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Things I just don’t get

Parts of the past year remain a total mystery to me.  For instance, what made Barack Obama more of a Change!™ agent than Hillary Clinton?  Did everyone REALLY think that she was going to escort Bush to the door and then just slide behind the desk in the Oval Office, picking up business like nothing had transpired?  Which one of you stupid Obots thought that was going to happen?  Speak up so we know who to taunt in the future.

Ruffles, good.  Stick to ruffles.

Ruffles, good. Stick to ruffles.

Of course Hillary would have brought Change.  From what I gather, it would have been more dramatic than Obama’s version.  She was ready with some pretty radical policy changes on the Paulsen Bailout Bill last September.  They were so out there that the only person who seemed to have paid any attention to them was John McCain.

That’s another thing I don’t get.  According to the CNN article, it was John McCain who seems to have taken a real shine for Hillary since the primaries.  The two of them worked together on the Armed Services Committee and they’re good friends now.  Maybe it’s because she can drink him under the table, I dunno.  It was John McCain who pointed to the urgency of confirming Clinton as the Secretary of State yesterday.  The country is in a vulnerable period of transition with a green president and the GOP was going to hold things up to get one last shot in?  How stupid is that?  When all was said and done, only 2 Republicans voted nay on her confirmation, making themselves stand out like crybabies for insisting on an unnecessary spectacle to parade her clean laundry in front of the world-again.

I will never understand the vitriolic viciousness of the Villagers or the Republicans for the Clintons.  I will never understand how one skipped cocktail party at Sally Quinn’s house escalated to such a mindless, frenzied 16 year onslaught on two dedicated public servants.  They aren’t perfect.  Not by a long shot.  But they fall so short of being the vile human beings as they are portrayed that the conventional wisdom about them is a joke now.  Perhaps Vince Foster had it right.  In Washington, ruining people “is considered sport”.  It was nothing more than cliquey viciousness that spread and was fueled by a right wing cabal of spiteful elves.  Maybe it was because they arrived in Washington based on their merits, not some aristocratic machine that greased the skids for them.  Maybe without the protection of their “clan”, they were open to the volleys from the courtiers who made their living from the continuity of the political class.

Whatever the initial reason behind the offensive, it eventually spread to Hillary’s own party and infected its hierarchy with the delight of all things petty and mean.  The pervasive nature of the game worried the leaders who were simultaneously reveling in  it while becoming fearful that the media and Villagers would never let up.  The sport fed upon itself.  The original reason for the game was lost long ago.  It was just the thing they did.  Beat up on the Clintons because they are there.  They will not go away so we will continue this silly game until they do.

No amount of so-called “arrogance” on Hillary’s part justified this ridiculous behavior from the Washington establishment.  Without self-confidence and a healthy ego, she couldn’t have come this far.  But it didn’t stop the clique from finding fault in everything she did.  Still, it should be time to put it aside now.  She has triumphed over them.  They’ve been beaten.  Oh, she’ll never be president.  They’ve seen to that, to our detriment.  But she will be one of the most powerful Secretaries of State we’ve ever had.  As the Boston Globe pointed out, Barack Obama needs someone with the experience and stature of Hillary Clinton to take his place on the foreign stage while he deals with domestic issues.  She will be as close to a foreign president as we have ever had.  And anyone who doesn’t think this is exactly what she asked for is dreaming.

Still, I just don’t get why the pettiness and snobbery continues.  Like, what’s up between the Carters and the Clintons that resulted in the incident below?  Is this the way we treat successful former presidents and their honorable wives these days?

There’s a history there, no question.  But what it’s all about is a mystery to me.  It’s a bit of Pride and Prejudice that I don’t understand, where the people you once admire turn out to be meanspirited meddlers with their own agendas.  It’s hard to know what to believe except that integrity can be found in how closely a person’s actions match their words.  And so far, my inclination is to trust Hillary.  She is as good as her word and Obama, who could stand to learn a thing or two about integrity, is very lucky to have her.

One more thing: Consider this your Morning Funnies.

171 Responses

  1. Wow! Excellent post! Thanks!

  2. I’ll just say it: I think deep down it’s rooted in misogyny. Yes, they’re probably the political heavyweights most likely to threaten the Wall Street status quo, even thought they’re both corporate Democrats, but the establishment hates Bill because he chose her. I remember reading a post on that somewhere (Shakesville?) . That’s the core of it, but you’re right in the fact they didn’t have a political machine that could withstand the circling vultures.

    I feel like Gore vs. Bush all over again. Whenever I see Obama I see his middle finger to Clinton, or Favreau’s tag team assault of her in effigy, or his grin when the crowd booed her name (as he so often did). I want to turn the page on such “childish things.”

  3. Davidson: See, here’s the thing, if they are “corporate Democrats” they have a damn weird way of showing it. Such a thing would imply that Hillary would have voted for the FISA bill last year. She didn’t. That’s just one example that comes to mind. But there are others. For example, I work for Big Satan, er, pharma. A John McCain win worried us because he promised to make some fairly radical changes. Hillary Clinton *also* worried us. Barack Obama? Ehhhh, not so much. Wrap your head around that. I think we have more to fear from Congress. (Fortunately, I work for a company that is kind of an outlier too and doesn’t think the way the rest of pharma thinks but that’s for another post.)
    Then there was my colleague who has a lot of friends on Wall Street. They *knew* the meltdown was coming at this time last year and they feared that with the Republicans in charge, there would be a Depression. They wanted Hillary instead. Barack Obama? Ehhh, not so much. Of course, this was the rank and file Wall Street crowd, not the big wig players who thought Obama was just peachy.
    So, corporate? As of this election season, I’m with Inigo Montoya. “I do not think that word means what you say it means, senor.”

  4. I love Hillary and I want her to be a success….

    Pampers-not so much.

    I went 8 years without calling “Big Ears” the “P” word. I can do the same again with Pampers.

    He will never be my ” Head O State” !

    Wish Him well? Nagh I can not do that either, our country survived 4 years of H Hoover, for a real FDR we can do the same again.

    As Lord Acton said (but is often misquoted):

    “Power TENDS to Corrupt, but absolute power Corrupts Absolutely.”

