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Someone has a brain

Get ready to see the under carriage of a bus upclose and personal, Senator Ben Nelson (D)

on edit:

Rachel Maddow is halfway under right now:

64 Responses

  1. First!

    Nelson knows what he’s talking about.

  2. He makes it sound like there’s a lot of Dems in the Senate unhappy with the bill. I wonder how many people will bend over and grab their ankles for Barky before the vote.

  3. I disagree with his last comment – he talked about the Family Planning Provisions – I think that directly impacts jobs, especially when there are so many people that do not have health insurance.

  4. O.T. but: from an article by an AP business writer. It would seem that we just pissed $700b down a hole.

    WASHINGTON – We may never know whether the government’s $700 billion bailout of the financial industry worked, according to a new report from congressional auditors.

    That’s because it will be impossible to sort out which of the recent rule changes and spending programs have made a difference, according to the report released Friday by the Government Accountability Office.

    The report covers Treasury’s administration of the bailout, called the Troubled Asset Relief Program, through Jan. 23. Nearly $294 billion had been released by that date — almost $200 billion of it through a program to inject capital directly into financial institutions.

    The roughly $200 billion in capital injections doesn’t include any of the separate money authorized to guarantee losses for Bank of America Corp. and Citigroup Inc., or about $20 billion to stabilize automakers Chrysler and General Motors Corp.

    “Even with more time and better data, it will remain difficult to separate the impact of TARP activities from the effect of other economic forces,” the report said.

    Recent moves to improve oversight of the money hadn’t gone far enough, according to the report. Treasury introduced a plan to survey the 20 largest participating firms each month following an earlier GAO report that blasted the program’s lack of transparency.

    More information about how the money was divided and how recipients spent it was still necessary, the new report said.

    “We continue to believe that additional action is needed to better ensure that all participating institutions are accountable for their use of program funds,” the GAO said.

  5. I am a little torn. My objection has been the house taking out the women’s health portion within the bill. There were many other healthcare portions left within it.

    Only 7% of the bill is infrastracture spending.

  6. I also like what he said. It gives me hope that there are more than hopium smoking rubber stamps at the Senate.

    I believe there should be funding for Family Planning, but that should be business as usual, not part of a stimulus package to salvage the economy. There was such funding previously, without having to resort to a hopefully once in an election cycle stimulus package. That is as much of a Dem principle as faith based initiatives are to the Repubs.

  7. taggles: I saw a blub on one of the newz channels, either Fox or ABC wherein they cited a study by an engineering group which said we have a backlog of over 6 trillion in infrastructure repairs that need to be done. I suppose that means for things such as collapsing bridges and stuff.

    This would have been a good time to put the money out there.

  8. watch this:

    watch the whole thing if you have the time.

  9. Taggles, could you give me a blurb about it? I can’t stand watching Rachel maddow right now….please????

  10. you will like it, bots are throwing her under the bus. Rep. DeFazio is on saying he is hoping for changes in the bill. Dissing Larry Summers, saying he is putting himself out there.

  11. sm77, I agree that if there’s a provision that will help women to have an opportunity to find a job or to manage their household budgets better (ie, by not becoming pregnant, with all its attendant costs and health risks), but I don’t think it was ever a good idea to tie it into research on STDs. Nelson is correct that the STD research is more of an appropriation issue rather than anything that will create more jobs.

    What’s so disturbing is that I think the Democrats have done a poor job of marketing this plan–to the Dem caucus, to the Repubs and to the Amer. people. If I were President, I would go on national tv to explain the package and say “This part is for job stimulus, this part is for homeowner relief, this part is for those who are being laid off” etc. Also, I don’t see how construction jobs are going to help people like you and me who are female heads of household and sole breadwinners. So I have lots of problems with touting this as a package that’s going to help average Americans get and keep good-paying jobs so we can keep our homes, pay our heating bills and buy food.

  12. Rep. Pete Defazio (D-OR) is speaking out because he knows of the importance, he is the chairman of the Transportation and Infrastructure Cmte.

    Saying Larry Summers is anti-infrastructure.

  13. This is definitely a key time for everyone to contact their senators and make their thoughts known.

  14. grays: I think that the infrastructure jobs will have positions for women. Most of the states have frozen all state hiring and have laid off alot of temporary people. Infrastructure jobs means money going to the states and they can start rehiring. We wil need engineering firms to lay out plans, etc.

