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Around and About

Joseph Cannon has flying saucers. Is it true?

Garychapelhill has this (shudder):

In other propaganda news….

The Obama Musical is set to make its way from Kenya to Broadway.  Hey, at least they didn’t call it Obama Mia! (I got that from some guy on the radio this morning).

Masslib confronts bringiton:

Some netroots progressives are furious about the Gillibrand pick and they are laying the blame right on the feet of netroots progressives.  bringiton of Corrente argues:

the ceaseless uproar on the Left undermined[Caroline] politically, so much so that she no longer appeared helpful to Governor Patterson in his bid for re-election. Instead he turned to someone with Upstate connections, someone who supported the person who lost the Democratic nomination struggle; that should be a big help working with the new administration, the one being run by the person she opposed. Another huge plus for True Progressive interests is that she’s as far Right as it is possible to be and still claim affiliation as a Democrat.

First, Gillibrand is NOT as far to the right as possible for a Democrat.  Maybe try looking at her record. Further, she’s already moderated her stances on social issues, has always been supported by womens groups, and as early as today has been endorsed by womens rights and LGBT advocates.

Second, the notion that New York, the state that stands to gain the most from the current economic stimulus package, will somehow be slighted because Gillibrand supported Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primary is foolish and demonstrates a complete lack of understanding of Congress.’

Third, Caroline Kennedy exhibited the political savvy of a watercress sandwich.   That’s not the result of a netroots cabal.

My Internet connection is struggling and I’ve left off a lot of sites just because I can’t seem to move around very easily tonight.  We’re desperate for a new thread so I’m posting this all to short list as it is.

But, maybe that’s a good thing.  What links do you have to share?

321 Responses

  1. Thanks KB — the old thread was taking me two minutes to refresh.

  2. indeed

  3. I wonder if it was the old thread swamping my computer?

  4. Back to talking about men

  5. Why should I talk about men? I like women… they smell good and are purty.

  6. OO, I missed it. But, I don’t dare open it again.

  7. Ah-hem, to continue the conversation afrocity started — the men on my “to do” list are:

    1. Javier Bardem
    2. Benicio Del Toro (yeah, that’s right I said it — he is “ugly sexy”)
    3. Viggo Mortensen

    Hugh Laurie & Clyde Owen would be on that list — but they are married — and I don’t even fantasize about married men.

  8. That should be Clive Owen — that is how much I do NOT fantasy about him.

  9. Whew, hope we’re off the virginity loss declarations..

    OMG on the Musical. Corrente is communist.

  10. elderj — fine, we can talk about women.

    Angelina Jolie — that’s right — even though I’m not, I would.

  11. Maybe not so fast..

  12. angie, all “bad” men. It’s way beyond the shaving now..

    Women? Give me a moment..

  13. I’m a nobody here, but is anyone watching the Australian Open? James Blake is playing now (ESPN2). Just for your info.

  14. These men “kill” on movie screens for a living, do you realize..??

  15. My list:

    — Big Dawg
    — Vincent D’Onofrio (The “Smart Guy” on L & O: Criminal Intent BEFORE he blimped up)
    –John Douglass (the original FBI profiler — met him recently, {{{{sigh}}}}
    — Tom Selleck

    God I love smart men (and Tom Selleck)

  16. Nathan Fillion
    Colin Firth
    Indo Rademaucher (from General Hospital)

  17. SOD, Big Dawg????

  18. afrocity — OH HELL YEAH!

  19. Oh…and my really BIG crush… Terry McAuliff {sigh}

  20. I am so attracted to Sean Hannity. I love dark haired men.

  21. Screw these Oborgs worshipping at the feet of HRH Princess Caroline. These people are insane. They bash Palin – but think Caroline is ready to be a Senator? These people just take up space on this planet and waste oxygen.

    I looooove Clive Owen. I just watched “Children of Men” for, like, the 6th time. (Not a pick-you-upper, I know, but a damn fine movie and he’s fantastic in it.)

    We can talk about women, too. Five women I’d go straight for, in no particular order: Emma Thompson, Juliette Binoche, Helen Mirren, Cecilia Bartoli and a 5th rotating slot that depends on my mood. It has previously been occupied by Dame Judith Dench, soprano Karita Mattila, and Laura Linney, among others.

  22. Sod you know Tom Selleck is a Republican

  23. afrocity — yes…but he was the bomb on Magnum PI. That intro shot of him in the shower with a gun — JEEBUSSSS!!!

  24. SOD — I’m with you on Vincent D’Onofrio (before he blimped up).

    3 wickets – they are not “bad” men — they are MANLY men.

    Notice I also didn’t put Jon Hamm (from Mad Men) on my “to do” list — he’s married too.

  25. Gwen Stefani
    Anne Hathaway (sorry)
    Early, early Mariah (even sorrier)

  26. angie — I’m telling you — it’s the intelligence thing. It’s a powerful aphrodesiac!

  27. Remember when Selleck got into a huge fight with Rosie O’Donnell on her show shortly after Columbine? She went after him for being a member of the NRA. (And later on she apologized.)

  28. Thought the spam filter would have caught “Hannity”..

  29. But just in case y’all want to know this is what the ideal man looks like, imo:

  30. whose that woman on Mad Men? The red head… I remember the line from one of the episodes;

    “You cruise through this office like some magnificent battleship.”


    That woman has something terribly unfashionable these days, but which is always in style in my book: Curves.

