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236 Responses

  1. first

  2. I’m #1 Yeah!!! what did I win?

  3. Hi all

  4. bronze medal for me?

  5. Hello

  6. I enjoyed that show. I learned a few things tonight

  7. crud 4th place!

  8. afrocity hello!

  9. thanks RedDragon!!

    Anyone else got some feed back?

  10. The Patriarchy is under the bus (shhh… don’t tell the leader of the Eastern Orthodox Church)

  11. great show all missed regency

  12. and madamab

  13. (((((fuzzy)))) we talked so much we hardly got to any calls!

  14. Hey…that’s right angie and afrocity — the Patriarchy…UNDER THE BUS! We’re handing them their pink slips

  15. I surrender the heat is comming on its 59F in here

  16. elderj! did you listen?

  17. fuzzy are you kidding me?

  18. y’all did a great job

  19. kiki — what kind of little pup is that in your avatar?

  20. You guys did a great job in expressing your points of view in a polite and civilized manner. Your talking points were well researched and your delivery was excellent.

    The only problem is that the show itself was not long enough. The hour sped by!

    You each held your own perspective nicely and it was excellent. We commentators over to the side were impressed.

    Next time: longer please!!!!

  21. yeah, I stayed on hold forever………….

  22. I know I have said this before here, but I want to thank all of you for letting me be a part of this community. The ladies here have helped me to become a better man by understanding what a woman deals with on a daily basis.

    You will never know all you have done to help me grow as a person……Thank you

  23. looks like a Maltese

  24. i did… the whole show… afrocity cussed; lilylamb called in, lots of discussion about pr0n0graphy and feminism

  25. I said one curse word Elderj.

  26. my cousin is on TC right now spying on me — she is too scared to comment.

  27. I missed afrocity’s potty mouth! 🙂

  28. ok, I was kidding about staying on hold – I didn’t call. and I don’t even know that puppy in my pic, I found him or her online. but my little toy poodle is even cuter – he doesn’t photograph that well (he’s all black and you can’t see his eyes or nose or anything). so I borrowed some puppy stranger.

  29. heh…

  30. angie: Then she must not be blessed with your DNA!

  31. It was a great discussion, but I’m worried about the suggestions that sound like thought control. I’m afraid I’m not going to stop expressing my opinions and that may mean I no longer fit in here.

  32. yeah, what reddragon said

  33. That hour sped by so fast.

  34. no way boomer! debate is important and healthy. The only thing we agreed on is that we’re all women…and the patriarchy exists…everything else was personal opinion.

    If we had more time,…we could’ve heard more opinions.

  35. Pat J — bs — she is more ballsy than me by a middle

  36. Boomer?

  37. I want Afrocity’s cousin to comment!! Welcome to The Confluence–even though I’m not a happy camper at the moment.

  38. She is just acting shy

  39. Red dragon,

    But will you make me go dutch if we go out on a date?

  40. afrocity – yes, it was just one word… btw I like your comments about the challenges of dealing with the issue of patriarchy and feminism and how it relates to the black experience

  41. The great thing about this place Boston is that you DO have a voice. We may not agree with one another, but as long as we keep it respectful, we can agree to disagree.

  42. SOD,

    I still think the woman is question is in a powerful position–working in the White House and in contact with powerful people. I still think she has a responsibility to stand up for women. I’m not going to change that opinion.

  43. Sorry Afrocity, my mama taught me to always pay for the date…LOL

  44. Boomer — no one was advocating “thought control.”

    There is a whole new generation of women that can be freed from this cycle of divisivenss of women — that’s our role (IMHO)

  45. Elderj,

    What is going on with your avatar? I told you to use Franklin from the Peanuts gang.

  46. Red Dragon. That’s all very well, but if we can’t laugh at ourselves and other people anymore it’s a much less interesting place to be.

  47. Hat Shari,

    Great show, but it could have been better if you took a few calls! After a while you guys were just repeating yourselves.

    Patriarchy exists and women are victims of it, but women need to take responsibility to rejecting it, rather than succumbing to it. For example, a women who hangs out in a bar getting trashed and is subsequently raped, is NOT responsible for her Rape. But if she can be more vigilant and avoid being in the wrong place at the wrong time, she might want to be that vigilant!

    Another thing, many women judge other women too harshly. We often hold women to a higher standard and let men off the hook in the process.This is an example of patriarchy at work and using women to maintain it. I believe that women do have a responsibility not to be used to maintain it, particularly if they understand it. This is how men divide and conquer us! But with that being said, the women who are used are no more guilty than the men.

