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This ad appeared on BET TV on Inauguration Day

This child’s future is a broken home
he will be abandoned by his father
his single mother will struggle to raise him
despite the hardships he will endure
this child
will become
The 1st African American President
Imagine the Potential

The newly elected President has invited this.   What is one to expect when people like Pastor Rick  are permitted the honor of giving the Inaugural Invocation?  When a person says one thing and their actions are completely opposite.  I won’t hold my breath waiting for Obama to come out and forcefully reject this completely racist and sexist BS.  Over 400,000 have viewed this ad already and millions more are expected to.  It would be completely out of character for Barack to take a stand.  My bet is that Barack will let it linger so he can continue his game of division for votes?   What say ye??

On a side note, one can’t help but wonder if Barack doesn’t speak out against this ad will Ms. Magazine recall their Inaugural Edition?  Of course NOT, beanie babies  are so much more inappropriate doncha know?  

186 Responses

  1. Nothing says “politics” more than encouraging teens to go out and create another fatherless child with the possibility of ending up as president.

    The Catholic Church needs to focus on reality of those kids who are already struggling in homes where this is the norm.

    If this is not another call to keep women down, I don’t know what is. One of the biggest issues we face are unplanned pregnancies where the woman is the sole parent and breadwinner. This ad merely encourages this behavior without focusing on the consequences it invites.


  2. Funny how we can not get a copy of his birth certificate, but somehow that group was able to get a copy of Obama’s invitro family album.

  3. did you notice how the woman’s body was completely absent in the ad???

    Are only African American woman experiencing broken homes, poverty, hardships???

  4. are they the only ones having abortions???

  5. do only black men abandon their children??

  6. taggles – of course the woman’s body is completely missing. This is a pro fetus ad from a pro fetus organization which has no respect for nor use for women – just their uteri when it gestates a fetus.

  7. delphyne, do you think barack would object to this ad?

  8. it is using his image and his history.

  9. what. the. *&%#*!#*. There are so many things wrong with this I have no idea where to begin.

  10. He would be delighted with this ad. He is in love with himself so anything remotely attached to his likeness would be well accepted. And the message encourages a pro life stance. What else could one ask for? Especially in those communities he needs to sustain him in 2012. Come on!

  11. No, taggles, I don’t think Obama would object to this ad. It would be another chance for him to pontificate and lecture black men about how to be a good father. Obama doesn’t care about women or their rights or their bodies unless they are in service to him and the dominant system of which he is a part.

  12. I would like to see some one ask the question Pat. I know that is like asking for heaven and earth to be moved, but I can “hope” can’t I??

  13. He was so insistent on mentioning his mother and food stamps during he campaign that he should be aware firsthand of how difficult it is to raise a child under these circumstances. There is nothing glamorous about it.

    As the first black president, he should instead be out there stressing the need of acquiring an education which will get those kids out of poverty faster than becoming a single parent while still in their teens. Black, white, Hispanic girls should not be led to believe that they have the possibility of raising another Barack Obama. This is so, so wrong.

  14. Sheri — that is abundantly clear.

  15. ooops!…I didn’t hear that.

  16. Bill Cosby has made a mission of addressing inner city youth about the economic dangers of having babies at such an early age and the ramifications of dropping out of school before they are ready to take on the world. He has been castigated by the black community for his stance.

    This ad, wrapped up in religious garble, just blasted his agenda aside. Romanticizing the possibility that one of these unplanned pregnancies may bring forth another black president is sinful.

  17. yes pat. they are using his image, his life experience to promote this.

    I want someone, anyone to ask him on camera how he feels about this. It is a perfect opportunity to put him on the defense with his bullshit division.

    Will never happen, but this ad is so offensive in so many way, I wonder or prolly shouldn’t, how he could not denounce it at the very least.

  18. SOD – Obots never hear what’s actually said by their precious, only what they want to hear. Blank slate, blank mind and all of that.

  19. OT — I wonder if the Obots realized that this narcissist was also trigger-happy.


  20. Obamboozle is the political equivilent of Seinfeld

    “A show about nothing”

  21. When has he ever taken a stand on anything remotely concerning anything other that what concerns himself? The rampant hate and sexism that occurred during his campaign left him silent. The r*ce baiting comments uttered by his supporters were left without rebuttal.

    This ad, or piece of pro life propaganda, will stand. If we are led to believe that most questions are screened in advance then this too will go unanswered.

    These kids are being sent the wrong message as it is these kids who are the target audience. The proper question would be: is there such a thing anymore as the separation of church and state? The answer to that would be most interesting.

  22. SOD – remember the “you bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun” quote? Very telling statement….trigger happy indeed. He’s going to be the “hero savior” who brings in Osama dead or alive and he doesn’t care how much collateral damage is done in doing that.

  23. taggles
    that is fucking disgusting
    does anyone have a valium???
    i seriously cannot breathe

  24. too late
    pieces of my exploding brain are already stuck to the wall.

  25. {{{<<<&g 👿 ;>>>}}}}}

  26. So … I guess the pro lifers have to answer what should happen to the women who have abortions put black women in jail for murder ??

    They never seem to be able to have an answer for that …

  27. As per a previous post by Cinie….

    It doesn’t matter if we disagree.

  28. I want to preface this by saying that I think that BET is a buffoon of a TV station and does nothing to promote educating black women.

    I have mixed feelings about the ad. I would hope that it would inspire single mothers who have children now to see the potential in that child and be more supportive and concerned about that child’s place in the world. I am speaking from an African American standpoint. Child abuse/neglect is rampant among AA single mothers. Abortion rates among minorities has gone up. This is a good thing in that the teenage pregnancy rate among AA women is 70%.

    I am pro-choice. The ad is positive over all but I don’t like the fact that it makes the life worth keeping only if the child can be 1st black president of US (Obama has already took this slot, so what now) It emphasized that the fetus is a male.

    I would rather see an ad that showed black children and was pro education especially in regards to black women.

