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Friday Happy Hour tidbits…

You may already know, but Iceland rocks!

johanna-sigurc3b0ardottirThe world’s first openly gay leader is poised to take power in Iceland with the appointment of a lesbian former flight attendant as Prime Minister following the mass-resignation of the country’s government.

Johanna Sigurdardottir, 66, is to become interim leader until new elections are held in May following the fall of the administration of Geir Haarde amid huge public protests about the country’s economic crisis.

Repubs are gearing up, Michael Steele becomes first black RNC chairman:

RepublicansWASHINGTON – Michael Steele was elected Republican National Committee chairman on Friday, defeating the incumbent party chief and three other challengers over six rounds of voting to become the first black to lead the GOP. The former Maryland lieutenant governor takes over a beleaguered GOP as Republicans seek to rebound from back-to-back defeats in national elections that gave Democrats control of Congress and the White House.

While the oil barons continue to pillage the masses…..

Earns Exxon MobileHOUSTON – Exxon Mobil Corp. on Friday reported a profit of $45.2 billion for 2008, breaking its own record for a U.S. company, even as its fourth-quarter earnings fell 33 percent from a year ago.

The previous record for annual profit was $40.6 billion, which the world’s largest publicly traded oil company set in 2007.

……Reagan’s ghost is haunting the US:

ronald-reaganWASHINGTON – Battered by layoffs, debts and dread of worse to come, shoppers clutched ever tighter to their wallets in the final three months of 2008 and thrust the economy into its worst downhill slide in a quarter-century. Americans cut spending on everything from cars to computers, and it’s only getting worse so far in the new year.

All told, the economy staggered backward at a 3.8 percent pace at the end of last year, the government said Friday. And the tailspin could well accelerate in the current quarter to a rate of 5 percent or more as the recession churns into a second year and consumers and businesses buckle under a relentless crush of negative forces.

Whenever there’s a bunch of stress or I need to wind down after a bad week, King Bob Marley always does the trick.

Don’t let them fool ya, we got a mind of own!

Get your Rum & Cokes and join the Open Thread!

UPDATE: To my fellow Conflucians who’ve donated via Liberalcrat, I had a problem with PayPal verifying my account, but it’s ok as of today.   This will definitely help in my laid-off-single-mom-dom.  May the Universe quadruplify your generosity and kindness!


Taggles and MadamaB highly recommend watching this from Marcy Kaptur:

203 Responses

  1. This is really tongue in cheek.

    Why is it that an idiot like Bush is elected when things are rosy, but when things are FUBERed, that’s when the population decides to make ‘history’. Is it because they want to blame the mess on them?

    Remember that in 4 years when women and minorities are BLAMED for the bad state of affairs in the world, proof that they are bad leaders!!

    On a serious note, unfortunately, Johanna Sigurdardottir doesn’t seem to have much time till May election is held. I was hoping she has more time.

  2. SM77, can you add this tidbit that madamab pointed out earlier today. Marcy Kaptur

  3. ghost- if her party wins a majority in the Althing(Icelands parliment) then thay could sellect her as the perminate prime-minister…that she is being given the job now may mean that the parliment is ready for her to take the helm in may.

    SM – Taggles:

    Rachel Maddow cannot have any space under the bus near me! I still havent taught Howard Dean and Bill Richardson how to behave back here yet so Rachel will have tohave another sponcer somewhere else….

  4. Hey, does anyone know what Daschle likes to drink? It appears that he is going to be the next one to join us here under the bus. We already knew that Daschle and his wife were big time lobbyists (but the kind O likes 😕 ), but now it appears that he has had a car and driver from a job and didn’t report it as income on his taxes. I hope he gets along w/ with the tax cheat that is the IRS head.

  5. Oh for goodness sakes, ten lashes with a wet noodle for me for posting a rachel maddow youtube.

  6. sm- I don’t know why but I am in the spamster.

  7. Ok, Honora – got you out, Spammy’s been hungry for comments lately, sorry!

  8. re: the Rachel Maddow video — I don’t know how far under the bus she is yet, because she & the Congressman were tap dancing pretty fast to shift all of the blame away from Obama & on to Larry Summers (i.e, it is his advisors not him. If Dear Leader only knew he would be with us.). Um, no — obviously he wouldn’t because even I know Obama knew what was in his “package” before he sent it to Capitol Hill. This is exactly the bill Obama wants.

  9. Remember that in 4 years when women and minorities are BLAMED for the bad state of affairs in the world, proof that they are bad leaders!

    Ghost2 – but we’re always blamed for everything! So it won’t make a difference, at least to me.

  10. Now that Michael Steele has become RNC chairman, as a Black Republican, I can finally set my “baggage” down and feel free as a black woman. My ancestors are somewhere on a plantation far, far, away taking off their burlap sack in which they would place the cotton they picked. We are free from r@cial injustice. I can’t wait to see Michael’s face all over coffee mugs and cookies. 😀

  11. I watched the Repubs on c-span today. I don’t know what the Dem rules are but their rule is the co-Chairman has to be of the opposite sex. Does Kaine have a female counterpart? Didn’t think so. I like Steele and think he will do a lot for their party. So look out Dems!

  12. This is going to be fun. I mean of course, watching the dems. Are they going to attack Steele. And if they do, does that make them racist.

