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GOP gets crack at women’s paychecks thanks to Harry Reid

Oh, yeah, our lives are so cushy that the Republicans are going to have a chance to offer amendments to the bills that would have evened things out and Harry Reid is giving them the means to do it:
“Further, when those bills were considered on the floor and there were no opportunities for Republican senators to offer amendments, millions of our constituents were denied the right to be heard.”

So saith Mitch McConnell whose constituents must consist entirely of male small business owners or whose female constituents are perfectly content to pay the same prices as men for everything from housing to daycare but do it on significantly reduced wages and all from the comfort of their burqas.

Hey, if they want to defend the indefensible in a public forum, by all means, let’er rip! I’m sure we’ll hear all about the poor put-upon company owners with less than 25 employees who can’t afford to give women raises. Or we’ll hear about frivolous lawsuits, like women struggling to make a living wage will have the money for a lawsuit. Oh yeah, legal bills, court costs and time off from work. How frivolous. It makes me want to run out and buy a Kate Spade handbag and a pair if Jimmy Choo shoes just thinking about it.

The problem isn’t that the Republicans are going to look like anachronistic, hardhearted fools while they argue that women shouldn’t be compensated equally as men for the same work. No, the stupid thing is that this is even open to amendments at all since Reud shouldn’t have any trouble getting it to pass amendment free. He doesn’t need any Republican votes so why open *this* bill up for amendments? Is it so he can embarrass the GOP?

Somebody better find out because it makes my blood boil to think the Senate is messing with women when this should be the law if the land without any dispute.

277 Responses

  1. I think women’s issues are going to become the spare change of this administration and congress. We need to throw the GOP a bone? Sure, it’ll come out at the expense of women…

  2. The only thing I read nowadays besides the Confluence is the Black Agenda Report, because they are the only ones telling the truth about Obama. I stopped my support of the SPLC b/c even they, who detest hate, won’t stop sending me “whoo-hoo” messages about how great it is we have Barack Obama in office. Obama’s right wing agenda is hidden (check out the new government pages on Civil Rights and Women). Not a single quotation by Obama on women’s rights or LGBT rights dates before 2007. The one on women is 2005. So in the last 2 years he has not said one memorable positive thing on either of these issues.

    We are in for a long winter.

  3. “But Reid has decided to eschew hardball floor tactics during Inauguration week, when President Obama has called on Democrats and Republicans to join together to solve the nation’s economic problems.”
    Sounds like Harry got his marching orders from Rahm. Obama loves his Thug BFFs and wants Harry to make nice.

  4. I’m fuming. We’re supposed to be happy because Obama lifted Bush’s backward “global gag rule,” but in this country, what are women getting?!

    The shaft, just like always.

    F*ck this misogynistic pigs.

  5. Riverdaughter,

    Do we have a PUMA network for particular states? This is where that kind of stuff could come in. We could put pressure on McConnell. I wonder what Snowe has to say considering in 2005 she wrote about pay disparity.


    Cornyn needs to tell McConnell to tread carefully because the Democrats are trying to make this a game.

  6. What the hell can McConnell offer that won’t make the Repubs look like idiots?

  7. Obama is Bush spelled backwards.

  8. This is for the GOP’s “crack”… It’s about all they can do on this one.


  9. I’m wondering . . . are we witnessing an in front of the scenes struggle for control of the Repub Party?

    McCain and other Repubs supporting HRC, saying they want to proceed w/ the consent before lunch, w/ another faction holding it up for a vote?

  10. Women only deserve adequate compensation when their husbands are important people, like U.S. senators, who can funnel money to their employers. See, ladies, if we only married the right men, we wouldn’t have any worries.

    Excuse me, after that I have to go wash out my own mouth.

  11. So, let me get this straight. The Republicans are saying, lets confirm out Secretary of State. The Democrats are saying, “Let’s eat”?

  12. Well from what I see Snowe and Specter are co sponsors to the bill. It failed by 2 votes last go around. Riverdaughter is exactly right when she says Reid is playing a game. They gained more than 2 seats so they don’t need to offer any amendments.

  13. There appear to be just a handful of Republicans who are holding back the vote. No doubt they’re doing it to score political points with their constituents.

    Dick Durbin sang Hillary praises a few minutes earlier.

    Arlen Specter is on right now.

  14. is Cspan2 carried online?

  15. No

    What you are seeing is the GOP having an infight. The moderates want to confirm Clinton, the extremists want to take names and smear her and her husband’s organization some more.

