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By request – Unemployment (and Uninsured) Chronicles


(Photo source, Darth Dragon on Flickr)

As I did in last weeks’s Unemployment Chronicles, (and many thanks again to Laurie again for suggesting it), I’ll talk about some of the things that I’m going through now that more than half a million Americans are unemployed.  While the President parties in Camp David this weekend, probably to oversee the construction of his brand new basketball court,  a country is left alone, rudderless – and without a clue to what’s going to happen next.  Nero dribbles while Rome burns.

Ok, so what’s the first thing one does when out of a job?  Look for a new one, of course!  I’m enrolled with various headhunter and employment agencies since I started freelancing.  Some are more industry specific than others.  If you belong to a particular industry, there’s a good chance there’s an agency for your industry, so search the web.  I’m also signed up with Yahoo HotJobs, Monster, CareerTracker, etc.  I’ve had better luck on industry specific employment/contract sites vs. the ginormous job sites, I’m doing an “all of the above” approach, so try everything.

I went to a job interview earlier this week that was a bit deceiving.  What I thought was going to be a one on one interview was basically a cattle call – similar to a open audition casting call.   There were probably about 50-75 people there applying of all ages.  It was for a high pressure commission only sales job, which you had to buy or already own certain resources before doing this job.    And of course, these items were being sold there.  If it smells like a scam, walks like a scam, talks like a scam – it probably is one.  Please look out for those.

There are some Job Fairs coming up in Tampa which I am planning to attend.  Chris Martin over at No Quarter wrote about the atmosphere at a job fair he recently attended.  It’s a good post, so please read here when you get the chance:

To the disgust of many there–and you could see it in their faces–this was exactly that, a job fair. Most of the companies there were advertising entry level jobs, many temporary or part-time. Here were thousands of people, many with decades of work experience being asked to wait in line an hour to beg for a low-paying job. One young female–a recent engineering grad–asked about jobs in her field but was told there wasn’t anything like that available. That’s the story in today’s market: there are either no jobs available or dozens of people with more experience than you.

So now the market is flooded with experienced, older workers against recent college grads.  Who do you think an employer is going to pick?  It’s not going to be the experienced older worker, I can guarantee you that.  What sucks about this job market the way it is, more women are vulnerable to employer abuse.

Retail used to be a safe bet, but I tried it out anyway.  Many stores have a hiring freeze, even my local supermarket.  I even went to a local Borders book store and I got the “we’re not hiring now, but just apply online anyways” schtick.   Most of the people I saw working at Borders, BTW, were no younger than 40.

RD suggested to me to apply for a Federal job – which is at USAJOBS.GOV, the Federal Employment website run by Monster.com.  But then I read it was hacked recently, so I’m going to hold off for a couple for days before I start entering my info on there.

The kicker to this week was between yesterday and today.  Remember the reason why I took a break from blogging, i.e. I was sick like a dog and a doctor at the country clinic said I probably need a tonsillectomy?

Well my Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman was right.  My strep throat infection is back and it’s kicking my ass.  I couldn’t do Conflucians Say last night because it’s very painful to talk. This shit is scaring me because repeated infections back to back can lead to more serious conditions.  I’d list them but I don’t want to think about it right now.

So after reading RD’s Friday post this morning, I head to the county clinic.  While waiting, I saw people of all sorts: mothers with young children, seniors, teens, 40 something year olds, of all ethnicities.   It certainly wasn’t like the posh medical center my mom goes to (hooray for Medicare!) but it’s clean and well staffed.

I also noted they recently converted to an electronic health records system.  My drivers license and Social Security Card was scanned and when the triage nurse took my vitals, she annotated everything on a small laptop.  I asked her how safe was the system and she said “there are procedures in place to protect patient privacy.”  I prompted her again regarding hackers, selling records to third parties, etc.  The triage nurse, annoyed that I was asking her this while trying to take my blood pressure, assured me that all of the information was secure.  So I let it go for now.

