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Thursday: We are so screwed

Remember this from the convention last year?  The scripted dog and pony show that Obama’s and Nancy’s people put together to deprive voters of their right to self determination?  Nancy gets a role at the end when she gives biggest FU to Hillary and liberal voters who might have objected.

Do I blame Nancy Pelosi for the stimulus package problems?  Um, yeah.  I kinda do.  Last primary season, Obama was her guy.  She was even committed to scuttle Hillary as his VP pick because she was concerned that *her* baggage would make *him* unelectable.  Now, the party is coming apart at the seams.  She’s got Blue Dogs lead by Steny Hoyer on her right complaining that they didn’t get enough bi-partisan input into the stimulus bill.  WTF?  I’m sorry, but did you ever heard of such a thing when REPUBLICANS were in charge?  Republicans would never have thrown a temper tantrum because their Democratic colleagues didn’t get a chance to monkeywrench a bill.

But Nancy’s biggest sin was in not standing up to the Wall Street Boyz last year during the election season.  The money pouring into Obama’s coffers must have looked like Niagra Falls.  An awesome, gobstopping sight.  With all that cash and the fellating media, it must have seemed like she could rule the world!  Finally, a weak executive, completely beholden to her.  All she had to do was suspend every single principle she had in order to get him elected.  So what if it split the party right down the middle and the real winner “lost”?  The upcoming economic crisis would unite us all.

Then, her protege takes office and turns out to be just another fricking Blue Dog.  Nope, didn’t see that comin’.  Maybe she thought all that post-partisan shtick was just campaign rhetoric.  But not only is he not listening to what she’s telling him, he may be actively undermining her.  Well, what did Nancy expect after one of the most misogynistic campaigns in history?  He’s going to suddenly be Mr. Feminism?  Whoops!  Only the braindead editors at Ms. think that.

Barry has been contacting the Blue Dogs and telling them to resist Nancy.  Oh, sure, they’re backing off of that claim now.  (Obama is busily putting out fires of his own.)  But the story has legs.  PBO has to help his friends, the bankers, and he needs the Blue Dogs to add critical mass to the Republicans to get it done.  On top of his scheming with the Dogs, he appointed Sen. Judd Gregg to head up Commerce after Richardson bowed out.  Now, why the heck would you appoint a Republican, dedicated to privatizing Social Security, to a position of power where he might actually get to accomplish dismantling the ark of the covenant of the Democratic party?  Wasn’t it enough that the bankers spent our 401K’s and ruined the economy?  Must they get their greedy little hands on our social safety net insurance policy too?

But, wait!  There’s more.

Paul Krugman says we’re headed for a deflation trap.As my tiny, pea brain sciency mind understands economics, I think this means:

1.) A bubble bursts.  Lots of people lose money.
2.) There is a lot of inventory in the general economy but no one is buying anything.
3.) Companies lower prices to sell off inventory.
4.) Lower prices lead to less money coming in to the company.
5.) Companies with less money can’t retain staff, forcing them to lay off.
6.) Laid-off workers have less money to spend.
7.) No one is buying anything or making anything.  Very little economic growth going on.

Social Security was created in part to combat the deflationary cycle.  It gave money to seniors who lost their money and pensions in the crash and subsequent Depression.  Elderly people were living on charity and at the poorhouse.  They had no money to spend to stimulate much of anything.  Social Security got money into the hands of seniors and back into the economy.  I think it had that Keynesian multiplier effect that Dakinikat talks about.  And David Broder is creaming his jeans that Gregg is going to be in charge of “reforming” it.  Joy!

Where’s the plan?  Why is this most eloquent, most intelligent, bestest judgement in the whole world president so slow to get his act together?  This is a crisis of monumental proportions and the fixit bill he is proposing has no unifying theme.  It’s a total compromise with Republicans and the banking industry, getting away with murder once again, while we get stuck with the bill.  And now the media is in jumping back into bed with the Republicans to make it seem like a tax break here and there for the least among us is a sign of moral weakness.

