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It’s “Caption this Photo” Time – Deluxe Edition


Caption this Photo #1!

Ya think the MSM Propaganda unit would’ve airbrushed some Hope And Change (TM) into that  photo before releasing it. Could this be why Obama looks the way he does?

WASHINGTON – His infant presidency already shaped by mounting national troubles, President Barack Obama now faces an added challenge: weathering the fallout of a spate of nomination glitches.

What?  Reporters are actually, like, reporting factual events?  Ya don’t say!  You mean Obama can’t just brush it off his shoulders?

“I screwed up,” Obama said repeatedly after two top nominees withdrew their names from consideration, saying they wanted to avoid becoming distractions for the president as he seeks to move ahead with an ambitious agenda. “I’m frustrated with myself, with our team.”

Because making “boneheaded” mistakes is just so, you know, 2008.

In a series of Oval Office interviews with TV network anchors Tuesday, he took the blame for the nomination missteps and vowed to live up to the new era of responsibility he mapped out during his inauguration speech just two weeks ago.

For all you Obama-haters out there, employing lobbyists is not the same as employing FORMER lobbyists or their wimmen folk, so don’t get it twisted!

Taken together, the problems called into question the thoroughness of Obama’s vetting process as the Democrat’s team pushed to put his Cabinet and White House team in place at a lightning-quick pace after last fall’s election. The problems also threatened to undercut Obama’s promise to change business as usual in Washington; previous presidents have faced similar problems with their nominees.

Even as he works to stabilize the rapidly worsening economy and plan for a troop decrease in Iraq and increase in Afghanistan, Obama’s most immediate objective now is to move on from what the White House called an “embarrassment.”

How does he move on from this Reporter Hate?   Deflect the negativity with an Obama Pr0n Cute Moment with kids (TM), STAT!  It worked for Dubya back in 2001, why not now?

Did you catch that last part of the video?  “doing the same job, day to day, season to season.” I hear you, Obama.   Being President can be a thankless job.  But hey, at least you have one in this economy.

Meanwhile, S.O.S. Hillary gets to go places!

In another departure from her predecessor, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton plans to visit East Asia on her first trip in her new role. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton plans to make her first trip in her new role to China, Japan and South Korea. The move is a departure from Condoleezza Rice’s initial foray.

And then she gets all the media love from overseas too! (via Madame Secretary Foreign Policy Blog):

US Great BritainBy and large, both the British and German papers today are delighted that Secretary Clinton’s meetings with British Foreign Minister David Miliband and German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier seem to herald a new day for transatlantic relations.

The Independent detected “bittersweet moments”:

The two top diplomats gushed over each other, with Mr Miliband declaring he was “delighted” to be meet with Mrs Clinton exactly three months after Mr Obama was elected, two weeks after his inauguration and one full day after Mrs Clinton was formally sworn in. Whew. Their talks were “detailed, substantive and friendly”, Mr Miliband recounted.

But was there a hint of regret that Hillary wasn’t in the White House? As far as the Foreign Office is concerned, Barack Obama, is an inspiring but essentially [a] blank sheet of paper.

Those ungrateful Brits!  WTF don’t they understand about Obama saying:

“I serve as a blank screen,” Obama writes, “on which people of vastly different political stripes project their own views.” He notifies readers that “my treatment of the issues is often partial and incomplete.”

Those Brits just don’t get Obama’s Zen shit right there.    He is SUPPOSED to be a blank SCREEN, not a blank piece of PAPER.  They invented the language, ya think they’d note the big difference between “blank paper” and “blank screen,” sheesh!

(Who wants to bet Obama & Hillary will trade places by the end of 2009?)

Now for Photo #2:

Caption This Photo!

Caption This Photo #2!

214 Responses

  1. I love it SM!!!!!

    Barry can’t stop thinking about those Wonka bars!!!!!!

  2. Photo number 1
    I have been here two weeks now. That is longer than I have been at most of my jobs. Time to move on up. But where will I go now?

    Photo number 2
    Look I know I say this but spin it to mean that.
    Hell the American people have short attention spans and won’t know the difference anyway. Except for those damn PUMAS



  3. He looks as though he’s finally had the realization that this is an honest to God job -that he’s going to have think, have to do presidential kinds of things and speak the truth – at least now and then.

    Great post SM77 – thanks

    ERA today!


  4. PHOTO 1:

    Damn, even I want Hillary back.

  5. My alternate for #1 was – ” Good grief, I should have let Hillary have it!”

    ERA today!


  6. #1 : I could’ve had VP

  7. Joanelle you’ve got mail

  8. dope slap for obots:

    your chosen one


  9. I LOVE IT SM!! You go sister. Loved the Hillary updates too. She is really the only bright light in this whole sorry Obama-Bush mess.

    Photo #1: This is just as boring as being in the Senate…and now, I can’t even use my Blackberry! Is it too late to say thanks, but no thanks?

  10. #1 Bataan Death March 2.0

  11. Did anyone ever capture that photo of BO during the campaign when he was stretched out on a couch “directing” his minions from a prone position….I think that one (if it can be found) needs a caption now, too.

    Caption: “Gee, even talking to kids is so, like, you know, boring.”

  12. caption:

    How could have anyone thought I would know what to do? I was only a Senator for 148 days, now you expect me to solve this?!? SUCKERS!

  13. Photos 1, 2: “I’m Dullard Scott Free”

  14. #2

    I’m here to be take the heat for the theft of the treasury barack has promised his global friends.

