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Obama Speaketh!


Teh Precious must be tired or his Teleprompter is broken cuz he just mailed his latest (Greatest Speech EVAH!) speech to the WaPo:

By now, it’s clear to everyone that we have inherited an economic crisis as deep and dire as any since the days of the Great Depression. Millions of jobs that Americans relied on just a year ago are gone; millions more of the nest eggs families worked so hard to build have vanished. People everywhere are worried about what tomorrow will bring.

What Americans expect from Washington is action that matches the urgency they feel in their daily lives — action that’s swift, bold and wise enough for us to climb out of this crisis.

Because each day we wait to begin the work of turning our economy around, more people lose their jobs, their savings and their homes. And if nothing is done, this recession might linger for years. Our economy will lose 5 million more jobs. Unemployment will approach double digits. Our nation will sink deeper into a crisis that, at some point, we may not be able to reverse.

That’s why I feel such a sense of urgency about the recovery plan before Congress. With it, we will create or save more than 3 million jobs over the next two years, provide immediate tax relief to 95 percent of American workers, ignite spending by businesses and consumers alike, and take steps to strengthen our country for years to come.

This plan is more than a prescription for short-term spending — it’s a strategy for America’s long-term growth and opportunity in areas such as renewable energy, health care and education. And it’s a strategy that will be implemented with unprecedented transparency and accountability, so Americans know where their tax dollars are going and how they are being spent.

In recent days, there have been misguided criticisms of this plan that echo the failed theories that helped lead us into this crisis — the notion that tax cuts alone will solve all our problems; that we can meet our enormous tests with half-steps and piecemeal measures; that we can ignore fundamental challenges such as energy independence and the high cost of health care and still expect our economy and our country to thrive.

I reject these theories, and so did the American people when they went to the polls in November and voted resoundingly for change. They know that we have tried it those ways for too long. And because we have, our health-care costs still rise faster than inflation. Our dependence on foreign oil still threatens our economy and our security. Our children still study in schools that put them at a disadvantage. We’ve seen the tragic consequences when our bridges crumble and our levees fail.

Every day, our economy gets sicker — and the time for a remedy that puts Americans back to work, jump-starts our economy and invests in lasting growth is now.

Now is the time to protect health insurance for the more than 8 million Americans at risk of losing their coverage and to computerize the health-care records of every American within five years, saving billions of dollars and countless lives in the process.

Now is the time to save billions by making 2 million homes and 75 percent of federal buildings more energy-efficient, and to double our capacity to generate alternative sources of energy within three years.

Now is the time to give our children every advantage they need to compete by upgrading 10,000 schools with state-of-the-art classrooms, libraries and labs; by training our teachers in math and science; and by bringing the dream of a college education within reach for millions of Americans.

And now is the time to create the jobs that remake America for the 21st century by rebuilding aging roads, bridges and levees; designing a smart electrical grid; and connecting every corner of the country to the information superhighway.

These are the actions Americans expect us to take without delay. They’re patient enough to know that our economic recovery will be measured in years, not months. But they have no patience for the same old partisan gridlock that stands in the way of action while our economy continues to slide.

So we have a choice to make. We can once again let Washington’s bad habits stand in the way of progress. Or we can pull together and say that in America, our destiny isn’t written for us but by us. We can place good ideas ahead of old ideological battles, and a sense of purpose above the same narrow partisanship. We can act boldly to turn crisis into opportunity and, together, write the next great chapter in our history and meet the test of our time.

Computerized health-care records!  Upgraded classrooms!  Infrastructure repairs!  That’s the kind of swift, bold and wise action we desperately need!

Seriously, is that all he’s got?  Not exactly a new New Deal, is it?

I think every President since Nixon talked about energy efficiency and alternative energy sources, and I’m pretty sure Washington was the first to propose upgrading classrooms.  Computerizing records and fixing pot-holes fails to inspire, and is there anywhere left in this country that isn’t connected to the “information superhighway?”

176 Responses

  1. Well, they may not be inspiring, but they do create jobs.

    The mayors yesterday seemed to be mostly concerned with jobs.

  2. Well, they may not be inspiring, but they do create jobs.

    I’m not saying that any of it is bad, it’s just underwhelming.

  3. It may be underwhelming, but it’s what they thought they could get through fast.

    As I said below, on the NewsHour someone said these are things that have already been authorized but haven’t been appropriated.

    New things, they said, will come later, with authorization bills like the big five-year transportation bill. I hope that’s true, and that someone is thinking creatively.

    I can’t stand Obama and his underwhelming rhetoric, but I don’t want the rest of us to suffer for it.

    I also wish he would stop trying to pick off a Republican or two, and just pass the thing.

  4. Re: Obama’s EO on lobbyists:

    The executive order Obama signed includes a waiver clause. The executive order says a waiver may be granted if “the literal application of the restriction is inconsistent with the purposes of the restriction” or “it is in the public interest … . The public interest shall include, but not be limited to, exigent circumstances relating to national security or to the economy.”

    The exception that swallowed the rule.

  5. That’s why I feel such a sense of urgency about the recovery plan before Congress.

    Yes, even after listing out the disastrous, heart-breaking effects of the economic meltdown, it’s still all about him. What he feels.

    He’s right that people wanted change from the usual D.C. cr*p that disadvantages most of us. But I don’t think he realizes that people are starting to see that he’s just as much part of the status quo as the tax cheats and lobbyists (who he continues to try and appoint) as any Bush operative ever was.

  6. Quoth teh One:

    “Every day, our economy gets sicker — and the time for a remedy that puts Americans back to work, jump-starts our economy and invests in lasting growth is now.”

    Dude, I think the patient has died. Talk of a remedy is, like, so last year.

    Seriously, the s#it hit the fan months ago. Is there any reason to think that any of these spending proposals can do any good at this point?

  7. Lambert on Obama’s Op-Ed:

    That’s pretty dismal. Are you seeing the word “universal” in there? Because I’m not. Isn’t it more than a little bizarre to focus on people who are “at risk” of losing coverage, without mentioning those who have already lost it? And as any marketer will tell you, Obama’s trying to sell me a drill (“health records,” “insurance”) when I want a hole (health care).

    And he’s pushing the post-partisan schtick even harder. Well, dance with who brung ya, but is that really the problem?


