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Ruth Bader Ginsburg Hospitalized for Pancreatic Cancer

Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Our thoughts and prayers are with this outstanding Supreme Court Justice as she recovers from surgery.

It appears the cancer was caught early, which should increase her chances of survival. Her loss would be staggering in its implications.

Here are some great quotes from Justice Ginsburg that show her brilliance, her steadfast commitment to the Constitution and her always passionate advocacy for social justice.

All respect for the office of the presidency aside, I assumed that the obvious and unadulterated decline of freedom and constitutional sovereignty, not to mention the efforts to curb the power of judicial review, spoke for itself.

It is not women’s liberation, it is women’s and men’s liberation.

So that’s the dissenter’s hope: that they are writing not for today but for tomorrow.

The state controlling a woman would mean denying her full autonomy and full equality.

Be well, Justice Ginsburg.

131 Responses

  1. She is one of my personal idols.

  2. An incredible woman.

  3. Contrary to what MS Magazine believes, Ruth Bader Ginsburg is what a *real* feminist looks like.

  4. Please dearest Universe – make her well. PLEASE. We need her!

  5. PUMAs,

    I need your help.

    Yesterday a 10 year old boy was found hung A 10-year-old boy found hanging in an Evanston, Illinois (suburb of Chicago) school restroom had threatened to take his life, sources said today, underscoring experts’ warnings to take cries for help seriously even from the very young.

    Scolded by a teacher, Aquan Lewis responded with a threat to kill himself the same day his body was discovered, said sources familiar with the investigation.

    Pumas, this child was African American and there is a cover up going on here. There was no noose. He was found hanging from a purse hook in a bathroom stall. We believe this child was bullied and Evanston PS is lying. Please express outrage on blogs etc.:


  6. AMEN Grayslady!

  7. I wrote in the other thread but I’m repeating it here — on the 30th anniversary of her 1973 win (as an attorney) in the US Fifth Circuit to overturn a law preventing women for serving from serving on juries in LA I had the privilege (as an alum) of attending & hearing a speech by RBG. I had admired here before that time, but my admiration for her increased 10 fold seeing her IRL. She is one in a million & any replacement of her on the Court will never meet the standards she set. (and yes, there were anti-choice protesters picketing in front of the law school while she spoke (rolls eyes) don’t these people have to work?). My prayers are with her, I have my candle lit — I wish her many, many more years on the Court. I would hate to have it without her voice on it.

  8. Not to get anyone riled up, but I think everyone can agree with me on this. If you are confused about what a feminist is, take a look at Justice Ginsburg. She is what a feminist looks like and one hell of a Supreme Court Justice. May she recover quickly. The Country desparately needs her wisdom.

  9. Afrocity – a ten-year-old boy “kills himself” and there is no thorough investigation? How awful!

  10. grayslady,

    you beat me to it! So we all do agree.

  11. Afrocity – You’re right. The mechanism for hoisting oneself onto a pursehook mystifies me. The only way that I can see that this would occur was for him to be picked up and placed there,

  12. I agree, everyone. RBG is the real deal.

  13. Angie, see my reply in previous thread.

  14. madamab, on February 5th, 2009 at 4:48 pm Said:

    Afrocity – a ten-year-old boy “kills himself” and there is no thorough investigation?

    That is a great question. I find it hard to believe a 10 year old could do something like that.

  15. Fredster — got it!

    afrocity — I posted comments on the link — what else do you need me to do?

  16. Downticket – it seems extremely unlikely to me.

    Something smells to high heaven about this tragedy.

  17. I am sending email to Greta on FOX, she is usually good about fishing BS out of stories like this. And friend and I just tried to hang ourselves on a stall hook and we could not, even though we are adults. I stepped on the toilet and leaned back. I fell and so did my male friend.

    They said they found his footprint on the toilet. But what if he was struggling?

  18. I am watching “Before Sunrise” to take my mind off the reality of ObamaNation.

    What a beautiful movie. And the sequel “Before Sunset” is also amazing. Highly recommended by MadamaB!


