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    riverdaughter on He knew he was a looooose…
    riverdaughter on He knew he was a looooose…
    Propertius on He knew he was a looooose…
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on He knew he was a looooose…
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President Obama’s First Day: Touch Tones

touchtone This is kind of a personal post. I hope you don’t mind. But I just really needed to share. If you don’t want to deal with my self-involved ramblings, feel free to skip right to the comments.

So far I haven’t had a very good day. I had an argument with my mom because she doesn’t want me to keep talking about how Obama is going to destroy mess with “reform” social security. I pointed out that she was the one who brought up Obama first. I can understand why she gets tired of my negative talk about Obama, but I get also get frustrated, because she knows better but just wants to pretend that either Obama will somehow do the right thing or that Congress will stop him from enacting his Reaganesque agenda. I also don’t like feeling like an outcast in my own family. In the past we have all mostly agreed about politics.

After this unpleasantness, I start thinking about the situation we are in. I really do want Obama to do the right things for the country. I will never like him as a person or as a leader, but if he does something right I’m willing to give him credit. I also think that if I’m going to critique his policies, I have to approach them with an open, though suspicious mind. This morning I heard that Obama ordered a halt to the show trials in Guantanamo for 120 days until the cases can be reviewed. I thought, “well, that’s not bad. It’s a start.” But then MadamaB posted a comment saying that it’s not nearly enough. She said

Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

He should say RIGHT AWAY that the prosecutors have to produce evidence within 30 days or the prisoners have to be released. If any of those people are guilty, then the US should be able to prove it in a real court of law.

Isn’t that what we all used to believe in America? Innocent until proven guilty?

I’m not very knowledgeable about the law, but that sounds right to me. As usual, Obama is too tentative, to cautious–not willing to go the whole way. Still I’ve been telling myself today to keep an open mind. He’s the only President that we have, and he can affect our lives in so many ways–good or bad. In many ways I’m finding this even harder to do than it was with George W. Bush. I still consider myself a Democrat and to have a President from my own party who basically seems like a Republican is really difficult to bear. There are also all the resentments I have about his sexist, misogynistic behavior during the campaign, his refusal to hold his minions in the press accountable for the violent anti-woman rhetoric they used to help him get elected, and his silence after the disgusting prank by Jon Favreau are simply unforgivable as far as I’m concerned–as are his race-baiting of Hillary and Bill Clinton.

So I was mulling all of this over, and then while driving home I turned on one of the local talk stations, WTTK and listened to the token “liberal” show with Margery Eagan and Jim Braude. These two Obots were actually criticising aspects of the Inauguration events. I continued to listen, trying to maintain an objective attitude. During the show, the hosts cut to Obama’s first press availability as President. He announced several new executive orders including ethics rules for lobbyists, more openness in government responses to Freedom of Information Act requests, and a pay freeze for some of his staff. OK, not a huge deal, but still it’s good right? Especially the Freedom of Information Act part. I don’t buy that the lobbying rules will make the slightest difference, but maybe he means it about FOIA. In the middle of Obama’s statement I had to get out out of the car to run into the grocery store. As I shopped for a few items, I was feeling really good about myself. I was actually approving something that Obama did. I was proud of being able to overcome my reflexive enmity toward him and just try to react as a citizen who needs the President to do a good job. So you get the picture. I want to give the guy a chance even though I thoroughly dislike him as a person.

When I came back out to the car, I heard a replay of Obama’s statement. Here is how CNN reported it.

Promising “a new era of openness in our country,” President Barack Obama signed several executive orders Wednesday relating to ethics guidelines for staff members of his administration.

“Transparency and the rule of law will be the touchstones of this presidency,” Obama said.

Among other things, Obama said he would issue a pay freeze for his senior staff.

But that isn’t what he said. I heard it. Obama said, “Transparency and the rule of law will be the touch tones of this presidency.” Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! All my nice peaceful feelings taking a wait and see approach went right out the window. But I’m going to keep trying. I really don’t want the guy to finish what Bush stared and completely destroy the country. I’ll keep trying to keep an open mind. But belive me, it’s not gonna be easy. Thank goodness for you tube. The press will clean up all the Obamisms, not print them like they did with Bush. The Obamaism occurs toward the end of the press conference at around 6:42, at the point where he’s talking about FOIA requests.

UPDATE: Hillary Clinton has just been confirmed as Secretary of State. Spontaneous applause broke out in the Senate. Two votes against.

320 Responses

  1. Sterling Newberry has an interesting framing of Obama’s agenda. He says he is NOT a progressive. A progressive would use this moment to enact completely new policies (and lists many). Instead, Obama is the end of the S curve. He is enabling the last stretch of failed corporate and conservative agendas. The “postponing of trials at Gitmo” is a good example of this – Obama isn’t ending them but postponing them.

  2. Yep. It’s around 6:42. Wonderful. In every way, we really do have another Bush term.

  3. How long does Paterson have to appoint her Senate replacement now? Is that something that needs to be done immediately so NY is represented on the floor, or is it up to him?

  4. He seems really nervous too.

  5. He’s postponing everything until his next term. No, Baby Bop–I mean, President Bop, you cannot have another term. This is the only one you get. Sorry.

  6. She needs to formally resign first. I don’t think she’s resigned yet.


  8. Obama is Bush spelled backwards!

  9. fif> Paterson will make his announcement this weekend. Don’t know why this weekend.

  10. Oh but Obama will have a special Middle East Envoy that trumps Hillary — Rollseyes — and reports directly to him. And of course its a white man.

  11. I almost feel sorry for him. He’s like a little kid giving a book report.

  12. accountable my arse.

  13. Did anyone read the post? I don’t want you to miss the Obamaism. I’ll bet we get one of these every time he speaks.

  14. Because white men aren’t the reason the middle east is in the situation it’s already in.

    Come some 3 a.m., he will be waking up Secretary of State Clinton with a “Hillary, I’m in way over my head. How do you fix Hamas?”

  15. did you guys see that photo of Hillary, bill, bidens, obama’s on foreign policy site?
    hillary is absolutely beaming and Obama and Michele look stunned.

  16. BB: My concern is that the media noted what he “meant” instead of what he said. A self-correcting media concerns me.

  17. Yeay, Hillary!

  18. Yes. It’s around 6:42 for anyone who, like me, doesn’t want to endure the entire 9 minutes of tape. Touch tones. And this guy is “brilliant”? Oh well, I guess he’s a prime example of “phoning it in.”

  19. nothing about him is transparent!

  20. Regency: he is voting “present” on his first term.

  21. Yep, Regency, whatever happened to good ol’ (sic)?

  22. Sorry, I didn’t know how to tell where the quote is. I’ll update the post right now.

  23. “Sarah Davis”
    I didn’t see that picture; but if you can put it up that would be great.
    Did anyone see the “Equal Pay” Senate Vote??
    Leahy from Vermont was brilliant!!

  24. Regency,

    I know they’ll try to clean up all his quotes. That is why we have to keep a record.

  25. He often laughs after stating complete sentences….like Bush

  26. Juan Williams holds Obama’s feet to the fire (a bit), and even manages to defend the Clintons:

    Judge Obama on Performance Alone
    Let’s not celebrate more ordinary speeches.

    It is neither overweening emotion nor partisanship to see King’s moral universe bending toward justice in the act of the first non-white man taking the oath of the presidency. But now that this moment has arrived, there is a question: How shall we judge our new leader?

    If his presidency is to represent the full power of the idea that black Americans are just like everyone else — fully human and fully capable of intellect, courage and patriotism — then Barack Obama has to be subject to the same rough and tumble of political criticism experienced by his predecessors. To treat the first black president as if he is a fragile flower is certain to hobble him.

