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Getting through to the idiots in charge

As I mentioned below, the White House press office does not respond to questions regarding the removal of reproductive health benefits for poor women from the stimulus bill.  So, what to do?

Well, if you’re like me, you just received some stupid email from PBO himself asking you to pressure friends, family and politicians to support the stimulus package.  Sort of like a jock strap.  Ya’ know, I’m just not into it.  Put back the birth control and pass the Paycheck Fairness Act and maybe I’ll think about it.  The kind of stimulus I can believe in includes preventing women from having to to take care of children they didn’t plan for or using the extra money in their paychecks to spread some of their own personal wealth in the marketplace.

But how do you get through to these nitwits???  Well, PBO *did* mention that Governor Tim Kaine would be recording a special message about the economic plan explaining it to our wee little pee brains.  Maybe we could contact Governor Kaine.  Maybe we could skip the DNC filter and send email and faxes directly to his office in Virginia.  Hey, look here!  There’s a contact form on his website.  Ooo, Ooo!  Maybe he’d be more impressed with fan mail by the truckloads.  He’s got a snailmail address too:

Office of the Governor
Patrick Henry Building, 3rd Floor
1111 East Broad Street
Richmond, Virginia 23219

Phone: (804) 786-2211
Fax: (804) 371-6351

Of course, you could just host an economic recovery house party like Obama suggested. And while you’re at it, you could patiently explain that the reproductive health funds were taken out of the bill as requested by Republicans and then not a single Republican in the House voted for it. Or you could mention that no restrictions will be made on how the bankers compensate themselves with our money. Or you could discuss the lack of funds directed towards homeowners struggling with mortgages. Or you could muse on the creation of a “bad bank” where we would own the toxic assets but none of the future profits!

Fun, fun!  Remember to stock the bar.  If you have any other suggestions for PBO, you can contact his band of deceitful droogs in his cwack propaganda unit at mybarackobama!  They even have a toll free number you can call to tell them how much you appreciate how they are looking out for women, that 51% of the population that pays their taxes and keeps getting screwed.

Here’s the number:  Organizing for America toll-free at 1-877-922-4264

50 Responses

  1. Letter sent!

    “Dear Governor Kaine,

    As the new head of the DNC, I would like you to hear from an activist Democrat on this issue.

    Stripping birth control funding from the stimulus package is wrong on every level. Not only does it penalize poor women who do not have the ability to afford birth control, but it also has the potential to cost more money than it saves. An unwanted child is a burden on the taxpayers of every state. Somehow, however, Congressional Democrats were able to find billions of dollars to fund ACORN, which is basically an arm of the Obama re-election campaign at this point.

    With this bill, you are sending women the message that they are second-class citizens, and that you feel you have the right to deny them the ability to control their own bodies. You are also sending the message that money can always be found for friends of the President, no matter how dire the economic situation is for the rest of us.

    If you would like to send a different message to 52% of the population, then put the birth control funding back in, and take the funding for ACORN out.

    Thank you.”


  2. Whoo-hoo! That was a good one, Madamab!

    Keep those cards and letters coming, boys and girls.

  3. “You are also sending the message that money can always be found for friends of the President, no matter how dire the economic situation is for the rest of us.”

    Whoo-hoo indeed!

  4. Heh heh heh.

    Just wanted to let Governor “pro-life” Kaine that SOME of us are paying attention!!!

  5. Good going, madamab.

  6. “special message about the economic plan explaining it to our wee little pee brains.

    Is that because we’re so pissed off with them? 😉

  7. Madamab,

    This republican woman agrees with you. Excellent letter.
    I read most of the bill and find it interesting that Illinois was told that we would receive no money unless we impeached Blago.
    I also agree with McCain that the bill needs a spending time line and needs to get rid of” Obamanomics”.

    Help some interest groups but put families first and help those suffering through the current mortgage crisis.

  8. “As I mentioned below, the White House press office does not respond to questions regarding the removal of reproductive health benefits for poor women from the stimulus bill. So, what to do?
    Has anyone contacted Henry Waxman’s office? Alegre identifies him as the person who struck the provision from the bill.

  9. Afrocity – Interesting indeed!

    I did read that Obama has promised to help homeowners out with mortgages, and something about his maybe putting the birth control funding back in.

