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Wednesday: You’re perfect, they love you, now Change!



Now that George W. Bush has managed to make a clean getaway instead of getting tarred, feathered and run out of town on a rail straight to a federal maximum security prison, it’s time for America to assess the damage he and his bands of vandals have left behind.  Now, I realize that it may take Barack Obama a couple of days to show us his big stimulus package but that shouldn’t stop him from changing some very important things right now.  Like today.  What better time than the present for him to demonstrate to his myriad supporters that he really is the most amazingly perfect human being to have walked the earth since Jesus Christ?  And you Obots out there, don’t let the hangover of the morning after let anything stop you from asking him to carry through.  Surely, he will want to hear from you now that the two of you have seen paradise by the dashboard light together.

Here are the things I would like Obama to do, TODAY, to show us in good faith what a Change™ agent is all about. He cleared the field of all of the non-Change agents for our own good, so let’s get to work!  These are things that George W. Bush either changed (*he* was a change agent too, apparently) or perpetuated as a holdover from the Republican Movement Conservatives:

  1. Restore habeas corpus.
  2. Rescind “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”.
  3. Rescind the Bush Conscience Rule.
  4. Rescind the Reagan Gag Rule on family planning organizations.
  5. Reconstruct the wall between church and state by eliminating the Office of Faith Based Initiatives.
  6. Eliminate the Department of Homeland Security.

That’s just my list for today.  Like I said, the economic stuff can wait until Friday when we should expect the stimulus package that would dwarf FDR’s plan, because that is what it’s going to take to save us from catastrophe or a very, VERY long recovery.

But lest the above list look too lefty, let me explain where I’m coming from.  Habeas corpus has been around since 1215AD and is essential to a free people.  The government can’t just cart you off to prison and hold you indefinitely without charging you.  Well, they couldn’t until George W. Bush came along.  Restoring the Rule of Law and not men requires that we have habeas corpus.  To me, it’s the most important thing on the list.  Items 2, 3, and 4 are just consistent with the values of the Obama supporters and non-Obama supporters who came of age during the 80’s who believe women have a right to privacy and that the gay community has a right to serve their country.  Obama’s campaign took the warning level up to code red where abortion was concerned.  Now is the time to bring the country back to code green like he promised.  Oh, he didn’t promise?   Well, I want him to do it anyway.  As for DADT, the country can use all of the help it can get like arab translators.  Why burden itself with qualified citizens who can’t serve or women whose lives and futures are subject to the decisions of others? Change!™

The Office of Faith Based Initiatives has always been a propaganda unit.  We know this from the guy who was asked to set it up, was quickly disillusioned and retired.  As James Madison said, God shouldn’t need any help from the state.  It would sort of make him less God like.  Plus, it discriminates against people who don’t have faith and don’t want one.  No one likes to have religion forced down their throats.  I guarantee that there were millions of Americans yesterday who were not impressed that Rick Warren knew how to say Jesus in 4 languages.  I as a believer have no right to dictate what goes on in your head nor should I make you pay for my proselytizing activities or the political activities of my party under the guise of religion.  It’s a bad office.  Sorry.  It’s got to go.  The sooner the better.  Like by the end of business today. Actually, if Obama is following Lincoln on this, he is probably aware that Lincoln was the *least* likely president to endorse any kind of organized religion.  He had a real bug up his butt about it.  Preachers like Rick Warren would have been on Lincoln’s $#@! list.  But I digress.

The Department of Homeland Security sounded like a good idea when it was proposed after 9/11.  Yeah, gang!  Let’s get everyone together in the barn and have a show!  But it has become a bloated patronage machine that sounds like it came straight from a Leni Riefenstahl film on the Third Reich.  It has been poorly managed since its creation, used to terrify the voters into pulling the Republican lever and undoubtably has been involved in violating our privacy.  The departments under its domain will still exist if it doesn’t so why not pull it down and see what they’ve really used it for?  I suspect skullduggery.  Better to ferret it out now.

So there are my first 6.  I could go on but like I said, I’m saving my economic suggestions for Friday when we can talk about putting all of the bankers in a time out corner and confiscating all of their ill-gotten booty.

What would you like to see Change!™ by the end of business today?

346 Responses

  1. HEY RD!!!

    My mom had out patient surgery yesterday so I was completely spared the Obama Porn, except for one instance which DROVE ME INSANE!!!!!!!! (I’ll write about it later.)




    Crap, gotta go! But I’ll be back tonight/later on.

  2. Hey, SM, hope your mom’s doin’ ok. I think you’re asking for too much on the first day. Besides, most of that stuff are things he has to do with Congress. My suggestions are things he can mostly do without congressional approval, except for the homeland security thing.
    I want change and I want it NOW!

  3. Rehire the the eight U.S. attys fired during the Bush Administrations for not targeting Democrats with politically motivated prosecutions

  4. The Inauguration seems to have had an adverse affect on me yesterday. I spent 12 hours in bed, feeling like crap. That’s Change I can believe in. Fun.

  5. Off to face the day, all. Later.

  6. Send a message to Gov. Patterson that he’s free to fill Hillary’s seat with whomever he wants and it DOESN’T have to be Caroline Kennedy.

  7. Reasonable list!
    After all, the notoriously lazy W, just as he snuck in the White House through the back door – still not escaping our plucky protesting group – saw fit to implement the gag rule on international organizations re: abortion rights.
    But interestingly enough, the Wall Street Journal trumpets loud and clear to the owner base that nothing has changed

  8. Joanie: It *does* have to be a woman. Why? Because NY State has a surplus of qualified women who have the wherewithal to raise money and compete for a senate seat. Caroline Kennedy is not among the qualified and Andrew Cuomo is not a woman.
    Since we make up 51% of the population and only 17% of the elected senators, we have to insist on a woman. Patterson has a lot to choose from.
    One weird thing I saw on Monday: There was a NYT article about how Caroline Kennedy was finally ready to she her privacy. It was up on the frontpage for about 15 minutes and then disappeared. It’s almost like someone knew they were pushing too hard and had to be forced to take the article down. I think her opponents are keeping a close eye out for her PR unit and are calling the paper on it.

  9. (that other Sheri): I chuckled reading this today. Thanks RD. Change? I want no more spying on Americans without warrant. No more messing with the Constitution.

  10. You too Regency? I was in bed all day!
    Funny, it is like the world was telling my bowels something. I still don’t feel all that tip top, but my rushes to the toilet are becoming less frequent.
    It’s like I was sh*tting it all out or something.

  11. “Now that George W. Bush has managed to make a clean getaway instead of getting tarred, feathered and run out of town on a rail straight to a federal maximum security prison..”

    Wow, you had me at the first sentence. The bad feeling that was Bush will not go away.

    I don’t expect much from Obama. President Obama, surprise me!

  12. RD:

    Caroline is getting the seat, no matter what we do. The machine is at work, and there is nothing we can do to stop it.
    Supposedly Patterson is just saying he is considering other people, for appearance’s sake. He is in a lose-lose situation, but he has no choice but to appoint her.
    You recognize all the bells, right? She is inevitable. There is no way anyone else can get the seat. We know those tactics too well.
    Princess is getting her way. I am resigned to accept this. There is nothing any of us can do about it.
    I don’t mean to sound pessamistic, I am just stating the facts.

  13. Funniest quote on Michelle’s white inaugural gown:

    So, when I first saw her dress, I wasn’t sure about it. It looked liked a wedding dress Solange (Knowles – Beyonce’s sister) would make down in the basement using Charmin rolls, pipe cleaners and cotton balls. But then when she twirled and it sparkled, I felt tingly. It’s the gay gene. I see pretty sparkles and I’m suddenly giggling. And get ready to see low-budget knock offs of this dress at weddings, proms and sweet 16 parties.


  14. Purplefinn:
    President Obama = President Bush

  15. I still want universal health care. I know it’s not going to happen but I’d at least like to know it’s on his agenda (I know it isn’t).

  16. LI, one more reason why the bad feeling that was Bush will not go away.

    Glad your kitty is doing better.

  17. DisenfranchisedVoter:

    She was trying to knock of JackieO’s gorgeous white inaugural gown. (Jackie looked like a snow Fairy, but someone said Michelle looked like Wilma Flinstone.) As usual, it fell flat and she looked like the poser she is.
    I hate to be so critical, but why doesn’t she just try to dress like herself, be her own person? Instead of a wannabe?

  18. Purplefinn: Thanks. She recovers beautifully.

  19. RD,

    I want President Obama to reverse George W. Bush’s executive order limiting stem cell research. Obama already said he wasn’t going to do it, but I want him get over being a weenie and just do the right thing.

    I also want habeas corpus to be officially restored, but I don’t think Obama can do that with an executive order. He needs to tell Congress to repeal the Military Commissions Act. And while he’s at it, he should tell them to repeal the Patriot Acts too.

    After that, I want him to fire everyone who prevented research into climate change and any other interference with scientific research.

    Finally, I want him to tell Secretary of Defense Gates in no uncertain terms that the National Guard has to stay in control of state governors and to reverse the plans to have combat troops stationed in the U.S. The founders did not believe in a standing army, and they totally disapproved of the military being used to police U.S. citizens. It is already happening and it is frightening. The combat troops that are currently assigned to Northcom for domestic control must also be reassigned.