    Yet there is fear, especially among black people, that criticism of him or any of his failures might be twisted into evidence that people of color cannot effectively lead. That amounts to wasting time and energy reacting to hateful stereotypes. It also leads to treating all criticism of Mr. Obama, whether legitimate, wrong-headed or even mean-spirited, as racist.

    This is patronizing. Worse, it carries an implicit presumption of inferiority. Every American president must be held to the highest standard. No president of any color should be given a free pass for screw-ups, lies or failure to keep a promise.


  27. I saw that pic of Hill and company. She was beaming at church today. Go girl.

  28. DYB: All politicians release bad news on weekend – slow news cycle.

    Surely all the anchors & pundits will need to recoup this weekend after the orgy of Obama sex we’ve seen this week – hell, all year. The poor things are just exhausted.

  29. I feel better about the world just knowing that Hillary Clinton will be Diplomat in Chief.
    What a riot that one of the two no votes was that guy who likes to be diapered by hookers. How the heck is he still a Senator?
    I’m really fighting the suspicion that Kennedy swooned yesterday to ensure the appointment of Caroline.
    Not worthy of me; I don’t usually think such things.

  30. Yea, that’s not a good sign if Paterson is going to do it over the weekend, when his office switchboard is down. That means he doesn’t want to be flooded with furious phone calls…and we know what that means.

  31. Oh, let me also mention that on the syllabus for my Poli-Sci was a list of articles we will be reading for the class. New York Times, Washington Post, and Time Magazine. Yeah, no biased media there.

  32. Sue: I had the same thoughts.

  33. bb: I really don’t know what to do with my residual feelings of disgust, rage, distrust, etc. I will never get past the fundamental point that he cheated to achieve this position. How can I recognize him as the president, when he rigged the system to get there? These two thoughts/feelings are diametrically opposed. It’s why I never accepted Bush. Worse, because Bush was so bad, Obama will look good no matter what he does. He most likely can’t do any worse. He will also take credit for everything that everyone else does–as he always has. I’m depressed, feeling completely exiled in my own country. At least with Bush, I had my Party. Now, I am lost in the desert. I cannot change this core feeling, regardless of what he does or doesn’t do.

  34. One of the main reasons it will most likely be Princess is not only because she’s a Kennedy. But because the object is to shut government down….so it’s natural they replace the incomparable Hillary with a non functional gear . Princess will do nothing and that’s what they want.

  35. Hillary’s dress at http://hillary.foreignpolicy.com/

    I think it would have been better if it was all pink and grey.The bottom skirt should have been the same color as the top. All the top should have been the same color as the bottom. The combination of only grey and pink on top and grey bottom is not great.

  36. She looks so great in that photo. Of all of them, she is shining. Michelle on the other hand…

  37. What day do we send the diapers?
    For demint maybe a pacifier?

    I am so into sending these two sickos mail.



  38. Dick Durbin on CSpan discussing Ledbetter. He’s good. Tells it like it is – short and sweet.

  39. From the foreign policy site (love this new site for Hillary Happenings!):

    With Hillary Clinton’s move to State imminent, eyes are on New York Governor David Paterson these days. While making the rounds in Washington for the inauguration, he got asked over and over again who he plans to name to replace Hillary. Speculation runs high that Caroline Kennedy remains the favorite, though Paterson confirmed that State Attorney General Andrew Cuomo is also in the running. For her part, despite having campaigned for Obama and led his VP search, Caroline Kennedy was absent from the inaugural festivities, leading some to speculate that she already knows she’s not in.

    I hadn’t thought about that: CK was nowhere to be seen yesterday huh?

  40. Reege, the minute I saw them loading Kennedy in the ambulance, I thought, well, David Paterson has no other choice now.
    But I wish he’d choose Carolyn and not Caroline.

  41. It will be Princess Caroline, whether we like it or not, and we will be forced to suffer through more kool aid mania with her.
    Then there will be gushing media around her and they will start grooming her for a manchurian run in 2012 or 2016.
    I can all ready see it now…

  42. The “HOPE & CHANGE” shield have been weakened because he actually has to put his butt on the line and make real decisions. And that trick he constantly uses of blabbering around an issue won’t work as well.
    that’s why barry and michelle aren’t smiling today. reality is setting in.

  43. Fif,

    That’s exacly the struggle I’m going through. I’ll never be able to take him seriously as President, but for two reasons I think I have to try to at least look at his proposals somewhat objectively. First, I want to be able to hold his feet to the fire, and second, I don’t want to root for him to fail and take us all down with him.

  44. And that trick he constantly uses of blabbering around an issue won’t work as well.

    As Hillary said, campaigning isn’t the same as governing.

  45. We’re going down regardless for the next 2 years so I’m not taking it personally. He gets hampered with an economy he can’t fix and I get to try to find a job in an economy he can’t fix. This is not win for anybody much less a win-win for all.

  46. If Patterson gives it to Caroline, I’m going to seriously flip my shit.

    If he does, does she get the duration of Hillary’s term or does she run again in 2010? I remember there was some discussion of it on here, but I don’t recall the exact answer. Please advise.

  47. I wonder why Caroline didn’t go? I wonder if she had a purple ticket?

  48. bb: that’s why I come here. I trust RD & you excellent posters to sort the PR bull from the truth regarding policy specifics. The reality is, there are thousands of people working around him on every detail of every policy. Being the cult of personality that he leads, it will all be presented about him and him alone. When I heard Jack Welch say, “We are so lucky to have THIS man at THIS time,” it struck me yet again. WTF? Obama is not an economist OR an experienced executive. Are you suggesting that HE is going to be the one making the real economic plans and decisions? It’s preposterous.

  49. The appointee in NY has to run in 2010, and again in 2012. They need a good energetic campaigner.

  50. Micki,

    She has to run in 2010 and win the seat legitimately.

  51. Whoever replaces Hill gets to sit in her seat until a special election in 2010.

  52. Well, if that is so, and if this goes down, I hope the good people of NY vote her the hell out.

    NY is not Massachusetts.

  53. I wonder if she had a purple ticket?

    Somehow, I doubt that…unless it was purple as in “royal.”

  54. Micki: no it is NOT, and we NYers have made it very plain to Paterson that we DO NOT WANT CK. If he ignores the electorate for the political power players and money, he will do so at his own peril. Upstate NY is very large, and will be supremely pissed.

  55. Can someone legitimately use “energetic campaigner” and “Caroline Kennedy” in the same sentence?

    I don’t think she even takes the silver spoon out of her mouth without assistance.

  56. BB — I agree with you — I don’t want Obama to fail. However, I expect him to.
    Considering I’ve been right about his this far, that isn’t a good thing.

  57. Regency,

    Don’t you think it’s important for us to at least look at and discuss his proposals? Persaonally, I will continue to ridicule him unmercifully, but also want to know what he’s up to. I he doesn’t take some serious steps and stop being so cautious, it won’t just be 2 years. It will be a depression worse than the 1930s.

  58. fif: I like upstate New York. Ithaca is gorges. 😛 The finger lakes do not suck, either.

    I wouldn’t go in January, but its nice in the summer. Of course, I was in Ithaca at summer college in 1988 and it was hotter than hell. Even the water in the gorges dried up.

  59. Caroline just doesn’t look like she wants it. She even seems bored. When she’s ready to prove it, I’m ready to watch it. She should start in the House for my money.

  60. Micki — she can’t even go vote, how good at campaigning do you think she is — but Obama has proven you don’t need to know what you are doing to get elected you just need the $ & the press on your side.

  61. I heard Hillary talking this week, and she very carefully said, “no single man, no matter how intelligent or talented, can solve the many problems we face alone.” She can see the handwriting on the wall. She KNOWS what it’s like in that White House alone at night, and she was trying to downplay expectations for the neophyte, because she senses the tidal wave coming his way.