    We I dont think it will be long before power goes to pampers head. In a year or two the “novelty” will wear off or grow thin and we will have 12 years of republican rule.

    This is sad and it could have been avoided.

  5. RD Great post on Hillary -I always loved Carter he was a tireless servant of the people his work with habitat for humanity was stellar.

    He has disappointed me lately with his attitude to Isreal.

    Now he comes off as petty.

    RD I doubt we shall ever be free of CDS

  6. RD: Corporate Democrats doesn’t mean that they vote lock-step with the most backwards of Democrats on FISA or other bills, it just means they aren’t actual left-wingers, but center left with a rather, uh, “friendly” disposition towards corporations, their donors. The hell the establishment would allow them anywhere near power if they weren’t corporate (i.e. they’re mainstream).

  7. Excellent post, RD.
    “Whatever the initial reason behind the offensive, it eventually spread to Hillary’s own party and infected its hierarchy with the delight of all things petty and mean. ”

    That hurt the most for me.

    As for the “corporate” adjective, it fits to a point. Certainly Hillary was no threat to corporate America. A threat to corporate America on greed, yes. She’s not a Republican. That’s what the Democrats forgot. I don’t care for the “new coke” Democratic (sic) Party.

  8. This whole thing seems like a bad “After School Special” — smart girl hated by the bullies, smart girl who is really nice saves the bullies from their own ignorance. I don’t know if we could ever find “patient zero” of the CDS, but they have outlasted whoever it was. People like Rush, Hannity or Newt are carriers, but weren’t the first ones to be infected.

    I see the 96-2 vote as a passage from the petty past recrimination (personally I would wear Demint and Vitter’s votes as a badge of honor). There will always be harpies, but yesterday’s vote was an ascendency of sorts not unlike George Mitchell. I think there are well-deserved better times for Hillary. Big Dawg’s place in history is fixed, Hillary’s is still being written.

  9. purplefinn: I think she *was* a threat to corporate America, or at least to the corporations who had funneled themselves into being inextricably tied to Republicans. There’s a difference between working with a corporation to get things done and working *for* a corporation to do what they say. And who owns Obama? That’s right, The banks.

  10. Oh, I understand the hatred of the Clintons: they were commoners, not from THEIR family, intruders in the “Village”. Never again one of us will be allowed in – especially that Dick Cheney’s cousin has made the entry ticket one billion dollars. It wasn’t party, it was class war.
    And now they celebrate themselves – but will they turn on Michelle?

  11. As for Carter, who else remembers how he fueled the Marc Rich pardon “scandal” – when W was trying to raise his numbers at the expense of Clinton’s? There has to be some deep resentment there from the one termer against the man who endangered his Arkansas governor position to support his policies as president

  12. RD, I don’t think we disagree. Her threat is/was to the corporate mindset you describe, but not to a major shift in power from corporations to the government or the people. I didn’t hear her wanting to reverse the law giving corporations the same status as an individual under the law, for example.

    I think corporations have so much power that any hint of curbing it does send fear throughout the ranks. So that a moderate based in concern for the common good is a threat to the greed which pervades our system.

  13. I read somewhere that Carter made Bill mad when he either made a trip or was going to make a trip to the Middle East during Clinton’s administration. I’m not exactly sure where I read it but I think the feud started when Carter was meddling in foreign affairs without authorization. As well, there couldn’t have been much love lost when Carter supported Obama in the primary. Remember when he coyly said during an interview that he wasn’t going to endorse a candidate, but that he was influenced by his family, who supported Obama?

    I agree with SOD, I think the CDS comes from the fact that they don’t participate in the secret club, but they are popular with the voters and the club can’t control them.

  14. Prolix
    There wasn’t a patient zero in CDS – because as hillary said – there was a VRWC. Someone went around and gathered all the natural enemies – from different walks of life – racists from Arkansas joined big Wall Street money. It’s that mix of characters that makes The Hunting of the President such a fascinating read. Especially these days, when you recognize so many of them on the Obama wagon.

  15. Oops! Spamy got me for the “r” word. Help!

  16. edge: I agree…this has always been about class. And they’ll use Michelle (and turn on her if she can’t be used). Look at Carter, hardly born of the elite, used.

  17. morning all!

    It is supposed to warm up to 61 F today and not go below freezing tonight….

    which is good I am out of chicken soup!

    Happy days are here again….weatherwise

    Hope the orange crop survived I dont think that can count on much help from BO.

    have a good day all

  18. RD: I so appreciate your writing. Such an uncanny ability to say what many of us cannot accurately articulate with such force and reasoning.

    And one cannot deny that if she had been up to such nefarious doings throughout her Senate career it would have come to light from those out to “screw the pooch”. None ever did.

    She enjoys respect from both sides of the aisle, that is the crazy part. Yet they chose him over her, he who had so little to offer. Something I will never understand.

  19. farmers cannot count on much help from BO sorry he will tell the orange grove owners to develope there land turn it into lagre tracks of homes…and damn agriculture (which is still 1 in 5 jobs in america)!

  20. Pat: *someone* wanted a weak executive.

  21. car still cold damn! well off to work

  22. You have got to check out Jon Stewart as he compares Obama to Bush. The ending is the best

  23. RD: Yep, we are in the hands of corporate masters. They own everything.

  24. Downticket, the WORM we’ve been waiting for.

  25. DT: Hee. Jason had better hope he doesn’t mean it. Sadly, my friend, he probably does.

  26. Downticket: Have I reason to hope? Jon Stewart actually criticizing The One by comparing him to Bush? Be still my beating heart.

  27. “downticket”
    It might be just me ; but I’m not getting the sound??

  28. Davidson, on January 22nd, 2009 at 6:33 am Said:

    I’ll just say it: I think deep down it’s rooted in misogyny

    I agree. I think most of the attack on Hillary is based on misogyny. They just can accept that a woman can be better than them or demand as much power as they do.

  29. tpt/ny – it is just you.

    Jason’s part is the best. He has hope that Obama doesn’t mean what he says and Jon Stewart was apologizing for critizing Obama

  30. Good morning everyone! RD, this is a wonderful, thought-provoking essay. Like Davidson, I used to think of the Clintons as “corporate” Democrats. Early in 2008, I started to realized that Obama was far more “corporate” than Hillary. Maybe it’s because the Clintons have gotten enough power that they don’t have to be as beholden to their donors as Obama does. Maybe they just have more {gasp!} integrity than Obama does.