  16. I really don’t understand how Fair Pay is nothing nothing but a game to these pricks.
    Guess we “ladies” are going on the backl burner once again.
    Naomi Wolf can kiss my a$$. I fume just thinking about it.

  17. Fredster:


  18. Specter is singing Hillary’s praises.

    Specter says that when he read that Hillary was contemplating taking SoS he called her and urged her to take the job!

  19. I’m in moderation for some reason or another.

  20. Meh

    We aren’t a pot they can shove to the back burner if we mobilize.

  21. Some Republicans trying to make a show and postpone the vote apparently, but they are just maing themselves look like imbeciles….
    Okay, I gotta watch this.

  22. To answer myself, yes, I just found it online.

  23. Regency, on January 21st, 2009 at 3:17 pm Said:

    “So, let me get this straight. The Republicans are saying, lets confirm out Secretary of State. The Democrats are saying, “Let’s eat”?”

    LOL!!! That’s a great way of saying it, R.

  24. Thanks plural. I was googling and found it while you posted.

  25. Thanks for the reports on the C-SPAN hearing. I am at work, so I can’t watch, but I am keeping one eye on the blogs while I toil …

    Please keep the “play by play” coming!


  26. Specter, what are you talking about, dear?

  27. Wonder what Ms(ogyny) magazine and Naomi Woof think about this. Are they welcoming the era of sexism and women’s rights setbacks with open, um, arms… Or are they too busy getting off on some Obama pr0n to even notice?

  28. Can we please vote now?

    Jesus, drama follows Hillary around.

  29. Specter has really started to ramble. I have no idea what he’s saying. But maybe we should be grateful because he’s using up Republicans’ time. Maybe that’s his intent? He’s just using up Republicans’ time because he supports Hillary for SoS?

  30. By the way, my poli-sci teacher is a prime obot. God, kill it. I have to read and/or watch his inauguration and write about my impressions. I hate this person.

  31. OOOHHHH…
    Okay, Cspan can wait! Troy is on.
    Love that movie.

  32. What is Specter talking about?

  33. Look I’m just happy we can all admit that Hillary will be the foreign president.


  34. He’s clearly wasting time here.

  35. Regency, on January 21st, 2009 at 3:26 pm Said:

    Can we please vote now?

    Jesus, drama follows Hillary around.

    LOL! So true, actually. It’s almost like High School.
    What is with your teacher? Why would he make you write a paper like that? Ew…

  36. Regency: That sounds like torture.

  37. Regency> If you want to stick it to your professor, and don’t mind failing the course, watch Leni Riefestahl’s movies and compare them to Obama’s inauguration.

  38. Arlen Specter:

    lack of dignity, civility and respect in past years of US foreign policy. he has talked to last 3 ambassadors to Iran who were reasonable, and that Ahmadenijad won’t be in power forever,

    brought up past terrorism of khadafi, reparations, berlin disco bombing. visited him w/ tom lantos. talking had paid results. and is a precedent for dialogue w/ anyone. n. korea for example, offtrack, now ontrack. advocated talking to other nations w/ courtesy and respect. as w/ chavez, we ought to make the effort.

  39. Specter retelling history via James Joyce

  40. Some of the GOP ARE imbeciles. No ifs, ands or buts about it.

  41. I could do without the Sarah Palin mocking too.

    Can I haz my Hillary nao plz?

  42. Regency: Look at past presidents speeches, and see how much BO lifted from them. Kennedy also spoke of sacrifice and volunteerism.

  43. I can’t stop laughing at Arlen Specter! I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt, though. He’s intentionally wasting Republicans’ limited time so they have less time to bash Hillary.

  44. Can John come back please? I miss that big lug.

  45. also w/ castro/cuba

    as sos, hrc will undertake all those matters.

  46. HELP! this is my Senator…..

  47. can i haz job now?

  48. regency

    Are you going to write about the death of democracy. Tell him when you see The One’s face it reminds you of caucus fraud and the fact he took votes he wasn’t entitled to. As long as you stick with the facts there isn’t a darn thing he can do to you.

  49. Her. It’s a her. God, I can’t stand her. She’s like supah libruhl. I really can’t take much more of that.

  50. OH! Helen of Troy so pretty! She reminds me of our new SOS…
    News on confirmation, folks?

  51. At this rate , the vote will be at 4:30 like first thought.
    And it’s the Clinton Foundation Arlen!!

  52. more specter:

    if [foreign] contribution is made to clinton library, we’d understand and trust hrc, but in arab world they may be suspicious on what would appear to be a conflict of interest. hrc disclosures will go a long way, she’s very ethical and wise person and can undertake to handle these issues properly. i’m happy to speak on her behalf.