    I have several “little sisters” at youth homes. They are black and I encourage abstinence and if not that responsible birth control. There are too many teen mothers. Too many mothers on drugs in the AA community. We need to do something about this

  29. SoD, I did not listen to or read BO’s inaugural speech so I was unaware that he mentioned his deadbeat dad several times as an inspiration but didn’t mention his mother or his recently deceased grandmother. I knew he was a misogynist from the moment I heard him accuse his grandmother of racism on national TV. Later I learned that he did not go to his sick mother’s deathbed. Yet he used them both later to sell his campaign. That tells you pretty much all you need to know about the man. A heartless user of the lowest order.

  30. The abortion rate for young black women is through the roof.
    There’s a disproportionate number of single parent families in poor black communities.
    There are probably way too many in a lot of poor communities.
    How many more poor black communities are there than poor white? I’m sure the situation on reservations is equally bleak. Concentrating on the symptoms as the problem is the problem Obama’s election was designed to create. This ad, like Cosby and Obama’s rants against young black men are potentially devastating distractions from the real issues that need to be addressed, poverty, equal fair access, education, etc.
    Plus, it’s a lie. No other fetus is ever going to grow up to be the first black president unless he moves to another country.

  31. Afrocity … ther are so many more positive ways this could have been done … the dolls ” mo ” think are inappropriate could be a positive influence on children of every color .. how did she miss that ?? wait never mind .. it is mo … question asked and answered

  32. just off the phone with my unemployed ( mostly white) son

    I was a single teen mom-the absent dad never paid a dime in child.

    should i call my son back and tell him he could be president?

    gotta go, ambulance is here

  33. This ad does nothing to help poor minorities receive the assistance necessary to give them better opportunities and choices.

  34. The ad makes it appear that life is much like a “Movie of the Week” on Lifetime. It is not.

  35. Pat — it’s fully scripted and oh so predictable.

  36. I don’t like this ad either but IMHO, it is up to us to offer positive alternatives to it. One of the first things we need to tackle is the idea that the Catholic church or any church has values that are worth more than anyone else’s. Second, we need to point to the fact that sexism costs. It’s my new mantra. The sexism promoted by religion costs all of us and has no business getting this much attention in a free, fair and equal society. Then, we start looking for causes and solutions to unwanted pregnancies.
    That’s my theory and I’m sticking to it. Rants will only get us so far, as cathartic as they are.

  37. aaagghhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    “CatholicVote.org is a faith based educational program dedicated to informing all Americans about the critical issues in the public policy arena.

    A project of the Fidelis Center for Law and Policy, CatholicVote.org is committed to producing powerful programs designed to help a new generation visualize and therefore create a Culture of Life.

    The late Pope John Paul the Great wrote that our times require such bold action. “This vital field of action for the Church requires a radical change of mentality, an authentic new awakening of conscience in everyone. New methods are needed, as are new expressions and new courage.”

    Life: Imagine the Potential™ is our newest campaign designed for sharing on the Internet, and for use on broadcast TV. The campaign is focused on reaching more than people who are already pro-life. Instead, we hope to reach Americans who are either indifferent, or who have not yet thought about the great potential of every human life.”

    i doubt the motherfuckers are passing out birth control
    *is strapped to gurney*

  38. afrocity — you’ve got mail!

  39. Honora@1019: That would actually be in vivo. In vutro refers to “test tube babies”,

  40. our taxpayer dollars funded that ad.

    RD how to speak out against this?

  41. Women did not wholly support the woman candidate. Why? That is our biggest challenge. IMHO

  42. ACK! I’m in moderation.

  43. I cannot be objective when it comes to Catholics … i was one for too long .. they threw me out of high school in January of my senior year when I was in all the advanced classes including advanced physics all because I was yes, you guessed it pregnant …
    No religious organisation has any business interfering in lawmaking……… but when has any organised religion ever NOT been about power and money ??

  44. Why is it that his grandparents aren’t given any credit? His mothr didn’t do it all on her own and btw she did get married again.

  45. Anything for the Glory of Obama!!!!

    And as someone already pointed out: nothing matters because he won! This is our President, ladies and gentlemen. If this is how he behaves in front of reporters, what does he do behind closed doors? I’m suddenly anxious again about our new SoS. What is he telling her in private?

    Yesterday in another post I made a joke that if Obama can grab and yell at a reporter – is he going to do the same to Putin and Boehner? Well, I didn’t think we’d get our answer so soon! So now that he’s yelled at the Republicans – what do we have to look forward to when he meets with Putin and Medvedev? Anything short of WW3?

    The only thing I think we might take comfort in is that with this much hubris I think he’s already out-hubrising Nixon! Let us hope Obama’s fall is even more spectacular!

  46. Obama is much “too cool” to yell at anybody. He will only be “indifferent”. Cutting people out of his life who may litter his landscape is how he deals with adversity. The press just got a sample of that this week.

    “I don’t need you. I won.” What could be “cooler” than that?

  47. Women did not wholly support the woman candidate. Why? That is our biggest challenge. IMHO

  48. Stupid Obots.
    Faith-based initiatives-NO PROBLEM!

  49. The first time I read this post I thought it said:

    This ad appeared on BETTY on Inauguration Day

    and I was wondering who/what BETTY was.

    The coffee is finally kicking in.

  50. Personally I find the ad creepy on so many levels. For starters, BO was born before abortion was legal and before sonograms were routinely used. So the context of the ad is completely fantastic. We are truly watching history being falsified before our very eyes. There are kids who will see this ad and not realize that’s not BO in the sonogram.

    Also, the (white) mother is never seen, she’s just a vessel. The fetus is specifically identified as male, so are we to assume it’s “okay” to abort the female ones? And why are they using the plight of a poor, abandoned white woman to beat black women up with the abortion stick? The underlying messages of racism and misogyny in this ad are downright disgusting. I do not find them life affirming. IMO it’s an outrageously cynical piece of propaganda.

  51. Obama is the ultimate passive-aggressive. It’s probably the only thing he does really really well.

  52. myiq — can you rescue me from moderation? only one is needed; I tried posting it twice.

  53. SOD: like we give a f#%^ that he won. There are a lot of us out here. 51% by my last count. We have power, baby, whether he likes it or not.

