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      Kamala Harris and Joe Biden each have terrible records. There is no reason to believe they will do much that is good, and every reason to believe they will do much that is bad. Trump will, at least for Americans, probably be even worse. (It is less clear he will be better for foreigners.) The […]
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Superbowl Sunday: Here we go, Steelers!!!

Set your cat channels for 6:20PM EST for kickoff tonight for the Superbowl.  We’re going to live blog this momentous occasion.  We need one for the thumb- on the other hand.  Bwahhahahahhahhhhh!

Our tailgate party tonight will consist of some Pittsburgh favorites.  Hot sausage sandwiches with peppers and onions and pierogies with sour cream and onions.  Plus plenty of Iron City beer.  Ok, hold the Iron City.  We’re going with some Weyerbachers Old Heathen.  It’s going to be good!

We now return you to your regular politics, already in progress.

101 Responses

  1. instead of Bread and Circuses, it’s football and chips …

    well, at least I have work to do and can ignore it all… have fun!

  2. Best of luck, RD. 😥 Go Ravens in 2010!! 😉

  3. I live 5 blocks away from Raymond James stadium in Tampa. It’s been a madhouse since Thursday. Planes & helicopters and 10 times more traffic than normal.

    I’m not really a football fan per se, but I’d like to see Jennifer Hudson sing the National Anthem & the half time show with Bruce Springsteen.

  4. I’m in moderation and I didn’t say anything wrong!

  5. Good luck RD. Fins fans, well, next year. I’ll br glued to my set as this is the end for 6+ months, excluding college spring ball. Onward to signing day and the draft for fun/

  6. GO RAVENS … in 2010 too

  7. Here goes my favorite Polamalu song…from the muppets.

    And a blast from the past….The Steelers Polka. The names are old but Pittsburgh is Polka.

  8. Drat. I’m in moderation. I forgot about not posting youtube links.

  9. The food sounds good; I couldn’t care less about the Superbowl. Never been to a SB party. I usually just read a book when it’s on in another room, and even my spouse only watches bits and pieces of it.

  10. Feminist as I am — I’m going to a yoga class then swim.– while HE watches it.


    ps: RD & Co. & you MIQ2xu —–
    I just found this little doc in the web—–
    it takes me back a few — to childhood actually — and those black armbands we wore to protest Vietnam — looks like somebody nailed it on the “anti-establishment” that became a credo?

    for a bunch of us…..

    For the tail enders o’ the Boom…………
    who snuck their mother’s copies of Freidan and de Beauvior and?
    saved their allowances to buy Erica Jong’s poetry which they thumbed idly while reading Seventeen Magazine…

    we can see if it fits…… bwahahahwhahwhahwhwahha!


    ps: I have never been clear on what is meant by a Feminazi?


    it seems that is bandied about by the ol’ patriarchy all the time.


    (making the sign of the paw!)

    rule of feminism at my place!

    1. Housework is last on the list.
    2. Anything else comes first.
    3. Stare at me or try and pick me up at that pool? You’ll get yours.
    4. Sell a few books (that appeal to the patriarchal set) to fund endowments for the arts and for girls? That’s feminism.


    hugs, from your feminist female rogue………………!


  11. GO STEELERS! I miss the Bus!

  12. As I live in Tucson…


  13. When I woke up this morning I thought “we need some Iron City” and there it was echoed on RD! (My dad drank Duquesne.) Good old Iron City Pilsner…that dates me. No SB party just a geezer and crone watching the game and forgetting the world. Menu–home made top-it-yourself pizza, his will be loaded with pepperoni, mine will be smoked salmon (on dill sauce, ala Wolfgang Puck.) Didn’t watch pro football till I was in my 40’s and didn’t drink beer till my 50’s.


  14. What is superbowl food in Tucson, Shainzona?

    Another Pittsburgh food is a steak and cheese with cole slaw and french fries and italian dressing on substantial bread, bread that can take that sort of load.

    Go Steelers! Though in fact I’m not a football fan, but it’s hometown loyalty.