  62. That dress is dreadful. What was she (and Oscar de la Renta when he designed it) thinking? It looks like something from the fashion book of those two fashion icons the Queen Mother and Queen Elizabeth…lol! She is 60 not 100 (yet)!

  63. I feel the same way Angie. It’s just so frustrating to be going through this again after 2000 and 2004. I really thought we’d get a Democratic President this time. And we got another Republican.

  64. I don’t like the dress — agree with whoever said it looks like mother of the bride. I wish she would stick to solid colors, like that blue she wore on the Intrepid.

    But I know nothing about fashion, so should shut up.

  65. Angie:
    You have a tendancy to be right about these things. I expect him to fail, though I don’t want him to, because yes, he will take us all down with his sorry a$$.

  66. angie–this is true. I reviewed my voting record and was impressed with myself.

    I guess that disqualifies me from pursuing a political career. I must learn to be apathetic and vote present.

  67. Can someone please tell me where the link to the picture of HIllary in the dress is?

  68. fif:
    Hillary is always honest, even when she speaks carefully.

    Obama is selfish, because he knew he couldn’t take this on, but did anyway his own gain.

  69. BB, second picture down:


  70. angie: it’s so true, but she does not have one of those penis-thingies, and she is a white woman. She also does not give booming, derivative speeches, filled with platitudes. Her charisma quotient is seriously lacking. She took one spin to a few cities in upstate NY, received a hostile reception, and hasn’t been back since. I can’t imagine she has the stamina or patience for the campaign trail. She got snippy with that one reporter who challenged her. It’s just not her forte. If she wants to be useful, there are so many ways she can contribute without being a Senator. They just want another Show Pony to add to the JFK Redux Theater scene.

  71. “fif”
    I’m from “down-state” LI/NY…..We are a “NO CAROLINE” voting block as well.
    Also her toughest competition in 2010 is MY CONGRESSMAN
    Peter King!!
    I will sign up to campaign against her on MONDAY.

  72. bb: its on the new hillary foreign policy site that NYC Girl posted in a previous post.

  73. That dress is dreadful. What was she (and Oscar de la Renta when he designed it) thinking? It looks like something from the fashion book of those two fashion icons the Queen Mother and Queen Elizabeth…lol! She is 60 not 100 (yet)!

    I was disappointed with the dress. She looked gorgeous, as usual, but it made me wonder why Chelsea hasn’t popped out some grandkids for her yet, and that is not good.

  74. BB: I didn’t say you shouldn’t. Do what makes you feel absolutely comfortable and informed. The economy is in a downward spiral and it’s likely going to stay that way, especially if we keep handing out bailouts like it’s Halloween and the industries are kids dressed as pumpkins.

  75. I can’t wait to hear her press conferences on foreign policy matters.

  76. Caroline has the same look and attitude that Obama did during the primaries. “What’s the holdout? Why do I have to endure the wait? This is mine by nature of who I am and I should not have to sit here and wait my turn. I want it now!”

    That is not a look of boredom. It is a look of entitlement. Of course they choose the weekend when they will be less likely to feel the backlash when this becomes a reality.

    A pox on all their elite houses.

  77. I love Hillary’s soft hair in the photo, but that dress is awful. It makes her look like a sausage, cutting her off at the waist, and the matronly neckline doesn’t help either. Hillary can be so chic–he blew it with this one.

  78. BTW
    Thanks to those that put up the photo of the Clinton’s, Biden’s & Obama’s @ church.
    MAN…..did anyone notice Michelle’s jawline tension???
    The better Hillary looks / the worse Michelle looks.
    The “Bawl Dress for Hill” not the best; sorry to say.

  79. The CK thing will be an interesting test to see if Patterson has any real political chops. The smart political move would be to give it to Cuomo to take a serious rival out of play for his Gov. job or he could do the right thing and pick Carolyn Maloney.

    If he stupidly picks CK, he will likely face Cuomo in a Dem primary battle before facing either Rudy or Bloomberg in the general. That’s a very tough proposition for someone who is an accidental gov and sitting on top of a $15B budget hole.

    On top of that, despite the media fluffing CK, would be very vunerable. Her roll out was terrible. She was a disaster Upstate and her NYC interviews were weak and she has shown no ability to campaign. The GOP’s Peter King (GOP congressman from Long Island) would be salivating to take her on because he would already have LI and Upstate locked down and just needs to have a decent showing in NYC to beat CK.

    Overall, if Patterson picks CK, it’s very possible that the Dems could lose a NY Senate and Gov seat.

  80. I like Hillary’s date. Best accessory next to those very nice earrings.

  81. tpt: every single region in the state has vetoed CK. Every.single.region. if he chooses her, he is basically telling all NY voters that he is not representing US. This is his first real test as a leader. I am not optimistic.

  82. I’m just gonna pretend, Hillary wore the blue one from the intrepid.. See, Obots, I can do revisionist history too.

  83. Regency — you said it sista! that Big Dawg is great eye candy – among so many other things!

  84. Little Isis: also she is …well..kind of heavy on the bottom, like Michelle but she doesn’t have her height: she should never, ever, ever wear a gown that is cut in the waist but something that slides, glides and then flares at the bottom. It’s a balancing act…lol
    She is so beautiful she deserved to shine last night…oh well, she will shine as Sos which is more important then anything else…

  85. fif:
    I can see her getting what she wants though. As Angie explained, all you need is a compliant, fawning press Corps and you’ve got it made in Politics these days.

  86. isis: OMG, can you imagine having Hillary Clinton as your grandmother?! Those will be incredibly lucky kids. Loving, funny, and the best teacher you could hope for. I’m too old to be adopted right?

  87. BB, I’d give you a hug if it helped.

    Thanks for keeping me away from the news channels/sites, too. I would probably just get pissed off all over again about the media.

    By the way, every Aussie I talked to who watched the inauguration, thought it was WAY overdone. When I said, “like a coronation?” they agreed.

    LI and Regency – I had a great time with Hill before she went back to her new role. Who gets her next?

  88. BTW — Great Post BB. i feel exactly like you.

  89. Choosing Caroline will solidify him with DC. He may even lose the NY governorship as a result but he probably has been promised a place in the administration should he lose that r*ce.

    It is more than likely a “win win” for Paterson after all. He can appease DC while hoping to gain support within NY. Two years is a lifetime in politics.

    I bet he goes with her. It is to his advantage either way. Especially if they are grooming her for 2012. Nothing like getting in on the ground floor of the next spectacle.

  90. isis: I know what you’re saying, but the NY political climate is very hard-nosed–not at all gullible like many other places.


  91. Scrubs: Me! I was sick and I need a hug.

  92. Regency, on January 21st, 2009 at 5:42 pm

    I like the suit she wore today. Blue is her color.

  93. Yeah, I’m not a fan of Hillary’s dress. First of all, I HATE gray and pink together. After I rejected pastels in the eighth grade, I have a automatic knee jerk reaction against pink.

    She could have done much better. She looks great in orange, too. She could have done an nice peau de soie apricot number.

  94. bostonboomer: I listened (thanks for indicating the time, so I didn’t have to listen to the whole blurb) and I agree, it sounds like “touch tones.” You have a good ear — I probably wouldn’t have caught it myself.

    Well, I liked the personal ramblings of your post because I have a feeling that the conversation you had with your mom may have gone something like one I had with my mom a couple of days ago. “Oh, the Democrats in Congress won’t agree to that,” she said. Uh-huh — because the Democrats are so full of spine. Sometimes I have brief moments of feeling positive (like today with Hillary) but I can’t sustain them.

  95. DT: Blue is her color. Makes her look powerful. Red, too. She should wear lots of reds and blues. I want her to re-wear that fantastic dress with which I am obsessed. I don’t care if it’s to Starbucks. She needs to wear it again.