Here’s where Nancy Pelosi could use a united party behind her.  Of course, it would be better if the party actually stuck to its principles and crafted a bill with heart, soul and a goal.  But here we are looking at a turkey.  It’s a patched up wreck mashed together by a guy who thought that Democratic stuff was negotiable.  We’re not going to help him pass this thing if it doesn’t represent the Reality Based Community.

As Krugman said the other day, there is no middle ground.  Either there are steps that must be followed that will get us out of this mess or we might as well cave to Republicans.  How sad is it that with overwhelming majorities in the House and Senate we can’t act like the good guys?

Who is to blame if not the Speaker?

She let the wolves in sheep’s clothing into the fold.  She *forced* more than half of her own party to capitulate to the lesser half in the name of “Unity”.  She allowed the party’s foundations to be eroded by Obama’s “post partisan” propaganda.  This is the result.

Elections have consequences.

61 Responses

  1. Great questions, RD. Why does a Republican minority in the Congress always seem to have such a huge impact yet the Democrats with a majority can’t seem to get anything done? It’s all about leadership. I think that’s why so many in the party turned on the Clintons, they know how to lead.

    Nancy’s learning the “Principles before Party” lesson the hard way.

  2. I really should join another party. Then maybe I could enjoy watching the Democrats perform the circular firing squad.

    The Republicans are evil, but at least they’re efficient.

  3. What ever happened to What Is Good For The Country? Hillary knows obama better than we do, why did she go along with all of this? obama’s inexperience is showing in so many ways. He has surrounded himself with questionable people all his life, and still doing so. We are the ones going to pay for the fact that the dnc wanted barfy in office. Hillary should have stood her ground, just the way Coleman is. By the way, I heard franken also owes or owed $70,000 in back taxes. What a group!! Nancy is too much into Nancy to learn anything.

  4. We have an aging population many of whom are facing retirement in the near future and have seen their nest eggs obliterated in the recent market downturn. The only consolation for these people is that there is still Social Security. Any efforts to cut back this program will face SERIOUS push back from the folks, as O’Reilly calls them.

    This is not a hand-out. Most people have paid into this system their entire working lives. It’s not our fault that government raided the “lock box”. BHO will find out the same thing GWB found out: every one wants Social Security — it’s not a partisan thing. I’m sure that with the implosion of the market, many are breathing a sigh of relief that the “privatizers” were not able to get their hands on what might well be the only source of income they have when they retire.

  5. myiq: The last thing I wanted was a circular firing squad. But isn’t it weird that we have majorities and all this power and they *still* can’t get their shit together? What’s *wrong* with this party???

  6. This is just weird:

    A reporter was escorted out of a White House event by Secret Service agents on Wednesday afternoon after he approached President Obama to seek an autograph.

    At the end of an East Room signing ceremony for legislation funding the State Children’s Health Insurance Program, an unidentified member of the media jumped the rope penning off reporters from invited guests in an apparent attempt to get Obama’s autograph, according to a White House aide.

    I guess he thought he was at a Hannah Montana concert.

  7. Betty: Franken’s tax problem is different from the others. As I understand it, it was another person’s problem, not Franken’s. Something to do with an accountant or financial person not filing properly.

  8. Hillary should have stood her ground, just the way Coleman is.

    Coleman has his party behind him. Hillary didn’t.

  9. BHO will find out the same thing GWB found out: every one wants Social Security — it’s not a partisan thing.

    Only a Democrat can dismantle Social Security. That’s why they hired Obama.

    But don’t worry, after the Wall Street boyz loot and plunder we’ll fix it and replace the money.

    Our great-grandkids will pay it back.

  10. .Berry @ 7:17: I’m not sure what you’re referring to when you ask why Hillary didn’t stand her ground in all this? Hillary is now a cabinet member and has nothing to do with the stimulus package; not it’s content or its passage.

    If you’re referring to the convention: she had no ground to stand. The superdelegates had been flipped; bought off by BHO’s tidal wave of cash.

    I did take issue with the whole stopping the roll call and acclamation thing. But it’s time to move on. Let’s not get reverse CDS. Hillary can’t affect everything that happens in this administration.