  54. of course he’ll let it linger. After all, he canceled the Bush gag almost in secrecy, so maybe the RW didn’t notice….
    And another day of funnies in the NYC tabloids

  55. Well, maybe we could run our own “Consider the Potential” ad campaign. We could start off with a sonogram of Adolf Hitler and then move on to Ted Bundy… as my teenage daughter would so coarsely say “there’s some loads that should’ve been swallowed.”

  56. gxm, I agree-it is totally disgusting propaganda.
    downright abusive.

    in addition, it is further proof of the many looming threats to reproductive privacy.

    when taxpayer dollars are funding shit like that
    and the neo-conservatives are ranting about
    making sure their next presidnetial candidate is *pro-life* i must agree with the comments here yesterday that expressed concern about women’s groups who don’t think choice is an issue.

    where have the real dems gone?
    and do i have to pay taxes if they fund organizations who don’t believe in birth control?
    this is neanderthal stuff.

  57. I disagree with most commenters. I bet Obama’s royally ticked about the ad, because, unlike Pepsi, the Catholic Church didn’t pay millions in ‘support’ for use of The One’s life story for their rotten little ad. How dare they? I expect to see a lawsuit any minute now.

  58. There is an incredible disconnect within our own gender. IMHO

  59. “Pat Johnson, on January 24th, 2009 at 11:29 am Said:
    Obama is much “too cool” to yell at anybody.”

    Not too cool to flip them the bird, though.

    Stupid ad. Obama’s mother is white, and the only reason she struggled was because she was a college student for much of his childhood. It takes years to accomplish a BA, MA, and PhD, and she was only 18 when he was born, so he was there for all her educational years. It was NOT unusual for college students with families to be on food stamps during those years!

    In the entire history of this country, only 43 men have ever “risen” to the level of POTUS.

    I don’t like Obama, and they make him less likeable when they lie about him. His mother was not single when he was born. I seriously doubt she tormented over whether or not to terminate her pregnancy.

  60. Some loads that should have been swallowed

    (laughing) — I’ve never heard that before! What a saying.

  61. wait, i thought his single mother married another sugar daddy and then later dumped barrack on her upper middle class parents …

    or did i miss something?

  62. 😯

  63. Pat: since when hasn’t the roman catholic church pushed the agenda of keeping women pregnant and dependent? That way they increase their access to hapless children and lots of money.

  64. Garychapelhill (Electric Blues) has a new post up. Can you f-ing believe The NYTimes is still going after Patterson because he didn’t choose their favored candidate? New York didn’t want Caroline. The only people who wanted her were Obama and The NYTimes which has seemed more like a gossip rag funded by the Kennedys.

  65. dakinikat: That just does not fit with the “narrative”. How could he ever attain “survivor” status if he never went to bed hungry, wore third hand clothes, and trekked to school on a surfboard?

    If the facts don’t fit they must be discarded.

  66. I’m in moderation

  67. thanks for the perspective, dakini.

    hardly the AA experience the ad tries to exploit.

  68. Ugh. The RCs and the anti-choice lobby disgust me.

  69. dakinikat: So true. Primary reason why I had 4 in 5 1/2 years. That and my libido so to speak.

  70. Yeah, I also thought about a series of ads, with the next fetus growing up to be a deadbeat dad.

    Potential — Let’s hear about the potential for birth control, for education, for raising the standard of living for “common” people. Oh, not so glamorous. But lots of opportunity.

  71. and about those hardships, could I please go to harvard and a prep school in hawaii? Pretty Please? Can I endure THESE hardships? Can I please spend my adult life NEVER having a full time job? PLEASE?

    i want some of this friggin hardships, i wanna be the grasshopper and not the ant next time out

  72. I watched Paterson’s press conference, where he appointed Gillibrand Senator, and ended up liking both of them a lot. I understand why he wanted her. She is a real star, and will serve NY well.

  73. I suggest the church come take a look at the 14 year old and 2 15 year old kids that just got arrested down here for murdering a bartender trying to go home from work in the French Quarter early in the morning before it spouts such nonsense. That’s the reality! Not dumping your kid on your rich parents to go to prep school in Hawaii.

  74. The problem with the ad is, assuming the first four lines accurately describe the child’s fate and assuming the child is not Barack Obama but a nameless person, then the odds are he won’t grow up to be president. That’s just a fact.

    The ad is sadly misleading for women and girls who find themselves with a tough decision to make. It’s as misleading as those pro-life advocates who say that adoptive homes can be found for babies whose mothers forego abortions. That’s not true either.

  75. Obama is between a rock and a hard place. Kissing up to the religious institutions and playing kissy face with the hip hop groups and gangsta rappers who advocate women as play things.

    While the churches condemn birth control and abortio, the hip hoppers recommend spreading the seed all over creation. However neither chooses to address outright the consequences of the behavior.

    Neither does society a favor.

  76. I see Afrocity only commented 1x here. I think you made some good points, AC. As did State of Disbelief.

    Beginning with State: I agree, Obama’s silence on this is certainly telling. It will be interesting to see how long it takes him to respond if the media starts getting loud about this.

    AC sees this as an ad about recognizing potential. So did I.
    I actually thought it was pretty clever of the right-to-lifers to use Bama’s “narrative” and “success” to support their own cause. As a person who was adopted myself, I thank my lucky stars that my birth mother chose to have me. I am pro-choice but wish we had better support systems for single, pregnant women. Yes, bigger government in that area but also increased involvement and feeling of responsibility from family, friends & neighbors.

    The soundtrack is gawd-awful. Makes me think of a sci-fi film with aliens landing!

  77. Disenfranchised Caroline Kennedy is in bed with the NY Times and knows one of its reporters in the biblical sense … I’m sure that ‘s part of it ..