    I don’t know why the DC establishment hates the Clintons so much either. How can David Vitter hold his head up after it is revealed that he likes prostitutes to change his diapers, while everyone sits in judgement of the Clintons’ marriage? Could it be because Bill Clinton had an affair with an ordinary young woman who wasn’t stick thin instead of hiring prostitutes like the rest of the pols?

    I don’t get it either, but reading your writing helps me try to figure it out.

  31. Is it safe to record The Daily Show again???
    Nah, I’m sorry, I used to love Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert but they lost me permanently when they became Obots at the expense of the real primary winner.

  32. BB: LOL! good point. The Big Dawg had women throwing themselves at his feet. Ahem, literally. Vitter has to pay money to do it. That’s not to say that what Bill did was in any way a good thing. He really screwed things up when he *knew* they were out to get him. Still, he was human. He made a mistake and it didn’t need to be blown up into an international crisis. The Republicans hounded him over a blow job and criticized him for taking steps to halt Al Qaeda. They have a lot to answer for. But I am very glad that there were only 2 holdouts in the senate for Hill’s confirmation. It sounds to me like the mysterious fury over the Clintons has finally burned itself out.

  33. can’t accept not can

    RD: It will be fun watching them realize their mistake. They have to critisize him now even if they have to do it while crying.

  34. Edge,

    Class war doesn’t completely explain it either. Bill and Hillary graduated from Yale Law School. Hillary came from a comfortable middle-class home. Obama’s family wasn’t any more affluent than hers. He was chosen this year because he was a willing tool of Wall Street and more corrupt than Hillary, and thus more malleable. And his brown skin guaranteed that the stupid “progressives” would believe he was a liberal anti-Bush in the face of all the empirical evidence.

  35. (waving blearily)

    Riverdaughter, Maybe most of us never get out of junior high? And as soon as we have a chance to sit at the cool table we turn on anyone who’s not there with us?

    It’s funny about the Carter video. I’ve always regretted my 1976 vote for Carter. I HATED his “Born Again” talk throughout the election and I blame him for opening Personal Religious Conviction as a campaign issue ever since. He brought it to the White House by refusing to serve liquor at State Functions (or at least threatening to — did he stick with that plan?)

    While I never for one moment considered voting for Obama my vote for McCain was at least partly due to my regret at not voting for Ford in 1976.

    I’ve been impressed with Carter as a Former President. But, lately I wonder if it’s just because we don’t hear him talk so much.

  36. Morning all.

    Why Carter became an Obot will remain an inexplicable mystery for me. As far as I’m concerned, the credibility he built up at home and abroad over the decades after his presidency is dead. For whatever reasons, he didn’t step in during the primary fraud for the good of the country and the party when he could have lead the charge to stop it in it’s tracks.

  37. Thanks for the update “downticket”.
    I’m still new to the computer.
    I agree with EVERYONE here.
    Obama, just like Bush is “Corporate America’s (& in this case Europe?) Choice”.
    I read the “EXEC’s” (the very ones that needed a bailout) from Citicorp gave $8 mill to Obama’s BIG DAY.
    When will they learn; eventually “they” do want they want in the end??

  38. RD,

    Bill’s attractiveness to women probably aroused the envy of a lot of the Villagers. And then when the American people stuck by him no matter how hard they tried to bring him down, they must have been beside themselves! But it is the very humanness of what Bill did that I think they don’t understand. I think he actually felt attraction and affection for Monica Lewinsky. Of course what he did was foolish and wrong. But it was human. And then Bill and Hillary had the nerve to stay together and work things out. I think it’s their basic humanity that really gets to the Villagers. Somehow Bill and Hillary can’t be completely co-opted, and that is what they hate.

  39. Class war is far more subtle than net worth only. There is an exclusive club in which you are only allowed in by some very special rules (kinda like a frat house I think). In Obama’s case – the relationship with Cheney did it. And obviously there was misogyny as well with Hillary all along – but the CDS was generated by class war.

  40. Kbird: I don’t think I’d ever act like that even if I were at the cool table.
    Ok, maybe I would make fun of somebody’s boss but never each other.
    Alright, except for that Cindy person who copied my stuff in a graduate course I once took and then shmoozed her way to becoming the prof’s pet. She was disgusting. And why the hell did she always get a better grade than I did on the stuff I gave her? Well? If I got an A, she got an A+. Drove me nuts!
    But I digress.

  41. Riverdaughter — (giggling) I blame my pre-coffee bleariness for not saying “most of them” instead of “most of us” — NONE of us could ever treat people like that. The proof? We don’t.

  42. edge: But Cheney and Obama are really distant cousins. It’s not like they would ever meet at a family reunion. I can’t believe that is what did it. I think he just had some mentors in high places in the corporate world who spanned both parties and he was very agreeable to being corrupted.

  43. Edge,

    I’ll go read your piece. I don’t buy the Cheney argument. I think the Bush family wanted Obama all along, and not because he was of their class. The Bushes and their even more powerful backers *are* the secret government that SOD was talking about. Their influence on the U.S. government goes back at least to the Wilson administration. I recommend the new book by Russ Baker, Family of Secrets. I just hope Baker is being very careful these days.

  44. I think it’s the money. We’ll probably never know why a first-year Senator could raise so much money before a vote was ever cast. But, when the CDS sufferers saw that he could do it, they fell in love.

  45. Kbird: This seriously drove me crazy one semester. It took me awhile to figure out that I didn’t have to be sharing my work with her. Then she moved on to someone else. But it was absolutely maddening to spend a lot of time working on some tricky little problem, have her sidle up and casually ask, “whatcha doin?”, explain it all to her and then have her get a better grade. It was so unfair. I think she got pregnant at some point during the semester and that’s what did it. Everyone felt sorry for her because she had to work so hard through morning sickness. Oh, brother. She never worked a minute the whole year. And there were no tests or anything. It was all read 5 papers and answer 32 questions about each requiring multiple paragraph answers.
    I still can’t stand her. And she walked funny.