  48. Red Dragon,

    You are my kind feminist :o)

  49. I see your point Boston. It would be a shame if we could no longer do that huh?

  50. Repetition is good.

    It helps make the thought control more effective.

  51. Afrocity: You should really write a book. My father wrote a book, touting the black experience and the lot. He’s kind of a hypocrite (who also has problems paying his taxes) but he claims to have lying life experience. I would definitely buy your book.

    Tell me again, why it that dishonest, irresponsible people become successful while others are left to struggle?

  52. That was a great show…on my crappy computer speakers, it is difficult to correlate voices with people…I think it would help if participants responded with names more often.

  53. BB — correct….there are many women that have broken free – but not enough.

  54. Awesome show. Loving everyone.

    To answer the question on why would some men want to support feminism (insert emoticon here signaling happiness and non-defensiveness). Few thoughts come to mind. One, there are men who believe in equal justice, just as much as women. Two, there are men who have experienced injustice first hand, because of race, sexual preference, other minority tribal experiences. Three, there are men who respect strength and independence in women, for whatever reasons of their psychology or experiences. Four, there are men who want to bring positive gender-parity change to society, without having a particular male agenda, and can sometimes make a difference without following a script. The imperfect human Bill Clinton comes to mind.

    I swear, I’m going to start working on a software that enables full emotional nuance in blog interactions. I personally tire from all the over-compensating.

  55. Gotta run…..Goodnight everyone!

  56. SOD,

    Sheri said over and over again that judging or criticizing other women is wrong for ideological reasons. I totally disagree, and IMHO this discussion is changing the whole tenor of this blog, unfortunately. I just prefer an open forum to ideological rigidity. I know some of you agree with me, but no one but Pat will even say so.

  57. Boomer — I have a post for tommorow that will definitely make you laugh. I promise!

  58. SOD,

    I spent years in a women’s consciousness raising group. I’m quite familiar with the ideology and I noticed “the patriarchy” back in the ’60s when I was in hs. What I’m talking about here is freedom of speech and expression.

  59. I agree — bb …keep in mind those were merely personal opinions.

    As I tried to summarize at the end. The only things we agree on right now is that we are all WOMEN and the patriarchy exists.

    The solutions still need to be worked out. But it’s a start.

  60. Regency:

    Seek not to change the world, but choose to change your mind about the world.

  61. eek — my wireless connection is acting hinky — I got kicked off. I was on the phone with my cousin — she is going to bed but promises to come back & say hi herself. 🙂

  62. f…me the spammy ate me.

  63. Anyway, I’ll go back to lurking. I really don’t want to highjack this thread. The show was really interesting and you all did a terrific job!

  64. Boomer snap out of it

  65. my avatar is a modern rendition of franklin

  66. Afro: But if the world doesn’t change, how can I change the way I see it?

  67. night y’all, and thanks!

  68. KendallJ — we honestly meant to get more callers but the time flew by! I couldn’t believe it when I looked up & we only had 12 minutes left!

  69. SHV’s post is in the mod but I can’t get him out.

  70. It may not be my place to say it, but we are a group of highly opinionated people. We have been since this blog was created. One person’s opinion or perspective does not, and should not, overule the rest.

    We come here from varied backgrounds, life experiences, fiscal challenges, generations. It would be foolish to expect we all think alike or agree on every issue. Most of us express ourselves with passion in our beliefs.

    There are differences and we hardly speak with one voice. But we do recognize the problems and the issues at hand. The difference is in what we bring to the table emanating from our own individuality.

    When we diverge it is not personal, merely what we think and who we are. I have disagreed more often than not with some of the comments from others as I am sure my comments have struck chords in those who do not agree with my standpoint.

    We are not Obots. We should always feel free to disagree. All voices add to the dialogue and surprisingly we often find a common ground. There is nothing determinative about what we feel or say. But we should always treat one other with respect and never allow fear of exposing ourselves to rule.

    I learn from you all. Please do not take that away.

  71. night kiki!!

  72. Afrocity,

    Maybe you should lock me in Captain Spaulding’s basement and slap me across the face with a dead fish a few times?

  73. Regency,

    I can’t answer that question because that was all that fit on the Snapple bottle cap I quoted it from 🙂

  74. Amen Pat J!

  75. well i’m gonna leave too

  76. SOD,

    I’ll get it. I don’t know what’s going on.


    sm77, on February 4th, 2009 at 9:34 pm Said:


    Here I am … LOVING the View From Under the Bus…


    One of my male cousins from the Bronx calls me…for ADVICE.

    I love my cousin – BUT DAMN. The Patriarchy is blocking me listening to the show.

    madamab, on February 4th, 2009 at 9:39 pm Said:

    Stupid patriarchy, SM77!

