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Obama Supporters Get Teabagged in Purple Tunnel Of Doom

Inside the "Purple" tunnel

Inside the "Purple" tunnel


From Barack Oblogger:

I’m one of those Obamaites some people hate. Since the day he announced his candidacy, I have been working full-bore to get this man elected. I’ve been a volunteer and a staff member. My family has been brought to the verge of economic collapse due to my dedication toward the campaign and its untold volunteer hours. Life has been put on hold, household repairs have gone undone, there has been tension in my relationship with an extremely supportive and patient spouse, who would have loved to see my passion for Obama put into a proper financial perspective. My two children have sold bumper stickers, buttons, and have put up with Mom blogging for Obama in her “spare time” for almost two years.


And that’s why my let-down about the Inauguration is that much greater. Because I was unlucky enough, along with thousands of other Obama volunteers, to have been given one of the “Purple Tickets of Doom.”

My understanding is that many of those dedicated volunteers and campaign staff were rewarded for their efforts with purple Inauguration tickets. The true believers came from across the country, put airline tickets on our credit cards, slept on people’s floors, woke up at 4 a.m. to get to the Inauguration… only to find that we were to be parked in an underground tunnel under DC waiting to be let in, and then were turned away at the gates. As one African-American man said on his cell phone to his kids: “I came all the way to DC and didn’t see shit but some tunnel.”


However, once we got to our purple ticket entrance, the day spun out of control. We arrived and there was little information about where to stand. People were packed to the gills. Those closer to the front of the line explained where the back was. The sight was staggering, we walked the length of the 3rd Street tunnel, that was packed with people as far as the eye could see. My initial thought was “where are the Porta Potties?” There was not one the entire length of the line of thousands of people.

Afrocity responds:

Sounds like these Obots were given bogus “Wonka bars”


What happens when you vote for a misogynist FAKE?
Who burned Hillary and Sarah at the stake.
You cry when he does the same to you
You deserve what get for eating Obama poo

Your meaningless little purple passes
got you nothing for kissing the Obamas’ asses



151 Responses

  1. I’m proud to say afrocity, the author of the song, is my friend!! I knew her when!

  2. Aww. Haha. I actually feel really bad for them. I guess I’m a softy. I think Afrocity’s song is hilarious though.

  3. I’ve got the Purple Ticket Charlie my boy!!!!!

  4. This is what Hillary is 44’s “Admin” said about the supporters stuck in the tunnel:

    … these people have been abused and too often make excuses for their abusers.

    Volunteers (and some staff) in a campaign do indeed put heart and soul into their efforts. Years ago we started an effort to make volunteer hours count as a “contribution” of dollars for matching fund purposes. This way the time put in by a volunteer would be respected by campaigns, the same way big dollar donors are respected. The amount of time put in by volunteers if recognized as dollars would rival the money from a maxed out big dollar donor.

    Big dollar donors would never be disrespected the way volunteers get disrespected by a campaign. The Obama campaign knows it can mistreat their volunteers because they will make excuses for their abusers. That is what is sad.

  5. ooo myiq typo in line 10. I meant to type “you” and not “your’

    Thanks I am honored (blush)

    I nominate Caroline Kennedy for “Veruca Salt”
    and Donna Brazille for Violet Beauregarde

  6. DV — I too feel bad for them & I agree with Hillary is 44 “Admin” this was abuse. However, I am willing to bet those same volunteers will buy whatever excuse Obama will give them (if he deigns to give them one) so my pity for them only goes so far. Afrocity sums it up best with her song –if they really expected better from Obama, they haven’t been paying attention. He threw everyone he knows under the bus (Rev. Wright, his grandmother, etc) did they really believe he cared about them?

    I will expect to hear shortly from them that it wasn’t Obama’s fault, he didn’t know, it was his “staff.” See what I mean?

  7. myiq — I see the typo to which afrocity refers — please fix it for her (pretty please with a cherry on top!)

  8. btw –in my post at 2:54 I meant “hear” not “here” — getting late.

  9. Angie they sound like battered women in denial.

    “He intentionally meant to give a speech that was not great”

  10. Well didn’t Obama once teach “CON” law 😉

  11. I think Donna has to be Veruca, Veruca is truly insufferable, all Violet does is chew gum. Plus Veruca is all gimme gimme gmme, like Donna takey takey takey half the country’s votes away.

    angie, everybody associated with Obama thinks they’re special and he wouldn’t screw them they way he’s screwed everybody else. Even Howard Dean, he HELPS him screw over everone and then is stunned when he ends up sharing under the bus space with them all himself. Learn when you are in the mafia, and know that when you’re putting a gun in someone’s back, that little twinge you feel in yours is no coincidence.