  20. Dis: When I saw her dress, I thought of an elongated version of Bjork’s dead swan dress. I was looking around to see where Michelle tucked the head.
    I know how hard it is to dress a tall woman but c’mon. That dress looked so juvenile. She needs the help of the person who dressed Caroline Bissette Kennedy. She was really tall too but damn, she had style.

  21. To me, Michelle’s dress looked like one of those old-fasioned white bedspreads with the little tufts sticking out of it. She would have looked so much more glamorous if she had worn red.

  22. Michelle is really tall, isn’t she? *checks google*

  23. littleisis: Yes, she’s at least 6ft. She needed a nice long sheath, long sleeves. I see something Calvin Klein, Halstonish. Simple, simple, simple.

  24. RD, I think women who are tall and skinny are the easiest to dress in designer clothing. It’s the short, curvy women who have the hardest time fitting into designer dresses. So Michelle had no excuse. She has the money, every designer in the world at her disposal, and stylists. What went wrong?

    isis, I agree that Michelle should find her own style and stop trying to be the next Jackie Kennedy. Though I think Jackie’s style is classic and still looks good today, it doesn’t look good on Michelle. Jackie and Michelle are very different women from different eras with different figures.
    I thought Obama’s presidency was about the future and not the past so why try to replicate the 60s?

  25. Michelle Obama: 5′ 11″

    Sarah Palin: 5′ 5″

    Hillary Clinton: 5′ 6″

    Geez. Michelle is tall. She’s got big feet and hands, too.

  26. Best line:

    She doesn’t need a purse. She needs endtables.

  27. Michelle looks best in her J.Crew outfits. Every time she wears designer clothing, she chooses fabric that looks like flowery bedspread or wallpaper from the 70s. I don’t know why.

  28. RD: I think that I read (heard?) somewhere that the yellow daydress/coat was designed by Caroline Bissette Kennedy’s designer. Go figure.

  29. Exactly Disenfranchized. She had her own style, but then The Village was trying to say Obama is JFK, then she started running around in JackieO stuff. It was really just transparent. And it made her seem like a poser and a wannabe. Is it that hard to be yourself?
    She is tall, so she naturally could have fit in anything. I don’t get what went wrong with that. She could have worn any dress in the world, and she chose something that closely resembles a sack of toilet paper.
    What a cheesy inauguration.

  30. We know Obots regularly read this site. Perhaps they will be so kind as to pass on agenda and fashion suggestions to the Obamas.

  31. I just hope and pray that somehow President Obama will grow as a person with the awesome responsiblity he has been given. I hope he will realize that the rich as well as the poor and middle class need to sacrifice and feel the pain. Because at the moment, he is just telling the people who are already struggling that they will have to struggle harder while the rich get richer by robbing the U.S. treasury. I don’t think cutting social programs at the beginning of the greatest global depression ever is going to restore our country to greatness.

    After yesterday, it looks to me like the only hope and change the Obots had in mind was electing a President with brown skin. I watched TV for the first time in months, and that is all anyone talked about–the color of his skin.

  32. I suppose it is superficial to be commenting on her dress, and I really don’t care about what Michelle wears, but that dress was just horrendous.

  33. The white dress really resembled a Mr. Coffee filter.

  34. BB:
    I have low expectations, but my wish is that lives up to the expectations others have given him.

  35. RD, I like your list and would be happy with them. I’d add three that are based in respect.

    1. A statement that John Cornyn is an ass (or something close thereto) and his shenanigans don’t have a place in the BZero world of “putting away childish things.”

    2. That he regrets Rev. Lowery’s comment.

    3. That his mother and grandmother were good, decent, honorable humans to whom he owes much.

    Those three would make me feel better on a very basic level.

  36. Me too Prolix, ‘specially that third one.

    Okay, back to bed with me A$$

  37. Dis: Trust me, that inaugural ball is nothing like Jackie Kennedy. It was just wrong, wrong, wrong in so many ways including the waist line. It just made her look fat. I’m sorry we have to be picking apart a dress like this. It’s just that it was absolutely not flattering on her. Not at all. I almost thought she was preggers. Who knows? Maybe she is. It would be the kind of stagecraft we have come to expect from this crew.

  38. The style “experts” are totally full of sh*t! They just don’t want to make the Obamas mad so they might snub them for a future interview with their magazine! Not one negative review. I trust the gays on the entertainment blogs who say nay!


  39. bb: “After yesterday, it looks to me like the only hope and change the Obots had in mind was electing a President with brown skin.”

    Yes, ironically, yesterday wasn’t about Obama, but about race.

    Now it’s about Obama and the country.

  40. littleisis,

    I have no expections. I expect most of the Bush policies to continue and Bush’s failed goal of ending Social Security to be realized. I just hope that someone can talk some sense into Obama and his economic advisors. I think it will be hard, because I don’t think he really has a conscience. I was really shocked that he never once mentioned his mother or grandparents yesterday. He only talked about the father he never knew, the father who abandoned him.

  41. Hello from Berlin (again)

    As great as this post is, I would like to know when SM has been for so long.

  42. I think it is perfectly appropriate to discuss the clothing of the first lady. It has always been done. One of the fun things about having Hillary as President would have been noticing her outfits and discussing them. I would have loved that! A woman president would have been so much fun, aside from the historic achievement it would have been.

  43. Hi MABlue,

    I was thinking about you last night, wondering whether you were watching the spectacle yesterday. SM has had a pretty serious health problem as well as job troubles. But she has returned to us!

  44. BB, when you have an empty suit in the White House, the only thing about the Obamas that will interest me is Michelle’s fashion choices. I have absolutely no interest in seeing, watching, or hearing Obama.

  45. Just went to check out the dress. I agree that it was a mistake, Beyonce’s dress however was beautiful — Michelle should have worn that!!

  46. BB:

    Men like Obama really just escape my comprehension. Why obsess over a multiwived father who clearly didn’t give a rats a$$ about you?

    Big Dawg’s father died before he was born, but I’m pretty sure he still fawned over his mother and expressed his gratitude to her a lot.

    It’s like Obie has his this man/race/taco complex that his father floats in and out of.

    And I’m sorry, but Obama’s mom was super amazing, and he rarely says anything about her. He mentioned her in his book Audacity of Anyone Who Doesn’t Worship Me, in a chapter about faith, but he just condescends her for not having religion in her life.

    I agree with you, and I don’t expect much to change. Well, I do. I mean, things will change, but not for the better.
    I really wish I could have enjoyed yesterday more. As Americans, we really have come a long way. We elected a guy that has dark skin, doncha know? I am proud of this country for that, not that I’m ever not proud of this country.

    Instead, I got diahhrea and horror of bowel movements that alternately knocked me out and sent me to the crapper on the hour, every hour.

  47. Honora, all of the celebs I saw looked amazing in their dresses. Beyonce, Alicia Keys, Shakira…everyone’s dress looked good last night except for Michelle’s. Was someone out to get her and told her that mess looked good?

    Again, Jill Biden has become the fashionista of this administration. She was rocking the red all day long from her red coat and black boots to her red evening gown. She looked really good.

    And I can’t wait to see Hillary’s pink and gray de la Renta gown. I hope she pulls it off well!

  48. bostonboomer, on January 21st, 2009 at 8:43 am Said:

    I think it is perfectly appropriate to discuss the clothing of the first lady. It has always been done. One of the fun things about having Hillary as President would have been noticing her outfits and discussing them. I would have loved that! A woman president would have been so much fun, aside from the historic achievement it would have been.

    I always liked Hillary’s style. It was clearly unique and she was never a poser. She always acted like herself. It was so much fun when she was First Lady, because she kept changing her hair and showing off her allegedly mutant ankles (though they always seemed like perfectly normal ankles to me) and then MoDo would write column about how she was wearing sl*tty panty hoes.


    Oh, nostalgia.

    Don’t feel so bad BostonBoomer. I reject the notion that we won’t have a woman President faster than y’all can blink. I accept reality, but I still remain optimistic.

    Yes, it would be so much fun to have a girly President. Like, what would she wear to the inaugural ball? Now that would be fun. She’d probably wear one of those sash thingies that says, “Madam President” on it, and a really gorgeous gown, with snowflakes clinging to her eyelashes.

    *sighs for dream that will become reality, if I have anything to say about it!*

  49. Oh yeah. All the celebs were really something. Very beautiful, except for Michelle…

  50. Hey BB;

    I watched some of the proceedings yesterday. I was very pleased with the reception the (horrible) Clintons received.

    You guys are my eyes and ears now.

    Lemme know when it’s safe to return. I simply don’t trust the bunch we have now.

  51. Hi MABlue!

    Okay, I should really go back to bed now.

  52. Why does everyone leave when I leave comments on a thread???
    Am I smelly, or something?

    Okay, I ought to go back to bed now, really…
    I mean it this time!

  53. The dress was hideous. It reminded me of my grammys chenille bedspread, after I made sparkly snowflakes to hang on the Christmas tree.

    I want my son to know when he is coming home and I would really like to know, where we misplaced that 9 billion dollars that was sent to Iraq. This has been treated like change lost in the sofa cushions. As a taxpayer it is partially my money, so I think I have the right to know where it is.

  54. tick tock… it’s 9:14 a.m. in D.C.

    Is Obama even at work yet?

