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Obama Makes Black People Smarter

20090121044149_img_1478-simulacrum_of_hopeIt’s a good thing President Black Obama is…black on slow news days.  Talk about a reliable “go-to” subject.  I mean, now that it’s obvious that two-thirds of Americans polled are going to support him no matter what he does, reporting on what he does is, frankly boring.  So, why not ask what his being black means to America if you’re a columnist up against a deadline?  We never get tired of that.

Thanks to the New York Times, we now know that “researchers” have shown that just having a black president makes black people test better.  Which seems to bode well for new Secretary of Education Arne Duncan’s job:

Educators and policy makers, including Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, have said in recent days that they hope President Obama’s example as a model student could inspire millions of American students, especially blacks, to higher academic performance.

Now researchers have documented what they call an Obama effect, showing that a performance gap between African-Americans and whites on a 20-question test administered before Mr. Obama’s nomination all but disappeared when the exam was administered after his acceptance speech and again after the presidential election.

Whew!  I know I feel smarter!  Andrew Sullivan claims news of the “Obama effect” blew his mind, and for some reason made him relate the heartwarming tale of his African American teacher neighbor’s concerns about her students’ use of the dreaded “n-word,” which they never use in reference to the new president.  On second thought, maybe the “Obama Effect didn’t take with me, ‘cuz I don’t see what the flock one thing has to do with the other, but that could just be me.  At least, now we know what happened to Andy’s mind, though.

Deroy Murdock sees a connection.  Writing for RealClearPolitics, Murdock puts forth the theory that Obama’s “erudition” will eliminate the “ghetto culture” and cause young black men to pull their pants up and stop belittling people like him and his siblings for “acting white,” just because the Murdock kids got good grades.  Some scars stick, I guess.  Though, I never knew you couldn’t get good grades if your butt was cold.  And, those kids who picked on the Murdock family probably call Obama the “n-word” all the time, being immune to the “Obama effect,” like they obviously are, since they must be about 35 -40 years old by now.

CNN informs us that some people think that America will demand that Obama be twice as good as a white president would have to be, while others do not.  They also clue us in to the fact that “twice as good” as his predecessor ain’t saying much, making the whole premise moot.  But, what the hell do I know, I’m one of those “Obama effect” immune “n-words” who used to pick on Republican kids.

In other “news,” did you know that the day before the inauguration,  Matthew J. Clark put a statue of Barack Obama on a donkey and dragged it through the streets of Des Moines, Iowa all the way to the capitol building, while onlookers waved palm fronds and Secret Service-style SUV’s followed?  Betcha didn’t.  But, he did.  The “performance art” exhibit is called, “Simulacrum of Hope: Simulation of the Triumphant Entry of the Christ.”  Here’s Matthew on Matthew:

Matthew J. Clark is an unidisciplinary artist and sculptor who is neither living nor working in New York, New York. He hasn’t a MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and knows absolutely nothing about painting. His technical proficiency at 3-dimensional art could speak for itself if he would let it. In a self-fulfilling exercise of ostracization and alienation, he works tirelessly designing, constructing, and re-designing and re-constructing concept-driven sculptures and installations that he understands most people misunderstand. His work examines emotional, mental, spiritual, physical, metaphysical, psychological, physiological, sociological, and societal realities, hyperrealities, and dream-like states of consciousness, along with semiotics. Matt insisted that he end this bio with the declaration, “Words have no meaning.” He can’t stop.

He is not represented by the Marian Goodman Gallery which has offices in New York and Paris. I think I have pneumonia.

Does the “Obama effect” apply to white people in reverse?  Probably not, whatever’s troubling Matt is probably a pre-existing condition.  And, speaking of lingering troubles, the Cabbage Patch Weeble, Rod Blagojevich, has hired a public relations firm to handle his upcoming “Screw Your Impeachment Trial” media blitz.  In true Blago ham-fisted style, the firm he chose is notorious for its clientele, primarily, Drew Peterson, the latest Peterson to be accused of killing his inconvenient wife.