  12. “He intentionally meant to give a speech that was not great”


  13. You know there’s a definition out there for teabagging that might confuse someone just perusing the title here:


    I’m not sure this definition covers the tunnel peoples’ problem.

    Or else I’m missing something

  14. I see Donna as more of an Augustus Gloop

  15. Seriously, you are right but Donna would look so good as a big blueberry blimp.

  16. afrocity — battered women in denial — that is exactly what they are.

    and really, am I being mean or is that first paragraph of her’s (re: verge of financial ruin, child labor, etc) not the most pathetic thing you’ve ever read? No wonder she didn’t notice the outrageous lies the man told to get (s)elected — her head was too far up her a$$.

    Again, sorry for what she went through; she didn’t deserve it; but I’m not surprised by it. Pity that she was.

  17. Fredster:

    Q: What’s a metaphor?

  18. A: To keep a cow in

  19. Donna is an everlasting Gobstopper

    Seriously, Chuck Schumer actually said that about BO’s speech today.

  20. Fredster — what would we do without you and the sex links? LOL Actually, that is the definition I know for tea bagging — not quite sure what myiq means by it.

  21. Hahahaha! That’s a great poem!

  22. Angie, I already read a blog where one of the volunteers trapped in the tunnel does not blame Obama. I guess I really am a softy but if I ever win a campaign, my volunteers come first. They are as important as my big donors and probably more important because they are the ones who got their communities to vote. Anyone signed up as a volunteer would get special access to the inauguration. If there are a million volunteers, then those million get first call for balls, seats to events, etc. before the rest of the public. It just makes sense. If you invest the time, you get a reward. Obama obviously didn’t think about or even cared to think about what would happen to his volunteers. Maybe that’s why I’ll never be president, because I actually care about people too much.

  23. Headline from London:

    First Lady passes fashion test with a golden moment to lift the gloom

    With one dress Michelle Obama had to reveal her personality and strike a blow for US style. No problem

    God help America.

  24. ngienc2, on January 21st, 2009 at 3:04 am Said:

    Fredster — what would we do without you and the sex links? LOL Actually, that is the definition I know for tea bagging — not quite sure what myiq means by it.

    Yeah I’m a bit unsure myself.

    I had a ton of fun with the head-o-state link. 😉 Most responses were “Oh Christ” or “Ewwwwwwwww”

  25. afrocity — oh no Shuster didn’t! OMFG!! I thought you were joking! Is there no end to the insanity? The utter stupidity? The man wants to be JFK, Lincoln & FDR rolled in to one — no way on God’s green earth did he intend to give a speech that was “not great” — his whole meaningless, shallow, narcissitic life has lead him to give a speech that WAS that great. Gah, its going to be a loooong 4 years.

  26. I suspect myiq meant exactly what we think he meant!

    I know these folks are disappointed now, but tomorrow they’ll be over it and in four years they’ll do it all over again.

  27. Oh, DV — sadly, that is precisely why you will not be winning any campaigns.

    They are as important as my big donors and probably more important because they are the ones who got their communities to vote. Anyone signed up as a volunteer would get special access to the inauguration. If there are a million volunteers, then those million get first call for balls, seats to events, etc. before the rest of the public. It just makes sense. If you invest the time, you get a reward.

  28. Shit! You all are making me curious now. Guess I’ll have to go find some pics of the dress/gown or whatever she had on.

  29. aw, myiq! you corrected my typo in my post at 2:54– that’s the sweetest thing. xoxo

  30. 4. teabagging
    A term heavily used in the first-person shooter multiplayer online game “Battlefield 2.” Teabagging is referred as, upon a successful kill of another player, crouching over the head of the victim’s dead body as they lay on their back (dead); and doing so repeatedly in a “teabagging” motion. This act is to shame and humiliate the victim player, and usually incites anger and violence. This act is not unlike dances performed by football players after a touchdown.

  31. My Oborg personal trainer was telling me – EVEN AS BARKY WAS DELIVERING THE SPEECH – that Obama wanted to deliver a speech that was down to earth. It seems as if they were lowering expectations even before he gave the speech.

    Then, to my shock and awe, my Oborg trainer said that he thought that Hillary lost the primary because she was a woman. I almost dropped the weights on his foot.

  32. The Obama tattoos are on the rise. This one looks like the mark of the beast (hey interesting that Obama’s limo is called “THE BEAST”)

  33. 3. teabagging
    the insertion of one man’s sack into another person’s mouth. Used a practical joke or prank, when performed on someone who is asleep, or as a sexual act.

    At the frat house last night, when Tim was wasted an down on the floor, he got teabagged by, like, ten guys!

  34. thanks for the explanation of the term myiq — I’m not up on the gamer lingo!