    He’s got a lot to do. He better get busy.

  55. I didn’t like Hillary’s blue coat. The color looks great on her but she looked pregnant.

  56. It would be awesome if every legal citizen over the age of 18 in the United States could take this country to court and sue our government for that 9 billion dollars.

  57. Hmmmm. Yeah, i expect him to issue an executive order on ANWR any minute now….and a bunch of new federally protected waters, topping even what the odious Bush did in Hawaii.

    How about some work on the Great Garbage Spot in the Pacific? Or a federal mandate on those damned plastic clamshells and all the other packaging overkill that’s ubiquitous in American society? Outlawing plastic bags?

    Now that might be change I could believe in.

  58. Someone is really bitter.

    Barack Obama inauguration: this Emperor has no clothes, it will all end in tears

    This will end in tears. The Obama hysteria is not merely embarrassing to witness, it is itself contributory to the scale of the disaster that is coming. What we are experiencing, in the deepening days of a global depression, is the desperate suspension of disbelief by people of intelligence – la trahison des clercs – in a pathetic effort to hypnotise themselves into the delusion that it will be all right on the night. It will not be all right.

    It is frightening to think there is a real possibility that the entire world economy could go into complete meltdown and famine kill millions. Yet Western – and British – commentators are cocooned in a warm comfort zone of infatuation with America’s answer to Neil Kinnock. We should be long past applauding politicians of any hue: they got us into this mess. The best deserve a probationary opportunity to prove themselves, the worst should be in jail.


  59. Don’t hold your breathe on the Faith Based programs being shut down, because Obama wants to increase the size and dole out more money for Christian Groups of course.

    Well supposedly yesterday he asked all agencies to halt all new rules that Bush pushed for the last 6 months.

    He put a halt on any more trials at Gitmo…

    Me thinks someone knew that his interview with ABC went over like lead balloons.

  60. Where is the countdown clock?

  61. Grrr I am in moderation again 😦

  62. Let’s see if this works.

  63. Downticket,

    The writer at your link thinks Obama is horrible because of all the unborn children he has sentenced to death.

  64. Catarina,

    I would have to set up a new countdown clock. Did you want one? I could do it later today if RD says it’s OK.

  65. Yup – MO’s gown isn’t a thing like Jackie Kennedy’s; it’s almost identical to Nancy Reagan’s gown in 1981; one shoulder and white with a beaded pattern:

  66. Absolutely brilliant post, RD. I really enjoyed it. I have a feeling that Obama brand change is like those candies that used to fizz in your mouth for a couple of seconds and then go out. Maybe they were even called
    “fizzies”? Whenever I read Madison or de Toqueville
    (sp) or just remember what I’ve read of theirs– the world just seems to open up and reason reigns supreme for a moment or too. Thanks for the Madison quote.
    “Paradise by the Dashboard light” indeed. Isn’t there something in that — or another Meatloaf song about “waiting for the end of the world, so I can end my time with you…”
    Hopefully (and I use that word in full rebellion, seeking to pull the term hope out of the jaws of the ofaithful)
    we won’t have to wait for the end of the world until we have leadership that will shine a light on what we can be and not simply put a pedestal under what is most mundane in us.

  67. I agree the woman needs a stylist, she has no taste. She should have googled “inaugural ballgown” as that gown was totally unsuitable.

    Anything Jackie Kennedy wore could be worn today; from her t shirts and slacks to her dresses. And Hillary Clinton also has a style that is timeless.

  68. The Faith Based programs under Bush will be increased under Obama- He already said this. He believes that Faith Based programs are the best place for social services — Umm no, and Hell No..

    I can see the widdling away of separation of Church and State under Obama — After all he got his start in Politics at the Church level, and this is just a pay back to them.

  69. Michelle’s Gown was ugly and looked like a wedding dress not a ball gown — The green dress she wore earlier in the day was very pretty but the ball gown was a hideous monster.

  70. The De La Renta was so-so. Hillary looked beautiful regardless, however. I think she should have worn that blue dress she wore a couple of months ago on the U.S.S. Intrepid. That would have put Michelle to shame.

  71. Great post, RD.

    Sigh. Obama swings and misses on Gitmo:

    Obama calls halt to Gitmo prosecutions

    He is asking that all prosecutions stop for 120 days.

    Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

    He should say RIGHT AWAY that the prosecutors have to produce evidence within 30 days or the prisoners have to be released. If any of those people are guilty, then the US should be able to prove it in a real court of law.

    Isn’t that what we all used to believe in America? Innocent until proven guilty?

    I still believe it and want our justice system back. Like BB, the offenses against the Constitution, and the endless occupations in Iraq and Afghanistan, are the things that upset me the most about the BushCheney years.

  72. bb
    Maybe it’s too soon to start counting down-all that time left might be depressing..wdyt?
    At this point I’d be happy to be able to turn on my TV again after the inaug orgy.

  73. OMG Sheri!

    OF COURSE Michelle she was channeling Nancy Reagan. That makes so much sense. Of course, Nancy’s dress was 100 times nicer and didn’t have the “Hildy” wads of tissue all over it.

    MO needs to stop with the Jackie O flip too. When I saw her speaking on the campaign trail, she was in a simple black turtleneck and black pants. She had her hair up and a black headband was keeping the strays in place.

    She looked stunning.

  74. Your not serious are you? Face it, church plays a huge role in AA community life. This is Obama’s opportunity (Faith based initiative crap) to funnel lots and lots of money to AA. He (Obama) has already said he wants to keep and expand the faith based BS.

  75. Ceit, not only did it not look nice, Michelle looked uncomfortable dancing in her dress. The train kept getting in the way and Barack stepped on it a few times. In several photos she was trying to hold get the train out of the way because she was stepping on it herself. It looked awkward. But the media is saying the dress looked great so I guess she could wear a potato sack with sequins and it wouldn’t matter because the press is so far up Barack’s ass that they’d never criticize his wife’s dress.

  76. Truthfully, I’d like to give him a chance to do something good. I just read about the Gitmo order, but it sounds like madamab thinks it’s not enough. She’s probably right. I heard that Rahm Emmanuel put a hold on all of Bush’s last minute executive orders, pending review. That seems like a good thing, but we won’t know for sure until later on.

  77. Couldn’t Reid have waited for another bill to start feeling bipartisan

    Reid to let Republicans offer amendments to fair pay bill

    Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) has extended an Inaugural week olive branch to Republicans, suspending his practice of blocking their amendments on the chamber floor.

    Reid has often used complex rules to prevent GOP senators from offering amendments that could muster enough support to undermine Democratic policies, incensing his colleagues on the other side of the aisle.

    But Reid has decided to eschew hardball floor tactics during Inauguration week, when President Obama has called on Democrats and Republicans to join together to solve the nation’s economic problems.

    Reid exasperated Republicans during the 110th Congress by repeatedly blocking their amendments using an arcane tactic known as “filling the amendment tree,” in effect refusing to share with GOP colleagues the limited opportunities to propose legislative changes on the Senate floor.

    The Democratic leader made a peace offering this week, however, by allowing Republicans a chance to amend the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, legislation that would overturn a Supreme Court decision restricting equal-pay lawsuits that created stark partisan divisions last year.

    A version of the fair pay bill stalled in the Senate on a nearly party-line vote last year. Every Democrat voted to advance it, but Republicans voted en masse against them.


  78. I agree with all of RD’s suggestions for Obama but I also want to see real activity in pulling out the troops from a country we should never have invaded in the first place. This was not a war but an abomination and to label it anything other than that is false.

    The money and treasure that was lost, the families this has effected, the damage we have done far outweighs anything else we are facing globally. We need to withdraw now.

    And I would also like to encourage him to institute a commission to investigate how and why those policies were put into practice even if it means placing the blame on the shoulders of Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, P*well, Franks, and whoever else allowed this travesty to happen. Shrugging it off and insisting we need to just “go forward” is a sorry excuse for those of us who have to live with these costly and ill advised decisions.

    Let the chips fall where they may. Protecting these felons from accountability is the last thing this nation needs to heal. It must never, ever happen again.

    But I doubt that Obama has the b*lls or the guts to follow through. As a DINO he has much to be beholden to those who brung him to the dance. Namely, Repubs.

  79. Regency, did Hillary already wear the de la Renta? I haven’t seen any photos of Hillary last night. I’d like to see her in the dress.

  80. NH,

    Yes, Obama has already said that he will increase funding for “faith-based initiatives.” However, I think he will give more to right wing evangelicals than to AA churches. AA voters made no demands in return for their votes. Obama can take them for granted and he will. He will not do anything to help the AA community.

  81. I just want my Chenille bedspread back.
    Michelle should be done with it now.

  82. I agree, that Michelle can look stunning, madamab. She looks wonderful in black and in bright colors. She should not wear pattered fabrics at all–just keep it simple–simple fabrics and drop the frilly stuff they are making her wear. Both of them are very tentative, because they just aren’t prepared for this. Michelle should just be herself.

  83. “The Democratic leader made a peace offering this week, however, by allowing Republicans a chance to amend the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, legislation that would overturn a Supreme Court decision restricting equal-pay lawsuits that created stark partisan divisions last year.”

    And the wheels in the bus go round and round.

    But I’m sure that MS magazine, the Women’s Media Center, the Feminist Majority, and NOW will all be right on top of this issue and use their incredible moral suasion skills to ensure that women’s rights advance to the incredible goal of equal pay for equal work.