In case you just can’t get enough Obama, and I’d be shocked if you could, there’s always Pocket Obama.  Yes, you too could have a pocket full o’ Obie quotes to consult anytime your hopium levels plunge.  And, if that’s not enough, you can generate your own inaugural speech here, secure in the knowledge that you couldn’t possibly do worse.

And, the wheels are off the bus.  The people under it say, “hi.”

You can consider this an open thread.

Cross posted at my place, Cinie’s World, natch.

114 Responses

  1. My head is in a spin from the rapid shift from the looniness fo the 70’s to the gloominess of the reality we now must face.

    It is credible, coming from you, Cinie so I’m glad you wrote it. That Keith M. is a bit potty-mouthed, though.

  2. It was the Weeble thing. I changed it.

  3. Scrubs:

    The looniness of the 70’s was related to the gloominess of what we faced.

    “Eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow we die!”

  4. Sigh….
    And I was having so much fun with dirty stories, now it is back to reality.

  5. Testing my photobucket.

  6. Nah, ignore everything but the “open thread” part.

  7. I was having so much fun with dirty stories

    Don’t let us harsh your mellow

  8. Didn’t work – please excuse me going OT for a second.

  9. Oh, you got rid of potty mouth. Thanks, Cinie.

  10. Sigh….
    looks like Gillibrand is all ready Public Enemy # one with the Villagers.
    She must be really great, then.

  11. Anybody else know how to give an “elephant shotgun?”

  12. Oh. My. God. I knew the media would find a way to be racist in their praise of Obama. Good Lord! How could he inspire anyone to academic performance? He won’t even reveal his own grades, but they weren’t top notch, because we know he graduated from Columbia without honors and from Harvard with only Magna cum laude. He’s a dope who reads the words of a sophomoric frat boy 27 year-old and can’t speak extemporaneously without a million uh uh uh’s. Talk about mythologizing!

  13. Geez, is there anything SuperObama can’t do?

    Don’t let us harsh your mellow

    Nice try, Myiq, but I will not be describing anymore of my intimates. It was a one time thing

  14. Oh. My. God. I knew the media would find a way to be racist in their praise of Obama. Good Lord! How could he inspire anyone to academic performance? He won’t even reveal his own grades, but they weren’t top notch, because we know he graduated from Columbia without honors and from Harvard with only Magna cum laude. He’s a dope who reads the words of a sophomoric frat boy 27 year-old and can’t speak extemporaneously without a million uh uh uh’s. Talk about mythologizing!

    pretty ironic, huh?

  15. This is the kind of thing that annoys me:

    While removing Gillibrand from that upstate seat benefits only Republicans.

    “Gee, she’s soooo good where she is we can’t afford to promote her”

  16. Nice try, Myiq

    I wasn’t asking for no descriptions.

  17. Anyway folks…
    I am off for the night. Feeling tired, ect….
    And besides, I just bought a new Digi I want to play with. I named her Karen.

  18. Always love your music Cinie.

    They can’t measure school performance this soon. That’s ridiculous. But the heightened motivation levels I’m sure are genuine to some degee.

    I’m looking for a nasty name to call Andrew Sullivan these days. I no longer have any idea where he’s coming from, cept it seems he has a crush on Barry.

    And on Deroy, I actually worked with him a long time ago. I thought these days he was becoming one of the regular GOP pundits on matters of African American issues. (When we worked together, he was a sell-out going to the best bidder, just like the rest of us in the company.) Now he’s drinking the kool-aid. Waffles.

  19. I wasn’t asking for no descriptions.

    Tee hee!
    *runs off*

  20. Thpppppt!

  21. Phew! I arrived too late to join in on that bad teenage behavior thread. Scares me just to think of it. Very bad hitch-hiking experience … I’m surprised I’m still alive today.

  22. “I wasn’t asking for no descriptions.”
    I am.

  23. I’m looking for a nasty name to call Andrew Sullivan these days. I no longer have any idea where he’s coming from, cept it seems he has a crush on Barry.