  8. Have any of you read the house bill? It should be called the Obama re-election plan. It is a pure give away to the forces that brought him to Washington.

    I oppose this bill, because half of it is going to line the pockets of his donors, and the bureaucratic waste of it is astounding. Even though each agency would be responsible for managing their piece of the stimulus, and there is already money for the GAO to do oversight, there is an extra $5 billion set aside for money to manage the stimulus money. No one has mentioned that there they intend to create a new shadow agency that will “manage” the stimulus money ostensibly before it gets to the agencies.

    Millions for digital TV coupons, Millions to resod the Mall, Millions to silicon valley. Obama’s “urgency” is that he wants it passed before Americans find out what their children and grandchildren are buying. Each day that passes, fewer Americans support this debacle. Polls now are at %38 support. Already we have seen Obama team leak that Obama was undercutting the bill in the House through the words of Rep. Cooper. He is leaving himself an escape hatch in case support totally bottoms out, and he can then blame Pelosi for the whole of the mess.

    This bill stinks, and I would venture to guess that anything Obama touches is going to stick for the next 4 years. He will not be able to escape the pay-to-play that brought him to power.

  9. I can write press releases, conduct market research and coordinate advertising planning/buying.

    So where do I get training for pothole fixing?

  10. Florida Surfer,

    I agree. Too little too late.

  11. Dear Mr. President: Stop playing with yourself. It’s embarassing.

  12. Mawm: Excellent comment! I agree. Wall Street invested in Obama and now he must show them the love at the expense of the middle class and the poor. Corruption won him the election and he will never be able to escape it. His entire presidency will be tainted.

    Also, I got my digital TV coupon in the mail yesterday. I guess I’ll need it because I have a feeling the country will be watching a lot of TV in the coming years with no jobs or money to spend.

  13. “I screwed up”, says the president, and the press is sending huzzahs his way for being “transparent and honest”. Only we did not expect screw ups so soon into the administration since this guy was elected as The One, The Messiah, the One and Only candidate who could do no wrong.

    We were frankly sold a bill of goods and attached our futures to a man who had no serious background in governing. There was nothing in his resume to guarantee his ability to lead the charge of reform, management, or decision making. Yet they lined up behind him, eager to set aside those considerations and for what? This guy is in over his head. His proposals are solely aimed at the business community and banking interests. His nominations to serve in his cabinet are suspect. His “soaring” rhetoric has become mundane. His “vision” is clouded in a steady stream of platitudes.

    It is going to take a lot more than “prayers” to get us out of this mess while the daily toll of the unemployed continues to rise. Hope and change indeed. Not this time.

  14. May I be released from moderation hell? Tx

  15. Obama and his cheerleaders keep talking about rebuilding crumbling bridges….where in that stimulus package does it specify that money will be spent on any particular bridge, or levee? Giving a governor of a State money and telling him/her to spend it on “infrastructure” is like giving a kid a hundred bucks and telling him to spend it on something he needs. I’ll lay odds that he spends it on a video games and not school supplies.

    I agree with mawminc….this is nothing but a big giveaway to all his donors that he made big promises to.

  16. SM: Grab a shovel. You will need it just to push the sh*t out of the way of this glorious administration.

  17. Disengranchised: Who can afford cable to watch tv?

    Obama’s stimulus package will be his bridge to nowhere.

  18. This is a bad bill. Period. Borrowing a trillion dollars to fund an economy that was messed up because of over-borrowing is not a good idea. Besides, most of this “stimulus” is just pay-offs to various special interest groups.

    It isn’t seemly for the president to be whining. His whole argument is “I won the election so do what I want.” Well he won the election, but he isn’t the totality of the american government, just a part.

  19. Remember Inauguration Day when the gullible stood there, faces raised, tears streaming, hugging one another because they felt sooooooooooo gooooooood about this Wonder of Wonders who was going to “fix” everything?

    I felt a twinge of guilt about my cynicism and lack of belief and my unwillingness to hop onboard. But only for a brief moment.

    As my mother used to say, you get what you pay for. Well here he is? Unqualified and inexperienced and merely looking for a place in history not unlike the fool he replaced. But it does not make me feel good to keep saying “I told you so”.

  20. I don’t understand what’s wrong with re-sodding the Mall. Two million people from all over the country stood on it for the inauguration — not to mention that nothing is more labor-intensive than landscape work.

    Jobs for the Park Service is a good thing to me.

  21. Let those who paid into his campaign as donors chip in and re sod the Mall. They had no problem reaching into their pockets to fund his campaign. It may cost them one less meal at a 5 star restaurant but hey, better them than my great great grandchildren who will still be footing the bill.

  22. if he’s so concerned about the economy let him lead by example and not throw c0cktail parties where he’s eating $100/lb steak or setting the thermostat at 78 or throwing the most expensive inaugural ever, or hiring tax cheats to oversee the IRS.

  23. elderj: It still amazes me how liberals and the media saw nothing wrong with spending $150+ million on the inauguration when Americans are losing their homes, being laid off, and committing suicide because they are thousands of dollars in debt. Millions of that money came from Wall Street. If you want to see where all the money went, look at Obama’s donor list. There’s a money trail but the media doesn’t want to follow it.

  24. I just finished calling my state representatives and Barney Frank’s office.(he’s on speed dial) suggesting that it is time for an online public accounting of ALL the give aways in the stimilous bill.

    I will be fascinated to see how they arrived at $4.16,000,000.000 for Acorn. what do you think, an even split between the Daleys and the Obamas?

  25. Karma. Look at all of the backstabber who ended up under the bus – or worse:

  26. DisenfranchisedVoter: I read that article yesterday. Very telling. The two faced s.o.b.’s!

  27. I was at my local small independent bookstore and noticed:
    Current best sellers at Square One Books, Seattle.
    1. The Elegance of the Hedgehog, Muriel Barbery
    2. The White Tiger, Aravind Adiga
    3. The Weather of the Pacific Northwest, Cliff Mass
    4. Three Cups of Tea, Greg Mortenson
    5. Dreams from My Father, Barack Obama

    Take that, B0! You’re behind a book on weather and behind TC’s book club choice!

