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    • The Left Wing “Shit Sandwich” Dilemma
      Kamala Harris and Joe Biden each have terrible records. There is no reason to believe they will do much that is good, and every reason to believe they will do much that is bad. Trump will, at least for Americans, probably be even worse. (It is less clear he will be better for foreigners.) The […]
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More Change

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61 Responses

  1. For those of you who might have missed this, be sure to check out this new blog dedicated to Hillary as she takes on her duties as SOS:

    Madam Secretary

    At the moment, they have a photo up of the Obamas, Bidens, and Clintons at a church service this morning. (Please note the expression on Mama Obama’s sour mug as Hillary beams).

    Nice pix of Hillary at the inauguration, too.


  2. Confirmation at 4:30 today, heh? Thanks

  3. NYCgirl,

    Great picture of Hillary.

  4. NYCgirl, Michelle isn’t looking at Hillary at all. Is shunning the order of the the next four years?

  5. Change? what would I like to see Obama change now…

    1) ENDA now
    2) Equal Pay
    3) Repeal DOMA
    4) Repeal FISA
    5) Fire SecDef Gates
    6) light a fire under the states that have not ratified ERA like mmmm-Illinois

    I am propapbly aiming to high, hugh RD and Myiq2xu?

  6. I had posted this link on the last thread, so thanks, NYCgirl, for bringing it up here.

  7. Very nice work to all of you who post blog entries and comments on The Confluence. This is one of my “must read” blogs, although I don’t usually post here.


  8. I just heard somewhere that a bipartisan group of Senators has just asked Harry Reid to move up Hill’s confirmation to 2:15pm so they can get it the hell over with already. I don’t have a link — I just read that on another blog …


  9. Bwhahahaha!! Loved the Oompa Loompa song–well done, Afrocity!

  10. SOS was and is as close to the Oval Office our gal was gonna be allowed ..and ONLY Hillary Clinton would have gotten there . Everyone else has become Barry political road kill . She is amazing

  11. I was depressed all day yesterday. But now Hillary gets her very own day (with news coverage) and

    George W. Bush is history.

  12. Yes, and she will be spectacular at her job. And Obama will take all the credit for being smart enough to hire her for the job and being so magnanimous. Typical. The only pleasure I take in this, besides the fact that Hillary will shine of course, is that it must piss the shit out of MO.

    Ma ha. I think I can still get my hate on for a few more hours. I think I need a ruling from Catarina on the 24 hour MO window.

  13. I jsut got an email that has been checked out with snopes: There is an email with subject line obama acceptance speech floating around with a trojan horse attachment. Do not open for any reason!!! Delete immediately. The trojan steals all passwords and user ids!!! spread the word to everyone on your email list

  14. NYCgirl, on January 21st, 2009 at 2:02 pm

    That would be nice!! The Senate has Hill’s back. Reid has go to GO….imagine they had to tell him something he should have figured out hours ago….AAAGGHH

  15. NYCgirl – love that site! Great pics of HRC and the Big Hawt Dawg.

    According to WKJM, Biden’s office claims he was NOT offered Sec’y of State. What Jill Biden said did not ring true to me anyway, since John Kerry was the one who was supposed to be SOS. It was all but his until HRC elbowed him aside. (Yet another reason to love Our Girl!)

    P.S. – NYCGirl, you have an e-vite for this weekend in your mailbox.

  16. But why didn’t Joe Biden deny this on Oprah right after Jill said it? It doesn’t really make sense that he let her statement stand and tried to shush her instead. John Kerry expecting SoS doesn’t mean Barky didn’t offer it to Biden because he then offered it to Hillary. That would make Kerry three times the loser?

  17. madamab at 2:12pm

    Got it, thanks! I replied! 🙂



    Clinton will get voice vote:

    John McCain to the rescue!



    Clinton will get voice vote:

    John McCain to the rescue!


  18. Hillary’s confirmation on Cspan NOW

  19. Sorry about the double post! My computer hiccuped!

  20. DYB, Biden’s mother let slip that Joe could have gotten that plane to Charlotte for an on-time arrival.

    He coulda been a contender.

  21. McCain and Kerry both have wealthy spouses who no doubt are on boards of various foundations. No one at the NYTimes has ever suggested that those foundations compromise those Senators’ votes.

    As Gene Lyons says, These are Clinton Rules.

  22. DYB – Because he would have been implying that his wife was lying? Because he was drunk?

    Who knows with Joe?