    You never know! Obama might have “rewarded him” for his positive coverage. Sully don’t get thrown under the bus, no sir!
    Okay, I’m REALLY going to bed now!
    *totters off sleepily*

  24. *totters off sleepily*

    *follows LI, gets confused, passes out on lawn*

  25. My sister in Berkeley just sent me a text, “isn’t it just great that we finally have Him in the office. i’ll sooo excited.” This is a smart women, my sister. And she knows how I feel about Barry. What’s happened our relationships. BamBam is breaking up family alliances.

  26. Gee, didn’t mean to bring everybody down!

  27. Trying to think real hard… If someone didn’t have an answer on Monday and if they didn’t go and study, then they wouldn’t have the answer on Wednesday. And what did Obama do exactly? I mean on Monday they new Obama would be president on Wednesday, wouldn’t the *effect* work on monday too, doesn’t it just means they retook the same test were good students remember the questions they failed and went out and studied for it and retook the test and got better grades.

    What next? Obama walks on water, turns water into wine, takes a loaf of bread and feeds many. raise the dead (oh cool zombies) — Come on..

    Obama is just a human man, and my expectations of him are the same as any other man or for that matter woman.

    Giving him superpowers- Like being a super-feminist, just being elected raise the grades of tests, — all makes him into something he isn’t.

    Yes, he can be a positive role model, yes, he can (LOL) be inspiration — But making him into a superhuman does a diservice to everyone.

    And why on this good somewhat green earth, why should the black inner city/urban culture be wiped out because Obama? grumbles….

    Would say more, but would get into trouble…

  28. Problem is Cinie, you can’t talk about drugs for that long without needing some to keep the buzz going. SOD did not bring the stash with the post. I’m going to go look for a beer.

  29. We could always listen to Steely Dan.

  30. Cinie, you are a women after my own heart. Thank you. Michael McDonald did some great singing for Steely Dan (named after a vibrator) before the Doobies. But Donald Fagen was the real genius.

  31. A vibrator named Steely Dan?
    That’s kinda scary, in an intriguing kinda way.

  32. Apparently a popular brand of vibrator, back in those days. I don’t know who Dan is.

    Here’s another one called Chain Lightning you’ll remember. It’s actually a song about Hitler, though you really have to focus on the lyrics to get it.

    Fagan was really esoteric. He went to Bard College on Annandale on the Hudson (Gillibrand’s district), where students got very high during the early seventies. He got busted, later wrote about it in “My Old School” saying he would never return to his alma mater. He was given an honorary degree though by the college in the 90s. Honorary degree for pot smoking and making good music as a result. Karma.

  33. So instead of educational policy, we’ll have expect kids to find obama really inspiring, hope for the best? Maybe instead of health care policy, try showing sick people photos of messiah and hope their conditions surrender.

  34. Well, if we let Geithner do our taxes…

  35. Apparently a popular vibrator brand back then.

    Here’s another one called Chained Lightening, which is about Hitler, though you have to listen carefully to get it.

    Fagen was very esoteric. Went to Bard College in Annandale NY (Gillibrand’s district), where he got busted for pot, then later wrote about it in “My Old School” and vowed never to return to his school. He was given an honorary degree though in the 90’s by the school. An honorary degree for getting high and making good music. Karma.

  36. In moderation, what did I do..

  37. Oh I know, it’s the H word. Too bad.

  38. I didn’t see anything, Three.

  39. Sent it twice Cinie. The spam filter or IQ is watching out for my butt. The “H*tl*r” word in the context of Steely Dan’s music. Really harmless, but I understand.

  40. Only the big kids can go in the dungeon.

  41. Cinie, guess it’s you and me, and unlike last night I am not sleepy at all. Pick a topic and let’s take it apart.

  42. Sex, drugs, rock and roll, or anything else. I’m game. And you know Afrocity and Angie are lurking..

  43. The best movie I ever saw was Young Frankenstein. All 200 times.

  44. Wow really. Mel Brooks. Wouldn’t have guessed it for you.

  45. Most of my favorites have DeNiro in them.

  46. You don’t think I’m funny? How about Airplane! Blazing Saddles, Superman, Laura, and After Hours?

  47. Now I’m getting you. Love all those. After Hours (like us now) specially. What is Laura.

  48. You are a Superwoman, from what I remember from your six. I like your writing alot.

  49. I wanted to see if you were really awake. Gene Tierney, Dana Andrews, Clifton Webb, and Vincent Price debut, I think.