    Smack. Bam. Biff. Smack. Whack. Bop.

    I forget… what does a Feminist look like? Did Harry Reid make the list?

  84. Agreed, Mrs. Obama’s efforts to channel Jacqueline Kennedy are falling flat. She looked much better early in the campaign.

  85. Nancy’s dress was 100 times nicer and didn’t have the “Hildy” wads of tissue all over it.

    Michelle looked divan

  86. Katiebird said in a previous thread: It’s particularly bizarre because her husband is so focused on fashion.
    Yes, but he’s only vocused on him – he doesn’t really seem to care about her or what she does – strange 😦

  87. Haha. After calling Michelle’s dress something that Solange Knowles could make with charmin, pipe cleaners, and cotton balls, Dlisted gives a thumbs up to Jill Biden’s red dress. The gays approve. F*@# the style editors who just want a Michelle cover spread!

    But you guys have got to see this dress. It has to be the worst dress of the evening. Cynthia McFadden belongs on the worst dress list for wearing something you’d find at Walmart to the Inauguration:

  88. Oddly, it was George Bush in Midland, TX who inspired me yesterday….

    Come and Get it! “Idiot Wings” Served Up by Republicans & Democrats…


  89. I found a photo of Jackie Kennedy’s inaugural gown–nothing like Michelle’s


  90. Here is a color photo of Jackie’s inaugural gown. It was actually cream colored. It’s so beautiful. You can’t compare Michelle’s gown to Jackie’s. It would be like comparing a prom dress from Marshalls to Chanel.

  91. DV,

    That site you linked has a really clear pic of Michelle’s white dress. Ugh! It’s even worse than it looked on TV!



  93. DV: Go here to see Hillary’s outfit last night. Beware Big Face all over her, but if you look in the comments you can see pictures of her devoid of him, with hubby in tow.

    I’m ambivalent about the dress but I thought she looked lovely regardless.

  94. Okay I am looking at the National Prayer Service

    1. Tell me that is not Rev. Wright seated behind Obama
    2. Please tell Michelle Obama that to tell her Cuban designer that it is not spring in America .

  95. Sorry, apparently this was the dress Jackie wore in color:
    Mrs. Kennedy had a flair for fashion that the American public adored. She designed her gown herself and took it to Bergdorf Goodman to be made. The result was a simple, sleeveless ivory sheath with a matching cape perfectly suited to Kennedy’s graceful style.

    “When she wore that, it was such high fashion, it was so beautiful and she looked so gorgeous in it that it just captured everybody, and there was a great deal of comment on it at the time,” Mayo said.

  96. This is where I go off the rails. We are now witnessing Obama in the National Cathedral for a day of prayer. Can we have a separation of church and state for once?

    People who walk around with crucifixes hanging off their necks, yamulke’s on their skulls, headscarves proclaiming their Muslim identity, turbans screaming shikkh, leave me pondering the point. What is your choice of religious gear supposed to tell me? That you are far more a better person than I am? That your beliefs trump all others? That you must just wear your beliefs openly for all the world to see?

    It drives me nuts. Worship whomever or however you choose but leave the symbols at home for once. This country is diverse if nothing else and having religion pushed into my face prevents an open dialogue since how does one actually argue with “god”?

    No wonder we cannot talk to one another. Each side is too busy displaying their piety and insistence that they have identified the “truth”. Color me cynic, but religion plays no role whatsover in the arena of politics. It is just another cornerstone of the divisiveness that pulls us apart.

  97. Thanks, Regency! I love the colors of the dress. I’d like to see a full length shot. Thanks so much for finding those. I don’t know how you do it!

  98. Regency, thanks for the photos. Hillary looked nice but I was expecting something different. I thought she was planning to push the envelope and wear something really pink with gray ruffles. The dress was a bit plain but she is an older woman and it looks like she’s put on a bit of weight. Michelle looks bigger too. Maybe everyone gains a bit of weight during the winter months.

  99. My goodness. obama, meanchelle and the bidens at the National Cathedral Service. Michelle is dressed worse than anything we have seen yet. She looks like the inside of a coffin. The bidens as usual look confused.

  100. I thought it would be safe to turn the tv on once again but no. This stuff is going on forever. Get to work!

  101. Obama’s going to spend the day in CHURCH?? The guy who never goes to church is now in church?

    He needs to get to the office and get some work done…

    As must I… have a good one, all…

  102. Of COURSE Harry Reid and the useless Dems are letting the Repubs mess with the Fair Pay Act.

    They “only” have 59 votes!!! Those mean Republicans won’t play nice!!

    I want Harry Reid gone. Let’s make Patty Murray Senate Majority Leader. Reid couldn’t find his *ss with both hands and map.

    Myiq – I think one of your wacko blog stalkers followed me home yesterday. It was asking if you and I had had, um, relations yet. Why are they so obsessed with your sex life?

  103. (from the Other Sheri): Thanks for the pic of Hillary. I love her hair – soft and feminine. She looks radiant; as always.

  104. Oh God, spare me this claptrap!!!!!!!!!

  105. I think she should have worn the blue dress. This one was preferable to that one.

  106. Then, again, the scary boobs might have detracted from the occasion.

  107. I just hope he is a Dem RD & Co.
    A Dem who will be a Dem, regardless.

    It would be nice if he acted on your suggestions — my personal hope is that he brokers PEACE in the Middle East.

    That whole GAZA thing was effing unreal.

    Anyway —

    I tagged you because somebody did that to me?

    I hope it wasn’t a faux pas!


    Ugh. Now what?
    I hope Hillary solves things. I have faith she can.

  108. Regency – No one wanted her to look better than Michelle.

    Oh well.


  109. Michelle, you are from Chicago. Please stop making us look like fashion imbeciles and religious fanatics.

    I am republican but I believe in separation of church and state.Get to work Obama.

  110. Anyone remember George Bush sitting piously in church, head bowed, all holier than thou just before he bombed the hell out of an entire nation?

  111. Hillary at your inauguration, outlooking your wife.

  112. Oh god, who is SoS until H R C gets confirmed? Is it is still Condi? Who is NSA?

  113. I don’t have a problem with the morning prayer in the National Cathedral. All presidents have done this since Washington.

    I would like to stop talking about MO’s fashion. The only clothes related discussions I would like to see involves one “empty suit”.

    Afrocity: I just read your Odd Couple post this morning as you wrote it way too late last night. Very funny. I also left the Dems in June, but went Indy.

    Finally, my addition to RD’s list would be one huge and public firing of Jon Favreau. And a note that no such behavior or speech will be tolerated any longer in the halls of government.

  114. I think Favreau should be fired for the pathetic Inaguration speech.

  115. Hey now didn’t big Bo say he wrote that speech? I think they should both be fired for that speech. Solves all my problems.

  116. Since I did not watch TV yesterday, I just caught that Yo Yo Ma played the Shaker hymn, Simple Gifts. Now that is truly ironic for the obscene display of an inauguration.

    ‘Tis a gift to be simple,
    ‘Tis a gift to be free.
    ‘Tis a gift to come down
    Where we ought to be.

  117. RD: What better time than the present for him to demonstrate to his myriad supporters that he really is the most amazingly perfect human being to have walked the earth since Jesus Christ?

    Obama Is Like Biblical Joshua, Boxing Promoter Don King Says

    “There are so many Biblical figures who had the same task,” popular R&B singer and songwriter Smokey Robinson told CNSNews.com. “I really don’t know. I just think he is himself and he will go down in world history – not Biblical history – as a world leader who brought people together. Look around you. The world is here.”

    “I would say any one of the Biblical leaders,” said Denzel Washington’s mother, Lennis Washington, who was attending the inauguration with her son on Tuesday. “The apostle Paul, Moses, John the Baptist – any one of them. Seriously, he is like one of those apostles for our day. He came to lead us to the original design of what we are supposed to do on this earth.”

    “He makes me want to be a better human being,” said media mogul and talk show host Oprah Winfrey.

    Only King told CNSNews.com that Obama had not changed his life.

    “No,” said King. “America changed my life. Barack Obama is just a part of the American scene, and what this means to me is that America is looking colorblind. They are no longer suffering from myopia. What we are talking about here is much more profound than just a guy who happens to be American and happens to be black.”


  118. Take a look at all those “clerics” sitting up there on the altar. Most decry homosexuals, place women’s rights in a secondary position, are against stem cell research, and live pretty comfortable lives.

    A cast of hypocrites.

  119. (1) Universal health care

    (2) Genuine equality for women everywhere, in all things

    (3) Separation of church and state

  120. These readings sound like they are all attempting to make a comparison of Obama to past saints and Christ himself. Give me a break!

  121. Pat: “Anyone remember George Bush sitting piously in church, head bowed, all holier than thou just before he bombed the hell out of an entire nation?

    This has been going on since the dawn of time. King Henry VII, ,FDR, Truman, Eisenhower, Wilson and it will continue. Other nations will pray to their God and bomb the hell out of us too, as during 9/11 and Pearl Harbor. People will sit in church and kill other people.

  122. PJ – I am so sickened by the endless attempts to make Obama into something special. I am especially sickened by the religious cult worship. This man’s fans are obsessed and freakish, just like Bush’s fans.