  15. RD…you are my homey, as I am from that area also…

    This is for you RD , and all the Stiller fans out there…

    OK ready everyone? Sing!

    “Here we go Steelers, here we go! Here we go Steelers, here we go!…”

  16. Spirito76,

    I adore your posts. Please keep them plentiful and as “real” as they always are. You make me smile. Thank you.

  17. Steelers? Not so much for me. I’m pulling for the Cardinals just cuz their the news kidz on the block regarding making it to the S.B.

    Do I think they’ll win? Probably not. I think it will be the Steelers barring something strange happening.

    BTW, if the Steelers lose can it be blamed on the Patriarchy?

  18. dakinikat, on February 1st, 2009 at 11:26 am Said:
    instead of Bread and Circuses, it’s football and chips
    Love that anology (again)

  19. Tr0ll clean up needed last comment on SOD’s post from this morning on feminism.

  20. Good article on Daschle and hypocrisy over at NO Quarter:


    Would have loved to see a post on it here on The Confluence.

  21. re: me @ 2:44. Post is by Uppity Woman.


  23. Fredster, on February 1st, 2009 at 2:44 pm Said:
    Good article on Daschle and hypocrisy over at NO Quarter:
    Would have loved to see a post on it here on The Confluence.
    The NQ piece is a Daschle “love fest” compared to the Greenwald piece today at Salon. Sample:

    “In Washington there are whores and there are whores, and then there is Tom Daschle. Tom Daschle would suck off a corpse for a cheeseburger.”


  24. Tom Daschle would suck off a corpse for a cheeseburger

    Ouuuuuu….that’s ugly.

    Don’t go to salon unless someone recommends a post there.


  25. i thought the Cardinals was a baseball team

  26. No Seahawks fan would ever root for the Stealers.

    Go CARDS!!

  27. didn’t it use to be the St. Louis Cardinals and didn’t they play baseball?

  28. I also thought Obama said no Lobbyists .. .and isn’t he a big time Lobbyist? isn’t that what he did after he lost and isn’t his wife like a major lobbyist?

  29. oops, i just got stuck in moderation … is lobbyist an actionable word

  30. I loved this from a WaPo article on Daschle and his taxes:

    No Senate Republican has stepped forward to criticize Daschle for what he said was an honest accounting mistake, while Democrats yesterday credited him for discovering the tax errors himself and taking the steps to correct them.

    Sorta like Caroline Kennedy discovering she hadn’t voted in some elections and it surprised her?

  31. dk: There’s a baseball and football team named Cardinals.

  32. As a Ravens fan, I am constitutionally unable to root for the Squealers!

    Plus, I always root for the underdog. And the cardinals that visit my yard bring me great joy.


  33. Were any of you invited to barfy’s super bowl party?

  34. Okay, the goat sacrifice went well and I’ve got the tacos de birria ready, along with chile colorado, carne asada, salsa, arroz, frijoles, y cerveza (mucho cerveza.)

    Mom should be here soon with the tamales y tequila.


  35. II’m not in or from AZ or PA and have been a long-time Steeler fan,but before the game starts I want to say I’m rooting for the CARDINALS. That’s because I’m old and I want to see the old guy (Kurt Warner) win. Also I want to see the AZ guys win since it didn’t happen in November despite all out collective efforts. Go Cardinals!!!!!

  36. My comment from above is still under moderation.

    But here is again:

    I live 5 blocks from Raymond James Stadium – the planes & helicopters and traffic has been 10 fold since Thursday.

    In a big game, I can hear the cheers & music and definitely the fireworks.

    Many streets in my neighborhood are blocked.

    I’m not a big football fan, but I do want to see Jennifer Hudson & Bruce Springsteen perform.

  37. WHY AM I ALWAYS moderated —- HELP!!

  38. WHY AM I ALWAYS moderated

    Cuz ur 2 radical

  39. I told the people that I sent to work today and will miss the game. Too bad. It is not the Eagles so it does not count.
    But I did bet $10 on the Steelers because I am from PA and in the middle of Cardinal fans.