  78. I actually did research on adolescent sexuality in the ’70s, and I was working with runaway teenagers in Los Angeles. (This was for a textbook I contributed to.) One of my conclusions was that teenagers getting pregnant was not due to a lack of knowledge about birth control. It has more to do with their psychological needs. Teens, people in general, want to feel productive, needed and acknowledged in the world. If there are not enough outlets, such as work, jobs, educational experiences, for teens and young adults to feel that way they feel that having a baby will give it to them. They see a baby as someone to love them, not realizing that it is the other way around. What is needed for young people, poor young people especially, are other, more productive outlets for them to find the self esteem they seek. I don’t know whether I have summarized this very well, but I think the focus needs to be on allowing young people to have generally productive lives, rather than on sex per se. Pumain Seattle is correct. When the standard of living increases, the birthrate drops. Conversely, in an economic downturn, you are probably, actually going to see an increase in unwed pregnancies.

  79. I am not sure if Paterson is to be thanked or berated for letting this thing drag out. But I am sure that most of these decisions were based not on doing the right thing but more on who stood to gain in the end.

  80. btw, I think that Hollywood sets a terrible example to romanticize unwed pregnancy. The reality for most single mothers is very harsh indeed.

  81. That ad is disturbing on so many levels. There is no woman’s voice – she has none in this decision after all – the only female presence is her womb cuz that’s the only part that matters, right? This ad was purchased on BET because it is directed at the African-American community. It assumes that many of the people watching the program are women with unplanned pregnancies, irresponsible fathers or those who are on that path. It assumes that all women have or will have the same experiences as a single mother as Obama’s mother – and educated woman with well-off parents who were able to send Obama to the best schools in the country. And it ignores the large number of children from unwanted pregnancies who live in abusive homes, are homeless, or in adoption facilities. Obama will never respond to this ad. If he does, he’ll tie it into how black men should be better fathers.

  82. Fran: when I first started teaching and it was in a place where they ‘dumped’ pregnant teenagers, all i heard was, what, i can’t take birth control, I’m not sexually, active, I just got carried away once or twice or three times … in forcing teens to deny they are sexual creatures, they get caught in this trap too… if I take birth control, I have to admit I’m really a ‘slut’… this drives me nuts! Coupled with virgin worship, it’s a formula for teen pregnancies. If you don’t get ‘caught’, it’s because you have to admit you do it! I also saw kids that planned on giving their kids up for adoption razzed by the other mothers as rotten people. It was a world it’s own.

  83. Paterson explained that he was trying to provide transparency in the process. I think he deserves admiration, not trashing by the likes of the NYTimes.

    In politics, who stands to gain is often the same as doing the right thing.

    You do the right thing for the voters, and they will vote for you.

  84. Fran: Precisely. When a 15 yr old must get up in the middle of the night to comfort or attend a crying infant the last thing on her mind is cracking the books. Education is the only way out of poverty and pretending otherwise is a serious error.

    Beseeching these kids that they may be carrying the next minority president is too dumb to even consider. At 44 yrs of age, Sarah Palin made her decision to carry a handicapped child to term. I am not as sure that her 17 year old had the same capacity in her decision to do the same.

  85. dak – I feel that sexuality is a very strong drive. It is silly to deny it. Teens should be taught to deal with it rather than to either ignore it, or to just say it is bad, etc.
    I also think that single mothers need to be provided with support so that they will have healthy children. On the other hand they should not be romanticized.
    There is not a simple solution.

  86. Pat: Palin’s daughter has the support of a loving family, a lot of these girls don’t when they try to raise children.

  87. dakinikat: Agreed. A huge chasm due to circumstances.

  88. I have a grown son. I never told him sex was bad, or not to have sex. I did tell him that if he ever got someone pregnant, he had better be prepared to marry her. He knew I meant it.

  89. Gov. Paterson was underwhelmed with Caroline Kennedy from the start

    In meetings, the governor and his aides decided she had no political depth, the source said.

    She had no firmly held views and little idea about why she wanted the job, the source said.

    Her abysmal public rollout cemented the governor’s fears that she had no political instincts.

    The governor felt the sheltered Kennedy had no communication skills and absolutely no empathy with the voters, the source said.

    He was amazed that she went upstate for a day to meet with political leaders but didn’t walk around to chat up regular people.

    “She just lived in a bubble,” the source said.


  90. Fran, the attitude you describe is pervasive. I call it the “might as well,” syndrome. Things are the way they are and aren’t going to get any better, so I “might as well”…do drugs, have sex, steal, smoke, etc. Until somebody starts looking at the environment that creates the “might as well” attitudes, people will just be pointing fingers and blaming victims.

    And the saddest thing about that ad is it doesn’t acknowledge the percentage of children who will never be born because their mothers are killed by lovers and husbands just because their pregnant.

  91. Also, the NY elitists who didn’t get the Princess they wanted are already attacking Gillibrand. “She rubs people the wrong way.”

    Excellent sign. She’s strong, independent, and they are threatened. She said she wanted to follow Hillary’s path–buckle up Kirsten! 🙂

  92. Why does Obama berate black men to be better fathers but hold his own deadbeat dad on a pedestal? Nothing ever jibes with this man. He is always talking out of both sides of his mouth.

  93. Isn’t it wonderful that they named him the messiah? Doors would never have opened for him to become president if he was just an ordinary man.

  94. gxm17: and he gets away with it.

  95. Cinie – Exactly.

  96. Or the children who will never make it past grade school, dying at the hands of their abuser or taking a stray bullet. I am so sick of reading these stories in the news.

  97. gxm – I had the same thoughts about it. His father was a deadbeat.

    And his mother essentially abandoned him. I actually think those 2 things are why he has an excessive need for adulation. I believe that his grandparents tried, and cared, but that it was too late. He was already 10 years old when he went to live with them. His formative years were chaotic.

  98. It’s always about Obama.

  99. daki: he gets away with it, because when a reporter DARES to ask him a real question like the guy in the Middle East press room who asked about the lobbyist he has on staff, he “gets in their face,” literally. Remember, he did it with Lieberman on the Senate floor? That’s his M.O.: all this blather about transparency and fairness, and he’s just a thug. He also uses the incredibly irritating tactic Bush used: smirks, and jokes, and buddy-buddy crap.