After a loooooong wait (ok, it was about a 45 minutes), Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman saw me.  Since I am allergic to penicillin (which could do the bacteria killing job better) and the cephalosporin antibiotic didn’t kill the infection completely, she gave me Zithromax to try out and urged for me to see an ENT as soon as possible.   I reminded her again that I don’t have insurance, I was just laid off and I recently placed an application for Medicaid.

Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman recommended to also apply for the Hillsborough County Insurance, which is available to all Hillsborough County residents based on a sliding pay scale.   A small county sales tax funds the insurance program, since I may or may not qualify for MedicAid.  This is the best chance I have of seeing an ENT specialist without selling my car to help pay for it.

If you are without insurance right now, please check your county’s Health Department Services website for information on county-funded insurance.  Hillsborough County Insurance info is here, just to give you an idea.

Anyway, that’s the story for this week.  I want to thank everyone who’s donated via Liberalcrat.  Since I don’t qualify for Unemployment Insurance because I’m a contract worker, I’m literally living on Blogger Welfare!   Thanks to you, I was able to get Zithromax, pay bills, gas & groceries, etc.    I’m truly very lucky and blessed to be a part of such a great community.  In these precarious times, we have to hold hands and look out for one another, and you’ve held mine.  I hope that somewhere, somehow,  I’m able to return this kindness.  But I know Karma has a way of repaying good deeds and I hope she finds her way to you.  Here’s a song for you, because I’m truly getting by with a little help from my friends – literally.  Thank you!


115 Responses

  1. sm77, where is this libercrat link at? I don’t know you but you what? we are all just a heartbeat away from where you are so I think it is just plain common sense and good business to make sure we all stay afloat.

  2. I love you SM and I will see you in 1 week and kiki I will see at the end of the month! Yippee-

    Florida PUMA Proud!

  3. ainnj, check the blogroll on the right. Gotta look out for my girl. SM, you are one brave woman, thank you.

  4. ainnj: blogroll on the right — or, just click here:


  5. SM this all could have been avoided if the nations economic bedrock had not been strip mined by that conservitave cocaine addict! G “W” Bush!

    spammy here i come!

  6. FUZZY!!!!!!!!

    I should be better when you come – Zithromax is a 5 day program.

    Thanks AngieNC & Cinie & AinNJ, PLEASE don’t donate – this was a thank you post, not a fundraising one.

  7. Correction: This is more of an informative & empathetic post to all those going through the economic crisis.

  8. fuzzybeargville, on February 6th, 2009 at 9:55 pm Said: Edit Comment

    SM this all could have been avoided if the nations economic bedrock had not been strip mined by that conservitave cocaine addict! G “W” Bush!

    spammy here i come!

    Absolutely true. What’s worse is that Obama hired that assjerk for Commerce.

    It’s like the powers that be, from Reagan, to Bush and now Obama all want to do away with FDR’s New Deal.

  9. Thanks AngieNC & Cinie & AinNJ, PLEASE don’t donate – this was a thank you post, not a fundraising one.

    SM — first of all you can’t stop me, so there. Second of all, I’m going to have to wait for my next pay day anyway (this one went all to rent & insurance — I’m already broke til the 15th!)

  10. Angie, I got you beat, I’m broke til the twelfth..of never. Or forever, whichever.

  11. Angienc:

    LOL! BUT THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Did you see that report on Obama building a basketball court in Camp David???

    He’ll probably say that the basketball court building is to stimulate new jobs and economic growth.

    Nero dribbles while Rome burns.

  12. Cinie — LOL — yeah, well, the # on the 15th goes out pretty quickly — my checking account is basically little more than a ‘holding pen” — in one day, out the next.

  13. That should have been the $ on the 15th not the # on the 15th. D’oh!

  14. where is madamb when SM makes a funny!

    Ok so we live through this and we will make a better world why?

    So PUMA Cub and the millions like her will never have to live through this so they can cure breast cancer Aids and walk on mars….

    We could have done these thing too but crap the Jack A$$es in Washington and on Wall street really screwed the pooch!