  19. Madamab,

    I like Before Sunset better. I don’t know why. I love that the sequel has the exact same characters and they have aged. I hope they did get together in the end. I love the way the movie ended.

  20. I have been lurking most of the day. A child dying at his school is bad enough, but not doing a very thorough investigation just sucks. I posted a comment on the site as well.

  21. Afrocity – Me too. Maybe because I am older now. When I saw Before Sunrise I was in my twenties too. Now I’m 41 and the realism of Before Sunset was just heartwrenching.

    And you KNOW they got together in the end. Of course they did!


  22. Okay, time to get going. Send extra good thoughts to Justice Ginsburg. We must not lose her!

  23. bye MB!

  24. Thanks Kim and Angie. I was looking at some of the other comments and someone wrote this about the little black boy:

    The Mother has done the right thing with hiring an attorney. Bullies roam in every town, in every time and this is the kind of work they do. How can a boy hook his back on a hook? How sad this little life has been snuffed out. Perhaps he could have grown up to become president.

    Okay. So now we much measure every black childs’s potential with that of Obama? If the child were a girl would they have said the same thing?

  25. See you guys in a bit!!

  26. and afrocity — no they would not have said the same thing if the child was a girl — it would not have even entered their minds.

  27. “If the child were a girl would they have said the same thing?”

    No, afrocity, you are right. They would not.

    And since when do we measure the loss of a black child in political terms? How about it being okay for a black child just to, you know, grow up? Whether or not they became POTUS?

    Excuse me while I vomit.

  28. I was already feeling sick about Justice Ginsberg.

  29. Of all the Justices I was expecting to lose, she never occurred to me. Stick with us, Ruth.

  30. Magdalena,

    I also worry that black children will feel like failures if they do not become POTUS. Really any child has the potential to become president and always did/will.

    Maybe he would have been a UPS driver but that still does not make it alright to murder him anymore than it would if he was a “future Obama”.

  31. afrocity, EXACTLY

  32. Maybe when she is feeling better she can march in our “Million Smart Women March” with us.

    My purpose is always…how do we highlight the absolutely ridiculous political circumstances we are in when women are not nearly well enough represented in politics.
    If it were not for our fear of being seen as castrating, we would vote for women and men like Obama who LIKEs homophobic/sexist fundagelicals in his admin.

  33. AC, went to the page and read and commented. There seems to be a lot of outrage brewing.
    I am so sorry to hear about this.

  34. That is a horrible diagnosis. I do wish her the best, but realize that even if her health stabilizes she may not feel like working at this level any longer. I think Obama will probably make better court appointments that McCain would have, but I won’t bet on it. McCain actually had character and integrity even if you don’t agree with his politics. Start making your lists of qualified women for the Supreme Court.

  35. I think you were more likely to get a woman SC nominee with McCain than you are with Obama.

  36. Afrocity, I posted yesterday that there was a similar case just this past fall in Austin TX. IIRC, it was also an AA boy but he was only 7-years old and when he was found hanging on the bathroom hook his pants were down around his ankles. The death was ruled accidental. How the hell does a kid accidentally hang himself on a bathroom hook? As you point out, it would be near impossible even if he’d tried. It’s very suspicious. And very strange that there are two similar cases in the span of a few months.

  37. What part of existing conservative majority is hard to understand?

  38. Surely, Obama has a list of suitable men to replace her if she decides to retire.

  39. adelicious,

    If McCain or Hillary were in office the stimulus most likely would have been passed by now. McCain or any justice would and will not put an end to Roe V. Wade. I voted for McCain and had he won, my uterus would still be able to do what whatever I wanted to do with it.

    Sorry if no one agrees but Ruth Ginsberg is terribly ill and I thought your statement was a cheap unnecessary shot at John McCain at Justice Ginsberg’s expense. Furthermore Obama being the Jekyll and Hyde that he is, who knows who he will appoint should Ruth pass on. But you can bet for sure that his appointee will likley owe back taxes to the IRS, and not care about the gay community or women if they are anything like Obama.