  96. He’s great at words…not so great at accomplishments.

    The difference now though is that he will be surrounded by talented and hard-working people like HC who WILL accomplish things. He will then do what HE does best–take credit for it all or deflect blame to others for the mistakes. And the slobbering press will help him at every step. Limbaugh is right about this one: he is too big to fail, just like the banks. The press has invested ALL of their shabby credibility on his election, and the Village is right along for the ride. They will never admit they were wrong about anything. Can you imagine MoDo shifting positions? Even Peggy Noonan is ga-ga over him now.

  97. SOD: Big Dawg is so hawt. How does Hillary not wilt every time she’s near him? Lucky for her, she’s got such strong willpower…
    And I suppose she just got used to being in the presence of his oozing testosterone/sex pheromones after being near him for thirty five years, and can manage not to jump his bones in public.

    Little Isis: also she is …well..kind of heavy on the bottom, like Michelle but she doesn’t have her height: she should never, ever, ever wear a gown that is cut in the waist but something that slides, glides and then flares at the bottom. It’s a balancing act…lol
    She is so beautiful she deserved to shine last night…oh well, she will shine as Sos which is more important then anything else…

    I agree. Hillary is like Marilyn Monroe. Very curvy. She’s got, as Barbara Walters was saying: “A narrow waist and a very nice bossom” Translate that to nice hips and a generous bust.

    I think she has gained a few piz-ounds the past few weeks or months and Oscar’s pick did nothing to slim her up. I was v disappointed with him, but I suppose he will have to be forgiven.

  98. I’ve got to do some errands. Back later.

  99. Has anyone else researched SOS Children’s Villages? They are amazing. Why did I not know about them already? Talk about it taking a village.

  100. Favreau only knows touch tones, he never heard of “touchstones.” Maybe if he stopped humping cardboard and read a book…

  101. She’s used to the virility shooting out of his pores.

  102. Little isis — they both wilt. Just look at how they look at each other. They really do LOVE each other. it makes my heart melt to see them together.

  103. Obama is really sucking up (off) his BFF Republicans.

    President-elect Obama and his advisers are resisting attempts to include a provision in the economic stimulus bill backed by congressional Democrats that would allow bankruptcy judges to shrink mortgages.

    In a hastily convened Democratic Caucus meeting last week, Obama economics adviser Jason Furman made it clear to lawmakers that Obama thinks the so-called “cramdown” provision would cost GOP votes and endanger bipartisan support in the Senate.


    That is typical Biden….protect the banks and F*ck the little guy. And bipartisan support???? The Dems has 57 + 2 votes..what more do they want..

  104. isis: OMG, can you imagine having Hillary Clinton as your grandmother?! Those will be incredibly lucky kids. Loving, funny, and the best teacher you could hope for. I’m too old to be adopted right?

    I am only ten years younger than Chelsea! I get adopted before you! OMG, can you imagine Hillary as Grandma? She will dote on her grandkids. They will rock her world, and she would so call them every day and obsess over them…
    You know she would. She is so sweet like that.

    And Big Dawg as a grand daddy, can you imagine?

    Get movin’ Chelsea! Gotta get married to your hot boyfriend so you can start poppin ’em out!

    Scrubs, it is my turn for Pantsuity. I have compared her to Helen of Troy in an earlier post and she is flattered enough to return my favor with sexy compliments.

    Lucky you, scrubs! She gets to be your Prez! A foriegn Grandma in Chief! Poo!

  105. SOD: For shame! Don’t you know she only stayed married to him for political expediency and so she could run for President on his credit with the U.S. public?

    Come on! She lost her feminist cred b/c of it. Didn’t you get the memo?

  106. She’s used to the virility shooting out of his pores.

    Love it when we get to use direct Pantsuity quotes.

    Little isis — they both wilt. Just look at how they look at each other. They really do LOVE each other. it makes my heart melt to see them together.

    Yeah, I know. It is so darned sweet. They are so adorable, I could just cuddle them silly!

  107. I don’t think Hillary’s dress is that bad. But I’d like to see a full length shot of it. That’s the same picture that Regency posted this morning.

  108. Lol, micki.

    Yeah, she totally married a poor guy from Bum F*ck Egypt Arkansas for political gain. I mean, it is so obvious!

  109. They’re the real deal.

  110. They’re just too cool for school…y’know.

  111. I’d marry the poor guy if he looked like that. I like a man with stamina.

  112. All I can say is today once again Hillary made us proud….

    Now all I have to do is wait for that disgrunteled and disillusioned Obat to take “matters in hand” dump a tanker load of bad karma on him…..

    Then the senate elevates her to VP…..and with only 23 months 33 hours and 49 minutes to go until the end of his partial term….

    MR “Credit Card” Joe O’biden chokes a fistfull of credit cards and a fifth of single malt scotch…..

    TADA-Kali and Karma have set right what lesser mortals have attempted to subvert….

    President Hillary Rodham Clinton!

    who will be relected in a landslide in 2012 and 2016…

    And all the world will be right as rain!

    COME ON! a Bear can dream cant he?

  113. LI: I know. She is obviously a political gold digger. Back in 1975, she said to herself, in 32 years, I’m going to run for President and this is the guy to get me there.


  114. Regency, on January 21st, 2009 at 6:02 pm Said:

    I’d marry the poor guy if he looked like that. I like a man with stamina.

    Physical stamina, you know.

    micki — sorry…never got that memo. I spend my day reading people for body language, sincerity, and honesty. I’m pretty good at it.

    they’re the real deal. They may not be having hot sex every night…but there are deep feelings that are immistakable.

    hot sex has to be a treat for them, poor Big Dawg and Pantsuity, because according to NYT in 2006,. they only get to spend fourteen nights a month with eachother on average, because of their separate public lives.

  115. Fuzzy:

    Focus on that blissful dream, and it will become reality!

  116. Angie, That’s exactly how I feel. I’m resigned to the fact that he’s going to fail and he’s taking us all down with him.

    fif, This morning it occurred to me that we have a Democratic president and yet I can take no joy in it. I was a Democrat all my life. But now I’m not. What a strange place to be. At least I can take comfort here.

  117. In the past, when SoS have gone abroad, have they taken their spouses?

  118. Hillary just resigned from the Senate. Announced as an interruption to the Ledbetter argument going on now.

  119. LI: I know. She is obviously a political gold digger. Back in 1975, she said to herself, in 32 years, I’m going to run for President and this is the guy to get me there.


    Lol, if that was really her goal, you’d think she might have stayed with Dick Morris and let him suck her toes until the end of her miserable life.

    Rumors abound that she once dated the toe sucker. I’m glad she chose hawt southern guy instead.

  120. To go through the travails the Clintons have, and survive the attacks intact, brings a deep and lasting bond.

  121. Hillary has just left the senate.


    BO left the senate the day after he won, remember?

  122. I dont think that Hillary dated Dick Morris. He is angry that she rejected him

  123. BTW, I looked at the video of Barack and Michelle dancing last night, and I swear she really is pregnant. Look at her stomach in this picture.


  124. Oh lord help us, she cannot be pregnant!

  125. Look at the picture and tell me what you think.

  126. Hey LI – I never thought about how Hillary is now my “president” by being SoS. Good one.

    Now off to see Michelle’s stomach – ugh, do I have to?

  127. Downticket:

    The rumors were started by him then.
    She apparently also rejected Tweety too. All these rejected men Hillary has. Note how they all seem to have slots for political analysis on networks or their own shows.

  128. Certainly looks prego to me, BB but I haven’t seen previous side shots to compare it to.

  129. It looks like it is merely a shadow. I hope to Goddess she is not Pregnant. It will be another distraction from Obie’s mistakes, how much do you want to bet, if it is true?