  13. Afrocity – I had to put up that blurb especially for you.

    And I think that Michael Steele is FOINE – bald head and all.

  14. afrocity — LOL

    (and yep SM, Steele is very handsome)

  15. LOL SOd, thank you my dear it means a lot to me and makes me feel and know that PUMA is my family.

  16. Ooops, I meant LOL sm77

  17. Afrocity to the DNC : My republican Black Man can kick YOUR scrawny black POTUS a$$ any day.

    Today Michael Steele, tomorrow Elderj

  18. Afrocity- I’m sure that I can find you a bunch of Steele for Senate stuff with his smiling face. It must be cheap on ebay by now. He also had 10 foot tall cardboard cutouts of him all over Baltimore City on election day when he ran as LT Gov. They would be suitable for molesting, so you would have to keep them away from Jon.

  19. It will be funny if in 2012 the repubs run Palin, she beats the one, and then the Republicans would have a woman president and an African American RNC.

  20. Afrocity- You are certainly right about Steele besting Obama, he wouldn’t even have to call in his cousin Mike Tyson for help.

  21. ok, stop drooling over Steele the whole lot of you

  22. I hope elderj didn’t watch TV today, he said yesterday he was sick of alll the hoopla about Obama brushed his teeth! made coffee! Visited the gym! Today’s nonstop gushing about Obama instituting Casual Friday (Change! Change! Change!) was a little hard to take.

  23. (break dancing on the floor)

  24. I’ll vote for Sarah is she runs against Obama.
    Hell I’ll wear and Obama is a c**t shirt!

  25. Afrocity – SM is fine, the “77” was necessary for me to sign up with WordPress.

    They took usernames with 4 characters, not 2.

  26. afrocity mr steele has a poor LGBT rights resume…

    personally I havent seen one of these guys on the hill or in the westwing that float my boat…

    Big Dawg is the exception!

  27. Seriously – the Obama pr0n is too much! LOL!

  28. Fuzzy: I know, I only was saying that Michael Steele is a very handsome, elegant man…but you know, Republican.

    (don’t hit me Afrocity!)

  29. Catrina (in my sexy fuzzybear voice)

    In the case of a T-shirt that says “Obama is a C**t” t it would be true so it would not be sexist…

  30. I know SM see you and me we would rather fight than switch!

    Did you hear that Rev Ricky Warren!

  31. now, don’t you be teasing me, fuzzy!

  32. Fuzzy: These Liberal colors don’t run nor fade!

  33. Remember how much Obama & Biden lectured us about how patriotic it is for us to pay our taxes? Doesn’t seem to apply to their cabinet picks. First Geither & now Daschle — of course, the rich aren’t like us — they don’t have to pay taxes — they spend their money buying elections.


  34. cat — what happened to your avatar?

  35. I’ve liked Michael Steele for a long time now, he shoots straight and will help the party a great deal. As a “Tweener” stuck between the Dems and the Repubs – I want to see both parties pull their shit together.

    Oh! And thanks for the Bob Marley video! Really helped change my mood around after an aggravating phone call. I’m downloading Legend right now from Amazon – most of their mp3’s are cheaper than Itunes – and Amazon downloads them right to your Itunes Library. Saved 3 bucks!

  36. Fuzzy:

    But just because we’re Liberals, doesn’t mean we can’t acknowledge good looking Republicans, right?

  37. true so true SM

    Catrina I would never tease you…if youlived in florida I would make it a point to meet up and do lunch on me I am a perfect gentlemen!

    SM only 2 weeks till I get to your town

    Oh and its gonna be 23F tonight here what a crock!

    Is my punishment for taughting Taggles on Lionshare the other night…

  38. SM is right fuzzy — whatever you think of Republicans you have to admit Charlton Heston circa Ben Hur was to die for!

  39. Oh, and Jon Voight circa Midnight Cowboy was nothing to sneeze at.

  40. One thing I like about Michael Steele is that he’s classy without pretentiousness.

    Obama on the other hand…

  41. true SM I acknowledge THE(singular) Hot Gay Republican Bear I know all the time….

  42. Fuzzy, no offense but so does Obama. I want someone to speak for my party that won’t make blacks look like panhandlers like Obama does. I voted for DEM presidents that did nothing for Black rights. We need to get Blacks off victim island and away from the democrats IMHO.

  43. AngieNC: Yep! Charlton was a great actor. And a very handsome guy. Fucked up politics, but a handsome guy.

    Every time I see Planet of the Apes, I’m like “oooh, he was FOINE.”

  44. Fuzzy: I CAN’T WAIT!!!!

  45. econsmed, on January 30th, 2009 at 8:00 pm Said: Edit Comment

    You’re welcome!

  46. SM — One thing I like about Michael Steele is that he’s classy without pretentiousness.

    So true! Obama is totally Noveau Riche — Steele, on the other hand, is not.

  47. According to US magazine, Mrs. Obama is “keeping it real” (their words) by buying Pottery Barn decor. I’m not in favor of giving anyone $100,000 to redecorate, but the fact that they’re buying junk from Pottery Barn makes me even less happy.

  48. Facts about Steele (as you can all tell Afrocity has a crush)

    Steele’s sister Monica was married and divorced former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson.