    Lastly, Ruth is not dead yet remember.

  40. OMG this is just terrible my heart goes out to Ruth and her family…we have lost a voice for freedom and sane constitutional interpretation….how will we replace her?

    she believed the great document was a living breathing and dynamic framwork for our liberal and civil society…..

    again how will we replace her?

  41. Are there any readers here who reside in the UK?


  43. Afrocity,

    That sounds like what Pat has described happening to a boy in her school. I would suspect a teacher.

  44. RD,

    Maybe britgirls?

  45. BB,

    Oh Killing the child? A teacher?

    GXM, I hope this is not turning into something like the Atlanta Child murders from the 80’s.

  46. Afrocity,

    I shouldn’t have said that, but why is the school more concerned about being sued than whether bullies killed a child? From the story it sounds like the police are investigation and keeping an open mind. It’s pretty irresponsible of that doctor to call it suicide. What a heartbreaking story.

  47. Constance,

    Seriously, you think Obama will name a woman to SCOTUS? Dream on. He’s going to appoint Cass Sunstein the first chance he gets.

  48. madamab, so grateful you posted this.

    chills ran down my spine when I read
    “The state controlling a woman would mean denying her full autonomy and full equality.”

    ~burning candle~ []

  49. Riverdaughter

    a poster who uses “viviennewestwood” is in London.

  50. Boomer:

    That was the first thing I thought when I heard the news about this child on the news here in Chicago.
    It is pretty darn suspicious that the Evanston Police first insinuated that this child committed suicide.
    When I heard “How” they found this child..I immediately thought that it could have been a teacher trying to discipline the child.

  51. Had bad AOL experience today I did not even know that I had AOL….they suck….I offered to meet them halfway on these bogus charges on my credit card account.

    I was forced to write a letter to my Time Warner magizines and tell them I would not renew because of the “other” Time Warner division…AOL I ended my letters to the editors with:

    What does this have to do with Money? Well actions have consequences. I am not going to do business with Time Warner and you are part of the company that would not meet me half way.

    Look they billed me for +12 months I asked for credit for 6 months back since I didn’t use there service. This is what we do with customers who have no acct activity in our internet sales department.

    I thought I cancelled this service a year ago. I admit not following up is my fault but not canceling it is theirs.

    well the old saying goes a happy customer tells 3 friends an unhappy one tells twenty….

    I am very unhappy and an overachiever!

  52. BB:

    I just found out through Gawker that Cass Sunstein and Samantha Power are a couple. And she’s pregnant.

    But the legal world has been atitter about Obama advisors Cass Sunstein and Samantha Power who romanced on the campaign trail. Not long before they became an item, Sunstein split with longtime girlfriend Martha Nussbaum. (Nussbaum and Sunstein were a power couple on campus at the University of Chicago Law School, where Obama also taught.) Power is now pregnant, gossip has it! Work-obsessed people falling in love on the job are always funny, precisely because they’re pathetic and they know it.

  53. Either that or the bulling this child was subjected to was overlooked and they are closing ranks. Whatever the case, I hope they get to the bottom of this. I saw the mother tonight on the nightly news here and she is totally devastated!

    My prayers go out to her and her family as well as to Justice Ginsberg!

  54. heay catrina and angie…how is it going another cold night in FL but sat is supposed to be in the 70’s I’ll believe it when I feel it!

  55. Afrocity – I agree, there’s no way a 10 yr old can hang themselves on a purse hook – they’d have to be abnormally tall to be able to do it. This smells like hazing/bullying gone wrong.

  56. FUZZY!

    AOL is famous for doing that – I had that same problem with them about 8 yrs ago. KEEP FIGHTING THEM.

  57. Afrocity-as a kid who wused to be picked on-alot I can tell you there were days I was terrified to go to school.

    I would put it past anyone that this child suffered abuse at school.

    they better get to the bottom of this!

  58. I will I got 2000+ rollover minutes

  59. fuzzy-if this bill is on AmEx, xhallenge it. They will investigate.