  53. Arlen gives his support.

  54. Pat Leahy speaking for Hillary.

  55. Leahy for Hillary.

    Does everyone have to talk? Can’t we show our confidence with a vote?

  56. Leahy supporting HRC.

  57. You should so do that Regency! If you back what you say up with facts, there’s nothing he can do about it.

  58. leahy: speaking in support of hrc.

    (gee, all the dems that abandoned her are speaking so eloquently on her behalf. it just warms my heart.)

  59. Regency

    Ask him what he has against the Domestic Violence act and the Child Support Act(both legislation that passed thanks to Feminist for Life. That ought to shut him up.

    Oh and ask him what he has against Head Start and affordable health care. Palin just went back to her state and INCREASED funding for both.

    It’s a shame that there are teachers that don’t have critical thinking skills themselves that appear to be expected to teach them.

  60. Please, Senate, give us our Hillary.

  61. Hell, I have to pick up my son from school, and I am going to miss her vote. Listening to Leahy say that yesterday was the most impressive inag that he has ever seen. What were the other peaceful transfers of power–what crap .

  62. She! And she was kind enough to say that now that BO has gotten, now a woman or another kind of minority has a chance. Well, thank you for your permission.

    I know it’s unlikely but I’ve always wondered why no one ever say that the first female President could be Hillary. They always say that that woman will have Hillary to thank for their position, but why can’t Hillary be that woman? Have I missed something?

  63. Wasn’t this the guy that dumped on Hill regularly during the primary?

  64. Excuse me…..her. Worse, a mindless female. God, I hate those. They make it that much harder for the rest of us.

  65. hillary’s “smart power” re-emerges in leahy’s accolade

  66. If only people like Leahy remembered all these nice things about Hillary during the primaries! I’m rather sorry Heath Ledger didn’t punch Leahy harder in “The Dark Knight.”

  67. She’s a lawyer and she reads the newspaper everyday. She feels so informed. I really can’t stand her. *head desk* She could not stop talking about the part where Roberts messed up the oath. Like I care. Please, shut up.

  68. Damn! Cannot get Cspan2 with this crappy cable.

  69. Now they all acknowledge her experience in foreign policy, that they trashed during the primary.

  70. I love how they all after to think before saying, ” President Obama ” lol!

  71. Leahy is full of praise for Hillary. Where was he during the primary, saying “Get Out Now?”

  72. Even she had to admit that it sounded strange calling him “President Obama.” Join the club, lady.

  73. Remember during the past eight years when Bush would nominate some scumbag, and the Republicans would insist that a president should get his picks, and the Democrats would agree that they couldn’t possibly be discourteous and oppose them?

    Doesn’t it make you want to personally kick the @ss of everyone in the Senate?

  74. I know it’s unlikely but I’ve always wondered why no one ever say that the first female President could be Hillary. They always say that that woman will have Hillary to thank for their position, but why can’t Hillary be that woman? Have I missed something?

    Karma my friend. People have always been threatened by her. But they will reap what they sow.

  75. Regency, on January 21st, 2009 at 3:38 pm

    fireworks ahread! . She’s working on your last nerve!

  76. littleisis- cnn has it on their web page.

  77. afrocity — my sense of that, which is what gov. paterson said the other night, is that insiders may know that hillary would not be running again in 8 years. my guess would be that she wouldn’t want to subject herself. she’d also be close to 70. but who knows? i’m only speculatin’.

  78. She doeswn’t sound very informed. She sounds like she takes her talking points from Katie Couric. Anyway, I would definately write a paper that talks about how he was given 4 delegates that his opponent earned. If nothing else it will make her gnash her teeth and you shouldn’t be the only one grinding those babies down.

  79. sister of ye, on January 21st, 2009 at 3:40 pm

    Yes. If Hill was for water boarding , she would have less trouble .

  80. Clinton Rules, Sister of YE.

    Everything that has to do with a Clinton or, in Hillary’s case, a person who is married to a Clinton, must be punished constantly for doing good, charities, being great effective leaders, well loved by the commoners, ect.

    Don’t be risiculous! She is Hillary Clinton! Therefore, it is only custom that she be accused of murder and/or criminality when she so much as blows her nose.

  81. Senators love to hear themselves think.

  82. Sen. Cardin from MD speaking for Hillary.

    She traveled around the world and knows the problems. Experience in the Senate. Right person for the job. Iconic figure for American values.

