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Speak for yourself, Frank

Frank Rich is still basking in the afterglow of Obamagasm.   When you’re in love, everything he does is wonderful, even when it’s not.

For example, Mr. Wonderful won Frank’s heart with his superb, inspiring, poetic eloquence.  Everything Obama said touched that spot in the heart that brought instant tears to the eyes with visions of promise, new worlds, golden vistas, vast tracts of land…  Ahh, I’m getting all verklempt just thinking about it. 

But Obama’s inaugural speech was sobering.  It was the kind of thing he says in the gray hours of the morning just before he says he hears the lark when you’re still listening to the nightengale.  The rude awakening your daddy told you about is about to come crashing down on you.  But Obama is there.  The “Ooo, baby, baby” is gone but he’s still going to rock your world one last time before he leaves you to seek his fortune elsewhere.

Poor Frank blames us for overspending and taking Bush’s advice to consume.  We were profligate.  We lived only for today.  That bad dude, Bush, he seduced us.  Oh, woe is us, but we brought it on ourselves.

Excuse me?

I never liked Bush, didn’t vote for him- twice. I begged my relatives not to give in to his pseudo religious siren song because I smelled a kleptocratic rat.  But did the country listen?  I paid my bills on time, didn’t get over my head in debt.  I didn’t buy myself a second home I couldn’t afford.  I put the 12% of my income away in my 401K as I was told I must if I want to skip the Alpo in my old age.  I went on ONE expensive vacation in my life and I paid for it- in advance.  I’ve lived with furniture hand me downs to buy a new roof for my house.  I carefully budgeted a basement reno.  And still, I worry about my job, like whether I’ll have one next year.  I worry that my attempts to stimulate the economy, because it is that important, are going to eat into any savings I have and it won’t be there when I need it most.  Here I am, minding my own business, being a good, responsible citizen.  What did I and millions of Americans as responsible as myself do to deserve to have our nest eggs looted for gambling chips?  What did Taggles do to deserve to be laid off when she has a son to raise?  What did SM77 do to have her contract jobs dry up so that she’s forced to apply for food stamps for herself, her mother and her daughter? We aren’t the agents of all this destruction and pain.  We’re collateral damage.

Not one of us deserves to have our hours and salaries cut.  After all, we have been told for years that we are the most productive people on earth at the same time that the fruits of that productivity went to line the pockets of the “bossies”.  Here’s a better idea: confiscate the wealth from those who stole it from us in the first place.  Rescind the tax breaks for the Accentures and other white collar organized crime companies that took their headquarters off shore.  Pass a retroactive windfall profits tax on anyone who speculated and made money off of energy.  Tax Frank Rich back to Clinton levels.  If you made out like a bandit during the Bush years, now is the time for YOU to give back.  Maybe Frank and Maureen could outsource their columns to India.  Surely, there is a well qualified but poorly  compensated woman in Hyderabad who is more than capable of turning out drivel in the style of Frank Rich at a significant cost savings to the NYTimes.  When it comes to sacrifice, you go first, Frank.  Lead by example.

While Frank and MoDo and other Timesy people were at the Bush years cocktail parties with the backroom for the upcoming Obama orgy, the rest of us were pulling our weight.  There wasn’t any Obamagasm for us.  We just wanted the Bushies to go away and never come back.  We wanted competence and experience; Frank gave us Obama.  We wanted a Treasury Secretary that would be responsible and accountable to US; Frank’s Obama has given us Geithner.  The party’s over but it was good for Frank and now he feels guilty for enjoying himself so much.  So we must feel guilty too.

Hey, it’s your bed, Frank, YOU can crawl into it and sleep in the wet spot.


108 Responses

  1. RD, I love this post (rescheduled mine for two hours from now).

    America has become addicted to blaming the victims instead of the perpetrators. The robber barons are stealing everything we own, and our post-partisan President is lecturing us that it’s our fault. ORLY? Did I elect the CEOs of Freddie, Fannie, AIG, BOA, Citibank, et al.?

    I think not.

    I tried to elect people who cared about the have-nots, people who would stop the massive deregulation and lack of oversight that created this mess, but the plutocracy wouldn’t let me. And this is my fault?

    I think not.

    Frank Rich is a typical classist sh*thead who has always hated Bill and Hillary for not kowtowing to his superior, um, whatever. Like so many in the corporate media, it will take a Katrina-like cataclysm to get him to admit that Obama is just not that into him.