  60. Interesting, Samantha and Cass have the same birthday.

  61. I wish her the best – both for personal and political reasons. I don’t trust Obama at all with those appointments to SCOTUS.

  62. SM,

    Yes, I knew they were a couple. Creepy how incestuous these people are, isn’t it?

  63. Fuzzy — that just sucks! It’s hard enough to just get a real person on the phone the first time, so why would you follow-up a second and waste even more time in phone land.

    This is a telling quote: “well the old saying goes a happy customer tells 3 friends an unhappy one tells twenty….”

    We PUMAs are the unhappy customers… look how much noise we are raising already!

    Afrocity — just shocked to hear about this down in Evanston… I thought they had found the boy hung by something like a rope, but I thought it weird that a 10 yr. old would hang himself at school anyway … definitely a cover-up about bullies … isn’t there all kinds of pending legislation against schools not interceding with bullying action? Please keep us posted! Why does it seem like there is so much more bullying going on, and the level of violence is intensifying against these kids. It’s mysitifying and sad.

  64. If they find out I am a PUMA they will probably put a $ 1000.00 dollar charge for “inconvience” to their customer service center in Bangalor India on my CCard!

    I am now considering blocking CNN and All Time warner stations on my TV

  65. Is Bravo a Time Warner Station?

  66. Red Dragon,

    Thanks for piping up! I’m glad I’m not the only one who had that thought. When I realized it was in a bathroom stall I thought maybe the bully idea made more sense. Still, it was an elementary school. How many kids would be tall enough to do that? I know darn well the little boy didn’t do it by himself!

  67. fuzzy
    AOL has done this to so many customers. Such sleazy business practice!

    ps Laughed MAO all day thinking about you saying I can diet but you’ll always be ugly..

  68. wait they are NBC…thank goodness I would suffer so without Kathy Griffin!

  69. I cannot remember ever thinking of committing suicide at 10.
    I got dumped by a high school boyfriend at 16 and I thought of it then. Never at 10. I was too busy playing.

    If I was bullied at school, I would just fake being sick. I told my mom about all bullies. She taught how to punch someone in the face..

    It was the Chicago way.

  70. Afrocity-

    I posted a comment. Let me know if there’s anything else I can do.

  71. BB,

    I just assumed that maybe there were two boys who hoisted him. So like that classic Leopold and Loeb murder. Ironically that case was in Chicago too. Alfred Hitchcock’s “Rope” is about that case I believe.

  72. I shit canned the pre installed AOL Icon on my Dell!

    It kept asking me Did I really want to Delete it?

    Hell YEAH!

    I am wondering How many man hours will it take before they credit me some cash just to get me off their backs?

  73. i just read on Uppity Woman of another low class pick by backtrack. David Ogden for asst attn genl. He wrote a paper defending a child porn distributer named Knox.
    Each time I think he can not go any lower he exceeds my expectations.
    Maybe some of the lawyers here could explain the case.



  74. I need for a person living in the UK to buy the audio version of a book for me and send it to me here in the US. I will pay all shipping costs. The book isn’t available in the US because the publisher is pursuing a Harry Potter strategy with a book written for adults who don’t care for the breathless anticipation of yearly releases.
    If you live in the UK and can help me get around this ridiculous geographical rsstriction imposed by the publisher, let me know.

  75. Afrocity are Glenco and wanetka still upscale white neighborhoods in Chicago?

    I need to know for my comment to your above link?

    I had shipmates from there and they seemed upscale suburbs to me.

  76. Boston:

    I can’t see how that child could reach that “Purse hook” by himself. No…There is more to this story than what is being reported. With all the media attention,
    I hope the truth comes out and whomever is responsible for either committing this heinous act of abetting it by not supervising properly, will be held accountable.

  77. or is it Wenetka?

  78. of/or

  79. Yes they are Fuzzy

  80. I saw the look in the womans eyes in the pic on the story my heart is breaking for that family.

    My good friend at works 18 year old daughter was sexually assualted last wednesday…she finally brokedown and told me.

    It happened at the girls place of employment by a co-worker…

    Fortunately she managed to get away from the guy before he could rape her….she told her mom she was worried it was her fault….