    President and Mrs. Clinton have provided more disclosure than anyone.

    President Clinton should be thanked for his work.

  83. I will post this link again. It is an easy way to log on to different sites.


    I hope this helps



  84. You still won’t see me calling him President Obama- Just like Bush I will stick with Thief in Chief, Putz in Chief, etc, etc……..I’m not giving respect that hasn’t been earned.

  85. Senator Cardin just said Hillary is an iconic figure for American values.

  86. Cardin of Maryland is speaking. He says the Clintons have taken “extraordinary steps” to disclose what’s necessary and urges the vote take place now.

  87. Has Hillary gone to lunch or is she being forced to watch this in action?

  88. Some guy from MD flapping his gums. We know how good she is, now VOTE!

  89. Regency:

    She sounds annoying.
    Ultra Librul? Doesn;t sound like it, it she is that obsessed with BO.
    I’m no moderate, but then, I can see through him easy enough. Some people are just gullible.

  90. President Clinton should be thanked for his work.

    Just thanked?
    *goes back to Troy*

  91. He will always be backtrack to me.



  92. vote in 15 mins after spkr returns. roll call vote then, as called by repub side.

  93. geez, i just find it so hard to follow kerry. he’s, zzzzzzzzzzzzz, oh, excuse me. what did i ever see in him??????????? i guess he was the “best” we had at the time?

  94. I will not go to CNN’s web page. I am boycotting corporate news media and refuse to so much as think about CNN, MSNBC, CBS, FOX, ect.
    They are all shills, and they are all the same. There is no distiction. I’m not like a lot of people here. I don’t bother thinking FOX is any better.

  95. Does she get sworn in right after she is confirmed, or do we have to wait some more?

  96. I am blown away listening to these senators discuss Hillary’s credentials and Bill”s foundation.

    This is what the Clinton’s are all about, but the irony that these no guts Senators are actually speaking the truth after all the cra@#$#@p for all these years is overwhelming to me.

    And God Bless Arlen Spectre. While I disagree with him on virtually everthing, he seems a little out of it. I wish him well as he retires.

  97. She talked lovingly about his community service and his political life. She had the nerve to talk about Jack Ryan! She said that Jeri (his wife) was the one who’d exposed the sexual abuse. That is not my understanding. She didn’t even mention Alice Palmer. She talked about the Internet and the money. I forgot my manners and kept staring at the clock on my phone. I sighed. I glared. I just managed not to knock my head on the table. If that know-it-all Poli Sci major behind me laughed one more time, I was going to reach behind me and do something illegal. Look, asshole, Sarah Palin is not an idiot. The magazine thing read like a gotcha and she took it that way. What is it about the clothes? The RNC wanted her to have the makeover, so they paid for it. Who do you think paid for BO and MO’s clothes? Be serious.

    *screams* My roomie warned me about her (she had her earlier than me). Damn, that woman is intolerable.

  98. littleisis– i’ve been turning off even FOX since the election. they were having a big o fest last night. positively gushing. [oh, yes i did.]

  99. Oh hell! Got to get to pharmacy and florist!! I’ll try to hang around a bit longer.

  100. Littleisis

    Life is so much sweeter after deciding to read my news. The TV is strictly for House or Food Network.

  101. They said they are hoping the vote will occur around 4pm after the Majority Leader arrives.

  102. Kerry, shut up!!!! This is not your confirmation, god. Get over it. Yeah, I said it.

    Bill deserves to be fellated for the good work he’s done. It’s the least we can do. Really. That’s a version of thank you.

    Shut up, John Kerry. Somebody call Terry. Distract him with ketchup!

  103. Spector is okay on alot. As I said upthread, he is one of 2 senators who crossed party lines on the equal pay issue.

    I’d like to see if we could apply some pressure to Collins. She’s female. She ought to be for equal pay.

  104. Lady Boomer NYC at 3:40pm

    Yes, I have also heard that Hillary has told those close to her that her 2008 run for the presidency was her one and only try for it. That’s why she fought like a lioness to get it. She sees BO as serving eight years, and as you have pointed out, she probably won’t want to go through the HELL of all that at age 69!

    But who knows? Look at McCain. He was 72 during the campaign. Some said he was too old, but it depends on what the person themselves feels about it. Obviously, McCain felt he could serve at lease one term without his age being a factor. Who knows? Hillary will have to see how she feels after eight years (or hopefully less than eight years if we can kick BO’s ass out of office sooner)


  105. Obama gets to keep his Blackberry.

  106. Regency:

    Isn’t it technically unethical for her to be gushing over him? I wouldn’t want to cause any trouble myself, and would probably just endure, but then, I’m not like you.