  15. Honora – LOL!

  16. Caption #1: Can’t I just eat my waffle?

  17. #1: I wonder how that birth certificate thingy is going?

  18. #1
    hmmm..I’d love some of that fine young Larry SInclair right about now…

  19. 😈

  20. catarina!!!!! 😈

  21. Karma is a biatch! I’m laughing my ass off right now.

    Hillary looks like she’s gonna have a blast with her SOS job despite all of the challenges. I’d much rather be traveling the globe than trying to fix the mess going on in this country. Guess this is the second time after Gore where the actual winner who didn’t win ends up getting the better deal. Being president these days sucks. Unfortunately for us we keep ending up with the losers who don’t know shyt. Why does video #1 and the accompanying video remind me of Bush’s my pet goat moment?

    I had to hear the Obots several months ago talk about how Hillary’s reputation has gone down in around the globe whereas Obama is a rock star. Well celebrity is fleeting. Ask the number of has beens in Hollywood. Only those with the real deal become legends. Looks like the international community will look to Hillary to get work done while Obama can just entertain the Obots and children (what’s the difference?) with his wife’s fashion and what he’s currently playing on his IPod.

  22. sm77, on February 4th, 2009 at 1:06 pm Said:

    PHOTO 1:

    Damn, even I want Hillary back.

    HAHA. Yes! Guess he shouldn’t have given Biden the choice of SOS or VP. I’m glad Hillary isn’t VP because she’d be locked away in the White House trying to do his job and write speeches for Favreau. Babies!

  23. #2
    hmmm..I’d love some of that fine young Larry SInclair right about now…

    😈 😈

  24. Photo #1: I sure could use a cigarette!

  25. #1
    wonder if any of these kids has an extra ciggie?

  26. Wow. I didn’t notice this until now but his hair is graying at a rapid speed. He definitely did not have that much gray last year. He’s going to age dramatically the way Bush did and still f*@% the country up. Awesome.

  27. Catarina LOL!!!!!!!

    “when can I get home and wipe this brown shoe p0lish off my face”

  28. Catarina – GMTA!

    Afrocity – OMG you did NOT!!!! LOLOLOLOL

  29. # 1
    Wow, Jessica Simpson’s booty sure has grown all of a sudden..

  30. #1 uh uh ummmm ah ummm

  31. thank you sm for enabling my dark side 😈

  32. #1 – Shoulda listened when George W. told me this Presidentin’ was “hard work.” Yaaaaawwwwwnnnn!

  33. taggles – hee hee hee hee!

    You guys are cracking me up!

  34. #2, the old okey doke

  35. Love SM!!

    I’ve said it before and I’m going to keep saying: It is so completely un-Presidential for the President of the United States to say ““I screwed up” God I loathe him.

    First photo: I’m bored with this. Good thing I have the 2012 campaign to start on.

    2nd photo: If I wrinkle my brow people with think I’m serious & thoughtful.

  36. I think he was dying his hair and stopped during the primaries so that he’d look more presidential. It’s all about playing the part for Obama. Unfortunately, the man can’t do improv. IMO, he’s looking very uncomfortable in his new role. He is so out of his element and looks completely confused. Worse than Bush even.

    Caption for photo 1:
    Is it too soon to take my first vacation?

  37. Honora – LOLOLOL

  38. # 1 PUMA’s told me so.

  39. gxm — I agree — he was dying his hair before to appeal to the “youth vote” Once he had those suckers on the hook he could let his natural graying back in to appeal to the older crowd — he didn’t have to worry about the “youth” because they are morons — they not only still voted for him after his FISA vote, they justified his FISA vote.

  40. Heh. And here I thought he started dying his hair grey to appear more Presidential!

    I guess we all agree on one thing: Not Ready For Prime Time.

    Just like we have been saying for the past 12 months.

  41. the statement that Secretary Clinton and backtrack would trade places by the end of 2009 would scare the hell out the rest of the world.
    Can you see world leaders trying to talk to backtrack about something of substance? By the time backtrack with his attitude finished insulting other countries we would be at war with most of the world.
    The way it is now he can sit or lay down in the white house, when they get bored he and mo can read a book to a classroom and stay out of the way while the adults get the real work done. Bring them out for pictures once in a while and have his boy toy write a speech that he can stumble thru. Lets face it the country ran while raygun was sick and most of the world did not know.
    Just keep the football away from him in case he gets bored and by accident starts a war.



  42. Caption #1: I am so bored! And I hate kids as well.

  43. Everyone remember “Ready on Day 1000?”

    He told us exactly what was going to happen – NOTHING.

  44. Caption photo 1:

    Pampers-I am Barak Obama and I am A koolaid drinking Obamaholic….

    All-Hi Pampers!

    Caption photo 2:

    Crap who put the visine in my rum and coke?

  45. btw — how the hell is Michelle sitting in that chair with her legs apart like that wrapped around the legs of the chair? And she’s the “new Jackie” my @ss — Jackie has style and grace — she wouldn’t have been caught dead sitting in a chair like that.

  46. Did you guys hear the tape of him reading the book? No expression, my kids would never put up with that. He is reading about experiencing the first step on the moon and he is in total monotone.

    Did they really have to do this together?? I mean he does have a job, couldn’t she have handled this one alone. And if they both argued over who got to go and do it, then why not go to two classrooms, so twice the kids would get to see them. Answer: none of it is about anything but the photo op. The people are props and the 2012 campaign is already underway.

  47. Honora — Obama never has any expression unless he is talking about himself.

  48. angienc – LOL!