  100. dakinikat, is it because folks only hear the sentiment they want to hear and tune all the other stuff out? What is wrong with these people? On Friday, a gay man I work with was wearing an Obama shirt … in the office! It took every ounce of self control not to roll my eyes. And I’m thinking, do you not know who Rick Warren is and what he preaches? Un-freakin’-believable!

  101. gxm: Melissa Etheridge! If she can justify it publicly, so can anyone. It really is like a love affair with an abuser: they refuse to see the facts, and keep making excuses for EVERY lie he tells them. “Oh, Oh, he SAID he was sorry!”

  102. gxm17: i’ve just decided that most people are really bad decisionmakers, they spend to much to doing stuff based on what they wanna hear, and wanna happen rather than looking at reality and making a decision that jives with a good outcome. Most folks do not want to be reality-based life forms. That’s why we have all the drugs, booze, sex, sports and entertainment addicts … it allows them to disconnect from what they don’t want to deal with. But then, i’m an economist, not a behavioral pysch … so take it for what it’s worth …

  103. WTF? Common ground?

    “For too long, international family-planning assistance has been used as a political wedge issue, the subject of a back and forth debate that has served only to divide us,” Obama said in a statement issued with the memorandum. “I have no desire to continue this stale and fruitless debate.” [Obama] said he would ask his administration to initiate a “fresh conversation” on family planning and to seek common ground with abortion opponents.


  104. btw, the runaway kids that I worked with in Los Angles were frequently from abusive homes. In a sense, running away was a healthy reaction. They all had been sent to Juvenile Hall, a sort of jail. If they were lucky, they had a probation officer who got them into a decent program.

  105. And “fresh conversation” on family planning? That sounds d*mn close to restrictions on contraception. Which is already too hard to get and too expensive for the women & girls who need it most.

  106. Fran, I completely agree. He clearly had a tumultuous childhood. But I find it interesting that he chose to hate mommy and idolize daddy. I haven’t read BO’s books but from the snippets I’ve seen quoted it sounds like his grandfather was an overbearing jerk, so I wonder if that didn’t have some influence on him.

  107. PumaInSeattle, on January 24th, 2009 at 12:31 pm Said:

    He is so full of sh*t. This is exactly the example I use when calling b.s. on his “unity,” “common ground” propaganda. HOW do you find common ground between pro-choice and pro-life? SOMEONE has to take a stand, and make a decision that is going to infuriate the other side. You either believe in rights of privacy and/or that life does not begin at conception or you believe that it is murder and the state must intervene.

    I’m so sick of his namby-pamby, 130 present vote, responsibility-averse, self-aggrandizing lies.

  108. fif, you’re so right, whenever a strong-minded, intelligent woman speaks up and takes action, so often she is described as “rubbing people the wrong way,” or too strident, or shrill, or the like.

  109. I did not read his books, but my impression is that the grandmother was the stable force for everyone in the family. But, she was probably also, for the same reason, an enabler.

  110. fif, I can’t figure out what the hell Obama is doing. But as best I can tell it resembles a shell game.

  111. i can you find common ground with religious nuts that believe pregnancy is god’s punishment for women having sex?

  112. make that how can you …

  113. Puma: Kirsten has already taken unpopular stands, either bucking her party, or bucking her constituents based on her principles and conscience. She is strong and independent, and this will be a great opportunity for her to grow to the next level of leadership. Schumer really likes her and Hillary will be available for counsel. She has the potential to be a very strong national leader for Dems & women. I am looking forward to watching this evolution. Of course, all the Village members are furious because they didn’t get what they wanted. Too f*cking bad. It’s the first thing all year that has given me a glimmer of hope for the future of women and the party.

  114. Fran………. I completely agree …when I was working with abused kids … I had to reteach them why they were having sex… and without inducing guilt .
    It was absolutely amazing to see the light come on their faces when a “grown up ” said you have sex because it is a NURTURING feeling and you are seeking nurturing ..especially the GIRLS .. they got it …

  115. Fif, forget to say my 12:36 comment was in response to yours about Gillibrand.

    Obama on family planning and common ground on abortion — yeah, he’s trying the equivalent of voting “present.” Talking to appease both sides. Comfy straddling that fence there? He’ll get whiplash from spinning back and forth between sides.

  116. Swanspirit, what a wonderful thing to do for those kids. Thank you.

  117. Why is it that so many religions are pro-birth but not pro quality of life? They want you to have children but balk at helping you to take care of them. Then the children are treated as second class citizens because they do not have an education, or an understanding of family life.
    It becomes a generation after generation problem.
    I was in catholic foster homes as a teenager, so maybe I have a bias opinion. If you have not graduated high school when you turn 18 yrs old you do not graduate. On your 18th birthday you are on your own. Many males join the service. Females take whatever dead-end job they can get. The suicide rate is high because you have no self esteem.
    So if these religions insist on have children they damn well better start helping take better care of them.



  118. What helen said!

  119. My mother should have aborted my brother and I. She did not but would have had a better life had it not been for us.

    She had my brother at 15, she got pregnant on her 1st date, in the hallway of an abandoned apt building. Her mother knew someone that could “fix” the problem and in Chicago they were easy to find. My grandmother scheduled the appointment but my mom wanted to keep the baby and cried on the doctors table. She had my brother in 1955. In the same hospital on the same day as another woman had a son by the same man.

    She got pregnant with me in 1969. My brother was 15 years my senior. In 3 years he would have been 18 and she at 31 would have been scott free to live a single life. My dad was in prison for stealing a basket during looting in the 1968 Chicago riots. She scheduled an abortion and that morning was combing her hair in the mirror and said that God told her two wrongs don’t make a right and felt that I would be a girl. I was and I am the first person in my family woman or man to have a college degree.

    Life was hard. I was homeless once, went hungry. She should not have had me. But I thank her for making the choice to keep me. I am pro choice.

  120. gxm: he is trying to please everyone all the time, so he will be adored by the masses and go down in history as the BEST PRESIDENT EVAH!

