verify program will ensure that only American citizens, not illegal aliens, will get the jobs created by this bill. The House version did contain this language.
    According to Lou Dobbs, and he has convinced me, E-Verify is very important.

    Item #2: recently posted at gatewaypundit is what John McCain had to say about Pelosi:
    John McCain today had this to say on the Senate floor:
    “I’ll tell you how we got here, Mr. President. We got here here by the Speaker of the House saying, “We won, so we wrote the bill.” That’s not what the years I’ve been here is called bipartisanship. So without the votes of 11 democrats and without the votes of a single Republican the bill emerged from the other body and came over here… The bill was written with negligible input from this side of the aisle.

    So what are we up to now? We are up to approximately one trillion dollars… The Congressional Budget Office yesterday said that this legislation would increase employment by the end of the 4th quarter of 2010 by 1.3 million to 3.9 million jobs… I did the math… A 1.2 trillion dollar bill, 3 million jobs, is $923,997 for each job.

    (From comments at PumaPac)

  58. bb — it was in a whole boring talk about faith & good works & not specifically about abortion — but it is a totally stupid thing for an alleged pro-choice president to say considering the main talking point of the anti-choice crowd is the “killing of an innocent life.” The EVs are already taking it as a sign he is “with them.” Frankly, I think the EVs are right, especially when taken together with other comments Obama has made about abortion.

  59. angie, somewhere else I read about that common on not approving slaughter of an innocent. And the fundies’ latching on to that as evidence of Uhbama turning to their side.

  60. Susan Collins is really giving a nice heartfelt and well thought out speech

  61. The whole Faith Office thing is a can of worms, especially when they get to fighting about hiring.

    And CNN just announced no vote tonight.

  62. angienc2, on February 6th, 2009 at 7:10 pm Said:
    Obama is president because of $1 billion and a lot of morons who will literally buy anything. If the networks started selling “liquid kill yourself” as the “must have” item of 2009 52% of the US population would be dead.

    LMAO — when can we start marketing this ???

  63. I wish we had Cspan down here.

  64. Senator Nelson better not let a cajun get near that hair piece

    Paul Rodriguez has a routine about his uncle with “the bad hair piece.”

  65. scrubs: they’re probably streaming it on CNN on the internet

  66. angienc2, on February 6th, 2009 at 7:27 pm Said:

    OT– did everyone see that Obama (at a National Prayer Breakfast yesterday) said “We know there is no God who condones the killing of an innocent human being.”
    Yep!!…And the people incharge of exanding the “Faith Based” program to 12 offices are 2 Evangelicals an 1 RC. I have gone through the advisory board yet but Revs. Frank Page and Joel Hunter are anti-Gay and anti-choice….More change that you can believe in.

  67. yup, they must not have it sealed, Reid saying there’s going to be more weekend sessions …

  68. CNN can kiss my ass, for all I care about them and their lousing f–kin news, Dak.

    Sorry, I just can’t stand their supposed journalism. They lost me a long time ago.

  69. Will never be nice to O’bots! Let em rot in their feces for all I care!

  70. “…. has to be wheeled up to vote. They probably have to hold his hand steady for him while he pushes the button.”

    Ahem. I have patients who need to use wheelchairs due to trauma, multiple sclerosis, or who have other neuro problems with their legs or arms. Doesn’t mean they don’t have cognitive functions still intact. I know people in their mid-80s who are still hiking, and people in their 60s who have Alzheimer’s.

    OTOH, some of those Senators may indeed have questionable cognitive functioning….. /s

  71. You know, SHV, I’m starting to think there is going to be more anti-gay stuff coming out of this administration than even Dubya’s.

  72. This bill is going to pass. And what is more those offering protests will be signing on as well.

    They are merely posturing for the cameras with the next mid term election in mind. In fact, watch them during the recess break coming up at the end of the week, to return home and begin the tap dancing and shift changing they will need to build up for that election cycle.

    The problem is that this mess has no easy solutions. Truthfully, no one knows what to do. Handing off to those two idiots, Pelosi and Reid, is an example of Obama’s non participation. His hands are clean. He can always beg off that it is the job of the legislative branch to implement these packages while he remains on the outside looking in.

    As soon as it passes, and it will, the talking heads and pundits will be in full mode to credit him with saving the nation from imminent disaster and how lucky we are to have him.