  35. I’m afraid if Obama gets his way we’ll all be wearing barcodes on our necks soon enough.

  36. “At the frat house last night, when Tim was wasted an down on the floor, he got teabagged by, like, ten guys!”

    Lucky Tim. Where is this frat house exactly?

  37. afrocity — no effing way about those tattoos — maybe he really is the anti-Christ — I’m going to church on Sunday.

  38. myiq: Ah! I have never played Battlefield.

    I almost dropped the weights on his foot.

    DYB, why didn’t you?

  39. DYB:

    Obama U

  40. Speaking of tattoos, I have a few and am planning to get a full leg done later this year. None of the images will have anything to do with Obama, I’m happy to say.

  41. Fredster> Well, he was actually acknowledging that Hillary got screwed because she’s a woman. I don’t know where he got that epiphany, but I was glad to hear an Oborg say it.

  42. Do frat boys really do that? I bet they are all massive homophobes too.

    What ever happened to the days of putting the sleeping guy’s hand in warm water? The age of innocence, I guess.

  43. Myiq,

    Is that tea bagging at the “Beta Omega” Frat House???

  44. DYB, on January 21st, 2009 at 3:15 am Said:

    I’m afraid if Obama gets his way we’ll all be wearing barcodes on our necks soon enough.

    I caught part of a movie on HBO where Tim Olyphant played an assassin or something and he had a bar code on the back of his neck!!

  45. Just to clarify, my trainer wasn’t gloating that Hillary lost the primary because she’s a woman. He was acknowledging that had Hillary been a man she would have won.

  46. I suppose it never occurred to any of these “purple people” that their fate was a karmic time out — just like flubbing the oath, a paninied speech, a trained eagle that wouldn’t fly and a couple of medical emergencies. Yeah, there is such a thing as cosmic retribution — today was a down payment.

  47. Afrocity:

    I was never in a Frat.

  48. Well, it’s good to see that we’re deliberately setting the bar low. They’re like 3 year olds–“Obama is sucking ON PURPOSE! He could be brilliant if he wanted to, but he doesn’t.”

  49. I might get a PUMA tattoo on my left butt cheek

  50. “Do frat boys really do that?”

    angie: Yes, they do. I’ve seen pictures on the internet. They always take pictures of themselves and their friends doing it.

  51. DYB: Oh, I got that part.

    You have tats? Tell me more…

  52. AP has an article saying Obama reaffirmed investing in the military…….WTF? I’m pretty darn sure that with most of our money going towards a war that investment in the military hasn’t been problematic. How about investment in health care?

  53. Prolix — was there an eagle that didn’t fly?If so, I’m telling you right now that is a BAD OMEN.

  54. Myiq,

    I meant at Obama U. Shit I just realized that someday there will be a college,grammar school, or rehab clinic named after Obama.

  55. Well I offically made it through the whole day WITHOUT any media at all. No TV, radio, internet – Whoo-Hoo! I avoided the whole thing!!!

    I did go read a transcript of O’s inaugural speech. Clunky. Weird phrasing. And WAY TOO WORDY.

    Compare WJC’s Inaugural speech from 1993, to Teh Wordy One’s speech today:

    “Today, as an old order passes, the new world is more free but less stable. Communism’s collapse has called forth old animosities and new dangers. Clearly America must continue to lead the world we did so much to make. (WJC – 1993)

    To this:

    “Recall that earlier generations faced down fascism and communism not just with missiles and tanks, but with sturdy alliances and enduring convictions. They understood that our power alone cannot protect us, nor does it entitle us to do as we please. Instead, they knew that our power grows through its prudent use; our security emanates from the justness of our cause, the force of our example, the tempering qualities of humility and restraint.” (BHO)

    And this:

    “Let us all take more responsibility, not only for ourselves and our families but for our communities and our country.” (WJC – 1993)

    to this:

    “What is required of us now is a new era of responsibility – a recognition, on the part of every American, that we have duties to ourselves, our nation, and the world, duties that we do not grudgingly accept but rather seize gladly, firm in the knowledge that there is nothing so satisfying to the spirit, so defining of our character, than giving our all to a difficult task.” (BHO)

    I wonder of Faverau gets paid by the word?

  56. Prolix: Beautifully stated! Since I saw none of it, I wonder if there will be a blooper video?

  57. Now we have to elect Obama to a second term, so he can give a better speech!

  58. I have an armband – opening bars of Wagner’s “Tristan und Isolde.” The so-called Tristan chord.

    I have a large Japanese dragon on my right thigh. And a large tiger on my left thigh. It’s that leg with the tiger that I want to do completely.

    On my right calve I have reproductions of two pieces by the artist Derek Hess (fascinating artist; unfortunately an Oborg). I was actually not thrilled with how these came out; the tattoo artist’s heart was just not into it, I guess. I realized it too late!