    Of course, he would have been destroyed long ago if the press actually did their job and revealed the hypocrisy and contradictions of his many varying statements, actions, and votes. The only reason he gets away with this baloney is because they spin it exactly as he tells them to. It’s always some grand magnanimous gesture or “c’mon guys, that was just campaign talk” etc. There is ZERO accountability for this guy, and they WILL try to bring back the Fairness Doctrine to control the message 100%. Look at how tightly they control ALL communications and images. It makes Rove look like his mentor.

  121. Really, I think that a man getting Obama’s mother pregnant at age 17 was a form of sexual abuse, especially since he was much older – it wasn’t just 2 kids.

  122. In order to strengthen our positions based on accurate both educated and gut-level feelings about Obama, we have to acknowledge and put into perspective his presidential acts. I don’t want to come across as selective in our criticism.

    As MYIQ posted yesterday:

    “President Barack Obama has signed an executive order ending the ban on federal funds for international groups that perform abortions or provide information on the option…

    …Obama signed it quietly, without coverage by the media, late on Friday afternoon, a contrast to the midday signings with fanfare of executive orders on other subjects earlier in the week.”

  123. afrocity: is your mom still alive? If so, I’m sure she is so proud of you.

  124. sorry about the bad english , I just woke up

  125. Me too, fif. This week’s events left me in a very cranky mood that just wouldn’t lift. And KG was the one bright spot. Along with my grandson but he’s always my bright star.

    Heading out on errands. Have a nice day all!

  126. helenk: it’s the same with a lot of conservative policies. What was that saying, “With compassionate conservatism, compassion ends at birth?”

    As they insist women keep their children, they simultaneously cut funding for programs to help families raise and educate them.

  127. Off to get some things done too. See ya all later.

  128. No, fif she died in 2007. She only had $25 in her bank account.

  129. Afrocity, I am sorry to hear about what your mom went through. She raised a wonderful daughter.

  130. Many woman could have terminated pregnancies. i could have been aborted. my sisters, my aunt, my father, my uncles, my cousins, my friends.

  131. Medical fact, discovered due to use of earlier and earlier ultrasounds: Up to 50% of all pregnancies result in spontaneous abortions (lay term: miscarriage) by 12 to 14 wks.

  132. Hmmm, they forgot to add that the mother had the extreme good fortune that she had a mother and father who would take the kid in to raise them him in what would be deemed a two parent middle class income home, leaving the mother free from much of the work and responsibility that most single parents face every single day of their lives.

  133. afrocity, on January 24th, 2009 at 12:43 pm Said:

    Life was hard. I was homeless once, went hungry. She should not have had me. But I thank her for making the choice to keep me. I am pro choice.

    Thank you for sharing that story. I too am pro choice and I strongly support the choice of NOT terminating a pregnancy as strongly as I support the choice not to continue a pregnancy.
    Pro-choice means pro-choice! It does NOT mean that teenagers should have abortions, it does NOT mean that poor women should have abortions, nor does it mean that rich women should not have abortions. It means each and every female has a CHOICE; MY BODY MY CHOICE!

  134. afrocity – Your Mom was a brave woman.

  135. I see Three Cups of Tea on the right as a book club selection. It’s an excellent read!

  136. I grew up in low living standards but my mother told me that I should but school first. She requested that I stay a virgin until marriage. I knew that birth c pills and other methods were out there but mom told me why take the chance- after all she was on bcp when she got pregnant with me. I had boyfriends and made out but never went all the way until I did at 26 to my husband.

    In high school we had maybe 5 that got pregnant out of 659 in my class. Chicago sends them to a special place and separated them from the others. i think they still do that

  137. BigO is not going to ever denounce this ad. It supports his propaganda that he is the product of a “broken home”, that his mother “struggled to raise him” and that he “endured hardships”.

    He lived with his mother and wealthy step-father first, then (through his own choice) lived with his well-off grandparents in Hawaii, went to private schools, and had a fairly privileged life. Can anyone please show me proof of any undue hardships he had to endure?

    It’s all a bunch of crap, just like BigO, and I’ll dance in the streets when the sleeping Bots in this country finally wake up and realized they’ve been hookwinked and bamboozled.

    Four days and I’m sick of it. Philippa Gregory better start writing more books if I’m going to survive the next four years.

  138. Pro-choice means exactly what it says – a right to decide – either way. I was offended when B0bots were jumping on Palin for keeping the Dawn syndrome baby for the same reason. The right of choice belongs to one mother – not everyone else. Yes or no are equally valid decisions as long as they are in the hands of the woman carrying the child. NO ONE ELSE. Not your doctor, not your preacher, not Obama and his buddy. Although, the father should have some input as well.

  139. I have a hard time understanding how Obama’s mother abandoned him. He wasn’t left wandering alone in the wilderness, he was in the home of loving, comfortably well-off family members. She had her own agenda to pursue, just as many men do…and if his mother had taken off, and his father’s family brought him up while Dad pursued education and work, that would probably not be particularly noteworthy. Feeling emotional abandonment because mom didn’t sacrifice her entire life for him seems to be part of Obama’s makeup…but he doesn’t seem too respectful of the grandmother who was there for him, either.

  140. Only one person is important to obama…that’s obama.

  141. Hillary impresses everyone at the state department.


    She’s the right person for the job.

  142. I saw this on bloomberg about Obie’s stimulus package:

    Obama says his plan would provide Americans who lose their jobs a new tax credit to keep their health insurance under a 1986 law known as Cobra, which allows many unemployed workers to pay to keep their health benefits. It also would increase Medicaid help to low-income people who don’t have access to insurance.

    A tax credit is probably not going to help them if they’ve lost their jobs and are unemployed.

  143. Pat, I am so pissed that he used the false image of his mother being on food stamps. If they really were he would have mentioned that he had free hot lunch too. He’s not that much older than me, and we had hot free lunch which along with food stamps was the most embarrassing thing to have to endure as a kid; everyone knew and made fun of you relentlessly. So I don’t buy it that 0 lived in poverty. It’s an insult to anyone who has been really poor!