  28. To me the problem with the bill is that it doesn’t go far
    enough in fixing the economy and creating jobs,
    definitely too little for housing.
    Computerized health records – scary. What about
    privacy? Who will this help,
    mainly those who want to spy on people’s health issues.
    It won’t pay for health care.

    But for those who oppose it for other reasons, because
    they don’t want government spending that much money –
    what is the alternative plan you suggest to help the

    Only plan I’ve seen from Repubs so far, is cut taxes for
    the rich, leave economy on its own, allow “free market”
    to take over.

  29. “the commenter formerly known as elderj, on February 5th, 2009 at 10:14 am Said:
    This is a bad bill. Period. Borrowing a trillion dollars to fund an economy that was messed up because of over-borrowing is not a good idea. Besides, most of this “stimulus” is just pay-offs to various special interest groups.”

    I agree, tcfkae (do you have a symbol I could use? ;D )
    But I think rather than a ‘payoff’ to his special interest groups, it is rather a downpayment, or an installment payment rather, to make sure they continue to be his special interest groups. He is in an alliance and they have a contract with each other to further each other’s interests. His loyalty is to these groups and their loyalty is to him.

    I would like nothing more than to disrupt their cozy little payment arrangement. Well and perhaps to sow strife between them, yeah that would be nice too.

  30. speaktruth — I work in health care and I agree w/you on electronic med records. Plus, you can make errors with EMRs too! The software vendors get the $$$. Should give the funds to community clinics and tuition assistance programs instead.

  31. DisenfranchizedVoter, thnak you for saying it: Obama is selling what we don’t need. He is constantly thinking about the already-haves, and never about the have-nots and never-hads. I live in a small town where 80 percent of the population has no health care. Eighty percent. Zero. Unless you work for the city or the state, you are on your own. I ask my friends, what do you do? Answers: “I don’t get sick.” “I don’t go to the doctor.” “I am trying to live to be old enough for Medicare.” “If I am diagnosed with cancer, I will commit suicide.”

    These are people who work hard and make too much money for Medicaid and too little to buy into a private plan.

    I watched my own father die because he had no insurance. We could not afford the heart transplant he needed.

    Obama doesn’t give a shit about ordinary, struggling people. But he likes to mail off speeches.

    And that is why I didn’t vote for him.

  32. Why does the song “Don’t Cry For Me Argentina” keep playing in my head today?

  33. our dean called a college meeting for friday afternoon, I have a feeling Bobby Brady Jindahl’s cuts are going to be announced … we’ll find out how many more students they’ll plop into our class room at one time and what we don’t get — like summer stipends, etc. love the way that wall street gets a bailout but all my students will get is the bill

  34. Let’s go through the process speaktruth. I refuse to be spooked into a stampede over a cliff. Our leaders have done that to me and all of us several times in recent years and I recognize the tactic even if it is coming at me from the left instead of the right.

    I want to see a real bill, not this payoff bullshit.

  35. PumaInSeattle, I have a question on EMR. Doesn’t HIPAA cover them too? Aren’t there laws and practices already in place due to HIPAA that protect privacy of medical records?

  36. What’s wrong with the bill to me is all the “wish list” crap that’s been added. Many of these things are good things and I hope to see them in other bills. Break it up and separate the wheat from the chaff.

    This bill is supposed to stimulate the economy. Anything that doesn’t do that should be tossed out or put aside for another day.

    ANY bill that has money for ACORN needs to be defeated IMO.

    As for the Republicans and their tiresome calls for tax cuts did anyone expect that would stop? For some of them it’s the only thing they seem to know. Trouble is a whole lot of people think they’re right. Paying less taxes seems real good to most of us. Problem is, cut them one place and government, state or local, will have to raise them elsewhere. The value of my house is sinking as we speak and my property taxes are going up.

  37. speaktruth, giving everyone in the US $3000 Would be better than this piece of crap.

    Plural, why shouldn’t the Inaugural committee pay to resod the mall that was destroyed by the trampling Obots?

    What is wrong with giving middle income people a big tax cut? That money would go straight into the economy. Half of the money is this bill goes to Obama’s donors.

  38. (((Magdalena)))

  39. Marge: they evaluated our home prices here in New Orleans Right before Katrina, then they bumped up the taxes without bumping up the homeowner deduction (since the 1980s). People have these huge evaluations on their houses and a lot don’t even have kitchens. They promised they were going to drop the mill levy but they didn’t … my house payment went up nearly $200 a month on that … and do you think I could sell or most of these people could sell their houses right now for what they got valued for? Seriously Doubt IT!!!!

  40. You know, all his speeches sound and look the same. The same hypnotic tropes (“Now is the time”), the same strawman arguments, the same lack of substance.

    I just can’t believe this empty suit is doing the same thing Bush did – pressuring us and using fear to bend us to his will, while holding us in such utter contempt that he won’t even tell us, in detail, what’s in this bill. It’s our f+cking money and we’re left out of the loop, while somehow, the same people who prospered under Bush will keep prospering under Obama.

    How could the PFKAD do this to us? We did not deserve Obama. We deserved Hillary. We deserved and wanted REAL change.

  41. People like me on SS will receive nothing. Yet I too have watched the value of my own home decrease in value while my city services and yearly tax rate has risen as a result. I now pay a separate fee for trash pick up and must pay an individual cost (a 12.00 sticker) for bulk on each item.

    Do I get a break in all this? No. Meanwhile I must dip into my pension fund to cover these costs while ACORN, to name one fiasco, benefits outright.

    My home may be paid off but the value has decreased, my utility rates rise each month, insurance for car, home, supplemental are increased, food is almost becoming a luxury, and the bailouts go to Wall Street firms who have ridden this Trojan Horse to a standstill. Go figure.

  42. Thank you to all the people who gave specific answers
    to my question about what you would do to help or save
    the economy. I think it makes a great debate, and it’s
    important to focus on specifics of what you do or don’t

    One thing seems clear – Pumas have varied ideas
    about what should be done, though we all agree we don’t
    like certain things, like money to Acorn.

