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Dear Donna, Sit on it.

Myiq2xu found this comment from Donna Brazile this morning regarding the appointment of Kirsten Gillibrand:

Political strategist Donna Brazile noted the contrast between the excitement surrounding Obama’s inauguration this week and the general public attitude toward women in office, one that she said helped drive Kennedy out of the running.

“Obama inspired us to turn the page, and now women seem stuck in the table of contents,” she said.

Donna Brazile, the most hated woman in America

Donna Brazile, the most hated woman in America

Noting that women still make up less than 20 percent of both houses of Congress, Brazile said: “The elevator to our future growth in the Congress is still stuck in the lobby. It’s time we hurry history.”

Ahem.  Where to start?

First of all, here is *my* comment about Caroline Kennedy from yesterday:

There are several legitimate reasons to not support Caroline:
1.) she is not nor ever has been a politician. She is a socialite. There’s nothing wrong with being a socialite but politics does require a certain passion for the job.
2.) she doesn’t have the right personality for being at the mercy of a lot of people who want her attention. Again, not a problem for a private person; deadly for a politician.
3.) given items 1and 2, why in Gawd’s name would she ever apply for the job unless she was being asked by her uncle and felt like her name would give her an easy pass? And yes, princess is the correct term and unique to CK. It is not sexist to refer to her as a princess since prince would just have easily applied to her brother. She gives the impression that she is contending for the seat out of a sense of noblesse oblige.
4.) she doesn’t have any opinions on policy. She’s an apolitical slow learner in a family of gifted pols. She resembles her mother, who was a terrific fashion plate and editor but not really a person you wanted to blog politics with.

My only question is: had we known all of this about Caroline when she endorsed Obama, would it have carried the same weight? Now that we know her to be a private but politically shallow socialite, would any one have cared who she endorsed? It was the magic of her name that brought Obama success. Now that magic is gone. She had one chance to be a serious contender and we found that she’s just an amateur with a royal pedigree.

There’s nothing sexist about that, Donna. Caroline was more unsuited to be an interim senator than Sarah Palin was to be vice president. Not only that but Sarah can talk very eloquently, uses million dollar words and doesn’t seem skittish around the press, provided they don’t bait her with inane questions and splice her interviews to ribbons.

Donna, you are confusing sexism with classism. Sarah Palin was a self made politician with humble roots therefore it was ok to treat her like a f^&*ing c^&t. Caroline Kennedy is a socialite from a well connected family therefore we must treat her like a lady. Sarah doesn’t deserve any respect because she’s a working girl. Caroline deserves to have her ass kissed because she is too removed from the revolting peasants to get her fingernails dirty. Which one of us is being sexist now? I mean, why don’t we bind the feet of all of the future female politicians that you approve of so we will know what they look like and stop wasting our time supporting people with actual merit?

Donna, why are you even bothering to cozy up to women now? Didn’t you go out of your way to tell us that we were the “old coalition” and we weren’t needed anymore? Is it the zeitgeist?  Have you figured out that we’re royally pissed at having to wait to see a well qualified woman make it to the top? You had a hand in that when you propped up Barack Obama’s blundering campaign by fixing the RBC committee to throw its weight behind him. Yes, you heard me right. Obama ran a terrible primary campaign. It was so bad that you had to help him cheat in order to “win”. He ran through money like a sieve in big states that he lost decisively, and he took his name off the ballot in Michigan. He screwed up in Michigan. Michigan should have been his death knell politically. What kind of f^%*ing moron takes his name off the ballot in a state he has to win? Everyone and their brother knew MI and FL were going to have to count. But when your committee realized he was in trouble, you socially promoted him, gave him a pass and redistributed the delegate wealth so that Obama could *look* like he was ahead. You helped to elect a weak candidate who ran a bad campaign and relied on psychological manipulation and stagecraft to score the WH. And he was even in danger of losing that until the economy tanked and his campaign took a hatchet to Sarah Palin’s reputation. YOU had a hand in that. Please do not lecture US on sexism. You burned Hillary Clinton, depriving her of possibly her only chance to be president and our only chance to have a president who actually understands government in a time of crisis. Thanks for nothing and STFU.

And what did Hillary deserve, Donna? Did she deserve to be treated like a corporate prostituting, calculating uber bitch? I think not. No, I think she deserved to be treated like this:

Now, go away, Donna before we taunt you a second time.

142 Responses

  1. Can I just say that I am thoroughly SICK of Donna Brazille?

  2. Christ … I just read that article “Does a Glass Ceiling Still Exist in Politics?”

    *heavy sigh*

    The heading alone just exhausts me. How much plainer can it be? WTF does it take to get this message through? Hell, YEAH, there’s a glass ceiling. But Caroline is a different matter. She’s just not qualified.

  3. People like Donna continue to give women a bad name. Her comments are just plain stupid. She must think most of us have short term memories and forget how indecently she behaved during the whole primary season against other women who refused to give in.

    Go away, Donna. Do us all a favor and take your r*cist tinged sentiments and your two faced turnarounds back to New Orleans. You are far less a spokeswoman for the feminist movement than a blot on the landscape.

    Bet your Momma never told you that!

  4. OldCoastie: Please, be my guest! Tell me how much you loathe her. I’m all ears. The floor is yours.

  5. Yes, please rip into Donna. After all, she can take it. She has her blankie now.


  6. You FRICKEN tell ’em RD! Lawdy, I cannot STAND Donna!

  7. Donna needs to stop existing NOW! She is a waste of a human being and should go someplace where people actually care about what she has to say!
    Oh wait, that would mean she has to GO TO HELL!

  8. RD: Thank you, once again. I wake up every morning to read your postings, and today’s posting reminded me of the deep injustices and hypocrisy of the primary season. Sexism and misogyny are alive and well, and we all need to work on eradicating it. DB can STFU. What a hypocrite. She has lost all credibility to speak on behalf of women, especially when she trashed the best qualified woman for POTUS that we have ever had. And when she comes to the defense of an unqualified woman and cries out “sexism” she is not believable by any stretch of the imagination.

    Donna, STFU!

  9. Donna put race first. She did not care that it was a man. I found that many AA’s feel this way. race before gender. I am the opposite. Donna can go to Hades. From her crumpled Kool Aid stained laundry list, she checked off “get a black person (any black person) as POTUS” , now she has decided that she can move DOWN the list to women. She is delusional and exemplifies how partisanship and racism is damaging to feminism.