    Steele participated in the Glee Club

    Steele won a scholarship to Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. In his first year there, Steele was elected class president and was a member of the fencing team.

    Steele’s mother was a widowed laundress who, he stated, worked for minimum wage rather than accept public assistance.

    Steele grew up in a Democratic household. However, as a young man he switched to the Republican Party.

  49. Not to be mean to Pottery Barn, but the chances that it’s all going out in the trash with the next President is pretty high. $100,000 down the drain.

  50. Seriously,

    You have me ROTFL. Pottery Barn??/ That is probably what they have in the Chicago place. That style does not fit the White House. Geeze why not IKEA or crate and Barrel (snort).
    Or Michelle may know that she only has 4 years in the place, might as well get some free furniture out of it that no one else would want.

    I betcha $5 that they buy a sleigh bed because of of the snow jobs Obama is doing on the OBOTs.

  51. angie
    I was bad today. Completely lost it.
    Winter PMS or something.
    I logged out so I could make mandatory sterilization comments at over at shitsandwich.
    do you see my avatar now?

  52. I know! If you’re going to waste $100,000 of tax payers’ money, lay off the orange milk crates and at least buy something that will last more than 6 months or looks like it belongs in the White House.

  53. fuzzybeargville, on January 30th, 2009 at 8:05 pm Said:

    true SM I acknowledge THE(singular) Hot Gay Republican Bear I know all the time….

    fuzzy – who are you talking about??

  54. OT..more Daschle stuff:

    “President Obama’s pick for secretary of health and human services, Tom Daschle, filed amended tax returns and paid more than $100,000 in back taxes on Jan. 2, administration officials said on Friday.”


    The late Friday news dump…more of the same.

  55. Catrina I would never tease you…if youlived in florida I would make it a point to meet up and do lunch on me I am a perfect gentlemen!

    oh, what I wouldn’t give to do steak night with Fuzzy and the Obots… *sigh*

  56. Catarina, was any of it about that woman that had the octtuplets and they found out she has 6 kids at home and lives with her mother?

  57. I am so sick of all of these ‘corporate placements’ in their lives. Buy whatever you want and then invite Barbara Walters in to see it. I don’t care!!!! Sorry, Afrocity, I’m not a Steele fan, but I will let you enjoy 🙂

  58. SHV- Everyone has been wondering why Daschle’s turn was not coming up, I guess we know now.

  59. I saw them interview her 88 year old neighbor. She wasn’t too thrillled that she’s going to be living next door to 14 kids. LOL

  60. econsmed> The other benefit of Amazon vs. iTunes is that Amazon sells music in the universal mp3 format, versus iTunes’ AAC – which can only be played back on iTunes. Plus, iTunes still sells a lot of music that’s copy-protected and is of low quality (only 128 bits), whereas Amazon is DRM free and averages 256 bits. It’s a win-win with Amazon.

    Do we think it’s coincidental that RNC picked a black man as its head? Or was it political? I must confess I don’t anything about Steele or really any of the others who were in the running. How conservative is Steele? I’m guessing quite conservative.

  61. I really like Michael Steele. He has personality plus. He could be VP under Sarah Palin.

  62. cat — I was gone for a bit — I see it now!! (I have to admit, I was being paranoid — we’ve been getting a lot of name-hijacking tr0lls — it sounded like you but. . .) LOL!

  63. DYB,

    Steele is conservative, but he endeared himself to me when he talked on TV about how unfairly Hillary was being treated.

  64. Oh, and I’m not convinced yet Dascle will get thrown over. Geithner didn’t, Barky backed him. He might do the same for Daschle. But if Daschle gets thrown over – I’m pushing him under the front wheel, so he can then also get run over by the back one. Daschle single-handedly made me switch from Dem to Ind back in 2001. He’s a snake if there ever was one. More even than Barky.

  65. Seriously, on January 30th, 2009 at 8:18 pm Said: LMAO! Potter Barn — if they are going to buy sh!t (cause lets face it, they have bad taste) couldn’t they buy American made sh!t to help the economy?

  66. bb> Was it during the primaries? What did he say? How “compassionate” a conservative is he? Palin compassionate, or Bush compassionate?

  67. Oh god, bb, that would set off the The He-Men Women haters party. A man taking a secondary position to woman is just. not. natural.

  68. DYB – good point on Amazon – I bought a waterproof player for swimming and found I couldn’t load anything from my Itunes without burning it to disc first then importing to the player.

    Michael Steele has been really visible and vocal during this election right from the primaries. He’s conservative – but he’s not an ass. I don’t think it’s so much a political move by the RNC as it is just one of his qualifications. He’s very engaging and you just want to hear what he has to say.

  69. DYB,

    I don’t remember the details, sorry. I don’t know anything about his politics. I think Honora lives in Maryland.

  70. Seriously, on January 30th, 2009 at 8:35 pm Said:

    I saw them interview her 88 year old neighbor. She wasn’t too thrillled that she’s going to be living next door to 14 kids. LOL
    Her mother told the Los Angeles Times on Thursday that the woman had received fertility treatment and that she had embryos implanted last year. Video Watch for more on the octuplets »

    “If she went to a fertility clinic, there’s wide consensus from every single ethicist and fertility specialist that this was irresponsible and unethical to implant that many embryos,” said M. Sara Rosenthal, bioethicist at the University of Kentucky’s College of Medicine. “This is an outrageous situation that should not happen.”
    If a doctor implanted eight embryos, he/she should now be in the possession of a suspended medical license.