  59. DYB — well, correct me if I’m wrong, but the only reason I can see them doing that is a homophobic one –i.e., sexually assaulting him (which is what this is if he’s not conscious & consenting) thus “ridiculing” him as “gay.” Or am I being too sensitive about it?

  60. Angie, yes, there was a trained eagle that was supposed to fly down the mall to the Lincoln Memorial and then back to the Capitol. He wouldn’t take off — twice.

    I’ll get the link.

  61. I’m in moderation at 3:25. I guess spammy does not like tattoo talk. Or he’s afraid of dragons.

  62. Seriously, on January 21st, 2009 at 3:25 am Said:

    Now we have to elect Obama to a second term, so he can give a better speech!

    LMAO! I bet we will actually hear that one too.

  63. angie> I think you’re absolutely correct. It’s a way to humiliate their frat brothers.

  64. For teh past few days Obama’s people were putting it around that he’s actually writing the speech, now the he tanked, Obama will probably all of a sudden discover what a disgusting unproessional frat boy Favreau is. Under the bus with you, jon.

  65. Okay, afrocity is sleepy. last call at Neiman’s is tomorrow.

  66. Prolix, on January 21st, 2009 at 3:25 am Said:

    Angie, yes, there was a trained eagle that was supposed to fly down the mall to the Lincoln Memorial and then back to the Capitol. He wouldn’t take off — twice.

    The eagle had to be from Auburn. Or so the Alabama fans would state.

  67. Poor Jon – he’ll have to really apply for a job at the State Department.

  68. LOL! Great post Myiq!
    Afrocity, that song was cruel, but so very accurate! Ugh…
    *reaches for bucket to barf in and heads to toilet for round three*

  69. A Ron Paul supporting friend just wrote on Facebook that watching the inauguration reminded him of watching Leni Riefenstahl’s movies.

  70. DYB: Wow! That’s a lot if ink work. I know it’s not a pain-free process.

  71. Cwaltz:

    How much do you wanna bet Dear Leader reinstates the draft?
    And he will draft women too. Uh oh. I’m eighteen.
    There goes my future.

  72. DYB, on January 21st, 2009 at 3:30 am Said:

    A Ron Paul supporting friend just wrote on Facebook that watching the inauguration reminded him of watching Leni Riefenstahl’s movies.

    Now that’s cold.

  73. lol, DYB….
    But now we know how crappy Obama’s speechwriting, or rather writing in general, really is.

  74. Getting tattoos sucks! I hate getting them, but I love having them. I really started appreciating tattoos just a few years ago when I was working on the shows “LA Ink” and “Miami Ink.” It’s a painful process, but with the right artist (and the guy who did the dragon and the tiger, and who’ll do the rest of the leg, is first rate) it’s really astonishing what they can do! The best of tattoo artists are real artists.

  75. Since tattoos have been brought up — to each his own & even though I’ve seen some really beautiful ones — I can’t see how people get them — I’m scared to death when I have to get a shot that I need for my health* — I would never volunteer to allow someone to poke me with a needle for hours — I don’t care if I ended up with a Van Gogh on my body. I would sooner fly to the moon.

    *and yes, I am one of those who pass out when I get blood drawn unless I’m lying down & not looking as the needle going into my arm.

  76. Do you think Faverau would have the balls to apply to the State Department? He wouldn’t be dealing with a cardboard cutout.

  77. Feel better, LI. We have always been at war with Eurasia.

  78. So I went through some of “Barack Oblogger’s” posts from last year to read what she had to say about Hillary Clinton. Even though she ends up liking Hillary only AFTER she endorses Obama, the posts during the primary and even right before Hillary concedes are pretty outrageous. Here is one:

    Evidently, Hillary is going to drop out on Friday. She will “suspend” her campaign, which will allow her to continue to raise money.

    Too little too late I say.

    Let’s get real, this contest has really been over since Super Tuesday. The media is the only reason her campaign has been kept alive. And her lack-of-concession speech last night was so infuriating, that I truly hope Obama does NOT choose her as vice president. How much time did she need to wrap her brain around her loss, when she’s had four months to mull it over?

    Um…did she not watch MSNBC or CNN or read the New York Times? The only reason her campaign was kept alive was because of the media? You’re kidding me right. The reason why she LOST was because of the media. It really shows you how deranged these folks were during the primary. And it’s sad that they only appreciated Hillary after she decided to become Obama’s slave and work her ass off to get him elected.

  79. littleisis> Bringing back the draft is the REAL third rail of politics. If he does that, he’s not getting a second term. (Unless he does it in the second term, assuming he gets one.)