  50. I feel kinda naked tonight, after meeting some of the TC crowd in person earlier this evening. I got a lot of you’re Wickets??

  51. Dana Andrews was great in Best Years of Our Lives. Have you seen that. Another classic. Don’t make them like that anymore.

  52. Where’d you meet, or are you talking about the previous thread?
    BTW, never blog naked, you might spill your coffee.

  53. Laura –1944

  54. Feeling naked and being naked are different. Can deal with the latter fine, the former is a chore. We met in the West Village in NY. Wonderful people, really. Loved meeting Madamab and Lady Boomer.

  55. Northwest rain. Are you naked too. That’s the rule right now.

  56. Northwest rain, yup. Great movie, especially the haunting theme song.

    TW, who paid?

  57. Once had a partner who liked phone sex better than real sex. So there was a lot of “are you naked yet” in our dialogue.

  58. Cinie, we all chipped in. It was sobering, given the events of the past couple of weeks. But we talked about the future, what we can do going forward. I left feeling optimistic. Every little bit helps.

  59. What can we do? Other than keep each other informed, that is.

  60. As much as Laura appears to omit or at least repress its title character’s story and perspective, here they return to challenge the male storytellers, Waldo, Shelby, and Mark. It’s a film noir about noir — about judging the woman, telling her story, and making sense of her body, dead or no.

    Great movie — oldies are often the best — acting rather than computer generated effects.

    Naked — I’m a rule breaker — This is the Pacific northwest — damned cold — NO ONE is naked — we wear sweatshirts and socks to bed.

  61. Where’s the Laura quote from, N’west? I miss the oldies too, but some of them are a little uncomfortable for me, with the stereotyping and all. But, then, the new ones are no better in that regard, imo.

  62. Northwest rain, I’m going to Netflix Laura after that nice synopsis. My favorite film from that era is probably “All About Eve” with Bette Davis. Seen that about a dozen times.

    Cinie, I don’t know exactly. But as you may know from my previous posts, I have a real thing/anger about the MSM. What I’d like to do myself is make myself useful in two regards. One, police the media. Two, get more men into the movement. In all seriousness, I’d like to try. Above all, I think focusing our collective energies on just two or three tackleable issues at a time may have more impact. RD appears to be steering those priorities very well right now.

  63. You know, I understand the narrow focus approach, but, I’m more into cutting through the b.s. wherever I see it than promoting a specific agenda. Sometimes that makes me feel a little uncomfortable, like I should just stay over in my little corner of the blogosphere and do my own thing. But then, there’s the coming together here of various ideas. I’d hate to lose that; it’s kind of nice that different people bring differing opinions and perspectives.

  64. Am I being naive, a bit perhaps. But I’ve worked inside the media. Where the media orgs are most vulnerable is with the top executives, targeting a few chiefs at a time. On the web, on the streets, getting people in competing media to slam their competitors with effective spokespeople for our cause. Boycotting advertisers is not effective imo. They have too much money and too many contingency strategies for making their placements. Also think targeting on air people only works to a degree. They can be replaced, put on faux temporay probation. But the C-levels like CEO Zucker at NBC are vulnerable because when their reputation is called out in public, we threaten their livelihoods. The C-levels pull the strings on the on air talent every day. Everyone at NBC and MSNBC knows exactly what Zucker wants from them, even as that knowledge may not be directly conveyed.

  65. I mostly agree, and have a little experience media-wise myself. It’s just that blogging and trying to sway opinion, or at least offer a counter to the mainstream whitewashing is the only tool I have at my disposal right now. Fighting city hall is often tilting at windmills. Each one, teach one, you never know when you might reach one.