    I said this downstairs:

    Violet Socks at “The New Agenda”, a non-partisan group for women’s rights, stated that the Senate should be 50% women. So far only 75 of the 435 members of the house are women. Now 17 senators are women. The statistics do not lie

    As women, we have got to do better than this. Gillibrand is mod dem and forwarding thinking. I believe she will appeal to up and downstate New Yorkers,she is against gun control, pork belly spending. I would vote for her as a conservative. She should be home free in 2010.

  10. Riverdaughter – another great post!

    Note to Donna B : Don’t go away mad – just go away !

  11. In that picture Donna’s tongue looks as if she has been drinking Kool Aid.

    Judging by the bluish tinge, I would say it was “sour grapes” flavored.

  12. Yes, go RD et al. Love the title, too. Thank you for saying
    it all for me – helps my frustration a little bit.

    I think our goal should be 51% representation of women.
    The good thing is that we are p*ssed and getting
    mobilized. Anger is good.
    But we also have to make it clear that we mean
    qualified, pro-woman women who will represent our
    values and not be female Obamabots. Or hating old
    line Repubs. Repubs are okay, but only certain ones.

  13. We need to fairly evaluate candidates on their merits, and I for one am pleased that Hillary’s seat is going to a woman who earned her own way, and didn’t feel entitled to the position based on her heritage.

    Unfortunately, I do believe there is often a double standard for women, however, in light of Caroline’s lack of accomplishments and poor representation of herself as a candidate, I believe Donna’s comments essentially amount to sour grapes. And, false cries of sexism and racism actually make it harder for the true cases to get the recognition and attention they deserve.

    Speaking of sexism, is it me, or does anyone else think that President Obama tends to be more warm and welcoming towards other men, while being somewhat dismissive of women? While watching the video of him with the press at the White House, I noticed a lot more back slapping and back and forth with the male reporters, while the women seemed to be relegated to a quick hand shake and dismissal. In truth, I was also somewhat surprised that there were so many more male reporters than women. Perhaps I’m just being oversensitive. Here’s the link if anyone wants to see the video for themselves:


  14. Excellent rant, RD. You’ve given me energy to make it through my long, hard day today.

  15. GRRR…oh thank you a million times for this one RD!

    She deserves every single word of this and more.

  16. Speaktruth what identifies as “certain ones”??

    There are some women that voted for Obama that are still important to our cause and I feel there are also conservatives that are important to our cause.

    There needs to be a dialogue about this. A conference or forum. If women are to be taken seriously as a voting block…and by this I mean a voting block that can support and carry HRC and those like her for POTUS or VP, we need to come together.

  17. I was telling Swannie this morning on the phone that Secretary Clinton’s speech yesterday so outshined
    Obama’s inaugaration speech that it will probably be the one to go down in history. It will be easy to put there because they wont have to edit out all the “umms” and “ahhhhhhhhs”
    As far as donna brizirrelus is concerned, like im gonna give a flying pig with lipstick on it a second thought, she’s sooooooooooo racist she just cant help herself.

  18. Afrocity,

    I agree with you. We need to remain open to all women, even if they did vote for Obama. And I definitely think we need to talk to Republican women. People change and grow. We should be for the freedom and equality of all women.

  19. Ugh, I woke up this morning to Donna’s mug? I wanna go back to bed! But that video of Hillary getting her props at the State Department made me feel a little better.

    Then I read my e-mail. A friend (a Hillary supporter who voted for Barky) wrote to tell me that the news media is not skewed to Obama. She’s started collecting articles that criticize him to show people like me that he’s been vetted by the press! I don’t even know how to answer her at this point. (She loves the NY Times.)

  20. Afro:

    I get Donna and her weird “race” issues. Regardless of skin color, every person on this planet has some slave ancestry. That plight is not limited to African Americans alone.

    The word slave originally means, “woman from the mountains” or something like that.

  21. Yes, I reject this notion that just because someone voted for BO and just because someone is a republican, they are not worthy of our support. Particularly wominn someones.

  22. I hate Donna “gays are an affront to the civil-right’s movement” Brazile, and so should every LGBT person.

  23. We should buy Donna that Obama sex toy and send it to her. She can get closer to her god.

  24. Donna Brazille should be burned at the stake, pilloried, or just plain ignored (which I think would hurt her worse). She is to women what BO wishes he could be–TRAITOR NUMBER ONE. May she and those like her get exactly what they deserve….

    The ONLY thing I agree with is that women need to change the way we are treated and viewed. This is going to have to start with US because no one else gives a damn. This means pornography, fashion, media, advertising, sex, and relationships. Are you ready? I am…..I really really am. Until women move up the corporate ladder as quickly and for the same reasons we are stuck stuck stuck in the lobby–and the lobby sucks. Time to get going girls…right this second!!

  25. Mawm-

    “I hate Donna “gays are an affront to the civil-right’s movement” Brazile, and so should every LGBT person.”

    They’re slowly waking up. Every time Barky screws over the LGBT community (with or without lube) the alarm goes off.

    Too bad they keep hitting the snooze button.

    BTW went to Gary’s Electric Blues site. Your Angelo is the spitting image of my Buck- AKA Wonderdog.

  26. Jenniforhillary: I have to urge caution here. We don’t want to take the charm, firtatiousness and spontaneity out of male-female interactions. I don’t want to reduce us to an endless ocean of mao suits. We need healthy sexuality for both men and women. It is important to differntiate between invigorating and exploitative sexual images. Let’s keep the former and dump the latter. Let’s own it ourselves.

  27. I wonder if Donna recognizes the not-so-subtle irony of this whole thing? I wonder if the whole CK thing would have been bas important to her if the alternative had been an AA?

  28. I would never choose an AA just because he is AA. I felt HRC the woman was more qualified than Obama. I actually somewhat was open to Obama for IL senate. The person has to be qualified. Senate okay, maybe. POTUS over HRC or McCain. NO way. To vilify HRC and BC as racist, as a foil to Obama was unforgivable.

  29. That is what I get for jumping from blog to blog. I used the “R” word so I am in moderation.

  30. Irony is lost on Donna. She’s a bureaucrat’s bureaucrat. The only important thing is to suck up to the people in charge and maintain the status quo.
    BTW, I’ve also read that irony is the last thing humans develop mentally. That’s probably why some of us *get* Monty Python’s Life of Brian at a young age and some of us, like Donna, will never get it.