  15. Don’t watch the video for Rachel Maddow, although I thought it funny bots are mean to her, watch it for Rep. Pete DeFazio, blowing the whistle. Watch it for the simple explanation of the numbers we are dealing with.

    over 30% of the stimulus is tax cuts!

  16. Agree Kim,

    This is key to the economic life of the states.

  17. According to to Maddow – Defazio Interview

    49% – Health Education – States
    33% – Tax Cuts
    18% – Infrastructure, although Rep. DeFazio states 7%.

  18. States are actually running out of money for unemployment benefits and must have some relief.

  19. Kim, I hope you’re correct. Still, construction jobs offer some of the best pay–unless you’re a female architect, of course!

  20. CA is issuing IOU’s for tax rebates.

  21. Tags, thank you!

    So AGAIN, Republican influencing the Stimulus.

    Dakini said this was extremely bad.

    Tax cuts during a recession = Depression.

  22. SM,

    People may not like the sources, but it’s the truth is the truth.

    I am more of a visual person and these two videos put this in perspective for me. I thought they might be helpful to others.

  23. I can’t watch either youtube right now, but…it seems clear to me that the stimulus package had money for poor women to get birth control because Bush had made sure that type of effort was under-funded for many years.

    The House Dems were trying to show that they appreciated the urgency of this matter. Obama sabotaged them.

  24. Yes, Madamab, true, that is why I am horrified that it was taken out. He sold out women for not one single republican vote.

    The bill does have a lot of pork in it that will not help create jobs. It is a faulty bill. There isn’t even analysis on how many jobs each portion will create. It’s dereliction of duty to the American people to vote this in without the slightest knowledge on what it will actually accomplish.

  25. Iceland has just elected it’s first lesbian Premier.
    Now how’s that for some nice news in the middle of a Friday?

  26. The bailout package is like teeter tottering with nothing on the other side.

    I don’t want buses built just for the sake of buses being built. I want buses being built that represent some kind of innovative bridge to the future.

    I want to see a plastic bus that absorbs the suns rays and converts it to battery power. Sure the bus will still need gasoline, but the combination of the lighter weight and the ability to draw some power from the sun should result in a significant increase in efficiency.

    In turn, those lighter buses won’t wear out our infrastructure of roads and bridges as quickly because they are significantly lighter. If we stimulate to create more of the same stuff that got us in this mess, then we are blowing smoke and pretending it’s significant. If the money is spent on stimulating the creation of products that increase our dependence on oil, we have gained nothing.

    In terms of the medical industry, ban all interest charges on medically related services debt. Make all medical premiums 100% tax deductible. These are things that get back to everybody and free up buying power so that money can be saved, or used as cash to make purchases.


  27. I’m sorry, I tried. But I simply cannot watch Maddow. Perhaps if she was actually broadcasting from under the bus.

    Does this make me anti-feminist?

  28. Taggles – didn’t Obama say that he was for gov’t transparency?

    We didn’t know what was in the Bush bailout, and we don’t know what’s in the Obama bailout. What’s the difference?

    Oh BTW, the Repubs wanted 40% tax cuts and the Dems gave them 33%. Well, that’s tellin’ ’em!


  29. I thought DeFazio did an excellent job of explaining where the money needs to go. DeFazio claims that Summers is giving Obama bad advice. Problem is, Obama is supposed to be a leader, not a follower. This is what happens when we have someone with no experience trying to run the country who hires as his advisors, as DeFazio said, the same people who got us into this situation.

  30. grays,

    Defazio really put himself out there.

    madamab, my fellow “ironist” is that a word?!?

    you know what i mean. LOL

  31. OT: We just got a call from a former client who was having lunch at a very well known restaurant chain. He complained about his food and the server told him to stuff his food up his arse and that from looking at him and talking with him, we would probably enjoy it. Our client is a gay man. I think we are taking the case and going after this chain.

  32. Sorry – He would enjoy it.

  33. angelasmith, on January 30th, 2009 at 3:39 pm Said:

    Iceland has just elected it’s first lesbian Premier.
    Now how’s that for some nice news in the middle of a Friday?
    It’s a good thing, but she was appointed an interim Premier. Elections will be in May, she belongs to a minority party and is unlikely to remain in the position. Hopefully she does a great job and she is becomes the Premier in May.