  66. Cinie, I’m with that. But there needs to be a critical mass in the movement to be able to cut thru the BS. Freelance voices are necessary, but too often the people at the federal govt or in the corporate suites will barely notice those ad hoc voices. A critical mass in the movement, aligned as much as possible across groups that share common goals, can make an impact, especially if that critical mass is targeting a few individual targets. These individual execs hate being called out by their names. The economy is hurting all these media companies, and the people at the top are as vulnerable as their staff.

  67. That’s why I think targeting individuals, whether in city hall or in corporations, is more efficient. The trick is identifying the right few individuals at the top. And the task is not to convert them as it is to force them out, or least put big pressure on them so their board takes notice. Especially in the private sector, there is a reason the top guys do their best to remain invisible, at least to the public.

  68. http://popmatters.com/film/reviews/l/laura-1944-dvd.shtml

    I remembered the movie but wanted more details — now I’m going to rent it as well. That website link above looks very useful.

    Dana Andrews was in a very ancient tv serial — called I lived 2 lives — during the red scare of the 50s or 60s.

  69. Cinie, oooh. The picture of Obama on the ass really freaked me out til I checked out Matthew’s other “art”.

    And Drew Peterson recently becoming engaged again is sickening.


    Too late (or early) to get into all the other great things in your post, but look forward to checking it out first thing tomorrow. Love your writing.

  70. I don’t have any personal agenda here, believe me. But I think NBC was the worst offender, so in my mind CEO Zucker is a good start. He was with NBC news for most of his career, and almost all of his on-air talents are hand picked by him.

  71. I said in an earlier post that I think MS (Microsoft) is far more at fault for ObamaLove than NBC. I think the biggest “change” he’s paid to represent is web based. The Obie revolution is corporate/government digital.

  72. I don’t remember that Dana Andrews show. Did you know he was supposed to be very short? His brother was Steve Forrest from SWAT.

  73. I agree Cinie. I could be wrong, but last I spoke with NBC people, they said MS has very little to do with MSNBC. You may have more on what MS is doing on their own. If we’re looking for digital targets, the biggest one is Eric Schmidt at Google. He’s way up Obama’s foodchain, and he’s made no secret of the fact that he wants Google to be a deep part of the Obama change agenda (beyond the campaign), whatever that change means.

  74. Obama top contributors:
    Microsoft, Google, 2 and 3 respectively. I read an article a long time ago (back during the primaries) that I neglected to save and can’t find now, but it laid out how Obama’s fundraising was launched, and the total immersion of the Silicon Valley/academia crowd. The Nutroots promotion really doesn’t have nearly as much to do with his progressive policies as they do with his corporate web ones.

  75. I wonder where his starter money came from?

    He was picked to run before 2004 — and with the article that Riverdaughter was quoting from last week — perhaps he was being groomed for this run sometime in the 90s.

    Both he and Mrs. Obama have had plastic surgery — he a nose job and she has had more extensive work.

    WHO or what funded that and who has been grooming him. SHE is a lost cause. No class — her taste in clothes — yeck.

  76. My guess is Ballmer MS is mostly interested in getting favorable govt treatment on anti-trust issues as it relates to their OS platform. their IE browser, and their business software and services. Whether they buy Yahoo or not, MS will still not be as consequential on web communications and content, imo. Google owns that space. They can influence blogs, online content via emails etc, search results, youtube which they own, on and on. Google is the web, and Schmidt knows it. I think he sits on one of BOs economic advisory councils.

  77. Cinie, if Barkie, as some kind of role model for young black males can be effective, maybe we won’t have this in NOLA:

    Two 15-year-olds accused of murdering bartender Wendy Byrne during a robbery attempt in the French Quarter on Saturday night made their first appearance at adult court Friday.

    Reggie Douglas and Drey Lewis said nothing as they stood before a magistrate commissioner at Orleans Parish Criminal District Court.

    Both were booked with first-degree murder Thursday and — if charged as adults with murder — could face life in prison if convicted.

    third teenager, age 14, was arrested late Thursday night as another suspect in the murder, but he remains in the juvenile system. Prosecutors said a hearing is set for Monday at juvenile court to determine whether the boy — whose name has not been released — joins Douglas and Lewis at adult court.