  31. DYB — Tom Selleck can get in a huge fight with me ANYTIME! Hot hot hot!

  32. Oh…and guys…Seal has a very intoxicating presence. His music makes you fall in love with him.

  33. I’d do Laura Linney, metaphorically and theoretically speaking..

  34. Tom Selleck is not good looking — he is DAMN GOOD LOOKING — too bad he’s married.

    Best looking man ever is the young Paul Newman circa Cool Hand Luke:

    OMH! I forgot Matthew McConughey from my “to do” list — and before anyone starts in on how he isn’t the brightest tool in the shed, let me just say — I’m not interested in him for his conversation.

  35. Angie, that guy is in ADVERTISING. We really have to have a sit down. Bad, bad men.

  36. frenly> You mean the office manager? The actress’ name is Christina Hendricks. And she appeared on two episodes of “Firefly” as Mrs. Reynolds – Nathan Fillion’s treacherous wife!

  37. SOD me too

    Women I would love to look like

    Selma Hayak
    Liya Kebdebe ( a model)
    Christy Turlington
    Stephanie Seymour
    Maude Adams

  38. elderj — Joan Holloway is the character — Christina Hendricks is the name of the actress who plays her.

    And that was a great line — one of many in that show.

  39. McConauhey is not smart…oh I see you qualified that on the reach around..

  40. Y’all can read this later when (virtual) date night is over. (Me, I’m just an old married woman cruising the Net on a quiet Friday night, sigh.) K’bird asked for links, so here’s mine. This is one of the best, most acute pieces on Why Obama Sux I’ve read in a long time. Only problem is, it made me angry all over again, just when I was starting to mellow out:


  41. Which guy in advertising? The gay one? He’s gay in real life.

  42. 3 wickets — that guy on Mad Men also drinks like a fish, smokes like a chimney & sleeps with anything in a skirt — I’m talking LOOKS not character!

  43. Afrocity, stop. You know you don’t want to look like anyone but yourself. Can we please stop this madness!!

  44. DYB — Jon Hamm is married! Or is this a “rock hudson”/ “tom cruise” marriage?

  45. {{{{sigh}}}} I’m still thinking about Terry McAuliff.

  46. And afrocity, I really meant that about Billie Holiday…hope you took it in the best way because I absolutely adore her.

  47. angie> No, not John Hamm. I wish he was gay. I thought ThreeWickets was talking about that Italian guy…

  48. yes.. that Christina Hendricks…. wow…. magnificent battleship indeed.

  49. Christina Hendricks was a lot of fun on those two “Firefly” episodes. She’s spunky!

  50. DYB — I second Helen Mirren — that is one sexy woman — even now. Have you seen “the cook, the thief, his wife & her lover”? That is the first movie I saw her in — if you haven’t seen it, you should rent it.

    as to this:

    DYB, on January 24th, 2009 at 12:41 am Said:

    Screw these Oborgs worshipping at the feet of HRH Princess Caroline. These people are insane. They bash Palin – but think Caroline is ready to be a Senator? These people just take up space on this planet and waste oxygen.


  51. No when I was a little girl my black friends and I would play

    wwtll- White women to Look Like

  52. angie> I watched “The Cook, The Thief, The Wife, And Her Lover” ages ago. I remember I rented it and, not knowing what I was getting myself into, sat down with my dinner as I watched it. Needless to say I almost lost my lunch. What they do to Michael Gambone is just not right…

  53. angie — the Tomster.

    the shot at 7 seconds…wow!

  54. DYB — re: Jon Ham — lol!! Now you know how us straight girls feel when, inevitably, the best looking guy in the room is gay! To tell you the truth, Jon Hamm is so good looking I’m surprised he’s NOT!

  55. wow…a magnum PI clip just fell into spammy’s hands.

  56. DYB — that movie came out a long time ago — late 80s early 90s? It was before the NC-17 rating came out & it was rated “x” for “tone” — I felt so bad seeing an X-rated movie! In the theater no less (of course, it was an art house theater).


  57. DYB, guess that’s the one where Helen gets naked. Now Michael Gambone, there’s a man, at least a very very good actor.

  58. afrocity — you are much more beautiful than any of those women you mentioned. Most of their body parts are manufactured anyways.

  59. also… I think omg… my mind just blanked… the woman who played Tina Turner in that movie….

    she is fine
    in the morning
    at noon
    late afternoon
    and at night


  60. Ooops — posted at the end of last thread, again. You all are in top form tonight. I needed the laughs.

    3 wickets — “from Seattle?” whyever leave? But I was born in the rain, so I can’t stray far.

    Karma – now that is a weighty subject. Or full of emptiness, as we who are Buddhists might say. There are many sects of Buddhism, and concepts such as karma and if reincarnation happens can be quite dissimilar from one to another.

    One paraphrase is “What goes around comes around.” So action and reaction are combined. From the Dalai Lama: “…the extremely subtle aspect of karmic law, the law of causality, …an object of knowledge only for the omniscient mind.”

    Since I’m not omniscient, I don’t worry too much about it. Hope that is some consolation. Errrr, personal questions, but are you afflicted with an Obot spouse too?

  61. angie> I don’t remember the last line. What is it?

  62. angie

    Check out the tomster at 7 secs.

  63. ThreeWickets> Helen Mirren gets naked a lot. If memory serves, Michael Gambone gets very naked in “The Thief” as well.

  64. frenly, Angela Basset? Absolutely.