    I think they infested my computer too. I’ll have to listen to the show tomorrow when I’m STILL home sick.




    I was not born nor grew up in the NYC area, but most of my matriarchal family is there. And for some reason, I’m becoming the “go to” person for advice.

    Is this then a MATRIARCHY in action???

    In my mom’s side of the family – we are AMAZON WARRIORS.

    So the very stuck up, very hetero male came to cousin MAMA to seek guidance. I hope he does us right.

    He will. He has a FIERCE mama (my aunt) so he’ll be ok.

    But I’m sad I missed the show.

  78. No, Boomer we need to go to Legal Seafood and have a gripe session.

    I am not 100% there myself you know.

    Can I blame white people for everything? No!

  79. my avatar is a modern rendition of franklin


    don’t go elderj!!

  80. I think I’m going to have a pool party this summer!

  81. We can all point and laugh at them

  82. Where are you going elderJ?

    We need to make AA and Repub quota tonite you can’t leave me.

  83. Afro: *snort* Nice one.

  84. Pat, I agree wholeheartedly. I force no one to believe what I believe.

    I may have a strong opinion and voice it, am I to hold back because others have a different one?

    I appreciate all opinions and I also appreciate the fact we all don’t have to agree. But let’s not minimize discussion by saying we don’t fit in or might leave.

    Everyone’s opinion is important. It’s not important that everyone agree with it.

  85. SOD,

    Or Chicago? I live in a hi-rise with a party room and hot tub. Lake Views.

  86. bb — am I going to have to start posting more corny jokes for you?

  87. Are you buying, Afrocity? I’ll have a bowl of clam chowder and for desert, chocolate chip cookie ice cream.

  88. I enjoyed the show. I had difficulty distinguishing your voices.

  89. Angie,

    What has four wheels and flies?

    A garbage truck.

  90. SOD — I’m going to (hopefully) be in Greece come July — so, how about a beach party there instead?

  91. Either works — I’ve got the hot tub too! We can do two parties….

  92. Why did the little moron throw the clock out the window?

    He wanted to see time fly.

  93. I’m not going anywhere…. you guys need a representative of the patriarchy in the room 😉

  94. purplefinn — I was the really smart one. 🙂

  95. bb — LOL!!

  96. Yes, we do elderj. That is kind of my point, but not quite LOL!

  97. Taggles,

    Puma has opened its arms to me a Black Republican. I get a lot of shit on here but SOD and Angie have had to intervene and help me through some hard times where I have almost left TC.

  98. excellent stay on elderj!

    and a republican to boot! Ha!

  99. BB: I heard something different from what you heard. What I heard Sheri say (to paraphrase) is that women should not allow themselves to be separated from each other by ideology; that the starting point of our interaction is that we are women…differences in our ideology should not cause us to view other women negatively.

  100. bb — How Do Crazy People Go Through The Forest?
    They Take The Psycho Path

  101. The next show, I need to take notes. I am not sure who made the point but gender trumps, race, religion, ethnicity, etc. As Shirley Chisholm pointed out, being a woman was a bigger barrier than race. When she was in congress, the AA males wouldn’t associate with her either.

  102. I will buy Boomer. You know you have made me think of coming to Boston for a visit. I have so many friends there.

  103. SHV — that was ME!! see purplefin — I told ya I was the smart one! LOL

  104. I’m glad you said that Taggles, because it sounded like you were saying we did have to agree with you. I don’t question that we live in a patriarchal system, but I still believe everyone has to take responsibility for their own actions, especially if they are in positions of power and influence.

  105. angienc2, that was obvious, of course! And I know taggles voice from the other shows. You all sounded even more intelligent than you do in print, if that’s possible. Strong voices for sure!

  106. Sheri said over and over again that judging or criticizing other women is wrong for ideological reasons. I totally disagree

    I’m with you a hundred and ten percent on this, BB. Would Sheri advocate not judging or criticizing someone simply b/c s/he’s the Dem candidate, say someone with the initials BO? Of course not. Same principle, isn’t it?

  107. SHV,

    I think I asked the race question.

    The AA women felt that race came before gender.

    I felt that you should vote for the best person. That was Hillary in my book.

  108. Don’t ever leave Afrocity. You are a strong voice here.

    Thank you for being you and PUMA!

  109. That would be great Afrocity. We should all get together.

  110. My family: Hillary is a woman and so are you. But Hillary is a white woman and you are not.

  111. I thought brains came before balls. Little did I know that I could have had both.

    Like James C. said oh so long ago, “If Hillary gave Obama one of hers, then, they’d both have two.”

  112. Everyone’s opinion is important. It’s not important that everyone agree with it.

    It’s only important that everyone agree with ME!