    If Obama IS so special, he shouldn’t have to shout it from the rooftops endlessly.

    I’m so over him already. I’ve been over him since he took the faux victory lap around Europe.

  123. afrocity: Exactly. The whole event is packed with hypocrisy. This is the primary reason I oppose these so called rituals. Separation of church and state must be upheld. However the blurring is becoming more and more evident.

    How does one oppose “goodness”?

  124. As someone said, this really has been going on since George Washington.

    But Washington and the other presidents would cringe at being compared to saints and Jesus.

  125. Who is this suck up speaking now? Yikes!

  126. Okay, I am about to go up on my roof and jump!

  127. “Rescind “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”.
    Don’t Ask is a part of the UCMJ. It can’t be rescinded by exec. order. That is how Clinton got into trouble with his pledge to eliminate the ban on Gays in the military.

    TITLE 10 > Subtitle A > PART II > CHAPTER 37 > § 654
    Prev | Next
    § 654. Policy concerning homosexuality in the armed forces


  128. I wonder if half the people in that church are probably thinking to themselves, “this is a load of bull crap!”. But you know going to church is something politicians have to do once in a while to keep their evangelical and Christian supporters satisfied. You know politicians are the last people who believe in God. They think of themselves as God.

  129. PJ – Step AWAY from the television set!!!

    Isn’t there some coffee that needs drinking? Or some chocolate that needs eating?

    It’s a nice balmy 25 degrees out. Don’t you need to take a walk?

    BTW – At some point, can you email me at madamab at gmail dot com? I have a project you may be interested in.


  130. madamab: I have it on streaming. The tv is still off.

  131. PJ – A technicality!!! I cry foul!!!

  132. I have it coming through ABC news and they are showing the back of his head. Which I believe is his “better side”.

  133. MadamaB said: OF COURSE Michelle she was channeling Nancy Reagan.

    But for heavens sake can’t someone tell her she’s a big woman – Nancy and Jackie were much smaller – Nancy is quite petite and would naturally wear styles that wouldn’t work for a much taller woman.

  134. Please get this freak reverend off the stage.

  135. Somewhat OT, but do y’all see the guy on the end with the pinkish red beanie. According to DVoter’s link, Cynthia McFadden had on his top last night. There’s a story there….

  136. This idiot is the face of “fanatic”. Just wish him well, ask that he does his best, and let him be on his way. This stuff is ridiculous!

  137. This is the place where we all sing out: STFU!!!!!!

  138. Reid throws women under the bus (again) inorder to make nice with Obama’s BFFs, the Republicans.

    “Reid to let Republicans offer amendments to fair pay bill”



    The single most important rule in any State.

  140. This sermon is terrible.

  141. Get FISA right this time

  142. Barry will do ANYTHING to keep from working.

  143. I hope nobody there is suffering from a hangover this morning. If I had to sit through this I would be looking for an exit pretty quick.

  144. madamab: You have e-mail.

  145. The music is beautiful however.

  146. We are getting it wrong again.

    Comparisons of Obama as a Republican will cost you the election in 2012 and he will get re-elected.

  147. Why change FISA? The he can’t hear all of America say good night to him.

  148. Michele looks a lot like I feel. BOOORRRRRRREEEEEDDDDD!

  149. Oh god, my poli-sci professor is an Obot. Kill me now.

  150. OMG Bill and Hill are there.

  151. What’s with her dress? Looks like Sherwin Williams had a hand in the design.

  152. At least someone mentioned the common good. That is all this should be about. The rest is window dressing.

  153. Yesterday, I really lost it when Tweety and co-whores were sniggering at Jill Biden’s comment that Joe could have been Secretary of State but chose to be Veep instead. The msnbc moron then said that Biden had the better job!
    Since when is the warm bucket of spit job considered better than SOS?
    Oh yeah, when a woman named Clinton is involved.
    I got so mad, I yelled at my poor husband when he talked over dinner about all the “little donors” that made Obama’s campaign successful.

  154. I find it funny with all the bills he could have extended an Olive Branch to he did it on the one that will help woman…

  155. Why can’t we go back to electing atheists for president ? It worked so well back at the start of things.

  156. Isn’t that the Bill H R C just re-submitted for consideration recently or am I crazy woman?

  157. The restoration of Habeus Corpus is my number one concern.
    Michelle can wear couture or Wal-Mart’s Kathie Lee line for all I care.

  158. dakinikat: Agreed.

  159. Let’s not forget that despite Obama’s attendance at this service, he did not HEAR anything (ala Rev. Wright)

  160. OMG, I have the worse stomach ache EVER.
    I could not fall asleep.
    Goddess, I cannot stand Reid.

  161. Please, please, please, can we have the Clinton’s back? I promise to be nicer in the future. Amen.

  162. Someone get me out of moderation, please. Perhaps, I should have said snickering instead.
    But, trust me, the other is a perfectly okay word.

  163. Regency must be pleased. Big Dawg in the front row!

  164. I listened to Partizane this morning-that was really funny….the call from Ireland was amazing!!!!

    Hillary’s gown was very, very nice-fine, detailed and unpretentious. (easy to get thru an evening in)

    Michelle’s ballgown wasn’t bad-the problem was that it sacrificed practicality for show. No one in their right mind goes to ten balls in a row, wearing a dress with a train. Dresses with trains on them are for marching up and down the aisle, and kneeling in a church.

    Biden’s wife’s gown was garishly old-fashioned.

    (I used to make clothes for a living)

  165. You forget Afro, that he is Jeebus. He cannot hear anything that could possibly make him less perfect, or reflect on any of his character flaws.

    Hillary knew how to work it at Big Dawg’s inauguration:


    Take a lesson Michelle!
    *snaps fingers*

  166. Bad Boy Bill knows the words without having to look at the text!

  167. http://tinyurl.com/9cczlg Hillary and Bill at the service

  168. (the other Sheri): What I find most uncanny about this entire innaugeration affair is the media spin – literally everything is presented as a “first time” thing – as though NONE of this has happened before. The crowds even – LBJ had nearly 2 million at his event; Clinton had 800,000; and so forth. It’s bordering on truly sickening. Diane Sawyer (the two minutes I could turn on the T.V.) said that even Steven Speilberg commented that the aerial view of the crowds weren’t special effects! OMG!

    BO says it’s time for a new era of responsbility – well, I think he should have shown that UP FRONT himself by not spending $180 mil or so on his party – that would have been what a leader does – lead by example.

  169. Ugh. I hate church myself, but don’t mind Organized Religion as a rule.

    However, if there’s one thing I loathe, its comparing anyone to a God and elevating him to Godly status. Obama’s cult worshipers are creepy, and I am just glad I am not old enough to remember Bush’s cult.

  170. PJ – BB is on the fritz – will respond to you later during lunch!


  171. Bad Boy Bill knows the words without having to look at the text!

    *snuggles Big Dawg*

    melusine, that is a bad link!

  172. I’m not watching, but Bill’s in the front row? Good. That’s where he belongs. Go, ahead, Congressman, get 22 repealed and see how fast we see Bill Clinton take his third oath of office.

    Melusine08: The link didn’t work.

  173. Now I realize she’s secretary of state — first in the cabinet — they get to go to everything.

  174. BO says it’s time for a new era of responsbility – well, I think he should have shown that UP FRONT himself by not spending $180 mil or so on his party – that would have been what a leader does – lead by example.

    Part of the reason why I had bowel movements last night. All the money, it made me sick.

  175. Bill’s good Southern boy. He knows his hymns and his scriptures. He’s just nice enough to not be beating you upside the head with them.

  176. I don’t mind organized religion — But I do mind it when it becomes a function of the state. IMHO, all religions should be a private matter and have no right, need, or want in the public eye.

    I saw on tv that one fashion designer saying that Michelle looked angelic in her white dress…. I was like — you are kidding me, right?

  177. What channel are you guys watching this on?

  178. CNN live stream for m e

  179. Plural: At least that means I get to see tons of him (and, naturally, her). She’s gonna have to buy some more pantsuits or we’ll have to start a pool about which one she’ll wear to what occasion.

  180. If by “angelic,” they meant dead swan, yes, I see that.

  181. I’m on FOX

  182. “President Obama…”

    Ugh. It still makes me wretch. How how how did this happen?

  183. Plural:

    First in awesomeness, is more like it.

  184. fif: It is over now but I had it streaming online from ABC news. Another case of two hours lost out of my life that I will never get back.

    They were basically proclaiming him the Savior of the nation, the world, the universe. Reflux time.

  185. Regency, me too.

  186. Any time I can see them, I’m happy.

  187. Someone should tell MO that the dress and flats are more befitting a girl in her 20’s.

  188. I just saw a clip: Hillary was right in the front row the the O’s and the Biden’s. Front and center, where she oughta be.

  189. Bill’s good Southern boy. He knows his hymns and his scriptures. He’s just nice enough to not be beating you upside the head with them.

    And that is what I have always loved about him.

    They were basically proclaiming him the Savior of the nation, the world, the universe. Reflux time.

    Not like that’s anything new.
    Hillary needs to start color coding her pantsuits. So, whatever color she is wearing, you know what is really going on.

  190. MO has a look on her face that could wilt lettuce. She hardly smiles. And for heaven’s sake, can she not just stand up straight. All hunched over is not a good look.