    Both sides of the aisle, which I maintain does not exist since they work for the same paymasters in the end, are undeserving of any praise. Just look at who is still speaking and railing from the floor of each chambers. The same cast of characters that brought you this offering the first time.

    Withhold you kudos from either side. They are merely warming up for 2010.

  73. Yeah, what Pat said.

    We Conflucians are understandably grumpy today.

  74. Pat J — you are, as usual, dead on.

  75. Why do they take a whole week off for President’s Day during a national crisis?

  76. Listening to Arlen Spector is akin to eating a Doo-Doo sandwich! Anyone else get ill listening to this hypocrite?

  77. bb –because they are spoiled lazy a–holes who don’t give a f*ck about us & only care about their next $100 an ounce steak dinner.

  78. I think Obama’s trying to look respectful while he waits for a deity to speak to him.

  79. Republicans to Obama…….

    The talking is done.

    My party lost, your party won.

    So let us be friends,

    Let arguments pass.

    I’ll hug my elephant,

    You kiss your ass.

  80. Then is that case Puma, he must love hearing himself speak!

  81. reddragon: I had to open a bottle of wine when he started … and Susan was so good!!!! it’s like he’s reading his laundry list!

  82. scrubs57, on February 6th, 2009 at 7:47 pm Said:

    You know, SHV, I’m starting to think there is going to be more anti-gay stuff coming out of this administration than even Dubya’s.
    Well, after he expanded the program..he refused to recind the 2002 bush exec order that permits the groups that are getting fed money to discriminate. Mostly affects LGBT and others whose “life styles” are offensive.

  83. bb– yeah, and when many workers don’t even GET holiday pay. The other developed countries may be in economic messes too, but at least they get way more holidays and vacation than US workers.

  84. Lol Dakinkat. Listening to him is like watching grass grow or frogs fornicate!

  85. The way the economy is going, most workers will be getting more then their share of holiday and vacation days. Lay offs and company closings have a way of making that a reality.

  86. Trying to pass it on Friday night when no one is paying attention.

  87. it’s joltin joe …

  88. Since when is Lieberman concerned about the “American People?”

  89. And what has B0 done yet about that idiotic “conscience clause” that allows workers to not do their job if they don’t feel like it? Like when they thing a single woman — or a married woman — should be using contraceptives.

    Nah, he hasn’t lifted a finger about that one.

  90. Who is worse to listen to: Arlen Specter or Holy Joe “rape gurney” Leibermann?

  91. Pat Johnson, bu…but…but..Obama was supposed to CHANGE all that! This isn’t supposed to be happening! Those stupid Republicans were supposed to let his wonderfulness rub off on them and stop being Republicans ‘cuz…’cuz…cuz…once you touch the hem of his garment, your eyes will be opened and You Will See!

  92. well, it’s close bb, but i have to say specter … at least joe tries to relate it to people, specter really gave a speech that was like reading a laundry list

  93. As soon as it passes, and it will, the talking heads and pundits will be in full mode to credit him with saving the nation from imminent disaster and how lucky we are to have him.
    Which is really stupid politics. All of Obama’s speeches and attaching his ego to this bill means he is acquiring ownership of the recession/depression. No matter what they do, the economy is going down for at least two more years and unemployment is going >10%. It wil be the Obama recession…Hoover wasn’t responsible for 1929 but it became his.

  94. They need to appear to be giving a damn. Of course they do not, but that is beside the point. Just leave a live microphone out there in the lobby and they will quickly gather around, working up just the proper amount of righteous indignation, peppering their comments with “the American people”.

    It is so craven, so hypocritical, so out and out false, that I am unable to look at either side without regurgitating bile.

    They all need to go.

  95. oh, sheesh, don’t make me regret saying that lieberman … he’s talking about how he’s a proud ‘gang’ member now

  96. awwww. Poor Joe never got a chance to join a gang as a kid. He was so deprived.

  97. Director ofmthe Census will now report directly to the WH:

  98. bb: he shoulda worn a black leather jacket to make this speech

  99. LOL Boston…thats why I didnt say anything. I knew sooner or later he would start patting himself on the back.

  100. Did Lieberman want to be a Shark or a Jet?

  101. Dakinikat,

    You made me snarf ice water up my nose!

  102. bb: Sorry!