    You are so right – I didn’t watch the video, but geez, woman, cross your d*mn legs!

  49. It worked for Dubya back in 2001, why not now?

    Well, as Honora said – he doesn’t really know how to read to kids – borrrrring and secondly he’s in much deeper than Dubya and finally he doesn’t have a daddy who can smooth things over or a mama who will beat them up if need be.

  50. PJ – You should hear how he is reading to those children. He’s using his “Dreams from My Father” monotone.

  51. I will never forgive this man for lying, cheating & intimidating himself into the nomination &, thereby, not only leaving us stuck with his incompetent a$$ but robbing this country of the person who actually had the potential to be one of the greatest Presidents this country has ever seen. Everybody want so badly to pretend that Obama is FDR but meanwhile they rejected the “real” new FDR.

    (and I’m not fooled by those teeny tiny little insults — the msm is still fluffing him — if they are reporting anything a tad negative, then it must be REALLY bad)

  52. I am liking that pic of Hillary — does she have her own seal as sec of state?

  53. I have really good intuition – and my intuition is telling me that this saga hasn’t ended yet – his being in office is not where the whole story ends

  54. I guess you had to read my post from this morning to get caption #1 so here it is:

    OBATS Anonomus metting:

    Timmy Kisstofer-Hi I am a koolaide drinking Obat and I Screwed up

    All-High Timmy

    Chri$tina-Hi I am chri$tina and I am a koolaide drinking Obat and I Screwed up

    All-High Chri$tina!

    NarKo$- hi I am NarKo$ and I too am a koolaide drinking Obat and I Screwed up

    All-Hi NarKo$

    PInk Freetoe-hi I am Pink Freetoe and I too am a koolaide drinking Obat and I Screwed up

    Crap this could go on and on!

    six months later when every one has introduced themselves…the meeting finally gets started…

    to get my post in number 2 you would have to be a sordid lives the series fan!

  55. Joanelle – I agree. I have a funny feeling that by 2010, Joe Biden will be President because Obama will step down for some reason or other. HRC will run again in 2012 and win by 60%.

    I’ve had this feeling for a while.


  56. we all know that visine + Alcohol = Instant diaharea!

  57. madamab, yikes! I’ve been having the same funny feeling. I think he’s gonna crack and make some excuse to step down. (Twilight Zone music)

  58. Photo #1

    “I feel like a hot tranny mess….”

    h/t angienc2

    (damn that still makes me laugh and its been months!!!)

  59. Loved your post this morning, fuzzy. It got my day off to a good start.

  60. madamab & gxm17 – I hope that happens and isn’t just wishful thinking…..

  61. SM77, great post….I am laughing so hard.

    Plural, Hillary has her own seal & as SOS she has custody of the great seal of the United States.

  62. Photo # 1:

    Shit, this isn’t the fun I thought it would be. I know! I’ll go on some trips on the big plane. That’s what Dubya did!

  63. Photo #1:

    “Good god, children are soooooo beneath me.”

  64. #1. Whew! All that reading really wiped me out. Time for a nap.

    #2. Uh, Tim? Is that a banana in your pocket, or ….

  65. Joanelle and MB–I also agree. I think he’ll need to step down for health reasons since he won’t be able to handle the pressures of the job (at least that’s how the spinmeisters will portray it).

    Hillary 2012–from our lips to Goddess’s ears!

    The photo captions are cracking me up. Afrocity–only you could get away with that brown shoe polish remark. 🙂

  66. I can see Hill getting people who’ve never sat down together to discuss important matters to finally address global needs. Becoming so important that when Biden becomes Pres he picks her as his VP because he won’t want to run for Pres in 2012 and she slides into the Oval Office by overwhelming majority.

    Yes, I’m sure O loves the “big plane” just a Dubya did.

    ERA today!!!


  67. Sophia, thanks! Very cool.

  68. Photo #1

    “God Damn those PUMAS!

    Photo #2

    “Looking mighty fine in those jeans Tim!”

  69. his reading voice put me to sleep

  70. indigogirl! LMAO — I can’t believe you remembered that — dang, I can be funny sometimes, huh? 🙂 (and it is perfect for that picture — he does look like a hot tranny mess!)

    madamab & Joanelle — I agree 100% with your predictions (Michelle Whitedove, winner of America’s Psychic Challenge does too!)

  71. Caption #1 I screwed up.
    Caption #2 I made a mistake and so did Barack.

  72. Nell, on February 4th, 2009 at 2:23 pm Said:

    Joanelle and MB–I also agree. I think he’ll need to step down for health reasons

    Or they’ll carry him out screaming and frothing at the mouth in a straight jacket because it’s just too much for him. 😯

  73. elderj — I prefer his “reading voice” even though it puts me to sleep over his “fake preacher speech voice” which makes my blood pressure go up!

  74. #1 I’m bored. Is there another office I can run for?

    #2 I have no idea what the h3ll he’s talking about

  75. 1st Photo: How come Bush got to read “My Pet Goat” and I got stuck with this book? And when the hell do I get MY nap? Damned kids don’t know how good they’ve got it.

    2nd Photo: Obama wondering: I wonder if Tim will do my taxes this year if I ask him?

  76. #1: Oh Sh!t, I’m f*cked.

    #2: I wonder if Camp David is like a real camp…. when Hillary goes to Japan, I hope she brings me back something…. hmmmm, did I pay my taxes?…. oh d@mn should I be listening to this guy?