  31. I wonder if Donna recognizes the not-so-subtle irony of this whole thing? I wonder if the whole CK thing would have been bas important to her if the alternative had been an AA?

    You hit the nail on the head with that one

  32. Two great posts in a row. Donna Brazile is an Obama mouthpiece — never, never a representative of women’s voices in this country. However, that the WaPo couldn’t find someone else to comment on the position of women in politics is our own fault for not providing them with other interview options. We have to rebuild the women’s movement from the ground up, it seems.

  33. Couldn’t stand watching her when she was on CNN in the mornings. I was like “Grow a spine!!!”

    BTW, Afrocity, asked a question a few days ago in the you oompa-loompa thread. How do you pronounce “afrocity”? II pronouce it “a-fros-city” like “ferocity” Prefer that and it’s all cat-like.

    God, I love this site….

  34. Dear Donna, sit on it !

    Has a nice ring to it. Another great piece.

  35. RD> We should just all look on the bright side of life as he we hang from our crosses. And the bright side is that Donna Brazile has finally unleashed her inner feminist! It’s been buried deep inside, but Caroline Kennedy has unleashed it. The reaction is as delayed as Caroline’s concern for 9/11, but it’s always better to be late than sorry, right? But do we trust Donna Brazile? What if Will Smith runs for office in 8 years? Will Donna support him or the female? And what if that female is Sarah Palin? I’m going to go out on a limb and say that Donna will support Will Smith.

  36. How does a transparent hypocrite like Donna Brazile rise so high in political and media circles?

    Does it even start to make sense that Caroline’s problem was that she was a woman, when Paterson chose a woman, and, indeed, choosing a woman to replace Hillary was reportedly one of his desiderata?

    The woman the worst sort of hack imaginable — going hell for leather against Hillary, and then weeping highly visible tears over the fate of poor little rich girl Caroline who means so well even if she works so little.

    And nobody in a position of responsibility, either in the media or politics, calls her on it. Nobody.

  37. Just jumping in to back up afrocity — women need to realize that the “parties” (both Repub. & Dem.) are both run & cater to MEN. If women want to move forward & receive the parity & voices that we deserve in the political process then we need to set aside labels & work together. The patriarchy has done an excellent job separating us because it benefits men — it is time to “transcend” the patriarchy.

    Oh, and Donna can bite me.

  38. RD, Thank you for posting that State Dept video. That was great to see.

    As for Donna B., go get her, RD. She is a disgrace, and I will proudly second your STFU.

  39. RD:

    Thanks for the video. I did not see that because I barely have time to watch TV here in Berlin, especially because the time difference does not help.

    I see that there are still a couple of good things happening on the home front.

    Btw, did she just give that superb intro speech off-the-cuff?

  40. posted this at bottom of last thread:
    OT- Italian tv today was calling Hillary, “the person responsible for European Diplomacy”…
    (as opposed to calling her the SOS)

    (Condee was called SOS by them)

    Furthermore with ref to this:

    And he was even in danger of losing that until the economy tanked and his campaign took a hatchet to Sarah Palin’s reputation.

    I keep on hearing in Europe, that Lehman Bros should never have been allowed to fail on Sept 18. That it was that which triggered off the whole pile of cards.

    But what factors lie behind the current turmoil? The pre-crisis global macroeconomic environment was characterised by low interest rates, low inflation and sustained economic growth. This strengthened investors’ risk appetite and contributed to the underestimation and under-pricing of risk. The intensified search for yield fostered the proliferation of innovative financial instruments such as structured finance products. Rising leverage and excessive credit growth increased the vulnerability of the financial system.

    This fragility set the stage for the turbulence in financial markets which started in summer 2007. With the end of the boom in the US housing market and increasing interest rates on sub-prime mortgages, delinquency rates on mortgage loans rose. The value of mortgage-backed securities dropped heavily. From the sub-prime market segment, the tensions gradually spilled over to most other asset markets, in particular the credit derivatives markets, corporate bond and equity markets, and also to the money markets, not only in the US but also in the euro area and elsewhere. With the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers on 15 September 2008, the crisis sharply intensified.

    from:“Rien ne va plus”? Ways to rebuild the European Social Market Economy”
    organised by
    European Economic and Social Committee and
    European Trade Union Confederation
    Brussels, 22 January 2009

  41. Britgirl’s link provided some insight into Brazile’s small, petty mind. After stealing Obama’s inaugural seat blanket:

    Donna Brazile was totally out of line to go on National TV and brag about stealing something meant for the new President. Even worse, she then said, in response to Charlie Gibson’s comment about whether it was a felony or a misdemeanor, “We have a black President now so it is neither”. The clear message was “If you’re black it’s OK to steal because we have a black President”. That may not have been her intent, but it is the message that went out to millions.

    What a bizarre woman. What is her position now anyway?

  42. Oh, and btw RD — thank you for saying this:

    Yes, you heard me right. Obama ran a terrible primary campaign. It was so bad that you had to help him cheat in order to “win”. He ran through money like a sieve in big states that he lost decisively and he took his name off the ballot in Michigan

    Worst.Campaign.Ever. $700 million and he still barely eked out a win against McCain too, in a year when my cat could have won if he had a “D” behind his name.

  43. I think in evaluating whether to support Republican women and/or women who supported Obama we need some sort of criteria.

    I know I’ve been struggling with the Obama part lately, since virtually all my friends and acquaintances voted for him and I’m surrounded by them every day (except here and a few other sites of course).

    What I’ve come up with for myself is a checklist:

    1. Did they repeat or perpetrate lies about Clinton during the primaries or later?
    2. Did they mindlessly parrot the meme of the day coming out of Axelrove’s astroturf machine?
    3. Did they smoke the hopium without even a smidge of critical analysis?
    4. Was there any evidence of drooling over the most historical history-making event in all of history?
    5. Did they join in, celebrate, or in any way perpetrate the sexism against Clinton or Palin?

    If the answer to any of the questions is yes, then they’e out. It’s one thing to apply a reasonably measured evaluation or analysis of the candidates and just decide incorrectly. It’s another to abandon the minimum critical faculties we should expect of any adult member of our society, mindlessly parrot propaganda, and perpetrate sexism just to win.

