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Winning the Equal Representation Argument

You Are In Good Hands with Women In Charge

You Are In Good Hands with Women In Charge

Be forewarned, ladies. If you dare to think you are entitled to equal representation in government, you are doing something called “femi-whining.”

Don Surber says so, and his post made the “best of the blogs” on RealClearPolitics, so he must have a point. Right?

Surber objects to an article by Anne Kornblut of The Washington Post, in which she mentioned – gasp – numbers! (We all know girls can’t do math, right, Larry Summers?) In any case, Ms. Kornblut uses the fact that only 16 (now 17 again) out of 100 Senators are women. His intelligent and informed response to this?

Boo hoo hoo.

Senators are elected. Before you are elected you have to run. It was pretty hard for Minnesota to elect a woman this year because both major candidates were men. But if Norma Coleman and Alice Franken had run… well, we still would not have a winner but I think my point is made.

Clinton was not elected president because she was not a woman? Well, of the 20 leading contenders last year, 18 men were denied the job as well.

But Kornblut lives in a world where women are entitled to 50 Senate seats without bothering to campaign for them (emphasis added).


Yes, Don Surber, it IS nonsense. And let me tell you why.

Never did Ms. Kornblut, or any feminist, state that women are “entitled to 50 Senate seats without bothering to campaign for them.” We live in a country where Senators are elected, Don; even when they’re appointed due to special circumstances, they still must stand for election within two years. Don dearest, are you actually claiming that feminists want to institute an all-appointment style of government? I must ask, what world are YOU living in? You sound like a paranoid conspiracy theorist to me. 

If you’re wondering how Mr. Surber got this claptrap past his editor, it’s because the editor was invested in pushing the narrative that feminists are hysterical, whiny freaks who want to take over the world and relegate men to second-class citizen status (you know, the status that we women have been enjoying for thousands and thousands of years?). And what’s worse, women don’t even think they should EARN it! Because men ALWAYS earn the elected offices THEY seek, don’t they? I mean, George W. Bush…well, um, Barack Obama…uh…

In my opinion, the reason for this type of pushback is that the patriarchy is starting to feel threatened. They are seeing that the obvious suppression of women who DO dare to run for office (something which, of course, never happened according to Don Surber and his like-minded pals) was a little TOO heavy-handed this year. Women woke up by the millions and realized that if things stay the way they are, misogyny will prevent any woman from being elected President. For example, a liberal Democrat ran for President, and her own Party sabotaged her by changing its rules to favor a man; a conservative Republican ran for Vice President, and was treated like a lightweight bimbo by the media, her own Party and the Democratic Party. These two women had nothing in common except being female, yet their hopes of breaking the highest, hardest glass ceiling were stymied by the efforts of the current ruling class to keep the patriarchy intact.

When a woman knows she can be treated like a power-hungry, castrating bitch or a brainless slut by her own Party with no repercussions at all, it’s difficult for her to consider putting her hat in the ring. This year was meant as an object lesson to women who dare to break the mold and dream of being the leader of the most powerful country in the world.

But rejoice, my feminist sisters and brothers: we are changing the narrative. Politics is all about winning arguments, and we are beginning to make our case.

The patriarchy is especially threatened by our push for equal representation, so they are advancing the meme that we will support any woman regardless of her qualifications. Although our friend Mr. Surber would no doubt disagree, equal representation does not require affirmative action in order to make it happen. There are plenty of experienced women who can be put forward by both parties in 2010, should we make it our policy to demand that they do so (and I believe we should). 

In my opinion, we must make it absolutely clear that we feminists will not endanger our government by supporting women who have no qualifications or experience. This is the needle we must thread. We won this argument with Caroline Kennedy and Governor Paterson; let’s keep making it. Electing more women is a must for this country, due to the well-documented fact that until we get to at least 30% representation, our needs and voices will continue to be ignored in Congress; but we do not have to sabotage our own movement by pushing for inexperienced and unqualified women to sit in those seats. (And yes, I realize that some people here at The New Agenda may disagree with that last statement, and I welcome their rebuttals.)

Some people commented that when I wrote my piece “Women First,” I was advocating that a matriarchy would be better than a patriarchy, and that was not necessarily true. I understand those concerns, but the fact is, both in ancient times and today, the more women there are in a government, the more the government concentrates on social justice. In other words, women and men really are different in their approaches to power. Women advocate partnership, and men advocate dominance. There is no example in which a matriarchy became cruel and suppressive towards men or other women, because it simply doesn’t happen.