    The best woman won. Do we really need more evidence of the fact that Obama considers her dirt off his shoulder? I am sure he hates her with a passion. Doesn’t matter – she won SOS. She will bloom where she is planted.

    Go Hill-a-REEEEE!

  23. Demint (R) SC is blabbing on and on about abortion and BC’s foundation.

  24. Micki
    the Karma Fairy says we have all suffered enough and that there are no rules or deadlines.
    As long as the media continues to cover MO’s outfits our Karmic destiny is to critique without consequence.
    Hell, somebody’s gotta do it.

  25. Someone wrote that Biden was asked to lead Hama and bring peace to the Middle East, but at the end of the day they wanted an Arab.

  26. Jmac
    Biden would have been screaming ‘Jesus Christ we’re all going to fucking die!” into the loudspeaker..

  27. So did anybody else read today’s Daily Howler? It’s all about Lady Maureen De Dowd. Great post.

  28. Is there more than one CSPAN? The one I have is showing the House, not the Senate.

  29. DYB are you going to give us a fucking link or what?

  30. Grrrr…I can’t get CPAN2. Charter put that on the digital tier and not regular cable.

  31. DYB, c-span2

  32. link:


  33. catarina> http://www.thedailyhowler.com

    I don’t think I get CSPAN2. Instead I get a very boring debate about the bailout plan in the House.

  34. Here’s the article DYB’s referring to at Washington Note:


  35. that was barf-worthy
    must see HRC now!

  36. Mary Landrieu (D Louisiana) is on now praising The Clinton Foundation and telling how much it helped her state after Katrina.

  37. Fredster> That’s the article Somerby is discussing. But Somerby’s take on that party MoDo threw is at thedailyhowler.com

  38. Barack Obush

  39. Does Jesse Jackson Jr. know about the Clinton Foundation helping Katrina victims? He must have missed that memo!

  40. And Sen. Cornyn’s state, TX, that they have helped after Hurricane Ike last year.

  41. Catarina you’ll have to go to Daily Howler to read his take on the MoDo party.


  42. Catarina –
    “jesus christ we’re all gonna die!”
    that made me snort.

  43. DYB-I know, but I couldn’t copy/paste that entire section of Howler into the comment field here. Would have been too long.

  44. Let’s face it, Bill is the most successful and active ex-President ever, with Jimmy Carter a close second.

    There is a lot of bitterness and jealousy of the Big Dawg in his own Party, as well as just rank stupidity and meanness from the Repubs in the Senate.

    The desperately unremarkable are always at their worst in the company of the great.

  45. “jesus christ we’re all gonna die!”


  46. Oooh, ooh, possible Joe Biden faux pas as SOS!

    To anyone in any country:

    “For God’s sake, speak English!”

  47. madamab:

    Truer words about Big Dawg never spoken. Gotta say I love that man.

    *slinks back to shadows*

  48. Barbara Boxer is on.

  49. What’s odd about some Republicans forcing this debate is that it’s giving Hillary’s supporters to defend her and the CF. I’m sure there are people out there who have until now assumed that CF was Bill’s personal piggy bank. These debates are giving her supporters the opportunity to publicly explain everything the CF does and just how qualified Hillary is for the job. It’s a double-edged sword for the Republicans. In an attempt to embarrass Hillary and Bill they are also allowing their praises to be heard.

  50. Boxer is stepping up…good

  51. Lord, now it’s a Barry love letter…gawd

  52. Boxer is basically saying that Hillary is our foreign President while Obama has to deal with domestic issues. Hahahahaha!

  53. DYB, on January 21st, 2009 at 2:47 pm :

    good points

  54. Oohhh, the Republican (from Tennessee) speaking now referred to Boxer as “the gentlelady from California.” She yelled out and corrected him: “Senator!”


  55. DYB, on January 21st, 2009 at 2:51 pm

    I thought he corrected himself! lol! I should have known!

  56. I thought Corker called her a young lady. Was it Boxer who corrected him?

  57. No, no, it was Boxer. He said “gentlelady from California” and you could hear a woman’s voice shouting off-mic. He stopped, turned to look, and then said: “Senator.”

  58. New thread!!!

  59. Thanks to those of you who are reporting on the C-SPAN hearings. I am at work, but I am keeping one eye on the blogs while I toil …



  60. What’s happening on C-SPAN??

  61. Go to C-Span 2 if ya got it.

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