    Donna fails all 5, so I don’t care if she gets a lobotomy and becomes the biggest women’s equality advocate in all of history, she’s a loser.

  44. oops, I’m in moderation again. Can someone let me out?

  45. My name is AFRO- CITY

    African Amer woman
    who lives in a city.

  46. That works. Thanks


  47. It’s pathetic that these idiots (Brazile, WaPo) finally get around to acknowledging the sexism and misogyny that women candidates face just because CK dropped out after taking a mere fraction of the beating Palin and Hillary withstood. And you didn’t see either Hillary or Sarah walk away from the fray.

    Donna Brazile you are one of the people holding the glass ceiling in place and you can just go #$@% yourself. Frankly, putting an unqualified woman like CK into a senate seat is BAD for the advancement of female candidates. It is much more productive to support qualified women and raise your voice when these talented and proven women are subjected to abusive misogyny and vile sexist attacks. People like you, Donna Brazile, are less than worthless. You are an impediment to fairness, equality and justice.

  48. Torchwood, now I won’t hear my name on MSNBC or anything right?


  49. “Worst.Campaign.Ever. $700 million and he still barely eked out a win against McCain too, in a year when my cat could have won if he had a “D” behind his name.”

    I agree. It was awful and it seemed to grow more awful in direct proportion to how amazingly amazing the corp media claimed it was. It was one series of “two minutes of hate” after another (with a rotating cast of Emmanuel Goldsteins) followed by insipid sloganeering. It took that much big money to come up with something as old and tired as that?

    No wonder BO sneers at the press now. He left them money on the dresser and they smiled and thanked him — and now, what’s up with Teh Questions, boyz?

  50. Thanks for nothing and STFU.

    I really despise that woman. She is at the very top of my list.

    & hey Donna, you idiot, they DID choose a woman. What’s your excuse now for not getting what you want?

  51. MABlue: Yep, totally off the cuff, no teleprompter. It was a constructed speech with beginning, middle and end and she reinforced her main ideas without the use of ahh or umm, which convey a sense of hesitation to the listener. She did not revert to propaganda words like “hope” and “change”, or at least, not to an excessive amount to the point where they become trite and meaningless. She has to be careful to not overuse “smart power”. It’s starting to be a buzz term. I would stick to forceful diplomacy or vigilant oversight or something like that.
    But yeah, it was short, assertive, realistic and positive. What more could you want from your boss?

  52. Loved seeing the enthusiasm at the State Dept. for Hillary. Exactly what she deserves, and those people will work their hearts out for her. Because of her, we are going to see big changes in the world. She is someone who really cares and will do everything humanly possible to help settle differences and finally bring peace to this troubled planet.

    GO HILLARY!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. elixir — NO.SHE.DIDN”T!!! OMFG, Donna is the queen of morons. Yep, Donna — that isn’t r@cist to clearly imply that all blacks steal. {rolls eyes} And this is the person who brought us Obama!!!!! ARGH!!!!

    Even worse, she then said, in response to Charlie Gibson’s comment about whether it was a felony or a misdemeanor, “We have a black President now so it is neither”.

  54. In light of the cost of Obama’s campaign vs. the results – it was a terrible campaign. But you’ll never hear anybody but us say it. He ran the most brilliant and best organized campaign ever!

  55. There was a funny article on American Thinker (yeah I know, its a conservative website, but hey, I’m conservative) about how BO is treating the media… you can see it here: http://www.americanthinker.com/2009/01/obamas_just_not_that_into_you.html

  56. Only if its a segment about strong African American women who are classy ladies as well.


    Nah, MSNBC wouldn’t know what to do with it. Besides I couldn’t watch it anyway. Blocked them after KO’s hit job/special comment on Hillary last year.

  57. I’m glad RD did a post on this. After I reasd the article I had to go back to bed until my head quit hurting. I think it almost exploded.

  58. I watched that video from the beginning, when Hillary drives up in her car, and works her way around the lobby, ascends the stairs, and is then introduced. She makes her speech, and then works her way down the stairwell, patiently shaking the yearning, outstretched hands, all the way through the lobby again and down a corridor out of sight.

    I was incredibly moved by the outpouring of love, respect, and joy in the greeting she received. I’m tearing up again, just thinking about it.

    She was vilified, screamed at, humiliated, and abused by her own *#)%$ party for months. It’s so gratifying to see her treated the way she deserves to be treated. MADAME SECRETARY!

  59. I have to run, but found a couple of interesting articles today about Obama’s new squabbles with the press. Seems that “transparency thing” isn’t as easy to practice as it is to preach. Welcome under the bus: networks (except ABC who gave him lots of $$); AP, and my personal favorite…the NY Times! I also noticed from the press corp visit that he does exactly the same thing Bush does to deflect serious challenges–he jokes, smirks, and gets chummy (the fist bump). It sickens me.

    Obama flashes irritation in press room

    Asked how he could reconcile a strict ban on lobbyists in his administration with a Deputy Defense Secretary nominee who lobbied for Raytheon, Obama interrupted with a knowing smile on his face.

    “Ahh, see,” he said, “I came down here to visit. See this is what happens. I can’t end up visiting with you guys and shaking hands if I’m going to get grilled every time I come down here.”

    He revealed that he had already gotten in two work outs since being sworn in Tuesday.

    “Turns out I have a little gym up there,” he said with a smile.

    Obama said he had watched press secretary Robert Gibbs debut briefing “in anticipation of some flop sweat. … I just want to thank you for not completely ripping up Gibbs,” Obama said.

    “I am very proud of him today. He got a fist bump from me.”


  60. Two more:

    NEW YORK (AP) – News organizations that cover the White House sparred with the Obama administration on Thursday over access issues for photographers and rules for briefings.


    Media frustration spills into briefing

    A growing media frustration with Barack Obama’s team spilled into the open at Thursday’s briefing, with reporters accusing the White House of stifling access to his oath re-do and giving Obama’s first interview as president to a multi-million dollar inauguration sponsor.

    Veteran CBS newsman Bill Plante was one of the most vocal critics…
    He also asked new press secretary Robert Gibbs why ABC, which paid millions to host the DC Neighborhood Ball, was granted the only inauguration day interview with President Obama – a move he equated to “pay to play.”