  77. Great Post!!
    Poor….poor…Bambi & his crew. “Karma is a B*T*H”!!
    They force-fed him to us to get ride of the 1st woman President.
    We tried telling everyone; he does not have the core to do this job. Now, we are stuck with him.

  78. Photo #1: I wish I was in Haiwaii surfing and hanging at the beach.

    Photo #2: You mean I have to pay the damn taxes?

  79. FLVoter – hahahahaha thats hilarious


    Keep em coming!

    OK, to recap, my caption for #1:

    Damn, even I want Hillary Back

    AND caption for photo #2:


  81. #1 I should have used Preparation H.

  82. Honora: LOL!!!!!!!!!

  83. Photo #1: “Pastor Wright would liven this place up.”

    Photo #2: “I’m just not into you anymore.”

  84. This is sad. Here we are only two weeks in to the new Obama Administration and we have an abundance of f*ck ups to choose from. By the end of February he’ll be saying that being President is hard, really hard.

  85. #1 – Ninety-nine bottles of beer on the wall, ninety-nine bottles of beer…

    #2 – You see Tim, you add up what is in cell 12 and cell 13 and that tells you how much taxes to pay on your income. Or at least that is what Michelle tells me to do.

  86. photo #1 — man, Obama looks like a man who is finally working — he’s got ddeep wrinkles, a furrowed brow bloodshot eyes, graying hair, and not happy — all in the course of a couple of weeks. What a change from the man who looked plastic faced (due to Botox injections for his tics) who was always looking down his nose at people. Perhaps, Obama is growing up.

  87. Optixmom – LOL!

  88. Fembots – well, I wish he had done it BEFORE he stole the d+mn nomination!

    We never needed a grownup more than right now after 8 years of the frat-boy-in-chief. Thank Jeebus the Foreign President has HER act together.

  89. Okay, British Foreign Minister David Miliband is kinda cute…from a distance anyway.

    Photo 1> “Tralalalalalala…*sigh*……..what time is it?……..tralalalalalaa……”

    Photo 2> “Tralalalallalala…*sigh*……I knew I should have to bed early last night instead of all that fisting……tralalalalalala…..”

  90. From the BBC:

    Obama’s Cabinet Crisis
    It was beginning to look rather awkward for President Obama. Just two weeks into the Obama presidency, a perception was beginning to form of a growing contradiction between the President’s high-minded rhetoric on ethics and lobbying and the reality of his choices.

    …Those Brits. Contradiction? Hahahahahaha. Have some more koolaid!

  91. Caption 2:
    Obama: God, I love you.
    Geithner, I TOLD never grope me in public!

  92. PHOTO 1

    “I still can’t believe they voted me into office. Help me.”

  93. Let’s try that again.
    Caption 2:
    Obama: God, I love you.
    Geithner: I TOLD you, never grope me in public!

  94. Photo #1- Is it time for milk and cookies yet? And then I want a looonnnggg nap.

    Photo #2- Yeah, Tim, you tell’em. I don’t even know how to pronounce arbitrage without Jon whispering in my ear.

  95. Thomas – I don’t think he’s smart enough to realize he needs help yet.

    Give him six months!

  96. indigogrrl, on February 4th, 2009 at 2:11 pm Said:
    Photo #1
    “I feel like a hot tranny mess….”
    h/t angienc2
    (damn that still makes me laugh and its been months!!!)


  97. Caption 1: “Wonder if I could pay Burris to let me have my old job back?”

  98. Further on in that Independent (UK) article that sm quoted is this tell-tale sentence:

    “A pre-election confidential assessment by Britain’s Ambassador Sir Nigel Sheinwald described deep anxieties: Mr Obama was a fence sitter given to “assiduously balancing pros and cons”, Sir Nigel wrote”

    (sigh) Those Brits are indeed more perceptive than 99% of the US media.

  99. Caption1:

    “Pet Goat? Hell, I don’t even want a DOG!!!”

  100. Breaking News:

    10-year-old dies, was found hanged at Chicago school.

  101. Assiduously balancing pros and cons is fine, as long as he freaking DOES SOMETHING! It’s the lack of action after all the thinking that is so annoying!

  102. SM -this is a classic post – frame it and hang it someplace conspicuous – as in about 10-15 months you’re going to want to look at it and say “See, I told you, I told you!” 😆

  103. Joanelle – especially our predictions! Right, Angie?


  104. i have trekked my way through the morass of cable news today, just a minute or two was all I could take, but they are still making excuses for borack.

  105. #1

    When can I blow this joint and get stoned?


    Pillow Talk

  106. MadamaB- from your lips to God’s ears – 🙂

  107. Afrocity, that’s terrible news. There was another similar case in Austin TX this past fall. Again, a 7-year old boy found hanging on a bathroom hook.

  108. #1 I’m ah ummm er O O O O ver my ah Head

  109. Taggles – he apologized! Isn’t that enough? Leave Barack alooooooone!

  110. madamab:

  111. mawminc – more likely, “I sooo have the munchies right now. I wonder if that kid will share his lunchables with me?”

  112. Oh my I love Bob Somerby:

    This is part of why we sometimes called the Dem nomination fight a “Cordelia campaign.” As with King Lear’s one truthful daughter: In several episodes in the Dem primary, the person who wouldn’t offer BS got widely slimed for such conduct. … You see, people like Dowd were still involved in their long-running wars against the Clintons and Gore. And many liberals bought the whole package; in some cases, they had internalized the press corps’ long-standing anti-Clinton campaigns.


  113. Caption 1:

    (practicing the bestest apology eva over and over again in his head)

    “I screwed up”

  114. elderj, you are right, he does sort of look stoned already.