  191. I call $5.00 on the black pantsuit with white piping for the next event.

    Yes, I’m relegated to betting on her pantsuits. My absolute lack of faith in BO is such that I’m done asking for things. It’s either the pantsuit or the (hickey-concealing) scarf.

  192. ” time for a new era of responsibility” ….translates to those who rely on Social Security will need to tight thier belts tiny belts even more ….not the Banks of course …. also as Sweet Sue says, Habeas Corpus is a day one affair .

  193. Watching them enter the church earlier now, they took their place in the pew next to Bill & Hill, and Jill Biden and Hillary shook hands. How do they insult each other and then smile and shake hands soon after? I’m not cut out for politics. I’d sneer.

  194. Sorry don´t know why the link doesn´t work. Found the picture on gettyimages.com

  195. The subtitle at FOX: Geithner apologizes to Congress for not paying taxes.

    But we trust him with billions of dollars?

    Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

  196. Geither needs to withdraw.

    He is a disgrace.

  197. Bill’s good Southern boy. He knows his hymns and his scriptures. He’s just nice enough to not be beating you upside the head with them.

    And that is what I have always loved about him.

    That, and his humility. He never acts like he thinks he is the messiah, or better than everybody.

  198. I have a feeling I may be coupon clipping and buying lots of dented cans that may be on sale. If this is to be an era of accountability it is us who will be held accountable while the fat cats may just have to postpone buying the latest yacht for a few months.

  199. MO has a sort of fixed scowl on her face, and then when she smiles it is forced.

    So when she does smile you usually want to run away screaming in the other direction. Sort of reminds me of my Step Mother.

    Pat, I do sort of feel sorry for her about the slouching thing. She is very tall. I know a lot of women slouch when they’re tall until it becomes a habit and it hurts them to stand up straight.

    Any time I can see them, I’m happy.

    That is exactly how I feel. They are like two suns, clearing away the rainclouds.

  200. They are like two suns, plus when they’re there, I know someone remembers the regular folks.

  201. afrocity: But haven’t you heard? He is a boy genius. We really, really need him. Can we trust him? No. But we really, really need him.

    Another crook in Armani clothing. He needs to withdraw. Surely there is someone else out there who believes in paying his/her taxes.

  202. They didn’t install Obama for the coming good times. They installed him so that when you complain about your pet food diet, you will be called a ” racist “.

  203. If Obama wanted Accountability then he wouldn’t have given Wall Street NADA until they say where the money is going, because it sure isn’t going to people who needed it the most. the poor people who are lossing their homes.

  204. They didn’t install Obama for the coming good times. They installed him so that when you complain about your pet food diet, you will be called a ” rac*ist “.

  205. OOPS!! sorry for the double post . It said ” Your comment is awaiting moderation. ” ….and I thought that meant that one went away….

  206. Obama has suspended the military tribunals @ Gitmo for 120 days so he can “review things” — shouldn’t he know what to do right now — he has only been running for president for 2 years promising to close Gitmo — he should have something in place. Why the 4 month delay? What if he decides that the military tribunals are hunky dory? You can always decide to invalidate the tribunal if you decide the detainees need “something better” but you can’t give them the 4 months back. Sorry to be suspicious but given what I know, I see this as a “buying time” move.

  207. Yes, I’m relegated to betting on her pantsuits. My absolute lack of faith in BO is such that I’m done asking for things. It’s either the pantsuit or the (hickey-concealing) scarf.

    Oh, and that is why I love you Regency.

    That is another thing I always loved about Big Dawg, Plural. He was always admitting that he is just a human being. It was never about him or how amazing he was. He was just, The Boy from Hope. “It’s about you.”

  208. Pat Johnson said: Surely there is someone else out there who believes in paying his/her taxes.
    Yes, Pat and she’s called Sheila Bair – top notch candidate for the job but – oh, she’s a SHE! 😯

  209. Geithner should withdrawal. He is disgusting.

  210. whatever happened to all the complaints about the cheating and vote rigging at the Texas Caucases? Did they ever get a hearing on that?

  211. plural, on January 21st, 2009 at 11:34 am.

    Exactly. The Clinton’s give a damn about the average person . Once she knew she couldn’t stop it …I think Hill left the Senate in part so she would not be party to the coming gutting of the wee people .

  212. angie: He is preparing another “speech” to address the Gitmo issue. That takes time. When he delivers the speech all will be well! And he just spent two hours in church this morning getting all holy and sanctified. Give the guy a break!

  213. On the NYTimes, a number of speechwriters weigh in on Obama’s inauguration speech.

    The consensus seems to be that it didn’t live up to expectations, though God knows they are mostly pretty careful not to offend the new powers that be.

    I have always thought of Obama’s rhetoric, supposedly among his strongest points, as bewilderingly overrated.

    I think that Obama finally hit the wall on hype. Previous speeches, I believe, could be made into something they were not because no one took a fine tooth comb to them. A general and vague feeling of uplift was sufficient to declare them great — but that feeling could be engendered by just about any kind of crowd sentiment. Word for word, sentence for sentence, passage for passage, there was and is no there there in Obama’s rhetoric.

    And I expect this to be the harbinger of further deflation of hype. Each decision Obama makes — and now, finally, he must make them — rips him out of the world of the abstract and vague and plunges him into the domain of the concrete and defined.

    It’s going to be a bruising trip for Mr. Hope.

  214. whatever happened to all the complaints about the cheating and vote rigging at the Texas Caucases? Did they ever get a hearing on that?

    No one is ever going to pay attention to that. Maybe a few years from now, when people are fed up, some fool will make a documentary about it.

  215. (from the other sheri): ” time for a new era of responsibility” ….translates to those who rely on Social Security will need to tight thier belts tiny belts even more ….not the Banks of course …. also as Sweet Sue says, Habeas Corpus is a day one affair.

    So true and it is all so hypocritical. BO should be leading by example. Also, while I know that closing Gitmo is very, very important and we should get to work on it, is it really the priority on Day One considering the condition of the state of things in this country? Or, it is a diversion while he buys time?

  216. frankly0 — that’s ok — Charles Shumer said yesterday that “Obama meant for the speech not be great.” I sh!t you not — that is the meme.

    I heard it from afrocity, & she wouldn’t lie to me.

  217. If he wants to inspire people to action, what’s the point in a not-great speech?

  218. angie! I didn’t see teh Facebook post yesterday. How am I supposed to find you? Do you know how many angie/angelas live in North Carolina?

    Well, its a lot. =P

  219. Micki — email me at my junk email address & I will email you my full name to find me on face book. Angel41269@aol.com

  220. Angie–you’ve got (Junk) mail.

  221. Did you guys see the new White House bios that the BO campaign put up?

    They are called “candid.”

    I don’t go to the WH website b/c it burns, but there was a story on yahoo about it.

  222. Micki — you’ve got mail too!!

  223. For some reason I’m in moderation. Please release me. What did I say?

  224. Restoring Habeas Corpus is, IMO, is not just from dealing with Gitmo . Restoring Habeas Corpus , as of now, would take perhaps 10 minutes….why, he could do it from the church pew right now. He could have done it 3:00 PM yesterday. There is no reason Habeas Corpus should be totally tied up with Gitmo…except as a way to not restore it .

  225. Ok. What is offense. First line:

    Did you guys see the new White House bios that the BO campaign put up?

  226. They are called “candid.”

  227. Oh, I got released.

  228. dakinikat, on January 21st, 2009 at 11:40 am Said:

    whatever happened to all the complaints about the cheating and vote rigging at the Texas Caucases? Did they ever get a hearing on that?

    They got swept under the rug with everything else that may reflect badly on “the new apostle.” Good Lord, don’t people even realize when they are being sacrilegious anymore?

    I’m glad that eagle didn’t fly at the ceremonies. (although I do think that is a really bad omen)

  229. frankly0, Well said!

    Obama’s rhetoric………bewilderingly overrated

    A general and vague feeling of uplift was sufficient to declare them great

    Each decision Obama makes — and now, finally, he must make them — rips him out of the world of the abstract and vague and plunges him into the domain of the concrete and defined………

    I have been waiting for this “shooting star” to burn up in the atmosphere and land with a thud for so long!

  230. angiec,

    Yeah, I read that comment of Afrocity about what Shumer said.

    It would be good to read the actual quote from Shumer, to see exactly how he might have expressed such an unflattering point.

  231. There was an eagle?

  232. Part of this crews screw ups is not getting a freaking trained eagle ….Lordy!! Also the photo of those obots
    ( which looked like they were in ” showers” ) in the tunnel was chilling. It’s either due to a screw up or it was deliberate….but either way, stuff like that are bad signs ….

  233. Fuck! This is OT but I just realized that even the song played by Perlman & crew was not original! They announced it as written by John Williams especially for the inauguration. It’s a flat out rip-off of Aaron Copland’s “Appalachian Spring”..

    ARRRRRGH!!!! There is nothing original about his A-hole!

  234. Have you seen the Dow? Its at 8004 right now.

  235. I mean THIS a-hole, not HIS a-hole. Though that’s probably not original either.

  236. Hi All! Just popping in to say that Hillary’s Senate Hearing is on C-Span2 right now. Haven’t read upthread to see if this was announced.