  11. Joanie: I disagree with you about forgetting the roll call. If there is one thing we should never let up on it’s that VOTERS, not Hillary, were fucked by the party. Anger can be very useful when you’ve been used and abused. I intend to let them know that I’m still out here and I am still furious over it. Either my vote counts or it doesn’t. Don’t lie to me and tell me I have a choice and then substitute your own judgement for mine. If you think PUMA was just about Hillary, you are very, very wrong. We went to Denver to stick up for ourselves.

  12. Time for a new party! One that has ethics and standards, and looks out for the little guy. And how about a salary cap on Speaker Pelosi and that do nothing Congress!!!!!

  13. I think thats why she took the job at state. She knew that the other Senators would keep her weak and powerless, would you want to be associated with their mess? She had to make sure that Obama’s ineptitude couldn’t reach across the shore. At least she is representing us on the world stage.

  14. Add on Donna Brazile-Nut to the Plastic Pelosi list along with Screamin’ Dean and the Bend-the-Rules Committee. Don’t forget the “fav” – “that’snotmybaby” Edwards.

  15. Wait! Didn’t Nancy say that Obama was manna from heaven or a gift from God or something? And didn’t somebody make sure that Bishop Gene Robinson’s microphone went dead when he warned that Obama was just a man and not a messiah?

    IMO, the real problem with the Dem. Party is that the elected representatives just want figureheads, not leaders; ergo, Hillary, who is a leader was just too big a threat.

  16. Why is it that we insist on painting parties in black and white? If you’re a democrat you walk on water and if you’re a republican you are the world’s greatest evil? Maybe I’m soured on the saintliness of the democrats because of the graft, greed and corruption Chicago has experienced over these many decades, where the lone voice of “unheard” reason, or at least question has often been a non-Dem.

    My fear is that this majority of power the Democrats have in Congress will allow one of the worst, pay for play bills to go through Congress and become a yoke around the necks of the people for generations to come.

    I have now read through this bill and am disgusted. I am actually happy that the Blue Dogs and Republicans are speaking up, not because they have better solutions, but because everyone will stop and think about the provisions that have zero to do with a stimulus plan, rather than quickly pushing something through that will turn out to be a disaster.

    Democrats are not saints. They are as prone to evil, greed and graft as republicans. And lately it seems even more so. And the worse their record the more they seem to get positions of power in the BO administration. Latest case in point: Sims for HUD. The guy has the biggest violation fine about to be given to him.

    Why are democrats conceding parts of the bill we democrats consider very important, to republicans? Because they figure if they offer republicans a concession or two they’ll be able to get most of their pork through. Most of them could give a darn about liberals, the democrat voters etc. They care about their power and the pay to play tactics that get them this power, money and benefits most Americans will never get. Some of the concerns brought up by Blue Dog dems and republicans are real and make sense and shouldn’t be dismissed simply because of where they come from.

    There is too much self-interest among the Dems – otherwise this bill would have been crafted in a logical manner to be truly a stimulus bill for the people. If Dems cannot use this power wisely they should not have it.

    The trouble this nation is in and with it the world is too great for us to ignore some of the voices. Being liberal, or a democrat does not imply that one blindly follows the party elite wherever it chooses to go. Because that may be right off the edge of a cliff.

    As for Social Security – every republican I know considers it an earned benefit not an entitlement and there will be war if it’s ever done away with. I think here that the people all feel pretty much the same about it regardless of party affiliation. Since BO feels it’s an “entitlement” we may see it done away with by a Democrat. by executive fiat. I can’t see Congress approving such a thing unless it’s even more corrupt that I believe.

  17. My understanding of the Blue Dogs and the stimulus stuff is that Ms Nancy suspended “rules”. She gave the honor to Rep Obey to put together every earmark turned down by the Republicans since Newt seized power. No one except a couple of chairmen even knew what was in it much less had any input in committees and subcommittee as is the practice and what Ms Nancy vowed to return last year.

    The Blue Dogs were pissed. They were (are) going to send her a letter protesting and Steny Hoyer heard about it and met with them. There are 50 Blue Dogs and moderates who are causing the trouble. Steny told them if they do not cooperate Nancy will take away the goodies and take them off committees. They told him committee seats mean zero since they don’t even meet anyway so that is an idle threat.