  65. DYB — I missed this from your previous post the first time, but I am LMAO!!

    Dame Judith Dench

    Please take this the right way, but — if anyone didn’t know you were gay before, they do now!! LOL

  66. Angela Basset, Elderj.

    Hmmm I figured you for a vanilla scoop lover

  67. frenly> Angela Bassett. She’s a superb actress. And she doesn’t do a lot of movies, which is a real shame.

  68. DYB: last line: “Cannibal!”

  69. angie> Hahaha. Dame Judi is magnificent!

  70. Sod, thanks

    Angie LOL!!!!!!!!

    Plus the women he chose are so mature. Helen Mirren?

  71. Angie, you and Angelina…that would be like doing your twin! 😉
    And imagine the conundrum poor Brad would be in.

    Also, DYB is talking about Bryan Batt who is from nola. He and his partner have a decorating shop, I believe, on Magazine Street.


  72. elderj — you are right about Angela Basset.
    She is “over 40” now though (and still FINE), but that means Hollywood doesn’t care about her anymore.

  73. angie> Is that right before she shoots him? Oops! I should watch that movie again.

  74. Afrocity, when I was younger I always wanted to look like someone with lots of melanin. And I didn’t want to have round eyes.

    Grass is always greener…..

  75. Dame Judith is so classy.

  76. afrocity — don’t scoff at Helen Mirren — she is still very sexy, imo. Have you seen this RECENT picture of her:


    And yes, those are real.

  77. Yes.. Angela Bassett…. fine.
    @afrocity — I have rarely ever been attracted to vanilla except as an ice cream flavor. And I love dark hair. I find blond hair rather unappealing generally. Christina Hendricks is an exception

  78. 5.1 million hits!

  79. PumainSeattle, that is so much to process. Will do it quick. She’s Seattle, I’m from eighteen different places. And see, if she’d explained it as well as you, I would not have left her tonight with that dumb look on my face, while she went out to the movies. I knew there was a connection to cause and effect. Obotness for her, you know I think so but I’m not sure, and that’s the truth. We tread carefully around politics, as you can imagine. Wonder if that’s had anything to do with my lolling around here.

  80. DYB — yes & then the shot & the curtain closes — the line is even better because of the way Mirren (a fab. actress as you know) delivers it with that disgust.

  81. elderj — that is because blondes all look unlike, unlike us magnificent brunettes! 🙂

  82. Okay..I’ve hit my limit… time to go to bed.

    Hollywood kisses to all!

    MMmmmwwwwaaaaahhhh! nite

  83. that should be “blondes all look alike” — God punished me for being mean!

  84. night SOD!!

  85. No, no. I had DYB down like three pages ago.

  86. Helen Mirren is one of my absolute favorite actresses. And she’s such a classy woman. As Jane Tennyson in “Prime Suspect” she created one of the great fictional characters of all time, imo. And – if I’m not mistaken – she was a major Hillary supporter!

  87. angienc2, on January 24th, 2009 at 1:07 am Said:

    elderj — you are right about Angela Basset.
    She is “over 40″ now though (and still FINE), but that means Hollywood doesn’t care about her anymore
    I haven’t a clue who these people are so I have to look them up. Angela Basset is the youngest looking 50-51 that I have ever seen

  88. I would be Uma Thurman

  89. Fredster — I used to live right around the corner from Hazlenut (on Camp & Joseph) & shopped there all the time! Great stuff — but I missed it — what did DYB say that lead to this? I’ll go scroll up.

  90. If Only I was blond,

    I would be nimble as a fiddle
    I would have men all up in my shizzle
    If only I was blond

  91. afrocity — Uma Thurman is gorge! But her hands are kind of “man hands”

  92. SHV — the advantage of that extra melin — “black don’t crack” (and no, that is NOT a r@cist comment — all the black women in New Orleans will tell you that).

  93. SHV — you had to look up Paul Newman? Do you live under a rock? 🙂

  94. Uma Thurman used to live across the street from me, and she is so not “gorge”. Decent actress but not gorge. Marilyn is gorge, Cybil Shephard is gorge, and btw they are both blondes with different shadings.

  95. angie> That store is owned by the Italian gay guy on “Mad Men” and his partner.

  96. Joan from Mad men? Isn’t she a redhead?

  97. Yep, Joan is the red-head.

  98. Angie, yep what DYB said. The store is owned by Bryan Batt who plays the gay character in Mad Men. And, you know it was his family that owned Ponchartrain Beach, yes?

  99. You know who is older than Angela bassett and looks even younger, SHV, that woman who played Dorothy Dandridge–Lynne something.

  100. 3 wickets, yes, we tread carefully here. It’s tough; I’m in a profession where we’re trained to debate and analyze. For him it’s too close to an attack. He’s not totally a kool-aid addict; he’s the Party before Principles kind.

    Glad I could say something understandable about karma….. I’m sure hoping the ol’ cause and effect cosmic mechanism kicks in for certain folks soon. Argh, mustn’t indulge vengeful thoughts, but I’m so far from enlightenment I’ll wallow in pleasurable fantasies of “it’d serve him right….”

  101. They confiscated some Obama brand labeled heroin in NY today. Just an aside.

  102. All this talk of beautiful women has made me depressed

  103. Fredster — I got it now — Bryan Batt! I can’t believe it! I f*cking know him from Hazelnut! (Ok, I don’t “know” him, but I’ve met him — I went to that store all the time — it was really, a block away from my house) Of course, it was a while ago that I lived there but . . .I should have recognized him on Mad Men — you know, I always kind of felt like I had seen him before, but I figured it was from another movie or something.