  2. Hmmm, what did Frank Rich have to say about Al Gore in 2000?

    When they’re that wrong, why should we listen to them now?

  3. RD, but haven’t you heard?

    It’s always the unwashed masses’ fault.

    It’s THEIR fault they didn’t get enough edu-ma-ca-shun to get that superb job that can pay for arugula at Whole Foods.

    For the lucky that DO get that degree, they’re not socially acceptable since they come from, EEK, blue collar working class backgrounds.


    (great post & thank you!)

  4. As Oz once told Willow on “Buffy:” “Your guilty conscience is not my responsibility.”

  5. The irony is that I just finished reading Frank’s “massage piece” as you were putting “bones” into this one. Frank Rich and his coterie of Obama enablers just don’t get it and probably never will.

    This country is made up of the SM’s, taggles, you, me, and millions of others who do the right thing. Save, scrimp, cut coupons, go without, make sacrifices, pay our bills, live within our means, budget, and hope for the best. The elites, who live so far above us, fail to recognize that we are the support system that has kept this nation alive from the outset. When we bleed it hurts.

    When no one looks out for us we have the only recourse left to us. We must do it for ourselves. The talking heads and pundits can “tsk tsk” over our plight but they will never really know what it is to rout out those pennies hiding in the couch cushions or cup holders in the car console. For them this is just another game of who’s on top.

    What they fail to consider is that who’s on top is exactly the one they themselves anointed without regard. The Frank Rich’s and MoDo’s of this world just need to go away. We no longer need their priority system to guide us out of this mess.

    Rich’s hero worship is an obstacle in and of itself. Holding feet to fire is the first step of clearing the cobwebs. If sacrifice is a shared effort, yes, by all means, let Frank lead the way. Fair’s fair.

  6. BTW – just read this at The New Agenda:

    Chris Matthews is gonzo: a confidential source,who is “in the know,” informed us that the reason that Matthews did not run for the PA senate seat was as follows: his advisors were concerned that he would get smoked by two strong opponents: TNA (womens group) and the PUMAs – yes this is true. So, if you think that our work together isn’t making an impact, think again!

    Oh HELL yeah.

  7. madamab: Payback is a “bitch”! Poor Chris. And he thought he was so beloved. Not!!!!

  8. Frank and Modo made sure we got George W. Bush in the first place with their frivolous, snobby attacks on Al Gore. A plague on both their houses and I hope the NYT goes out of business.

  9. PAT!!!!!!! 🙂 – AMEN!

  10. Hey, “elections have consequences”, madamab.

  11. MoDo is bemoaning the loss of Caroline. In her world Caroline was “the best choice”. I choke on my coffee.

  12. Perhaps throughout this haze of Obama worship, they are beginning to see the rise of the PUMAs. We held our ground.

  13. madamab,

    Would you mind providing a link? I’ve never been able to figure out how to find anything at The New Agenda.

  14. Never mind, I googled it.

  15. MoDo’s piece today is classic in Villager conspiracy-mongering. It’s all Bill Clinton’s fault, of course.

    I’d heard of Gillibrand; knew little about her. But the NY press conference the other day won me over. I’d vote for her in a heartbeat. She’s a real person with real political skills and passion.

  16. I only read MoDo and Rich when I’m low on stomach acid.

  17. myiq: lol

  18. poor frank if he crawled in that bed it would be bedbugs and crabs

  19. About Chris Matthews, Yesssss!!!!!!!

  20. Listen, Gillibrand is the real deal. She is a qualified and experienced and VERY feminist woman.

    The whining of the elitist idiots like MoDo regarding “la pauvre Caroline” is freaking hilarious to me. None of them have the slightest clue about New York politics, because none of it impacts them. Were Daffy Duck to become the next junior Senator from New York, their bank accounts and lifestyles would remain untouched.

    They’re just mad because their Messiah did not prevail over the eeeeeeeevil Clintons in New York.

    Here was my take on it.

  21. RD – LOL!

    I do not think those words mean what Frank Rich thinks they mean.


  22. sorry again but getting crabs from obamagasm is a major problem…

    they are resistant to DDT and all standard treatments

  23. I’m still reading this great post, but had to stop to say wow over this.

    ……just before he says he hears the lark when you’re still listening to the nightengale.

    amazing, RD

  24. I’m not awake yet, but someone just tried to hand me today’s MoDo piece, but I refuse to read it. Apparently, MoDo is very very angry that her girlfriend, Princess Caroline, was not chosen and it’s a hit job on Kirsten.