    Nancy rammed the monster stimulus through the House for the Pres. She broke her own Democratic caucus to pay back the Obama financial supporters. She could not let this dog of a bill go through the normal legislative process or it would not have happened. It HAD to be rammed through by the Speaker. Now it has hit a stump in the Senate and all was for naught. They did it to themselves in the first month in power.

  18. Why is it that we insist on painting parties in black and white?

    It says in the “Liberal Bloggers Handbook” (pg 243) that we have to call the Republicans “evil” at least five times everyday.

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  20. Why can’t I buy the book from an overseas vendor?

    Because rules are rules.

  21. RD,

    I have bought things from Amazon UK on my credit card, although it’s been awhile. Have you tried them?

  22. Why is this most eloquent, most intelligent, bestest judgement in the whole world president so slow to get his act together?

    Humph. Where indeed?

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  24. What a bunch of idiots. I began losing my affiliation around the time Kerry was nominated. But I kept punching the “D” ticket for years until this last year when my eyes were opened to the misogyny festering within Democratic Party. I’m a 30%er now. All I can do is shake my head in complete awe at what an ineffectual mess the Dems have become.

  25. I heard (on the NewsHour) that what is in the bill is stuff that is authorized but hasn’t been appropriated, and so can be moved fast.

    In other words, the Congress has already voted for these things, but hasn’t given the money yet.

    They will put new things into authorization bills later, like the big five-year transportation bill.

  26. And that deflationary trap becomes even scarier when it turns into a deflationary spiral – essentially consumers expecting prices to drop further in 3 months or 6 months down the road because of the worsening economy, so they keep postponing their spending, perpetually. That’s the path to a big D depression we want to avoid. Yes, but this stimulus bill is an awful start. What a mess and an embarrassment. As much Nancy as Barry. I’m beginning to wonder again if Repubs are better than Dems at crisis mgmt. Thought I’d been forever cured of that misconception during the past eight years.

    As of today, I’m thinking, take as much pork out as possible but push the stimulus through. It won’t stimulate anything but people out there need help. Fight to have the tax cut skew to small businesses and middle income and below, as much as possible. No cut for the top 5th wealthy individual percentile. Then wait for the big enchilada next week on Tarp. There will be four pieces: 1) setting up an actual aggregate bad bank, 2) taking bad assets off the balance sheets of selective banks, 3) providing government back-stop guarantees to selective banks, 4) providing immediate relief to homeowners with foreclosures and mortgage financing. I say no to the first two, yes to the last two.

    Separate subject. Below is the featured article headlining in the WSJ. Faith Based Programs Gets Wider Focus. He is such a fraud, and this is another way to keep people under the spell? Rachel Maddow, wake the f*ck up and get your sh*t in gear. Someone in the left MSM needs to call this out.


  27. And let me add: A bunch of malicious idiots at that!

  28. RD, you’re probably facing an issue with distribution rights. Remember how Scholastic had the sole US distribution rights for the Harry Potter books?

    I suggest that you try BitTorrent and see if you can download the book from there. That’s what I did when the final Harry Potter book came out. The introduction was supposed to be exactly at midnight–but midnight *local* time. At 8:00 pm my local time, I went on to BitTorrent, downloaded the book and stayed up until 3:00 am reading it.

  29. I looked at CNN’s list of what the Republicans call objectionable spending, and didn’t have much problem with any of it. Somebody will spend money, and somebody will have a job. Which is what we need.

    One person’s “pork” is another person’s needed local spending.

  30. RD, you can transact overseas on the internet, do different from using your US card when you’re in London. Guessing the book problem has more to do with territory publishing rights.

  31. Great post RD!

  32. OT: Anyone else catch NBC this morning all agog with Ashley Judd doing ads saying “Sarah Palin must be stopped” re the wolf population control. They all but screamed “cat fight”! I swear it is the most s3xist channel ever.

  33. “Sarah Palin must be stopped” re the wolf population control.

    Wolves are predators that kill moose, caribou and fluffy bunnies.

  34. Those fluffy bunnies are evil, I tell you.

    (I have no problem with the pop. control program.)