  103. He’s proud to be one of the ” Hypocrite Homies!” Thats the way they roll!

  104. How can anyone pick the “worst”? I can’t look or listen to McCain, Schumer, McConnell, McCasgill, Reid, or Specter without wanting to load the gun and shoot myself! A phonier group does not exist. Even Milli Vanilli had to admit they were phonies after awhile. Not this group.

  105. Let’s send Joe some gangsta rap cds.

  106. cinie: my guess is jet … he just isn’t very sharkish to me

  107. I’d pay a pretty penny to see Joe L in leather jacket and gang colors.

  108. Oh here with go with soft spoken Harry the Hypocrite.

  109. Hillary, or whoever is the latest hand picked envoy to the mid East since the reporting tree has become so overloaded these days, will have some big, big worries if Bibi is elected.

    His party seems to be in the lead at this point. And Bibi, if nothing else, is our version of a neocon. Nothing more than bombing to hell every Arab country in the mideast will suit him.

    Good luck, Hillary (or whoever is directly reporting to whoever in the WH is directly reporting to Axelrod).

  110. So nothing actually changed in the bill then?

  111. Calypso:

    I heard it as:

    The election is over
    the result is known.
    The will of the people is clearly shown.
    Let’s all get together
    and let bitterness pass.
    I”ll hug your elephant
    and you can kiss my ass.

  112. Johnny McCain on CSPAN — GO JOHNNY GO — give ’em hell

  113. David Sirota of OpenLeft commenting this PM on Obama’s… “Outside” Economic Advisory Board

    Just to reiterate, President Obama today announced his “outside” economic advisory board, which is supposed to give him alternative economic viewpoints from the team of zombies he has working directly in the White House. Sadly, this “outside” board is made up mostly of Establishment and corporate insiders. Here’s the list:

    – William H. Donaldson, George W. Bush’s S.E.C Chairman
    – Roger W. Ferguson, Jr., President & CEO, TIAA-CREF

    – Robert Wolf, Chairman & CEO, UBS Group Americas

    – David F. Swensen, CIO, Yale University

    – Mark T. Gallogly, Founder & Managing Partner, Centerbridge Partners L.P.

    – Penny Pritzker, Chairman & Founder, Pritzker Realty Group

    – Jeffrey R. Immelt, CEO, GE

    – John Doerr, Partner, Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield & Byers

    – Jim Owens, Chairman and CEO, Caterpillar Inc.

    – Monica C. Lozano, Publisher & Chief Executive Officer, La Opinion

    – Charles E. Phillips, Jr., President, Oracle Corporation

    – Anna Burger, Chair, Change to Win

    – Richard L. Trumka, Secretary-Treasurer, AFL-CIO

    – Professor Laura D’Andrea Tyson, board member of Morgan Stanley

    – Martin Feldstein, former top economist in the Reagan administration

    This is about as bad as it gets – labor outnumbered 2 to 13; Wall Street insiders like Tyson, Gallogly and Wolf (the latter who is the boss of Phil Gramm and whose bank was a central part of the meltdown); Reagan and Bush officials…it’s just more proof that D.C.’s zombie culture is alive and well.

  114. Where were these Politicians when Bush Raided the coffers? Not a peep out of these so-called fiscal Republicans then

  115. WTF? Martin Feldstein, former top economist in the Reagan administration– isn’t that like being king of the a–holes?

    Change you can believe in my a$$.

  116. Calypso:

    Maybe once these “Insiders” get done shafting labor, maybe then will the O’Bots realize that they have all been Punked!

  117. I agree Red, but just because they said nothing then, doesn’t mean they aren’t right now.

    I suspect it was more because they were trying to be loyal to their party, and not the people, the same way the Democrats are doing for Obama now.

  118. I agree with you Ana…But it still stings when you think about it. does it not?

  119. Exactly. Just as the Dems are doing the same for Obama now. Very few have the cajones to stand up against the party. Which is why we are facing this incontravertible mess now.
    They stood around with their thumbs up their asses while Bush rammed his stupid agenda, foreign and domestic, down our throats. Now, all of a sudden they want credit for opposing Obama.

    The Dems are not different. The few who have voiced concerns will back off readily when the vote comes to the floor. Twin mindsets, different year. I can’t take either side seriously no matter who is spouting the party line at the moment.

    The fairest thing to do would be to go back and redesign this mess into a package that aids the average Joe not argue over the foolish expenditures contained therein.