  46. The Hunting of the President – it’s Joe Conason and Gene Lyons book. Subtitle: “The 10 year Campaign to Destroy Bill and Hillary Clinton” There’s a website – a movie was made as well – but the book is priceless!

  47. RD, you are so lucky to remember high school. I don’t. 🙂

  48. Edge, it seemed to me that Conason became an Obot. Did I just imagine that?

  49. Carter was also one of the many democratic leaders who demanded Hillary quit. He said Obama would be a better president. He also said her supporters would get over it. Maybe he is just old fashioned and doesn’t believe that women should be presidents. Hillary’s ambition scares him. It is all about Hillary and its goes back to Richard Nixon.

  50. One of the tidbits from the book: during the campaign against Poppy – when they saw they were losing – they started to pressure Bill to drop out. “Just let him have this one, we’ll give you the next. Or else you’re finished” was the phone call.

  51. katiebird
    I saw that about Conason. Broke my heart – truly. More than anyone else. Still, I believe it happened after the primaries.

  52. Kbird: It wasn’t HS. It was only about a decade ago when some of my colleagues and I were enrolled in an Industrial Associates Program at Princeton

  53. Edge, Conason used to write for Salon (maybe still does) and they became early Obots. It was so horrible that I canceled my Salon subscription last January — before I ever thought of supporting Hillary. I think it would have been hard for him to hold out through the Primary. But, since I stopped reading him, I can’t swear by that.

  54. Riverdaughter,

    General Electric also owns B.O.. The bleeding hearts aren’t whining about that! Their explanation is that a democrat can’t survive in American politics without being tied corporate interests. But, I guess that free get out of pass card is only available to men!

  55. This is the first I’ve seen the Carter clip. It’s just bizarre. Either he’s too old to see who is in front of him, or it was planned to snub both Clintons. Why would they want to snub the incoming secretary of state?

  56. RD — are you serious? An ADULT copied your homework? And was rewarded for it by the teacher? OK. That proves what I said — some people are still in high school.

    And the rest of us are at a disadvantage because we don’t realize that they’re living by childish rules.

  57. OTOH, John McCain made me proud yesterday. He said what needed to be said, and made the rest of them look like weenies.

  58. This is President Carter’s explanation:


    “President Carter disputes there was any snub and says any suggestion there was is “erroneous.” Through a spokesperson at the Carter Center in Atlanta, the former President told ABC News that he had earlier spent a half hour talking to the Clintons and therefore wanted to use the opportunity to say hello to the Bushes while he could. According to the spokesperson, cameras only caught the later encounter.”

  59. I hope that’s true.

  60. plural, me too. As an older person with an elderly parent, I know about senior moments, slips of the mind and having just so much energy. I’m saddened to learn of the rift between Carter and the Clintons. I could hardly believe his support for Obama over Hillary. I think he’s losing it.

  61. To be fair, Jon Stewart was an early Hillary supporter. After the primaries he got onboard the Obot bus but he actually liked McCain. Had him on his show numerous times.

    One of the biggest disappointments was watching those writers and pundits, who I used to admire, fall all over themselves for Obama. Conason was one of them who left me reeling since I used to consider him one of the more reasonable of journalists and he was one who defended Bill during that mess with Lewinsky.

    They wanted more drama during that period. Had Hillary abandoned Bill the pundits would have loved it. In my estimation, she actually saved his bacon by staying with him and keeping the country from falling apart. Instead of crediting her with some degree of sympathy, they preferred to attack her instead for not walking away.

    I have no idea of what their marriage entails but I prefer to think that there is real, longtime love that exists between them and not some ficticious “pact” that allows them to boost one another’s ambitions. Hillary is much too canny a person to allow herself to be victimized. She can handle herself quite well, thank you very much.

    For someone whose own marriage disintegrated I am in no position to judge someone else’s but again, I do believe that these two people share a bond that many of us envy in a way. They have endured and that is more than many of us can claim.

    I have nothing but respect for both Hillary and Bill and wish them the best at all times. They have nothing else to prove. They just are.

  62. The Repubs a=have hated HRC since she worked on theWatergate hearings. As for Carter, he decided the Obama was to be anointed and she got in his way. It cartainly was fascinating to hear Lahey, Reid and the other senators who has so excoriated her sing her praises yesterday.,

  63. Pat, Yes!

  64. My favorite line that summarizes all:
    “It was nothing more than cliquey viciousness that spread and was fueled by a right wing cabal of spiteful elves”

    You’re dazzling, RD.

  65. Hi Joanie!

  66. When Hillary worked on the Watergate hearings, she was just out of law school. I have never understood why that should lead to life-long resentment and revenge.

    I think it’s just an excuse for doing what they want to do anyway.

  67. Interesting that Carter felt the need to justify his snub. Sorry, Jimmy you were caught on tape. Have you wonder if you are both jealous and insecure that the Clintons will do more for all people in this world and you will be relegated to the back pages of history.

  68. joaniebone: Yes, she is. And I often think of what a waste that her writing and essays go no further than this page each day. We “gobble” them up each morning and her abilities allow us each day to think, “I wish I had said that”.

    But she becomes embarrassed when these words are said so I won’t go any further. Needless to say, we all feel the same.

    She is a treasure but don’t tell her I said so. Blushing does not become redheads!

  69. Pat, I agree wholeheartedly about RD’s gift of the word, but may I be so bold as to add, you have a magical way of making the electrons dance on this page as well.

  70. I have lost a lot of respect for Carter. I really thought his center in Atlanta that monitors elections was great. Then I figured out that the voters in American elections do not matter all that much–it was time for Obama and the voters needed to appreciate that. My dislike for him is intact, but when I first saw that tape I did think that perhaps they had talked earlier. My mil is Mrs Socially Correct. Always makes a point of talking to everyone at a party, but once she has talked to you a piano could be falling on you and she would have to think about whether or not to ‘revisit’ you by saying “watch out”.

  71. Carter was a real disappointment to me this year.

    I had thought better of him.

  72. What I can’t figger out is how RD spins out these posts at the crack of dawn, while I’m still trying to hold my coffee without spilling it.