    Does anyone know specifics of Hillary’s plan? Would
    everyone have agreed with that one?
    Only thing I know is that it did spend lots of money to
    stimulate the economy. Even Bill, who ended up with a
    surplus, put out money to stimulate an ailing economy in
    early nineties. He also gave cuts for poorer people, but
    pretty big increases to the rich. (Which is big part of why
    they hate the Clintons today).
    Hillary did want a HOLC to help stop foreclosures.
    What else would she have done?

  43. How could the PFKAD do this to us?

    Simple. They plastered his face all over the place, telling us that he was our only hope, the one selected to lead us out of this mess, our futures lay with this one person, regardless of how little he had to show for it. Inexperienced? Give it a rest. Unqualified? R*cist. No background? Bitter.

    No criticism. No questioning. No facts. Just blind adherence to the obvious. He was just not ready. But hey, we made “history” so quit your belly aching!

  44. I agree about lowering taxes. It is a total shell game, and not just because local and state taxes will increase to make up for the lack of funding at the federal level.

    The problem is that people don’t have jobs and are losing their homes. Newsflash – a tax cut doesn’t help people who don’t have jobs or homes. And frankly, when the government is so starved for funds, it should be raising taxes on the wealthy, not borrowing MORE from China!

    I mean, is this really so hard to understand?

  45. It might be a lot more practical to forget the sod for the Mall and turn it into a huge urban vegetable garden instead.

  46. I tell you what Obama’s speeches are they are an attempt to put “Lipstick on a pig”. He is a liar and deceiver and his speeches are intended to fool people into buying into this crappy stimulus package. Notice he is using paulson’s fear to get it passed.

  47. madamab: Nope, not difficult to understand at all. How do you go about replenishing the Treasury when people are not working? Even I know that and I don’t possess a Ph.D.!!

  48. According to what I’ve read only 11 cents out of 1 dollar in this bill is for stimulus, and 50% of the money will go directly or indirectly to 4 unions. This bill is mostly political payback to all the as%holes who put this incompetent into office.

  49. Housing costs in my area have gone down $100,000 or
    more, about one-third is my guess.
    What most people don’t realize is that when there
    are income tax cuts you have to pay for it somewhere else,
    notably real estate taxes, because states got less money
    from Federal government under Bush, so we had to make
    up the difference.
    Sales taxes and real estate taxes hurt the poor who
    end up paying as much as the rich (except we don’t buy as
    much or have as big houses). Graduated income tax,
    begun by FDR (correct me if I’m wrong here) were
    for the purpose of leveling the playing field, call it
    redistribution of wealth (what’s so bad about that, if done
    correctly, within reason), or the looking out for all those
    among us.

  50. Speaktruth – she would have raised taxes on the wealthy, frozen foreclosures, renegotiated mortgages, created “green jobs” and strengthened the social safety net. She outlined it very well in her speeches and in the debates.

    And, she would have told us EXACTLY, in bullet point style, how she was spending OUR MONEY.

  51. What happens when hordes are turned away from hospitals and doctor’s offices because they cannot afford to pay? What happens when your car breaks down and you cannot afford another to replace it and this is your only means of transportation? What happens when the eviction notice arrives and you have no where to go? What happens when your utilities are shut off for lack of payment?

    This is not a dilemma faced by a faltering few. It is a dilemma that can be faced by many others going forward if they are denied the opportunity to eke out a living. Dire times ahead? You can almost touch it.

  52. Why is ACORN in a stimulus package?
    Did nobody realise Repubs would balk at that?

  53. If this whole economy goes splat then Obama will be blamed just as Hoover was even though he was in office only 7 months when the Stock Market crashed.

    Hoover was blamed for the crash and for not bringing about economic recovery during his term. At least I never heard anyone say it was all Calvin Coolege’s fault.

    Hoover took the rap and so will Obama. Hoover had just one term and I predict Obama will too unless he can turn this whole thing around. And I don’t believe he has the faintest idea what to do.

    And dakicat, I know exactly what you mean.. My modest 100 year old craftsman style bungalow was valued at about 95-$100,000 a few years ago. Now it’s valued at, and I pay taxes on $150,000. I would be lucky to get $90,000. Damn lucky cause I don’t have all those expensive upgrades and all stainless steel aplicances or granite countertops. My house payment went up close to $200 a month too for this nonsense. I don’t expect them to ever go down. They never have before.

  54. marge: yup exactly that here too, almost same numbers too, and I have a 150 year old 1000 square foot victorian doll house still in need of a lot of work

  55. Laurie – I find it hilarious that after 8 years of spending like drunken sailors on Halliburton, Bechtel and all Bush’s crony friends, Repubs are suddenly discovering “fiscal responsibility.”

    Even more hilarious, people are buying it. Give me a break. They just want to make Obama look bad. Unfortunately for us, it’s not difficult.

  56. Sorry Marge, but we “are going forward, not looking back” here according to our learned Chief Executive. No reason to get to the bottom of this mess so that it does not happen again. Forget criminal acts, they are just so much bother. After all, this is intended to be a “bipartisan” administration and the only way to achieve this is to “look the other way”.

    We must bail out the paper shufflers on Wall Street or we are going into the abyss. Can’t pay your mortgage or you just lost your job? We feel your pain. We really do. Now pass me a piece of that 100 dollar steak. Sally Quinn raves about it!

  57. The bottom line: 2010. 2010. 2010. The indelible tug of war. And if that does not work: 2012. 2012. 2012.


  58. Everyone is talking about how tax cuts have to made up by increasing taxes somewhere else, but what about spending $1 trillion dollars? Where does that money get made up?
    I’d rather have a tax cut, so I can determine how to spend my money not Obama. Use some direct spending to help people who aren’t working.

  59. I agree PJ. Where is the blue pill to get out of this Matrix?!

  60. madamab, you are immune to the blue pill. If you weren’t, you would be drinking kool-aid and making excuses for Obama right now.

    You are a PUMA because your body rejects the blue pill!

  61. I’d like to know just how much salary he intends to pay to the FLOTUS.

    (And please-I know Michelle is a victim of the Patriarchy, and as such may not be criticised. But I’m sure she’s as good as the next one at getting herself a working wage.)

  62. Who the hell can afford to buy the blue pill?

  63. Mawm – what do you mean “made up?”

    The government gets money three ways: borrowing, taxing, or printing it. Taxing the wealthy is the best, healthiest way to get the money into the coffers of the Treasury. Bill Clinton knew that and that’s why he did it immediately upon taking office in 1992. Not a single Repub voted for his economic recovery bill and he couldn’t have cared less because he was right, and it worked.