    A 14-year-old may be tried as an adult in Louisiana, but cannot face a life sentence if convicted. Instead, at age 14, a convict faces the maximum sentence of imprisonment until age 31.

    Dressed in jailhouse orange and shackled at their wrists and ankles, Douglas and Lewis on Friday were offered no bond and sent back to parish prison.

    Magistrate Commissioner Marie Bookman set a preliminary hearing for Feb. 9.

    Orleans Parish District Attorney Leon Cannizzaro said Friday that his office has the authority to transfer the case back to juvenile court but doesn’t foresee that happening.

    “That’s unlikely,” Cannizzaro said. His office has 120 days from the date of arrest to secure an indictment from a grand jury.

    The U.S. Supreme Court in 2005 outlawed the death penalty for anyone who was under 18 at the time of a capital offense, meaning life imprisonment is the maximum possible sentence.

    I tried finding the earlier articles. It appears that the mothers of the kids turned them in after seeing the police sketches of the kids.

    The bartender was well-known in the Quarter, working at 2 different bars. She and a friend were walking back home when the kids attempted to rob them. Wendy was in the process of giving them her money when one of the them shot her. She died on the scene.

    What kind of life are they going to have if or after they are released from prison? (shaking head) 1 dead and at least 3 lives ruined, not counting the parents.

  78. Funny how the Nutroots ascension has the same arc as Obie’s, eh, Northwest?

  79. Fredster, we’ve got to stop racializing crime. That’s a horrible story, but so are the Drew and Scott Peterson ones. They were both relatively “successful” men. The causes of crime are way too complex to leave to “role model” solutions.

  80. I’m not a conspiracy nut Northwest, but I think BO was picked to be groomed as early as his time at Columbia. Soros is a stretch from that early on. But say someone like Edward Said (brilliant Columbia professor and THE leading intellectual voice during the 70’s and 80’s for the Palestine question). He was likely an early mentor for BO. It would be interesting to investigate what relationships Said, Soros, and Carter had with each other during Carter’s administration. BO came of age during that time, and he has kept close relationships through the years with Said’s many proteges.

  81. One question: Is the “Pocket Obama” red? because then it may be mixed up with the little book f Chairman Mao…
    Sure they are all smarter, don’t you remember the media coverage we had lately?
    And in probably my last entry on Caroline, some highlights from an 8 pages article her friends put up in the New Yorker

  82. I believe the New Yorker is having a nervous breakdown. They’ve been so schizophrenic in recent months.

  83. Cinie, I’m not your typical liberal so don’t get me wrong. But there has to be something that can reach out to these kids before they get to this point. I don’t know if it’s the schools (the ones in Orleans were and are atrocious) or if it’s the parents or what.

    There’s a difference between Drew and Scott Peterson. Those two did their crimes later in their lives, not at 15.

    I remember seeing a tape of a mother of a young black kid who had been shot. She was sobbing and saying “He my baby. He was going to do good in football and take care of me later on.”

    I thought: “The chances of your son doing well or getting into professional football or basketball or whatever are slimmer than his chances of being a successful accountant or architect or lawyer or doctor or who knows.”

    Oh well, just musings. The shooting of the bartender was in the Quarter. That’s the money-maker for nola and its tourism. If that goes, the city is truly sunk.

  84. Gotta go y’all; way too late for me.

  85. Fredster, I agree there are systemic societal problems facing these kids, but the family structure, etc. is a symptom, not a cause.

  86. “Obama Makes Black People Smarter”

    Nope this is the Coolidge effect — something new comes along and IT is given the credit. As has been pointed out there is no way in he** that there is any measurable (or long lasting) improvement in academic scores.

    More than likely the Bros will take away the WRONG message — if you lie, cheat and steal — you might have a chance for the big $$$.

    Coolidge effect — from Wikipedia

    substitute make people smarter for sex — and we can call this the faux Coolidge.