  71. DYB — I don’t know how coincidental it is that Steele won (ie so the GOP can say he we’ve got a black man at the head of our party too!) but Steele has been “running” for this position for a long time — since the primaries at least.

    I don’t agree with Steele a lot on political issues, but he seems more sincere & honest than Obama (true, not difficult to do).

  72. OT:

    I live 5 blocks away from Raymond James Stadium in Tampa aka SuperBowl weekend.

    There are planes, blimps, traffic EVERYWHERE.

  73. SHV: I know fertility docs that routinely implant 8-10. I agree that it is outrageous, but it’s hardly unique.

  74. OMFG! 8 babies! She had a litter!

  75. no, afro

    i was on the buttbooger site today leaving comments about taking them out of the gene pool.

    but what a bizarre story about the woman with all the kids. who in their right mind would want 8 kids? Or is it 14?

  76. Ok i admit
    i have a pottery barn shower curtain
    if none of you ever speak to me again that’s fine!

    nite all!

  77. Well, with that many kids she should have a reality TV show about her. “John and Kate Plus 8” is TLC’s highest rated series.

  78. They IMPLANTED 8 embryos? I just assumed she was taking fertility drugs.

  79. The thing about Pottery Barn is that it’s not even that cheap. It’s overpriced crap from China!

  80. cat — LMAO!! I’m glad I’m not on your bad side!!!

    Seems this woman already had 6 kids & wanted ONE more — went to the fertility clinic & had 8 babies — for a grand total of 14 kids. (Although, one baby can’t breathe on its own as of yet). People have been donating breast milk to feed them.

  81. I heard that the mother’s dad is going back to Iraq to make money for the family. I think he may be going to get out of a house with 14 children under the age of 7. Seriously, I wonder if the mother is trying to have a lot of children to somehow make up for some loss her family suffered in the war. ( If not then maybe I should make that into a screenplay and try to sell the story somewhere. )

  82. Michael Steele discussion interesting. But another AA up and comer that I really like is Michael Nutter, the Dem mayor of Philly. He was a huge supporter of Hillary, has guts and would make a great governor or Senator or possibly more.

  83. Yes she has 14.

    I hope she is a Republican, we need those votes in 27 when I run for president against Obama’s daughter 😉

  84. Cat — there is nothing wrong with Potter Barn per se — it is just their obvious attempt to pretend they are “one of us” that is the problem.

  85. mlhath — I love the Nutter –not good looking like Steele, but he definitely has the charm!

  86. Maryland’s current Lt Gov Anthony Brown is another great Democratic AA. He is another Harvard law school grad, but also a Iraq War veteran and a really nice guy. He put in his time in county government and was a Hillary supporter until she dropped out.

  87. Afrocity:

    Pottery Barn to me is kinda suburban McMansion-y.

    I mean – REALLY. If I had $100,000 to decorate the White House, I’d be at an Ethan Allen vs. Pottery Barn.

  88. Honora, on January 30th, 2009 at 8:59 pm Said:

    I heard that the mother’s dad is going back to Iraq to make money for the family. I think he may be going to get out of a house with 14 children under the age of 7.

    I think the second option is the most likely myself! LOL

  89. Maybe we can take up a collection, so the Obamas can upgrade to Ethan Allen. Even if the furniture is not made in the US, it sounds more patriotic.

  90. It’s just so Obama that they think that’s good PR for them–“well, yes, we spent the $100,000–but we spent it at Pottery Barn! We really are just like you!” Yes, I feel a strong kinship knowing you wasted a fortune on overpriced junk because you think it’ll give me warm fuzzies. I resent the idea of the White House being flled with hoity toighty antiques, I want to see a foosball table in the State Dining Room.

  91. exactly SM — Potter Barn is the “in” place because it seems people want to be overcharged for junk today — and we all know the Obama’s want to show how hip & cool they are.

  92. IKEA asks to tell Obama what furniture he should put into the White House – ROFL http://www.embracechange09.com/

  93. angienc2;

    You are correct, he is not traditionally handsome. But he is one of those people that get better looking the more you are exposed to them. Unlike O, who looks goodinitially, but becomes less attractive the more you know him.

    Nutter has genuine charisma, charm and intelligence. And he fights hard for Dem principles.

  94. angienc2, on January 30th, 2009 at 8:50 pm Said:

    OMFG! 8 babies! She had a litter!
    And then there is the Dugger family that does it the old fashioned way..pops them out one or two at a time.

    “We are so grateful to God to announce that our 18th child was born on December 18, 2008 at 1:40PM! She was delivered via c-section at St. Mary’s Mercy Hospital in Rogers, AR weighing 7 lbs. 3 ozs. and was 20 in. long…..”


  95. AngeNC & Honora:

    And this is coming from a laid off broke as shit in a pan! But if I had the $100K to decorate, wow, Ethan Allen would be IT.

    AS WELL AS very good antique shops.

  96. mlhath,

    Sorry but Nutter tried to lay off my librarian and curator friends.

  97. Honora — I don’t know for a fact that every piece of furniture Ethan Allan sells is “Made in the USA” but a lot of it is.