  73. Pat, RD’s brilliance at creating posts is equaled by her creation of a vibrant online community. 5,071,243 hits can’t be wrong. I don’t think we have any idea how often RD is quoted or linked to.

  74. BTW – “crack of dawn” = before noon PST

  75. I have to say I love the picture of the swearing-in at the top. Thanks for posting it, RD.

  76. Hi sissy!

  77. It’s such a trip to wake up to The Confluence, a wonderful post and then comments by so many like-minded people echoing my own thoughts and feelings.

    Yes. It was misogyny. It was impossible to deny once the Palin attacks followed the Hillary bashing. We saw it up close and personal. Not just the vile and abusive obot tr0lls but in our every day lives. I will never looks at my co-workers the same way again. It was a depressing eye-opener.

    And it’s absolutely true that the reason the Clintons are so hated is because they gained their status on their own merits, through the electorate, the people. This is a class war alright and the Clintons are a formidable force for the people. As is Palin who just might turn out to be a contender. We’ll just have to wait and see.

  78. Katiebird,

    Joe Conason did become an Obot, but his co-writer on Hunting of the President, Gene Lyons, did not. Lyons is the one from Arkansas, and probably the one with the most knowledge of the Clintons.

  79. Hillary now at the state dept, on CNN.

  80. This blog has attracted such gifted writers that it is no surprise to me that the hits just keep coming.

    From Boston Boomer, katiebird, SM, Lady Boomer, Heidi Li, taggles, shtuey, dakinikat, Regency, madamab, Cinie, and our own beloved curmudgeon, myiq, the talent is unbeatable. They are able to paint pictures in our minds with their profundity, wisdom, research, humor, while touching our humanity all the while.

    And the posters who avidly follow these threads become the natural ingredients for making this blog the success that it has become. They speak from the heart and the head and the combination is unbeatable.

    I think I can speak for many of us who truly believe that without this outlet for reasonable thought and deliberation, we would be adrift.

    A huge thank you to all who make the day a little brighter and the noise a lot less.

  81. Prolix, I second that! We have such an array of gifted writers here.

    I always marvel at the articulation of so many here. Most of the time, I just want to say, “What she or he said!”

    Back to the derangement, I truly believe it is a deepseated discomfort by both men and women with having a woman hold so much power.

    I think so many men have felt controlled by women on too many levels and don’t want to surrender that last men-only club.

    And too many women go along out of a sick desire to please or their mean-spirited competitiveness.

    Watching women’s behavior toward Hill was like watching “Mean-girls” Clockwork Orange style.

  82. ended up moderated, for some reason.

  83. I don’t have a problem with journalists or bloggers taking sides, so long as they are honest.

    Honest about their leanings, and honest about the facts.

    Needless to say, I have a problem with a lot of journalists and bloggers these days.

  84. You always speak for me, Pat. And you do it eloquently.

  85. Pat, it’s true! Having abandoned all news outlets and my beloved morning papers, this is my sanctuary!

  86. I have Hillary streaming on ABC news.

  87. Good Morning has everyone seen this disgusting video of Jay-Z being racist at the inauguration party?

    I want reverse racism to END.

  88. spammy loves it when I painstakingly hen-peck a long comment.

  89. She looks fabulous! All in gray.

  90. The CBS station in NY is saying that Randi Weingarten is on Paterson’s short list. Does anyone know anything about her? I googled her and she is the President of United Federation of Teachers.

  91. joaniebone: lol!!

  92. Good Morning has everyone seen this disgusting video of Jay-Z being racist at the inauguration party?

    I want reverse r@cism to END.

    It is at the beginning at this tape

  93. Pat, I’ll watch TV from now through your eyes. You could tell me anything, and I would believe it.

    Will you create the broadcast news that I want to see?

  94. I am not a curmudgeon!

    I am a “very petulant clown!”

  95. This strange, I have tried to post 3 xs and my posts won’t come up.

  96. Afrocity, it is disgusting. Why do so many feel hip going along with it?

  97. Sister Mary Spamkiller doesn’t like the “R” word

  98. I’ve always thought there was a degree of snobbery in the Washington DC distaste for the Clintons. Clinton’s background really is poor (unlike Obama’s) with travelling salesmen, nurses, small shopkeepers in his family. Ordinary working people, with some family difficulties, rather like Sarah Palin in fact. And she too is constantly exposed to character assassination. While Obama (with his bank vicepresident grandmother) is blessed with a physical grace and a speaking voice that allow him to play the classily elegant aristocrat, Palin is unashamedly an ordinary working woman. And boy do the DC snobs and their media chorus hate that.

  99. Foreign president Hillary Clinton sounds good to me.

  100. Great speech from Hillary. I love her clarity.

  101. She’s already at work? She doesn’t waste any time. Good, then I can go about my day feeling well taken care of.

  102. myiq: If I said that I can see through to your soft side, you would blast me for mentioning it. So I won’t.

  103. And her inclusiveness.

  104. The Madame Secretary blog has Hillary’s agenda for the day all laid out. Sounds good.

  105. She is basically surrounded by men who have goofy smiles on their faces. She is a portrait of leadership in her own right.

  106. There were lots of snoopy dances to be witnessed behind closed doors when she was finally confirmed.

  107. plural: And she does it without a teleprompter. Amazing!

  108. What’s a “snoopy dance”?

  109. Pat, no teleprompter, no notes. She is so impressive.

  110. The media disdained Jimmy Carter for being southern, and hated Clinton even more for being a lower class southerner who had risen higher than them. You saw the same kind of hatred of Palin, too. They are big on putting white trailer trash and hillbillies in their place. Only cool people get their admiration. Yes, they thought Bush was cool, in a frat boy kind of way. They also adored Reagan, an empty suit, but one that had Hollywood glamour attached to him. He has been deified by the right with the compliance of the media even though his economic policies left a mess which Clinton successfully cleaned up.

    The media has no objectivity. They are emotionally stuck in high school. Most anyway. Juan Williams continues to impress. No Quarter links today to his op ed piece urging the media to stop fawning over Obama.

  111. Pat: The dance Snoopy, the dog from Charlie Brown (Peanuts) did whenever he was happy,

  112. Now, now – you need to remember that Carter is an “old fashioned, country guy” who likes his wimmin quiet and supportive, not out there doing their own thing.