    You should make some noise.

  107. I got my first Terry McAuliffe for Governor mail!

  108. Somebody throw a shoe at Kerry!

    I want Specter to come back and start talking!

  109. omg, wtf is kerry talking about? he’s so much in the story. no wonder it takes so long to get everything done. just lay it out, dude? his narrative is so rambling. i don’t know. just me?

  110. The only other teacher for this class is even worse. Yay. Thanks, school. You’re so diverse.

  111. I see the bashing as more problematic. I might even take a trip to a guidance counselor over that.

  112. Kerry just said “It’s really interesting” blah blah blah blah

    Poor Teresa.

  113. oh wait. he’s already head of fr cmtee. — maybe he’s still running for sos, in case hrc doesn’t make it. just kidding, of course i know she will. but he’s still running.

  114. Regency, what you have is no ultra liberal. What you have is a poseur who is in love with the picture of herself as a liberal. She doubtless pats herself constantly on the back for having such concern for “the little people.”

    The one good thing about being in the working world versus school is that at least in the former the @ssholes you have to deal with are giving you a check instead of making you pay them.

  115. Cwaltz: Awesome. I want one. If he needs a dollar, he should just hit me up via Hillary and I’ve got a few bucks with his name on it.

  116. Not a surprise. The Dems have been sacrificing women for years. At this point it is very clear that women have no party that advances their interests.

  117. Cwaltz:

    I get my news striclty online. Blogs and conspiracy theorist websites, that is how I roll.

    You are right, who knows? No one can predict the future. If BO stays in office for eight years then of course she wouldn’t want to run again.

    But if he somehoe only serves one term, or not even one term. *shrugs*

    All I know is, there is going to be a woman president, and soon. Within the next four years. That is all I know.

  118. Oh, and she kindly compared Barack to Bill.

  119. littleisis & Regency:

    My boyfriend is back in college (after 20 year hiatus) and one of his profs was 30 MINUTES late for class yesterday b/c she was watching the Inauguration at a luncheon. Apparently she decided it was okay since she posted a note on the door saying she’d be late. And then she proceeded to gush over that yahoo for 10 minutes before she ever started class. Vomit.

    I was, of course, fuming, but he has little recourse b/c she is the director of his academic program. We feel your pain, Regency!

  120. sister of ye, on January 21st, 2009 at 3:55 pm Said:

    ….The one good thing about being in the working world versus school is that at least in the former the @ssholes you have to deal with are giving you a check instead of making you pay them….


  121. Regency are recorders allowed in the classroom to help with notetaking? I wonder if the school board is aware of the bias?

  122. Imagine if Kerry had won. We would have had to hear his dribbling for at least four years.

  123. Oh well, I’ve got to go. I”ll check back to see if we have Madam Sec’y when I return.

  124. God help us, is Kerry still yacking?

  125. Now he (Kerry) is talking about global warming and “Mother EArth”


  126. h, and she kindly compared Barack to Bill.

    As if!

    I hate instructors like that. I can all ready imagine her.

  127. I vote for Mother Earth.

  128. i used to like teresa before the press bashed her to smithereens and she had to disappear. she seems like a straight shooter. opposites attract, i guess.

    cwaltz — I heart Terry McA

    right on nycgirl — however, then in 8 years whatever idjits are in charge of the dempods would likely add even more age to the bashing. true we’ll see how long bo can keep it up, and how hrc emerges after being sos. she’s magnifico, complete confidence, just not sure how the home boys will treat her in msm, administration. i think she and we can take ’em.

  129. Kerry’s time has expired! Oh, so many ironies…

  130. I have always amused myself, imagining how bad Kerry is in bed.
    You can just tell how boring he is in the sack, just by looking at him or hearing him speak.

  131. It would have been all I could have done to not have disingenuously said, ” so you mean he’s a racist?”

    I had several instructors in college I disagreed with politically. They were all very professional though and tried to limit their bias and were very open and upfront about their ideology. I have no problem with bias as long as you allow OTHER views to be expressed as well as your own. When she makes fun of Palin, there ought to be an opportunity to rebut. When she talks gushingly over Obama, there ought to be an opportunity to rebut. If there isn’t then she shouldn’t be allowed to put her views out there like propaganda.