  98. SM,

    Ethan Allen is great, Thomasville and like you said antique shops. Why doesn’t he go someplace like Vermont, NC, or Maine and stimulate a furniture makers income. They have lots of them in New England and I am sure in other places.

  99. SHV — I’ve seen those Duggers before — and every time I do, I think — is that woman a farm animal? The only time she isn’t pregnant is when she just gave birth!
    Yeah, that’s what the world needs, Duggers — more of you in it.

  100. Nutter was a loyal Clintonisto, so he’s ok in my book. But am I the only one who giggles every time I see and hear his name? He must have gotten teased something awful in school!

  101. afrocity> Vermont is off-limits to Barky. Howard Dean would probably have him arrested upon entry into the state.

  102. melusine08- I love the IKEA site. I tried to put Obama outside of the window trying to get in but it wouldn’t let me.

  103. Afrocity – I’m originally born & raised in New England.

    That would be exceptional. NE has so many artisans & craftspeople – so does the South.

    They should’ve done that instead. No doubt.

  104. mlhath — And he fights hard for Dem principles. You can say that again — he stood by the real Dem during the primary despite what must have been enormous pressure for him to go with Obama.

  105. Afrocity:

    Unfortunately people are being laid off every day. Virtually every municipality, governmental agency and private concern is in process of laying someone off.

    I am going to Wisconsin Monday to lay off about 100 people. I am not a bad person. There just isn’t any business or funding.

  106. DYB — you aren’t the only one — I giggle too — all I can picture is Nutter Butters.

  107. How long before the Black Furniture Makers of America issues a call for Michelle to ‘wake up’ and buy from them?

  108. sm77–yeah, me too. 🙂 I can’t afford to shop at Pottery Barn anyway, but if someone handed me $100,000 of taxpayer money I would NOT go there. Okay, granted, I would give the money back and say, “I kind of think the White House is nice enough as it is. Yes, this will do me quite well.” LOL But if I absloutely had to spend it, i’d buy something quality for the WH Collection that the next person wouldn’t immediately have to waste yet more money getting rid of. It’s only a 4 year gig!

  109. mlhath, on January 30th, 2009 at 9:16 pm Said:


    Unfortunately people are being laid off every day. Virtually every municipality, governmental agency and private concern is in process of laying someone of
    A local, large data processing company, has had significant loses the past quarter…They are requesting that workers take off two months without pay but would still retain health care benefits. Seems like a better option than getting a pink slip.

  110. Seriously, I sure hope that “It’s only a 4 year gig!” I’m sure Bill would take the WH after that just as it is without changing a thing!! 😉

  111. Honora – LOL!!

    Afrocity: What is that African American designer/lifestyle guru, B. something, shite I can’t remember her name!!!

    She has a magazine, interior design etc… I CAN’T REMEMBER HER LAST NAME…help???

    But it begins with a “B.”

  112. SHV:

    I am in the automotive industry. We have done all that.
    I spent almost two months negotiating with the union to give us some relief to stay open. They offered us the equivalent of 18 cents. We have no choice.

  113. mlhath – wow. That is crazy.

    Not even a temporary pay cut – like a 1.00 per hour cut for 1 year term?

  114. OT, but I heard Obama today saying that he is rooting for the Steelers, especially because so many of them supported his campaign. Don’t tell RD!

  115. mlhath,

    I know people are laid off everyday. Mr. Afrocity has been laid off for a year now.

    Nutter did this while I was in New York City in 2005. I went to Philly to support my colleagues. He closed over 20 branches to give $$$ for other worthless crap. And tried to fire all directors of libraries. Libraries also are safe havens for kids and adults. You hurt everyone. Daley does the same thing in Chicago. The libraries, archives, museums are the first to take it in the a$$ while politicians line their pockets. Nutter lost and the libaries stayed open on a full schedule.

    I have have been in this profession since 1991, most of the politicians who don’t support librarians, museum professionals and archivists are DEMS. While I loathed Bush, I can say that Laura Bush ( a librarian) gave $$$$ to support libraries and museums. She gave us an endowment to recruit AA’s into the field and met with me personally. While I wasn’t GOP at the time, I had to admit that it was far more generous than we imagines and she still gives to the Institute of Museum and Library Services.

  116. B Smith?

  117. BB,

    B. Smith

  118. bb — omfg! I didn’t think about that — am I actually going to have to pull for Arizona? Against the Steelers!?!?!?!

  119. SM –LMAO — well, no wonder you couldn’t remember a list name like that!! 🙂

  120. B. SMITH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Thank you!


    B. Smith must be having a meltdown right now that she wasn’t asked to design the White House, but Pottery Barn, WAS.

  121. mlhath, on January 30th, 2009 at 9:28 pm Said:


    I am in the automotive industry. We have done all that.
    I spent almost two months negotiating with the union to give us some relief to stay open. They offered us the equivalent of 18 cents. We have no choice.
    No criticism directed at you…but it would seem that rather than Obama talking about “pie in the sky” green jobs, that the feds could exert influence and money for job retention. I would seem that it would be better to reduce hours by 1/4 or 1/3 rather than lay off 1/4 or 1/3 of the employees.

  122. What is wrong with me? I can’t get anyone’s name right tonight.

  123. sm77:

    It never makes sense to me either. There were probably 25 economic items that were on the table. They refused any paycut. (Their loaded rate is @ $29). They gave back MLK day and Election Day.

