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      There was a time when almost no one would have put forward anything like the below, today, guillotine references are routine. Today’s parents have forgotten that children’s play should teach them how to be responsible adults. pic.twitter.com/bGprm9rv09 — Will works for the working class (@ClassFirster) December 3, 2020 Back in the 2000s I spent a […]
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California Dreamin’ Open Thread

For those of you back east wondering what happened to global warming.

184 Responses

  1. i’m the voice of reason? Scary

  2. And you are the conservative elderj, go figure.

  3. I was up to my mudflaps in snow one winter in Germany when they played this song on AFN radio.

    I never hated Germany as much as much as I did in that moment.

  4. Oh no SOD!!!

    We don’t have one flake of snow in Chicago. It missed us.

  5. well well well….you go girl!

  6. The sky spirits are now emptying their ice makers. It is raining ice cubes not the cube kind the really good crushed kind.

  7. Of course you are the voice of reason elderj — stop fishing for compliments! 🙂

  8. Not snowing here either, another erroneous weather report down the drain.

  9. I have cleared my car of snow and ice so often during the past few weeks that I am beginning to qualify as a car wash. I am sick of winter and we still have two freaken months to go!

  10. http://pumaeyes.wordpress.com/

    The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act:
    Fails to include a prohibition on use of economic stimulus funds for lobbying or political activities (Sec. 1106, p.7). A Government Accountability Report (GAO) noted, “The most common form of appropriation act restriction prohibits the use of funds for ‘publicity or propaganda’ (Principles of Federal Appropriations, Jan. 2004, p. 4-197).” No such restriction exists in this Act.
    Creates a multi-billion dollar housing slush fund that allows the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to waive rules on spending of funds. These provisions waive critical rules designed to prevent waste, fraud and abuse of taxpayer funds by organizations such as ACORN (Title XII p. 224-236).
    ACORN is a likely beneficiary of funds from the Neighborhood Stabilization Program and the Self-Help and Assisted Homeownership Opportunity Program (report language p. 73 – $4.19 BILLION).
    The WWF received 13% of last year’s budget from government grants and contracts. It could benefit from money earmarked for “Science” from funds allocated to NASA (bill p. 60).
    MoveOn.org’s civic action committee could receive stimulus funds such as money earmarked for energy “activities” (bill p. 69). MoveOn.org lists one of its goals as to “reduce America’s dependence on oil.”

  11. Okay, my 2nd home American Thinker has decided to address women and the conservative problem. I have begged them to do this. AT has always supported PUMA. Please read when you get a chance and comment. We would love to hear from you even if you disagree.

    American Thinker
    January 28, 2009
    Women Want Safety
    By Christopher Chantrill


  12. SOD don’t charge any porn to your room!!!

  13. Afrocity — I am coming to Chicago tomorrow on business — staying downtown at the Embassy Suites – I am there through Friday — what you doing ??

  14. Night SOD — big day tomorrow! Don’t forget everyone join me (the hypocrite), afrocity (the non-feminist), Regency, SOD & madamab for The View From Under the Bus at 9:30 p.m. EST

  15. totally forgot I was coming — I was on holiday and this wasn’t firmed up until late — shit — would love to meet you.

  16. Does it say “serious business” anywhere on this thread?

    BTW: Somewhere on a thread earlier today (it’s a blur) a troll said “Seriously . . .” and I remember replying “She’s not here.”

    At least I think I said that.

  17. angie: I will try to be there!

  18. angienc2 — oh, cool — love the show — I will be listening from my hotel room !!! How cool !! Can’t wait !!

  19. If I can make bail

  20. simofish: If I ever get to Calif I am staying with you! You can cook and I can eat to my hearts content. All those pies! Yum!

  21. Great Simo!! I can’t wait to hear from you!!

  22. Are you asking me on a date Simo ?? 🙂

  23. I can’t wait for the show tomorrow night! SOD, I need to know the story of how and why you got stranded. You need to explain it on the show.

    I guess I’m the only one here who likes winter and snow? I was born during a blizzard in Fargo, ND. It’s in my blood.

  24. Pat – come on out — you’re always welcome — I bring my meat in from the Iowa farm — we have a system — the meat locker packs it up – weighs it in at 48 pounds and I bring back 2 boxes each trip — Iowa Hams, Pork Chops, steaks, pork burgers, hamburger, Prime Rib, etc. We love to cook and bake over here.

  25. Afrocity — oh, no….. my wife would kill me.

  26. Get the Captain to go your bail, myiq.

  27. btw — anyone know that actor Jason O’Mara? I saw him on a show last night (“Trust Me” — his character dies). Anyway, I dated a guy who looks JUST like him (but with slightly darker hair). He was gorgeous, obviously, BUT lets just say, he wasn’t the greatest conversationalist.