    This has been a awful day for me she is my best friend at work and she has a wonderful smart daughter.

  81. Fuzzy you mean Winnetka?

    Yes it is still affluent.

  82. Red Dragon I am planning a Chicago PUMA get together. Let me know if you are interested.

  83. right I am a spellimg disaster

  84. I may be attributing too much credit to Hillary and John McCain, but I honestly don’t think things would have gotten this bad if they’d become the nominee (in Hillary’s case) or the President (in either). BO’s been an irresponsible policy leader since June. He’s been nothing but absolutely lacking in effective leadership on the economic situation. He’s been careless, disinterested alarmist. He’s supported bad policy. The bailout anyone? Hillary thought it was a bad idea. She and John thought it wasn’t the best we could do. Congress said, “It’s bad, but it something” and passed that piece of crap. When they said a catastrophe was afoot, they presented solutions. When he said a catastrophe was afoot, he was like “Now, do as I say. Boogie oogie oogie.”

  85. ok HH just said that there is $ 1.5 million in the stimulus package for a shelter for prostitutes….prabably to be run by John Favreau! Or maybe faith based Ricky Warren.

    I support shelters for at risk women but really this is as bad as $ 700 milion for viagra? It creates no jobs.

    I think that should be put in a social spending bill not the stimulus package!

    So glad the girls in designer shoes are back in business with a vengence!

  86. I am a spellimg disaster

    (spits Diet Pepsi)

  87. Regency, if my opinion means anything (and I modestly propose that it does heh) I don’t think you are giving too much to Hilary or McCain — I agree with you 100%.

  88. Reid having trouble getting 60 votes. Supposedly on CSPAN saying, “We should outlaw polls.” LOLOL!

  89. Angie: Indeed. Your opinion counts.
    Gail: Heh! So much for bipartisanship.

  90. Afrocity

    I am a PUMA living in Chicago…

  91. Okay, looking

    Obama just intercepted our Tv program

  92. How do I give my email to anyone on this site?

  93. Of Course I am Afrocity!

  94. Got it RedDragon

  95. Looking forward to it Afrocity!

  96. Do you want me to delete that, Red Dragon?

  97. Obama is such a disaster. His speeches still sound like campaign grabage. He is bringing up accusations about people using old ideas.

    “Aren’t yall tired of that stuff…They didn’t vote for Petty politics…”

    blah blah blah

  98. Oh, someone did it already…

  99. “If we do not move swiftly….We will not bring Change”

    Blah, blah blah

  100. My great uncle had pancreatic cancer and he survived for two years. My family hated him though…he screwed up our currogated box business over the duration of those two years. I hope RBG gets better.

  101. Did you guys hear that Katie Couric did an interview with lil Wayne on CBS news? Isn’t he that rapper that Obama likes to work out to? She asked him about his favorite drink, prescription cough medicine and about how much week he smokes. On the CBS nightly news???!!! What has become of CBS?

  102. Please do Boston..it was the only way I could think to get Afrocity my E-Mail quickly…LOL

  103. I see you did it already…Thanks

  104. Katie Couric giggling through interview with rapper.


  105. I saw that Boston….As if we don’t have more pressing problems than to wonder how much weed Lil Wayne smokes!

  106. I can’t believe we have a President who listens to him.

  107. myiq must have done it Red Dragon. Or else Katie is lurking.

  108. Looks like a wind of change may be going through the Republican party since Steel became its head:

    “A Republican source says newly elected Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele has requested the resignations of the entire RNC staff and signaled a dramatic turnover at the party organization.”

  109. Stop talking about RBG like shes already dead.

  110. Nope, not me — I just got here. What happened?

  111. Puma Liberty has a post about Jolie Justis in MO and LInsley Smith in Ark putting up bills for the ERA. Sounds like some group help could be used to support these bills.
    Since only 3 more states are needed. Working to help get the bills passed in these two states would go along way to make it the law of the land.