  15. Now we will be lucky to have 3 hots and a cot!

    On the upside the slow down in economic growth will keep billions of tonnes of CO2 and other green hous gases out of the atomsphere!

  16. Also California began furrlows on over 200,000 state civil servants today they are now going to have to take every other friday off with out pay!

    will save the state $ 1.3 billion dollars right Myiq2xu?

    What is californias projected deficit this year?

  17. (((((((((((((((((((((((((((((SM77))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

    I must say — Angie —- you are entertaining.

  18. Fuzzy:

    Fuzzy – THANK YOU for always thinking of the cub. I’m gonna do my damnest that PUMA cub is a-ok to be the future scientist she wants to be. If Mom is ok, everybody’s ok. And I’ll be ok – I’m more worried about people who don’t have access to information and resources.

    Luckily, I live in one of the better counties in FL which provides a hell of a lot more resources and information than the state or feds are doing right now.

  19. (((((((((((((((((((((((( SIMO )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) !!!!!!!!

    Fuzzy: THEY WHAT!?!?!????

  20. Hi fuzzy – I’m here! 🙂

    SM – I never wrote you back because I’ve been sick too. But I am so happy I was able to do something for my wonderful PUMA sister.


  21. (((((SimoFish)))) Live to make you laugh!

  22. angie — wish you could have joined Afrocity and Mr. Afrocity and I in chicago – we only said wonderful things about you and had such a lovely time. They are truly fantastic people !!! I instantly adored both of them !!

    thanks for living to make me laugh

  23. simofish — I’m so jealous! I wish I had been there too. But maybe this summer — afrocity says she’s planning a PUMA meet up in the summer later on & I hope to make it (depending on work schedule).

  24. I am so there !! I picked up 2 accts in Chicago – both heating up – so I will be back soon. I might pick up an acct in Charlotte, NC – do you live near there?

  25. MadamaB:

    Thank you always! I hope you feel better, I hope it’s not too serious.

  26. Afrocity and I almost hooked up in NYC but she was only here for five minutes or so – and had a full agenda of shopping planned already! LOL

    I hope we will have a chance to meet sometime…

  27. simofish — I live in Charlotte, NC!

    btw — anyone remember this tidbit from the Obama website during the election:

    Sunlight Before Signing: Too often bills are rushed through Congress and to the president before the public has the opportunity to review them. As president, Obama will not sign any non-emergency bill without giving the American public an opportunity to review and comment on the White House website for five days.

    Yeah, neither does the press, obviously, because he’s already broken that “promise” too.

  28. madamab — ok, when I come out to NYC – I will look you up.

    I know the first week of March I am going to Dallas, TX — anyone in Dallas?

    I was supposed to be in Boston yesterday and today – glad I didn’t have to go only because of travel. Would have loved to see BB and eat at The Butcher Block.

    I am supposed to travel a lot this year — which I am going to try my best to avoid. But will have to look up Pumas !!

  29. Lindsay Graham was spot on today. Barry had a real opportunity to call in the leaders of both parties sit them down and ask them to come up with a plan. Then come back to him so he can line item veto before it goes to Congress — really roll up the sleeves and work.

    But,,,,,, he doesn’t want to work — he’s not here to work— he’s here for the perks


    Described by his press secretary as “a restless soul,” President Obama will be moving around quite a bit in the coming week.

    The first family heads to Camp David for the first time on Saturday. The Obamas will stay overnight and return on Sunday.

    On Monday and Tuesday, Obama is slated to travel to Indiana and Florida for town hall meetings on the economic stimulus package slowly making its way through Congress.

    On Thursday, he flies to Springfield, Ill. For an Abraham Lincoln celebration. And then on Friday, the Obama family will return to Chicago for the first time since moving to DC shortly after the new year.

    “I’m sure the president and the first lady will go out for Valentine’s Day,” Robert Gibbs said.

    Asked if the president is already feeling cooped up in the White House after three weeks in office, Gibbs replied, “Safe to say.”