  237. SHV, on January 21st, 2009 at 10:59 am Said:
    Reid throws women under the bus (again) inorder to make nice with Obama’s BFFs, the Republicans.
    “Reid to let Republicans offer amendments to fair pay bill”

    How did I know that Obama wouldn’t just sign off on this one?

    As I posted on another blog when an obot chastised PUMAs for snubbing someone who is in our camp: I’m not convinced BO is in “our camp.” It looks to me like he’s in the other camp and is shooting spit balls at us!

  238. I would like Obama to announce a major initiative to investigate the safety of our food.

  239. The markets crashed yesterday — worst inaugural day ever.

  240. Kerry’s speaking on behalf of Hillary’s nom.

  241. plural — there was an eagle that was supposed to fly down the mall to the washington monument & back — this eagle has flown before & is trained — I don’t know where the meme has come from that he isn’t trained — the eagle refused to take off — twice. The trainer said it was because there hadn’t been enough “practice” time but I think he was making an excuse for what was obviously a bad omen.

  242. StaunchWoman, on January 21st, 2009 at 12:04 pm Said:…… It’s a flat out rip-off of Aaron Copland’s “Appalachian Spring”..

    Which was , in part, a rip off of a shaker hymn ! lol! But you are right…our corporate masters to not believe in anything original….because how do you know if you can control something original?

  243. The Republicans can’t stop themselves from bashing Bill and his eeeeeevil charities.

    So the Dems have to get some speeches together to defend her. The fools, however, can’t stop themselves from expressing reservations, which of course encourages the Republicans.

  244. Why bother writing a “great” speech when the man could belch and his followers would call it brilliant?

  245. angienc2, on January 21st, 2009 at 12:09 pm

    The eagle was trained?? lol! That makes it even more intresting that he refused to fly . This is no news flash, but an eagle has more sense than obots! lol!

  246. Ah, finally! Kerry is explaining the work of the Clinton Foundation.


  247. angienc2, thanks.

    The eagle had more sense than the humans and knew it was too cold to be out yesterday.

  248. Schumer

    “The speech was serious because these are serious times but it was also confident in declaring that we can overcome these challenges by working together. I am confident that anyone who heard the speech knows there is a sure hand at the tiller.”

    I cannot not find the Schumer quote that he said on FOX

  249. afrocity — don’t try too hard — I’m sure it has been scrubbed. It never happened!

  250. Is the recession over yet? It’s been almost a day already.

  251. The Clinton Foundation helps the less fortunate. Of course such an idea has to be explained to our august leaders.

  252. Someone on Lehrer the other night said Hillary might think better of Norway if they gave money to the Foundation.

    I wondered why Hillary would not think well of Norway, no matter what.

  253. I am confident that anyone who heard the speech knows there is a sure hand at the tiller.”

    Yeah, but whoes??

  254. Michelle is not tall and lithe. She’s tall and wide. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  255. Sen. Cornyn, R-TX, the 1 non-yayer to Hill’s cf, is speaking.

  256. He’s going to vote for her, after trashing charity for an hour or two.

    I believe they are doing this in order to discourage donations to the Clinton Foundation.

  257. What Chuck really said

    “…. I am confident that anyone who heard the speech knows there is a sure hand in the til …er, I mean, at the tiller.”

  258. What about donations to the various Bush libraries? Any speeches about that?

  259. Instead of giving my own ideas for change, I’ll give my 10 years old daughter’s

  260. plural – I agree. Wants CF to stop taking foreign donations.

  261. I think he’d love to wipe it out altogether.

  262. I’ll not be able to breathe well until she is finally confirmed -what bunch of jerks –

    Are they going to do the right thing or will they too scr@w her?

    She’s out of the Senate now.

  263. Donations to Bush libraries are by private donors. I don’t think it is anyone’s business regardless of who the President in questions is.

  264. Bill Nelson is speaking passionately on behalf of Hillary and extolling the CF’s accomplishments, which are extensive and admirable. Kerry was so unconvincing.

  265. John McCain — Is endorsing her.

  266. The CF has nothing to do with his Library – I believe the CF is mostly focused on his works in Africa

  267. I couldn’t agree more about Habeas Corpus being at the top of the list. This document has held for almost a thousand years, except by people who are universally considerd despots in history. It’s more sacred than the Bible in my opinion, because it automatically frames laws for the free in altruistic terms. Equal protection is a human right, the first universal right. It’s the lynchpin that has held it al together for all these centuries. I dread facing a world without it.

  268. Good for McCain. He wants a voice vote.

  269. re: Michelle’s “style” — it isn’t just that she is tall, she has an athletic build not a waif build like Jackie — the clothes that she is insisting on wearing do not work on her frame — that is just it. That gown last night was way too young for her — it was for a 16 year old “deb” not a 45 year old first lady.

  270. McC is asking for voice vote @ 4:30pm. Kerry is stopping unanimous consent. Doesn’t want to stop the objectors to her nom.

  271. Sen. Susan Collins, R-ME, homeland secur & gvmntal affairs cmte. ranking member is speaking in praise of HRC. Quoting someone, she said HRC is “the epitome of a big leader.”

  272. angie, I think MO doesn’t look good in clothes, b/c she is tight and uncomfortable in her body, stemming from that she is hard on people/judgmental.

  273. What an eloquent tribute.

  274. wow, Sen. Collins said: She, HRC & McC traveled all night to Afghanistan. That Hillary displayed caring, compassion as they broke off from main party and met w/ Afghani women re: healthcare, education. Collins displayed her enthusiasm that HRC is amazingly qualified for the job.

  275. IMPORTANT — I’ve been meaning to post this & kept forgetting with all of Michelle’s fashion faux pas — but who in h3ll advised Obama to wear white tie with a tuxedo dinner jacket? WHITE TIE GOES WITH TAILS — ONLY No exceptions!! That was an epic travesty that only the nouveau riche could make.

  276. StaunchWoman> The thing with John Williams (and I wrote about it on another thread a few days ago) is that he may very well have composed that thing fresh, not even realizing he was stealing. Williams is one of the most derivative composers out there; there isn’t an original bone in his body. I don’t know if you listen to classical music, but you do you’d hear a crapload of Brahms, Bruckner, Mahler, Richard Strauss, Wagner, Prokofiev, Shostakovich in Williams’ music. For example, that main theme from “Schindler’s List” (played by the violin) is lifted directly out of Mahler’s 8th Symphony. And if you listen to the main Harry Potter theme – it’s almost identical to the “Schindler’s List” theme. John Williams is a hack and he might have thought he writing something original.

  277. McCain is pressing for the vote, and Kerry is blaming the Repubs for stalling. They’re going to talk about it over lunch.

    Lindsey Graham spking.

  278. Lady Boomer — Hillary & Mac doing that makes me all the more pissed off at the morons who voted for Obama.

    I think you might be right about Michelle in her clothes but I also think the fact that she is without taste also contributes. 🙂

  279. Gotta get back to work. Have fun guys!

  280. Lindsay Graham will vote enthusiastically for Hillary.

  281. Lindsey Graham (as much as i could catch):

    “i know she understands the world. people understand her. there’s nowhere in the world she can go that people don’t respect her. she will do an outstanding job. let’s get it (the vote) done. this country needs an sos right now, engaging the world. there’s no better advocate for our troops than hrc. i’ll enthusiastically support her.”

    resume @ 2:15 pm et.

  282. LB – Everybody loves Hillary, except the men who are intimidated by her, like Senator “No P*nis” Cornyn.

  283. Well, my goodness. That might be the first thing Lindsey Graham has ever said that I agree with.

    Hillary is the TRUE uniter. Obama is a divider and a hatemonger. A pox on his house!

  284. Michelle’s fashion mistakes arise from the fact that she wants to be something she’s not. Or perhaps she’s so intoxicated with adulation that she really believes she’s the second coming of Jackie O. Aren’t there any mirrors in the White House? (And where’s Fuzzy when I need some back up?)

  285. angie — she’s without taste b/c she hasn’t found her inner diva. she’s too tight to really choose the right things to express who she is, b/c who she is is pissed. i think she’s just hard on people, on herself. somebody probably was on her. it looks like she has a decent time being a mom, when she’s sitting with her girls. looks more natural.

  286. mb, speaking of pp, I so want to post that Favreau/Hillary graphic but I’m too shy. Illustrates your point.

  287. gmx – yup, i think you and i are on the same page re: MO’s fashion woes roots.

  288. i meant, gxm, sorry!

  289. when will the news channels STFU about the Obamas?
    I used to like to throw on the tube in my office 😦

  290. LB – LOL!

    The arrested development syndrome. They get all sheepish and resentful around Mommy and have complexes about finding a Daddy to worship.

    So pathetic.

  291. Who is the man Hillary is talking to in this picture? I thinking she is telling him to shsssh
    She doesn’t look happy 😀

  292. OMG -what on earth are they thinking in DC these days – how can they hold up her being seated as SOS?

  293. Why am I in moderation?


  294. madamab: You’ve got mail.

  295. No problem LB, it’s a common typo. 🙂

  296. someone get madamab out of mod right now!

    right now dag nabbit!


    how dare the internet do this to you?

  297. Good grief, Angie – you’re right -I just noticed that he didn’t wear tails!

    They just don’t know -neither he nor Michelle have a clue

  298. mb – I didn’t see you in moderation.