  28. afrocity — I didn’t know you read AT… I check it every day… part of my morning news ritual…

    American Thinker
    The American Spectator (very very conservative)
    local paper (pretty worthless)
    Investor Business Daily

    then… here to TC

  29. You can put Bobbi Brown lipstick on a conservative pig…But it is still a feminist.

  30. bb — the Captain doesn’t give — he only takes.

  31. Just want to share a bit of my life before I sleep….

    Today I fixed my own toilet … all it needed was a float rod and float ball ..So …. I took myself to Home Depot to stimulate the economy while saving myself a plumbing bill…and purchased my items for about $7 . On the way back to the car I was congratulating myself on saving money and also idly letting my mind wander to the idea I had also saved myself the sight of the ignominious ( I hope I am not plumber shaming ) , butt classic plumbers ass crack .
    As I approached my car , my focus returned , because next to my car, parked in the opposite direction, was a van with the side door open , and a guy with his back turned to me facing the inside of the van . .
    Now I have seen Silence of the Lambs, heck I even read the book .. and I have heard all the warnings about women not parking in parking lots next to vans that obscure vision .. so I stopped well before I was close to the van. The guy noticed me and being totally polite , he apologised very nicely for being in the way ; slid the van side door shut , and hopped up to the drivers seat in the van , to give me acces to my car.
    And, as he jumped up to get into his van, there it was….. the biggest meatiest hairiest butt crack I have ever seen ………. 😯

  32. elderj — saving the best for last, I see.

  33. BTW – we registered 150,000 hits since last week.

    About half of them were today, and most of them had a bone to pick with me.

  34. swannie! LMAO!!

  35. swanspirit: So I take it you have a date for next New Year’s Eve?

  36. afrocity, on January 28th, 2009 at 12:41 am Said:

    Okay, my 2nd home American Thinker has decided to address women and the conservative problem. I have begged them to do this. AT has always supported PUMA. Please read when you get a chance and comment. We would love to hear from you even if you disagree.
    Thanks for the link..I book marked to read again…I think it reminds me of Rush’s straw men. Maybe a front- pager can put it up for discussion.

  37. No you didn’t ElderJ!

    You listed TC as 6th after you read Doonesbury.

    Now, I wake up and go to

    Drudge Report
    American Thinker
    Wall Street Journal
    Fox News
    Small Dead Animals

  38. I like it, but I’m sort of over it at this point. Maybe because my head is swelled out to here and I’m teeming with germs. and when I say “cold,” I’m fine if it’s about 25 just with no damn wind.

    Yeah it serves me right for creating confusion with a commonly used word. 🙂 I’m just not that creative.

  39. swanspirit

    Crack can kill ya!

  40. excuse me, where is the fuckyoupenguin.blogspot.com love? That is teh sh!t. (I love that guy — myiq — be jealous)

  41. I don’t get it.

  42. swanspirit — I think you’re a crack addict

  43. Pay to Play SOD. We will budge on UHC if you throw us a bone with that ACORN stuff in the stimulus 😀

  44. Swanspirit– Thanks for sharing. LOL! I started to get nervous when you mentioned the open van and Silence of the Lambs. The butt crack was a relief.

  45. simofish, you want to get some sushi?

  46. afrocity — LOL!! BTW 🙂

  47. Before I transferred to California from Philadelphia I used to work 11pm to 7am. When I was walking to the train in the winter I used to think If I was in California I would not be freezing like this. There would be no snow or ice to deal with and I would be warm.
    When I was offered the transfer we had just had 31inches of snow and California sounded soooo good.
    I love the weather in California but miss the food and the change of seasons and the people from the east.



  48. Hi Helen!

  49. Afrocity,

    I liked the Blago piece, but this one is pretty good too. The conservatives are finally starting to *get* the Obots. Their only mistake is that those scared Obots are “the American Left.”


    Last week I enjoyed the honor of having my essay on “Bush and the Bush Haters” featured on both Democratic Underground and Daily Kos. Glancing over the comments (along with those in a similar vein on RealClearPolitics) I saw that with few exceptions, they were the standard run of viciousness, nastiness, and obscenity that we’ve grown used to from the left in recent years. But there was another quality too, one that took me a little while to identify. What struck me at last was this: the left are not acting like winners.

    People basking in a long-sought victory — a victory that they can bank on — behave in a certain way. There’s a sense of exhilaration, of smugness, of tolerant condescension for the losers. But there’s none of that in any of the hardcore left-wing comments. No arrogance, no lofty amusement, but something else entirely, something that can only be characterized as a sense of near-hysteria crossed with frustration. It’s an impression of deep insecurity, of people afraid that their triumph is ephemeral and is going to be snatched away from them. In their moment of victory, the American left is no less than desperate.

  50. I did have an excellent vegan meal in Philadelphia tonight!

  51. Three months and I start Medicare. But the insurance companies are sucking 25-30% off the top of the health care dollar. Even if you think you have health insurance, you are likely to be in for a surprise if you need it. The main focus of the insurance companies now is to try not to pay your medical bill. A common refrain on the denials is “charge doesn’t fit our profile”.