    “He’s a bit of a restless soul,” Gibbs explained. “His idea of a crazy day is to take a long walk…in solitude and isolation.”

  30. I am really getting annoyed. I was doing a little search to find out why the Camp David trip – ie, the ostensible reason that might sound good. Turns out it’s just a family outing! All of a sudden they have to spend all this time with the kids which, apparently, was never the case before, each being too busy with career, etc. It’s like they are using the kids to an extent.
    Anyway, it looks like the big O needs a lot of little vacations, just like he did during the campaign. (You could see that Hillary had a lot more stamina.)

  31. Also – They don’t celebrate Christmas or Birthdays (OK by me – I don’t either), but they celebrate VALENTINES DAY?! Now that really IS important, esp at this moment in time.

  32. our economy is in the tank and yet he feels the need to fly all around —- he doesn’t want to work — he’s in it for the gadgets – they cool things — he is so in over his head

  33. What’s Liberalcrat?

  34. Simo,

    Obama FLEW from DC to Camp David.

    It was a 10 minute flight.

    If Bush was a twisted petulant child, Obama’s much worse.

  35. He’s a candidate, not a politician. He does well on stage managed tours, reading scripts from a TelePrompTer. That’s why I call him the Spokesmodel-in-Chief.

  36. SHV – it a blog I started that I rarely go to since I mostly am here – kinda like MYIQ & his KlownHaus.

  37. I’m in moderation for nothin’.

  38. Conflucians –

    I really hafta lie down.

    I’ll see you guys tomorrow & thanks again for reading – BE SAFE and don’t feed the tr0lls.

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. simofish – congrats on your new blog!

  40. I’m in moderation for nothin’

    That’s what they all say.

  41. it a blog I started that I rarely go to since I mostly am here – kinda like MYIQ & his KlownHaus

    I could close my blog and bring all the clowns here. Is that what you want?

  42. Why do people call me if they don’t want to talk to me?

    I was sleeping.

  43. I was wondering if you did that.

  44. manyids — what was your old name?

  45. SM,
    I’m concerned that your strep throat has recurred so quickly. I have a great book “Prescription for Nutritional Healing” that is the *bible* of food, supplements and herbal healing. If you have a fax at home, I’ll be glad to send you the two pages under sore throat that includes strep. Some things are easy and inexpensive.

    At the very least you need to get zinc lozenges (I like cherry Cold-Eeze). One every four hours but no more than four a day. (zinc boosts your immune system but more than four will work against it) Also, acidophilus (live in yogurt if you like yogurt, but a supplemental form is not that expensive) but take it or eat the yogurt opposite of the time of taking the antibiotic. (Does that make sense?) Zinc lozenges are like $4 and acidophilus (or yogurt) are $5. I know every penny counts. Please let me know – I can copy these couple of pages and fax them if you want/can.

  46. BTW — did anyone see that poor mother on Fox news (I know, I know) whose son was killed on the USS Cole? She voted for Obama but is now so disappointed in him for his decision re: the perps. of the attack, she refused to meet with Obama & her daughter thinks she should be impeached. Unfortunately there are many more rude awakenings from Obama supporters to come.


  47. manyids — yeah, well name one.

  48. Well, I missed SM while I was looking for my book. I’ll try to catch her in the morning.

  49. pfft.

  50. Angie, ignore manyids.

  51. Thanks Cinie — I am taking your advice.

    btw — wanna real laugh — I found this at NQ:

    Senators Dick Durbin and Barbara Boxer are also trying to help him feel better by asking us all to sign “thank you” letters to our new President as we speak. No, I kid you not. The text follows:

    Dear Friend,

    As Barack Obama begins his term as the 44th President of the United States, please join me to thank him for his public service, and offer our best wishes as he guides our nation through these challenging times!

    Please click the link below to add your name to Dick Durbin’s Inaugural Card to Barack Obama.

    Thank you!