  130. I remember there were rumors she was pregnant back in the primaries. I dunno. I think she’s just big. She carries most of her weight on her bottom half … but who knows.

  131. Scrubs,

    I’ll see if I can find the video I watched on CNN. If she is pregnant, she’d better take her calcium. At her age, her teeth will get loose and her gums will need surgury.

  132. How old is Michelle again?

  133. ” …we NYers have made it very plain to Paterson that we DO NOT WANT CK.”

    In a word: FU, CK?

    (Sorry, irresistable.)

  134. Yeah, BB – and I hate to be spiteful but, with the way she is always clenching her jaws, she probably needs even MORE calcium!

    (Where are afrocity and angie to join me in this spite? – they say such luscious things about Meeechelle)

  135. Is it weird that I’m sort of grieving for her as the Senator from New York also?

  136. Hillary has already been sworn in, according to CNN.

  137. ang and afrocity are probably both enroute home from work I’m guessing.

  138. Regency:

    She was an amazing Senator. But she has to go where fate takes her and we need her as SOS. The world needs her, and she needs to go where she can do the most good.

    But I understand your feelings.

  139. *does happy dance for new SOS*

    At least I can be optimistic about SOMETHING.

  140. Michelle just turned 46 and her child is 8 years old.

  141. I don’t know. But they can’t dance. That’s the first I’ve seen any inauguration dancing, since it burns.

  142. Yeah, lets hope her eggo isn’t preggo then. JackieO got preggers in the White House, but she was in her thirties.

  143. I’m happy to see so much of Hillary on the news – that alone makes me feel better.

    Of course, PBO will get all the credit for anything good she does as SoS.

  144. That should have read “her youngest child is 8 years old so I doubt that she is pregnant. Part of her problem is posture – slouching so she appears shorter than hubby.

  145. She also wears flats for the same reason. She’s 5’11, she’s allowed to wear heels.

  146. I just can’t stomach looking at Michelle pictures or I would go google search some other sideways shots of her. Anyone have a strong stomach?

    Actually, who friggin’ cares? Never mind, don’t go look.

  147. Michelle just turned 45.

  148. Rascal,

    My mother had my youngest brother when I was 16. There aren’t any rules about these things, you know.

  149. Scrubs,

    Here is the dancing video. They show them from the side at very early so you don’t have to watch the whole thing.


  150. I don’t know. Fertility is shockingly reduced after 40 and with all the stress and strain of campaigning, it’d be really odd. I’m not saying it can’t happen. Of course, I’d be furious with the universe, since I’m 37 and having trouble.

    I can only take so much.

  151. Let me just say that for some reason I have always been very good at seeing when someone is pregnant. Maybe it’s because I’m the oldest of 5 kids.

  152. BB: Out, demon!


  153. Regency,

    I’m 5′ 11” too, and I know how she feels. I’ve seen her in heels though. I wouldn’t wear them because I prefer to be comfortable and want to take care of my feet.

  154. You know, completely random observation. I was reading the MoDo thing at the Daily Howler, which led me to the actual article about MoDo’s party, and I saw many comments from WigWam. Didn’t WigWam used to post here? Or was that WigWag? What ever happened to WigWam/Wag? Did she drink the Kool Aid?

  155. Not post, comment.

  156. Ok so when Michelle gets preggers there will be a rea possibility she could have a Downs Syndrome Child (Her Age)….

    Will she do the responsible thing and have a test done and then terminate the pregancy?

    Or will she keep the child and cause 7.5 million Obats to choke to death on the hypocritic spittle and foam that will come from their mouths?

    I mean the backstroking they will have to do after they lambasted Sarah Palin for keeping her Special Needs Child?

    Just wondering?

  157. Hmm, I’m 5’11” also – attack of the big mamas! 🙂

    BB I couldn’t get the CNN vid to load for me but don’t worry about it – I don’t really care if she is preggers or not.

  158. Good point you make there, fuzzy. I love the thought of them choking on their hypocritical spittle!

  159. Biden made a “joke” today about Roberts flubbing the oath. CNN is discussing Obama’s reaction in detail. I haven’t watched this much TV in months.

  160. I really don’t think MO is pregnant. And if she is….
    Oh the fanfare, there will be.

  161. I’m 5’63/4. Hmm. I’ve never been considered short before, but I’m defn not in the tall crowd on TC! 🙂

  162. Scrubs,

    The only reason I care is that if she has a baby in the WH the press will make their over the top treatment of the inauguration look subdued. He’ll get everything he wants after that and we will lose our social security.

  163. I think the 94-2 vote for HRC was as good as anyone could get. I heard several of the Senators speaking for her on cspan2. My question is, where were all these admiring Senators during her primary campaign? Suddenly she is too perfect for words and is competent and wonderful and had great respect on both sides of the aisle during her 8 years there. So perfect but not quite right for president. On the other hand, a person who has never been in one job for more than a couple of years IS just right for president. So interesting.

  164. Yes I went there with the Michelle – Sarah Preggers after 40 comparison…

  165. BB, I didn’t know you were that tall!

  166. Fuzzy: If she is as pregnant as she appears to be in the vid, she already knows if the baby has DS. If the baby does have DS, the Obots will say that BO did not father the child. In fact, they will probably blame Bill Clinton.

  167. Exactly! It will just be, “oh poor BO, he is having a baby…!”

  168. Did Roberts really flub or did Obama jump in too soon? What’s the correct protocol? I, BHO – then pause or I BHO do solemnly swear, then pause?

  169. oh yeah bb, he didn’t like it.

  170. I have a sister that is 5′ 93/4″ she has had 4 children (in 3 pregancies/yes twins) and she still gets into a size 3 or 5….

    Sadly Fuzzybeargville did not get those genes….

  171. Fuzzy: If she is as pregnant as she appears to be in the vid, she already knows if the baby has DS. If the baby does have DS, the Obots will say that BO did not father the child. In fact, they will probably blame Bill Clinton.

    LOL! Well, word on the street is that Obama is on the DL about his sexuality. Supposedly Michelle almost left him in 2004 or 2005.

  172. Fuzzy, that just mean there is more of you to love!

    *snuggles fuzzy*

  173. Fuzzy: Your sister wears junior sizes? She really did get the good genes! I think a junior 5 is a woman’s 2 these days!


  174. SOD — I just got in from work — what’s up?

  175. I don’t think Mechelle is preggers; I’ll bet she is just starting perimenopause and having problems with weight gain, worsened by a stressful year. I almost feel sorry for her because I’ll bet hubby will be an unsympathetic & vain man who thinks his wife reflects him. He’s really into the perfect body, and with all those adoring young things…..

    But it’s weird they can’t dance well together. They’ve been married a long time, and must have attended numerous par-tays, so what gives?

  176. Micki-ROLFMAO….

    but we know the big dawg would never sleep with MO that is why she has the “scoop mouth” look on her face all the time….

    It also is why she hates Hillary see when you compare what Hill and Michelle have to sleep with at night, and you were Michelle, of course you would be bitter!

  177. Yay! Angie’s here!

  178. Taggles,

    I couldn’t take CNN any longer when they started showing video of Michelle and Barack kissing, holding hands, etc. in public and interviewing people on the street who were swooning over how in love they are. Ugh! No more TV for awhile.


    BO is probably selfish in bed. Like in real life.

  180. Hey angie!

    We need some of your Michelle snark!

  181. I think that was WigWag, not WigWam.

    GAgal, on January 21st, 2009 at 6:09 pm Said:

    Hillary just resigned from the Senate.

    Reg: I feel sad too. She was my Senator, and I was so proud to be represented by her. However, I feel much safer knowing she is SOS, and I love seeing her in the news so much. I think this might actually be a great role for her–she has all the qualities for it: incredible wonkitude for the amount of detailed knowledge required on every corner of the globe; amazing stamina and strength; great charm and grace in dealing with adversaries; and exceptional negotiating skills. It’s going to be fun to follow her work.