So let’s keep at it, sisters and brothers. It won’t be an easy fight, but I am convinced we can, and will, make our dreams of a more just, peaceful and equitable America a reality.

All we have to do is win the argument.

Originally posted at The New Agenda

55 Responses

  1. There are not enough women in politics, but if you try to remedy that by voting for women you are sexists.

  2. Excellent, madamab! I too long to see the day when a woman is considered based on her ideals, integrity, policy positions, vision, character, and experience. That is equality.

    As it is, a woman faces the sting of ridicule far more than any male contender and becomes fair game for those who refuse to take her seriously, particularly on the national stage.

    It will be left to women to pull us from this morass. The least we can expect is a level playing field. That day will come. I just hope to see it in my lifetime.


    When I read your article, MadamaB, all I heard was this in my head:

    MESSAGE TO DON Asshole Surber: SISTERS are doing it for themselves, so don’t even bother, WATB.

  4. I disappeared into the Spaminator – HELP ME, HELP ME!

  5. One more time:

    MadamaB, while reading your F_ing incredible post, I heard this:



  6. Ah, there I am! Thank you!

    Not having enough female representation in public office is GENDER APARTHEID.

    WE are the majority. Yet we are considered a “minority”.

  7. but we do not have to sabotage our own movement by pushing for inexperienced and unqualified women to sit in those seats.
    I wonder how often that is really a problem. The CK mess, IMO, was/is and aberration. I don’t have any data but my impression is that ratio of qualified/unqualified is better for female candidates compared to males.

  8. The spam-monster is very active this AM. Help!!!

  9. Yes it is. I wonder if using ALL CAPS is triggering something? I can’t figure out why so many regulars are suddenly getting caught.

  10. “pushing for inexperienced and unqualified women”
    I am sure there are unqualified women running for public office (Jean Schmidt!!!) but the standards are different for men and women. Hillary is an unusual example that makes the point, she may have been the most qualified to run, ever..yet she was denigrated for being unqualified. Women who “labor” in the political trenches, (PTA, campaign worker year after year, etc…etc..) are unqualified but a male who owned a bug killing business is qualified.

  11. Women are individuals and I have known many vicious, petty, vindictive, even racist women in my time. Ditto men. So I always vote for the best qualified candidate. But we should encourage more qualified women candidates to run to expand our possible choices. Will more qualified women bring a different viewpoint once they get in office? Maybe. But just as important, it will then seem normal for women to run for office and to succeed.


  12. Well since I am talking to myself, I will post the OT outrage: score another one for Obama’s hand picked DNC Chairman:

    Va. House approves gay marriage ban amendment
    Less severe language rejected

    The Virginia House voted 73 to 22 to approve a constitutional amendment banning equal marriage rights for gays. The proposal must be voted on by the Senate and signed by Gov.-elect Tim Kaine (D) before it can go to voters in November.

    Kaine spokeswoman Delacey Skinner said that the governor-elect will sign the bill to call for a referendum. Kaine supports the amendment and opposes civil unions, she said. She added that he is interested in discussing measures “to make sure people can still be able to contract with each other.”


  13. MyIq radical times call for radical measures. I wouldn’t be considering giving sexism a try if the male representation I have had had not done so poorly.

    Birth control prices on campuses have skyrocketed due to a loophole that Congress couldn’t bother fixing. A high risk pregnancy now carries the risk of hemorrage and uterus preforation due to the male contingency playing politics with a procedure. Male pharmacists now have the right to decide for me whether or not I can have a prescription written for me for Birth Control dispensed. Insurance companies are unrequired to provide coverage for birth control pills even as they cover Viagra.

    Perhaps it IS sexist to say that I will vote for a female because I believe a female will understand my issues better. That said, we wouldn’t be at this juncture if the male representation had not done such a poor job of it. zBetter to try the 50% solution then continue to be used as a political game and have issues that effect me trotted out every 4 years to garner votes.

  14. He opposes civil unions? Hmmmmmm that sounds wrong. I was pretty sure Kaine was for civil unuions but against marriage.