  113. I thought brains came before b*lls. Little did I know that I could have had both.

    Like James C. said oh so long ago, “If Hillary gave Obama one of hers, then, they’d both have two.”

  114. I think we are seeing a backlash of the trashing that took place during the last year. Most of us were taken aback by the outpouring of hatred directed toward female candidates that we had never witnessed before.

    We took it personally by all accounts since we so closely identified with the women who took it on the chin on our behalf. It made us realize that the male dominance was in full play once more.

    It hit us hard. Right in the heart so to speak. And I think when we find ourselves in disagreement on certain things we take it all the more personally as it just drives those negative feelings once more to the surface.

    We do feel powerless. We can identify the patriarchy who helps to shape and define us. These are the issues that make it difficult to discuss because it is visceral rather than cerebral. To overlook these facts is to dismiss the depth of the feelings that flow from this blog and the hearts and minds of those who contribute.

    Like it or not we are a sisterhood but diverse in character. Our struggle is to fight against the system and lay victimhood to rest if we are to succeed. Keeping an open mind is first step.

  115. moderation!

  116. Moderation for me as well.

  117. I’m totally down with a trip to Chicago, Boston and/or PA (well, only because I love SOD) sometime over the summer — it isn’t 100% that I’m going to Greece (depends a lot on the economy) but I will keep everyone posted re: dates of my trip.

  118. afrocity, on February 4th, 2009 at 10:37 pm Said:


    I think I asked the race question.

    The AA women felt that race came before gender.
    With the race history in the US defined as Black/White and all of the historical baggage that goes with it, I would agree. In the bigger picture, they are wrong.

  119. Remember I am launching New Puma blog for right wing PUMAs (all two of us 🙂 )

    It is called

    South Paw- No More

    PUMAs on the right side of the lion’s den

  120. They Take The Psycho Path

    “I did it my way”

  121. Top 10 list is tonight

  122. Joanie,

    I think I am an open-minded and fair minded person. But I still reserve the right to view other women negatively if it feels right to me. For example, I now view Gloria Steinum negatively. That doesn’t mean I don’t respect her work in the past or that I claim she isn’t a feminist. But I reserve the right to judge her actions. I also do not think she is at this point a victim of the patriarcy. She is a member of the ruling class of this country. She is rich, famous, and powerful, with access to major media when she wants it.

  123. myiq — I think that if everyone would just keep the fact that I’m right in their head as a given we could save a lot of time.

  124. BB NO ONE has to agree with what I say. I have an opinion. I have thoughts. I am my own person.

    People can take what they want and leave the rest.

    Hopefully I represented a slightly different “view” on the View tonight, that some found helpful. If not, that is ok with me.

  125. bb — still here? for you:

    What’s The Difference Between Roast Beef And Pea Soup?
    Anyone Can Roast Beef.

  126. Angie,

    I love the psycho path! LOL! When I was a kid those little moron jokes were all the rage. Pretty tasteless, huh?

  127. boomer — I agree that women can be complicit. I’ve said that many times. Those who are enlightened cannot claim to be unwilling participants.

  128. Oh, that is really bad…. pea soup….

  129. SOD — LMAO!!

  130. myiq — I think that if everyone would just keep the fact that I’m right in their head as a given we could save a lot of time.

    You can hear the voices in my head too?

  131. bb — the more things change the more they stay the same — the little moron jokes were popular when I was a kid too.

  132. SHV,

    But do they feel empowered now that Pampers is POTUS?

    I was in the post office the other day. It is a small branch so it only has three slow but nice old black ladies working there. Their cubicles are plastered with pictures of Obama. They are so proud and I have noticed they are nicer. So maybe he did give them hope.

    I am thankful that I did not need Obama to feel hopeful.

  133. That’s great Taggles. Thanks. I basically agree with you. I just think it’s important to still have a sense of humor and proportion.

  134. You are all libruls so you are all wrong.

  135. afrocity: It is a possibility.

  136. I”m not always right….

    Once I thought I was wrong….but then it turned out I was right.

  137. Goodnight, angie, bb, myiq, afrocity, elderj, SOD, Pat, Regency, Johnboy and all. Sweet dreams you opinionated lovable lot.

  138. SOD! LMAO!!

    Night purplefin!! xoxo

  139. I am living on all the money I made being right. This is why I am poor.

  140. So many people call me SoD now.

  141. OT, but I’m just loving this post by Markos M. We tried to tell you, you arrogant a&&hole!

    Meanwhile, Obama hands yet another cabinet post to yet another Republican, this one a right-wing small-government ideologue who voted to eliminate the Commerce Department he will now head just a few short years ago. Then he gives a schizophrenic acceptance speech where he thanks New Hampshire’s governor for caving to his demands for a GOP replacement for his seat, while at the same time arguing that it’s time to get past “partisanship”. Oh, then he punches Obama in the face by denying him a critical cloture vote on the Senate version of the stimulus bill.