  52. bb: I am going to bed. No snow here as yet.

  53. afrocity – I love sushi — e-mail me – sd1939@att.net — I gotta run and do some chores before crashing. Give me logistics or I can e-mail you my number. later

  54. bb — great find! The writer sums up the Obots perfectly.

  55. Night Pat J!

  56. SHV — I do not get why there is division on this issue. Healthcare spending is now almost 20% of our GDP.

  57. TC is the last one I visit and the only one I comment on

  58. SOD — I’m sure Vegan food is good — but if God didn’t want us to eat animals why did He make them out of meat? LOL

  59. Night Pat.

  60. elderj — I told you — you save the best for last.

    and I am very glad you comment here.

  61. BB,

    I liked the AT piece on Signs and Wonders. I agree with you but we conservatives don’t really like the left branding BO as GOP or conservative. He is not and the only reason he is meeting with Republicans is because he feels that everyone will have their pants charmed off and fall for him too. It sound like they came out of the meeting saying eff him. Rush has BO’s number I think better than anyone else. He is a demagogue.
    The left always has to demonize someone and have a target of opposition. Keep this up- this Obama is Republican stuff and it will backfire and he will win again in 2012.

  62. Night Pat!

    I hope the snow blows out to sea this time. I need to get rid of some of the piles of white stuff that already surrounds my house.

  63. Seems like a no brainer to me.

  64. angie! 😦

    think of your poor puppy! would you eat him?

  65. uh oh…laptop battery dying and I’m too lazy to plug it in. This time it’s really nighty nite!

  66. Afrocity,

    I was saying that the blogs that were mentioned as being nervous aren’t “left.” But I still think Obama is Reagan reincarnated, but with even less capacity for empathy. But in Obama’s case, it’s not really ideology, it’s just greed.

  67. In the US, 18% GDP goes for health care; in Europe it’s 11% and they have better outcomes. As I have said before, it would piss me off to see the major corporations unload their health care liabilities onto the tax payer but if that is the price to get UHC than so be it.

  68. SHV — even if they upload to taxpayers, the bill goes down (if they do it like Hillary sketched out that is).

  69. SOD- it is a tremendous tragedy. The right call UHC a socialist agenda and more big gov’t. Obama was bankrolled by so many corporations, likely many were ins. cos. He chose Daschle, who is married to a lobbyist for health insurance cos. (correct?) Obama appeals to the young and fancy free, who will not miss health insurance, until they need it. To many of us, who have made decisions re: life, death, marriage, etc. based on our insurance status or lack thereof, it is a frightening, humiliating status quo. In this financial climate, so many say we can’t afford to even consider UHC, but it would save everyone in the short and long run. We have an opportunity, but other needs are more sexy, apparently. Sorry to barge in, I have been lurking for awhile these days.

  70. SOD
    Before you leave Phila you must go to the Italian Market and get some of the best food in the world.
    Also have some cinamon buns and a Cheese Steak for me.



  71. Pepa is a girl, btw, and frankly, she is so little the only thing she would be good for is a broth (all bones, very little meat). I honestly doubt there is a likely scenario that I would eat an animal that sleeps in bed with me, so that isn’t a fair comparison. But I will say, that as much as I love her, in the highly unlikely event that the choice was her or me, I’d bet the farm on me.
    Truthfully, I could (at gun point) give up meat — but I could never be Vegan — all that wonderful Brie & Feta going to waste? I think not!

  72. angie …LOL! 🙂

  73. Oh fuck, now I got Violent Socks dissing me!

    All the misogynists out there and I’m the one getting my ass kicked.

    I give up!

  74. Night SOD!!

  75. SHV,

    I was on disability for a pretty long time, and I was on medicare. If you get a supplementary plan, it is fantastic–sooo much better than any other health plan I’ve ever had. The supplements are still expensive though.

  76. She’s not dissing you, she’s just trying to explain.

  77. I guess I’m in moderation- just had a UHC post for SOD

  78. You’re kidding, myiq. Sorry, I don’t care for political correctness–from Obots or feminists. I’ll defend those posts against anyone. We are perennial outsiders here. What can I say?

  79. You’re out now, Lilliam.

  80. no cuss words, maybe too long?

  81. If any good comes out of the coming depression, it might be UHC. The American public has been brainwashed by the “Socialized Medicine” meme, that will change when there is 12% unemployment and previously insured middle class workers join the uninsured.

  82. thanx, bb

  83. Funny story, swannie!

    myiq – I liked you before but you became one of my heroes today.

  84. God American Thinker is on Fire tonight. Just posted warning GOP’s to beware of Obama.

    Unfortunately, Republicans in political power seem oblivious to this simple political truth. For the sake of “camaraderie,” and in the “spirit of bipartisanship” (an evil spirit if there ever were one) Republicans have historically invited the liberal Democrats to join together to “work out our differences.”