    Now we need to thank him for deigning to be President of the United States of America for two lousy weeks? Two weeks, btw, that have been less than stellar, to say the least? Anyone who signs this “card” needs to be put our of their misery, stat.

  52. Angie, wonder how much that costs and who’s paying for it. Sending letters and emails, paying staff to do it, is that what they mean by stimulus?

  53. Here-I’ll do it. manyids, GO F_CK YOURSELF! Don’t come on here asking when anyone started commenting.

    I’m royally pissed that the Obama’s are taking an OVERNIGHT trip to Camp David. Couldn’t they at least wait until they could stay a week or so? Can you imagine the logistics and cost of an OVERNIGHT trip for them? What an arrogant a-hole.

  54. angienc2, on February 7th, 2009 at 12:21 am Said:
    Senators Dick Durbin and Barbara Boxer are also trying to help him feel better by asking us all to sign “thank you” letters to our new President as we speak. No, I kid you not. The text follows:
    Sen. Boxer has lost her mind…

  55. GAgal — LMAO

    Cinie — no joke — all the time & money in the world to waste on fluffing The Precious — don’t mind those people who just lost their homes, jobs, savings.

  56. Listened to that whole C*cker song. I miss the seventies. Hope SM gets better. Thinking about her. Had my tonsils out when I was a kid, but it’s different when you grow up. Like when I got chicken pox when I was in my early 30s, and for about 3 months I felt like IQ’s mask. I googled Liberalcrat (SM’s blog), and google says “did you mean: liberal crap”. I take that as a direct insult from that jerk Eric Schmidt and his Google mafia.

  57. GAgal — don’t forget — Obama is having a basketball court built at Camp David — true it will stimulate the economy a bit (workers to build it, materials) but really? His own “personal” basketball court out of taxpayer $ is the most pressing thing on his mind right now?

  58. Angie, it’s an indoor court. There’s already an outdoor court on the grounds.

  59. Cinie — NO F*CKING WAY! The Precious doesn’t want to have to brave the elements to get in his basketball time?!?!?! OMFG — we really, really did not deserve this clusterf*ck.

  60. angie – the work stimulus that building a tennis court provides reminds me of a so-called liberal in a very affluent area (can’t think of the name at the moment – outside NY) saying that they were providing jobs because they hired black maids.

  61. manyids, you come here and act like a stalker, people are going to get freaked. You like your anonymity, but you want to ask other people questions about themselves, then make a point to let it be known you know people by their voice. You set the alarm bells off, don’t blame everybody else for assuming there’s a fire.

  62. I think ids IS a stalker.

  63. I just read on Liberal Rapture (in comments) that the new “catch phrase” in DC is “Obama time” because he is always late. Remember that video on youtube of him always apologizing for being late? The egomaniac can’t even be on time for the most powerful job in the world? gah!

  64. Interesting how on some of the other political blogs, there are growing fights between the left and the right for control of the center. Where were they when Hillary was running.

    Anyone know what that location was where Barry was giving his stimulus speech, and the audience was cheering and whooping it up like they were at a campaign rally. It seemed staged to me. Was that Congress he was talking to. He kept mentioning Nancy.

  65. Fran, on February 7th, 2009 at 12:38 am Said:


  66. 3W, it was a retreat for House Dems.

  67. Three – I think it was at that Democratic retreat in Williamsburg that O was speakiing.

  68. Oh well Cinie — see — that is just a “little” basketball court — you can’t expect a “phenomenal” basketball player like Obama to play on that! I’m sure the new, indoor one will be regulation size complete with bleachers for all his a$$hat fans to applaud him.

  69. Fran & Cinie have it right — it was a Democratic retreat in Williamsburg at some super exclusive “spa” — cause after 2 weeks of work, Obama needed a massage, facial & mani/pedi.

  70. I don’t think that BO, and MO for that matter, have gotten it yet, that they have to do more than act the part.

  71. boo hoo manyids — I’ll cry in my pillow all night now.