  104. Is this Sex Fantasy Friday?

  105. is a mod still here? clean up is needed on the “donna, sit on it” thread — last post by anujbme

    Anyone who wants to have a laugh can read this “feminist & humanist” who explains that Obama has VISION that Hillary lacked, which is why Donna is not being a hypocrite now! BWAHAHA. Obot logic, it slays me.

  106. Well, I’m going nighty night. I’ll read everything you write tomorrow morning, so don’t talk about me behind my back! 🙂

  107. Night all, sweet sweet dreams of whoever you want!

  108. myiq — no, because if it was, you’d be on the top of my list. 😉

  109. Seriously, on January 24th, 2009 at 1:22 am Said:

    You know who is older than Angela bassett and looks even younger, SHV, that woman who played Dorothy Dandridge–Lynne something.
    Hallee Berry??

  110. Night PumaInSeattle (I refuse to call you PIS)

  111. Yeah Angie, Bryan has beefed up since his days in Starlight Express on Broadway. Happens to us all.

  112. Night DYB — don’t worry, we would only say good things about you!!

  113. I think every Friday should be sex fantasy Friday. After all, it’s Friday night and we’re in front of our computers. It’s all in our heads!

  114. PumainSeattle, thank again. Yes, she’s from Seattle, we met in SF, so she’s got plenty pink in her. Thought I used to as well, until Hillary ran.

  115. Hmmm. I sense a new Conflucian tradition. Tin Foil Hat Tuesdays and Sex Fantasy Fridays.

  116. afrocity — bullshit re: depressed. First, you are a beautiful woman. Second, there is always someone prettier, thinner, etc. — their existence does make you less pretty.

  117. DYB, on January 24th, 2009 at 1:25 am Said:

    Well, I’m going nighty night. I’ll read everything you write tomorrow morning, so don’t talk about me behind my back!

    Of course we’re going to talk about you. But we’ll clean it up and delete by the a.m. 😉

    Angie, how wonderful you’re not gonna call Puma in Seattle PIS. How ’bout PnS?

  118. No, no, not Halle, in the older movie about Dorothy Dandridge. ummmm…she was also in that movie Oprah made of the book by the last surviving member of teh Harlem Renissance, Thw Wedding I think it was callled. Lynn something/

  119. You are all welcome to talk dirty about me, of course! 😉

    Toodles everyone!

  120. Fredster — PnS is a good one!

  121. PumaInSeattle, on January 24th, 2009 at 1:26 am Said:

    Hmmm. I sense a new Conflucian tradition. Tin Foil Hat Tuesdays and Sex Fantasy Fridays.
    Christie Brinkley ~ 25 years ago

  122. Oh, one last thing: if you’re looking for names of actors and movies try http://www.imdb.com. It’s the internet movie database and it’s very comprehensive. Even I’m on it!

  123. Seriously — Lynn Whitfield. Here is a link to save SHV the trouble –and yes, she is gorge.


  124. I’m in moderation at 1:31.

  125. DYB — I thought you were going to bed! LOL — I do the same all the time – try to leave but a post drags me back in!

  126. angienc2, on January 24th, 2009 at 1:31 am Said:

    Seriously — Lynn Whitfield. Here is a link to save SHV the trouble –and yes, she is gorge.
    Thanks, I love links.

  127. DYB, on January 24th, 2009 at 1:30 am Said:

    You are all welcome to talk dirty about me, of course! 😉

    Toodles everyone!

    And some of us would rather talk dirty to you! 😆

  128. G’nite DYB. Come back soon. Jennifer Aniston is 40 and she looked 25 in Marley and Me, not that it means anything..

  129. on a serious- makes me angry at the world for what it does to women note….

    I was speaking to a young girl last week at church and she commented that she wishes she was a guy because guys have it easier, they don’t have to worry about weight, etc.

    on and on we talk and then she says…

    “Well for my new years resolution i decided not to starve myself anymore”

    I was so angry, not with her, but with a world that would have a 15 year old girl thinking this way.

    I told her, “you are valuable just because of who you are. And any guy who only values you because of how you look, or what you can do for him isn’t worth anything. Any man worth having will like you just for who you are. And stop worrying about food.”

    She smiled, picked up another piece of pizza, and ate it.

    Small victories, eh?

  130. SHV, is that before or after Billy Joel..

  131. angienc2, on January 24th, 2009 at 1:30 am Said:

    Fredster — PnS is a good one

    Ya know Angie, I just thought about it. Say that with a Southern drawl and maybe it’s not so good. 😳

  132. After the stress and strain of Mr. Obama’s Very Big Most Important Inauguration Week By A Black Guy Ev-er, here’s a little sumpin’ sumpin’ offered up in the spirit of racial conciliation.

  133. frenly, good for you! That is so pathetic for her to have those thoughts at 15.

  134. I would like to look like Ali McGraw too.

  135. Ooops!

  136. One more try:

  137. frenly, thanks for that. actually think the web, so far as I can tell, is more interesting for beauty ideals than TV or other mass media because you have to use some imagination, just that the p@rn business makes so much damn money, otherwise it might actually be a safer and more productive environment for kids and teens.