    I’ll believe it when I see it.

  10. A lot of kids and the elderly are going to bed hungry every night. And to think that this is the United States of America that is allowing this to happen. There are many good items in that bill that need funding of some sort but putting adequate nourishment in the stomachs of those who can least afford to do it for themselves is a mortal sin. What’s more, it is abuse.

  11. I want to take a moment to make a plug. I have noticed that many are adopting foreign babies. I want to remind people that there are children in foster care in America who are in need of adoptive families. Many are young girls and either African American or Hispanic.

    I am considering adopting a girl or two, no older than 12. If you go to adopt kids USA their stories and pictures are there. It is very heart tugging.

    My cousin in law adopted two boys from Russia. I tried to push her taking an AA child from the US. I have another friend getting a newborn girl from Nepal. They both wanted newborns. This is all well and good but we have kids here in the US who need homes to. Often these children have been abused and need role models and stability in their lives.

  12. A hidden point about your post, rd, is the insidious Big Brother notion of these house parties.

    This house party/meeting model with email & web sign-ups, which is now extended to the American people from the entire government, is taken directly from moveon.org’s organizational tools to influence the government they just helped put in power. The model consists of a central, piped in speaker with question and answer period to go along with meet yer neighbors, let’s have food, and get to know each other and who’s in our camp. I’ve been shouting about the effectiveness of this model for nine months after seeing how an org that I believed in used the model to help put BO in power. In doing so, they were also used and thrown under the bus, but they haven’t woken up to find they’re in intensive care, yet. Our PUMA movement could use this model to start cooking up recipes in the kitchen.

    Obama said we’re the ones he was counting on for change. I guess he hope we’ll come up with some good ideas after Big Brother tells us what’s good for us about spending our money.

  13. Is dak around?

    I want a sounding board.
    Reproductive health is an economic issue. If I am not mistaken its microeconomics. If it effects enough households it becomes macroeconomics. If you believe that social programs are unsustainable now then why in the world would you create a need for more of them? Each and every unplanned pregnancy creates consequences. The consequences for low income women and the children who result from an unplanned pregnancy are even more dire. It is far cheaper to provide a woman who wants birth control with low cost no cost birth control than it is to provide the woman and unplanned child with housing support, food stamps, education, and the myriad of supports they will need to overcome poverty. I will not support a short sighted stimulus program. I will not support a stimulus program that leaves women and children in the cold. Put the funding for birth control back in then ask for my support.

    I’m a constituent of Gov. Kaine so it should be interesting to see if I get a response.

    Why am I not surprised that Il was blackmailed into impeaching?…..,…..ugh. I hate this administration.

  14. I agree Afrocity. If I were to adopt, it would be a child from America. (I thought about this a lot before I married my hubby.)

  15. Sorry, y’all, but birth control issues aren’t going to gain much traction in the current economic climate, which is fast heading toward well below subzero. Obama, as any PUMA could have predicted, is completely bungling the so-called ‘stimulus’ bill. He ain’t no FDR, he’s not even a Carter, and all signs point toward our know-nothing Glorious Leader spiraling us right into a prolonged Depression. This is what comes of electing a media boy toy as president during extremely perilous times. The joke is, the very same craven media which as recently as ten days ago were busy exalting Obama’s every sneeze, are now eying his throat. This is going to get very, very messy. When I think of the very different scenario we might have had with Hillary as president, I just want to rend my clothing and scream for hours.

  16. afrocity — what is the website? I’ve been thinking about adopting myself — I understand the child would most likely be older with what you are talking about — but the expense of foreign adoptions is outrageous.

  17. and yes, I have investigated the costs of foreign adoptions.

  18. Kat5

    I’d rend right there with you if I thought it would help any. All we can do is try to connect the dots for the meatheads in charge. That’s what the letter is, an attempt to reason with them.

    Here’s to hoping at least one of them gets the point and we don’t have to keep saying I told you so for 4 years.

  19. The only think Obla-bla knows how to do is appoint folks who don’t pay their taxes UNTIL they are appointed to a higher office under scrutiny.

  20. Kat5, on February 2nd, 2009 at 1:09 pm Said:
    “The joke is, the very same craven media which as recently as ten days ago were busy exalting Obama’s every sneeze, are now eying his throat.”