  15. What I find heartening is that we are beginning to have an
    impact (see Tweety news, below).
    Something important and good coming out of
    this destructive election season is the long overdue
    rebirth of feminism. (are we up to the third or fourth wave?)
    I even sense some collective guilt from a few
    Obamabots about what was done to Hillary. Good.
    Or is it just fear of deserved Karma for denying the
    world the most capable leader so they can play their
    silly hopy games?
    At any rate, I do detect a slight (very slight) shift
    in consciousness, and it would be nice to think Pumas
    are playing a part.
    I won’t settle for 31%, I want full “reparations”.
    Meaning at the least, 51%, and really more. Women led
    societies have traditionally been more civilized, progressive,
    and peaceful.

  16. Here was his position in 2006. The rabid control nuts have been after this amendment for awhile.

    Kaine, the state’s first Roman Catholic governor, has long said he supports the central premise of the proposal – that marriage should be restricted to one man and one woman.
    He opposes a provision that would bar same-sex couples from signing contracts that simulate the rights of marriage. Kaine said it threatens individual contracting rights and weakens “the discretion of employers to extend certain benefits, such as health care coverage, to unmarried couples.”
    He wrote in a statement released by his office he will vote against the same-sex marriage amendment this fall, “and I urge other Virginians to vote against it as well.”

  17. Vile. I’m sorry, but gay is the new n-word.

    It’s disgusting, watching Democrats who ought to know better out grandstanding and promoting themselves on the backs of gays.

    Worse than disgusting.

  18. Gays have been under the bus for awhile. At least as long as people like well, just about all the Democrats play semantics with what a marriage is.

    Everybody keeps saying that marriage is between a man, woman and God. Try selling the idea you are married though without formalizing it through the government. I guarantee if you don’t pay that liscensing fee that you’ll run into problems whether “God” sanctioned your marriage or not.

  19. Does this sentence from the quoted post contain a typo or a Freudian slip?

    Clinton was not elected president because she was not a woman?

  20. bb

    Evidently frothing makes you addled. Personally I could care less about Surber’s opinion.

  21. iohs

    She won the primary. He had to take her delegates and discount states to win. Stop rewriting history.

  22. They couldn’t even give her a roll call where she got the delegates she was pledged by vote. Instead they played pretend that Obama WON Kentucky by a landslide and you want to accuse this site of fairytales?

    Heh, disturbing and funny.

    There are tons of young girls who emulate movie stars too. By your logic because they do so, I should too. Uh, no thank you.

  23. I agree CWaltz. I understood what myiq said as snark though. I think he was pointing out a catch 22 situation.

  24. Oh sad, you made iohs go buh bye.

    I couldn’t wait to hear his/her rebuttal.

    For the record Iohs, those that do not know history and learn from it are doomed to repeat it.

    I’m not getting over anything.

  25. Tr0ll spit at 1:16.

  26. There are people that are going to call this sexism besides Myiq. I think that it is important that we do address it honestly and explain why we have come to this juncture..

  27. Madamab – great post!

    We just have to keep pointing and laughing at the stupidity of these articles until they get it.

    Pointing and laughing at tr0lls – for whatever reason – just gets them off and I am sure we don’t want to contribute to THAT.

  28. Doomed to see childbirth as the leadinf cause of death in women as it once was iohs you putz.

    I don’t need a pastor or my husband to decide what to do with my body.


    The caucuses were rampant with fraud but you knew that already. Obama had to be carried ove rthe finish line by a bunch of superdelegates. They were so worried that Hillary might pull off a win they couldn’t even allow a genuine roll call. Your Messiah is pathetic(and so are you).

  29. And when I see all the qualified and smart PUMA women here at the confluence I wonder….why arent any of you running?

    If not you who? if not now When?

  30. iohs2008-shut up before fuzzybear drops a house on you…..

  31. Look what I found while searching for this website on google


  32. fuzzy

    See what to much Hopium does to the brain.

  33. Cwaltz-thats what the FLDS does with its “spiritual” marriages….WTF?

    Civil Marriage is a different animal all together…it confers state sanctioned benefits and legal protection.

    Spiritual Marriage is a covenent btwn god and the two spouses or more (read old testament and new) that allows them th bibically know each other and not end up in Hell. nothing more.

  34. FLDS=Fundamentalist Latter Day Saints sorry! or polyigamists

  35. Downticket,

    Who cares? On a scale of 1 to 10 on the give a shit meter, what those buttholes think doesn’t even register.

  36. CWaltz – it is all dedicated to bashing PUMAs. Unbelievable

  37. Fuzzy

    My marriage certificate that we got from our officiating reverend says right on it that my marriage was only valid in the state of California. I had to pay a liscence fee before I could get a liscence that made my marriage official at a federal level.