    So hey, HHS has an opening, and the media establishment is piling on with progressively crazier ideas, because what the heck, in this post-partisan environment, the party that won doesn’t get the spoils. So Romney to HHS! Or maybe Gingrich!

    Hahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!! Morons!

  142. anyone remember the Grateful Dead line:

    I ain’t often right but I’ve never been wrong.

  143. You are all libruls so you are all wrong.

    Oh yeah? Well, you . . uh . . you got ugly shoes!


  144. SOD: I am just too lazy to spell out the whole name.

  145. bb — i firmly believe in judging people when I believe them to be in the wrong. as a man, i do not at all see the empowering nature of p0rn0graphy for women because i know it does nothing but make it more difficult for men to resist the already overwhelming societal and i would say sinful inclination to treat women as objects, in this case objects of sexual gratification.

    i do not blame women for their exploitation but i hold them accountable for their actions, just as i hold men accountable for theirs.

    dave chappelle had an interesting comedy piece he did about the way women in the club dress “like ‘ho’s” and then get upset when they are treated that way.

    i’m sure i’ll get in trouble for this….

  146. Are we admitting that Panetta is a mistake yet? There is no vetting machine over there. My god, I’m at the point where I’m afraid to let this choose his own underwear much less his cabinet members.

  147. Like I said…we’ll be having parties all summer….

  148. bb — yep, Markos — smell the change– it is coming from your @ss! LOL

  149. SOD,

    That’s funny. I’m just lazy too. Besides, everyone calls me bb.

  150. elderj: Will you marry me?

  151. Myiq,

    oh yeah? Well your make up makes you look like a clown!!

  152. I don’t mind…I just think it’s funny! Sod ads….hahahahaha!

  153. Please tell me he has run out of Clinton appointees?

  154. dave chappelle had an interesting comedy piece

    I believe the line was “She was wearing the uniform.”

  155. afrocity, on February 4th, 2009 at 10:44 pm Said:


    But do they feel empowered now that Pampers is POTUS?
    Maybe, but in the long term it is likely to backfire because as you and other have pointed out..Obama is 1/2 African but he isn’t AA. My nephew-in-law(?) is 1/2 West African and as he told me years ago, without the cultural history, he couldn’t say he was AA.

  156. ‘night Purplefinn. See you manana.

  157. Regency — we didn’t bother to vet the guy we (and by we, I mean those morons over there) in the WH. Why worry about the vetting of the cabinet?

  158. SOD: I am beginning to wonder about you. Bathroom sinks, grass. Hmmmmmmmmm.

  159. Pat J — no kidding & last night she was talking about wanting to throw flour on Lohan’s “fur!”


  160. We didn’t vet Obama. Why should anyone else go through it? Oh wait! Bill and Hill had to hand over everything but Chelsea’s first grade report card.

  161. Regency – they believe in “self vetting” as in “We’ve conducted an internal investigation and have determined that we didn’t do anything wrong in the Blago scandal.”

    PJ – let me check with the wife…

  162. Pat Johnson, on February 4th, 2009 at 10:50 pm Said:

    elderj: Will you marry me?

    aw, another love connection of TC!

    really though, elderj is da bomb! (are the kids still saying that?)

  163. OOF! Of course elderj is married!! He’s too good for some one not to snap him up!

  164. I didn’t know elderj was married. I rescind my proposal.

  165. Okay, I just finished watching it, so I want everyone to know, if you haven’t seen “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” then you should rush right out and rent something else.

  166. just kidding… i’m not married, but i’m not available either…

  167. Elderj is typical black man leaving his black sistuh behind in favor of a white woman. I am a victim of the patriarchy and white America.

  168. LOL! Pat, I heard Chelsea had to cough up her baby footprint and hospital bracelet before they were satisfied.

  169. afrocity you crack me up!!!

  170. Myiq,

    I thought Sarah Marshall was a bit boring until the last 30 minutes.

  171. bb and afrocity: You guys just made me laugh out loud. And I am alone here!!!

  172. Patriarchal educational materials can be problematic if you can’t have such rational discussions about their content.

    I’ve been happily married for 30 years. it ain’t broke so I’m not fixin it.

  173. angienc2, on February 4th, 2009 at 10:54 pm Said:

    Pat J — no kidding & last night she was talking about wanting to throw flour on Lohan’s “fur!”