  115. Caption #1

    “I love the smell of my farts.”

    Caption #2:

    “Tim’s got a pretty mouth.”

  116. madamab, regarding your post downstairs:

    We watch the end of the movie the other day, and Gary said almost exactly what you wrote about, that it is a pity that you could make the exact same movie today and it would still ring true.

    USA + Equality


  117. Mawminc – word, brother!

    Am watching Never Been Kissed now…Michael Vartan is gorgeous!!! And could Drew Barrymore be any cuter?

  118. angienc, thanks for your support!

  119. What’s with the wearing of BLACK?

    Mrs. 0 needs a lot of help — hair style — clothes — posture.

    I can’t remember another wife of da PEBO who was in such need of lessons in manners, dress & behavior.

  120. madamab,

    I am a Drew Barrymore fan. Like Never Been Kissed, but my secret feel good movie is Ever After. My husband knows that if that movie is on, we’re watching it.

  121. Where is the “inspiration” in his Chicken Little routine day-after-day?
    The sky is falling! The sky is falling! Isn’t the role of the President to give others a sense of confidence that he/she is able to right the ship of state? His basic strategy seems to be:


    Since the economy is also largely psychological, this can hardly be helpful.

    Obama: Catastrophe coming if Congress doesn’t act

    WASHINGTON (AP) – Republicans tried to push back against the ballooning size of President Barack Obama’s economic recovery plan Wednesday, even as he warned that the financial crisis will turn into “a catastrophe” if the bill isn’t passed quickly.


  122. I think it will turn into a catastrophe if it is passed quickly.

    I can’ t stand all that crying wolf.

  123. NW rain – we need to send the guys at Hillbuzz down to DC to give her some lessons.

  124. He seems to be an “eat your spinach” kind of guy.

  125. What the hell? “Catastrohpe”?!

    Consumer confidence: you’re doing it wrong.

  126. I will never forgive this man for lying, cheating & intimidating himself into the nomination &, thereby, not only leaving us stuck with his incompetent a$$ but robbing this country of the person who actually had the potential to be one of the greatest Presidents this country has ever seen. Everybody want so badly to pretend that Obama is FDR but meanwhile they rejected the “real” new FDR.

    Ditto angie. And I’m not buying the “tough press” either. It’s all framed in such a “poor Bambi” way. Don’t ya feel sorry for the poor fella, inheriting all this Bush mess? He needs our support, because it’s not his fault!

  127. Regency, you here? I’ve been saving this picture for you, in case you missed it. Biden really seems to love Hillary–I think he was a major factor behind her SOS nomination.

    Article about Biden, but must see for picture of Hillary:

    But their rapport is increasing as they spend more time together, some aides say. During the transition, Mr. Biden prepared a slate of candidates for cabinet posts for Mr. Obama’s consideration. “Joe’s list was very similar to Obama’s own list,” says Mark Gitenstein, who headed the vice-presidential transition. Aides say Mr. Biden’s list suggested Mrs. Clinton for chief diplomat. “Joe loves Hillary like a sister and backed her completely [with President Obama] for secretary of state,” a Biden adviser says.


  128. Caption for photo # 1
    I wonder if I can’t run for something else now…I was so good at running campaigns…
    Capton #2
    You think you have it tough? Try being married to Michelle! I beg of you! Try it!

  129. Lord help us all, David Plouffe is writing a book “The Audacity to Win” about the historic Obama campaign. Looks like he wants to further the Obama myth. I don’t forsee him admitting to where Obama’s money came from, the r@ce b@iting, misogyny, stealing delegates, etc….. Just another crock of sh!t.


  130. Fif – it’s a far cry from “We have nothing to fear but fear itself.”

    Imagine if Hillary were Pres – she’d be on TV all the time telling us how everything was going to be OK. And we’d believe her.


  131. Fl Voter
    I am so with you on Ever After!

  132. I agree Regency. Eesh good leaders instill resolve and courage in their people. Not fear and panic.

  133. chatblu

  134. Hmmmm…maybe Ever After should be my next rental!


  135. Great thread – and I even got reminded about the “hot tranny mess”.

    On my way out but keep the snark going, gang – it’s good fun to read while busy.

  136. Hi SM. Love that quote from the Independent. Keep on truckin.

    #1: those crazy ole madrassas. i miss those days.

    #2 when is he going to take that finger out of my ass.

  137. Ever after is great.

  138. edgeoforever & madamab,

    Perfect night to watch Ever After. Cuddle up, have some hot tea or chocolate and enjoy some good escapism. It’s gonna be cold tonight by FL standards. Our low in Fort Lauderdale is supposed to be 34 tonight.

  139. I love Ever After – well done.

    “The Audacity to Win” – good grief we have to get someone to write about what REALLY happened before that hits the market.

  140. Caption One:

    “I could have had a Clinton (for president.)”

    Caption two:

    “I should have known better than to cross Her.”


  141. Oh, pshaw FLvoter – it’s currently 29 here in NJ and expected to go down to 8 overnight! Snuggle time 😉

  142. Why is everyone connected with Obama a lying sack of sh!t? Oops! I noticed that today anytime I mention anything related to Obama the word sh!t just flows out of me. Sorry all, I will try not to use sh!t so much in the future. There must be cleaner adjectives for him, I just haven’t been able to think of any.

  143. He’s got his teleprompters running right now.

    Still no optimism. Just scolding.