    The chief steward told me she would rather work at Kentucky Fried Chicken than give anything back.


    I was aware of some issues regarding the libraries in Philly. But certainly not as in tune as you. I understand your points, but all being equal, to me he is still better than most.

  124. I don’t care for B. Smith. She is like a Black Martha Stewart wannabe.

  125. BostonBoomer:

    Hey you!

    Is it because McCain’s from Arizona???????

    And BTW, I live 5 blocks from Raymond James stadium, my neighborhood is flooded with traffic – there’s a tailgate concert 2 blocks from me – there’s planes & blimps & fireworks going off every night for the past week.

  126. SM77: I think you’re thinking about B. Smith who was touted to become the AA Martha Stewart when Martha went to prison; didn’t happen. She has a restaurant named after her in midtown.

    US magazine has a front cover article with Michele and the kids entitled “tips from a White House Mom” or some tripe like that. Now given that it’s a monthly magazine and given that MIchelle has only been in the white house for 10 days, whatever “tips” are in the article come from her days as a Chicago mom. How stupid do these people think we are?

    Just heard on Hannity that BHO appointed Samantha (Hillary is a monster) Power to a position in the NSA which will require her to travel with HiIlary? Anyone have the scoop on that?

  127. SHV;

    We are closing the entire facility. All the GM plants we supported are closing. There is no there there. And every day that we remain open, at reduced capacity, costs us tens of thousands of dollars. In order for the remaining plants to be viable, there really is no choice.

  128. Joanie in Brooklyn, on January 30th, 2009 at 9:43 pm Said:

    SM77: I think you’re thinking about B. Smith who was touted to become the AA Martha Stewart when Martha went to prison; didn’t happen. She has a restaurant named after her in midtown.
    The GF ate there last month and liked it.

  129. Just heard on Hannity that BHO appointed Samantha (Hillary is a monster) Power to a position in the NSA which will require her to travel with Hillary. Anyone else heard this?

  130. mlhath – that’s the ONLY problem I have with unions.

    While they defend workers rights, they don’t give the workers the opportunity to decide/vote for themselves (remember the SEIU union fiasco in the Nevada primaries?)

    If I were a union member, I’d give up a day, or get a pay cut on a 1 yr. basis (which will be negotiable at the end of that term) until things got better instead of working minimum wage.

    Wanna hire me? I like cars.

  131. First my comment disappears and I get an error message when I hit submit commit, so I shorten it and resubmit it then mysteriously the first comment appears. What’s up with that

  132. btw — OT — but I probably told you all I don’t cook much, but tonight I was dying for dolmadas & hummus — so I made them (granted — not much “cooking” involved with either — but if I’m dirtying dishes in the kitchen I count it as cooking) & had them along with pita, calamata olives, fried kassaeri (ie saganaki) & white wine — I love “appetizers” for dinner.

  133. Joanie – yes – and I LOVE IT!

    Hillary is HER boss now, and Hillary will kill her with kindness and show her how it’s really done.

    Karma is a bitch…and I love her!

  134. sm77

    Would love to. Unfortunately, not only union workers lose their jobs in a plant closure, but also non-union white collar workers who are at the mercy of the unions and truly have no say.

  135. Joanie – we have an automatic spam moderator. We call it Spammy.

    I’ll go check if someone already hasn’t.

  136. Joanie — spammy has been doing weird things the last couple of days.

    And yes, we discussed the Power appointment in an earlier thread.

  137. Joanie,

    Being the Black Ann Coulter I can point to what AT had to say about it. Hillary will kick Samantha’s butt:


  138. mlhath: 😦 – I couldn;t do that job. I truly admire your strength.

  139. angie- Nothing better than appetizers for dinner. My sisters, my mom and I always want to do that for holidays but we figure the husbands just wouldn’t understand. The kids would be ok as long as we included pigs in the basket and topped it all off with dessert.

  140. Joanie — I believe US is a weekly rag, not monthly. But the rest of your point about that stupid story (saw the cover myself in the grocery store today) is right on.

  141. Honora— when I go out to eat my fav. thing to do is order 2 or 3 appetizers & dessert — no “main course” — just the “good stuff” for me!!

  142. sm77, the problem is though, that a lot of unions have agreed to givebacks in hard times–only to find out that when times get better, management doesn’t thank or reward them but demands even more cutbacks. What gets agreed to as a temporary measure forms a prescedent, and then when the contract comes up again, they refuse to negotiate on it. Ask the writers’ union, they agreed to a temporary measure on VHS residuals–and 20 or 30 years later, they’ve never been able to revisit it and they’re getting the same rate on DVD residuals now.

  143. sm77

    yeah, well, I’m losing some hair and gaining some weight. Which I tell everyone is just really thick skin.


  144. How many weeks are there in a year? ‘Cause that’s how many cover stories about the Obama’s we are going to have from US Weekly and its ilk for the next 4 or 8 years.

  145. I do the same Angie. I love appetizers.

  146. 52 weeks, get ready

  147. SM — the problem I have is that it is always the blue collar workers in unions that are expected to give up sh!t — no one was demanding that those Wall Street fat cats give up anything in exchange for their bailout money — and we now see how “responsible” they were with it.

    btw — I need to find a different expression than “fat cat” for those wall street a–holes — my Buddha is a big fat cat & she’s a sweetie pie (with a lot more integrity than the wall street a–holes).