    Yes folks, she’s got to keep current, so she’s transferring her CDS to GDS. Years of columns and books to come, disparaging the new non-Villager.

    The NYTimes can’t die soon enough for me. They should be held acountable for printing these shameless propagandists. Rich was just as bad as Dowd this year, and obviously, he’s learned nothing.

  25. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if PUMAs are able to lead off the beginning of the end of letting the media decide who is elected? I’m going to hold that thought and enjoy it for awhile.

  26. Taggles – hang in there, I’m your fellow sister in laid-off-dom.

    I’m sorry, but I can’t read MoDo/Rich, or any Obama enablers anymore. They enabling caused me & millions to lose our jobs since November. He can’t even find his way out of sentence (or a presidential oath) and HE’s friggin Superman & Jesus rolled up into one?

    Even though Obama loves Wall Street, INVESTORS don’t love him, at least not enough to get the Stock Market off of it’s respirator.

  27. fuzzybear – LOLOLOLOL!

    One of my Obama supporting faithful finally gave up on my blog this weekend. This is why he thinks I should “come to” Obama.

    Obama has moved to ban torture and close the prison at Guantanamo. Why would our beloved Hillary be on board if he was the “fascist” continuation of George W. Bush that you suggest he will be. He has signalled a sharp break from the highly immoral and self-serving policies of Bush. He has decried the consolidation of wealth into the hands of the few at the expense of overall prosperity. Morally, he is cleaner than a frog’s ass. So what’s not to love?

    He’s going to realize he’s sleeping in the wet spot soon enough. But right now, the level of denial is astonishing.

  28. oh…I see you were ahead of me once again. Gotta get up very early in the morning to beat the ever-vigilant Conflucians.

  29. When you don’t know where to go, you go to your roots. Frank Rich returns to his days as a theater critic with his unique way of branding the audience idiots for not wildly applauding a stink of a play. His review in a nutshell, BZero gave a lackluster speech so it’s our fault and we got what we deserved — not unlike blaming banks for Bonnie and Clyde’s success.

  30. It used to astound me that MoDo and Rich and E.J Dionne and Frank Herbert got paid to write drivel until I realized that they get paid to write drivel.

  31. Fuzzy: your metaphor is turning off my dinner for tonight. The BFF brought Maryland crabcakes. From Maryland.
    Go easy in the seafood.

  32. fif, Even more ridiculous, in MoDo’s piece, she sings the praises of Blago!

  33. SM77!

    I sent you some PUMA love through your Liberalcrat PayPal account today. Hang in there, sister girl.

  34. ok I am sorry RD…just think happy thoughts now at least you are not having to make them from scratch…tell the BFF that they have to cook tonight!

  35. I magnanimously give my drivel away for free!

  36. I cannot believe people get paid to write the high school drivel I read at that link……… he fastidiously avoided offering what he himself was going to sacrifice …or any glaring mistakes he himself has made … I for one an damned tired of working long hours for what amounts to a pittance of what the value of what I do is worth, and so are millions of other people in this country who have been responsible for decades .

  37. Mmmm….crabcakes from Maryland.

    Speaking of Baltimore, Maryland, I have more Jim Palmer pr0n if anyone’s interested. (Don’t worry, he has underwear on.) NYC Blue sent me the picture.

    If you don’t care, don’t click!

    Jim Palmer

  38. Great post, RD!

    If I lose my job, my back up plan is to peddle Obama-trinkets to the kool-aid lushes.

  39. Myiq – How could the plutocracy enforce its consensus without “opinion makers” like them?

    Once you realize they are paid propagandists for the status quo, their luster tends to dim a bit.


  40. Okay I finished….spectacular post. I am so tired of the finger being wagged at the wee people who were never consulted on any of it . If a supposed professional at a bank tells someone they can afford such and such house ,is the non “pro” going to say no you’re wrong Mr. Banker? Of course not, oneTHINKS the bank knows what its doing. ( ha!)The housing meltdown( among so many others) was a case of lending institutions gone wild….not the hapless mark. They are now pretending it’s our fault so they can further loot in the name of ” responabile sacrifice”
    As RD says , you go first, Frank.

  41. MadamaB – thank you! I still have to get PayPal verified, so I haven’t gotten anything yet, but if I can’t do it – I’ll return the funds – YOU DO NOT HAVE TO DO THIS.

    Hopefully, I’ll get approved soon and/or find some work. But thank you & everyone.