  144. angienc2, on February 4th, 2009 at 1:57 pm Said:

    I will never forgive this man for lying, cheating & intimidating himself into the nomination &, thereby, not only leaving us stuck with his incompetent a$$ but robbing this country of the person who actually had the potential to be one of the greatest Presidents this country has ever seen. Everybody want so badly to pretend that Obama is FDR but meanwhile they rejected the “real” new FDR.

    That’s it, Angie. That’s it in a nutshell.

    When people tell me to get over it, I say what you said, and tell THEM to get furious.

  145. Joanelle,

    8 is just to d@mn cold for me.

  146. OMG – crying while in the midst of a sinus infection – NOT GOOD!

    Stupid romantic movie.


  147. Just heard that “Sully” the pilot who landed the plane on the Hudson a few weeks back, called his library to report that he couldn’t return the book he took out because it ‘s in the plane.
    Hmmm – here we’ve got O who’s a crooked as they come, Daschle who finally crept away, Phelps -what a disappointment, and all the others in DC but someone who could have gotten away with something -chose not to because he’s an honest man – ROLE MODEL, ROLE MODEL – get this man to DC to show them what a leader looks like.


  148. Hey! Just checking in before heading home but if y’all need something to do tonight, tune into Puma United Radio — Sheri Tags is on @ 8:00 p.m. EST & a special edition of The View from Under the Bus is on @ 9:00 p.m. EST!

    Snuggling is allowed.

  149. Angie said: snuggling is allowed

    Oh, good! 😉

  150. Sully for Pres!

    Angie – I will miss talking with you all tonight. Everyone tune in!

  151. Caption 1 – Maybe if I up the prozac, lower wellbrutin,
    or…..maybe add some zoloft, lower prozac….or up…
    oh,f*ck it, maybe if I ask George he’ll tell me. He got
    it perfect those last few months, always laughing…

  152. “Still no optimism. Just scolding”

    Plural, I agree. He always has that stern scowl on his face, unless he’s being a wise a**. In contrast to Hillary, who is always encouraging and upbeat, he has always had that dour demeanor. I know he is likely trying to feign seriousness and maturity, but we don’t need fake pessimism, even if real pessimism is called for. It is so incongruous with his inane “hope” trademark.

  153. Sorry Sully will have to wait, it is Hillary’s turn next. Hillary would have landed that plane on the Hudson, gotten everyone safe and then done CPR on the birds in the engines. She is that kinda leader.

  154. Gosh, tr0ll, why don’t you take your tiny dick and shove it up your *ssh0le? Don’t worry, you won’t feel a thing.



  155. Empowering Republicans
    by kos

    What have we seen the last few weeks? Democrats caving to GOP demands and inserting useless tax cut provisions to appease them. Then they vote en masse against the stimulus in the House. Meanwhile, Obama hands yet another cabinet post to yet another Republican, this one a right-wing small-government ideologue who voted to eliminate the Commerce Department he will now head just a few short years ago. Then he gives a schizophrenic acceptance speech where he thanks New Hampshire’s governor for caving to his demands for a GOP replacement for his seat, while at the same time arguing that it’s time to get past “partisanship”. Oh, then he punches Obama in the face by denying him a critical cloture vote on the Senate version of the stimulus bill.

    So hey, HHS has an opening, and the media establishment is piling on with progressively crazier ideas, because what the heck, in this post-partisan environment, the party that won doesn’t get the spoils. So Romney to HHS! Or maybe Gingrich!

    During the Bush years, the best interests of our country took a back seat to the GOP’s failed ideology. Right now, it looks like the best interests of our country are taking a back seat to the failed ideology of “bipartisanship”.

    It would be nice if, for once, people actually looked at what was best for our country.


  156. Ok reading the AP at work squeezed between worries of falling oil prices and rising gasoline prices was an article on” Vatican requires Catholics to recant belief in the holocaust denial”.

    It appears a few ex-communicated bishops of a conservative outlaw wing of the church have come out against the teachings as historical fact that the NAZI’s murdered 6 million Jews.

    The pope removed the ex-communication of the bishops (but refused to recognize their elevation) but didn’t check into their feelings about the holocaust.

    One of these evil renegade bishops spoke to Swedish radio saying that the holocaust was a myth. This led Chancellor Merkle to demand the Vatican do something….

    Re-ex-communicating was out of the question so the Vatican issued a demand that makes it a grievous sin to believe the holocaust is a myth.

    Mel Gibson’s father being a member of this sect along with his son….can now count themselves among those with a spot in the boiler room in the next life.

    Oh and the fact that the Widow Ratzinger (aka pope benedict) is german made this quite embarassing to the RCC faithful and Vatican.

    Hello all!

  157. Quick..Get some Kool-Aid to Markos and Josh…Kos and TPM are in Kool-Aid withdrawal and the DT’s….I don’t think it will last..but talk about turning on a dime..Jeebus!!!

  158. Caption 2 –
    I don’ know what the f*ck anyone’s sayin’…. but hey,
    my sincere, concerned look’s always fine.

  159. fuzzybeargville, on February 4th, 2009 at 5:48 pm Said:

    Oh and the fact that the Widow Ratzinger (aka pope benedict) is german made this quite embarassing to the RCC faithful and Vatican.

    Hello all!
    This is a prelude to making Pius XII a Saint.

  160. madamab, on February 4th, 2009 at 5:43 pm Said:
    Snorting out loud, here!

  161. snuggling…is allowed as long as it is not with the now famous (and flying off the shelves like copies of the HuffPoo) Head O State Big “O” martital aid “toy” in both cream and electric blue….