  38. Can someone please take out the garbage on the “Obama Makes Black People Smarter” comments? 1:28 today. He’s trying to pick a fight but no one’s biting. Isn’t it funny how these idjits try and pick fights on old threads (when there’s no one around to argue with them)?

  39. SHV, Jean Schmidt is the primary reason I support the 30% thing only up to a point. I don’t live in her district- I’m in the 1st District- but if I lived over in 2nd I’d vote for any man, up to & including Jack the Ripper, over that b*tch. She’s an embarrassment!

    course I’d only be voting for Jack the Ripper just to get him outta town….. 🙂

  40. My response to guys who worry about gay marriage is who exactly is it they think will revoke their Playboy subscription and sign up to get hitched to the guy in the next cubicle if it is passed? My other response is how lame must a marriage be to be affected by who your neighbor is married to? I don’t care if I am living next to Dick and Jane or Joe and John. My marriage is strong enough on its own merits to survive whatever the sexual orientation of the married folks around me.

  41. One nice thing about the Virginia primaries is that they can’t switch our votes. I didn’t watch the primaries, but I’m guessing Hillary still got her share from our state. Please don’t tell me otherwise. It would really frost me if my vote wasn’t counted toward the person I voted for.

  42. gxm

    When they called roll call states that went full throttle Hill declared Obama. It was disgusting.

  43. Tim Kaine is an a$$ and I’m ashamed that I voted for him. He, Jim Webb and John Kerry are the reasons why I will never again vote for a man just because he has a “D” by his name. Tim Kaine can #$!% off.

  44. Thanks for the info CWaltz. I’m glad I didn’t watch.

  45. clean up at asile 134pm iohs2008 left a poopie! some one hit him on the butt with a copy of the NYT and stick his nose in it!

  46. well Tim Kaine is the leader of the Democratic”right to life” party?


  47. God forbid that women actually have their piece of pie and get to keep it for themselves. I remember a guy complaining about Title IX and there not being enough funds for mens sports and I stopped him short by explaining, hey, you’ve got your piece of pie and i’ve got mine. Why do you think you have a right to take a bite out of mine just because you ate all yours up? What’s amazing is that he actually understood my point.

    Women have a right to equal representation. It is imperative to women’s rights and advancement. I support increasing women of all political parties in political office. IMO, this is not a conservative vs. liberal, or feminist vs. anti-feminist issue. This is simply parity. That’s all. Nothing more. AND nothing less.

  48. Tim Kaine needs to be tossed out of the Democratic Party. But instead they made him head of the DNC. The sad truth is that the Democratic Party is becoming the Republican Party. Which does beg the question: What’s the Republican Party going to become?

  49. gxm,
    Here’s a link to delegate votes. First notice the hard total vs. floor vote that shows Hillary was only 17 votes behind Obama. VA did not vote at the convention because Hillary called for the suspension before VA voted. However on this site, (right below the RollCall Vote)it says the VA delegate vote was 29/67 Hillary/Obama. What was the VA primary margin?

    Look at this at your own risk ’cause it will really raise your blood pressure.


  50. Thanks for the link. It’s now both bookmarked and saved. I’m proud to be one of the majority that voted for Hillary. Unfortunately Obama did win Virginia but she was supposed to be guaranteed her share. It’s an open primary here and a good amount of Clinton hating Republicans voted against her. But what’s the use of voting if they don’t even count my vote, a lifelong Democrat, in the end?

    It did make me smile to see that Kucinich scored more votes than Biden. heehee.

  51. Whatever happened to Marie Cocco. She’s the only one who ever stood up for women at WaPo. Kornblut is a lightweight. And this Don Surber, another d!ckhead.

    Not to say all men are d!ckheads, though we all do have d!cks. Feminism is not synonymous with hating men, at least in my d!ck-tionary. It is synonymous with women’s rights and isolating and calling out the men who deserve our hatred, again in my d!ck-tionary.

  52. gxm Tim Kaine needs to be tossed out of the Democratic Party

    I wonder why he was put there?

    What deep kept secretive plans are afoot?

  53. My guess?

    It’s his reward for Virginia. He has nowhere to go politically otherwise. Term limits in Va do not permit him another run at governor and both Senate seats are occupied.

  54. That anti-PUMA site is quite informative. The first post reads “Will the queen Bower.” Yep, homobigots.

  55. cwaltz-could be…

    DNC counts for very little now. Axelrod is in power.

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