  112. Now Obama bringing up Lilly Ledbetter and women with daughter. This man has no shame.

  113. Michael Steele is amazing

  114. bb — I can’t believe we have a President who has ditched “Hail to the Chief” for Sting’s “Desert Rose” or one who says “I screwed up” or who gives people the finger on the down low during speeches.

    He’s a spoiled adolescent brat & I’m praying for the day that people in the mainstream realize that the emperor has no clothes.

  115. Oh no the republicans are about to shift to the center?

    as the democrats shift right…will they meet in the middle?

    is an all union Democrat-Republican Party in the offing?

  116. new thread!

  117. fuzzy — I said it the day Obama stole the nomination — forget a 3rd party — we need a viable 2nd party.

  118. Afrocity

    I agree. I’ve liked him for quite some time and watched him accept his new role. His speech was down to earth, eloquent, and sincere. I believe his leadership will be productive and positive.

  119. Hi Katiebird! It’s nothing. Just someone put their e-mail in a comment and it got deleted.

  120. Obama getting to replace rbg is just like Reagan getting to replace thurgood Marshall. I’m sure he’ll take great joy in “rewarding” feminist support with a slap upside the head.

  121. In addition to Samantha Power’s pregnancy, gossip sites are now speculating that Michelle Obama has a baby bump.

    “The salient fact here is that America at last has a President and First Lady whom they like to imagine having sex.”

    So the President and his wife have sex. Big deal!!

  122. Future News Headlines:

    Obama to Resign in shame couldnt fix the economy restore our industrial might or solve the rubics cube puzzle….

    House Of representatives Selects Hillary as VEEP!

    Joe Biden Impeached! After Big Jack Daniels and Cheap Scotch Binge! Joe Parades nekked down Pennslyvania Avenue wearing nothing but Visa, Amex and MasterCard gold cards over his privates…

    Singing “Visa’s got me” and “the bankruptcy blues”

    President Hillary to the rescue!

    Nancy Pelosi today was run over by a bus driven by and filled with large cat like creatures!

  123. Thanks BB, I guess I’ll see you upstairs?

  124. Fuzzybear
    Dont wish that on Nancy. Youd regret it if it happened.

  125. I remember a 10 yr old boy hanging himself in his backyard,.years ago. There didn’t seem to be a problem that accounted for it, so they said it might have been an accident, that he was playing/pretending, or whatever. In those days, no one in that affluent area considered abuse in the home or involvement of some other child or person-although the whole thing was thoroughly investigated.
    As far as this child is concerned, whether he could have hanged himself from a purse hook (in an elementary boys” lav.) depends if the boy could have reached the hook by standing on the toilet.

  126. Just shoot me now

  127. I know Ruth Bader Ginsburg slightly, and her husband, Marty Ginsburg, who is my colleague on the Georgetown faculty rather better. They are wonderful people, and of course my heart and thoughts are with them. A humble suggestion: If you care to send 51 Percent any amount (including .51 cents, with a message of support for Justice Ginsburg, not only will that be noted on the website, but I will make sure that all results and messages reach Justice Ginsburg). See http://www.fifty-one-percent.org or http://www.heidilipotpourri.com to make a donation.(Donations made through google checkout on 51 Percent website are tax deductible, to the extent permitted by law.) Send any message of support to 51percent51 at gmail dot com.

  128. We sincerely pray for the fast recovery of Justice Ginsburg.. We believe that she can surpass this trial.. It was good that the illness was discovered early.. We need her in the Supreme Court.. Get well soon Justice Ginsburg.

  129. Be well, Justice Ginsburg. You are an inspiration. We need more women like you.

  130. Joe Biden Impeached! After Big Jack Daniels and Cheap Scotch Binge! Joe Parades nekked down Pennslyvania Avenue wearing nothing but Visa, Amex and MasterCard gold cards over his privates…
    Singing “Visa’s got me” and “the bankruptcy blues”

    Fuzzy, not only did my computer screen get sprayed with coffee from laughing so hard, but bits of protein bar got dumped on the keyboard.

    I needed that laugh really really bad! Thanks!

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