    Cleaner than a Frog’s Ass? Have that person ever seen a frog? Frogs drag their asses on the ground. Not very clean.

  42. As long as SM remains “sassy” I won’t have to worry so much!

  43. wel this morning got off good-and it looks like my future potential X-boyfriend is living up to his potential, the X part at least-seems he tried to blame my politics

    The truth is he has passive agressive issues Madamab I guess I should invite him over for appitizers!

    I am thinking the Crab Canapes on doggy bisciuts?

  44. SM: They sent me a receipt so I am assuming that you will have it or get it. If not, ring my bell!

  45. I cannot believe people get paid to write the high school drivel I read at that link

    Ask yourself why anyone would pay big salaries for drivel unless they WANTED drivel?

    The NYT’s must be happy with their work – there are better writers who would work a lot cheaper.

    So why does the NYT want drivel?

  46. BFF sounds like a treasure and a keeper!

  47. PAT – HUGS & thank you – I’ll let you know.

  48. I pay other people to read my drivel!

  49. SM77 – do not DARE return those funds. It is my thank you for creating the word and the concept of PUMA. It is the LEAST I can do.

    Please accept the love and help of those whom you have helped. Without you, and the Confluence, I would never have made it through 2008.


  50. madamab, on January 25th, 2009 at 11:07 am Said:
    …..Once you realize they are paid propagandists for the status quo, their luster tends to dim a bit

    Well put. I find it an unerring and excellent guide to do the exact opposite of what they say . Just the fact the same people who wanted Bush twice and the war, then loved Obama , should have given many a clue of what was up

  51. any way think it is time for a 5 mle walk….

  52. SM: Ditto madamab. Just STFU and know you are loved and appreciated and that in a virtual way, we are family and in this together. So there.

  53. Katiebird care to join me?


    You and RD and all the Confluence writers make the New York Times look like the childish, ham-fisted propaganda it is.

    It should just be re-titled “Pravda.”

  55. Where are the objective journalists going to come from? Anyone that offers a critique of Obama will be marginalized, isolated and persecuted. How long can they carry on the “Bush did it” excuse before someone actually asks questions.

    Are they that stupid to think WE are that stupid?

  56. Lady Maureen De Dowd thinks New York begins at the Brooklyn Bridge and ends just before you hit Harlem. Paahhhlleeeze!

  57. I may not be an overpriced pundit or critic, but I have yet to see any Front Page poster offering “drivel”. All are accomplished writers and their essays are peerless.

    I may not be the sharpest knife in the box, but I recognize good writers when I see them. They are the ones who produce thought and debate. And what flows from their heads is astounding.

  58. DYB: Maureen Dowd resides in DC. The home of The Villagers.

  59. SM the 13-15th feb weekend is firming up! me and you finally meeting in tampa…

  60. Au Contraire, Pat. You *are* the sharpest knife in the box, by far!

  61. Fuzzy, I’d love to but I’m running kind of slow. I just got up and I’m not done with my coffee.

    Also, it’s only 18 degrees here….. I might have to go mall walking.

    And from this whining, I’m guessing I need more coffee…

    Have a good walk Fuzzy, I’ll be right behind you!

  62. Noticed a car commercial last night that included a contingency offer if you lose your job. wow.

    and at the staff mtg, our boss quoted the great one and said that obama has put a freeze on his staff pay, and this might not be a good time to ask for raises.

    I glared at him, and later he pulled me into his office (not mad–we’re friends) to ask why. I told him that I was incredulous after over 180 million spent on the coronation and 3/4 billion spent to get elected that it is his staff that needs to sacrifice (or anyone else for that matter).

  63. I always thought of myself as more of a fork.

  64. well after a year long roller coaster its good to be done with things…

  65. I think Maureen is looking to shove Sally off her perch as head DC Village hostess. This could get even more ugly

  66. what is it about the term “ham-fisted” that I love so much?

  67. It’s a chilly 46 degrees here at 8:22 a.m.

    A real weenie-shrinker.

  68. Pat, repeat after me: MUST. INFLATE. HEAD.

  69. “ham-fisted”

    Isn’t that what Miss Piggy did to Kermit?

  70. thanks katiebird-

    while not un-expected I need to get outside my head everyone this was my first real “relationship” since Douglas died.

    have a great day SM I love you you hear that!

  71. MYIQ, repeat after me: MUST. INFLATE. HEAD.

  72. myiq- Is that wince-inducing remark my fault for posting the comment about a frog’s ass?