  138. Fredster — thanks for reminding me about Hazlenut — now I’m going to have to re-do my bathroom in New Orleans toile (can you believe that shower curtain! I HAVE to have it). And that stuff ain’t cheap.

  139. Fredster — I just said PnS out loud and you are right! Back to the drawing board!! LOL!!!

  140. Angie, no it’s NOT! It was gorgeous though.

  141. 40 and hawt – Faith Hill

  142. Cinie, had it the first time. He’s terrific. Deserves those Grammys.

  143. Angie, right. It crossed my mind it might sound like PMS.

  144. Elderj,

    I just lost 6 lbs just to get into a Marni dress that Barney’s only had in a size 40. I have cut my calories by 1000, drinking soup all day until dinner. It worked.

  145. Roger that IQ.. Starting to close in on that CA zip.

  146. elderj — I’m very glad that young girl talked to you — and it is a shame — my first year at college in the dorms about 75% of the girls were bulimic (it was a communal bathroom). I was glad to get my own place Sophomore year.

  147. “Well for my new years resolution i decided not to starve myself anymore”

    I was so angry, not with her, but with a world that would have a 15 year old girl thinking this way.
    It’s a tough problem for teens…there needs to be a positive was for teens to be a healthy weight without all of the self image problems. Obesity is a huge problem…Obesity has now surpassed Alcohol as the number one reason for a person to need a liver transplant.

  148. OOH, you know who else I like — who is that actor who plays the lead on Burn Notice– god he is sexy.

  149. Barneys? How can anyone still afford Barneys. Afrocity, you’re in the 10014 area?

  150. Thanks angie!

    afrocity, I never really got the Ali McGraw thing

  151. Still smokin’ – Kim Basinger, Sharon Stone

  152. angie:

    Bruce Campbell (Sam)?

  153. Probably Tulane.

  154. The 70’s were a weird time, that long hair and big eyes–they all kind of look like they’re on heroin, that could just be me. 🙂 Like the Panic in needle Park lady/

  155. Cinie — OMG — I just watched that video — does that guy know he is naked? LOL I mean– he is singing so serious NAKED!

  156. I live in Chicago. We have Barney’s here too.

    Ali McGraw is gorgeous, olive skin, so flawless.

  157. Don’t know how old she is and don’t care:

    Linda Fiorentino

  158. Three Wickets, on January 24th, 2009 at 1:49 am Said:

    Probably Tulane.

    What about Tulane?

  159. Ooh. Liver transplants, how common can that be. That’s the thing Steve Jobs is going in for.

  160. Still hot, 40+?
    Viveca Fox

  161. Our friend in NC. Just guessing about locale of her college experience.

  162. myiq — actually, I think Sam is kind of sexy too (personality counts for a lot). But I meant the one who plays Michael.

    and Linda Fiorentino — yeah, I’d do her.

  163. Angie, are you Tulane Law? Didn’t you do undergrad in Texas?

    And don’t you dare say SMU.

  164. Michael Westin – Jeffrey Donovan

  165. Fiona – Gabrielle Anwar

    (she would hurt me)

  166. I went to law school at Tulane. I went to Southern Methodist University for undergrad.

  167. myiq — seriously? I think she is way too thin — she was beautiful in Scent of a Woman but now she looks like a lollipop — all head, stick body.

  168. Fredster — it is SMU — what’s it to ya! LOL

    Myiq — thank you — Jeffrey Donovan — I have a feeling he plays for the other team though–he is a little too thin & his shirts are a little too tight.

  169. Sorry afrocity, of course it’s Chicago. (smacks his head)

    Seriously, the Ali McGraw thing is the guy’s version of the girls who like smart men. And the needle park, think we’re heading back there, at least in New York.

    IQ, stop with the smokin visual aids.

  170. Oh well. SMU=Deb City.

    You know, that free law clinic at Tulane is still kickin’ ass.

  171. I would do Naomi Watts

  172. I went to Turkey Tech for my undergrad, then Bob’s School of Law and Truckdriving for my JD

    (I really did go to Turkey Tech – that’s my alma mater’s nickname)

  173. Fredster — I wasn’t a “typical” SMU girl — I’m not tall, blonde & anorexic.

  174. afrocity — Naomi Watts? word on the street is she has a problem with junk

  175. SMU=the only chances Tulane had at winning games, along with Rice sometimes. 😆

  176. Skinny and mean makes me melt

    Amanda Peet!


  177. Anwar over Fiorentino anyday, though I would defintely hang with Linda. And SMU, aren’t you guys still on probation? Do I get a prize for the Tulane pick. IQ, something?

  178. angienc2, on January 24th, 2009 at 1:59 am Said:

    Fredster — I wasn’t a “typical” SMU girl — I’m not tall, blonde & anorexic.

    But Angie, you know how many deb pics during Carnival Season showing the girls and it sooo seemed they either went to SMU or UVA.

  179. angie what does that mean, problem with junk?
    Liev Schriver , her husband is a cutie

  180. uh-oh I have a comment in mod at 2:00 a.m.

  181. myiq — is Turkey Teck in Ankara or Instanbul?

    There is a difference between skinny (amanda peet) & painfully thin (Garbrielle Anwar).

    Luckily for you, I’m skinny & mean.

  182. “Junk in the trunk” – JLo, Kim Kardashian

  183. afrocity — smack. herion. the white horse. LOL

  184. and no, not that kind of “junk” myiq is talking about.

    btw — I think JLo is FABULOUS.