  80. The eagle that wouldn’t fly was at Sunday night’s events.


  81. DYB — lol — I just posted about how I can’t see how people sit for them! I love those shows Miami Ink & LA Ink –do you know those people or did you work in the editing part? ‘Cause I want to now if that Ami/Kat “blow up” (when she left) was real or was it a set up for Kat to get her own show? Also, I really liked Kat until she dumped Obie like that. If I was ever going to get one (which I am NOT — see above) I would get one from Chris Garver — he is so awesome. I think Chris Nunez is a douche, though.

  82. My father had a number of tatoos, having been in the military it kinda went with the territory. But I’ve never had the desire for one. I agree they can be works of art, but, eh…just not for me.

    I see an ad for a porn vid where they guy had his d!ck inked. 😯

    Honey, they’d have never found mine to do the inking. 😆

  83. Not getting a trained eagle but assumed an untrained one would get “inspired”? Big mistake.

  84. DYB:
    Well, look at how the Village supported Bush’s completely illegal war. I mean, is there anything really stopping Obie from doing whatever he wants? He is a real Manchurian candidate.

    I mean, think about it. If he reinstated the draft, who could stop him? Really?

  85. angie> Some people get off on the pain. I don’t. I find that the body goes through three stages when getting tattooed. 1) The initial shock is pretty bad. It lasts a few minutes as your body starts to adjust to get scratched with sharp needles. 2) Your body adjusts somewhat. It still hurts, of course, but you tense up and start breathing (not unlike lamas breathing!) the right way and fight the pain in an almost subconscious way. 3) The more sore you get the more it starts hurting, so at some point your body goes back to step 1, but now you can’t adjust anymore. My tolerance level for that is about 1.5 hours. After that it starts hurting more and more, even though the tattoo artist isn’t doing anything different. But most artists schedule you for only about 2 hours at a time anyway.

    Also, one thing I notice about tattoos is that it really hurts only when the needle is making contact. Once the artist lifts the needle to wipe away the excess ink and the blood – the pain goes away, so your body can relax for a few moments.

    And some parts are much more painful than others!

  86. I am in moderation, get me out!

    Well, look at how the Village supported Bush’s completely illegal war. I mean, is there anything really stopping Obama from doing whatever he wants?

    I mean, think about it. If he reinstated the draft, who could stop him? Really?

  87. I want to get a lot of tattoos. At least five. But I’m only just old enough.

  88. Prolix — thanks for the link. I think it is a very bad omen– I mean that.

  89. Arthur Silber once again nails it with his post-inauguration analysis. Read it all at his site:

    I listened to the inaugural ceremony. Did you feel “enmesh[ed] … in a grander moment, as if history has stopped flowing passively by, and, just for an instant, contracted around you, made you aware of its presence, and your role in it”? Was Obama’s speech “not the Word made flesh, but the triumph of word over flesh, over color, over despair”? Those engorged phrases concerning Obama Oratory, which would embarrass anyone other than an experienced practitioner of the trashier kinds of romance fiction, sputtered forth last year from one member of Obama’s army of progressive fluffers. But I undoubtedly do a disservice to many romance writers, at least those who are skilled at pace and tempo. Surely they appreciate more than others the dangers of climaxing too soon.

    Given the expectations raised, empurpled, and swollen by Obama’s adulators, the speech on this occasion was … limp. What a moment to find that Obama simply wasn’t in the mood. Perhaps Obama’s Chief Groper should have used some of the suggestions I generously offered without charge. A more explicitly anatomical approach might have stiffened the performance. Ah, well. I tried to help.

  90. DV — re: the purple ticket blogger — now don’t you regret feeling sorry for her? Pity is wasted on Obots.

  91. Given the expectations raised, empurpled, and swollen by Obama’s adulators, the speech on this occasion was … limp

    Hmmmm…excellent choice of words there.

  92. I clicked Fredster’s link on “tea-bagging”.

    EEEuuuuwwww!!! QUICK, the brain bleach!!! 😮

  93. angie> I can’t get into the real gritty details here but…the animosity on Ami’s part was very real. Even after Kat left the Miami shop the guys there continued to say the most awful things about her; it would make your ears bleed. None of it ever made the show, of course. I don’t agree with Kat’s taste in men (I came to love Orbi and was sorry to see him gone), but I came to respect her a great deal.

    Also, Pixie got a raw deal.

    I’d say Hannah and Corey are my favorite artists in Kat’s shop. I’d get something done by them in a heart-beat. I’m not into portraits, but Kat’s are sensational. That other person I have no interest in whatsoever.

  94. DYB — thanks for the blow by blow — you have confirmed that I’m not getting any tattoos! LOL

  95. DisenfranchisedVoter:

    Realization is setting in for Obama. He is here now. He actually has to do work. No amount of speeches and photo-ops can help him now. There is no higher office he can ascend to. He wanted this job, now he’s got it.