    Clearing nature trails or resodding the Mall don’t quite do it for me.

  120. Say what you will about Graham….I agree with some of what he is saying

  121. somebody actually in another blog just made a good point about McCain. I think this is actually how he felt about the bailout in the fall, but he couldn’t go against Bush, that was the problem. The problem for McCain was Bush, he couldn’t escape him.

    Now, the election is over, and Bush is out of the picture, so he is able to be himself.

  122. Now that Hillary is gone from the Senate, the only one I trust there is Russ Finegold. How’s he voting on this thing?

  123. Pat…..the system is so corrupt that no matter what we as a people say, these politicians will do and say whatever they damn well please!

    We as a people are to blame for what is happening tonight! We have given up our rights for an ipod and quick gratification. Our fellow americans be damned!

  124. angine, i think they are all getting in line.

    Does anybody know if they aren’t voting for it tonight, I am hearing conflicting results.

    Republicans are pissed, I suspect Specter wont get re-elected.

    They are e-mailing the RNC and asking for funding to be pulled from any Senator that votes for this bill.

  125. ana — Cspan announced no vote tonight — Reid said something about having more debates over the weekend.

  126. Red,

    what we need is for people (myself included) to get off their assess and go over to Washington and let these people know how they feel. The phone calls and e-mails are obviously not working.

  127. well, i am thinking about going to DC, i don’t care if I am the only person there. These people need to know this isn’t right.

    Thanks angie for the update. I am not watching tv, but I heard McCain gave them hell.

  128. angienc2, on February 6th, 2009 at 8:42 pm Said:

    Now that Hillary is gone from the Senate, the only one I trust there is Russ Finegold. How’s he voting on this thing?
    He was one of the few Dems that voted against both TARPs…I think he is voting for this POS. Were is the next Paul Wellstone?

  129. Ana: So goodie for John McCain! Coulda, shoulda, woulda, is no excuse. Bush was dead politically. Not standing up to him is ridiculous. The trouble with McCain, and always has been, is that he only resorts to his “maverick” role on occasion. Then he backs off, like he did with Bush a few years ago, and embraces him. He wanted to be president so bad that he was even willing to do that to gain votes. This is brand of behavior is what turned the public off. They just were never clear on just where he was coming from at any given time.

    The problem is that some have good points they seem to be making. However, they are the same ones who bent over backwards to appease the party and dissed the public at the same time. We don’t count. It’s votes that they seek and if piling on now is the way to get them, this is the road they choose.

    Redesign the package then come back and make the sale. Consider the public for once and let the party shift for itself. Whatever party. Their loyalty should be with us, not the party.

  130. Well time to try out the new Cajun eat place.

  131. Pat i agree, about what you said. I still think its nice that McCain stood up, even if it was too late. Sometimes its better late than never.

  132. SHV — so they’ve gotten to the Finegold, huh? I guess it is true that every one has his price. Too bad, I was counting on him to be the one voice of sanity on the D’s side. Well, f*ck him t0o then.

  133. I agree with you Ana

  134. guys read this – in this though i feel no pity for the networks, may they all go bankrupt for selling us this guy.


  135. ot — I’m watching Braveheart — remember the days before Mel went batsh!t crazy?

  136. Just a reminder that each candidate during the general election had no idea of what they were talking about. If memory serves, McCain in August proclaimed the economy “strong”. No problem.

    Obama took the other route. Indifference. Too busy studying up for an upcoming debate. So handing either one a burst of applause now is outrageous. Neither one had a clue on how to solve this mess then which is just another indication of how far below the credibility line we have sunk as a nation of thinkers. Sound bites carry the day.

    The “don’t worry, be happy” crowd won with Obama. He was elected on the strength of “change”. Seen any lately?

  137. I am in moderation again. What’s with Spammy?

  138. i think we should keep flooding these senators with emails and phone calls. then they won’t be able to say that they didn’t hear from us.

  139. That is truly sad Angie! I too was hoping he would stick to his principles!

  140. The prime time special from Obama is a reason why the vote has been pulled. They are relying on the wonders of yet another speech to convince us that incurring a trillion dollar plus debt is the road to recovery. OMG!

  141. “We can do better next time.” You suck Harry!

    Now they are thanking each other for an anal scrub well done!

  142. Cinie – I love your posts.

    And I agree with Pat. These guys all suck, with very few exceptions.