  185. I’d like to replace my Mariah and Hathaway with Ashely Judd and Naomi Watts. Gwen Stefani stays.

    IQ, what Kentucky?

  186. Naomi? Really, she looks so clean and wholesome!

  187. angienc2, on January 24th, 2009 at 1:55 am Said:

    I went to law school at Tulane. I went to Southern Methodist University for undergrad.
    “W” moved back to Dallas, near SMU and Highland park. The whole Crawford ranch thing was a political fraud.

  188. W will have his presidential library at SMU

  189. afrocity — have you ever been to defamer.com? It has a lot of insider/snarky scoop about celebs.

  190. LeeAnn Rimes

    She’s bad.

  191. Uh….you think Amanda Peet seems mean? You have a sheltered life. 🙂

  192. George HW Bush game my graduation address! LOL At least I got the original one.

  193. SHV, that sounds sort of tinfoil-ish, I lived near Crawford and Bush does have a ranch there.

    Angie, never heard of that site. I will check it out.

    I want a TC boyfriend!!!!

  194. Plus Naomi is a damn good actress.

  195. Oh, I actually think that Blago is sexy.

  196. afrocity — you can’t have mind.

    and I don’t care that he seems to like blondes — I have an assortment of high quality wigs in various shade of blonde & red — plus, blue contacts.

  197. myiq is that your alma mater?

  198. Turkey Tech could use a webmaster.

  199. afrocity, on January 24th, 2009 at 2:08 am Said:

    SHV, that sounds sort of tinfoil-ish, I lived near Crawford and Bush does have a ranch there.

    Angie, never heard of that site. I will check it out.

    I want a TC boyfriend!!!!
    He does have a Crawford, Tx brush farm but he lived in Dallas before he became Pres. and he has moved back to Dallas. I think the “brush farmer” business was for political image.

  200. afrocity — ok, you’ve lost me with Blago. I think he looks like he is overcompensating for *something.*

  201. Seriously:

    She’s teh evil in Saving Silverman

    “He’s my puppet and I’m his puppet master”

  202. Gary Condit gave my graduation speech

  203. angie because of the hair? blago has nice hair, he really does.

  204. 3 Wickets — LMAO — I guess if Turkey Tech had a webmaster, it’s nickname would have a better nickname! LOL

  205. Afrocity, we all have that potential in us.

    HW Bush? Betty Friedan spoke at my graduation. I come from good TC stock.

  206. Myiq, that is pathetic!!!

    Guess who gave my graduation speech?
    Bush I

  207. afrocity — no it is his posturing — always on the defensive.

  208. G-Dub should have a bookstore instead of a library.

  209. afrocity — did you see my post? Bush I gave my graduation speech too! LOL He gets around, huh?

  210. why are we still up? hahahaa

  211. three wickets are you male or female?

  212. elderj — I’m up because I’m a night owl (plus, I love all of you guys).

  213. Gary C. had the misfortune to be schtupping an intern who was murdered.

  214. Wait, hold up. So angie and afrocity both had Bush I speak, ergo you guys graduated together from SMU?? Sooo not how I imagined your friendship starting.

  215. myiq — a bookstore filled with pop-up books only!

  216. I’m a night owl too. and this is as good a place as any to hang out.

  217. Because we have bad sex lives elderj!

    I wonder what Obama is doing right this very minute.


  218. Alfred E. Neuman gave my grad speech.

  219. 3 Wickets — I wish! We met here.

  220. GDammit. Once and for all, how could I be a female. Go ahead, quiz away…

    IQ, I have vague memories of him.

  221. afrocity — he is in the back of a limo . . .oh, yeah, this is a respectable site!

  222. Wasn’t that the same time when the dead intern turned up in Scarborough’s offic, no questions asked? Joe was the Obama of his day.

  223. Angie and I both graduated from Texas schools. I went to the University of Houston for undergraduate. Simmons/Harvard for my masters.

    ironically Regency is at U of H now.

  224. afrocity — I don’t have “sex” I make LOVE — my momma raised me right. LOL

  225. No he didn’t Fredster, though I’d love to have been on that trip..

  226. Oh my, the f*ckwads at Blogstalkers are upset about Caroline even thought they didn’t want her appointed.

    They are worried that we might consider her withdrawal a victory.

    I bet if PUMA started supporting Obamboozle they would oppose him too.

  227. Three Wickets, your avatar says nothing about your gender and neither do your comments so I had to ask. I don’t know what Seriously is either. I thought DYB was a woman until today

  228. He’s walking around taunting the guards, “Hey I’m the President, what are you gonna do about it?”

  229. Myiq — here “withdrawal” isn’t a victory for us — Gillibrand’s appointment is though, so they can go cry in their pillows tonight.
    That’s right f*ckwads — dear leader was unable to cut off the Clinton political power base in NY — suck on that!

  230. Three Wickets: I swear! Or else it was Ron Howard.

  231. Having sex on Lincoln’s bed with Michelle. Making funny faces at the Clinton portrait.

  232. Condit was an original “blue dog” DINO

    His replacement, Dennis Cardoza (Condit’s former COS) is another BD, and he switched his endorsement from Hillary to BO back in late May.

  233. Serioulsy — LMAO!!

    He is already annoyed at having to use a different pen for each bill — too much work!!! I think he might just step down at this rate!!

  234. Uhh, help me out. Simmons is the business school, I’m blanking.

    Angie, how could your momma have taught you that.