    I stopped reading Jezabel and Perez Hilton after they drank the Kool-Aid. Maybe I need the check things out to see what is going on with Lohan and Sam.

  174. Has Rahm cleared himself yet?

  175. angie — don’t go there again

  176. This is funny guys. You know that infamous Obama
    HOPE poster that looks like Communist propaganda? :

    On buttons, posters and Web sites, the image was everywhere during last year’s presidential campaign: A pensive Barack Obama looking upward, as if to the future, splashed in a Warholesque red, white and blue and underlined with the caption HOPE.

    Designed by Shepard Fairey, a Los-Angeles based street artist, the image has led to sales of hundreds of thousands of posters and stickers, has become so much in demand that copies signed by Fairey have been purchased for thousands of dollars on eBay.

    The image, Fairey has acknowledged, is based on an Associated Press photograph, taken in April 2006 by Manny Garcia on assignment for the AP at the National Press Club in Washington.

    The AP says it owns the copyright, and wants credit and compensation. Fairey disagrees.

  177. i’m not married, but i’m not available either

    I am living proof that there are plenty of available men if you are willing to lower your standards.

  178. After I read about Ashton and Demi I had to wonder if any of these people have any brains. Demi is pushing 50, and she sounds like a complete twit.

  179. SHV: perezhilton.com is still one of my must reads each day which only goes to show how far I have sunk in intellectual pursuits.

    Sam and Lo are on once again! They have not beaten up on each other in two days so things seem to be going well over there. Amy Winehouse is supposedly “clean”. Whatever that ensues.

    And for anyone still following this and has a perverted interest, Suri, Tom, and Katie are relaxing on a Brazilian beach.

    I could go on but I won’t.

  180. Myiq,

    I did lower my standards and all I got was this lousy tee shirt that says “I’m with Stupid’

  181. lowered standards are all the rage in DC this year!

  182. I have lowered my standards. I now only insist that they remove the backwards baseball cap and wear a belt when eating. I may be shallow but I do believe in table manners.

  183. 2008 = the year of “Lower Standards”

  184. There used to be a funny bit on SNL years back called “Lowered Expectations”.

  185. Amy Winehouse is supposedly “clean”. Whatever that ensues.
    I am glad that Amy is doing better..I thought she would be dead by now. The “Brit” and Parris have also turned things around. Maybe if Jez and P.H. have gone off Obama mania, I’ll check back in.

  186. myiq — women aren’t crawling all over you because they don’t properly appreciate sick & twisted. I, on the other had, do. 😉

  187. Look at some of these comments on the Kos post attacking Obama for acting like a Repub. This one got 68 recs.

    Obama put a big sign on his backside that says “Kick Me” and the media and Republicans did!

    OMG, some of the people who are now claiming they always knew Obama was like this were some of the worst Obots who were troll-rating Hillary supporters into oblivion!

  188. pj – that was a great skit!!!

  189. That’s my Sarah:

    Palin Fires Back At Ashley Judd Over Hunting Attack

    Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has taken aim at actress Ashley Judd over the star’s new anti-hunting ad campaign. The Double Jeopardy star fired off at Palin, who last year ran as a U.S. Vice-President candidate, in a recent Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund, accusing the politician of planning to expand the aerial hunting of wolves in her native state.

    But Palin insists Judd and bosses at the charity group are misguided.

    In a written statement, the Governor calls Judd’s campaign video, which hit the Internet over the weekend, a “fundraising ploy”.

    In the new ad, Judd says, “When Sarah Palin came on the national scene last summer, few knew that she promotes the brutal aerial killing of wolves. Now, back in Alaska, Palin is again casting aside science and championing the slaughter of wildlife.”

    But, in the statement posted on the state of Alaska website, Palin responds, “The ad campaign by this extreme fringe group, as Alaskans have witnessed over the last several years, distorts the facts about Alaska’s wildlife management programs.

    “Alaskans depend on wildlife for food and cultural practices which can’t be sustained when predators are allowed to decimate moose and caribou populations. Our predator contr0l programs are scientific and successful at protecting vulnerable wildlife.

    “Shame on the Defenders of Wildlife for twisting the truth in an effort to raise funds from innocent and hard-pressed Americans struggling with these rough economic times.”

  190. Pat J & SHV — phooey on perezhilton & Jezebel — I’m a defamer fan all the way — snarktastic!

  191. Pat Johnson, on February 4th, 2009 at 10:39 pm Said:

    Hear you loud and clear PJ. Thanks. I learn a lot from you.

  192. myiq — women aren’t crawling all over you because they don’t properly appreciate sick & twisted. I, on the other had, do.