  299. gxm – 😉

  300. Were you naughty, Madamab??? 😉

  301. Words cannot express the disgust I feel for Harry Reid for allowing the republicans to get their grimy paws on the Ledbetter Act. Of all the olive branches he could have extended, he chose one that affects women. Who the hell does he think he is? I am royally p!ssed. I’m gonna check PUMApac and see if Murph’s preparing a prowl. Grrrr…

  302. I gotta run, y’all. See you later, have fun, xo

  303. Oh please! MO doesn’t have a hard time expressing who she is. She just has bad fashion taste. She did too before her husband decided to be president. Remember the ugly jacket she has on in that picture where she and Obama are at a conference(I think)
    Any woman who tells other women that they shouldn’t be president if they can’t stop their husbands from cheating has no hard time expressing herself. This is the same woman who was telling other women what kind of jobs they should strive for. Don’t become lawyers, take service jobs instead. This woman knows what she wants and has no hard time expressing it. She is just quiet for now. Are we to forget that she said she wanted to scratch BC’s eyes out or not knowing if she could vote for a woman who fundraised for her husband and got him 2 million dollars when he was running for the senate? She just dresses badly.

  304. OK. I just read this. Tell me what is wrong with this paragraph.

    “Under any scenario, Obama would have to focus heavily on domestic policy, investing time to make sure his big initiatives – the bailout package, the stimulus plan, his healthcare changes – have the backing of Congress and the people. But with Clinton as his chief envoy, he won’t have to spend an equal amount of time flattering world leaders and delving into the painstaking details of diplomacy. She is perhaps the best-known and most respected American in the world, after him and her husband, and few world leaders would feel slighted by getting her attention instead of the president’s.”

  305. Micki, on January 21st, 2009 at 1:16 pm

    Hillary is not as importanting as the two men

  306. I’m out, taggles and LB. Thanks! And no, Joanelle, I was not naughty. Something tells me I used a tr0llish trigger word by mistake.

    I agree with Downticket. Michelle needs a Clinton and Stacey (TLC’S “What Not To Wear” team) makeover. Who knows, they might even get her to smile once in a while!

  307. Micki – OMG, no they didn’t. “Flattering world leaders?” Could they BE any more sexist? And they put her popularity below Obama’s and Bill’s…how do they know?

  308. The Jackie O thing now is for the Kennedy tie in, but also a set up for two years from now when they will do a big campaign about how MO is her ” own woman now”…. blah blah blah.

  309. More than anything, the continuing Adoration Of Obama signifies this: there really isn’t much of substance there, so the man requires constant, extreme puffery from all quarters in order to justify the myth. The now familiar routine, however, is getting extraordinarily tiresome (not to mention nauseating).

    The first section of this morning’s San Antonio newspaper was complete Obama wallpaper, every column inch of it. Succeeding sections were simply supplementary rolls. All save for the business section, that is, which contained the real news – another steep decline in the stock market, job losses everywhere, more companies failing. Needless to say, the juxtaposition was rather instructive.

  310. What are they doing in DC? Are they trying do in our gal?

  311. Did I read right? Is it the GOP Senators doing most of the standing up for Hill ? Help.

  312. madamab: I guess she will flatter them when she has tea with them.

    And yes, there is a completely gratuitous ass-kissing qualifier in the last sentence. I mean, come on. It was qualified with “perhaps.” The sentence stands on its own.

  313. I want to see some regulations imposed on the banking and credit card industry. I want a full accounting of where that 800 billion went. I want Bernie Madoff and his ilk in jail.

    Oh, and MEchelle dress(es) were reviewed hilariously at Ace of Spades. Some funny stuff! But warning: some comments are pretty bad.

  314. Madam Secretary: a candidate for the blogroll


    “Madam Secretary is an obsessive blog about all things Hillary Clinton. From her policies to her pantsuits, Madam Secretary delivers up-to-the-minute news, analysis, and gossip about America’s (next) top diplomat.” By an editor of Foreign Policy magazine.


  315. I’m in moderation

  316. Important not importanting(is this a word)

  317. You know, I really need to stop being informed. Hopefully my links will work.



  318. Huh? few world leaders would feel slighted by getting her attention instead of the president’s.”

    Have we not had an SOS for years? Have those SOSs not represented our country? WTF?

  319. Did anybody read today’s great post at The Daily Howler? Lady Maureen De Dowd gets hers.

  320. Hillary had better be approved. She is probably the best chance he has at this point. As for Geitner, best he should withdraw (he won”t). Credibility and accountability are the name of the new game in town and he has shown a penchant to avoid both.

    If this is the “change” that has been promised it certainly lacks the expectations. Another Wall Street slick artist at the helm of an agency in dire need of reform.

    Back to my book. At least I know what I am reading is considered “fiction”.

  321. Ah, forgot to add my nominee for Change: an end to the absolutely insane Obama hype – pleeeeeease!!!!

  322. Trying again:

    Check out the gorgeous Hillary photos on the blog “Madam Secretary”

  323. Well, BlahBlahMa just said the top priority is not the economy but the Middle East (I paraphrase).

    So, BlahBlahMa will have his attention on domestic issues (economy, priority #2) and HRC will have HER attention on foreign issues (middle east, priority #1).

    Even BlahBlahMa knows she is better qualified than he is.

  324. Even Cornyn is going to vote for Hillary, so I guess it will be a unanimous consent after all.

    The Republicans really showed Cornyn the cold shoulder this morning.

  325. Totally catty but not entirely OT:

    I have been checking the GoFugYourself blog in hopes
    they’d post some hideous MO pics.
    So far, nuthin.
    I even emailed the cowards and included links. Rats.

  326. Micki: I am so tired of looking and listening to fanatics describe their version of god’s will. This is just sickening the way this moron describes wifely beatings. Unbelievable!

  327. The support for Hillary as SoS is pretty overwhelming, including from Republicans. When Lindsay Graham stands up and praises her – you know Cornyn is in a very small minority. I’m rather surprised that some Republicans are flexing their muscles this soon and on an issue they will most certainly lose. This will be embarrassing to Cornyn and Vitter. They are going to get buried once the vote takes place.

  328. good link, Phoenix.

  329. PJ: I know, but I get this daily digest of womens’ issues stories and I actually read them. So, I get accosted with this stuff quite a bit.

    I just *love* the stoning and acid stories. Now *that’s* the way to start a day.

    And if you don’t know I’m facetious, shame on you! I’m not even going to /snark it. Oops, I guess I just did.

  330. I think Cornyn expected to rouse Republican votes against her, and instead got hit by an avalanche of support for her.

  331. I wasn’t directing that at you Pat J. I meant, if “one” doesn’t know I’m being facetious . . .

  332. DYB – from your lips to God’s ears!

  333. Thanks, Catarina. Conflucians please note: the Madam Secretary blog reports Hillary to be confirmed today at 4:30pm EST

  334. Fresh thread up

  335. Micki: I knew you were being facetious. I was agreeing with you on the article itself. Sickening in its content. I could not agree with you more. Perhaps it was me who did not make myself better understood. It happens sometimes when we are typing on a flat surface.

  336. Oh, no. I know. I just didn’t want you to think I was directing my comment at you in particular. It was directed at the universe.


  337. Kat5, that must have been a misprint. Now that Obama is in office, the recession is supposed to be over. Maybe he needs another day or two?

  338. Phoenix:

    Went to the fp site. There are some great pictures there. The first one of the Clintons and Bidens smiling at each other and Michelle looking forward is interesting. MO does not look too comfortable.

    Thanks for sharing.

  339. GAgal, on January 21st, 2009 at 1:14 pm Said:

    Words cannot express the disgust I feel for Harry Reid for allowing the republicans to get their grimy paws on the Ledbetter Act. Of all the olive branches he could have extended, he chose one that affects women.
    Reid wouldn’t let the Republicans add amendments to some Public Land bill and they got p*ssed. So Reid gave them Ledbetter to water down inorder to make nice with the Thugs.

  340. hey, lay off meechelle
    at least she didnt wear an old sofa’s coverings again.

  341. The world leaders would probably rather talk to Hillary Clinton than anyone else in the backtrack bunch.
    They can have an intelligent talks and figure out solutions to problems.
    Think about it.
    Can any one talk to backtrack and get a straight answer let alone a solution?



  342. frankly0
    From that NYT speech critique – an interesting point from Clinton’s speech writer jJeff Shesol

    Still, what does it tell us about the actions of tomorrow? Not very much, except that this administration will try to offend as few people as possible.

  343. […] reviewed. I thought, “well, that’s not bad. It’s a start.” But then MadamaB posted a comment saying that it’s not nearly enough. She said Wrong. Wrong. […]

  344. I want OUR Constitution and Bill of Rights as put forth by the Framers, I want bombs, white phosphers[yes we used them in Iraq, I’ve the Army Field Manual “Battle of Fallujah” pre and post redaction], to stop murdering children, any civilians and the Troops to join Courage to Resist, join Iraq Veterans Against war, learn that saying “I WILL withdraw Troops from Iraq”, while leaving out except, “I am immediately redploying to Afghanistan”, a Sectarian conflict and much over the Poppy, Taliban was 49% when we invaded, now > 70%.
    “You can learn much about a Nation by the way it treats its animals” Mohandas Gandhi
    Rhoda Veteran for Peac

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