  235. I look pretty much like my avatar, except sometimes I lower the one arm and raise the other.

  236. Seriously, on January 24th, 2009 at 2:21 am Said:

    He’s walking around taunting the guards, “Hey I’m the President, what are you gonna do about it?”

    Or else it’s just that he cruising the Marines on duty. 😉

  237. afrocity — don’t you mean fisting in Lincoln’s bedroom?

  238. ok so who on here is a man and who is a woman… just so I won’t be confused (for some reason I can’t see anyone’s avatars)

  239. There may be more guys here than I originally thought.

    Fredster are you man or woman?

  240. Afrocity:

    I’m cool with naughty, nasty, perverted and sick.

    But that was disgusting.

    If you do it again I’m mailing you a bucket full of puke

  241. 3 wickets — really? My momma told me not to have sex for the sake of it, to be in love so that the act was a physical reflection of the joining of my & my lover’s souls — hence, “making love.”

  242. (pukes)

  243. I can’t believe he said “I won.” God what a two year old. I’m not a shrinking violet but you don’t have to be an ass about it. Next he’ll be sending people packets of dead fish, nobody else ever thought emulating rahm was a good idea.

  244. afrocity — Fredster is a gay man.

  245. Stop it Angie. I bet she has on a J Crew negligee

  246. Fredster, stop, or I’m going to begin imagining you look like him.

    Afrocity, I am a man. I did not pick my lobster avatar. I’ve had plenty of close lesbian friends over the years, so I know how the thinking can go there. But I am a man. Geesh. Straight, though that should not matter either, at least as per our friendliness here. What is Simmons?

  247. Seriously — I love you! You always make me laugh.

  248. afrocity, on January 24th, 2009 at 2:25 am Said:

    There may be more guys here than I originally thought.

    Fredster are you man or woman?

    It depends. On Mardi Gras day, I may be the woman you walk by in the French Quarter.

  249. btw — afrocity seems to be conducting a census tonight! LOL

  250. Simmons is the business school for Harvard, right afrocity?

  251. angie, woo, not my parents. I’m jealous.

  252. @seriously — yeah that was an unbelievably ridiculous and childish statement, except coming from BO who is ridiculous and childish, so perhaps it was quite appropriate

  253. TW, I am not a lesbian.

    Simmons College is in Boston, and Harvard is in MA near Boston.

  254. Three Wickets, on January 24th, 2009 at 2:28 am Said:

    Fredster, stop, or I’m going to begin imagining you look like him.

    Oh for God’s sake NO!

  255. Alfred E. Newman in the French Quarter. I’m not able to process.

  256. elderj — by the way, I’m a woman.
    afrocity is a woman.
    seriously is a woman.
    myiq is a man — and a clown.
    Fredster is a man
    3 wickets is a man.

    everyone else, elderj is a man.

    I think that is everybody.

  257. Right angie.

    You guys need real avatars. I have trouble remembering those who do not.

  258. thx angie

  259. I thought Seriously was a man.

    What is Shutey?

  260. Afrocity, I did not say or mean that you were. I meant, since you don’t know me, I could see how you could imagine my voice coming from a woman, gay or straight, something like that.. Angie did law and you did…business?

  261. btw, elderj — is the elder from your church? A lot of the AAs I know (the men) go by “Elder [their name]” and the woman as “Sister [their name]” because of church.

  262. Three Wickets, on January 24th, 2009 at 2:32 am Said:

    Alfred E. Newman in the French Quarter. I’m not able to process.

    No. I said Alfred E. Neuman gave my grad speech.

    In the French Quarter I would be more like Maude! 😀

  263. Thanks for the tally Angie, and the correct slottings.

  264. I left law school after my first year. Voluntarily, not because I flunked out. In retrospect I should have stayed but I was more into the arts so I became an archivist/curator.

  265. oooohh — angie you caught me; yes, it’s from church

  266. elderj, I have this vision of Michelle’s mom following him around telling him to behave himself because he’s setting a bad example for the kids. LOL

  267. Shutey I don’t know — but I think woman — that means nothing though because I always go default woman here unless there is an avatar (guess I bought into the Obot smears about us! LOL).
    Hell, I though myiq was a woman when I first noticed his comments on TL (no avatars there). I was THRILLED to find out the witty drop dead funny poster was a man when I came over here!

  268. Seriously, on January 24th, 2009 at 2:38 am Said:

    elderj, I have this vision of Michelle’s mom following him around telling him to behave himself because he’s setting a bad example for the kids. LOL

    Oh Lordy! Moms might be packin’ for a return trip on Air Force One.

  269. No, see Fredster I’m ahead of you. Since you insisted on pressing Alfred, I’ve placed his visage as your image in my mind, so I can’t see Afred in the French Quarter. Your fault for getting me confused.

  270. Angie ROTFL, but you are right.

  271. Hey! Why did you think I was a man?

  272. Actually A.E. Neuman would be one of the milder things seen in the F.Q. on Mardi Gras.

  273. The Obama’s ordered in Popeye’s Chicken tonight.

  274. 3 Wickets– if you haven’t been to the corner of St. Ann and Bourbon on Mardi Gras day you haven’t lived.

  275. afrocity, on January 24th, 2009 at 2:42 am Said:

    The Obama’s ordered in Popeye’s Chicken tonight.

    Spicy or Mild? I wonder if they got the Cajun rice?