    See, a typical person willing to lower standards just to prove that all hope is not lost. There is someone for everyone if you just keep digging.

  193. It’s like smoking a camels 2 hours into a good buzz. just doesn’t work and it’s frustrating as hell.

  194. Get me out of moderation

  195. Oh, and defamer stayed out of the political fray — some posters now & then made some allusions to Obama but nothing big or “front page.”

  196. Is this an open thread? I hope so, because What. The. Fuck. “Hail to the Chief” replaced by Sting?


    “On Day One of his presidency, everywhere Mr. Obama went they played “Hail to the Chief” for him – but not since. In fact the U.S. Marine Band’s duties at the White House over the last 10 days appear to have been dramatically downsized.

    “Instead of the usual contingent of trumpets, tubas and drums, a single piano player now provides musical interludes before and after the president’s appearance.

    “And the tunes have little connection to the military marching music of John Phillips Souza that is the usual accompaniment to presidential appearances. These days the pianist’s repertoire includes Cole Porter’s “Night and Day” and Sting’s “Desert Rose.””

  197. SHV: I’m a Jezebel refugee too…

  198. From former Obot DK commenter:

    “As I said of people touting his community organizing experience.- this is not community organizing. This is board room big business negotiation where people will sue each other and say nasty thing about each other just to gain an upper hand in negotiation. The later style defines how the GOP negotiates.”

  199. He settled for Sting since they refused to let him be heralded in each time by L’il Wayne.

  200. Jadzia — maybe he doesn’t let them play hail to the chief because he *knows* he didn’t win the nomination (which makes him smarter than the average Obot).

    I’m telling y’all defamer.com is the best site.

    Pat J — did you try to get in the oscar pick up group?

  201. Here we go my liberal friends.

    You are painting Obama as a republican because liberals always have to have an antagonist and it usually has to be someone from the right. We repubs are laughing at this. Obama is not a republican. Obama is an opportunist. Meanwhile on the right we are grouping to see what to do to get this bzero ass out of office in 2012.

    Keep saying he is a Republican. We are just nodding and thinking if you guys need to use that mantra in order to sleep at night fine, meanwhile we will sit here with our plans (Move along nothing to see here)

  202. This is completely OT..but a nice follow up to what Dr. Joycelyn Elders has been up to….He life give some perspective to what overcoming long odds means:
    Born Minnie Lee Jones (she changed her name in college to Joycelyn, the name of her favorite peppermint candy), she was the eldest of eight children, which made her the foreman when each of them got old enough to help in the cotton fields that her daddy sharecropped. He also trapped raccoons and she helped him skin them. They ate the raccoons and he saved the money from the skins to buy swatches of land for himself, eventually accumulating 80 acres.

    School for blacks was a two-room house at Bright Star (the one in Howard County, not the one farther south in Miller County), where there were benches but no desks, no workbooks and few books. School was held when there was no work to be done in the fields. The school bus was an old truck chassis with a flatbed covered by a big plank box with chicken wire nailed over the window openings so the children wouldn’t tumble out. High school was the training school for black children still farther east at Tollette although few went to high school.

    But there was a reasonable semblance of education going on both places. In 1944, she got a better chance. Her father got a wartime job in the Richmond Shipyards on San Francisco Bay and she and her mother and the smallest baby joined him for two years. For the first time she attended school with whites. The school tested her and placed her two grades ahead of her age group. She excelled for two years and she got the idea that she was as bright as white kids and might do something more than work in the cotton fields or even clerk in a dime store at Nashville, which had been her farfetched ambition. Only whites were store clerks in Arkansas in the 1940s.


  203. Afrocity,

    I didn’t say it. I was quoting Markos Moulitas and his merry band of Obots.

  204. Jadzia, on February 4th, 2009 at 11:12 pm Said:

    SHV: I’m a Jezebel refugee too…
    Meagan was the best!!! but she really fell hard for the “one”…she move on, I think.

  205. Jadzia,

    Your post eloquently proves my point. Obama is not a Republican.

  206. Markos getting snarky is he? Boo hoo! He pushed, shoved, jammed, crammed, to get him in. Now he must live with it.

  207. I know what Obama is, and it has nothing ot do with political ideology. He is a sick, twisted, mother-obsessed pathological narcissist.

  208. Angie — I love defamer. LOVE. On a related note, I am the one who joined your Oscar group this afternoon (apparently my Jadzia handle was already taken). So now you know my real first name.

  209. “Lowered Expectations” was MadTV.

  210. angie: I tried twice. No luck.