    It’s been a bumpy 24 hours for Gibbs and company, as members of the White House press corps have publicly expressed frustration with an administration promising openness and transparency.

    “It is ironic, the same day that the president is talking about transparency, we were not let in,” CNN’s Ed Henry said on the air Wednesday night after news of the second swearing-in broke.

    Michael Oreskes, the AP’s managing editor for U.S. news, told his own news outlet that “we are not distributing what are, in effect, visual press releases.”


  61. That video was so good. It was such a pleasant change to see Hillary being appreciated by the professionals in the field.

    What I like about Hillary is that she is a stayer.

  62. She is clearly insane.

  63. Yeahhh, ElderJ!!

    I love American Thinker. I saw that article and I love the title.

    Sorry media, Obama’s just not that into you


    Every morning I wake up and Hit My FAV 4 blogs

    American Thinker
    The Confluence
    Drudge Report
    The New Agenda

    (not in that order necessarily depends on if the cat is laying on my arm and I can maneuver the mouse where I want to)

  64. What I like about Hillary is that she is a stayer.

    She’s Zombie Terminator Hillary – she can’t be stopped.

  65. All the female Senators supported the Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, even the Republican ones. This is why we need more women, off ALL parties, in office.

    “All four female GOP senators crossed over to support the Democratic measure: Kay Bailey Hutchison of Texas; Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins of Maine; and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska. Sen. Arlen Specter (R-Pa.) also approved the legislation.”


  66. She sticks to it. And that’s fantastic.

    Like, you know who used to say, “she’s a sticker”

  67. Sorry media, Obama’s just not that into you

    Obama better be careful – if the media ever turns on him he’s toast.

    They wouldn’t have to go after him the way they do Bill and Hillary. all they would have to do is quit covering for him.

  68. gxm17, on January 23rd, 2009 at 11:22 am Said:
    All the female Senators supported the Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, even the Republican ones. This is why we need more women, off ALL parties, in office.


    I wonder if that means that the Hutchison Amendment was included in the bill? If so, it really weakens it.

  69. I meant that Donna is insane.

    She will wind up becoming a real problem for Obama.

    Other topic: I watched the presser yesterday. Obama is pissing all over the media and they don’t like it.

  70. LOL afrocity-I had the same problem with my cat for ages. He thought the mouse was something he had to sit on.

    myiq- Don’t let her get to you. I think she’s quietly going insane-why else would she steal that trophy? And brag about it.
    However I do believe we all know the feeling, of a fast rush of blood pressure to the head.

  71. fif> That is fascinating. And though I hate to say it, but Andrea Mitchell – Oborg extrodinaire – made this prediction in a rare moment of lucidity last summer when Barky went on his world tour. She complained that the limited media access will make the press very unhappy, just as it did during that tour. And I remember reading some op-ed last Spring which stated very clearly that the press will want something in return for their glowing coverage of Obama. That something is all access all the time. When they don’t get it, they’ll turn on him. Is this the Prologue for that event? Barky can’t say he wasn’t warned about it.

  72. the Hutchison Amendment failed.

  73. janicen — I read somewhere that none of the amendments passed.

  74. Women come in many shapes, sizes, colors, and political thoughts. We are not monolithic. To think that we are is sexist and frankly undermines our intelligence.

  75. elixer, I watched that clip from ABC of Brazille saying, “We have a black President now, so it’s neither…”

    What a wildly inappropriate and r@cist thing to say! Is it now okay to say offensive things about AA’s if you are also AA? Not in my book. I’m disgusted by her remarks.

  76. Maybe Donna is pissed off because Hillary got such a warm welcome from the employees at the State Dept.

    The staffers seem relieved that Condi is gone.

  77. “…the Hutchison Amendment failed.” – Regency.



  78. janicen, no, I recall reading that the Hutchinson amendment was not included. That makes the female consensus even more heartwarming, imho. 🙂

  79. Donna never got a reception like that in her life.l

    I saw about five minutes of CNN during the inauguration (all I could stomach) and caught the Blitzer et al. crew grinning like the useless bobbleheads they are and fawning all over Donna. When she started bragging about all the work she’s done for African people I had to turn the TV off before I put a shoe through it, which would be a shame as the new season of “Rock of Love” has started.

  80. Great post from RD re DB. And, this is the woman that is columnist of MS Magazine that named BO a feminist superhero on the cover; now she screams unfair to women? What a fantasy.

    Sam at 10:21 provided a video of BO doing an impromptu greeting/meeting with the press. Thanks! That was interesting.

    Most of all I noticed all the “You Knows” from BO’s mouth. What’s up with that????

  81. Donna Brazile will become the Beggar Woman in a political version of Sweeney Todd.

  82. fif, I hope the press can hold onto their anger over this. They caved so to Bush. I guess they suffered from false Obama expectations like so many believers.

  83. Hillary used to say “you know” a fair bit herself, only the spaces in between were filled with, you know, important stuff.

  84. Donna Brazille told Al Gore not to contest the Fla vote and we got 8 years of Bush. She screwed the states of Mi and Fla out a real vote and divided the Democratic Party.
    This person is a true AXIS SALLY.
    She has done so much to hurt America I wonder why she lives here. She might feel a home in China or Russia as she certainly does not believe in the democratic process.
    It is not just women that she hurts. By her actions she has hurt America.



  85. (not Sheri Tag): Fif said I watched that video from the beginning, when Hillary drives up in her car, and works her way around the lobby, ascends the stairs, and is then introduced. She makes her speech, and then works her way down the stairwell, patiently shaking the yearning, outstretched hands, all the way through the lobby again and down a corridor out of sight.

    I watched it yesterday too. Awesome. And, after her speech, she went through the crowd again – the entire time she had a huge smile on her face as though she were genuinely happy to be meeting all of these people. I am SO glad she will be doing her work that we will all benefit from.

  86. janicen- I’m pretty certain that the Hutchinson amendment failed.

  87. “Hey, don’t I know you from somewhere?” Slash! Poor Donna.

  88. I’m enjoying the Donna karma!

    At last how wonderful to see Hillary love via the video. Maybe there is hope for us with Hillary as SoS leading such a dynamic department.