    What did the conservatives get for their votes? Nothing. Their votes for the bill were unnecessary for its passage. Nothing in the real world changed because of their votes. (The bill would have passed with 51, 71, or 91 votes. Any vote over 51 was meaningless for passage.)

    What did the liberals get from this “bipartisan effort?” Everything. They are the majority. They wrote the legislation. Any perks included in the bill were put there to enhance their own political clout.

    More important, the failure of the legislation cannot be assigned to a specific political party or ideology because the leadership of both parties supported the bill. Conservative leaders may have tagged the bill a “crap sandwich” — but like well behaved little girls and boys — they ate it.

    And in eating it the conservatives provided liberals political cover. When the first bailout failed (and it has failed) both parties could be rationally blamed for the failure. Republicans who now claim, “We didn’t really want to vote for the bill,” do not look like statesmen — they look like gullible fools.

  85. Violet’s post is called “Blaming Women For The Patriarchy” (which is something I didn’t do) My response to her:

    But I never forget that these patriarchy-colluding women are playing a game they didn’t choose, a game that was forced on all of us from the moment we were born and the doctor said, “It’s a girl.”

    Do men choose the patriarchy? I was born into the system just like everyone else.

    There is a difference between condemning a women for expressing her sexuality and expressing disapproval for her participating in pornography. I’m not blaming women for pornography, but I’ve been getting flamed all day by women who assert that no woman should be criticized for her decision to pose in a porn magazine.

    Some say there’s nothing wrong with porn, while a few just seem pissed that I (as a man) dared to raise the subject in the first place.

    There is a tendency among some feminists to treat men as the enemy. We need to get past this “all men are evil, all women are victims” bullshit. Most men mean well but they have to decontruct the messages that they have soaked in their brains too.

    If you want to know what really pisses me off is I’m about as pro-feminist as a man can be and I’m the one catching hell.

  86. SHV- the first western UHC system, Great Britain’s, came to be due to the interwar depression combined with the nationalistic tendencies and shared sacrifice in WWII. A positive example of the “Shock Doctrine”.

  87. bostonboomer, on January 28th, 2009 at 1:19 am Said:


    I was on disability for a pretty long time, and I was on medicare. If you get a supplementary plan, it is fantastic–sooo much better than any other health plan I’ve ever had. The supplements are still expensive though
    One big advantage of Medicare is that you can’t be ‘balanced” billed. In the present environment, the insurance companies are practicing medicine by “economic extortion”.

  88. myiq, gotta link? sorry I don’t know where to find this

  89. Well, I gotta feeling tommorrow is gonna be worse than today.

    I have the right to remain silent but not the ability

  90. From Violet Socks’ essay:

    At what point do we say the brainwashing magically stopped and American women became free agents, capable of making fully-informed, deliberate decisions to reject or accept the patriarchy?

    My answer: It is difficult for all of us, but when an adult woman has two college degrees and works in the White House, I think it’s fair for me to expect her to be able to think for herself–a least enough to realize that a man who enjoys being photographed groping a cardboard cutout of the Secretary of State is not a nice man.

    Because if we always excuse other women who just can’t see the patriarchy, then we too are enabling the continuance of the all-encompassing patriarchal system we are all stuck in (men are stuck it it too).

  91. Yeah, but bb, what about all those women who said they wouldn’t vote for Hillary because she can’t be a strong woman because she forgave big dawg? That she needed to divrce him to gain their respect? That pissed me off because we’re not in their marriage and it’s none of our business. I’d ecrtainly dump The Groper, but….

  92. I think it is important to be aware that the ruling class enjoys dividing us according to gender as much as any other method of division. Middle-class and working-class men are also oppressed by the system–even though they have it better than women in many ways. We need to find ways to “reach across the aisle,” so to speak.

  93. Seriously,

    I thought of that too, but as I was saying on the earlier thread, people can grow and change. I think it’s pretty clear that Bill Clinton acted like a feminist this year. I hope that both Jon and Ali can grow and change, but for right now, they are both in positions of power and their salaries are being paid by our taxes. We have every right to expect them to act like adults. We really do.

  94. So is it safe for me to assume that we have spys who lurk TC?

  95. Seriously, on January 28th, 2009 at 1:35 am Said:

    Yeah, but bb, what about all those women who said they wouldn’t vote for Hillary because she can’t be a strong woman because she forgave big dawg? That she needed to divrce him to gain their respect? That pissed me off because we’re not in their marriage and it’s none of our business.
    Exactly right..it was their business..Bill had a “zipper”problem, probably for most of their marriage and for what ever reason, it worked for them. I don’t think two people could love each other more than Bill and Hillary and their “kid” is the best. So what are people complaining about?

  96. spies i meant. Forgive me guys, I am double blogging at AT. Bipartisanship is bad for your spelling.