  34. “CA is issuing IOU’s for tax rebates.”

    This is astonishing! Can you imagine a tax payer who sends an IOU to the state? And is the state going to pay this money later with interest? Because they make the tax payer pay interest if you’re paying late!

  35. TheRealKim> Ouch! I hope there were witnesses!

  36. “I think we are taking the case and going after this chain.”
    What would be the legal complaint? IANAL

  37. DYB: Think that will work with the IRS if I owe this year? Send them an IOU? Okay, yep, that will be just fine and dandy with the IRS.

  38. Unemployment checks were four days late in SC a few weeks ago and no one knew why; or rather the recipients had no clue why their checks were late. The state had no money to pay the claims.

    DYB: HE was with a group, so yes, there were witnesses.

    SHV: No clue. I didn’t talk to him. So . . .

  39. How wll Kirsten Gillibrand vote on
    the stimulus package?

    How would Caroline Kennedy have vot..never mind.

  40. madamab, on January 30th, 2009 at 3:52 pm

    PumaPac has summaries if you want to read what’s in the stimulus package

  41. Man who took one bill and handed rest back to bank teller gets 15-year sentence

    A man who said he robbed a downtown Shreveport bank because he was out of a job and hungry has been sentenced to 15 years in prison for first-degree robbery.

    Roy Brown, 54, of Audrey Lane, pleaded guilty in Caddo District Court to robbing the Capital One bank in December 2007.

    Brown admitted walking up to a teller with one of his hands under his jacket and telling her it was a “stickup.” The teller handed the man three stacks of bills and he took a single $100 bill, told her he was homeless and left, police said.

    Brown surrendered to police the next day, telling them his mother didn’t raise him that way.

    Police let him sober up and interviewed him two days later. Police said Brown told them he needed money to stay in a downtown detox center, had nowhere to stay and was hungry — so he walked up the street and robbed the bank.


  42. SHV: No clue. I didn’t talk to him. So . .
    I guess that I mis-understood…I though you were associated with a law firm that was considering filing suit against the restaurant chain.

  43. Downticket: We have had four clients in one week who were arrested for shoplifting in drug stores. Desperate times create a boon in some areas, unfortunately criminal law is one of those areas. Another area will be domestic violence, people who have no money get into more fights. Alcohol abuse will be up as well, another trigger for DV.

  44. We do, but I just heard an associate say we had an appointment to see him regarding the slur made by the Moes employee. Until he comes in for the initial consult – I don’t know.

  45. Downticket, and meanwhile the folks who have stolen billions are walking around free… and rich.

  46. Downticket — right next to my firm’s offices is a big time criminal defense practice — he is super busy too, just like us in the bk world..

  47. Downticket – It is enough to make you sick. Angie – your firm does bankruptcy? Your offices must be packed. That is a long way from admiralty.

  48. TheRealKim, on January 30th, 2009 at 4:43 pm

    There was another article about a man that lost his job, then went home killed his wife, their five young children and then himself. Those kids were so young. The family looked so perfect in the picture used in the article. It is hard to believe he killed them all.

    gxm17, on January 30th, 2009 at 4:46 pm

    That is what I find unfair. He only stole a single $100 bill. 15 years is too much.

  49. angienc2, on January 30th, 2009 at 4:48 pm Said:

    Downticket — right next to my firm’s offices is a big time criminal defense practice — he is super busy too, just like us in the bk world..
    In my area, the criminality is getting ugly…late night forced entry into occupied residences and gratuitous shootings following un-resisted street robberies.

  50. We are going to be seeing a lot more horror stories before all is said and done. Funny, many of the great depression stories are all about bankers and bigwigs jumping out of windows. This time around we are paying them to line their pockets.

  51. You know what really funny, and time will prove whether I’m right or not, but I think the harder Obama tries to over for the Republicans the more empowered they will feel to insist on the provisions they believe their constituents want. So the Dem leadership and Obama will ignore the massive Dems who are pissed off about this BS bill, and the Republicans will get voter approval. This is all because that idiot Barky believes his own BS press coverage.

  52. My pc is active up:

    its: bend over for the Republicans

  53. My family will be fine, we are almost entirely made up of women, no husbands around anywhere. We are used to sucking it up and making it work.