  89. Did Donna leave the DNC as well as Howard Dean?

  90. Donna Brazille’s opinions are not worth the breath necessary to expel them. And she’s the sympton, not the problem. The problem is the corporate media that gives her voice. I blocked CNN, MSNBC, the NYT oped page, et al, long before the RBC debacle. Obviously, my refusing them my eyeballs makes no difference.

    But, I wonder, would cataloging the corporate media discrimination and lobbying (or boycotting) advertisers have an effect? The CK/NYT record would be an easy bias to document. How many lines did CK receive? How many opinion pieces sang her praises? How many did Kirsten Gillibrand, Andrew Cuomo, Carolyn Mahoney, or any other legitimate contender receive? Document it, circulate it to advertisers and show them why you won’t be buying their products!

    B*tchin’ is fun. Effecting change is priceless!

  91. Suck and egg, Donna! And take that dead animal off of your head!

    Not posting a link to this article, as the page contains a link to the “Inaugural Gift Shop” and I don’t want to ruin anyone’s day..

    Obama Plans to Reverse Abortion PolicyBy LIZ SIDOTI and MATTHEW LEE, AP

    WASHINGTON (Jan. 23) – President Barack Obama plans to sign an executive order ending the ban on federal funds for international groups that promote or perform abortions, officials told The Associated Press on Friday.
    The move, long expected in the Democratic president’s first week in office, will be welcomed by liberals and criticized by abortion rights foes.
    The policy bans U.S. taxpayer money, usually in the form of U.S. Agency for International Development funds, from going to international family planning groups that either offer abortions or provide information, counseling or referrals about abortion. It is also known as the “global gag rule,” because it prohibits taxpayer funding for groups that even talk about abortion if there is an unplanned pregnancy.
    Also known as the “Mexico City policy,” it has been reinstated and then reversed by Republican and Democratic presidents since GOP President Ronald Reagan established it in 1984. President Bill Clinton ended the ban in 1993, but President George W. Bush re-instituted it in 2001 as one of his first acts in office.
    The Democratic official and senior U.S. official who disclosed the plans did so on the condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to pre-empt Obama’s announcement.
    Obama was expected to sign the executive order at a low-key event, one day after the 36th anniversary of the landmark Supreme Court ruling in Roe v. Wade that legalized abortion.
    The move was not a surprise as both Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, who will oversee foreign aid, had promised to do away with the gag rule during the presidential campaign. Clinton is to visit the U.S. Agency for International Development, through which much U.S. foreign aid is disbursed, later on Friday.
    Obama has spent his first days in office systematically signing executive orders reversing Bush administration policies on issues ranging from foreign policy to government operations. But, save for ending the ban, Obama has largely refrained from wading into ideological issues, perhaps to avoid being tagged a traditional partisan from the outset after his campaign promises to change “business as usual” in the often partisan-gridlocked capital.
    Rather, Obama has chosen to focus initially on issues in which there is consensus across the political spectrum and support from the public, such as closing the prison camp for suspected terrorists at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, to making government documents more accessible.
    Organizations that had pressed Obama to make the abortion-ban change were jubilant.
    “Women’s health has been severely impacted by the cutoff of assistance. President Obama’s actions will help reduce the number of unintended pregnancies, abortions and women dying from high-risk pregnancies because they don’t have access to family planning,” said Tod Preston, a spokesman for Population Action International, an advocacy group.

  92. Yeee-haw! What a grand post! Some people should be barred for life from using words like “sexism” or “misogyny” Loved that rant to bits!

  93. The idea of Donna Brazille pointing out sexism makes me laugh. How dare she, when she was instrumental in bringing a misogynist to power? STFU!

  94. IMO, the most memorable Donna quote is this one about Hillary:

    “It wasn’t her turn.”

    A world of arrogance and anti-democracy in four words.

  95. catarina — I’m waiting for the actual doing, Obama has promised too many things only to turn around and come up with cr*p excuses for why they can’t be done ‘just yet’.

    The history of reversals and rescinds on the gag rules is why the gag rule needs to be addressed in legislation, or it will just keep switching around from president to president.

    And it is the very very very least Obama could do. Bill signed his reversal of the gag order on Jan. 22, 1993. So Obama needs to hurry up and expend the enormous effort it takes to actually sign his name on this one.

  96. Grrr — Donna doesn’t get it does she.

    so, sexism only can happen when there is a deomocrate and certain democrates. This is the same woman who said that there was no sexism towards Hillary Clinton.

    So I wonder why she is the mouth piece of Feminism now? Because Obama’s choice took a nose dive, because she didn’t do well in interviews or have one ounce of experience.

    The point is this:

    Sara Palin has experience – However my objection to her was her politics. I wouldn’t vote for her because I didn’t agree with her political beliefs. Her views on social conservative freaked me out, and there was no way in the world would I vote for her. But there was one thing that she had over Caroline — She is a politicain and was voted to office by the State of Alaska no matter how small the Dems made it out to be. She was a political executive which none of the other candidates were.

    Caroline has no transferable experience. Working Part time for the schools isn’t the same thing as working more than full time in a very public position where she had proved that she didn’t want to be transparent. That’s my issue with her.

    The point of Feminism is having qualified woman in office not just any old woman. It’s about empowering all woman no matter what there background is to have equal opportunity.

    A woman can disagree and have a different opinion than another woman — that’s what makes us still human not saints or angles.

    Donna Brazile is using sexism as a smoke screen in this case to point to those who aren’t with’em — Just like those who aren’t for Obama are uneducated racist. This is not uniting the country it’s dividing it.

  97. Val
    Personally, I’d like to “gag” Obama..I’m waiting for him to do something about the “Conscience” rule. Wonder if he has the ‘nads..

  98. Donna put race first. She did not care that it was a man.

    I don’t think that’s completely true. If it was just race, she would have jumped behind Carol Mosely Braun in 2004.

    I think part of the reason she fought for Obama and not Braun has to do with the swamp of Chicago politics and deals cut behind the scenes. I also suspect that “feminist” Donna feels more powerful being the sole imprtant woman among the guys.

    I think a lot of it has to do with Obama’s appearance – dark enough to be viewed as “black,” but not “too black,” with GQ looks, and an actor’s ability with lines. Really, he’s a marketers dream. And so he was successfully marketed, and Donna B. and the others are enjoying the power trip of getting their puppet in.

    But as any fan of bad sci-fi/horror knows, puppets have a way of turning on their supposed masters. Ask Dr. Dean. Hope Donna will enjoy it when she lands under the bus.