    0 don’t care about anyone but himself, and won’t say anything about the ad…. and excuse me if I sound better, but it is deeply ironic that the pro-lifers have found a way to use 0’s words against him … it is sad that we will have to suffer as a result

    this ad is just heinous … and is timely due to the fact that Congress is aggain raising the issue of state-paid abortions

  144. Not to get off onto a tangent, but feeling abandoned is not about how affluent you are.

    Moms don’t have to sacrifice their entire life, but they do have to give consideration to the kid.

    I know a number of affluent kids who have felt abandoned by parents. I took my niece after my sister followed her own agenda and left her kids with their very affluent Dad. The older one ran away from his home. She was happier in mine, where I was so poor I shared my bed with her.

    Any parent has to make some sacrifices, Mom or Dad.

  145. Fredster – You are correct. A tax credit, as usual, will only help people who can afford to pay full price for health insurance in the first place. COBRA is way too expensive for most people once they have lost their job.

  146. Saw this over at Liberal Rapture. If you have a chance go over and read it it’s a hoot!

    Skylar Speaks at Obamaholics Anonymous Meeting on 1/25/10

    John of L.R. reads The Confluence and quotes the posters here quite a bit.

  147. Did you folks see this. If I missed the thread discussion I apologize. I hate Obama but this is a good decision or am I missing something

    Obama ends abortion-related funding restrictions for aid groups
    McClatchy Newspapers
    WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama signed a memorandum Friday that ends a prohibition on supplying federal family-planning funds and contraceptives to international aid groups that provide abortions, abortion referrals or abortion counseling.

  148. Obama’s mother probably did get food stamps. She did not have to be poor if she was a student with a child and living with her parents. She qualified.

  149. And Fran, they would have to have some time of income to be able to use the tax credit.

    He is supposedly talking about increasing the income levels for medicaid eligibility, but the states run those programs and the max levels are so low as to be ridiculous.

    We know a housekeeper who works at the hotel we first stayed at here in AL. She makes all of $7/hr and she makes too much to qualify for medicaid! As I said, the states run the medicaid programs and I can’t see them wanting to increase those rolls; no way.

  150. Fredster, on January 24th, 2009 at 2:16 pm Said:

    I saw this on bloomberg about Obie’s stimulus package:

    Obama says his plan would provide Americans who lose their jobs a new tax credit to keep their health insurance under a 1986 law known as Cobra, which allows many unemployed workers to pay to keep their health benefits. It also would increase Medicaid help to low-income people who don’t have access to insurance.

    A tax credit is probably not going to help them if they’ve lost their jobs and are unemployed.
    It’s the same smoke and mirrors BS that is part of his over-all health plan. You can’t afford health insurance, you get a tax credit. A couple of years ago, the GF went from a job with HC to one without…IIRC, the cost of COBRA coverage was ~$500/month and family coverage started at $1100/month. Working people can’t afford that and what good is a tax credit if you don’t have a job.

  151. I did a double take on seeing something about people who lost their jobs (part-time) being able to get medicaid. I couldn’t get care then and I seriously doubt that I can get it now.

    I did go to a hospital clinic. They thought I might have cancer and said I should come back in 2 weeks. The clinic did not have an opening for 2 months. I said, well, I’ll either be OK or dead by then.

  152. SHV: and don’t forget the deductibles and co-pays which go along with it and of course the “administrative fee” for using the COBRA option.

    It’s ridiculous.

  153. BO is giving the insurance companies what they want.

  154. Fran: He can raise the income limits all he wants but unless he increases the amount of money in Medicaid funds he gives to the states, the states are not going to do squat with it. Most states are trying to reduce their medicaid rolls or cut back on the benefits covered by Medicaid.

  155. apologies to taggles. I didn’t mean to hijack your post!

  156. Fredster, on January 24th, 2009 at 2:47 pm Said:

    SHV: and don’t forget the deductibles and co-pays which go along with it and of course the “administrative fee” for using the COBRA option.

    It’s ridiculous.
    Your are right..I think the total cost was >$600/month..she signed up for BC/BS..it was cheaper.

  157. I want to see the commercial where the sperm race against each other to fertilize Obama’s mom ovum. They could use the music from The Great Race.

  158. Obama’s mother probably did get food stamps.

    The Food Stamp program began in 1965. Stanley Ann Dunham married Leo Soetoro in 1966, then moved to Indonesia.

    So she could have received FS for about a year when Obama was about 4 years old.

    BTW – Obama was born 10 months after she turned 18 years old. His father was 24 and was already married with two kids.

    None of that has anything to do with his qualifications to be President.

  159. Fran, on January 24th, 2009 at 2:46 pm Said:

    I did a double take on seeing something about people who lost their jobs (part-time) being able to get medicaid. I couldn’t get care then and I seriously doubt that I can get it now.
    I just looked at my states qualifications for medicaid for out of work coverage…Basically to qualify, it’s no income for six months, current income <$108.00/month and total financial resources of <$2000.00. It looks as if the easiest way to qualify is pregnant women or single mother.

  160. SHV:

    Unless you are pregnant or have custody of minor children you probably won’t qualify.

    If you’re single, poor and no minor children – don’t get sick.

  161. Fran, on January 24th, 2009 at 2:47 pm Said:

    BO is giving the insurance companies what they want.

    True. The poor, or working-poor or what-have-you are not a powerful voting block, nor do they have $$$s to donate to politicians.

  162. SHV:

    Unless you are pregnant or have custody of minor children you probably won’t qualify.

    If you’re single, poor and no minor children – don’t get sick.

    That’s what happened to the housekeeper friend. Her hubby was 10% s/c so he got care from the VA. She was out of luck.

    The hubby was appealing for Soc. Sec. disability and then got it. She thought she’d have medical coverage thru Medicare. I had to explain to her that she was outta luck. She got it confirmed at the Soc. Sec. office. He’s okay now but she’s still screwed. The only good this is that at least with the soc. sec. disability coming in they have a bit more $$$s than her housekeeping job and his 10% Va comp.