  40. That’s the first time I’ve loved the Star Spangled Banner more than America the Beautiful. Way to go Jennifer.

  41. Cards win the toss, elect to kick


    I know it was pre-recorded & lip-synced.

    But wow anyways.

    The Blue Angel Planes (I think that’s what they’re called) roared by my house.

  43. Loss of yards

  44. Ooh, that will be a close call.

    Why does this game have to be on NBC. Gotta watch but hate breaking the embargo.

  45. Why did Arizona kick?

  46. Oh, never mind…after the half Arizona gets the ball….

  47. BTW –

    I just discovered PUMA cub is rooting for the Steelers.

    She’s hooting & hollering across the house for them.

  48. That should have been a penalty for helping to propel the runner

  49. Ha ha ha!!!!! No Rothlesberger touchdown!!

  50. OT
    since everone is down here on this thread,
    They just named Thomas Carper head of Amtrack. He was in Ill state politics. How bad is Amtrak Screwed?
    Any info on him?



  51. Pitt FG


  52. Sheesh, the refs couldn’t do that for Seattle in 2006?

  53. My wife has just stopped jumping up and down. She’s all about the Seahawks, so she’s gotta be Cardinals. I’m old school Browns, so I’m reluctantly rooting for the Stillers.

  54. I guess my late husband would have gone for the Steelers, since he was from the Cleveland area and used to be a Browns fan, too, although he was always a die-hard Raiders fan since the 70’s. Raiders fans are quite pathologically in denial, it seems, but are generally very loyal and good people. I used to like the Seahawks, as their uniforms are very impressive- I had the cutest Seahawks onesie for my son when we lived up there when he was 3 months old. Sorry- i sound like a very disinterested non-football fan, which is an accurate representation.

  55. My God, did you all see that Mr. Potatohead ad??? Certainly not what a feminist looks like.

  56. My wife agrees Honora. Bridgestone = Sexist. Don’t buy Bridgestone!!.

  57. Jennifer Hudson’s performance was solid. I wouldn’t say it was the most memorable I’ve heard, but she definitely did herself (and her family) proud.


  59. Honora- What was it like? I was waiting for it, but just went potty and missed it. It was filmed up the hill from us, so mainly wanted to see the context.

  60. This game is pretty exciting. But low scoring.

  61. Does anyone understand that last play call by the Cards? before he threw the ball I prayed don’t throw the ball. they were’t getting much yardage with running plays but they had 3 downs to get 3 yds for the touchdown. at worst they should have come out with a tie. what a maroon

  62. Joanie in Brooklyn, I think there was only 12 sec left in the half before the play, with I believe one time out remaining. He knew if he passed, he had possibly three shots at a touchdown. If they ran and didn’t make it, they would have to settle for a field goal right away. I guess my heart is rooting for the Cards after all, because I was bummed by the interception. Impressive runback though.

    Bruce looks great. Though I’m still not ready to forgive him for the endorsement during the election.

  63. “Bruce looks great. Though I’m still not ready to forgive him for the endorsement during the election.”

    I agree with you here. What a shame. This election sure removed quite a few former sources of joy, if not entertainment.

  64. The Cards had used their last time out before that last play.

  65. I can’t stop enjoying Sprinsteen or Dylan even though they endorsed The One. What do they know? They know music, not politics.

  66. I love Bruce Springsteen. But, the $120 concert tickets will keep me from going to my 5th concert.

  67. Hey…any veggie burgers on the grill at this tailgate???

  68. I see your point, bb, but I’m not quite as forgiving, although the music is still good. Maybe if i just listen to older recordings of them, it doesn’t count!

  69. This might be heartening- I missed the Potato Head commercial, but asked my 27 y.o. son what he thought about it- he said it was stupid and sexist, because Mr. Potato Head exhibited no regard for Mrs. Potato Head by driving off despite the fact that she lost her lips. I don’t know if that was accurate, but I was kind of glad he picked up on something.