  97. Afrocity,

    We have fans, not spies. We provide the fuel for fires on lots of other blogs. But we can make our own fires. Isn’t it great? That why we get so many more hits than they do.

    Murphy does the same thing at her place.

  98. I’m not saying we can’t judge them, but it’s not the same transgression. What favreau did would be like someone putting a noose around an Obama cutout and saying it was all a joke. You better believe soemone who did that would be fired. It sends a horrible message and creates a hostile work environment for any POC who has to work with him. This woman hasn’t done anything except have a crappy boyfriend, which doesn’t rise to the level of firable offense. 🙂

  99. We have blogstalkers.

    They were kinda cute the last week or so – they were trying to pretend they were real bloggers and posted about other stuff besides us.

    But they weren’t getting any traffic, it was just 5-6 of them chatting among themselves. Without PUMA hate they had nothing to talk about.

  100. Seriously,

    Who said it was the same transgression? And I certainly don’t think she should be fired! Of course in the real world, she is the one who would get fired if anyone did. It wouldn’t even surprise me if Obama got rid of her because of the photos becoming public. I hope that doesn’t happen.

    There are a lot of things going on in this situation. I don’t have the energy to try to enumerate them right now. But I thought myiq’s original post was a critique of Favreau. Maybe I’m wrong, but that’s how I interpreted it.

    I thought the point was that it’s no surprise that Favreau picked this particularly woman to date. It’s not an attack on her to say that. But he is the type of shallow person who would choose her *because* she was a Maxim model and would look good on his arm–not caring about who she is as a person at all.

    I definitely think this is a fascinating, though difficult, topic and I’m open to having my mind changed.

  101. myiq,

    I thought Afrocity meant Violet Socks.. I’ve been confused all night though.

  102. myiq — I read what Violet Socks wrote — I don’t think she is dissing you — I think she has a valid disagreement with you on a certain point. And I do agree with her — there is a difference between the choices women *think* they have then the choices men have. That doesn’t mean that her actions don’t have consequences for her (and the rest of us). Saying that doesn’t mean I’m calling her a “sl*t” either, though. I tried to express that in my comments on those posts; however, I didn’t do a good job because it is difficult to stay on track when people are all flying off the handle and reading things into a post that wasn’t there (or wasn’t intended).

  103. myiq,

    Is that why they sometimes ask for personal information. The stalkers I mean?

  104. bostonboomer, on January 28th, 2009 at 1:30 am Said:

    I agree.

  105. I respect Violet and she is a friend of this blog. My original post this morning linked to two of her posts, with approval.

    She and I don’t see eye to eye right now.

  106. bb–you said “Jon and Ali,” so I was just trying to separate the two situations a little bit, more in light of what Violet Socks had to say about it.

  107. Angie:

    Maybe I’m a bit sensitive right at the moment. It’s been a rough day. I don’t think I have ever been flamed this much in one day, and that includes when I was basically the only Hillary supporter at Balloon Juice.

  108. BB,

    My comment on “spies” was not referring to any one particular poster. Since the Wonkette crap fest I just get the sense that we have lots of lurkers who are drive by posters. I feel protective of TC but I am being naive. I don’t like my family to get dissed.

    I also believe that there are some “regulars” that are full of it. I call them “resident tr0lls”

  109. Seriously,

    I see. I was saying that they both have the potential to grow and change and understand things they don’t understand right now. I’d love to discuss this with you some more when I’m not so sleepy.

  110. afrocity:

    There is a blog that does basically nothing but monitor us and PUMA Pac. They try to find out as much personal information about us as possible.

    They are lurking right now (Hi boys!)

    Never post anything you don’t want those pathetic kreeps to know.

  111. This is how I waste time when I should be studying: The Hillary Pantsuit Alert System banner, coupled with the Hillary Pantsuit Alert System.

  112. Anytime. 🙂

  113. I don’t blame you, myiq. But I think you did a really good job today. I also think Violet Socks was being respectful of you, even though it might not feel that way right now. If she said this about me, I’d feel complimented.

    “I’m fond of myiq2xu and I usually like what he writes. I agree with him that it is appropriate to challenge women about their collusion with patriarchy”

    I still think she is being a little bit unfair to you.

  114. Seriously,

    I have a feeling this topic isn’t going to go away.

    {{smiling at you}}

  115. REG! Nothing related to pantsuits is ever wasted.

  116. soopermouse had a great comment to Violet’s post, with a question I also have problems with:

    So when does the free agency start? For how long do we use the “brainwashed” defense? Isn’t it sexist in and by itself to state that a 20 year old women doing something that advances her own career by way of self objectification has the same lack of agency as a 5 year old?

    Where does the buck stop?