  182. BB:

    Again, stunned by the fakeness of their photo-op relationship.

  183. GAGal,

    Much as I hate to admit it, Roberts is the one who flubbed. But last night on the radio they were saying that BO would have to retake the oath. He may already have done it. This has happened to previous Presidents, and they always redo the oath so it’s exactly right.

  184. Backtrack is already off to a rough start. China censored half of his speech.
    Think talking to them will help backtrack?



  185. BB, I wondered how long you were going to last on the Constant Nonsense Network.

  186. littleisis,

    Some of us have discussed this before, but BO doesn’t seem that sexual. He’s more interested in power and adulation than sex, IMO.

  187. isis: I think BO is definitely the “bottom” in that relationship. Their interviews reveal that she is the aggressor.

  188. parentofed-

    remember Obama does not have much “rhythm” I saw him dance on Ellen way back….white boys cant jump and Pampers cannot dance….

    I bet Tom Cruise and Pampers dated back in the 80’s!

  189. Cricket, on January 21st, 2009 at 6:49 pm

    She is no longer a threat. She will never be president and to them there is nothing better than that.

  190. Scrubs,

    Until yesterday I hadn’t watched more than a few seconds of cable news in months and months. I watch TV when I exercise, but I usually watch the animal channel or the history channel–no Obamedia.

  191. Go fuzzy!

    NOW we are talking snark! 🙂

    Agree with fif on who is on bottom.

  192. actually Micki I think she waers womans size 3 – 5 Juniors are generally to short on her….

  193. did you see that god awful camoflauge or black& white thing she wore today with the way it was gathered at the waist? I said last night maybe she is pregnant, this dress made it look even more so — nothing wrong with being pregnant but wtf is up with her alleged style? The empress really is wearing crap clothes.

    Also, I realized in pictures today that Obama actually wore a white tie with a tuxedo jacket — white tie is ONLY for tails –no exceptions — even r@cists hicks in Appalachia know that — usually I would not point this faux pas out but everyone is trying so hard to pretend Obama is urbane & sophisticated & he wears white tie with a tuxedo jacket!

  194. Fuzzy,

    Are you getting a gay vibe from Obama? I always thought W was a closeted gay man. I still do.

  195. Since everyone questioned Governor Palin about her children, is it ok to ask if the backtrack children are grudge babies?
    You someone had it in for backtrack.



  196. Off to shower! Be back in a few.

  197. Angie,

    I saw the dress! Why doesn’t she just go back to plain black. What is with all the busy fabrics? Go look at the video of them dancing and tell me she doesn’t look pregnant. I really think she is.

  198. BB and fif:
    Nothing wrong with a dominatrix, I like that in a woman, but yes, he seems to not have any sexual characteristics. Not like Big Dawg, where the testosterone just rolls off in waves.

    I just think that BO wants to be taken care of in the sack. Like, he always wants Michelle to do all the work, so there is no fun in it for her. He just seems like a self centered Prince in that way. I can imagine it.

  199. yes I can see BO whining “what about my orgasm? you alway get yours but I never get mine…”

    To which Michelle would say “Yeah you did twice and I have the girls to prove it! Now shut up lay on your back and lie real real still!”

  200. Angie,

    Don’t you love the “touch tones” goof?

  201. Yeah, fuzzy, do you think BO might be on the DL? Supposedly it is an open secret in Chicago and New York. Same with Rahm Emanual.

  202. Should read
    you know someone had it in for backtrack.

  203. yes I can see BO whining “what about my orgasm? you alway get yours but I never get mine…”

    To which Michelle would say “Yeah you did twice and I have the girls to prove it! Now shut up lay on your back and lie real real still!”

    LOL, fuzzy! See? That is exactly what I was imagining! But not Michelle as a sexy Dominatrix, but a forced one. No whips or handcuffs for her, or leather or fishnets, just the constant, tiresome act of making BO happy….

  204. BB_

    yeah I am getting the he likes it leggs up on his back vibe-sadly-but please dont make me claim him!

    sorry for the graphic…but I dont want to use Gay and that mans name in the same sentence.

    I mean if we were later to find out he was a woman BB would you claim him?

  205. Republicans might be happy but conservatives in other places are bitter. I guess no one told them about the great change

    Barack fools us
    Whole world will pay for America’s electoral mistake

    A young student friend e-mailed me on Tuesday night.

    “Have locked myself in my room because the place is full of little idiots — who cannot spell Barack Obama’s name and could not name one of his foreign or domestic policies — running around screaming obscenities about George Bush, conservatives and how Sarah Palin is a bitch. I love democracy!”

    Even so, the people spoke. A victory for the hysterical Oprah Winfrey, the mad racist preacher Jeremiah Wright, the mainstream media who abandoned any sense of objectivity long ago, Europeans who despise America largely because they depend on her, comics who claim to be dangerous and fearless but would not dare attack genuinely powerful special interest groups. A victory for Obama-worshippers everywhere.

    A victory for the cult of the cult. A man who has done little with his life but has written about his achievements as if he had found the cure for cancer in between winning a marathon and building a nuclear reactor with his teeth. Victory for style over substance, hyperbole over history, rabble-raising over reality.

    A victory for Hollywood, the most dysfunctional community in the world. Victory for Streisand, Spielberg, Soros and Sarandon.


  206. i am in moderation

  207. I think that both BO & Roberts flubbed the oath. BO jumps in on Roberts early [he’s so bad for interrupting], then when he hesitates, Roberts feeds him wrong. I don’t think it says anything bad about either one, but I can see where he might need to retake it. Obots are floating conspiracy theories, and it just sounds stooopid.

  208. I mean BO could be a woman….lok around us self hating – woman hating mysogynst females are multiplying faster than rabbitts….

  209. Fuzzy:

    I take your word as law on this subject. And I too could never use his name and “gay” in the same sentence.

  210. I’ll bet B0 likes his BJ, he seems lazy and entitled and low sex drive. Maybe this explains the scoop mouth, they’ve been married a long time…….

  211. I have a feeling when BO was younger and would go to the midnight express rocky horror picture show he would probably go as Magenta….in the french maid outfit or Columbia in the sequins…..

    He would never be frankenfurter because the merry widow would make him look to “butch”

  212. Hillary was sworn in as the nation’s 67th secretary of state in her office in the Russell Senate Office Building. Attending the private ceremony was her husband, former President Bill Clinton, and her Senate staff. According to her office, she used the Bible that belonged to her late father.

  213. rise Hillary: Chelsea?

  214. I am watching Lehrer tonight, hoping to see Hillary being sworn in, but they didn’t show it.

    It will be good to see her in the news, though, and hear from her.

  215. Oh come on now, MO isn’t pregnant.
    She was always a cow.

  216. Scrubs — I’m happy that he’s repealing that EO, but you’re right that it’s the least we should expect, the very very least. I was thinking about it and it means close to nothing.

    Balance it against putting anti-choice Kaine at the head of the DNC, weak on choice Daschle at HHS, and inviting Warren and his abortion = nazism/the holocaust to take a place of honor at the inauguration, plus Bob Casey at the convention (and we all know his attitude about ‘feeling blue’ and how we poor wimmens don’t understand the moral implications). I feel like it’s less a signal that he’ll be at all actively pro-choice than a sop to keep liberals panting to lick his hand.

    Reagan used to do the same in reverse — whenever he failed to get some new initiative criminalizing or restricting abortion, he’d issue some order that affected orgs outside the U.S. to keep the radical religious right fat and happy.