    That is why he was so moody while giving his grand, pretty speech.

    I agree Angie, it was a bad omen….
    You are really insightful Angie. And that Eagle is so cute! I would snuggle him, if I ever met him, but he would probably claw off my face with his talons.

  96. If anyone hasn’t watched Obama screw up the oath, do. Obama and Roberts, the best we have to offer.

  97. My bff likes Miami ink. I should start watching it.

  98. DYB — Thanks for the scoop!!

    I was wondering about Pixie! I liked her a lot & thought that whole thing was weird.

    I like Hannah & Corey too. And I do like Kat (and her work is unbelievable — truly). I just really liked Orbie & hate how that ended.

  99. Seriously, on January 21st, 2009 at 3:48 am

    Well hell, now I guess I’m going to have to look at some of the crap. So did Obie and Roberts screw up?

  100. LI — I hope you are feeling better!!

    Ok, I’m dead tired — have got to go to sleep — no snow day tomorrow!! 😦

    Good night everyone!! Thanks again DYB for the info!!

    myiq — bon soir, mon amour.

  101. “Miami Ink” is gone, cancelled; couldn’t have happened to a nicer group of guys.

    When we all first saw Orbi we were like: “What the hell is that? What is wrong with Kat?!” But then he turned out to be really awesome.

  102. Yes, I’m off to bed also. Night ya’ll!

  103. Holy Guacamole!
    Do u guys ever go to bed?

    Greetings from Berlin where it’s 9:55 am

  104. “DV — re: the purple ticket blogger — now don’t you regret feeling sorry for her? Pity is wasted on Obots.”

    Yeah but c’mon now, some people waited in the tunnel for almost 4 hours!!!! And it hasn’t come out yet, but–the perrier was room temperature!!!! Someday movies will be made about the triumph of the human spirit that allowed Bots to survive this much adversity.

  105. Nite Angie! I forgot earlier to say nite to Afrocity.

    DYB: Miami Ink and the other one…were those shows on A&E? I remember seeing them but forgot what network.

  106. Fredster> TLC.

  107. DYB — ok, you dragged me back in — I agree they were all a–holish & I only really liked the show because of the art (and Kat) BUT I’m not going to believe my general feelings about those guy includes Garver. He seems very nice. I’m sticking with that! LOL

    LI — LA Ink is a better show — the people are much more interesting.

    Ok, good night for real this time!

  108. Nite DYB.


  110. Thank DYB. I just didn’t remember. Charter has screwed with the channel lineup again and always have to grab a cheat-sheet to remember where TLC and Discovery are now.


  111. “Someday movies will be made about the triumph of the human spirit that allowed Bots to survive this much adversity.”

    LOL. I can already see it. Steven Spielberg will direct. David Geffen will personally finance. It will be an all-star cast; a who’s-who of Hollywood. John Williams will write the music. Yo Yo Ma and Itzhak Perlman will play plaintive solos over dramatic shots of exhausted and weeping Oborgs. It’ll sweep the Oscars.

  112. Fredster, Obama screwed up, which caused Roberts to screw up, and then Obama screwed up again–it was the dumb leading the dumb. I guess it should have been expected since there wasn’t a teleprompter involved.

  113. angie> Just when I thought I was out – they pulled me back in! Hehe.

    Garver kept his feelings hidden better than the rest; he knew when the cameras were on.

  114. littleisis, that inauguration was one bad Omen after another: Ted Kennedy, flubbing the oath of office, the thousands of supporters with purple tickets stuck in a tunnel, and the awful speech that was supposed to go down in history with Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address. None of it turned out right. Not even Michelle’s dresses – and I really did expect her dresses to look amazing.

    It looks like the shine is wearing off for most who aren’t like Barack Oblogger who is obviously connected to the Obamas on a deeper level because she is African-American and she has worked two years on his campaign. But I’ll believe rational voices like Anglachel and Arthur Silber any day.

    Despite being a Clinton supporter, I give credit where credit is due. I don’t hate the Obamas. I follow Michelle’s fashion choices and I think the girls are adorable. But when it comes to politics, policies, and experience – Obama doesn’t get it. The speech was not good. It was in fact quite bad had it not been his skin color which made it a historical moment.

    It will be interesting to see how Obama handles his duties. Yesterday was his moment . And he spent $150 million to make sure that no one would ever forget his moment of greatness – possibly his last before what could be a disastrous presidency in a worsening economy – and he just did not live up to that moment of greatness the media was expecting.

  115. Seriously, on January 21st, 2009 at 4:00 am Said:

    Fredster, Obama screwed up, which caused Roberts to screw up, and then Obama screwed up again–it was the dumb leading the dumb. I guess it should have been expected since there wasn’t a teleprompter involved.