    And I repeat, if you have no job and no home, how will a tax cut help you?

  64. Mawm and Pat – LOL! Guess I meant the red pill!


  65. P.S. Mawm – I like your idea of giving money directly to the people too. 🙂

  66. Incidentally, Google is working on the ‘computerized records’ thang besides. And we all know how much we trust them. It won’t help the economy one whit,but it sure will be one more step toward government knowing EVERYTHING about us. Toss in that new “tracking software” that Google is innocently pimping as a way to know where your friends are.

    As for updated classrooms, where I am we have tossed many many millions into classrooms, new buildings, you name it. The kids still can’t read. But they sure do take great class trips.

    All the infrastructure and grass planting idea is going to do is create TEMPORARY jobs and more government jobs. Right now, government is America’s biggest employer, federally and in all states. Just as soon as everybody works for the Glorious Cause, everything will be fine and once in awhile we will all get a whole chicken for dinner if we behave. I wonder how well electrical engineers will take to operating a Bobcat?

    All those “green” jobs are just great, considering nobody will be able to afford to do the things they expect. How many people do you know can afford solar panels for their homes, if they even still have their homes? And imagine the poor buying $6.00 light bulbs when they phase out incandescent bulbs in 2010. That should help the economy, eh? Not to mention the the EPA has a set of rules for disposal of those bulbs when they are broken that would frighten the crap out of anybody. Mercury, it’s what’s for dinner. Plug in your car with electric rates sky high. Make no mistake about it, only the well to do will be able to survive when they are done with us. I suppose we could all move into the Oval office in the end, where the temp is kept as 70 degrees. For everybody else, there’s wood burning stoves.

    Toss in the new forced unionization labor wants to implement. Listen for another sucking sound of jobs leaving America. Prepare to work for temporary contract agencies, because that is exactly what is going to happen. I forget what they are calling that. Something like ” Employee Free choice”? How does telling people they can’t secretly vote equate to “free choice”? This reminds me of Reagan’s Clear Sky Inititative. Dirty something up and give it a clean name.

    I’ve been reading some pieces on how people who saved their money through the years are a “problem” right now. Greedy little SOBs won’t spend all of their money. How many things can you find wrong with that picture?

    …..And if you take an empty box and put a nice bow on it, you still have an empty box. Think of this whole bill as an empty box.

    Oops. I ranted. I’ll leave quietly.

  67. So it comes back to the same thing in the end – we
    need a leader. Someone we trust to do the research and
    thinking, to hire the right people. It seems the answers
    here are as varied as the people here.
    And it seems we all would have trusted Hillary’s
    solutions. Or are this not true – I’m not sure of anything
    any more.

    I do believe Hil would have had the best chance to
    lead us out of this. But the Repubs would have opposed
    her big time, media, too – all would have done all kinds
    of dirty things to bring her down. If she would have
    followed her idea to tax the rich (which I like), all hell would
    have broke loose. I don’t know what specifically, but
    Repubs would not have accepted it. Look what they did
    with Bill during the nineties.
    It would have been much worse with Hil. Could she
    have survived it? Who knows? She would have had to make
    some compromises.
    I want some leadership from Hil and Bill on the economy.
    The country needs them desparately. I don’t know what
    they can do now.

  68. madamab

    poor people pay taxes!
    they could use a break.

    i do tax returns for a living (no, not geithner’s)

    yesterday i did a return for a single guy who made 18k.
    his tax liability for the year was about 500 bucks. why not zero?? 18k?? what the fuck is that?

    he also had to pay a penalty to the state of MA for not
    having health insurance for the full 12 months of the year. he really could not afford the coverage. he told me the penalty was a lot cheaper.

    I can’t believe the taxes some of my elder clients pay.
    one is a hair stylist. 70 years old.
    because she makes a few bucks at her part time job, her ss income is taxed!
    wtf! this is a widow, living in an apartment. leave the elderly alone-they have paid and paid and paid.

    I could go on. families on such tight budgets due to layoffs they are at each other’s throats. yet they pay more taxes than some of my higher income clients who have all sorts of deductions.

    lower and middle class people should get a tax break.
    why do they have to pay to resod the mall, or staff acorn.
    they cant afford food or health insurance. and the stimulus bill is not going to help them.

    makes me sick.

  69. Hey Pat, I am looking forward. Forward to higher property taxes and paying more and more for utilities even as I turn the thermostat down and stumble around in near darkness at night,

    Oh yeah, I got a big $70 a month COLA raise on my Social Security check this year. Trouble is, I turn 65 this month and I now have to pay $100 a month towards my Medicare. Can’t tell ya how entitled I feel.}:(

  70. Speaktruth – I agree. Unfortunately, unless something changes soon, their input in that area is going to be non-existent.

  71. John McCain wanted to give every American 5K
    for health insurance.
    It wasn’t exactly universal health care but it was sure better than the big fat NOTHING the uninsured are getting from this administration.

  72. Marge: Why worry? The Pied Piper is leading us now. And he is black so all is good. I mean, isn’t this the real reason we have him in the first place? Not as president, but as the “first black president”? Whoopee Doo! Who cares if he never had the chops in the first place. We made f*cking, fantastic, phenomenal, history!

    Young, hip, with it, an AA! Next time I won’t even bother to consider credentials when Gary Coleman announces. You can’t go wrong when all you need is to “feel good”!

  73. Uppity Woman: Too funny! Sad but so true.

  74. god knows I could sure as hell used McCain’s 5k tax credit for health insurance… I pay out 9k a year and do not get any credit for it being self employed …and that 9k is considered “salary”

    sux –

    OT – I am a former labor organizer and the reimplementation of whats called a “card check” or non secret ballot is being viciously maligned. There are a myriad of reasons why this is very good for workers … but at the top of the list is it provides written proof of a workers support for the union which becomes necessary when workers are fired for union activity ( which they are ALOT thanks to mr. reagan)…
    also, as a former organizer – you would not believe the pressure the workers are under to simply NOT show up and vote when there is a secret ballot . The employers make it very clear that they know that you are there to vote FOR the union if you show up.
    there are many good unions out there doing alot of good for workers and alot of misinformation gets spread about unions.