    We have our own gag rule here in the U.S. — a facility that receives federal funds cannot provide referrals for or information about abortion. Not to mention the ban on Medicaid paying for abortion, 24-hour waiting periods, propagandizing ‘informed consent’ rules, and now, the HHS regs Bush rushed through before he left office. When (if ever) he pushes the Democrats to reverse all those restrictions, I may be able to grant that he did a smidge more than the very least he could do.

  217. wooohoo downticket!
    buy bye, caroline-get a life!

  218. Breaking…
    Caroline Kennedy has withdrawn her name from senate consideration.



  219. parentofed:

    I’ve always wondered if it was okay to believe Larry Sinclair. I mean, part of me just writes him off, but it seems in character.
    I think you are right. BJ’s, and the guy has a low sex drive.

  220. Downticket — woohoo! g*d I hope it’s true. Obviously Paterson let her know she wasn’t the pick to save her some embarrassment (not that it wouldn’t have been self-inflicted embarrassment). I wonder if Ted gave her permission after his health problem yesterday?

  221. LOL, Catarina!


  222. LOL, Fuzzy. I’m sorry I used “gay” in the same sentence with you know who. I saw that position in an Almodóvar movie once. What a visual you just gave me.

  223. What a relief about Caroline!

  224. I am so glad that I do not have to deal with Senator Caroline Kennedy on top of all the other crap that I am forced to endure.

  225. The bad news is that Hillary’s seat is going to a man. State Attorney General Andrew Cuomo.

  226. Well, it’s reported on Fox news so it must be true.

    It is indeed a relief. Here’s hoping the Gov is looking at some of the other very ready women of NY to fill Hill’s very big shoes.

  227. omg omg….
    please let it be true!
    *crosses fingers for no Caroline*

  228. Caroline should have withdrawn after that terrible interview!

  229. With Uncle Teddy so ill, I would hope that would be her top priority right now. Good for her for coming to her senses. If she’s interested in politics, she can start on a lower level so people can get a better sense of who she is. And she needs to get some gumption if she wants to be a politician.

    Congrats to madamab. Her petition may have helped after all. Also, Murphy and the PUMApac. GO PUMA!

  230. But she, you know, really wanted to be a senator after, you know, Hillary left but, you know, Uncle Teddy is too sick!

  231. No CK Obsession? or more accurately no more press Obsession of CK….

    So glad we can now have a serious disscussion about whom to appoint in Hillary’s seat. It hasnt been Bobby Kennedy’s seat for 40 + years….

    Lets hear it for the girls lets give the girls a chance…shes my lovin’ juilette they will give her a chance I bet –
    lets hear it for the girls…

    (to tune of “lets hear it for the boys)

  232. amazing about Caroline….why wasn’t there” personal reasons” weeks ago? Perhaps they threatened CK for all this time so Cuomo would seem ok….got me. The timing is strange .

  233. Awe there must be a reason — LOL

    What could it be.. That she has no experience!

  234. bb — it isn’t closest gay you are picking up from W it is dry drunk.

  235. Lord! If it’s true, we have been spared a Senatro Caroline Kennedy!
    *falls onto knees to thank the Goddess for her grace*

    Now I can hyperactively get moving on promoting FRAN as next Junior Senator from New York!

  236. Maybe CK didn’t want to disclose her financial records. Whatever the reason, I am glad she pulled her name.

  237. Pleezeee no Andrew Coumo….

    what so he can waffle for months on end in 2016 as to whether he should run for president?

    A repeat of his father in 1992 jeebus fricken Trist!

  238. Perhaps one of you NYers should email the Gov that in fact if he designates CK -he will loose upstate and most of downstate for the next Gubernatorial election -help him understand the reality of the situation.

  239. I think Caroline withdrew

  240. Yeah yeah woo hoo!!! Screw you, Princess Caroline! Go back to your penthouse and your maids. If you want a Senate seat, work for it!

    It sounds like Hillary’s swearing in was a private ceremony done in her office.

  241. angie:

    So true, but I am so sure Obama is a closeted one. Supposedly Michelle almost left him in 2004 or 2005…

  242. !!! I’m so happy! Would it be on the front page of the NY Times if it wasn’t true?

  243. angie! Hello!

    Everyone was wondering where you and afrocity were. They were looking for some more of your knowledgeable fashion critique re: the inauguration.

    BTW — you’ve got mail.

  244. DYB:

    Yah, with Big Dawg and some of her senate staff members.

  245. Caroline Kennedy told Gov. David Paterson that she no longer wanted to be considered for the New York Senate seat vacated by Hillary Rodham Clinton, according to a person who was told of her decision.

    Cool!!!! 🙂

  246. hey you all remember 1992?

    Mario Coumo-I’m running -I’m Not – Im running-Im not….on and on and on buy the time he said I am thinking of forming an exploritory committee on the pros and cons of possibly running for president …

    buy the time he finally pulled his name from nomination the Convention was over and I was like…

    Dear Creator father-Mother God/dess shoot me!

  247. I know katiebird! That’s what I thought!
    Oh, oh, I am so thrilled about this, I could dance and sing to choirs of angels!

  248. Dear Creator father-Mother God/dess shoot me!

    My sentiments exactly Fuzzy. I want Gillibrand, Molaney, or FRAN!!!

  249. boo boop beep boop beep beep.

  250. sorry enough about the Coumos…I did love the doritozs commercial Mario did with Ann Richards after the 2004 midterms….It was a hoot!

  251. BB – love the “touch tones” goof — just like the 57 states & the “44 Americans have been sworn in” goofs he doesn’t even know it — he is a moron.

    CK — way to show some grit! When the road gets tough, drop out. LMAO — Good lord, imagine if that jelly fish had been a US Senator.

  252. Obama had to re take the oath today!

  253. I’ll bet Gov Patterson is relieved! His back was against the wall! Kudos to Caroline for coming to her senses!

  254. lol, Angie. First Hillary getting sworn in and now this!
    It’s been a good day!

  255. She was conspicuous by her absence at the coronation so the whispers had really started yesterday about something being amiss. I’m sure if she knew that she was in, she would have been right there in the front row beaming along with uncle Teddy. Poor Teddy, I bet he is looking up the family phone book, desperately trying to figure out a replacement ..

  256. All — Obama is going to do some things we like — brace yourselves & be able see if they are “all that” — that is, is he merely throwing some bones to the left so that he can get away with/distract from the “big” stuff? I agree with Valhalla — Yay! One for us. But we are already down 10. Keep that in mind.

  257. LOL, deetee!

  258. WOO HOOO!!!!!!!! JUST SAW THIS:

    Caroline Kennedy last night withdrew her name from consideration to replace Hillary Clinton in the U.S. Senate after learning that Gov. David Paterson wasn’t going to choose her, The Post has learned.

    Sources said the reason Paterson had decided not to tap the daughter of John F. Kennedy was her poor performances in media interviews and in in private sessions with various officials


    I know you’re all ahead of me, but score one for democracy!!

  259. LI i agree I know Mahoney Like here grit.

    Oh and Fran I got to talk to “the nanny” one night when I worked for MCI she was a high value customer and her phone card had stopped working she was so nice I had to comp her a free call….and dial it for her because her phone wiring was crossed and she kept getting a pizzaria in Minneapolis!

  260. taggles –

    you are kidding he had to retake the oath today?

    and with out the 1.4 million adoring fans what a let down…

    maybe they will re-shoot his address and make that the official one.

  261. Could an evening be better? This fabulous post from BostonBoomer (and BB, I’m sure I’ve had the same conversation with my mom and sisters) — the news about Caroline Kennedy (How poor spirited that she didn’t go to the festivities yesterday) — and LOST!!

    Lost is on. I’ll be back later….

  262. That one totally sets off my gaydar… and I don’t even have gaydar! But don’t worry Fuzzy, we won’t make you claim him. He’s a homophobe. The haters can claim him.