  70. Always liked the Steelers logo. Turns out it is originally from Cleveland, one of my former home towns. Hah!!

    In 1962, Republic Steel of Cleveland approached the Steelers and suggested that they consider the Steelmark, the insignia used by the American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI), as a helmet logo to honor Pittsburgh’s steel heritage. The Steelmark logo, a circle enclosing three hypocycloids (diamonds with inward-curving edges) and the word STEEL, was created by U.S. Steel Corp. (now known as USX Corp.) to educate consumers about the importance of steel in their daily lives. [blockquote]The colors were chosen to promote the attributes for steel: yellow lightens your work; orange brightens your leisure; and blue widens your world. The logo’s meaning was later amended to represent the three materials used to produce steel: yellow for coal; orange for iron ore; and blue for steel scrap.

  71. Yes! We have a game.

  72. Silly commercial Indri Noori. Coke does better than Pepsi, at least for the Superbowl.

  73. SAFETY!!!!!!

  74. OH MY GOD!!

  75. Holy cow!!!!!

  76. You guys are funny!!!

    Yeah!! TD for AZ!! Was he watching the Steelers chasing him on the big board while running for the TD?!

  77. Curtains for Steelers?

  78. There’s still a lot of time….anything can happen….uh, obviously. 🙂

  79. Overtime?

  80. I say right foot is not down!!

  81. Woohoo! Just dropping by to say hi. What a great game.
    What fantastic plays. I’ve been working on a presentation for tomorrow while I watch, just finished so I can drop by here for a few.

  82. They were all twisted up- does that count?

  83. Ii thought both feet were down. Oh, well.

    AZ TD on kick return? 😐

  84. This is where I wish they knew how to do the Rugby laterals.

    Hey nycblue!

  85. His arm was moving forward

  86. Congrats RD. Stillerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs!!

  87. He wasn’t in control of the ball when his hand was moving forward…doesn’t his hand have to be moving forward and in control of the ball?

  88. Refs pulled an RBC on the Cards!

  89. Not to be a sore loser – but I swear the view from the right side showed the Steeler right toe was on his left foot -NOT the ground.


    YEA CARDINALS – the best Super Bowl in many many years….and they were the underdogs!!!!

    Reminds me of Our Girl last year!

  90. I didn’t see every play closely as I was chit-chatting with some other folks, but I did watch the whole game. Who knows how many rules were broken on the field but were never caught. Regardless, I would say the Steelers won this game fairly….unlike the game against Seattle in 2006.

    So, congratulations Steeler’s and fans!

  91. Hi Wickets!

  92. Thanks for sharing the pierogies with sour cream and onions. No Iron City here either. Originally from Rolling Rock country – but Weyerbachers Old Heathen is a great alternative.

    I’ve never been a football fan – although for some reason I always hope the Redskins will lose – maybe becuase so many of the Skins fans around here seem to really hate all the other teams (especially the Steelers and Ravens).

    I have to say I thing it would be nice for Arizona to win – it actually would be their first I believe. As long as they play a good game so the the after the Fact Quarterbacks don’t go on and on about how the wrong teams played.

  93. There’s a post (the last one) in the previous thread (Musings) that might be tr0llish. Mods should check it out.

  94. Hi tpfka nycblue. Whatta game!

  95. OK — did anyone notice the sexist commercials??

  96. sexist commercials??

    Yes a few, Flower.com and Bridgestone come to mind first. Wish I had Tivo-ed the game for the others, but all the ads should be up on youtube by now.

    The only people who hate the word “boycott” more than corporate CMOs are the CEOs, and they all have emails. PR offices as you know will just run interference.

  97. Three Wickets, on February 2nd, 2009 at 12:39 am Said:

    but all the ads should be up on youtube by now.

    Here you go http://www.myspace.com/thebiggame

  98. The Go-Daddy commercial was typically dumb and sexist.

  99. Yes, I noticed the sexist commercials. Disgusting. Don’t they think women watch the game?

    And children – what must they think of the role of women as they watch them…..

    Oh, woe is me.

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