    See, that is where I get stuck too — I agree with Violet — whole heatedly — but there does come a point, when seeing these magazines (Playboy, Maxim — and yes, I put Maxim in the same category) and seeing p*rn stars get admired as “smart business women” that I just want to scream — I don’t think they are sl*ts by any stretch of the imagination & I’m not blaming the women so much as I am saying: “look what you are doing to yourself. You are worth more than this.” I obviously cannot do that to them directly, but I can say to other women around me — don’t fall for the claptrap that you are somehow “empowering yourself” by emulating them.

  117. Afrocity:

    Some of them were involved in the Wonkette “experience.” But they aren’t just trolls.

    One of them has been positively identified as distubed individual with a history of stalking and sexual harassment.

    It’s some really sick stuff, and I really shouldn’t talk about it here.

    We’re working on it.

  118. Myiq,

    I know I am not one of your favs necessarily but I love you. I give you the Oscar for best supporting PUMA. Don’t get offended but you know how the Facts of Life sitcom had Tutti in roller skates, and the movie “Dodge Ball” had the pirate, “The Hotel New Hamshire” had that woman that dressed in the bear costume… (That movie sucks by the way)
    Anyway you are what makes this blog magical. What is life without that special character that makes you smile.

  119. That’s so cool, Regency! I love it!

  120. Who said you aren’t one of my faves?

    Whoever it is was lying to you!

  121. Angie,

    I went to grad school with a woman that left her job in publishing and journalism to become an archivist, all because of Maxim. She worked there and said it was filled with sexist jerks who had naked pics of women on their desks. Don’t they also publish “Complete Woman”?

  122. Exactly Angie! That is exactly what I was trying to say in my comment at 1:30.

    when an adult woman has two college degrees and works in the White House, I think it’s fair for me to expect her to be able to think for herself–a least enough to realize that a man who enjoys being photographed groping a cardboard cutout of the Secretary of State is not a nice man.

    Because if we always excuse other women who just can’t see the patriarchy, then we too are enabling the continuance of the all-encompassing patriarchal system we are all stuck in (men are stuck it it too).

  123. myiq — you are not being overly sensitive — you are being just the right amount of sensitive.(That is my standard comeback when anyone tells me I am being “too sensitive” LOL). It is easy after what happened today (and I read those unfair comments & posters who put words in your mouth) to think Violet is doing it too — but I honestly don’t think she is. I think she has a reasonable disagreement with you on *one” aspect of your post. She is not dissing you or purposefully misreading you as an excuse to attack you.

  124. afrocity — LMAO

    “resident tr0lls”

  125. disclaimer: Guys forgive any misspellings or bad punctuation. Most of the time when I am typing I have 15 firefox windows open- watching old Jax and Brenda General Hospital scenes on You Tube, e-mailing friends and doing all of this while my laptop is inverted and propped on my legs that has 2 cats and a dog laying on me.

  126. angie, I kind of think that’s what Violet Socks is trying to say–i’s no about accepting anything as empowerful but more putting the blame where it belongs, on the people who are producing these images and making money off them. Let’s face it, a lot of women in porn have been sexually abused, and poor and despertae, or have other issues–it’s hard for me to blame them when they’re getting victiized as much or more as anyone.

  127. bb — exactly –see, both of us agree — we MUST be right.

  128. I’d love to stay up all night talking to you all. But I’d better get some sleep so I can deal with the snowstorm tomorrow.

    Myiq2xu, you did good today. Don’t forget that RD loved your post. I value her opinion more than anyone who “flamed” you, don’t you?

  129. Angie the sun gotta shine on a dog’s ass sometime.

  130. Yep yep, we’re right, Angie. LOL! I wonder, will this topic be discussed on the View from under the bus tomorrow night?

  131. i guess i will go as well, but i am watching GH 1998 season

  132. Seriously — I agree & that is why I say I agree with Violet Socks –however, I do think we should not “excuse” the women who are involved in it completely (and that is what a lot of those flamers on myiq’s post were doing) — I think we should try to “wake them up” to what they are doing.

  133. Afrocity,

    I wish I had your ability to multitask, but old age is catching up with me. 14 windows at once? I’m impressed.

  134. night bb!

    I’m off to bed too –night afrocity,night Seriously — night anyone I missed.

    bon soir mon amour — you smart, brave man, you! 😉

  135. General Hospital: 1979.

  136. BB:

    I don’t GAF about the opinions of trolls, just people I respect – that’s why Violet’s post bothered me.

    Tommorrow I’ll be chumming the trolls again!

  137. Buenos noches guapa!

  138. The Big Easy is on!

    Dennis Quaid and Ellen Barkin doing naughty things.

  139. I prefer Sea of love.

  140. myiq2xu, on January 28th, 2009 at 2:27 am Said:

    You can type with all the tar and feathers on?

  141. myiq2xu, on January 28th, 2009 at 2:27 am Said:

    The Big Easy is on!

    Eeech! It so misrepresented NOLA. People there don’t speak with coon-ass accents. A goodly number of them sound like they’s from da Bronx.