  35. Riverdaughter, I’ve had the same experience as BostonBoomer with Amazon UK. In fact, I bought a book there just yesterday with my credit card. I know they carry some audio books. I also bought the British versions of the Harry Potter books with no problem at all.

  36. Great post, Riverdaughter! Sums up everything I’ve read yesterday and today.. I agree: We Are Soooo Screwed and the Obots who continue to defend Obama won’t even realize (or admit) to it until it is too late. I’ve given up all hope of saving this administration or our country. We’ll just have to rough it out until the next Democratic administration – which might not be for another 16 years. *Sigh*

  37. Votermom: Ashley Judd is another has-been star who wants attention. I haven’t seen her in a movie in years. There are bigger problems to worry about right now but she knows that attacking Sarah Palin will give her a platform on networks like NBC. Palin is not an issue right now. Let her govern Alaska. Judd should focus her money and attention on the rest of us getting screwed over by the President.

  38. Deflation has a good side. The value of money goes up and prices of goods fall to (hopefully) where they should have been in the first place. It is a readjustment that we need because the bubbles we have been living in (housing is the biggie) are artificial. Excess inventories in many cases can be exported. Lots of people will like the prices of those and in any case levels need to be readjusted. Yes, people will be disrupted and it’s not comfortable, but we need these shifts in our jobs and industries–the way we have been living is unsustainable. The longer these shifts are delayed, the worse the pain will be. While I have respect for Mr. Krugman, he is only one voice. There are many, many others out there who disagree with him.

  39. RD, I really appreciate your righteous outrage, and
    remembering what PUMAs stand for, which is opposition
    to the dismantling of our own party (the only one we have
    right now, unfortunately). I also love that you quote Krugman,
    who, since I don’t understand ins and outs of economics,
    is my go-to guy for what’s really good or bad for the little guy.

    I share the outrage, as do all PUMAs. Underneath it is
    despair, since I don’t see how we can come out of it of

    Over the last two years, as I saw what might be
    coming in the housing market, which is my retirement
    money, the only hope I had was for a real Democrat to
    come in and step the decline. Instead, it got worse than
    I imagined, and no Dem is there to stop it. And party is
    almost over, when it should have been the opposite –
    ie.Dems stronger, Repubs over.

    How do you commit all these crimes against
    ordinary people – take away their money, livelihood,
    health, savings, quality of life, their very lives – how can
    this be allowed to happen in a “democracy”.

    You totally fool them. You pretend to be something
    else. You count on a corrupt complicit media. When they
    occasionally do their job and call you on something (bonuses
    for Wall St.) you do as little as you can get away with
    to pretend to stop it.
    How long can you get away with it? As long as
    the people put up with it?
    So – it always comes back of same question for me –
    what can we do about it?

  40. Rep. Gary Ackerman, D-NY: “Fighting Dem”? Or Just Blowing Smoke for the Folks Back Home? (Guess…)

    Ackerman talks well for the TV sound bites…projects outrage…but….he’s really rank and file …
    Check out the bill he introduced on 1/27 which involves TARP and public pensions….


  41. They put that package together, crafted in a willy nilly fashion, thinking that this would fly through as a result of The One’s charismatic approach to governing. After all, aren’t we all here to make him “successful”? No one expected much opposition, or that the American public might at least consider that the package was loaded with junk which would have little effect on their daily lives.

    The job of the opposition party is to shed light on these proposals and in doing so have made the public come out of their trance like worship of all things Obama, at least for a minute or two, and consider that this may not contain the solution to their every day existence.

    This man has his eye on the history books. He wants nothing more than to be considered the president who ended “bipartisan” bickering in the mode of Lincoln. And if it means kissing their butts to achieve that goal he is eager to comply.

    What I see is a bunch of craven politicians with their eyes on either maintaining their lead come 2010 or overturning the lead come what may. Few are actually working on behalf of those struggling daily and whose futures are in serious doubt.

    New blood and ideas is what is needed now and we do not have that option. Term limits at least would provide a vestige of credibility to those willing to serve. What we have is two parties, engaged in a never ending tug of war, whose sole mission is power.