    Origin of the term

    The term comes from an old joke, according to which President Calvin Coolidge and his wife allegedly visited a poultry farm. During the tour, Mrs. Coolidge inquired of the farmer how his farm managed to produce so many fertile eggs with such a small number of roosters. The farmer proudly explained that his roosters performed their duty dozens of times each day.

    “Perhaps you could point that out to Mr. Coolidge,” pointedly replied the First Lady.

    The President, overhearing the remark, asked the farmer, “Does each rooster service the same hen each time?”

    “No,” replied the farmer, “there are many hens for each rooster.”

    “Perhaps you could point that out to Mrs. Coolidge,” replied the President.

  87. “Night all.
    GAgal, thanks.

  88. Got sucked away for a few hours. Anyone still around?

  89. I’m drifting in and out. Scrubs57. Where are you.

  90. I’m in Cairns, Australia 3 wickets. I may be one of the few people on the Confluence who actually knows what a wicket is. Where are you?

  91. I would have finished with the Kennedy subject, except ted came with a new reason to be angry, so there is a revenge war against our Governor now

  92. Oh, for crying out loud, edge. Could they all just shut the fuck up?

    Where is BB to weigh in on this?

  93. I would have finished with the Kennedy subject, except ted came with a new reason to be angry, so there is a revenge war against our Governor now

    The Kennedys think that the treatment of Caroline was “rough”? What did they think of the way Hillary was treated?

  94. Hey Brit! We cross paths again. Where were you when we were on the 70’s thread? You would have enjoyed yourself.

    The thing is, the Kennedys didn’t really “think” about the way Hillary was treated.

  95. Australia? You’re settling in for a cozy Sunday evening. I’m in Connecticut.

    Do you know when Australia is playing its Commonwealth test matches this year?

  96. Hey scrubs! Oh yeah, I missed the 70s thread.

    Hmmm, it seems the Kennedys have extremely thin skin. Who would’ve thunk.

  97. Good question, 3. I watch what comes on the tube down here but don’t know much about what is coming up. I have lived here for 4 years and am just beginning to understand the basics of cricket. My cousins just shake their heads at me and call me a “typical woman”. Ah well.

  98. It seems to me (and please correct me if I’m wrong, BB) that the Bobby Kennedy part of the family is so much more sensible than the rest of them.

  99. Britannia, what are you doing up so late. I’m getting ready for breakfast on the east coast.

  100. scrubs, yes, that sounds right about the Bobby Kennedy branch.

    3Wickets, my circadian cycle is messed up.

  101. Mine too Britannia. I’ve been working across global time zones for about six years now. Someone in the world is always up. Takes its toll. Are you in Portland, Seattle, or neither.

  102. From today’s LA Times:

    Google ready to pursue its agenda in Washington


  103. Daily Beast this week:

    I know what you’re saying: “Well, if not Geithner who else is qualified?” And “Doesn’t he have the confidence of Wall Street?” To the first question, there are plenty of qualified people, including ex-Treasury Secretary Larry Summers—the former Harvard president, longtime economist, and one of the smartest money men on the planet, who would have been the Treasury nominee had he not made some dumb comments at Harvard about whether women are as smart as men in math. (Thankfully, Summers will still be part of the administration—he is slated to run the president’s National Economic Council.)

    The second question is actually easier to answer. For my money—and yours—the last guy you want to be working at the Treasury in these times of multi-billion-dollar bailouts is someone Wall Street actually likes. The large firms (or what’s left of them) and the nation’s big banks don’t need an advocate in the White House or someone who’s willing to hand over billions—they need a tough cop.

    Politico in November:

    A third, more maverick pick, would be Sheila Bair, the Republican chairwoman of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. who has helped guide the government response to the financial crisis over the past several months.

    Bair, named the second most powerful woman in the world (German Chancellor Angela Merkel was first.) by Forbes magazine this year, has proven to be a pro-regulation force in the banking industry, flagging sloppy lending and lax oversight as early as 2002.

    She won praise from Democrats for her seizure of IndyMac, a debt-ridden, federally insured mortgage lender that the FDIC is now running. Bair also helped sell off pieces of Washington Mutual and Wachovia, after the two banks neared collapse.