  72. Way to handle the trash, zombies.

  73. Thanks, that’s right. Colonial Williamsburg. I’ve been there. But you know, it’s little things like that. When that speech is on Live CNN, Breaking News!, 90% of the people watching (many tuning in while in progress) would not know these were House Dems in the audience. So when these viewers hear such support and excitement from the crowd, they think, well that must be right then. I’m not looking down on people’s political mindsets across the country, but much of the country buys that kind of staging, and like it or not, BO is good at delivering that kind of artifice to the masses. Orwell is in the house, today, and most of the country doesn’t even realize it.

  74. manyids, on February 7th, 2009 at 12:46 am Said:
    I asked Myiq a question. I wasn’t stalking anyone. Angie asked me something and I was upfront with her. I’m through with all of you. fuck off.

    Ya’ mean like this?

    angienc2, on February 6th, 2009 at 11:49 pm Said:
    manyids — what was your old name?
    manyids, on February 6th, 2009 at 11:52 pm Said:
    Angienc2, too many to remember. I like changing it.

  75. The NBA offered to build Obie a court:

  76. GAgal — LOL — that is “up front” in Obama-speak.

  77. Cinie — ya know, I was trying to be a wise a$$ with the “regulation court” comment — I should have known it was true. {bangs head against wall}

  78. This is off the topic, but did you know, or see, that the Huff people think that MO is pregnant? (I did not actually go there. I was on Google.) I thought it was funny, after our previous discussion here, concluding that she probably just gained some weight.

  79. I was bouncing around youtube earlier today, and I was surprised at how many Confluencers are there in living color, and how great they looked, and how important they were, and are.

  80. Fran — I have to say, when I saw her on inauguration day I wondered myself. Although, it was not a criticism of her — it is, I’m sure, very easy to gain weight on the campaign trail (lots of sitting, eating junk) — unless of course you are a smoker like Obama.

  81. Fran, speaking of off topic, does anybody know why Huff’nPuff has a Chicago news page? They’re located in New York. Is it just all Obamania all the time?

  82. I dreamed I heard a troll whining my name.

  83. Personally, I think manyids was Angry/Optimistic/Happy Black Guy.

  84. I’m exhausted. I’m going to bed.

    Good night all!!

  85. I thought I’d read somewhere Cinie that Arianna said if Barry won, she would move at least a chunk of her operation to Chicago. Maybe she’s making an Oprah move. I don’t care about Huffpo, but NY and LA should not always be the center of the MSM. Out of college, I worked at PBS, and that network does a very good job of sourcing content from stations all around the country.

  86. If Michelle is pregnant, then good for her. Maybe she missed one of her birth control pills while on the road. My only care is the distraction from policy -because a pregnancy will be all the media will be focused on.

  87. 3W, I don’t care, either, I was just doing some resarch over there and saw it.

    GAgal, if MO is pregnant, Obotia owes Sarah Palin a huge apology.

  88. GAgal – I agree. I don’t really care either way, except it would be a big distraction. It amused me how sure and excited they were at Huff ‘n Puff, though.
    Also, it just occurred to me how harshly Sarah Palin was treated for having a baby in her forties.

  89. Anyone know when that volcano in Alaska is supposed to blow. That’s gonna mess with a lot of passenger and air freight routes between North America and Asia. Something Sarah will have to tackle.

  90. -IF mrs. 0bambam is preggies — then it was probably via AI.

    But Scrubs and friends viewed photos and determined mrs. 0 probably isn’t.

    SCRUBS??????????? opinion?

  91. Anybody know what “court ordered inactive status” means on a lawyer’s disciplinary record?

  92. NW – I read somewhere that the second daughter was AI, but I do NOT know if this is true.

  93. At first I was thinking Artificial Intelligence? Like Obots? Then figured it out..

  94. Fran, on February 7th, 2009 at 1:25 am Said:

    NW – I read somewhere that the second daughter was AI, but I do NOT know if this is true.