  75. I hear you Cat. I totally support a more progressive taxation system. Ours is totally messed up. For example, official poverty levels need to be raised. I believe they haven’t been updated for decades IIRC – isn’t it 18000 a year for a family of four now? People who make so little should not pay any taxes at all.

    However, we should also raise taxes on the wealthy to make up the difference. The money’s gotta come from somewhere, and it’s always worked before.

  76. Indigo
    Line 29 of form 1040-still not a check for 5k but at least you aren’t paying federal tax on the HI premium.

  77. KM-Trouble is, I turn 65 this month and I now have to pay $100 a month towards my Medicare. Can’t tell ya how entitled I feel.

    I can’t believe that, that’s incredibly bad 😦

  78. madamab
    repealing the bush tax cuts-remember that silly idea??

    and if the politicians caught red handed with illegal household employees and making the same tax “mistakes” year after year actually paid penalties
    like the rest of us imagine the income that would generate!


    Obama sucks.

  79. Speaking of health care – anyone hear anything about who might be taking over HHS? I can’t even read the news lately.

  80. madamab: Names being flung around: Sebelius, Dean, Mikulski.

  81. Frozen foreclosures and other attempt to halt the decline in housing values would have hurt this economy terribly and still will. Those of you with houses complaining about your loses in value, face it, you did not lose any value because your property was “bubble inflated”. Get real, you house did not really go from 150k to 450k in 3 years. HGTV does not reflect reality.

  82. What is with the moderation bucket today?

  83. Cat – LOL!

    KM – 😦


  84. I’m dying to find out who will take over HHS. I sent my resume, but so far nobody has gotten back to me.

  85. NH
    owing the bank more than your house is now worth reflects reality.

  86. catarina – things may be different in my state or I am not understanding my accountant…. I do not do my own taxes but it is my understanding that my premium and deductibles are not a tax deduction… tax season is here so I’ll ask her to clarify!
    I use an accountant because I’m terrified of getting audited by the IRS again.

    One more thing about the card check / open ballot thing — in my union a card check was only used when an existing contract was in place…so workers had IN WRITING a legally binding contract that they were “voting” for…. it is all very clean and above board.

  87. My bet is that the HHS pick will be the most ridiculous, cringe-inducing selection Obama makes.

  88. Laurie, on February 5th, 2009 at 12:15 pm Said:

    KM-Trouble is, I turn 65 this month and I now have to pay $100 a month towards my Medicare. Can’t tell ya how entitled I feel.

    I can’t believe that, that’s incredibly bad 😦
    I have just done my Medicare/SS paperwork..It’s true ~$100/month off the top for part B.

  89. Arabella – you probably pay your taxes. Plus you are female, in the health industry and wicked smart.

    In short, you wouldn’t make it past Obama’s “vetting process.”

  90. Has he run out of Clinton appointees yet? If so, he may be digging into the GOP fold and offering up someone like Liddy Dole as a consideration. After all, this is all about bipartisanship.

  91. duh – catarina – I get what you mean … my comprehension skills are shot today ….. been pulling late nights and long days!

    I skirt the issue anyway because we pay my health insurance premiums from our joint account… in bad years with no salary (ala 2008) she claims head of household and me as a dependent……

  92. yay Arabella for HHS – let’s start making phone calls….
    however do you really want to work for that pr!ck???

  93. (8)

  94. ha didn’t know that happened with the 8!!

  95. He just made another f*ckin” speech!!! Thank God that I was in the shower for this latest and greatest.

  96. Indigo

    the HI deduction does vary from state to state, but you should see it on the front page of your federal return.

    if you itemize deductions the HI will also be claimed on schedule a.

    If you have a copy of last year’s return you can check to see if your accountant claimed it for you.

    its a good idea to have your taxes prepped by a pro if you’re self employed-very wise.

    geithner, are you reading this?!

    i will shut up now.

  97. I agree, Arabella, although it would be hard to be worse than “anything but Clinton” “pro-life” tax cheat Daschle.

  98. campaigner-in-chief.

    what a disaster.

  99. madamab: Don’t kid yourself. The”worst” is still lurking out there somewhere. Count on it.

    Need to go food shop. My “personal chef” insists we are running low this week. Just waiting for my “car and driver” to show up. And I am lowering the thermostat to 72 degrees since I will be gone a few hours. Need to conserve.

    Not bothering with a tax man this year since I am pleading that “I forgot” to pay. Just following the trends.

  100. catarina – but was I misunderstanding McCain’s plan …

    he was calling for 5k of what you pay towards premiums to be a tax deduction wasn’t he???

    I was (and still am) surrounded by familial Obots who spread false info about Teh One … they still think he is going to open up the Medicaid/Medicare/Govenment employees system at some point for folks to buy into….

  101. Madamab wrote:

    Speaking of health care – anyone hear anything about who might be taking over HHS?


    I expect it to be a Republican who wants to privatize medicare and medicaid. How about Arlen Spector? Or maybe Dick Lugar? They are both ready for retirement.

    Sorry for my cynicism. I’m really depressed by all this today.

  102. pat – ROFLMAO — you are priceless!

  103. I am so annoyed with the Obamasphere. They all kicked us out for saying exactly what they’re saying now! What a bunch of gullible, misogynistic fools.

    In six months, they will all sound like PUMAs, except that they will STILL hate Hillary for showing Obama what it means to be a real bold, creative leader as SOS. Plus, they are afraid of her ladyparts.

  104. I have a great idea for The One. Very bipartisan. How about George W. Bush for HHS? Dick Cheney?

  105. The title of this post should be

    “Obama Speaketh…again, and again… and again….”

  106. madamab,

    That is part of what has depressed me. I went over to the Cheeto last night and this morning, and so many of the Obots are now saying the same thing I was more than a year ago. I’d be less depressed if they were still defending Obama. But to realize that these stupid stupid people forced this empty suit down our thoats and now they are going to whine about the results for the next four years… I just can’t stand it!

  107. madamab: it would be nice if we could get a nice pro-choice woman into that position, wouldn’t it?