  148. I just put up a new UPDATE 2:

    Taggles and MadamaB highly recommend watching this from Marcy Kaptur – please watch!

  149. Frequently when I got o a Chinese restaurant (the good type, not take-out) I’ll order a shrimp roll, appetizer dumplings, and scallion pancakes. It ads up to a delicious full meal!

  150. Hi afrocity and angie! Happy Friday.

  151. I agree with angie. The feds ran to Wall Street and said: “Take our money, please!” But they were giving auto-makers all kinds of hard time.

  152. DYB –do you ever do dim sum? It is usually served Sunday mornings in Chinese restaurants (kind of like “brunch”) I love that.

  153. Thanks Angie, I never bought the rag so I assumed it was a monthly. but I’m heartily sick of all the Obama family (kids too) sorry. Anyway, why would BHO stick Samantha with Hillary and why would she (Samantha) agree to take the job, phony apology nothwithstanding?

  154. angienc2, on January 30th, 2009 at 9:48 pm Said:

    btw — OT — but I probably told you all I don’t cook much, but tonight I was dying for dolmadas & hummus
    I think you have to have a peri-Mediterranean background to do Dolmades…When I roll them no two look the same.

  155. Afrocity- What do we get in in 52 weeks??

  156. angie, I remember reading in the NYT that General Motors had a big problem. They had had their biggest year ever–but that’s not a problem, that’s good, I thought. But no, their problem was that even though they were making $3 billion dollars, they could be making more if their employees would stop being so greedy and cut back on wages and stop taking breaks.My little brain couldn’t process the concept that 3 billion dollars isn’t enough but $15 or $20/hr was too much–but at least I figured out the NYT has always sucked. LOL

  157. US Magazine’s publisher is a big Obot, they’ve been going Obama crazy (and bashing Palin) forever. There’re more articles about them that about Brangelina.

  158. I always do whatever “madamb” recommends; the video on
    Marcy-Kaptur “did not disappoint”!!!
    All these greedy banks had to do was a “Loan-Modification” & most of these people would be in their homes & the banks would not have needed a “Bail-Out”!!
    “Congrats to Micheal Steele” & “Way to Go Republicans”!!
    I came to adore & respect Gov. Palin. However, I felt McCain should have chosen Micheal Steele as his running-mate. That would have lowered Obama’s “History” thing.

  159. I have a Blago Mimosa for brunch

  160. mlhath – I know – just breathe – if I may suggest, could you do volunteer work to help mitigate the stress of your job? I know it’s hard, but think about it.

    AngieNC2: AMEN. They are the gilded 1st class barons/baronesses. What we are living is a 21st century Czarist Russia or Pre-French Revolution.

    What’s worse is we have this Poker-addict President who’s gambling with our future!

  161. tpt/ny: I came to adore & respect Gov. Palin. However, I felt McCain should have chosen Micheal Steele as his running-mate. That would have lowered Obama’s “History” thing.

    All the Obots would have said was that McCain chose Steele because he was black, same as they did saying that he chose Palin because she was a woman.

  162. “afrocity”
    Good Point!!

  163. Afrocity: Sad but true. But Steele does have political gravitas. Something that Obama never had and never will, IMHO. And a hell of smile. OKAY ALREADY – I think he’s a sexy hot papi older guy. Even with the chrome dome.

  164. SM,

    Once you go black.. 😀

  165. They probably would have said it was racist–the Republicans only put black men in the supporting role, etc.

  166. They are talking about Sarah and her run in 2012 on Greta.

    Rep. Marcy Kaptur on Wall Street Bailout
    I really love her. She says the banks all come to mama when they get into trouble 😆

    See if she is talking about Pelosi and Reid governing behind closed doors and in secret and just between themselves.


  168. Afrocity: LOL! I’ve done & been back, maybe I’ll go back again (hopefully soon!) – I’m Dominican, so you know we do the all that in Español.

    But back to your crush – I can spot a classy elegant SMART guy when I see one, even if I don’t agree with them. And mmmmm, Michael Steele. I can recognize. I don’t agree with his ideology, but WHAT A MAN.

    Obama, eh. Too skinny & insecure. Probably has bad breath.

  169. Spambot ate my post about wonderful Marcy-Kaptur.
    She is the best!

    Can anyone retrieve it?

  170. For You SM,

    This is a political cartoon that proves Obama has bad breath

  171. OMG!

    Hold up – I didn’t mean smoker’s breath – I meant like Halitosis, something is wrong in your stomach, go to a doctor, not even Lysol can cure this, breath.

    But here’s something for you – I really like the way (BUT NOT THE POLITICS) that Michael Steele comes across here:

    From State of the Black Union with Tavis Smiley:

  172. rise_HIllary – I think I got your post!

  173. Hey MYIQ!!!

    Wanna take over?

  174. And SM, did you see the comment that someone left under that video:

    white people are really reaching now! a year ago the only thing a black person was good for was target practice, now this….. do you fools who are like “yeah steele” think if mccain and palin won this cat would shake a leaf off a tree in “their” party! cmon! black republicans the fact that they have to put “black” in front of republican when refering to you is a slap in the face! WAKE UP! when they say republican NO ONE pictures you! yeah like obama did nothing for you…..