    If any one is caught “snuggling” with this toy during the Lions Share or The View Under the Bus, will find themselves excorted by Fuzzybear himself to a bottlomless koolaid hot tub with Keith Olbermann and Tweety!

  162. SHV-you think so? I mean the vatican did smuggle out and hid 7,000 Jews under his (Pious XII) nose so I guess he should get something for it?

  163. Downticket, on February 4th, 2009 at 5:44 pm Said:

    Wow, that guy is a really bad writer. I had never bothered to read any of his tripe before. On Sunday I was watching “Blog Wars” on IFC and he made me think of a weasel with a head cold.

  164. FL voter, your 34 low is going to be our high temps for the next few days. Since the wind chill has been below 0, it will feel like a heat wave. Funny, how temp is relative.

    Anyone catch that “Thelma & Louise” was on AMC last night? Like we women all need to be reminded that our only escape is going off a cliff!

    captions are so funny I’m a bout peeing my pants 😉

  165. fuzzy said: will find themselves excorted by Fuzzybear himself to a bottlomless koolaid hot tub with Keith Olbermann and Tweety!


    That sounds like a good one for a “Fates Worse than Death Thread.”

  166. Markos talking about “failed ideology of ‘bipartisanship’.”

    God, was he sleeping the past two years?

    And “It would be nice if, for once, people actually looked at
    what was best for our country.”

    He’s GOT to be kidding.

  167. fuzzybeargville, on February 4th, 2009 at 5:56 pm Said:

    SHV-you think so? I mean the vatican did smuggle out and hid 7,000 Jews under his (Pious XII) nose so I guess he should get something for it?
    “The beatification cause for Pius XII was opened in 1967, but has been opposed by critics of the Pope’s behaviour towards Nazi Germany not only as pontiff but previously as Secretary of State and as papal nuncio (ambassador) to Berlin. Last month (September) Pope Benedict, who is to commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of Pius XII’s death on Thursday, insisted that Pius had “spared no effort” to save Jews from Nazi and Fascist extermination.”

    If he was made a saint, it would be very offensive to Jews. Whether the Pope was pro-Nazi is debatable but there were Nazi sympathizers in the Vatican at that time. Many Nazis escaped to South America by traveling down the ‘Vatican Rat-line” and getting passage using Vatican Passports.

  168. fembots for Obama-surely you jest….I know fembot and she was never for Pampers!

    It will be 18F tonight in Gville! Burrr I shall refer to tonight as Taggles revenge on the old fuzzybear for taunting her with our 70 F weather last week…

    Lest you fear the Temp will be rizing rapidly here by friday!

  169. “It appears a few ex-communicated bishops of a conservative outlaw wing of the church have come out against the teachings as historical fact that the NAZI’s murdered 6 million Jews.”

    Fuzzy, when are these people going to get a clue? We know it is fact because the gd anally-retentive Germans kept records of it! Just ask George Soros, the Hungarian Jew, who helped convert Holocaust victims’ assets into $.

    I’m part anally-retentive BTW.

  170. SHV-True ther were Nazi rats(zingers) at the Vatican during WWII and as Obama as CinC is responsible for everyone under him (including Larry Sinclair-LOL) Pope Pius is responsible for the actions of those in the vatican under him…..

    some time it is tuff to be the King (hugh Pampers)

  171. Dear Kos,

    We told you so.

    It will be so funny to watch your meltdown as you realize that your Messiah is just a bad Raygun impersonator with a terminal case of narcissism.

    Hey, we’re all gonna need something to laugh at, since you and your idiot Kool-Aid sipping, Clinton-hating Obamans helped drag this useless empty suit into office. We coulda had a REAL Democrat, but you were too busy freaking out about her scary ladyparts.

    Thanks for nothing, and pass the popcorn,

    The PUMASphere

  172. sorry all-for th Larry sinclair snark…it was a joke Obats you know humor…it went out the window with Pampers Coronation…

  173. Per Narkos and those tools at the Pink Freetoe-

    Actually is a “BRILLIANT” political strategy to “pretend to be Ray-Gun” and lull the neocons into a false sense of security….

    then when they least expect he will force Universal Healthcare, ERA, Equal Pay,DADT, ENDA, and gay civil unions down their NEO-Con throats…

    Yeah like we are holding our breath for that…

    Shut the “F” up and drink your Koolaid!

  174. “fembots for Obama-surely you jest….I know fembot and she was never for Pampers!”

    Never was, never will be! trying to make a statement on the Obot blogs when I took this name after they stole my other one and tried to make me look like I used hateful racist language! Need to make a Fembots ziggy, but I haven’t been successful at it.

    Anyway Fuzzy what about canonizing Pope John Paul II? Didn’t he make some statements against the Nazis during his teachings in the wilderness? I really liked him. He was a real humanitarian. but not his statement against abortion and such, but he had to say that he was Pope. Luckily during Polish Fest a few years ago they had a pretty neat exhibit on him, and the polish resistance to the Nazis and Russians. Hubby is part Polish, but not Catholic.

  175. Photo #1 — “hoops man…I should be playing hoops…sigh”

    Photo #2 — “remember Tim…it’s ‘distraction’…everytime they bring it up, use the word distraction!”

  176. Fuzzy – it’s creepy that anyone still holds those beliefs, much less people in the 21st Century! They sound like Achmadinnerjacket.

  177. Kinda OT but had to share –

    On New Scientist, the article ‘How to control a herd of people’ has the related article as ‘The Obama Factor, revealed’.