    I do heartily repent, O Giant Green Lizard!

  73. fuzzy, have a great walk! I wish I was your neighbor.

  74. Of course it is always classy to break up over Yahoo Messenger!

  75. Even more ridiculous, in MoDo’s piece, she sings the praises of Blago!

    Janicen: of course she does. Her whole Village ethos revolves around “pay for play.” She is just mortified that it did not work in NY. How DARE the Governor, choose the qualified candidate over the chosen one!

  76. fuzzy – so sorry about your relationship. You deserve the absolute best – don’t settle for less!

  77. It is 9 degrees here in Spfld. today. The only good thing to say about this is that it is not Chicago.

  78. joaniebone, on January 25th, 2009 at 11:21 am Said: ……and at the staff mtg, our boss quoted the great one and said that obama has put a freeze on his staff pay, and this might not be a good time to ask for raises.

    wow, that was seamless…..how he used the golden book version of Barryspeak to further management ends. However I give him credit for even inquiring about your expression . The great one has killed irony

  79. Pat,

    It was 3 degrees here when I woke up. Of course I don’t have weenie, so it’s not a problem.

  80. You have to give myiq credit for consistency!

  81. It was 3 degrees here when I woke up. Of course I don’t have weenie, so it’s not a problem.

    At that temperature, nobody does.

  82. joaniebone – I have to agree that Obama’s cutting his staff’s pay was absolutely sh*tty.

    Wake me when he cuts the pay of the big corporations that fund him.

    Looks like I’ll be asleep for quite some time…

  83. Rescind the tax breaks for the Accentures and other white collar organized crime companies that took their headquarters off shore. Pass a retroactive windfall profits tax on anyone who speculated and made money off of energy.
    Obama has already said he isn’t rolling back tax cuts, it would offend his new BFFs, the Rethugs. We have go to support the members of congress who are pushing back against the Obama welfare for the rich. The first half of the “bail-out” went into the bankers pockets and now the second half is going the same way. UHC, probably the one thing that would help both business and all people is dead in the Obama administration. What a f*cking mess.

  84. SHV – Even Nancy Pelosi told Obama he should roll back the Bush tax cuts now.

    Of course he didn’t listen. Under the bus, Nancy! Thanks for all the votes, sweetie.

  85. If Obama goes toe to toe with Nasty Nancy, my antenna tells me that she wins.

  86. “[Tweety’s] advisors were concerned that he would get smoked by two strong opponents: TNA (womens group) and the PUMAs”

    Goddesss, I love it.

    Here, kitty, kitty, kitty. . ..

  87. I do have a furnace though, so I’m quite comfortable.

  88. It boils down to Barry is there to take over from the exhausted puppet Bush. …and he’s doing a helluva job.

  89. Off to brunch with my daughter and son in law. He is making potato pancakes. But those crab cakes have got my mouth watering.

  90. Have fun, Pat!

  91. Strong words RD. And truthful words indeed.

    I’ll reserve talking about what the NYT pulled out west.
    Do I think they are a decent company?

    The Bush years let a whole lot of corporations get away with a whole lot of things, didn’t they?

    It was the monsters at the helm — usually male Bboom late 50’s CEO’s I might add — who have stolen VAST AMOUNTS from everyone.

    RD is right. They should pay BIGLY for what they have done.

    They are crying the blues now as the whole thing tanks before their eyes and nobody in the old “middle” is being ‘middle” anymore in terms of spending.

    Don’t worry, RD. Politics and writing would be excellent fields for a woman like yourself.

    That’s a given.

    Well — the papers are putting themselves out of biz, you know?

    They are.

    Why you ask?

    No investigative journalism and no human interest stories.

    Fix that and you might get some subscribers. Again.

    There are plenty of laid off journalists out there — but plenty!

    Snark no longer rules, kiddos.

    And, when you know your own job is next up for the chopping block?


    well, well, well…………

    Having a column like that is an ego thing. For Modo.

  92. Excellent post Riverdaughter!

  93. I posted this very late last night, so I will repost here in case anyone is interested. There are also some great videos over at NoQ, including Hillary’s first briefing at the State Dept. with Mitchell & Holbrooke. As I said last night, she completely upstages Obama, as she always did in the debates. She is commanding, articulate, and poised. He looks like a little kid in the background, surrounded by seasoned professionals. Oh yea…he is.