  113. Indeed, what BernieO said! 😉

  114. afrocity: That tape was disgusting to say the least. I seriously doubt that even Obama would approve.

  115. If Hillary could win over most of the Repub males in the Senate who obviously respect and like her as a person, there is no doubt that she can do the same at State.

    Those men standing behind her, and those men gazing upward at her, seemed almost pleased to have her among them.

    This is a woman who will dominate the history books for years to come. Her achievements will far outweigh the criticism she has so unfairly endured. When even my Repub son in law offers her begrudging praise, I know that she has reached the top of the mountain.

    Go HIllary!

  116. That tape is ridiculous. This doesn’t make things better for race relations in this country. What happens when the next President isn’t black? Are we suddenly back to “white lies” then? That’s just ugly and I’m ashamed to even see that. This is why I don’t like rap, by and large as it is. It’s as arrogant as anything else and there’s no accountability for it. I’m all for free speech but be ready to speak about it because a whole hell of a lot of people will speak back.

  117. I went outside and saw the tabloids on newstands in NYC – quite interesting:

  118. The Dems and so called progressives have lost all credibility with me because of what they put Hillary and Palin through.
    They are jerks.

    Is Caroline really out? (Pls goddess!). Some sources are saying she’s back in? Grrr.

  119. votermom – she is out out out.


  120. Wasnt it nice to hear Secretary Clinton talk to the staff today at the state building, my goodness what a relief not to hear one singletary “uM” ah etc etc
    someone who knows how to talk off the cuff without a single flaw. Amazing.

  121. I’m bouncing with pride. It’s like seeing your little girl graduate. She didn’t get valedictorian, but she’s the best damned Class President you’ve ever seen.

  122. I want to take a moment and point out that yesterday was a momentous day in several ways.

    First, our new President completed his first full day of work at his first full time job, ever!

    Wow, can you believe he has to wake up and do that again every day?

    Secondly, thank god for whatever made CK bow out. The ongoing pain is now somewhat less acute.

    Third Hillary is now in her new job. All the best to her as she navigates the hazardous waters abroad and the shark infested waters at home. She is an inspiration and a role model. By her example she has made me realize things about courage, integrity, living large (minded), and perseverance that I had never before really imagined. By her living big, she has made me think bigger. She has walked calmly past all the insane, spiteful, crazed, paranoid teeth gnashing hatefulness like a warrior. She has taken defeat and eaten it for breakfast, getting something out of it to carry her onward.

    Bad guys better quail.

  123. Amen, perries. And the good guys better stay in line.

    I’m looking at you, Barack Harry Reid Teddy John KerryNancy Pelosi

  124. perries: Beautifully said.

  125. I really think somebody oughta write a book. The Confluence has so many amazing writers. I think a larger audience should see a lot of what you guys have to say.

  126. Gail Collins on Hillary:

    Can you remember back when Hillary was first elected to the Senate eight years ago, and the Republican majority leader made the wistful suggestion that she might be hit by lightning before she was sworn in? Do you remember that just last year she was supposed to be the most divisive figure in American politics? Now, the Republicans can find only two people cranky enough to vote against putting her fourth in line of succession to the presidency.

  127. Regency: My sentiments exactly. And your latest contribution over at SM’s blog is exactly the type of writing that needs a larger audience. So perfectly said and full of emotion that touches even the most hardened of cynics. Like me.

  128. Regency,

    “You guys?” You’re one of us. And you’re a terrific writer.

  129. Amazing. Did she know she wasn’t going to get the pick–like quitting before you’re fired?

  130. Jeralyn should be giddy today – the Oscar nominations are out.

  131. Yes,

    Kate Winslet all the way.

  132. Did she know she wasn’t going to get the pick–like quitting before you’re fired?

    That’s why I never call for a second date.

  133. I was worried that Obama deliberately botched up his oath because he really didnt mean it and didnt want to swear to promises he did not plan to keep. The same way he refused to stand for the pledge of allegiance. It makes you wonder.

  134. Does this mean that Gail Collins found the time to pull her head out of her @ss long enough to offer praise for once? The laxatives must be working.

  135. RD,
    Great post as always. The country is so fortunate to have Hillary as a Foreign Affairs President. Afterall, she will be answering the 3:00am calls.

  136. We’re gonna call it the “general You.” I hate talking about myself. I can’t do what Pat does or BB or Cinie or RD.

  137. myiq,

    LOL!! You are a curmudgeon. Deal with it.

  138. I get it Regency. I feel the same way actually.

  139. Damn, I have class in 30 minutes and I am not ready to go.

    Till later, my friends.

    Good luck today, Hillary. You’ve earned it. Kiss the Big Red Dawg for me, would you?

  140. MYIQ,

    I know what you mean–my technique exactly. I wow ’em up front, then end up with something hanging out of my nose.

  141. Hi guys.

    Here in Berlin, it’s a beautiful afternoon.

    I just finished reading the post and my blood is still boiling.

    Boy am I happy to be far away.

    I’m still looking for whatever the Clintons ever did that makes them so horrible.


  142. I’m killing time before I go to the doctor–first time in 2 1/2 years. First no health insurance, and then no time.

    I’m nervous that something will be wrong. I guess I am always waiting for the other shoe to drop. For so many years, so much suffering and survival, and now that I have some basic security, I am expecting to be puished with something again.

    What is wrong with me?

  143. That Carter tape is hard to watch.

    Pat, the Collin column was a hit on Obama (Woodstock without the Mud) and his choice of Geithner. She just threw in the bit about Hillary.

  144. Regency: If I could write like you or any of the others do you think for a minute I would be sitting here in my bathrobe and flannels (along with the socks) drinking coffee and eating a bagel each morning?

    Good God, I would be out making money and aiming for the Pulitzer Prize! You, my fine young lady, are one of the most prolific and talented of the breed.

    I am merely one of those who can recognize and appreciate. You need people like me who have the ability to observe and comment. Words can move mountains and the Front Pagers here are far more equipped to handle that task.

    You are one of the best and make your Ma proud.

  145. joaniebone: It comes with years of never being able to count yourself among the winners. After awhile that feeling of having the worst roll over you each and every time begins to seep into your bones.