  263. Please let Carolyn replace Caroline . . . I will not too thrilled about one less woman in the Senate.

    Sorry, Caroline. See, it’s okay to be inexperienced if you’re a man, but not if you’re a woman. Aren’t you so glad you supported BO now instead of HRC? Karma’s a bitch and she’s dressed to kill, too.

  264. SOD — got it! Thanks –I have to get that together along with the real one for you.

  265. LI yes a good day!

  266. Oh, it just gets BETTER! She “withdrew” her name AFTER he decided not to pick her — um, isn’t that like quitting your job after your boss fires you? LMAO!! Yeah, lets go with the story that she “withdrew”

  267. listening to gay agenda on blogtalk radio to much Obama yuck….

  268. Yep, Angie, BO is going to play “touched it” with a few issues to placate those on the left who still cling to the lie that he’s a liberal.

  269. BB, if you’re still reading, loved the post. Pretty much sums up how I’m feeling. I want to give BO the benefit, not of the doubt, but of my clear-eyed criticism. I don’t want to smoke the hopium, but I don’t want to be clouded by my own anger, either.

  270. love it angie like saying I did not want to work here as you are kicked to the curb….

  271. oh yeah, he had to retake the oath! you are right, the 1.4 million peeps didn’t not see the official swearing in!

    LOL FUZZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  272. Even more good news for me: I just dropped my poli-sci class and switched to Anthropology.

  273. he didn’t do it until this evening. after he made all those new “rules” as he calls them!

    tonight is great!

  274. Hey, terrific Reg!!!

  275. Yay, reg!!! That prof sounded like a dolt to me. Really high-school sounding assignments, not college.

  276. From NY Times article: Mr. Paterson had indicated to her that the job was hers if she would accept it, the person said.

    Gack. Now I don’t know whether to trust him or not.

    Of course, NOW it is being attributed to Ted’s health. Uh…wasn’t he sick when she announced her intentions? Nice try.

  277. You would’ve needed to go on insulin had you stayed.

  278. fuzzy — yep, back in the old days it was called sour grapes — as in,the Fox couldn’t reach the grapes, so he walks away saying “I didn’t want those grapes anyway. They were sour.” BWAHAHAHA

  279. I don’t care how it happened, I’m just glad CK is out. A woman who stabs another woman in the back does not then deserve to get that woman’s job. For once this political season, some justice has been served.

    Of course, it got served right on top of a woman.

  280. But wait! wasn’t she going to shed her glamor over us? Remember MoDo’s article?

    Ask not, you know, what your country can, like, do for you. Ask what you, um, can, you know, do for your country.

    After a lifetime of shying away from the public spotlight, Caroline Kennedy asked herself what she could do for her country.

    Poor country! Lost to…Ted?




    (or Maloney, but I’m sweet on my own District Rep, who I’ve met, and she’s a keeper!)

  282. Sod: You said it. It cause me no end of discomfort and this was just the first class. I’ll be back next year (or maybe the year after that) when the kool-aide has waned.

    Now, so meone update me on big bo having to take oath again.

  283. “fif” “madamb” & ALL the Others:
    1 battle won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    On to the next:
    Carolyn Maloney
    Kristen Gillibrand
    or another “Qualified” Woman to get the “Nod”
    Cuomo is doing a great job as “AG” leave him there!!

  284. maybe he could have invited the purple ticket holders as a consolation prize to this ceremony

  285. tpt: high fives!!!

  286. Regency, so glad you don’t have to suffer that fool of a professor any longer.

  287. Either of the two women would be fine with me – I am afraid it will be Cuomo though…

  288. littleisis, Re: your comment upthread about Chelsea having kids. I wouldn’t be surprised if she marries her boyfriend, Marc Mezvinsky, relatively soon. She mentioned while campaigning for her mom that she’s thinking of starting a family in the not-too-distant future.

    Here’s a pic of Hillary being sworn in.


  289. if obama was not the president for the last 24 hours who was? Dick Cheney?

  290. Joe Biden must have been because he did hiso oath correctly, no?

  291. there was a pool reporter there. maybe he can send them a special edition dvd.

  292. Angie,

    I know a dry drunk when I see one. I am a recovering alcoholic myself. I really do think that Bush is bisexual. He has been rumored to have relationships with men, particularly the guy he roomed with in college. I can’t remember his name, but he is a politician in Kentucky or Tennessee.

  293. Ah, PYW, that picture made me well up.

  294. Right woman, wrong oath.

  295. Thanks, Magdalena. That’s exactly what I mean. I don’t want my judgement clouded by my anger. Very well said.

  296. wow more clintons in the near future…this day keeps getting better

  297. My favorite part —after learning that Gov. David Paterson wasn’t going to choose her, The Post has learned

  298. The Post says Princess Caroline withdrew after being told she didn’t get the job. The Times says Paterson offered it to her. Frankly, after everything we’ve witnessed over the past 20 months, I’ll take The Post’s word for it. (Plus, their word is more fun to talk about!)

    That picture of Hillary getting sworn in is great. And now I’m a sad New Yorker. We’ve lost a great Senator here. 😦

  299. regency-so true so true….

    yes bush is a bi-guy wants to have his cake and swallow it too!

    Im sorry I really am….NOT

  300. A perhaps related note: News vans were converging on Rep. Kirsten Gillibrand’s home, according to an aide. from Politico

  301. LOL

    this part too

    Sources said the reason Paterson had decided not to tap the daughter of John F. Kennedy was her poor performances in media interviews and in in private sessions with various officials.

  302. Oh, fuzzy, I almost choked on my baby carrot!

  303. Great news re CK. I agree with Fif:

    Gillibrand! Gillibrand!

    a voice of the people AND a big Hillary supporter

  304. I don’t buy for a minute that Kennedy withdrew after Paterson gave her the nod privately. No way. That is far, far less likely than the idea that NYT is still trying to spin their Village narrative and preempt the obvious speculation. Since again, it’s from one of their famously anonymous sources, aka, out this reporter’s butt in service of his Village masters.

  305. Do it! Gillibrand!

  306. Caroline was told she could not upstage MO’s fashion sense in DC….that was a non-starter for MS Caroline see she doesnt look good in burlap and sack cloth..

  307. BB: I just read this and wanted to thank you for this post – been looking forward to one of yours!


    PS: Some delay in the flight, but all was a-ok.

  308. sorry DYB-it was just something I had to say

  309. Valhalla: definitely. They had to help her save face. What–she didn’t know Ted was sick when she declared? Whatever–as long as she’s out. This charade has been stressful. Let the real representatives have a shot now.

    Let me make my case for Gillibrand: she is very independent, and genuinely listens to the voters in her District. She voted against the bail-out TWICE, because there was not enough oversight built-in. I know a close friend and political aide of hers who said she has always been this way. She is a “maverick,” if you will :). She is also very smart, hard-working, and principled. Lastly, she is young (42?), and can build some strong seniority in the Senate, making her a great woman leader in years to come.

    As I said, no disrespect to Maloney, who has obviously earned it too.

  310. Republican Sens. David Vitter of Louisiana and Jim DeMint of South Carolina opposing. [Clinton as S.O.S.]

    Ah poor David. He’s trying to get his credentials back as a rethug and possibly fend off any potential challengers.

    Dave, Dave, Dave…You will have challenges. It’ll be fun to see if hookers and diapers come up in the discussions.
    Bastard son of a bitch!!

  311. Hi SM!!!

    I saw you here this morning. I was just about getting ready to hunt you down.

  312. BB: LOL!!!!!!!!!! I’m here, I have a new post above yours explaining some of it – it’s been a busy few days for me.


  313. Oh good. I’m coming up.

  314. Regency – this is for you. Like the photo

  315. I don’t like the guy much, either, but I heard him say “touchstones”.

    Carolyn Kay

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