    Already the Obots are circling Michael Steele for elimination. This is what they do. Sorry but Michael does not have to play a race card like Barry does. In this you tibe video he sounds far more logical than Obama ever will. I say Palin/Steele 2012. The reason they say Black Republicans- which is actually a term created by Black Republicans like MLK- is because most DEMS almost always assume you are a DEM if you are Black. I get so many Obots gushing about THE ONE in my face because they just KNOW I am one too.

  175. Afrocity – all I have to say is this. Many African Americans are culturally and socially conservative to a certain degree, just like Hispanics.

    Now – Michael Steele comes across to me as a fiscal conservative, not a social conservative. There’s a BIG difference between the 2.

    Obama is a crypto-Republican, but he sells the Hope Change game. I’d rather have someone that straight talks than hope talks.

    Once African-Americans see that they chose the wrong candidate (Hillary was/is the top choice, always), people like Michael Steele will sway them back.

  176. Ok – I gotta put the PUMA cub to bed.

    I wish everyone a lovely evening!

    Afrocity – it’s always great commenting with you!

  177. I hope SM, I lose sleep at night thinking about the future of AA’s.
    There must be some reason why I chose to be one in this life.

  178. afrocity> Wow, that’s a nasty letter.

  179. “yeah like obama did nothing for you…..”

    What did Obama do for the black community?

  180. myiq — were you in Texas today?


  181. Take over what?

    I was gonna do a sex fantasy open thread but there’s hardly anyone here

  182. hey — I’m here! who else do you need?

  183. Um, why?

  184. Afrocity: I saved your email – will do tomorrow!

    I’ve got a rambunctious PUMA cub I need to put away so I can rest. Wish I could stay longer.

    Good night all & be well wherever you are!

  185. DYB,

    It is sad. Using fear and r@cism to make all Blacks join one party.

    My mother used to tell me that all Repubs were prejudiced. No kidding. Then I moved to Texas where almost everyone was a Republican. I was treated nicely by almost everyone and the funny part was the people who were “prejudiced” towards me were liberals. And a few guys pretended to be my friend just so they could “make it with a black girl” . It was eye opening. Even though I hated these two men holding up pics of aborted fetuses on the highway 45. I hated the people who asked “Are you saved?” But in Texas that was DEMS and Repubs.

  186. night SM!!

  187. myiq — delete afrocity’s email pretty please — there are enough morons stalking us

  188. thanks myiq!!

  189. Sorry, I forget that we are not safe.

  190. no problem — sm got your email & that is all that was needed — myiq doesn’t mind doing a little protective clean up, do you myiq?

  191. Time for a Marble Slab run brb

  192. If you want to send a private message that only moderators can read use a spam word like “troll” and Spammy will grab it.

    All front pagers can see comments pending moderation but only the original poster and site mods can approve them.

    Only site mods can view the spam file.

    You should put something like “PLEASE READ AND DELETE – DO NOT PUBLISH” at the top and bottom.

    We don’t always read the comments from the regulars here before hitting the approval button.

  193. Hi y’all! Internet was down for most of the afternoon/evening.
    I had to take a Xanax. 😯

    It has now been restored so I’m catching up with all the stuff I missed.

    I gathered from some scanning of comments that the subject of infrastructure came up in the comments. I’ll go back to read them later/early in the a.m.

  194. Another tidbit:

    Use of Free Car Lands Tom Daschle in Tax Trouble

    WASHINGTON — President Obama’s pick for health and human services secretary, Tom Daschle, failed to pay more than $128,000 in taxes, partly for free use of a car and driver that had been provided to him by a prominent businessman and Democratic fund-raiser, administration officials said Friday.

    Mr. Daschle, concluding that he owed the taxes, filed amended returns and paid more than $140,000 in back taxes and interest on Jan. 2, the officials said.

  195. myiq, if you post it, they will come.

  196. Five minutes

  197. I think the Steelers fandom is part of a new haka. Until I saw the “Steelers owner gaga for b0” article today, I could NOT figure out why so many of my Obotty facebook friends, none of whom had previously expressed any interest in football, were all suddenly changing their statuses to “Go Steelers!”


  198. Micki sent me this earlier today — Snoopy is so cute — I love Snoopy.

  199. Stop trying to clean up DC this much, President Obama. We just can’t take it. You’re spoiling us. Please, nominate a few incompetents or crooks just to even it all out, pretty please?

  200. I just got sent to spammy!

  201. Angie — say hi to ABG for me…. : )

  202. You musta been bad

    New thread up

  203. I went to bed early so I just woke up. I believe the Republican Party will successfully re-brand themselves and this economic crisis could be what saves them if Obama can’t fix things by 2010. They saw the race-baiting Obama did last year and if Obama wants to play the r@ce card, the Republicans will successfully play the r@ce card in the next presidential election. Prop 8 shows that many African-Americans still have some homophobic tendencies and some could go over to the Republican side if they end up choosing more minorities for leadership positions within the party over the next decade. Also, if they continue to pick women and minorities like Palin and Bobby Jindal to represent the party, I see a possible shift that could be enough for the GOP to take over the White House sooner than the Democrats want to believe.

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