    Oh that’s right. Roberts is an Inaugural Virgin. Jesus, you’d think they would have practiced.

  116. DYB, I’m amazed they haven’t referenced the Baatan Death March yet. 🙂 It’ll be a cross between Defiance and that thing where they survived the camp by forming a singing group.

  117. How many times is BO going to punk these suckers?

  118. Heh. I was just marking off the calendar. Under the date was “Inauguration Day”.

    I took the friggin’ Sharpie and obliterated it on the calendar.

  119. Honestly, you’re the Chief Justice of the United States and the President Elect–should you NEED to practice? The oath is not that long, it’s not rocket science. lol Plus it’s not like Obama has any other skills besides reading off the teleprompter, he can’t stretch a little to include successfully repeating a few words?

  120. Seriously: Short-term memory loss. That and he’s figured out there’s no blame-it-on-whoever now. He’s the one who’ll get the blame for whatever.

  121. No way, there’s ALWAYS someone else to blame in Obama-land.

  122. LOL! Oh I’m sure he’s gonna try.

  123. Okay, I’m gonna go see if I can find some vid of the Oath flub and some pics of the dog-of-a-dress that some were talking about tonight. Hmmm…with her height maybe she should have gotten some advice from a good drag-queen. They’re good at creating illusions. 😉

  124. Disenfrachized Voter:

    I am like you. While I dislike Michelle Obama and I dislike Obama…. “hate” is a strong word. His children are beautiful, and they deserve better. Part of me pities him, and I have to say that I believe his actions are atrocious and my feelings tell me he is a remarkably evil man akin to Hitler and the like, I will not rush to judgement.
    I have to see what he does as President, though I doubt I will be impressed. I believe this will be a failed Presidency, only one term: maybe one of the worse. And I think we’re all screwed.
    I agree with you that this hyped up inauguration was a bad omen. I know them when I see them.
    However, I won’t wish for him to fail. I almost wish, as I often do, that I could be like everybody else, and see what others see in him, but I find that I can’t. I find that I have a terrible feeling about all of this.

  125. Oh, oh….

    Round four with the toilet.

  126. Well this isn’t good news:

    But not even the historic inauguration could lift Wall Street out of the doldrums. As AP reports, immediately following Obama’s speech, the major indexes fell more than two percent:

    Traders on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange paused at times to watch the inauguration ceremony and Obama’s remarks, but the transition of power didn’t erase investors’ concerns about the struggling economy.

    I didn’t even realize the markets were open today.

  127. The things I learn here…………..

  128. Isn’t it fitting i should get sick on inauguration day!

  129. I wouldn’t compare him to Hitler – let’s wait for him to pull a Bush and get us in another unjustified war – before calling him a murderer.

    I pity a part of who he is deep down inside and who he was as a boy before he decided to create a new identity for himself and step on whoever he can to get ahead.

    He’s a very ambitious person but there is always a line between being ambitious and being an immoral, opportunistic snake. I believe he crossed that line long before running for president.

    What he did to Alice Palmer in Chicago is unforgivable. What he did to his constituents in Chicago who lived in horrible conditions while he cavorted with their slumlord is unforgivable. What he did in last year’s election is unforgivable. And the choices he’s made on FISA, Rick Warren, etc. are unforgivable. I don’t think any of us should forget what he has done because it shows us the type of politician and person he is – this will explain a lot of his decision making in the next 4 years.

    I don’t have high hopes that he will do the right thing when faced with a tough decision due to his past actions. But all any of us can do is wait and see what Obama is faced with and what he plans to do in the next year. I think what he does this year alone will give us a good idea of how he will govern for the remaining three.

  130. scrubs57, on January 21st, 2009 at 4:34 am Said:

    The things I learn here…………

    Amazing, isn’t it? 😆

  131. Disenfranchized Voter:

    I know. I was saying how I FELT like he was evil, not that he has done anything to back that up. Feelings are just feelings, but I tend to follow mine, because they are usually right.

    Yes, his actions so far, showing us the type of person he is, are unforgivable. And there is a part of me that pities him.

    We are just going to have to wait and see.
    Anyway, I have to go to bed, before I barf on this keyboard.

  132. Lol, scrubs.
    Love you, good night!

  133. The things I learn here too, scrubs &blush;

  134. littleisis: Hope you feel better soon.

  135. Night LI, hope you feel a whole lot better tomorrow.

    I never thought laurie would blush.

  136. […] while those people were having a great time, the volunteers from the campaign were issued purple tickets that got them packed in a […]

  137. My thought is that the media and all the obama pretty people will continously tell barfy and meanchelle how great they are…and they will never be in touch with the real people. It appears that meanchelle really doesn’t have far to go to be out of touch.