    /rant on

    DiFi had it right today. The Democrats won. Obama, just redo the package as if Krugman were designing it. Hell, LET him design it! Stop complaining that the Repubs have bad ideas when those same bad ideas are in the stimulus package. Do a DEMOCRATIC FDR package. Repeal the Bush tax cuts. Only keep the parts of the package that will actually create jobs and keep people in their homes.

    Just fucking go for it and stop whinging and throwing temper tantrums. Show some spine and leadership. Stop worrying about bi-partisanship. No one cares but David Broder and Repubs who use it as a weapon to scare you.

    The press will hate you. So what? Pleasing the press is not your fucking job.

    This is your moment, you pathetic poseur. Put up or shut up.

    /rant off

  143. I think McCain was SOoooooooooo OVER handled during the campaign; along with Sarah. For “REAL” people like them & Hillary; it’s better to let them be themselves.
    Obama, on the other hand has NO CORE so “over handled”, works for him.
    I’m curious to know where the new NYS Senator Gillibrand stands on this?? In congress she voted AGAINST ALL bailout & TARP Bills. If she votes for this I’ll be disappointed. I don’t want her to be a “mini-me” to Schumer.

  144. Angie:

    “BURN IT!” My favorite line in that movie.

  145. Madamab:

    You go girl!

  146. Gillibrand will vote for it. It will be her payback to “the party”.

  147. RedDragon — LOL — yep, that’s a good one.

  148. McCain has been around for eons. He was not “overhandled” as much as he was “overexposed”. When you cannot pin a candidate down to any degree of expectation of exactly where he stands then that candidate becomes insignificant.

    Obama was overhandled. No one had any idea just how he would behave since he was such an empty slate. They learned to cover that deficit very well.

  149. I keep ending up on moderation. Spammy’s way of saying STFU.

  150. Ok I go out to do laundry which should have been done on laundry night(aka Thursday) and stop by walley world…..do penance for the walley world trip by helping several elderly people qualify for low income energy saving energy efficiency improvements and cut their carvbon foot print….I have been busy in the last two hours…

    All after putting in a ten hour day!

    BO aka Pampers should lead as busy a life as mine!

    Hey barry what did you do to improve the world?

  151. sorry I ment-

    Hey barry what the fuck besides consuming oxygen and expeling methane and CO2 did you do to improve thr World TODAY?

  152. He was not “overhandled” as much as he was “overexposed”.

    I had an uncle who was overexposed while he overhandled himself.

  153. Agree, the Obama “stimulus” package should be flushed down the sewer. Even better flush the politcians along with it.

    The whole package should be taken out of the hands of our thieving politicans (both parties) and redone by experts like Krugman who actually give a damn about us citizens.

    Obama said in his speech that the deficit was handed to him in a gift package when he stepped into the oval office. What did O. do to reduce the debt in the 4 years he served as senator?

  154. Sadly, “Pat J.” I believe your right about Gillibrand.
    I’ve been trying to reach her office with NO LUCK.

  155. myiq: lolol!!! But I hate to admit it.

  156. Calypso: He only served an approximate 183 days altogether. Not even long enough to locate those areas where he could catch a smoke!

  157. Yes, Obama is the Peter Principle at work.

  158. calyspo-

    What did barry do in the last four years he was in the senate?

  159. plainjane-

    Obama has exceded the wildest expectations of the peter principle.

  160. tpt/ny, on February 6th, 2009 at 9:15 pm Said:
    Sadly, “Pat J.” I believe your right about Gillibrand.
    I’ve been trying to reach her office with NO LUCK.
    I’ll be very surprised if Gillibrand is able to hold her own enough to vote against this bill. If she votes against it, she”ll be shunned for the next two years, I’d bet.

  161. “Turbo Tax Timmy” Geithner – I love that name!

    So is the new president part vampire? he had to spend daylight hours out of doors? omg! what was axelrod thinking letting him spend so much of his daylight time working on the economy??? This man has abs to sculpt, pecs to pump!

    So how is nancy p’s home state shakin’? hmmmmmm? when our grandchildren read about her in their history ebooks, and they will, her descendants will be changing their names to mudd!

    obviously we need a huge mother of a stimulus package, there isn’t too much disagreement there, nor does it take a krugman or even a pelosi, to figure that out. what we don’t need is a senate loaded with pork bellied idjits pushing their pork and taking advantage of every man, woman and child in this country.

    of course gillibrand will vote for it, she just got in for criminy sakes, I am sure she would like to stay longer than 2010.