  163. delurking again, because this video really frosts my tonsils.
    I am gratified that all the commenters agree that it’s the women’s right to choose which includes the choice to continue with the pregnancy and conversely to terminate the pregnancy.
    I do have a question, as my experience is over 30 years old. Is ultrasound available to everyone? One would assume from this ad that just about anyone could get an ultrasound prior to making a very serious decision, but that is not my experience. Why would they want an ultrasound? Well, I wanted one, but couldn’t get it, cause I was young. As I’ve indicated in previous delurking episodes, I was frantic, because I felt something was very, very wrong, but no one would listen. I gave birth to conjoined twins who had no hope of ever being separated. It lead to a total breakdown in the marriage contract and years of substance (alcohol) abuse. What was gained….nothing. What was lost? Plenty. Would I have had an abortion if I knew what was happening? Probably. My twin sons died because they were incapable of living, and

  164. HT: I don’t know. I think we can agree the commercial wa a “re-creation”. Pregnant women may have access to ultrasounds at a neighborhood clinic or something, or, if they have an OB doc, thru their office. I’m just speculating since I’ve never been in the situation.

  165. HT, on January 24th, 2009 at 3:11 pm Said:
    30+ years ago, what we consider fetal ultrasound, wasn’t available.

  166. SHV: Really? I had to think for a minute because I wasn’t sure how long abdominal ultrasounds have been used. They are used so frequently now days.

  167. Catholic Church pass out birth control?

    They don’t even condone condoms in a country rife with AIDS. They’d rather children be born with AIDS then let women practice birth control.

  168. In some states ultrasound IS REQUIRED prior to termination. Then there are the states that require a 24 hour waiting period just in case the woman is just “feeling a little blue.”

  169. http://abcnews.go.com/WN/story?id=3180380

    Why I am not a states right type of gal.

  170. NH

    It is good. I t was covered. I am happy because I know that there were service members that didn’t have access overseas to services they could get here and they would be required to take personal leave and come home to get the services.

  171. HT

    It’s amazing what people make it through.

    Congratulations on overcoming the substance abuse problems.

  172. Fredster, on January 24th, 2009 at 3:40 pm Said:

    SHV: Really? I had to think for a minute because I wasn’t sure how long abdominal ultrasounds have been used. They are used so frequently now days.
    IIRC, late 60’s-early 70’s “M” mode was available, which didn’t produce a picture..mid-late 70’s 2-D started to come available but were very new and the machine cost >$250,000 (1975) dollars.

  173. Many crisis-pregnancy centers use ultrasound technology—and they report that only a small percentage of women who see an ultrasound of their unborn child go on to obtain abortions. Furthermore, 14 states have enacted abortion legislation that involves ultrasounds. Some states require only that hospitals offer ultrasounds to women seeking abortions, but four (Mississippi, Oklahoma, Alabama, and Louisiana) require that ultrasounds be performed prior to abortions.

  174. I am pro-choice and agree with many of the comments critical of the ad. However, the ad also seems to say that if you are a single mother, you don’t necessarily have to have a husband to raise your child. I see that as positive on the one hand and wreckless propaganda from a power-hungry church on the other!

  175. Who was it who said that “Life begins at conception and ends at birth”?

  176. When I had one of my sons in the early 60s, they placed me into a room with a young, single girl who didn’t even have clothes for her baby to go home in. I ended up having my husband bring some in for her. She was amazed that I had my own doctor (She had almost no pre-natal care)
    It ended up that I had to be moved to a private room when she came down with some sort of an infection.

  177. I’m not sure there were ultrasounds available in ’68 when I had my last child. I was almost 38 and my Ob/Gyn almost had a fit when I decided to have another baby. He said do you know how many Down’s Syndrome babies are born to women over 35, etc, etc. I could have had amniocentesis at the time, but he didn’t even suggest it, maybe because of the risks.

  178. I am really appreciative of all the individual historys being recounted here because it further emphasizes the issue. A woman must have a choice. Most women will choose to contiue, some may not. It should not be any other person to choose.
    At the same time, i will emphasize that girls need to be educated., as do boys. Sex Ed is a mustdo. Forget the religious aspect, we have children dying. Ah, heck, back to lurking.

  179. HT,

    I agree except they are HERSTORYS

  180. Afrocity
    Excellent! I’m of your Mom’s generation, so I forget. Thank you for reminding me!

  181. Wonder how effective that ad would have been if in stead of saying this child mother will struggle and grow up poor and will end up imprisoned like 53% of the prison population?

    I hate propaganda. People should be able to make informed choices.


    I think we can safely call this era “The Fairytale Era.” While many children overcome having a single parent family and financial insecurity, many don’t. It’s astounding how our society would laud sending a child through a dysfunctional childhood and applaud the fact that it has to jump through hurdles. Quite frankly, I’m for a safety net so that mother doesn’t have to struggle(or as it is lovingly referred to wealth redistribution) and consequently neither does its child.

  182. How ridiculous it is to think that women considering abortions would want to have a ultrasound and look at the fetus before the abortion or to help with their decision. That insinuates that women are too stupid to know about what’s going on in their bodies and have to be shown. That’s the most idiotic thing I’ve ever heard.

  183. Well Thank God for college education and a little bit of luck or I would have ended up a crack hoe and in prison.

  184. Education is an equalizer. I would agree with that position Afro. It is unfortunate that we don’t put more of an effort into helping each child find their gift and encourage its growth through education whether it be through a college education or a trade school. I’d love to see more of an effort to expand mentoring programs.

    Luck is one of those factors we can’t control. For every lucky child there appears to be an unlucky one. That’s why I am a fan of social safety nets. It’s also why I’d like to see an expansion of a mentoring programs for children. I am a big fan of the Clinton position that it takes a village to raise a happy, healthy child. The more positve and functional relationships the child has a chance to have the better. We can’t change the circumstances children are born into but we can do what we can not to romanticize hardship and create safe havens for children so that they grow up to fulfill their potential.

  185. Hm, I don’t really see a problem with this Ad. Even if I don’t agree with it, I think it’s pretty good marketing. What better way to get their message across than to highlight The Coming of The Precious?

  186. This child’s future is a broken home
    he will be abandoned by his father
    his single mother will struggle to raise him
    despite the hardships he will endure
    this child
    will become
    The 1st African American President
    Imagine the Potential

    What hardships did Obama have to endure, exactly?

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