  276. Seriously — I said you were a woman, not a man.

  277. So who pays for their food and clothes? Does the taxpayer or does it come out of Obama’s salary?

  278. The Obama’s ordered in Popeye’s Chicken tonight.

    If I was President I would have a “red” phone that connected directly to the nearest Popeye’s

  279. Afrocity, should’s an easy thing to fall into these days, I do sometimes, but it’s not necessary or fruitful.

  280. afrocity — if they did they can really F*ck off — that is such a transparent r*cist ploy for AAs to make them think they are one of them (but meanwhile Obama will not do sh!t for the AA community — but hey, he eats Popeyes!)

  281. afrocity — food is us. Clothes is them. (allegedly)

  282. Myiq, I took you for more of the Jack in the Box type 🙂

  283. myiq — oh no you didn’t!

  284. I know angie, afrocity said she thought I was a man.

    The President has to pay for his own food and his family’s, and apparently it’s pretty expensive with all the fancy stuff. I would be doing my own shopping and feeding the kids tuna, you betcha.

  285. Nancy Reagan used to wear designer dresses that were “loaned” to her.

    She wore them once and then returned them.

  286. Angie, I haven’t and I must. Wife wants to as well. May actually be something we do this March. March right?

  287. After 10 pm it’s Jack tacos (2 for $.99) from the 24 hrs drive thru

  288. Why should we have to feed them. They get free rent and a car.

  289. I love Chili Dog Sundays at Der Weinerschnitzel too

  290. Seriously, CIC makes 400k these days. That’s no light lunch.

  291. I read something somewhere quite a while back that I seem tor recall saying there’s a basic allowance for the operation of the White House and staff of the White House like the chefs, groundskeepers, etc. and then there’s a complicated breakdown of what’s covered by whom outside of those basics.

    But hey, they aren’t paying anything for a ride anyplace!

  292. To be honest, I think it’s kind of ridiculous that we don’t feed them. What hapens if Harry Truman comes along and can’t afford the food? Even if it’s $10/meal, that could be a couple hundred bucks a day for a big family.

  293. Seriously — I saw that – I had missed that post by afrocity.

  294. I don’t know if Lord Chamberlain is covered by basic operating costs or not.

  295. okay i am turning in.

  296. 3 Wickets — no this year it is Feb. 24. (It is always the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday).

  297. night afrocity!

  298. I love how these “fauxgressives” trashing Gillibrand don’t even consider women’s rights part of what a progressive is! They think it’s more important that you don’t hunt deer, then whether women are afforded the most basic human rights. A real bunch of fucking assholes!!


  299. G’night!

  300. nite afrocity.

  301. KendallJ — no sh!t — they are attacking Gillibrand because of her stance on guns — I’m sorry but gun control is way, way down on my list of priorities! LMAO!

  302. night afrocity

  303. Thanks Angie, I’m going to look into it, for real. Afrocity, if you’re turning in, should we all gradually slip into bed, unless we have fierce objections from the west coast.

  304. no this year it is Feb. 24

    Oh shit! Haven’t looked that far ahead on a calendar. Damn, I hate early Carnival.

  305. alright I’m out! Peace people!

  306. night elderj!!!

  307. It’s almost the witching hour here

  308. Think I’ll call it a night also.

    Nite to all!!

  309. You know, I really think elderj is a nice man. He said something earlier today that was great — about how all of us are so different on this blog & how great it was because we came together because of principles about fair elections, etc. It is so true. Of course, he ended with the punch line of how Obama really is a unifer! LOL

  310. KendallJ, when she spoke about Hillary speaking in Beijing saying women’s rights are human rights, and human rights are women’s rights, that was a moment for me. I’ve been impressed with Gillibrand since November. She’s a solid choice, and it says something about Paterson for me too.

  311. Night Fredster!

  312. They’re like little kids who refuse to grow up. Let’s soft pedal basic human rights but hold our breath and cry about flag burning or something equally stupid.

  313. Nice thought Angie and I think it’s true.

  314. Economy will grow all of us up very quickly, Seriously.

  315. I love elderj. It’s a good name for him because he is very wise.

  316. 3 Wickets — you do realize that on the corner of St. Ann & Bourbon on Mardi Gras day is where the gay costume contest is? Trust me — you have NEVER seen anything like this — I saw 3 men dressed as NYC — One was the statute of liberty, one was the Chrysler building & the other the empire state building — and they looked unbelievable! That costume contest is the HIGHLIGHT of mardi gras for me.

  317. New thread to get you through the night up.

  318. Would love to see that. Though I have a credit on the movie “Paris is Burning” which is about underground voguing in NYC before it became sooo Madonna.

  319. 3 men? Daniel Craig, Jake Gyllenhaal and Adam Baldwin. 3 women? I’ll put Wanda Sykes on the list and have to get back to you on the other two.
    I agree with Kendall J about how these people trashing Gillibrand really aren’t people who value women’s rights. What is Bringiton still doing posting at Corrente after his ‘word slippage’ that had Lambert calling him out in the comments. Considering the word used, I would have thought that would be the end of BIO.

    Betty calls out BIO

    She points out that he’s really a stooge for saying poor Caroline and how it proves “nohting else matters, not voting records . . . ” Betty writes, “Pull the needle off the record” and then proceeds to point out the obvious, Caroline has no voting record.

    I also loved Kat on Princess Quitter (including the quote from Riverdaughter)

    And Trina’s comments on HUD and FHA were worth reading and points that I hadn’t heard before.


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