    I speak from experience.

  146. Pat, go to your room and don’t come out until you have inflated your head.

    Last time I asked MYIQ to do that, he didn’t come out for days–he was having too much fun.

  147. joaniebone: Unlike Obama, I sincerely know my limitations.

    And God only knows what myiq was up to for those days he spent in isolation. Wouldn’t even want to go there.

  148. Hey! That was supposed to be our secret!!

    New thread up.

  149. After the last year of bitter pills, I have some steely resolve about a few things. I don’t have to be a winner, but I wanna be a contenda.

  150. I AM PUTTING THIS IN CAPS! LET’S GET LETTERS OFF TO MR CARTER TELLING HIM THAT WE SEE HIM ACTING IN A RUDE MEAN SPRIRITED MANNER. he is one of the few politicans whom i think might just read this mail and reflect on his actions. i too am deeply disappointed in his rude unacceptable behavior. tell him.

  151. History shows that the best way to unite people is to have a common enemy. People like Louis Farrakhan and Adolph Hitler will use the Jews as targets to unite the people under their common cause. Barack Obama and the democratic party felt they had to have an enemy and they made Hillary Clinton their enemy. Once Hillary is the enemy, the democrats and african americans can then unite behind Obama the Wonderful. Poor innocent Obama up against demon Hillary. I believe this was well thought out, well crafted and devious beyond anything Hillary could have imagined when starting her campaign. Obama pretended to be inexperienced, innocent and looks like butter would melt in his mouth. Behind it all, IMO, he is one devious, corrupt, scheming, vile politician, cut in the mold of Al Capone, Richard Daley Sr, and other Chicago crime families. Mr. Obama is a total fraud.

  152. Boy. What words, and what an evil little clip.
    EVIL on the part of the Carters.

    Funny though, I wonder if the Clintons were not part of the ol’ Skulls & Bones set. I don’t think so. I think they were hard working hippies once upon a time who worked their asses off being actual Dems.

    On TV the other day they had a piece up on Blue State Digital running the new Open gov. Funny, Blue State Digital and Google really helped this whole thing along, didn’t they? They did.

    And, Ted Kennedy and Blue State were very close no?

    They were.

    So — perhaps the Dems are no better than the Repubs after all when it comes to setting up wins.

    At least O has a background in being an activist for the poor — meaning he did some actual work, once.

    But RD, perhaps there are even bigger forces financially backing the picks?

    Oh my.

    As for Hillary — all of us know what she went through a la Lewinsky.

    She’s brave, the bravest and the best.

    Gen Obot will learn later, as they grow up and watch more presidents. How presidents can be beloved or can fail miserably — read Nixon here. I used to like the Carters, myself — but after this clip?


    You see, what we know as women is that Lewinsky happens.

    It will just be a matter of time at this point, won’t it?

    And then what will the kingdom of Villagers do?

    ps: Ms. Kennedy?

    She should spend a great deal of time helping the poor on the streets of New York. She could get a sense of real life that way, no?
    She could. She is young, perhaps one day she might deserve to be a Democratic Senator.

    All it would take is some “there, there” —

    Dems our age, her age, remember her uncle and Chappaquiddick quite well.

    oh ps: Violet has the best up about the Warren pick and DV — seems he practically endorses it. That is a rather large clue.

    Frankly at this point? I hope O can navigate through the strange waters he’s found himself in.

    McCain and Hillary are terribly handy right now. In fact they might just be the saving graces.

    good one, as ever —

    That clip says it all. The hell with the Carters.

  153. CK WAS going to be chosen, and then she unexpectedly pulled out according to ABC News. I wish I knew the truth, because I’m a New Yorker, and I’m not sure about Paterson now. If CK couldn’t handle the “stress” of this Coronation process, how was she supposed to be an effective Senator. The whole thing was ridiculous.


    The hours of mixed signals were the latest twist in the Kennedy effort, which began with popular support that withered after she drew criticism in her brief tour and early press interviews.

    The reports were a shock to supporters and to Paterson, who had appeared likely to appoint her to the seat by Saturday.

    The Kennedy reports came hours after Maloney, some Democrats’ top choice, was named chair of the Joint Economic Committee in Congress. That’s a significant move because Paterson had made it clear the next senator’s top job should be to help land a federal stimulus package to help New York out of its historic fiscal crisis.


  154. As the Carter Center explained, they had just shared a half hour of socializing over coffee, where no cameras were present, prior to going into the waiting room. At that point, both the Clintons and the Carters moved on to greet the other former first couples with whom they hadn’t met at length earlier.

  155. Just popping in for quick comment on RD’s question, the one that’s been such a punching bag for me in the past year. It’s not the only answer, but I think Bill’s dalliance during the second term gave all kinds of haters and prudes a reason to reject him forever, and Hill’s courage to keep things together afterwards just had the effect of cutting into her credibility, for those who never bought her in the first place. The Lieberman pious act, stretched out over a decade. Excuse me, while I go punch something.

    Oh, and that do over swearing in, will BamBam get do overs also when it comes to matters of the armed services in the weeks to come. He’s a play President.

  156. “I don’t have a problem with journalists or bloggers taking sides, so long as they are honest.”

    I remember in high school I took American History AP. Our teacher, Mr. Antman, kept drilling one question into us: it appeared on every single (multiple choice) exam.

    What is the job of an historian? To report history? Or to interpret it?

    The correct answer is interpret. Our history books are not simple timelines of A to Z. There’s a lot of text in every single book about history interpreting it, and placing the author’s ideas and perspectives out in the open. But it is important, Mr. Antman obviously thought so, to understand when you read any history book that what you are reading is someone’s spin of history, no matter how unimaginative it may be.

    What are journalists? They are, in essence, historians of the present. What everyone should understand is that no reporter can be impartial to the news they report. Even a story about happy puppies could be at risk: what if the reporter hates dogs? It would be in all of our interests if journalists wore their biases on their sleeves, because when they hide their biases – history becomes a victim.

  157. jmac> Funny how Gail Collins left Democrats out of it! I mean, remember when Democrats were calling Hillary the most divisive person in the country? Remember when Democrats said her foreign policy credentials began and ended with tea parties? Remember when Democrats said she was dirty and corrupt and immoral? Yesterday Democrats couldn’t find one person cranky enough to vote against her.