  99. Arabella–

    I thinks Donna’s more the Mrs. Lovett type.

  100. It’s never going to be our turn, Donna, not as long as we have women like you guarding the boys’ club door. There’s a really nasty term for women like you but I’m not going to use it.

    And belated props, RD. This story really set me off and I plumb forgot to mention the excellent post.

  101. Good points sister of ye at 12:09. I also think it was a blatant matter of the so-called “New Democratic Party” – out with the old and in with the new. And, to heck with all the “old” – we don’t need you anymore.

  102. “Frankly, putting an unqualified woman like CK into a senate seat is BAD for the advancement of female candidates.”

    and similarly…

    Frankly, putting an unqualified.. black man ..like.. BO ..into.. the presidency ..is BAD for the advancement of.. black male ..candidates.

    A direct parallel, and my concern all along. What will a failed BO presidency do to the future prospects of the Cory Bookers and Michael Nutters who are doing the hard work of effecting real “change” in their communities?

  103. I think afrocity should write a poem about Donna!

  104. Donna Brazile has a personal grudge against Hillary Clinton. She spoke to it clearly one Sunday on This Week. Her resentment is based in Hillary’s decision to move to NY just to run for the Senate when Donna had a good friend who wanted to run for that seat. She speaks of it with obvious disdain in her voice.

    This modern Democratic Party doesn’t seem to place any value at all in experience, or hard work.

    Hmmmm….where is Howard Dean these days? Who’s running the party, anyway?

  105. Sorry for stating this but Susan Sarandon is an idiot.

    “He is a community organizer like Jesus was,” Sarandon said Tuesday night on the bright blue carpet leading into the Creative Coalition’s 2009 Ball at the Harman Center for the Arts in Chinatown. “And now, we’re a community and he can organize us.”


  106. chowkster — The only one crying is Donna.

  107. Susan Sarandon the atheist is going to talk about Jesus now?

  108. angie can you kick her dumb ass please?

  109. Oh that’s priceless. If I was Obama I would say something to his supporters to get rid of the religious references, well that is if it hasn’t gotten to his head and he believes it.

  110. I’ll take Donna Brazile’s advice right after I finish making reservations based on Hannibal Lecter’s restaurant review.

    If Donnzilla is caught in the “table of contents” it is on the chapter about audacity. She stands on a soapbox sagging from, among other things, running a flawed campaign that gave us W. She sat for months mouthing the lie of “I’m undeclared” while she trashed Hillary on CNN. Now, she dares bray about allowing someone other than CK into the senate clubhouse. Obviously her car stalled at the drive by lobotomy clinic.

  111. Umm, Susan? Jesus was NOT a community organizer. In fact, he purposely stayed out of the political movevents of the time that others tried to draw him into. He preached inner reform that would lead a person to caring about their neighbors, especially the most vulnerable.

    And you might remember the part about Jesus being willing to sacrifice, even die, to follow his beliefs and perform his ministry. Not wheeling and dealing with The Powers That Be and getting himself a cozy mansion while the poor froze and starved.

  112. Good post. One of the most succinct descriptions of the deliberate, dishonest machinations that put this so-much-less-qualified MAN in office.

    Who knew that when people said ‘props to Obama,’ they were speaking literally.

  113. Aha! The new “transparency”:

    Press Briefings Section Lacking On Obama WhiteHouse.gov Site
    …. the Clinton and George W. Bush administrations often featured transcripts of their daily press briefings easily accessible on the Web site…… often appearing within a few hours after having concluded.
    But, as the Obama White House page declares, “Change Has Come to America,” with the new administration failing to have a place on the White House Web page for daily press briefings.
    The word is they’re not going to post transcripts at all.
    Change, change, change.

  114. It looks like the new transparency is opaque.

    So how long is it going to take ObamaNation to awake from its kool-aid induced slumber? Or are they just gonna snooze through the next four years?

  115. I sat and stared at this article for about 5 minutes before I could move into the comments.

    All I could think was “that b!tch gotta be nuts!” HER commenting about sexism??? After what she and the roolz committee did to the first woman who had a real chance to win the White House? Gawd i wish she would just go away! Grrr!

    Hey Afrocity! I really like your new pic/avatar!!

  116. “Jesus was a community organizer”

    Laura Linney implied the Founding Fathers were community organizers also. So, I take it all the good guys in history were community organizers…

    Me? I always thought Hitler and Lenin were community organizers …

  117. It’s not misogny. It’s politics. It’s about who gets what. In the true “bait – and – switch” style of this crowd, expect to receive appeals to contribute to organizations formed to promote and advance women, then – just as with MoveOn.org, have your contributions hijacked to advance a “two-fer” woman of color. No Offence, but this ‘Burn ’em and Learn ’em tactic has played its last tune on my “no longer needed” about to be replaced by a more “hip, urban constituency.” psyche. Party On, Donna.

  118. ObamaNation: They’ll snooze for a while.

    But their numbers (never accurately measured) will decrease. Especially as the economy tanks.

  119. Arabella Trefoil, on January 23rd, 2009 at 1:19 pm

    Well, there will be something else to occupy their time. Obie won’t be the newest fad and perhaps something like the Pet Rock will grab their attention.

  120. It’s Friday and I am cleaning today. Donna is welcome to the broom to fly her way back to NOLA ASAP! No charge.

  121. Fredster – Come up with a business plan, and you may make some money.

    Nobody is going to go broke selling Obama collectables.

    I think a Chia-Pet like product shaped like Obama’s head would do very well. Water it, and watch the ideas sprout from his cranium.

  122. Arabella: Oh, sorta like a “nice” version of the head-o-state?


    Well, for the obamabots it would have to be something shiny and bright, to get their attention.

  123. The following quote from yesterday’s No Quarter article, Sweet Caroline…BaBaBaaa, by rob Warrior, reveals what Caroline’s selection was really about:

    “Her withdrawal is a stinging rebuke for President Obama. Her appointment was going to be his opening to break the Clinton hold on New York State Democrats. Bill and Hillary have been loyal soldiers for the party in the state. They’ve personally donated to numerous campaigns for Congressmen, State Senators, Assemblymen and County Executives etc. More importantly, both have headlined at countless breakfasts, brunches, cocktail parties and dinners allowing the hosts to raise thousands of dollars off the Clinton name.