  108. OMG, this has to get out there. Women and gays under the bus again, while Obama elevates bigots.


  109. indie

    i think he was going to make the 5k a refundable tax credit.
    but they floated the dumb idea of making HI premiums
    taxable, and that sunk them.

    this would have addressed the unfairness you mentioned-the pre-tax advantage of employer provided HI. but people didn’t understand what that meant, and the O camp spun it, telling the public that Mac wanted
    to “tax their health benefits”.

    It was a really stupid thing for McCain to say-but the result would have levelled the playing field and given everyone the 5k.
    McCain was honest and it was used against him.\
    now we get nothing!
    thank goddess O saved us from the evil mccain!

  110. HSS nominee will be Jim Bob Duggar.

  111. bb: the koolaid wore off on the cheeto already? can we get an apology now?

  112. Dakinikat,

    How about Rev. Rick for HHS?

  113. McCain said Just NOW:

    “2 or 3 Republicans doesn’t make it bi partisan

    Lindsey Graham (R-SC) 12 minutes ago:

    “Scaring people is not leadership. Writing an editorial that if you don’t pass this bad bill we’re going to have disaster — we’ve had enough presidents trying to scare people to make bad decisions,” Graham said.

    “I like President Obama, but he is not leading. Having lunch is not leading … and doing TV interviews is not leading.”

  114. bb: my stomach just churned …

  115. Dakinikat,

    Apology? Some of them are claiming they always knew Obama was like this.

  116. afrocity: scaring us into wanting a bill passed, that sounds a lot like everything they day post 9-11 having to do with iraq, torture, etc.

    are we talking about bush 3 now?

  117. Indigogrrl

    “they still think he is going to open up the Medicaid/Medicare/Govenment employees system at some point for folks to buy into….”

    They may be confused with HRC’s Universal Health Care making federal / congressional insurance available to all Americans. I’m not holding my breath.

  118. I’m sorry, but chock one up for the repubs.

    having lunch is not leading


  119. and afrocity: doing luncheon engagements and giving speeches is all Obama knows how to do … why would it be any different now … did he have waffles for lunch? did he shoo the press away again or call any women darling?

  120. bb: isn’t there medication to help people suffering from delusions?

  121. Day 17 – hopey changey high wearing off…..where are the rainbows?… must get more koolaid. pony.

  122. i cant believe there is not a single woman in the entire f-ing US of A qualified to be HHSS.
    but I have a bad, bad feeling..involving a certain flashback to a certain screeeeaaaaammmm!!!

  123. mad-how are your boogers??

  124. obama does not need anyone to make him look bad, he does a great job all by himself. With on the job training, sometimes things don’t go so well. Was anything included in that stimulus bill for kool aid?

  125. Obama= Bush 3.0

    Chocolate Bush

  126. madamab, on February 5th, 2009 at 11:19 am Said: [Hillary said] she would have raised taxes on the wealthy, frozen foreclosures, renegotiated mortgages, created “green jobs” and strengthened the social safety net. She outlined it very well in her speeches and in the debates.

    Hers was a very straightforward plan and, although I didn’t agree with it all, I could get behind it because it wasn’t filled with pork and stuff that should be done another time. I think the moderate Repubs would have signed on also and it would be done by now!!!

  127. BB – I am so feeling you today. I am f+cking depressed by all this crap.

    And Cat, my boogers aren’t going away fast enough, although I think I am finally on the mend!

    Now going to Gary’ blog so I can be even more pissed off!

    MadamaB Haka 👿

  128. “she would have raised taxes on the wealthy”

    I would have voted for Hillary had she been the nominee.
    I do have problems with statements like the above. I don’t like small business owners like Mr. afrocity and his family being hurt. In the case of my MIL if they change capital gains tax she will get taxed up the a$$. The profit is her retirement money.
    She voted GOP for the first time since Reagan. She was for Edwards during the primaries.

  129. The k*s people will never admit that they were wrong.

    It was the people of the USA who made Tinkerbell die. They didn’t clap loud enough.

  130. HAHA Arabella that was hilarious!!!

  131. afrocity – I know what you mean. My mom sold her house (the only investment she had) last year before the housing market tanked. She made almost $500,000 on the sale! (Crappy little house on less than one half acre of land, but in a great school district and within walking distance of metro north. She paid $50,000 for it back in 1979.)

    She bought a condo in a nice building near to her old house, so she could still be near her kids, grand kids and church.

    She had to pay a huge tax bill. I mean, this is an 82 year widow who still works. She has had many surgeries and needs lots of prescription drugs.

    These “Tax the rich” statements have unintended consequences.

    My mom (and the rest of my family) live in Metro NY. The cost of living is astronomical. If you make $50,000 a year, that is not a lot of money.

  132. h/t to Gov Kaine here in VA who got the smoking ban passed

    yay for people like me who can’t step foot in a bar lerst they be carried out on a stretcher!! (because of smoke – myiq, NOT drink).

  133. Afrocity – that was her plan. Don’t kill the messenger.

    But I believe Hillary would not have hurt small business owners. She is too wonky to overlook them. Mr. Afrocity would have been A-OK.

  134. Well, at least you guys are making me laugh. {drying tears of frustration}

    Afrocity, I have to hand it to McCain and Graham. They have Obama’s number all right.

  135. I believe that my math is right and if it is, 900 billion dollars divided into 300 million people would equal $3000 for every man, woman and child in this country. Give it to us, let us spend it and watch the economy get stimulated. I admit I am ignorant when it comes to economics, but this just makes sense to me.

  136. Chocolate Bush. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!

  137. Your ritght catarina, but if you bought bubble priced house well you don’t get a special do over. Frankly there was a lot of info on the web warning people about the over priced houses since 2005. If you lose in the stock market or with any other asset it doesn’t mean the whole of society has to suffer to make up for your loss. You have to decided for yourself whether keeping the underwater house is worth it. But the whole of society shouldn’t have to pay for the hysterical, bubble up in housing prices caused by corrupt and greedy bankers, gov’t officials etc. The housing prices must go down to match the real life incomes of families in america.

  138. My mom says that Obama is not tough enough for the job. “Bush was an idiot, but he was thick-skinned.”

  139. This isn’t good..Ruth Bader Ginsburg had surgery today for pancreatic ca…

  140. It seems pretty obvious to me that smart tax policy can distinguish between an 80-year-old granny, a small business owner and the head of a multi-billion dollar corporation.