  142. Seriously:

    Al Pacino and Ellen Barkin!

    Not quite as naughty though.

  143. You can type with all the tar and feathers on?

    The smell of rotten fruit in my hair is the worst part.

    (Luckily I don’t have much hair)

  144. MyIq,

    It takes talent to get a bunch of arranged electrons to stir people’s emotion. You have that talent and it is something of which to be proud. It is something the less talented envy. Try as they may, there will never be any cross-pollination.

  145. But Al is hot. Old, but hot. 🙂

    Wocka wocka!

  146. things are slow tonight eh?

  147. myiq, I certainly didn’t mean to attack you, even when we disagree I have the utmost respect for you. I, for one, enjoyed the spirited debate. Thank you.

  148. I thought that said “arranged elections.” For a minute I was afraid myiq was Axlerod and Prolix was Obama.

  149. Oooh, is that sarcasm? 🙂

  150. The smell of rotten fruit in my hair is the worst part.

    (Luckily I don’t have much hair)

    ROTFLMAO!! Good egg! ( at least it wasn’t eggs!)

    That was bizarro land today. I’m actually glad I missed it. Everything was closed by the time I got here.

  151. My man boobs are only an “A” cup.

  152. Seriously-who with the sarcasm?

  153. (That was to elderj, cause it’s never slow on the zombie shift!)

  154. Otay.

  155. Seriously, on January 28th, 2009 at 2:42 am Said:

    I thought that said “arranged elections.” For a minute I was afraid myiq was Axlerod and Prolix was Obama.

    From what was going on earlier I’m surprised you didn’t read “arranged erections”. 😉

  156. Late check in. Dinner is cooking here.

    myiq – you holding up okay?

  157. Fredster – earlier in the thread I wrote that myiq became one of my heroes today. When I looked a bit later without my reading glasses, I thought I wrote, “herpes”.

    Scared myself, I did.

  158. Ugh–after I say Axlerod and Obama, you DON’T say erections! Crack open brain, pour in bleach…

  159. Scrubs-LOL!

    Poor myiq needs some “sugar” from his NC pal.

  160. Seriously- too funny!!

    Oh well…gotta run. I did something to the back today and so I hear a hot shower running with my name on it.

    May check back later.

  161. I have never doubted that myiq could hold his own but today he seemed close to giving up.

    Ugh – Seriously, I have to agree with what you just said. Ick, hand me the bleach.

  162. cya Fredster.

  163. Feel better, fredster

  164. scrubs, you’re a doctor. If I’m totally congested, can i eat wasabi or something to open up my air passages? I hate not being able to breathe.

  165. Seriously, go buy yourself a generic bottle of Robitussin – generic name Guiafinisen. It will totally clear you up.

    The pill form is Mucinex but is pretty expensive.

    Wasabi, though tasty, won’t clear the deep sinuses.

  166. Thanks scrubs. You rock!!! 🙂

  167. gnite folks

  168. Night elderj! Didn’t know you were lurking or I would have spoken more.

  169. Most welcome, Seriously, but I’m so much better at questions about the pelvis! 🙂

  170. Just thought I’d put in my 2cents about the Favreau girlfriend thing.
    A close friend of mine did a criminology thesis at Cambridge on prostitution, back in the 70s. His findings were that the vast majority of prostitutes did it for the money. (He was surprised because he wasn’t expecting that).

    Yes, I know that now there is human slavery, particularly here in Italy with young girls from the ex-USSR.

  171. morning all!

  172. Seriously,

    I wish I had understood your problem last night. You should get Mucinex despite the expense. It’s much more effective than the cough syrup–higher dosage. Get the extra strength, 12-hr kind wihtout the cough suppressant. Also get a cold or allergy medication with an antihistamine and decongestant.

    Take the Mucinex morning and night. Also gargle with salt water and if you can, get a neti pot to clear out your sinuses. If you can’t get one, use a little bit of salt and warm water in a spoon or your palm and snuff it up your nose. That will also help drain your sinuses.

    If you have a fever or a lot of pain in your sinuses and are very tired, you should see a doctor in case you have a sinus infection. I hope you see this.

  173. It was Hillary and Rahm that had Gov. Patterson give Kirsten Gillbrand the senate post and they are trying to dismantal FDR’s New Deal. Remind what groups of people Donna said the Democratic Party didn’t need and who actually praised FDR during the primary?

    Another Nail in the Coffin: Rahm, Chuck, and Kirstie Screw the Left Together

    The saga of how Kirsten Gillibrand, a right-wing Dem with all of two years experience in the House, got to replace Hillary and become the new US Sen from NY is making its way into the press and it’s about what you’d expect: the OBC in action, except that nowadays it isn’t the Old Boys’ Club, it’s the FREC – Friends of Rahm Emanuel Club.