    I avoid most of the major media outlets, so what have you been hearing and seeing?

  21. Some women at least many that I help in the AA community don’t care about getting pregnant. My mother received food stamps and welfare. It was $150 a month in 1979. My housemaid grandmother paid for me to go to private school. For high school I opted out and went into the Chicago Public School system. I began working as soon as I could legally. 14 years old hostessing at Blue mesa restaurant working as late as 2 am, coming home on the bus by myself.

    I could have went to Columbia University for undergrad. I looked at the bill and decided the State school that offered a scholarship not based on race was my best bet. The same for grad school. I have never taken a race based fund. EVER.

    But here I live. The walking talking, unplanned mistake. My mom took the pill too.

    These kids will be here no matter how many birth control pills you spike the tap water with. We can also curb this with mentoring and helping the ones that have been born to receive a better education in order to positively contribute to our society.

  22. Angie,


    You can chose the children you are interested in by race, gender, and age. These are kids that are in foster care who need permanent homes.

    I have been trying to conceive for 1 year now. Even if I did I will still adopt a child, possibly a sibling set. My aunt calls them “damaged goods” which is mean spirited. One girl was 6 years old and her mother was shot to death by her boyfriend. She had no family. I was interested by she preferred to stay in Virginia near her foster parents. I was in NYC at the time, so I had to pass.

  23. Afrocity – positive role models will help a lot too.

    I have no idea what Obama thinks he’s doing with our money, but Krugman ain’t happy, and neither am I.

  24. Just want to give a hug to and kudos to anyone who adopts or fosters a kid. Specially older kids. You guys rock.

    And I’d like to encourage people who would like to help out poor kids in other countries to look into agencies which foster poor families in 3rd world countries.

  25. afrocity — a lot of people feel like that about adopting older children that is why there are so many available and why so many will never be adopted. 😦

  26. Angie:

    I picked the little girl for you:

    Sarah is 8 years old and she is in NC. She is a cutie. Maybe a future PUMA

    Case # NC01053099

    English Public Narrative

    What most people like about Sarah are her wit and sense of humor, her honesty, and her loving personality. She prefers people to be honest with her, rather than sugar-coating something that involves her. She is very competitive, but wants things to be fair for everyone. Sarah loves horseback riding, going to the movies, shopping, bowling, and playing computer games. Her favorite toys are webkinz and she would spend hours playing with them, if allowed. Sarah loves animals, especially dogs, and wants to become a veterinarian. She likes to sing and act and loves being in front of a camera. Sarah seems to be on a personal quest for happiness and everyone who gets to know her tries to help her in this pursuit.

    Sarah attends regular classes at school where a personal aide helps her remain on task. She is very bright and not afraid to speak her mind. Sarah enjoys school and is usually on the A/B honor roll. She is learning to improve her social skills and resolving conflict with other children. Sarah has made a great of improvement in many areas of her life.

    Sarah needs a stable, safe home with permanence. She needs adoptive parents who understand the needs of children in foster care and allow her to express her feelings about that. Sarah will greatly benefit from parents who have experience with children, but she requires a great deal of individual attention, so she should be the only child in the home. She hopes they will like animals and allow her to have pets.

  27. OOO get me out of moderation. I found the perfect little girl for my big sis Angie!!!!

  28. RD – I also sent emails to my Sentors with the same message

  29. I’d like to recommend Women for Women International for anyone who is interested in helping poor children in other countries — this organization helps the mother’s better their living conditions/job situations/etc. & as you know helping the mother helps the kids.


  30. afrocity — is her name Sarah in NC?

  31. Afro

    I was an unplanned mistake as well. I was about 9 before I started counting backwards and realizing it. I used to wonder what her life would have been like if I had never been born and she didn’t marry my father(like good girls did back then.)

    The things I was “damaged” by as a child, make me the woman I am today. I prefer “adversity tested” myself.