    Just sayin’. Just because Obama can’t and won’t do it doesn’t mean it couldn’t be done.

  141. Absolutely, madamab. We are talking about the top 1% here, not small business owners.

  142. SHV,

    {{ shudder! }}

    I hope she pulls through!

  143. No intention of killing the messenger. HRC statement is often used by the left. I used to get all happy when I heard it.
    yeah sock it to the rich!!!!

    Then I realized the varying degrees of “fat cats”. Mr. Afrocity’s dad was an accountant until he died of pancreatic cancer 1 year after retiring. MIL a partner in the business was left to face the rest of her life alone. They live in a university town and own student apartment complexes. She lives off the money.

    As the widow of an accountant, she mentioned the movie stars voting for Obama and their money. Then she said from her experience working with them in LA and NYC, most of them keep money in foreign banks and have good accountants that won’t let Obama’s tax plans get to their money.

  144. SHV – sending good thoughts to her! If misogynist Obama gets to appoint a Supreme Court Justice, we will all be living in “The Handmaid’s Tale” before long.

  145. Arabella, I completely agree with your mother. I did not expect much from the man and I have the sinking feeling that even I’m going to be amazed at bad this presidency goes down.

  146. Maybe Michelle wants to be on the Supreme Court.

  147. gxm17 said”I have the sinking feeling that even I’m going to be amazed at bad this presidency goes down.”

    …and how fast.

  148. that should be: how bad this presidency goes down.

  149. madamab, on February 5th, 2009 at 1:28 pm Said:

    SHV – sending good thoughts to her! If misogynist Obama gets to appoint a Supreme Court Justice, we will all be living in “The Handmaid’s Tale” before long.
    I have a sick feeling that he will nominate his BFF Doug Kmiec.

  150. yep, indigogrrl, that too. I’ve been stunned at the descent. And we even saw it coming. I just thought it would take years before we were proved right.

  151. Bader-Ginsburg is done. Who recovers from pancreatic cancer.

  152. Arabella,

    Dear God, I never even thought of that. I wonder if she could be confirmed by the Senate. The first black female supreme court justice. How could they say no?

  153. It’s a death sentence, Catarina. I just don’t know how long.

  154. gxm17 – 17 days…… he’s only been prez for 17 days.

    why waste time when you can piss off so many so quickly.

  155. there is no fucking way that psycho bitch sits on the supreme court while I’m alive..

  156. Arabella – not to worry, she’s too qualified and smart to get there.

    I”m expecting Cass “Roe v. Wade was a mistake” Sunstein.

    Anyone ready for that compound in Fiji yet?

  157. boomer, i think the word michelle has become a migraine trigger for me. 😦

  158. oh sh!t. Back to the all boys’ club.

    Sending healing thoughts to Justice Ginsburg. (And not just because she’s the only woman on the court.)

  159. I must have been living in a hole. I did not know that Justice Ginsburg had pancreatic cancer. She is my favorite Supreme Court Justice. I like her style. What a loss this Country will suffer if she is not on the bench.

  160. shit …
    and on day 18 the a@@hat will probably begin penning his memoir with his ghostwriter…

  161. Catarina,

    Breathe deeply….. with each in-breath, silently say, “I am breathing in good energy.” With each out breath, breathe out bad energy. Repeat. as needed.

  162. Well, one things for sure. The Obamabots are going to go nuts when Obama nominates the next SC Justice. He’s got some really unpopular names on his short list.

    Michelle might wind up looking fabulous by comparison.

    Now, when will Obama announce his drive to repeal the 22nd Amendment to the constitution? You know, the amendment that limits the presidency to two terms. Think I’m kidding? I am not.

  163. They say they caught the cancer early 1 cM
    But she was also recovering from colon cancer.

    I hope Obama picks justices better than he choses cabinet members.

    He also gets to chose the Archivist of The United States. Weinstein was not impressive. I would like him to get someone who will do something about the Patriot Act.

  164. I’m in moderation.

  165. boomer do i take the pins out of the MO doll before i start the breathing?

  166. catarina, I almost choked on my cofee! LMAO.
    Take one pin out on the inhale, stick it back in on the exhale. 🙂

  167. Larry Johnson has an interesting post up. General Zinni was offered the job of ambassador to Iraq, accepted, met with Hillary, and then the Obama WH pulled the rug out from under him–named someone else without even calling him to let him know. WTF!!?


  168. Afrocity – what would the Archivist be able to do about the Patriot Act? Please enlighten your clueless PUMA friend!


  169. Catarina,

    Absolutely not. Leave the pins in. That will help you diffuse your anger.

  170. LOL!

  171. Afrocity, I am loving the Lindsey Graham quote!

    And McCain is SNARKY! Go, Mac!

  172. BB – Sh!t! Zinni would have been a great choice. Didn’t BO decide to keep Bush’s guy instead? Khalidi?

  173. New post – come up for some Caption this photo fun!

  174. For those worried that tax the rich would hurt them –
    Why do people assume they are among the rich who
    would be hurt when they are not.
    Someone who makes 50K a year is so not among the
    rich. Also, if you sell your own house, I believe there is no
    capital gains tax. Now it is 15%.
    I believe even capital gains should be on sliding
    scale. Why tax someone selling 100K worth of stocks,
    lifetime savings, same as someone with ten million, making
    millions a year.
    My definition of rich who should be taxed more –
    above 300K – after expenses, or maybe little less. Hil’s
    def was above 250K. But see how angry people when
    this is mentioned.

  175. Pancreatic cancer is bad; my uncle died from it less than a year after diagnosis (and it’s excruciatingly painful). Most prognosis are 6 months or so. But Marilyn Horne had it – and she’s doing ok. She was diagnosed about 3 or 4 years ago, had surgery, and it appeared to be successful; she’s still alive. I think the thing with pancreatic cancer is that it has to be caught almost immediately. Just a few weeks later…and it might already be too late.

  176. Obama’s “infracture and school make up and old-fashioned-old energy” bananas are crap! Every prez says that! WHAT’S NEW, OBAMBI? RESIGN NOW, BEFORE THEY START CALLIN’ YA BUSH III

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