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    • The Flynn Pardon Is The Right Thing To Do + Mishandling Russia
      So, Michael Flynn has been pardoned by Trump. His crime was lying to the FBI about talking to the Russians before Trump was inaugurated. Even a man like Trump can do the right thing occasionally, usually for the wrong reasons. It is entirely reasonable and routine for a President-elect’s advisors to talk to foreign governments. […]
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38 Responses

  1. Ahhhhhh a bright and shiny new thread-yaaaaaaaaaay!

  2. Pheew, get me out of that firestorm of a last thread!

    Go myiq!

  3. yippee! here we are!!!!!

    hi cwaltz, hey scrubs

  4. HEY SHERI TAG!!!!!!!!!!!

    😦 sorry to hear about the layoff.

    Today I was called by life insurance company who’s holding a cattle call at a Holiday Inn for “managerial trainees.”

    That sounds scammy to me – but of course, I gotta check it out.

    How are you doing?

  5. hey SM, I’m doing pretty good. you know how it is. I would definitely go to.

    Job fairs are some of the best way to find a job.

  6. Message received!

  7. Good luck SM

    Have you tried temp agencies yet? My husband picked up his job with Danaher(the job before the RR) by doing temp work for them.

  8. Have a whole new level of respect for IQ and TC after today. Whew.. Even SM’s Reagan thread that devolved into the religious back and forth. Unbelievable how people with that many POVs manage to keep it together on this board. Kudos, with a big smacking of whipped cream.

  9. Cwaltz – yep I’m a member of 3 of them. But they got A LOT OF PEOPLE already.

    Tampa’s hiring pool was 8% of total employers, now it’s down to 5%.

  10. three: Isn’t it amazing? I go to work in the morning and get stuck behind a firewall so I have no idea what’s going on during the day. Butchaknow, I am never disappointed when I come home and read the posts. And we all come from different POV but there is something underneath it all that keeps it together. It is like a safety net of sorts. We are the common man/woman, working class, as is everyone not making millions of dollars a year, struggling to make a living for ourselves while being compassionate to the people around us.
    I LOVE this place.

  11. (nodding) Me too — I’ve been watching and we’ve hardly had to delete a thing all day. Not that there hasn’t been some hard talking….

    (and we’re even getting some FaceBook shout outs!)

  12. Three Wickets –

    It’s because WE are true Liberal Democrats.

    We are all shapes & sizes & colors & preferences & etc….

    And we agree to disagree sometimes, but we agree on the common ans basic principles of life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, equal rights for all, protection of the Constitution & Bill of Rights.

    You heard it from RD, this blog is a snapshot of Liberal Americans. Thanks to her, RD graciously allows us to sit in her Conflucian living room and shoot the breeze – and raise some hell!

  13. (lurking)

  14. I’m going to lurk for awhile too, Afrocity, until my confusion passes.

  15. why are you confused Boomer?

  16. I’d wanted to ask Regency about something she said re McCain in an earlier post. I voted for McCain/Palin, thinking of Hillary all the way while I filled in the circle with the pencil. That was my vote for Hill, and I will always remember it. Funny though, but there’s one small thing that I still can’t seem to shake about McCain. It’s when one of the wingnuts in a town hall called Hillary a b!tch, and instead of calling out the questioner on propriety, John just laughed along. One of those visceral things that stays with you.

  17. 3w, I remember that. I don’t judge people in those situations because frankly I have been places where she was called a b!tch and I just listened to the person and this has been in academic settings. How many times has Obama come to Palin’s defense? Never. As a woman I don’t really need anyone to defend me against any such remarks. McCain might think she is one and that’s his choice.

  18. God, they’re still going over there. Someone call a paramedic. If the debate boils down to whether p@rn is bad, I for one will say all p@rn is not NECESSARILY bad. There is a reason for the first amendment. But don’t want to feed the flame here anymore..

  19. See that, afrocity. But we would not have seen the McCain instance if it had not been blasted over the airwaves. People out there rally around moments like that. It influences votes.

  20. There is a fight downstairs and the only conservative is not there? I had better go “REPRESENT”

  21. sm77, on January 27th, 2009 at 8:35 pm Said:
    HEY SHERI TAG!!!!!!!!!!!

    sorry to hear about the layoff.

    Today I was called by life insurance company who’s holding a cattle call at a Holiday Inn for “managerial trainees.”

    That sounds scammy to me – but of course, I gotta check it out.
    Question #1, How did the insurance company know you were looking for a job? That might give you a clue as to whether it’s scammy or not.

  22. Slowly tapping fingers on table…waiting for the fire to go out. Really feel bad for whoever is moderating that thread. Can just feel the swelling tr@ll wave crashing against the ramparts.

  23. 3 Wickets: Then you should ask me.

  24. Regency, hi. Not wanting to flame anything in this part of the house. But was just wondering why McCain didn’t call out that wingnut questioner who called Hillary a b!tch on national TV during the primaries, when she was fighting for her life, and he had the luxury of adjusting his sail to suit his plan for the general. Btw, I did vote for Mac in the end.

  25. 3 W: *shrugs* You’d have to take that up with him. I don’t have any insight into John McCain’s campaign or his psyche. I can only tell you what he’s done since then, which you’re already familiar with.

  26. 3 Wickets,

    What’s wrong with spirited discussion? I think this needs to be explored further. I think the subject of what feminism really is is an important one. I’d like to have another thread about it tonight, frankly. There are enough other posts that no one has to participate who doesn’t want to.

  27. BB, please don’t get me wrong. I like the spirited discussion, else I would not have taken two hours reading every word. And yes, the topic is central, and I’d be happy to jump in of any subject related to feminism. Just that that other thread has in my mind veered of course. A discussion about the values at Maxim or lack thereof would have included a debate on advertising and the commercial media, but the thread has become a battle royale on 1) the acceptability of p@rn, and 2) the sole of this woman, who we don’t know that well. Nothing’s wrong with that, but too many things going on at once.

  28. 3 wickets,

    I guess I read the discussion differently that you did. As I said before, maybe I’m in a parallel universe.

  29. BTW, I don’t know Barack Obama or Jon Favreau either, but I’ll be damned if I’m going to stop criticizing them.

  30. Comments closed. Did everyone migrate to KB’s thread to see what Congress has broken now? If you haven’t, do!

  31. Well BB, this woman does apparently work in the WH now, so it does make the debate germain. She is setting an example and so on. People always remain responsible and accountable for their past actions. She probably knows that, so she’ll have to walk that wire. Just not sure who she’ll end up really offending though, cept maybe the seriously non-secular right, then it becomes same ol debate on the first amendment, and I feel pretty strongly about that amendment.

  32. Why were the comments closed? Sometimes it feels really “managed” around here.

  33. I’m straight out going to bed. I need to re- examine some things. My version of feminism isn’t Gloria Steinem’s but it apparently isn’t the same as lots of folks here either.

  34. Cwaltz: I have to say that I agree with you.

  35. Anyone here, come up to the new thread. We’re discussing the Big Bad Banks.

  36. And drinking.

  37. Wow! I was out for most of the evening and Dunkirk took place all over again!

    OT: But Brad Pitt is one beautiful face!

  38. katiebird: Great post. As I have said repeatedly today (and most likely days to come) we are seriously f*cked!

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