  32. A little bit OT but given that funding for birth planning was reduced I thought this was interesting – each member of the HOR received 93K in petty cash…news video:


    Also – a spreadsheet breakdown of the bill is available here:


  33. Meanwhile BofA spent about 10 million on the Superbowl. Isn’t that just swell.

  34. Yes, Angie. She is a cutie.

  35. I was an unplanned mistake as well.

    Well, I was supposed to be the boy to balance out the boy-girl ratio in the family. When I came out the wrong gender my mom said what the heck I’m done with this and changed the boy’s name she had ready by one letter. *rolls eyes*

  36. Afrocity — you are kidding me! You found the same girl for me as I picked out for myself!! (I admit, I like her because she kind of looks like me! 🙂 )

  37. Angie,
    Sarah jumped out at me because she looked like you. She looks smart and they say she has good grades too. Maybe a feisty lawyer?

  38. OMG afrocity — I just sent my request to get the ball rolling (I have to do all that homestudy stuff first).

    Ok, I have got to get to work, will keep you posted!

  39. (Sarah) is very competitive, but wants things to be fair for everyone.

    Yep sounds like Angie. 😀

  40. Afrocity@12:46p
    You have a chance to put the wonder back in the eyes of a child. I believe you will be rewarded as much as the child for the act of adopting a child the society has forgotten.
    I wish the best for you . your husband you and the child.



  41. Angienc2
    I have no doubt you will teach the child to value herself and to stand up for her self. You will be a great teacher, mother and role model.
    Good luck to both of you



  42. Helen,

    You always have room for one more 😀

  43. Afrocity-A sibling set would be the kindest-no-one seems to want them.

    A friend of mine adopted a girl, and a year later became pregnant-Life is wonderful.

    Another friend of mine after 6 years trying, became pregnant on the night of her father’s death. She always thought that the child would look like her father, but it didn’t-she looks exactly like her husband!! (Her father was 85 with parkinsons)(she was 38)


  44. May I give a word of advice? When the child comes to you, it will take awhile for her to realize this is home. She may act like she is walking on eggshells. Probably will not even think about opening the refrigerator for a snack or many things that children raised in a real home take for granted.
    Please be patient and understanding and in time she will feel like part of a family and respond in kind.



  45. […] Riverdaughter suggests that we PUMAs host our own party and contact the new DNC Chairman, Governor Tim Kaine, directly. We can let him know what we think about the President’s placation of Republicans in removing the birth control funding from the handout that doesn’t solve anything and still leaves out homeowners, women, and longtime unemployed stimulus package. Thanks for the direct link to new leader’s helper, RD. […]

  46. Afrocity and Angie – how wonderful!

    Before we moved to our current location we lived next door to a somewhat older couple who could not have children after many years of trying. They were considered too old by the state adoption agencies at the time, although their were only in their late 40’s. So they went through Catholic Charities. They first began as forster parents for children no one wanted. CC was very thorough in checking them out, even we received a visit.

    After several years of foster parenting they received three children spaced ca. 3 years apart (the first came when she was 6, the second three years later), all girls, all of mixed ethnicity, all children of drug addicts and 2 suffering withdrawal symptoms (the 6 year old had physical problems due to her mther being on cocaine during the pregnancy).

    These children were very difficult, no other foster family wanted them, and this couple spent much of themselves caring for them. Over time things got better and one saw happy, healthy children. Because the girls had grown up together for a time, and no one wanted older children, the couple petitioned to adopt the three. The process took time as they were investigated throroughly again.

    Two of these girls are in college now, and very happy kind people in general, and the third will be going soon.

  47. Ångie/Afro: International adoption can also be as uncertain as domestic adoption. The countries can change the rules in the middle of the process. Also, the tax credit (which doesn’t even begin to cover the cost) applies immediately for domestic adoptions but not until completion for international adoptions, and it phases out.

    I would love to see REAL support for foster adoption, whether as part of a stimulus or otherwise. Here in Oregon, the state is putting portraits of waiting kids up in “galleries” at the airport and upscale grocery stores, which although well intentioned does nothing to help prospective foster or adoptive parents navigate the system.

  48. […] United States?Been There…but Ya Can’t Get There From Here. Monday: Feminism’s Lack of LeadershipGetting through to the idiots in chargePUMA=Bull Moose?Sex Fantasy Open ThreadThe Dakini’s Liberal Report Card for Obama’s First 100 […]

  49. New post up, kids!

  50. This is OT and I know this subject is forbidden on this site but I think it has now gone too far. Why doesn’t Obama just have a press conference and show his damn birth certificate. Now congress is being sued. I don’t believe in any of the conspiracies regarding his birth but he has got to do something to stop the madness.


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