    I remember laughing it off when people brought up hypnotism as a reason why so many bought into him when he was lacking in so much, but here we go, some science behind it all.

  178. FembotsForObama, on February 4th, 2009 at 6:15 pm Said:

    “It appears a few ex-communicated bishops of a conservative outlaw wing of the church have come out against the teachings as historical fact that the NAZI’s murdered 6 million Jews.”
    I just read a little about the “bishop”…he is a flaming anti-Semite..there is no other description for a person who says, among other things, the Jews are the enemy of Christ and believes “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion” are authentic.

  179. It’s Sherri’s show

  180. SOD – I still can’t believe we have a tax cheat as our Treasury Sec; Obama and the Dems are still letting the Repubs filibuster and bluster; Robert Gates is still SecDef; and FEMA is still letting poor people die due to natural disasters.

    If I click my heels three times, will this famous Change finally happen? I’ve been waiting eight years…

  181. SOD wouldnt miss it for the world-madamab could you have a few motes sung by Anna Russell? at the intro of one of ya-alls shows?

    Fembot-I totally agree to deny the Holocaust is in this century is complete idiocy.

    Soros is a slimeball if he robbed the European Jewry of their assets as thy went to Triesenstadt “the paradise” getto! I hope there is a special place for him is Sheol….

  182. sorry madamab a few notes from Anna Russell….

  183. sm77 you here?

  184. Gosh if they repeal the 2 term limit on the presidency…Big Dawg could come back and clock Pampers! It could be a Clinton/Clinton ticket!

    Bill realizing his wife is the superior democratic intellect would let her hold the top of the ticket!

  185. taggles 18F tonight in florida SM is probably bringing the plants in!

  186. could we get a new thread soon this wone is really slowing old Bo-Bo Bear (my Dell) down!

  187. you gonna be around tonight fuzzy? I need some help with the show.

  188. Rut..Roh..

    “WASHINGTON — The White House’s nominee for director of the Central Intelligence Agency, Leon Panetta, has earned more than $700,000 in speaking and consulting fees since the beginning of 2008, with some of the payments coming from troubled banks and an investment firm that owns companies that do business with federal national security agencies.


  189. sure taggles anything for you besides you get to bust my chops because it is 18F down here

  190. great fuzzy, call in about 2 mins before 8 ok. we go an hour tonight.

  191. Team Obama’s Vetting process is flawed; it isnt broken down; it plain just doesnt exsist!

    Why would you expect a Pampers in Chief who was never vetted to be able to vet a single candidate for a single cabinet post?

    Why is this such a suprize?

  192. Oy vey. The awesome Cabinet picks just keep coming!

    Isn’t it funny how they all seem to be in the pocket of the banks that financed his campaign? What a coinkydink.

    Fuzzy – one of these days Anna will be on the show, I promise! 🙂

  193. crap in moderation could some one release it

  194. got it taggles!

  195. new thread

  196. Good greif-Olympia Snowe has expressed strong missgivings about the stimulus package…

    I believe the $ 700 million for viagra for low income males provision is in danger.

    there is talk that the 700 million for viagra is just to hard for Sen Snowe and her counter part from Maine to “swallow”

    Harry Reid has offered to cut the amount to $ 699 million and lower the quallifying income criteria from AGI of $ 2.5 million to $ 500,000!

    It is rumored Senator Snowe is not biting!

  197. TAGGLES:

    I’m here! Fuzzy was partially right – I was running errands for Grandma Puma, she got her stiches out from surgery today, picked up PUMA cub, had to go to pharmacy for her meds….yada yada….

  198. SM do you want to help with the show tonight?

  199. Taggles SURE!

    Which one??

  200. lions share. call in a couple of mins before 8pm est.


  201. OK – I will Sheri!

  202. #1 The Stinker
    #2 That’s deep stuff you’re spouting, Timmy

  203. Caption #1
    Do these kids know I’m not even a real president but just an Usurper?
    Caption #1 I’m a phony.
    Caption #1-All I’m capable of doing is reading to these kids.
    Caption #1-How can I turn these kids into Marxists and follwers of my regime.


  205. mdmdstork:


  206. photo one. “sheesh, you kids have it so easy. when i was your age my mom was getting me up at 4:30 a.m. to study. then i had to trudge through the snow to my log cabin in Hawaii.”

    or, alternatively: “what’s that saying about be careful what you wish for?”

  207. #1 — Geez, I hope I don’t have a pet goat moment on top of all this. I’m worn out already.

  208. Photo #1 – “The economy is still tanking, the Republicans are blocking the stimulus package, my nominees are imploding, and I STILL have the biggest decision of all to make…. should I get a pound mutt or a Labradoodle?

    #2 – “Boobs! So that’s what Geithner’s doodlings are! Boobs!”

  209. #1: I can’t wait to smoke that carton of cigarettes on my way back to the White House. I’m light headed already just thinking about it. I need a vacation.

    #2: (McCartney sing along song): Ebony and Ivory.

  210. He needs that Blackberry so that he can e-mail Donna Brazile, or whoever his keeper is.

    Captions for both photos:

    “I need a ciggie br&K”

  211. I’m thinking he needs a bathroom but he’s keeping his cool.

  212. How fitting he is reading a book–after all didn’t he become President mainly to secure another book deal?

  213. And of course he is “tired of the White House” after just two weeks. He’s never really had a job, just campaigns for them. The actual work, not so much.

  214. Photo #1 caption:

    “Damn! What thee HEEELLL did I get myself into?”


    “I’m tired of all this prezident junk–but I do like all the stuff.”

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