    So why run as a Democrat? The seat was open and John Sweeney was becoming an embarrassment, besides which Kirsten had ties to Emanuel and Hillary Clinton through some of her father’s friends and being a staunch conservative has never mattered much to either of them next to one’s ability to raise money. In fact, since they’re both conservatives themselves, they’re more at home with conservatives than with liberals.

    So somebody – Hillary? – got (Ta-Da!) Wall Street’s BFF Chuck Shumer to call Paterson, or maybe Paterson called Shumer, and the deal was done in the usual Emanuel/Clinton way: quietly, through inermediaries, by the back door. Not exactly a midnight meeting in a smoke-filled room but hardly the high light of the noonday sun, either.

    But we’re not to worry because though Kirsten’s sudden liberality (which happened, like, yesterday; Conason writes, “If she has always thought that gay marriage should be legislated, she kept that opinion to herself during her last two campaigns for Congress.”) may not be too impressive, she’s against privatizing SocSec (for now) and iac, Chuck himself is going to see to her education, promising her “views will evolve”.

    Look, it isn’t Gillibrand that’s the problem, it’s the loading up of the Democratic party with corporate-friendly conservatives like her, the apparent intention being for the party to do to itself what the GOP couldn’t do to it in 50 years: dismantle FDR’s populist coalition and turn all power over to corporations who won’t then care who wins elections because both parties will work for them. America will then become a permanently conservative oligarchy pretending to be a democracy with a subsequent loss of liberty and a population of economic serfs.

    But maybe that’s what we want. Maybe not being a torturer is enough. What do we need all that freedom for when a class system puts everybody in their place and the rich get to do well? A Blue Dog of my acquaintance keeps asking me waspishly, don’t I think we’re better off than we were under Bush? and no matter how many times I tell him that’s a mighty low target to shoot for, he doesn’t get it. That, he insists, is the best we will ever do and it’s just not realistic to expect any more.

    He could have taken the words right out of Gillibrand’s mouth. As long as Rahm is recruiting, you might as well kiss a populist Democratic party Good-Bye cause it ain’t never gonna happen. The below-minimum cellar-rating “better than George Bush” (which is like saying “King George III is better than Attilla the Hun so call the Revolution off!”) is the best they think we can do. (Translation: the best the corporations they work for are going to allow us to do.)

    So will Obama the post-partisan peacemaker fight his own party? Cause that’s what it’s going to take as Rahm and the rest of the Democrat corporate conservatives take FDR’s party apart piece by Gillibrand-lovin’ piece and hand it over to Wall Street to flush down the East River.


  174. Walgreen’s has a mucinex equivalent that works.

  175. DT, I don’t believe I word of that trash.

    The Obamabots are treating Gillibrand like they did Palin because they are pissed the one didn’t get his way by getting Caroline seated.

    The author tries to sweep under the rug her open support for Gay marriage by insisting it is a new position. Well, I don’t care if her position was decided on yesterday. Coming out for full marriage equality takes courage even in the middle of one of the bluest states in this country.

    I read the article and its so convoluted because the author starts from the position that Obama is a populist.

    So will Obama the post-partisan peacemaker fight his own party?

    Ha Ha Ha!

    Why does the author except Obama from being a corp0ratist when he was Wall Street’s darling during the election.

  176. Downticket,

    I’ve never seen such nonsense. If Gillibrand is such a right winger, why did Markos M. and all the other progressives raise money for her and tout her candidacy? And Hillary wants to dismantle the New Deal, not Obama? Give me a break!

  177. Fight his own party???? The Reagan Repubs?

  178. Where is that article cited? Sounds like a propaganda job inviting mischief once again.

  179. Mawn, I’m with you, that piece was the usual hash of made up stuff we see from obots, except it did have slightly better punctuation and spelling than usual.

    We shouldn’t take the word of anyone who is so clearly perturbed about KG’s appointment on how to characterize her record. Look up facts, look at her voting record, look at her interest group ratings, see what she’s actually done. Notice the distinct lack of links to (reliable) sources in all those characterizations.

  180. I wanted to say something about the women in porn thread from last night.

    I think the fight against porn is actually anti-feminist. We are conditioned in this society to see women who are overtly sexual as sluts(=bad), so women who care about advancing the rights of women naturally want to keep other women from being regared this way. Because women may be judged by men as nothing but sexual objects, the knee jerk reaction is to try to stop women from participating in activities that seem to allow this objectification.
    However, what I believe needs to change is our society’s attitude towards sex in general and especially a woman’s sexual life. It is the patricarchy that has decided sex is something to be ashamed of as a way of controlling women. If we really embraced as a society that sex is not evil, even prostitution would lose it’s stigma.

  181. You can dig all you want, but there is no pony hiding under the Democrat’s stimulus manure pile. There is no pony hiding in the stimulus “pile of manure”

  182. New Bumper Sticker:

    “Feminists are just women who don’t want to be treated like shit.”

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