  211. BB,

    I hope you don’t go anywhere. I appreciate your comments very much. And I agree that thoughts should flow freely. Especially when someone feels unclear about something or is trying to work something out. Discussion will help us advance and define what we, as a group, and as individual Puma Patriots, want to do/say/act upon as this resistance takes shape.

    I work Wednesday nights and miss the show, but I’m really glad it’s happening.

  212. Regency: Uh uh. It was during the time Phil Hartman was on and they used that voice of Jack Handy. It would show two fatties in jeans, their backsides big enough to land a jet, holding hands, and throwing crusts to the ducks.

    I never watched Mad TV.

  213. I’m not going anywhere, Erica. Thanks for your kind words. If you want to listen to the shows you can just go to the website and replay them.

  214. New thread up (with lowered expectations)

  215. i really don’t like the informalization of the presidency that he’s doing.

  216. Jocelyn Elders was thrown under the bus for speaking an obvious truth.

  217. BB….even MoDo has jumped on that bandwagon….along with head cheerleader Campbell Brown. It is a sad day when you look at the state of these “presstitutes” as KM calls them…..I hope Beezulbama gets everything he richly deserves and then some!!!

  218. Pat J — it requires some kind of souped up PC–I can’t get on from home but can from work. Give me your picks & I will create a different user name & put them in for you (at work, of course)

    Welcome Jadzia!! Glad you are playing & glad to know I have a fellow defamer fan here!

  219. If y’all make a Legal’s run in Boston, you’d better invite me! I can’t imagine a better combo than Pumas and seafood. (for dinner, that is).

  220. angie: I will get them to you tomorrow. I have them downstairs.

  221. Pat Johnson, on February 4th, 2009 at 11:23 pm Said:

    Jocelyn Elders was thrown under the bus for speaking an obvious truth.
    Probably wouldn’t have happened to a man. She is a really “classy” lady.

  222. Pat J — wonderful!! Get my email address from KatieBird or SOD & you can send them to me. Yeah!!

  223. pat J, we are going to be having PUMA meetup in MA soon. You in?

  224. taggles: I am but I cannot drive at night.

  225. well someone will have to lend you a spare bed — make it a sleep over!!

  226. BB
    i am older than most of the commenter here (in my mind I am 21} but women have to act better. We are the teachers of the next generation. How do you tell your teenage daughter or niece or teenage son or nephew how to act when you do not act right. The girl in the magazine someday will have children, how will she explain her acts. I know this is old fashioned and out of date but it is still true.

    When I was working back east, I had a girl come in to my department and ask me to help her get a job in the department. She was wearing a tee shirt that said “if you do not like my attitude FU”.Now why would I need the headache of having her in my department. I was getting paid to get a job done not put up with bad attitude.

    Yes some things are the fault of patriarchy, but some things are the fault of lack of common sense.
    God gave all a brain, only some use it.



  227. oh shit. neither can i. the lines in the road are always ZIGGING and ZAGGING.

    Boston Boomer will have to be designated driver.

    bb for dd.


  228. helenk — I think a lot of the problem is there is such a dearth of positive role models for younger girls — these days sex is just everywhere — sex is an important part of life but this society has become nothing but sex, imo. And frankly, there are other things that make up a “human being” than just sex.

  229. But you guys are kind of clustered together. And me on 128 during the daytime is bad enough! My son is in Reading but I would not be able to stay there as his mother in law is bunking in for a few months since she sold her house in Lexington.

  230. re: the over sexing of our society — when I was younger & asking about the “birds & the bees” my mother told me: sex is an important part of life, like eating or breathing. But it isn’t the only thing in life — I don’t want you to live without it, but I don’t want you to make the mistake that a lot of people do who make it the most important thing in their lives & end up being defined by it.

    See what a good mom I had?

  231. Pat J — if the Boston meet up is over the summer (no way can I make it before then) I’m going to rent a hotel room — you can stay with me — but you will have to put up with an annoying small dog that looks like a squirrel. (yes, Pepa flies everywhere with me).

  232. angienc2
    When my daughters had children, I told them you no longer have the right to act like an asshole.
    That may sound cruel but how else do kids get good examples.
    All three of my daughters were good mothers and the older granddaughters luckily have common sense due to their mothers teaching.
    Are they perfect no but who is?



  233. helenk! LMAO!! I know a few parents among my friends I wish had someone who had told them that!

  234. angienc2
    You were one of the lucky ones that had a mom with common sense.
    I hope you let her know just how much you learned from her.



  235. helenk — my mom is the bestest mommy ever. (and I’m not just saying that because I’m her kid! 😉 ) And don’t worry, if ever a day goes by that I forget to tell her so, she’ll remind me! LOL

  236. helenk — there is a new thread up! those meanies left us here!! come on up!

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