    The Obama camp does not like seeing so many powerful leaders beholden to the Clintons. Caroline was going to be the new star, injecting tons of Kennedy cash and star power to the New York game while Hillary is forced to temper her activities in accordance with the protocol of being Secretary of State. With one sentence from Caroline, that plan is toast.

    Now the likelihood is that whoever Paterson picks will not be a loyal Obama solider….”

  124. PJ: Please don’t wish that on dakinikat or me.

    NOLA and St. Bernard are having a hard enough time as it is.

    Ray-ray Nagin’s term as mayor ends soon and D.B. might get the idea to try to run for office. That would sound the death-knell for the Crescent City.

  125. RD-

    Please Please can it be my turn to tell you how much I detest and loath that self hating woman and internalized homophobe who would not know equal rights if it slapped her in the face with a rotten leg of lamb.

    Please Please cant I take my two big bear paws (encased in bio hazzard gloves) and escort her to her own special circle of Dante’s hell the one for traitors!

    She is the sorriest excuse for a democrat…I would not piss or throw gasloine on her if she were to spontaneously combust.

    As American’s #1 closet case lesbian her quote “AA’s are offended when you equate civil rights with gay rights” is the hieght of self hate….I am suprized she didnt shoot herself right there.

    I am sorry she is not fit to lick the toe of any real PUMA democrats shoe….

  126. my arabella trefoil-hello how have you been I have soooo missed you!

    (fuzzy bursts into tears of joy)

  127. Hi fuzzy – Love you back!

    I haven’t been doing well, so I’ve kept to myself.

  128. […] is pouting that the Obama team’s choice was rejected. Sadly, she’s cloaking it in faux concern for women being under-represented in government. Political strategist Donna Brazile noted the contrast between the excitement surrounding Obama’s […]

  129. Let Donna pout. She’s never going to be as happy as she was during the Obama campaign. Never in her entire life will she be as happy as when she was working Blackberry like squirrel on crack. When she was trashing and bullying Hillary like the meanest mean girl in High School. When she sat on Sunday morning TV spewing toads out of her mouth, while the boys admired her output like it was precious jewels.

    She is reduced to stealing blankets and bitching about how a rich white girl just can’t get a break. She’s not even worthy to steal her own shopping cart yet.

  130. lol Arabella – what you say is soooo true.

    I’m sorry to hear you are having a hard time and hope you will post when you can. I have always enjoyed reading your thoughts. Listen if it’s employment issues (as I recall) I’ve been there and it’s hard not to take it personally and get down (and in pajamas and staying indoors). Moral support from me to you!

  131. Thanks a lot, perries!

  132. I’m glad you covered it RD. All we have to do is go back at the Confluence to all the posts about what Brazile did and said.

    She never intended anything for Hillary Clinton.

    We all know that.

    New elected Democratic Women are not going to forget what they saw either, this year. They won’t.

    Thank heavens.

    You said it, RD.

    You always do.

  133. I’ve just finished reading almost every post here and I have lol a lot and just plain agreed with most. Riverdaughter, sometimes you absolutly rock my world.This is one of the best rants on one of the worst women in politics today.This woman should be held accountable for all the rotten lies, and nasty inuendos she has uttered over the past 2 years.
    I think we should go after this woman and if interested, I’d definitely join you.
    Exactly what is her position these days? Wasn’t she vying for DNC..and didn’t get it?

  134. That clip brought tears to my eyes. Hillary has such class.

    As for Donna…I really don’t think she will ever catch a clue.

  135. There is no mythological glass ceiling nor cabal in politics holding female politicians back from serving either in congress, as president or in any state, county or city government position…Except for women themselves who as slightly over 50% percent of the population can elect to political office any male or female they chose…Yet consistently tend to elect male leaders for the most part instead of members of their own lackluster gender…

  136. There is no mythological glass ceiling nor cabal in politics holding female politicians back from serving either in congress, as president or in any state, county or city government position…Except for women themselves who as slightly over 50% percent of the population can elect to political office any male or female they chose…Yet consistently tend to elect male leaders for the most part instead of members of their own lackluster gender…


  137. Dabir: That’s absolutely true. Most primary voters chose Clinton in both total number of votes and total number of delegates earned. And Madam President Hillary Clinton was just sworn in a few days ago in THE most historic inauguration ever! Right? RIGHT??

    See, here’s where your argument falls apart. How is it that the person with the most votes and number of earned delegates (before the RBC hearing reapportioned them) did not get the nomination?

    Get back to us when you have an answer. And, no, we aren’t kidding that she won the primary. She did and we can prove it.

  138. Riverdaughter…

    I was commenting on the average female voters penchant to vote for male political candidates instead of those from their own gender because another poster mentioned the proverbial glass ceiling…Not the dishonest tactics of the Democratic party leaders during the primary and of which I was unaware in regards to Hillery Clinton…Though I’m not the least bit surprised that the DNC leadership rigged the outcome as the Democrats have down through the years been guilty of election fraud…Mayor Daley, JKF, and Johnson just to name a few…This is of course why here in Georgia the DNC’s and especially the grand poobah of the AJC Cynthia Tucker have fought so hard against the concept of voter id…

  139. Comment deleted

    (Your freedom of speech doesn’t obligate us to give you a soapbox to spew lies)

  140. Angrynana: if I were closer to the admin page, I would probably throw your comment into moderation. We at The Confluence do not feel it is appropriate to speculate on a person’s gender as bringing legitimacy to their positions of power or opinion. It’s irrelevent.
    Just satin’

  141. Riverdaughter, it’s done.

  142. I guess I’m a little behind being from the sticks and all, but isn’t Kirsten Gilibrand a woman? So, Caroline was passed over for a less affluent, but more experienced woman and that’s sexism in Donna’s mind? No what Donna and all her elite bussies did the Hillary and even more so to Sarah Palin is sexism. If Patterson had passed over Gilibrand or Maloney for a man, that might have been sexism. Because they are both qualified. I know Cuomo is well qualified, and I’d be happier with him than Kennedy, but really, we’ve got lots of men in D.C.

    If Patterson had passed over Gillibrand for Kennerdy, that would have been elitism. She has no qualifications other than money and genetics.

    Patterson, appparently thought long and hard and decided to do what was right, and not piss off Hillary.

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