    I was trying to be as outrageous as possible —

    0bambam has the sex appeal of a stump —

  95. Cinie – Here is some info.


    It could be as simple as not paying dues. But, what I don’t understand, is why someone would go to all that time and expense just to let it all lapse.

  96. Sm77,
    I am so sorry your throat is still bothering you , sending lots of healing your way ..and recommending warm salt water gargles and fresh ginger , honey , and freshley squeezed lemon tea …

    ps the nurse using the laptop probably knows little more than what she told you about whatever system is being used to protect information , if anything at all. That information is not usually shared by administration , or the computer techs ; with the nursing staff , other than a brief statement to the effect that it is protected .

  97. NW – I am with you. I hate to be so catty, but…… I never could imagine how they came to have children.
    (That was why that piece of ‘info’ caught my eye.)

  98. Jeez, SM if I wasn’t already married to Rose I would marry you in a heart beat. At least then you’d have my insurance.

  99. sm77: I had strongly recommended you check the feds when you first posted about your situation. You have McDill (?) AFB in the area and the various other federal agencies. I’m willing to bet there are a number of agencies there (including I.C.E. and Soc. Security) that need bi-lingual employees.

    Please note: You do **not** have to create an application online. You can download the application form (OF 612?) and fill it in. Can’t save it, but you can print it out and copy as needed. You’ll probably need to submit transcripts of your courses so ordering some of those would be handy.

    Federal employees have done fairly well in the last few years with COLAs, mainly because Dubya wanted to submit 1 raise figure for civilians and a larger one for the military but Congress overrode him and made the percentages match. So, the COLAs were usually higher than the rate of inflation.

  100. Re: MO being preggers. We concluded she wasn’t as far along as she looked but could be early pregnant without us knowing.

  101. That sounded funny. No, don’t think she is pregnant unless it is really early. Maybe the night of election – after the victory?

  102. No awake zombies tonight – I’m all alone here.

  103. Let’s all hope MO is not pregnant. There hasn’t been a birth in the White House since Kennedy, has there?

  104. sorry all got tired looong day and had to pack I am never home on weekends any more! well se you all on sunday when I get back!

    Love Fuzzy

  105. Bye fuzzy! Have fun, mate.

  106. Ha! Over at No Quarter, Maureen Dowd is being taken apart for suddenly realizing PBO is arrogant! Grab a fucking clue, Maureen.

  107. This didn’t make the mainstream news but, as a gay person, I found it interesting – Hillary meets with leaders of gay community in her role as SoS.


  108. Hmmm, a post disappeared into cyberspace – a link to a story about Hillary meeting with the gays as part of her role as SoS.


  109. SM: Agree with swan re: gargles. If you keep your throat clear, infection much less likely to take up residence. Also, trust me on this one: few nurses are thrilled with the electronic system. This has been mandated.

  110. sm

    so sorry to hear the damned strep is back!!

    hope you’re well enough to meet up with fuzzy next week. If anyone can cheer you up, he can.

    My offer of tax help stands. Please email me any time.

  111. nice artile.

  112. Hi Sm- so sorry to hear about your throat coming back.
    My son and I had recurring throat problems, which cleared up 2 years ago by using this new antibiotic: (levofoxacina)

    Apart from that I would agree with Swannie and chatblu, that gargles are important. Salt water and iodine based gargles are good-but the best (according to an elderly female doctor with lots of experience is LEMON. Try to turn yourself into a lemon-gargle often with freshly squeezed juice, drink the juice of a lemon in a little warm water every morning and evening. It also does wonders for your skin (over a 3 month period.)

    BTW try to avoid a tonsillectomy. It’s very painful and doesn’t really work that much-friends of mine, after the op just found that their infections went further down the trachea.

    ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

    Also did you see that Pfizer offers free medicines-

  113. I am a sick, insane, lunatic with seething anger towards women

  114. SM77, I am so sorry for what you (and millions of others) are going through. Is there a non-PayPal way to donate? (If you don’t need it now, you may later.) Thanks!

    Three Wickets, here is a link to information on Redoubt Volcano status:


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