  104. The Past Week: January 18-24, 2009 (Condi Rice Getting Booked; Pat Paulsen, We Need You!; VOA and wwiTV.com; Questions)


    H/T to The Confluence today in the roundup….I’m sure Condi is going to make us all “test better,” too. At least she won’t be a “shadow” foreign policy Secretary of State on TV…Let’s see what she does with her memoirs and her efforts to concertize America….The latter may be the best thing she ever does if she focuses on her piano and exposing great music to the masses….

    Also…If you want a refresher course on Pat Paulsen…it’s in there!

  105. New post up!!!

  106. Ah, in moderation….I will while away the time by expressing my joy at seeing another DANA ANDREWS fan lurking about!!!!

    LOVE Dana Andrews….

  107. “In true Blago ham-fisted style, the firm he chose is notorious for its clientele, primarily, Drew Peterson, the latest Peterson to be accused of killing his inconvenient wife.”

    Hmmm…After Clara Harris and Mary Wrinkler both of whom murdered their inconvenient husbands and while Clara got 10 yrs Wrinkler managed to lie her way to freedom…Me thinks that if I were to find a pistol beneath my wife’s pillow I just might be tempted to carry out a preemptive strike meself…

    Alter all what is fair for one is fair for all and as I’ve been told all is fair in love and war…

  108. I will NEVER forgive Democrats for allowing this level of sanctimonious idolatry in our party.

    WHAT”s GOING TO HAPPENED TO HOLDING OUR PUBLIC SERVANTS accountable, when crap like walking an Obama effigy around like Jesus on Palm Sunday is considered a-ok??????

  109. I am extraordinarily offended by that “study.” As someone who works on educational equality issues (and as a black person), this report severely trivializes the problem of inequality. Also, the researcher is clearly biased in favor of Obama. You guys should view the tape where he discusses why he decided to conduct the experiment. He’s bascially on Cloud Nine (with Rich and EJ Dionne). No Child Left Behind: Obama Magically Negates Differences in Black-White Peformance on Standardized Tests!

  110. “At least, now we know what happened to Andy’s mind, though.” Oh, Cinie! Skewered in one.

    Why aren’t you writing for the nation’s print media, instead of Dowd, Rich, Sullivan, et al? Relief from the tragic shortage of wit, honesty and talent among the nation’s columnists is no further away than the Confluence.

  111. “…they hope President Obama’s example as a model student could inspire millions of American students, especially blacks, to higher academic performance.”

    If the 0 was such a good student, why can’t we see his records?

  112. sm77 wrote: “WHAT”s GOING TO HAPPENED TO HOLDING OUR PUBLIC SERVANTS accountable, when crap like walking an Obama effigy around like Jesus on Palm Sunday is considered a-ok??????”

    Don’t be so shocked…Its not as if there is a blue moon floating overhead nor have I ever seen an honest politician or expect too ever see one held accountable especially by the demon-crats who are just so wonderfully tolerant in this day and age of amoral buffoons…

  113. “Three Wickets wrote: To the first question, there are plenty of qualified people, including ex-Treasury Secretary Larry Summers—the former Harvard president, longtime economist, and one of the smartest money men on the planet, who would have been the Treasury nominee had he not made some dumb comments at Harvard about whether women are as smart as men in math.

    Unfortunately for the feminists Larry Summers comments were not only right on target but he exposed the feminists for the childish weaklings they are by causing one to nearly swoon during his speech and didn’t one commit suicide later on when she discovered that she couldn’t quite measure up…

  114. The journalism world has gone mad. So has the democratic party in its eagerness to have a man of color our president. Now they are taking the foible/myth to a whole new level: Black people will score better with Obama as president. I am not surprised, since they will probably not bother to test them and just give them the scores they think they should have. Everyting will be CHANGED with Obama as president. This will be a perfect world since he is in it as the president. People will fall down and fall in line all over the world because Obama is at the helm. The middle east will suddenly bring peace to its land and it is all due to Obama. African americans will suddenly be smarter and get all the best jobs and will be in charge of the world. This would make a great reality television show, don’t you think?

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