  158. Fif: I don’t think for a moment that CK had it wrapped up. Someone at the NYT was working overtime on her behalf, maybe at Obama’ request. But Paterson had never given me any indication that she was favored over any of the others. In fact, I noticed the other day that there was another “CK is ready to surrender her precious privacy for you undeserving peasants” posts up on the frontpage of the NYT and it disappeared a few minutes later. I think she heard through the grapevine that Paterson was looking at Gillibrand and Maloney with more interest and that it was leaning towards Maloney because of her connections with Schumer and Pelosi. Plus, she’s been named to the Joint Economic Committee or something that clearly signals a change in rank. When that happened, CK knew she didn’t have a real chance. So, she’s throwing in the towel. Plus, if her uncle has to quickly retire, she’ll be left without leadership. She’d have to be junior to Schumer. I’m guessing she’s not too kern on that.
    Either that or she forgot to pay her taxes.

  159. When “journalists” reach the point of correcting Obama’s malapropisms, then they aren’t even “interpreting” the facts. They are changing them. And that’s fiction, not journalism. Not even close.

  160. I think corporations have so much power that any hint of curbing it does send fear throughout the ranks. So that a moderate based in concern for the common good is a threat to the greed which pervades our system.

    Exactly. Misogyny was just the tool used to help Obama secure the nomination. Had it been Obama who was more of a liberal, there would have been a different plan of attack and we would have heard a lot more about Rezko, Jarrett, Davis, et al.

    That threat was made apparent when Clinton cosponsored the 2005 Federal Debt Ceiling Act, came out for UHC, and made it clear that she would rein in the private military contractors. I think that, as president, Hillary would have been more liberal and truer to the traditional values of the Democratic Party than Bill. The media and netroots helped drive the mania that I believe covered up the sources of that $600+ million and the defeat of McCain allowed all talk of serious campaign finance reform to die away. It was a 2-fer.

  161. Yup, she’ll never be president. They saw to that. That’s the part that hurt the most. They knew that if they gave Obama eight more years he’d have some serious Senate work under his belt and Hillary could have led us out of this financial crisis. They knew that but insisted on putting an untested, green centrist in the hot seat in order to push the democratic party into oblivion. It will be short of a miracle for Obama to take us out of this mire w/out doing damage to the Party. And Hillary? She won’t be able to run in 2012 and, if Obama performs poorly, she won’t be able to run in 2016. She’d be too old at that time anyway.

    That’s the tragedy of this whole thing. We had it right in front of us and everything looked great then Howard Dean & Co. (and, yes, I blame Howard Dean/Donna Brazile/RRC) gamed the system for an untested change agent.

    I agree. I don’t get it.

  162. elixir: they didn’t game the system, they enginered it.

  163. I think corporations have so much power that any hint of curbing it does send fear throughout the ranks. So that a moderate based in concern for the common good is a threat to the greed which pervades our system.

    Exactly. Misogyny was just the tool used to help Obama secure the nomination. Had it been Obama who was more of a liberal, there would have been a different plan of attack and we would have heard a lot more about Rezko, Jarrett, Davis, et al.

    That threat was made apparent when Clinton cosponsored the 2005 Federal Debt Ceiling Act, came out for UHC, and made it clear that she would rein in the private military contractors. I think that, as president, Hillary would have been more liberal and truer to the traditional values of the Democratic Party than Bill. The media and netroots helped drive the mania that I believe covered up the sources of that $600+ million.

  164. and I really hope that morning funny doesn’t mean that Nancy pelosi was our first woman president for a brief moment


  165. From wikipedia on Sally Quinn:

    “Quinn was critical of President Bill Clinton during the impeachment trial, stating that he had “fouled the nest,”[4] much to Clinton’s outrage[citation needed]. Quinn had a long-standing animus for the Clintons, possibly due to a perceived snub by First Lady Hillary Clinton, who declined a party invitation from Quinn.[5] Regarding Whitewater independent counsel Ken Starr, she wrote:[4] “Similarly, independent counsel Ken Starr is not seen by many Washington insiders as an out-of-control prudish crusader. Starr is a Washington insider, too. He has lived and worked here for years. He had a reputation as a fair and honest judge. He has many friends in both parties. Their wives are friendly with one another and their children go to the same schools.” Starr had won the gratitude of Quinn’s husband Ben Bradlee in 1987, as an Appeals Court judge, by dismissing a $2 million libel suit against the Washington Post. [6] It was also pointed out by Harry Jaffe, writing for Salon, that Quinn’s condemnation of Bill Clinton’s adultery rang hollow coming from someone who broke up the marriage of her boss Ben Bradlee and then went on to marry Bradlee herself.[5]”

    And now she (Quinn) has the nerve to write a religion column for the Post!!! What a slut.

  166. What I will never understand is why one staunch Democrat once told me she is sick of people acting as though the Clintons need to be protected against their own party. I can clearly see the bias against the Clintons in the Democratic party; why can’t she?

  167. I thought Carter showed a cold shoulder to Clinton in the photographs of all the President’s together in the Oval Office after their big lunch with Obama recently, too.

    Clinton is chums with Sr Bush and they get a lot of publicity for their charitable work, maybe Carter is annoyed at that alliance.

    Carter made a big mistake with his last book and his trip to visit with Hamas last year. Maybe he thought Clinton should have defended him.

    It’s a shame…they always seemed like the two kindest ex-Presidents, so seeing them at such obvious odds with one another is sad.

  168. […] a comment » Liberalism + Atheism + Totally Looks like + George Clooney + WordPress.tv + […]

  169. Maybe people just werent ready to trust a woman with their country… It makes me laugh, in New Zealand we have just had our second female prime minister (although atm we have a man). i think you’re right that she may have made a big change, but it just may not have been what people wanted

  170. One word FEAR. Obama really is less of a change then Hillary would have been, so he got support from the Republican voters who were sick of how things are, but not ready to abandon their political base entirely.

  171. […] Things I just don’t get Parts of the past year remain a total mystery to me.  For instance, what made Barack Obama more of a Change!™ agent […] […]

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