  162. myiq: lolol!!! But I hate to admit it.

    It kind of runs in the family. But you probably figgered that out already.

    the peter principle

    Like I said, but the technical term is “penis.”

  163. “As soon as it passes, and it will, the talking heads and pundits will be in full mode to credit him with saving the nation from imminent disaster and how lucky we are to have him.”

    LOL. I was just reading on DU that the mean MSM beat up on poor Barry! It’s biased against them! The MSM will be His undoing!

    Heh, they really, really said that. They really, really think the MSM is biased against BO. Jesus, now that’s a cult, not to put too fine a point on it.

    Serves me right for reading DU.

  164. obama never served anyone, anywhere. he campaigned. he is a campaigner, campaigning is his middle name. campaigner in chief. yahoo.

  165. The Obamas are out on a Friday night lurve date.

  166. Cinie – I gotta say – I LOVE your smackdowns.

  167. obama & friends have nationalized the msm, that just leaves republicans…and of course the Clintons, to blame for everything that has happened, that is happening and that will ever happen, if it makes mr obama look less than godlike.

  168. MO and BO-out to Alvin Ailey isn’t that romantic?

    They have a private box…

  169. catarina, on February 6th, 2009 at 9:40 pm Said:
    The Obamas are out on a Friday night lurve date.


    oh thank the lord, I am so worried about that poor couple, having to work all day almost every day this week! this is NOT what they signed up for, I can guarantee that!

  170. MO and BO-out to Alvin Ailey isn’t that romantic?

    I’m in charge of “disgusting” around here.

  171. catarina, on February 6th, 2009 at 9:42 pm Said:
    MO and BO-out to Alvin Ailey isn’t that romantic?

    They have a private box…

    is this a setup for myiq2xu?

  172. New Post!

  173. madamab, sm77, thank you. I stepped out to KFC, now, I’m punishing myself with Colonel love.

  174. Ooooh Cinie – now why’d you say that!!!!!!!!!!

    Now I’m jones-ing for KFC and my throat is killing me.

    Ooh, but I can do mashed potatoes….mmmmm, KFC mashed potatoes with gravy….

  175. ainnj, on February 6th, 2009 at 9:40 pm Said:

    obama & friends have nationalized the msm


    Is it true that Holder is looking to bring the Fairness Doctrine back. That would put a serious bug in people like Hannity and Rush, and personally I’d enjoy seeing them squirm. However, it does make me queasy thinking that Barry will take another step towards controling the media. Immelt of GE/NBC on Barry’s Economic Recovery Advisory Board, horrible. Who is the WH Press Secretary anyway, Robert Ambien Gibbs or Keith Methhead Olbermann. The media is very important to Barry’s style of governing. And it doesn’t help that almost everyone in the media is flailing financially, there are no more standards, they will do any favor to stay alive. Fairness Doctrine or not, he needs to be watched carefully on that front.

  176. angienc2, on February 6th, 2009 at 8:53 pm Said:

    SHV — so they’ve gotten to the Finegold, huh? I guess it is true that every one has his price. Too bad, I was counting on him to be the one voice of sanity on the D’s side. Well, f*ck him t0o then.


    There is no way station for angie, and I love that.

  177. RedDragon62, on February 6th, 2009 at 8:59 pm Said:

    “We can do better next time.” You suck Harry!

    Now they are thanking each other for an anal scrub well done!


    How do you know about that..

  178. Gonna miss Tzipi. Loved it when she said:

    “I am a woman, yes. But I am not afraid to pull the trigger, when necessary.”

  179. Cinie, thank you for this post. Just dropping in to say that it felt very catharic for me. I never do this, never, I’m a lady, you know. But, it just feels right, I need to:


    sigh. Thanks, so much. I feel much better now, for now.

  180. “obama & friends have nationalized the msm, that just leaves republicans…and of course the Clintons, to blame for everything that has happened, ”

    I think the Republicans* are responsible for everything that has happened. Remember President Peace & Prosperity? But then Sayest the Republicans: “Off with his head! Contract with America! No More Soup For You!”

    *and the msm

  181. […] and those that aren’t are stupid enough that you can’t tell the difference. Right, Cinie? Right, […]

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