  138. That One’s speech SUCKED! He kept trying to cram 21st century colloquialisms into 19th century sentence structure. All it did was show how really pompous, pretentious and unread the man really is. There were only two good moments: Aretha’s song and Itzhak Perlman & Yo Yo Ma. The rest of it was a huge $180million farce.

  139. I almost fell off my chair when I read the word ‘tea bagged’ because in addition to conjuring up a grotesque image, it is the EXACT word–figuratively speaking–that describes what they have ATTEMPTED to do to all of america…..and ONLY PUMAS have remained TIGHT LIPPED…

    None for us, all for you….GEEZ can this be real….yep….

    one day and counting until the impeachment….

  140. Betty, Said:
    My thought is that the media and all the obama pretty people will continously tell barfy and meanchelle how great they are…

    Betty, I think you’ve captured them – barfy and meanchelle. I try to remember that no one’s perfect and that no one’s totally bad. But some people are as a rule sickening and mean.

    I don’t see redemption for either of them. But it’s really our country that I worry about.

  141. AFROCITY = GENIUS!!!!!!!!

  142. Barack Oblogger,you’re an idiot for putting your family on hold to work for the fraudster. Getting stuck in a tunnel is just the beginning. Just what did you expect, stage seats w/the fraudster? Backstage passes to view mobama’s burka?

  143. The volunteers do not realize that Obama sees them as merely pawns in God’s great plan. Obama owes them nothing, they were placed on the earth to serve America by serving Obama.

  144. I love it that you guys are also Kat Von D fans. I don’t have any tats myself, but I’m a visual artist so I watch the show just to see what cool new ideas the staff comes up with.

    I think Kat is a great example of a woman entrepreneur who’s taken her talent and turned it into gold. I’ll admit I don’t always care for her fashion choices – and I sure hope that boyfriend of hers isn’t out to break her heart – but I’ll always be rooting for her.

    Oh, and DYB? Tell Hannah her voice is *gorgeous* and to get over the ridiculous stage-fright stuff. 😉

  145. […] held tickets to the swearing-in at the U.S. Capitol but couldn’t get in It was a lot more than 1,000, according to some purple ticket […]

  146. Pretty unreal, that tunnel.
    Especially to all those “believers” —-

    it seems sad, for them.

    ps: those pix below here?

    the clown thumbing his nose?
    yeah, right.

    Clowns. man. Clowns.

  147. Afrocity,

    You go, Girl!!!

    Slightly off topic, but how do you pronounce “afrocity”? Not meaning to be a smart-*ss, but I pronouce it “a fros-city” like “ferocity” Prefer that and it’s all puma-like.

    Thanks for the song. You rock.


  148. Eleanor> I don’t work on the show anymore! (Not sure if there’s even going to be another season.) But I think Kat is an amazing businesswoman, and one of the most professional people I’ve ever encountered. And not just for the sake of the cameras. She works her butt off and doesn’t gripe about it. She’s built an empire in a male-dominated industry. It’s a major part of why she’s always encountered so much resistance and hostility within the tattoo industry itself. She has a lot of enemies because a lot of people are very jealous of her success: because she’s a woman and because she’s so young. Even someone like Corey Miller – to have taken that gig cost him quite a bit of street cred, although he had enough built up to not damage his reputation completely. She does have some powerful admirers in the industry, but mostly she’s sort of crawling through slaughter. There’s a fascinating book to be written about her “ascent” to the top of the tattoo industry.

  149. I dunno. I just can’t muster up any sympathy for the O-diots.They helped give us Bush’s third term. They deserve whatever sh!t gets dropped on them.

  150. It seems ever since Obama has “won” (stole, or whatever) the presidency, his speeches have been less than swoony. At his “acceptance” gala in Denver, he seemed unusually somber and I literally fell asleep half way through. His speech at the inauguration was not very inspirational (I admit I only heard a very small portion of it as I cannot listen to his voice) but he again seemed so somber and not very eloquent. I fear Mr. Obama finally realizes he has to work for the first time in his life. He has gotten through life always planning the next step, how to get ahead, how to beat the system (politically) and how to reach that pinnacle. Well, Mr. Obama, the buck stops here. Today you actually have to do something other than vote PRESENT. Or maybe not. Maybe Mr. Obama will find a way to never actually decide anything and leave it all to others so he doesn’t have to get blamed or commit to anyone. We’ll see. He doesn’t seem very elated, nor did he when he won the nomination. Perhaps all the cover-ups and lies and hidden agendas are causing Obama to re-think things, and he is wondering how he got to the top of the pinnacle so quickly and what the h___ does he do now!!! Sorry, Mr. O., cannot help you there. Maybe he needs to ask himself 500 times a day, What would Abraham Lincoln do now?

  151. Does anyone know — Did Obama really write his own speech for the inaugural? It was boring and uninspiring.

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