    Evil resides in the breasts of those who refuse to work on behalf of the common good and who work only on behalf of themselves. Meanwhile, we collapse more and more into the morass. Shameful.

  42. Pat J, as usual, is exactly right — remember what Obama himself said: Give it to me & I’ll sell it. Can’t blame him — he sold the “Dems” on FISA, on public financing, on his whole corrupt, lying,cheating “win” of the nomination. The bailout bill should have been a cakewalk for him

  43. Again, in moderation.

  44. I find it frightening that when people are outraged at
    the Dems for not following what Dems should stand for,
    they see Repubs as a viable alternative.

    Parties were set up for a very useful reason.

    Because it’s not possible for most people to take the
    time and have enough awareness to research every vote
    of every candidate and see where they stand before you

    So parties give you an easy way to know what each
    candidate represents. Dems = power for the little guy
    instead of for big business and big money. Needs of
    less powerful, like women and minorities. Bigger
    government to take care of our interests, and stop takeover
    of big money.
    Repubs = interests of big business and money, eg.
    banks, Wall St., insurance companies, monopolistic utilities,
    etc. Small government, so with no one minding the store
    for us, Money can be used to take their “rightful” power.

    Just because Dems are not doing their job, doesn’t
    make the “alternative”, Repubs, any less dangerous. It pains
    me to see some PUMAs and others, falling into that trap.

    That’s exactly the result Powers-that-be want to
    happen. Exactly what can make way for Jeb Bush next

    It’s incredibly dangerous and evil, and I see it
    How can Repubs possibly be the answer? We need
    either to reform Dem party, or a third party. And we need
    to be careful not to be distracted by wolves, religion,
    even condoms. First and always, it’s about the money,
    and the economy. After that’s taken care of, we focus on
    other issues. Once powers-that-be get their way, side issues
    won’t matter, because they’ll do what they want.

    The only people who might have reason to vote for
    Repubs because it could make their lives better, are
    billionaires or multi-millionaires.(and I don’t believe it
    will be better for them, either, but they will be richer).

    Aside from that, it’s against the self-interest of all
    others to align with Repubs. Yet many people, even many
    more poor people do it. Why? Because they’re fooled.
    And, yes, now Dems are turning into Repubs.

  45. Isolde – thank you so much for the background on this ginormous bill, which appeared out of nowhere like a giant alien spaceship. I have been wondering where did it all come from? You have answered all my questions.

    In this I have to stand with the blue dogs. They are fighting for process and integrity of process. This bill would not say what it says and be pushed like it is, if it had been crafted and reviewed through the normal legislative process. They are right to protest. AND I might add that none of them should be surprised after the dem party did the very same thing to its voters this past year – that now the party leadership seeks to screw their own representatives and senators in the very same fashion.

    Exact same modus operandi.

    Looking for integrity (boy I am looking too – seen any yet?)_ — I love your post. Today I am composing emails to my senators and I wondered if you would give me permission to quote some of your thoughts? I think you really hit some fundamental points.

  46. I guess I should go buy a shot gun to protect my Obama Victory Garden I’m planting in my back yard so I can eat while all this goes down …

  47. Guys, I *know* I can buy the hardcover paper copy of the book fyom amazon. I can also order the ridiculously overpriced audio CDs of the same book from Amazon Uk. What I want is the audible version at a reasonable price so I won’t have to be tied to a book in a seated position to read it. And the only way I can get that is from audible UK.
    See, this is the dumb thing about waiting tip July to publish the book in the US. It isn’t going to stop me from getting the book and reading it. It just makes it difficult and unpleasant to do so. Not a single word of the book is protected from the public otherwise. Why not just release the book in the US now and get MORE readers via word of mouth and the excitement generated by the momentum of the sequel? Who the fuck is making these stupid book marketing rules anyway? They are completely counterproductive and irritating. By the time they get around to publishing in the US there will be dozens of lackluster summer reads by Grusham and Steele and no one will care about it.

  48. “Elections have consequences.”

    Thank you, RD

  49. 3w: i don’t support the bad bank idea either

    and to your last link, so much for Obama’s promise to bring back science and rational thought, your tax dollars supporting superstition and GOTV in 2012 at work

  50. Perries: go ahead

    Re: local spending/local jobs – many of these provisions were voted down at the local level by the people because there were more pressing needs which still have gone unfulfilled. Congress was the only other option. Many of these are not going to provide jobs and help the suffering for a very long time – years.