  54. This is too funny. Is it hard for some to understand that Obama is bipartisan

    Boehner’s Bitch

    Despite his best efforts to kiss the asses of as many Republicans as he can to get them to support the domestic recovery bill, President Obama goes into the House vote tonight assuming that all of his political capital was wasted in trying to get at most a dozen House Republicans to vote for the Democrats’ flawed but necessary bill. After all the dinners with conservative pundits, after all the discussions at the White House with Republicans who larded unaccountable billions upon Wall Street and disaster capitalist GOP contractors over the last eight years, the best Obama is hoping for is a dozen Republicans to vote with the Democratic majority Wednesday night.

    Yet Obama pandered to them anyway, and will be kicked in the nuts tonight for his efforts. Oh wait, he did manage to strip family planning money out of the bill to try and buy wing nut votes, a futile gesture. And they’ll still complain anyway, while Obama lamely complains about “politics as usual” and stresses that he wants to keep politics out of it. He and even the Democratic leadership seem, as David Sirota noted, to be more interested in passing a bipartisan bill so that both parties can own the recovery effort, than in passing something bold that has large public support, at a time when even the GOP admits he can do whatever he wants without any GOP support.

    the GOP won’t respect you until you cut them in an alley fight. If Obama puts in all this effort to buy their votes and gets the cold shoulder, then let’s see what kind of guts our new president has. Because I know if Hillary Clinton had won with 350 electoral votes by running on a platform of universal health care, and putting Main Street over Wall Street, only to see the GOP leadership do this right out of the box, she and Rahm Emanuel would have cut John Boehner’s nuts off and made Mitch McConnell eat them, every damn day.


  55. I think Maddow should go under the bus with O’s “friends” – I don’t want her here!

  56. I don’t particularly care for her either, however Rep. DeFazio was on her show and it was one of the best examples I cam across explaining how the “stimulus” package is a deterrent for job growth.

  57. Um, I agree with Maddow… if you “WON” F’in ACT LIKE IT!!

    Damn Bush NEVER won and he DICTATED crap to congress.

    Zero is FAR FAR less FDR and MUCH MUCH more Ronnie Raygun!

  58. taggles so true!

  59. Gee, infrastructure, infrastructure, infrastructure…

    hmmm…whose idea was that again?

    They talk about it like Obama invented the idea, and now he is not willing to invest in it anyway.

    FACT: He stole the idea from Hillary, who clearly defined it and emphasized it repeatedly before he picked it up after she conceded. Now, he’s not willing to fight for it anyway.

    Ditto health care. Can we have Hillary back now? As she said, you need to FIGHT for these things, because the special interests and their surrogates will NEVER cede power. Instead, we get President Wishy Washy.

  60. Wuzzup? 😈

  61. The fauxgressive hopium huffers are now waking up to find that they through the Clinton’s under the bus for another Ronald Reagan.

  62. I agree with Maddow but she still annoys the hell out of me and I have no respect for her. All I can say to her is “We told you so”. We said last year to hopium addicts like Maddow that the unity crap doesn’t work and we needed a president who wasn’t going to compromise with Republicans – the folks who have ruined our country for the last decade. But they wouldn’t listen and now they complain. The signs were all there. Maddow has no one to blame but herself.

  63. Will good sense prevail???? Infrastructure will not only provide jobs, make us stronger and safer, it will also make us more energy efficient in the long run. The poorer (less effective) our roads etc. the less efficient our use of fuel. Mass transit projects could in the long run reduce our consumption of fuel. Quit pandering Pres. Omiddle.

  64. Don’t blame Republicans for the tax relief going into the stimulus bill. Its a democrat/Obama bill exclusively. If it doesn’t seem like a bill the Democrats would produce – w/tax cuts, etc., look to the people who wrote the bill. It wasn’t the Republicans. We have been bamboozled and hoodwinked.
    Years (around 10) ago, we in Florida voted in a plan to build high speed rail all across the state of Florida. This was to link Disney with South Florida, the East and West Coasts with northern Florida.We were willing to pay for it with sales tax and fees. Jeb Bush completely ignored the will of the voters and said that we could not afford it and he would ignore the Amendment. Then he proceeded to give tax cuts and breaks to real estate companies, developers and brokers. This reminds me so much of Obama. Forget the voters and reward the folks who really provided the money for your campaign. Remember the campaign, remember all the rhetoric to repeal George Bush’s tax cuts for the rich? Obama now realizes he will become one of the rich and will need those tax cuts himself. Promises, promises.

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