    Secretary of State Hillary R. Clinton Meets Afghan Women Lawyers


    Sign up for Daily Press Briefings at the State Dept. Website (it’s very easy, and just takes a second. You can choose areas of interest, and specifically, all things SOS Clinton related):


  94. madamab, on January 25th, 2009 at 11:33 am Said:

    SHV – Even Nancy Pelosi told Obama he should roll back the Bush tax cuts now.

    Of course he didn’t listen. Under the bus, Nancy! Thanks for all the votes, sweetie.
    In the “new bill” the House version has 0 new tax cuts and the Senate version (Obama version?) has up to 45% tax cuts.

  95. LOL SM, that’s exactly what I was thinking. Frog’s ass? Yep. I can see Obama as a frog’s ass… but that’s not a compliment.

  96. They thought we could be shouted back.

  97. I hate to say this, SHV, but Pelosi is really good on liberal domestic issues. Always has been. The House is WAY more liberal than the Senate under her leadership.

    I won’t deny she needs a lot of work on other areas. Like, refusing to support women, not impeaching Bush or ending the war. But in some areas, she is excellent.

    Flame away.

  98. fuzzybeargville, on January 25th, 2009 at 11:04 am Said:

    ok I am sorry RD…just think happy thoughts now at least you are not having to make them from scratch…tell the BFF that they have to cook tonight
    Crab cakes are quite easy to make. The best “store bought” crab meat that I have had, is the “All Natural” from Sam’s. It’s big pieces and doesn’t taste “fishy”.

  99. madamab, on January 25th, 2009 at 11:48 am Said:
    Flame away.
    Not at all..Your are right about Pelosi…However, Pelosi and Reid were disappointments as opposition leaders, even when they had majorities. In the Senate, Russ Feingold is usually on the right side of issues but he doesn’t exert any leadership. Hopefully Nancy will not throw away her liberal feelings and will hang tough on the Stim. bill. If the final pkg. has 300-400 billion in tax cuts, we are well and truly screwed.

  100. I live in the land of crab cakes … they are very easy to make …even with special or claw meat ..but you must have OLD BAY SEAFOOD SEASONING

    I think if you do not have OLD BAY in your spice cupboard , you can be deported from Maryland 🙂

  101. The msm / GOP-Rove have consciously created a tsunami that Barack Obama has ridden in on. Don’t forget however that, Dubya stood on ground zero and that flight deck and msm went yes it’s true, GWB is handling post-911 America far better than Gore could ever do. [chuckle]

    Frank Rich & the rest of them, however, only think that they can boss us around….

  102. FUZZY – it’s on!!!! I have nothing planned that weekend, GrandMa PUMA should be much better than & I can have her watch the PUMA cub – just let me know.

  103. first of all RD and Co, NOTHING nothing nothing nothing ever posted here even approximates drivel …
    tweety is a drooling, spitting. ( can you imagine having to sit at the same desk with him ???You would need a plastic eye shield and a roll of paper towels , I would have mace but hey that is just me teehhee )
    and this guy rich.. well he is just rich isnt he?? he is only worthy of the worst cliches
    and myiq, they want to keep publishing drivel because they are so brilliant they are going out of business … so I say let them .. the sooner the better …maybe that is why the sycophants keep showing up on the cable news shows . they are vying for spots ..of course rachel mad n how beat them to it but she showed them the way … be a Ko mini me and you get your own million dollar show ……..
    what we need now is the PUMA CABLE NETWORK 😉 that would scare the living hell out of all of them LOLOLOL

  104. Oh, well said, Riverdaughter! And I so agree with you — the sooner we can outsource Mr. Rich’s job to some poor deserving person (woman?) in India, the better. Myiq2xu, “drivel” precisely describes Mr. RIch’s and Ms. Dowd’s writing.

    The NYT could sink into peaceful oblivion, but for Professor Krugman and a few other writers of great worth (Klinkenborg, Cavett…)


  105. Tweety makes Philadelphia look bad.
    My husband used to tend bar on Bustleton Ave the neighborhood that tweety is from.
    Most of the people in that neighborhood have much better sense than tweety.
    I do not think he could get elected to be dog catcher.

    PUMAs can and must become a political bellwether.
    Maybe we can get some people elected that care about the American people and this country.



  106. RD, bless your heart, this is BRILLIANT. Frank Rich makes me SICK! These disgusting old white perpetrators like Frank & Modo need to see the world through our eyes and you presented it brilliantly! I cannot wait for the NYT to collapse from the weight of its own heartlessness and insanity.

  107. Frank even looks like a d!ckhead.

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