    This is supposed to be a stimulus bill – something that will help now, and only about 20% of it does…

    RD – Not just marketing rules but also protectionist trade provisions. I have been able to do it using my debit card. Not sure why it made a difference and not sure if it is still true.

  51. * Ramming these unwanted projects through Congress…was the only other option.

  52. grayslady – you’re my kinda of harry potter fan!!

  53. myiq;

    Thanks so much for sharing that craigslist ad. That’s the funniest thing I have read since MC Hammer was actually on a playlist.

    I needed that!

  54. You know DK, the financial media is fond of saying that letting Lehman collapse made the crisis worse, that it created the larger problem. I think it’s part of the solution. A few more banks collapsing may be just the defribillator shocks we need to get the heart (banking system) pumping blood (money) again. The stock market for me are the lungs, and it runs on oxygen or market confidence. Right now, we’re propping up the stock market by pumping artificial confidence into the lungs. But when the heart attack patient is on the table, if the heart is not beating, who cares about the lungs. So before we have tax cheat Geithner trying to perform heart surgery with his bad bank, I say let’s try a few more shocks with the defribillator. If you’re BofA and you don’t want to end up like Lehman, then get busy making those hard choices. Do your job as a banker and start lending/investing again, or go bust. Meanwhile, Mr complete heart transplant Bernanke is patiently waiting in the wings.

    RD, I don’t think the publishing industry knows what it’s doing better than anyone else these days. But I believe the normal idea is to reap the highest margins from the limited release, whether that is territory or time based. Course as you say, the joke could be on them when no one’s buying this summer.

  55. I’ve been out looking around, and there are a surprising number of articles turning on Obama already: he’s “losing the economic argument,” and his credibility. Wow, this is really unraveling fast. It’s astonishing that the manufactured euphoria that created such a tidal wave of intoxicating delusion could not hear the rest of us yelling that EXPERIENCE MATTERS! It must be like trying to fly a plane without instrumentation in the dark. He is spinning with the complexity and pressure involved. And who was it who warned of that very thing? Oh yea, the woman who actually lived in the White House for 8 years and knows exactly how it all works and feels. She was ready. He clearly is not. He’s going to be curled in the fetal position in the overly heated Oval Office in 6 months. Maybe that’s why he keeps it so warm–it feels like a womb. Mommy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. Integrity, that’s interesting on credit cards. So overseas business either don’t trust US credit card banks to pay on time, or the US credit card banks are charging higher transaction interest to overseas businesses. Oh brother, this is like watching a car crash, at regular speed.

  57. RD – do you have a friend in the UK through whom you can trans-ship?

  58. New blood and ideas is what is needed now and we do not have that option.

    I don’t think the old guys should all be thrown out. What is needed is people who are willing to think outside the box. Obama was younger than Hillary and hadn’t been in the senate for a long time. He was new blood but he had no new ideas. He copied his ideas from the old blood(Hillary). too bad he didn’t take the time to understand and study what her ideas were about. Words words words are no longer enough.

    BTW I agree that Obama thought his stimulus bill was going to pass because he had been sucking up to the republicans.

  59. You are always right on the money, RD. Nancy Pelosi has made a complete mess of the election and now the stimulous bill. Obama is trying to undermine her and when word got out he tried to cover it up but it’s too late.

    The Social Security issue is really frightening. Where is the outrage except on the pages of Puma blogs. Jeez, how did all these people fall for this crap?

  60. when my daughter was old enough to vote, I told her you only leave them in office for 4 years. This gives them one year to make the contacts, two years to steal, and one year to cover it up. I cuts the stealing down. When she went to register she explained how her mother taught her to vote. They asked her if she wanted to register as a democrat or a republican. She asked ” which one is Reagan?” they told her his is republican. She said I better register democratic or my mother will kill me.
    In today’s world I would tell her to register Independent because neither party have the best interests of American at heart.
    and yes she votes as she pleases this is still America.



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