  132. They’re waiting for the majority leader – so Kerry has asked permission to spew on.

  133. I have a recorder for my lectures but I rarely bother with it for discussions. It’s just ridiculous.

    PofEd’s Kid: Yeah, it hurts. It’s too soon. It’s like no one considers that maybe we all didn’t vote for this guy.

    Yay, we’ve turned over a new leaf. Oh! He doesn’t want to prosecute Bush because…that would be looking backwards. Really? Are you really standing there saying that? Turn in your liberal card immediately.

    And, John Kerry, seriously, the f?

  134. Kerry admits he has run out of time waiting for Majority Leader. But still needs to finish thoughts about ice sheets.

    What the heck?

  135. REGENCY: So sorry to hear that your professor is an Obot. I think you should request to speak to her privately alone and discuss your problem with her.

    And to all the Ofeminists regarding Reid-Republican Bill that would directly affect women like me:

    WE TOLD YOU SO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They don’t give a flying F___CK about us, yet YOU dumb asses sold us down the river.

    Is there an equivalent to “Uncle Tom” in Feminist-speak?

  136. The ice sheets would be Theresa’s at home with John.

  137. Running out of time won’t stop John Kerry! He just keeps on talking…still talking… The channel I’m watching is actually breaking away from Kerry to do some other news. Does a Senator still make a sound if there’s no camera in the room?

  138. Nothing liberal about it.
    *goes back to Troy now that commercial is over*

  139. If kerry had gotten the sos job he would have bored foreign leaders in to starting a war for excitement.



  140. Teresa really is fantastic. I’d like to see her in the Senate. I know she isn’t a native American citizen though. I hope that wouldn’t be a problem. She’s amazing.

  141. LOL, helenk!

  142. I hate it when Kerry gets into his “teaching ” mode and gets emotional It’s even more annoying than the mono tone Kerry

  143. Where’s the chamber music? Anything would be better than Kerry.

  144. cwaltz:
    sadly, as Regency describes this person, I can picture her and know exactly what she is like.

  145. L&O: SVU marathon on USA. More interesting than Lurch.

  146. Regency, on January 21st, 2009 at 3:27 pm

    Is she black? You can give her a wonderful surprise of not supporting Obama.

    What about the guilt of not being able to celebrate the first AA president because you know what he did to get there. Give her all the details and maybe she can learn from you

  147. Reid is back.

  148. helenk – LOL

    Jmac, on January 21st, 2009 at 4:01 pm Said:

    “They’re waiting for the majority leader – so Kerry has asked permission to spew on.”

    Okay — moving forward on the vote says reid.

  149. Reid is talking. Is there an end in sight?

  150. So now Reid is talking about how great Kerry is.

  151. Finally!!

  152. ooops I said the r word and spammy is mad.

    I’ve got to run some errands.

    Chin up Regency.

  153. What a bunch of blowhards. No wonder, it takes so long to get anything done.

  154. She is some form of black, definitely. I couldn’t quite tell. She looked more middle eastern than anything.

    We talked about whether America would have accepted BO if his wife had been white. I didn’t care. It was almost interesting. Then she became unbearable again.

    Back to what I care about.

    Harry Reid, can we move on?

  155. Regency — The late Tom Lantos, for one, wasn’t born in US, I believe — so I guess not a Senate qualification.

  156. Reid, you self-serving bloviating sob, talking about terrible right wingers hating on Hill, what about you?

    What a maroon!

  157. You can watch here if you have cable – http://www.c-span.org/Watch/C-SPAN2_rm.aspx

    Yay I am watching it online — But still think that Reid is a Tool — I don’t like him very much.

  158. Thanks, CWaltz.

    A vote?

  159. harry reid, NOW you tell us! i’m so yucked out by him.

  160. Props for Johnny Mac.

  161. Reid gives a special shout-out to McCain. See, they’re all really great friends after all! We’re the bitter hold-outs!

    Ooooohhhhh, A VOTE!!!!

  162. Regency, I don’t usually dispense advice, but is it too late in the semester to change classes? That prof. is going to drive you loco. I wouldn’t talk to her about it, though. I’d be afraid she might take it out against you when grading your work.

  163. little isis and Lady Boomer,

    One thing we know for a fact about Hillary (as opposed to BO) is that she is the smartest person on two feet always. She learned a lifetime of lessons during that heinous primary battle. She (and we!) didn’t know what was coming, but she handled it as well as can be expected. NOW SHE KNOWS! And NOW she can be prepared, like the great leader that she is, she will learn from her mistakes.

    Her biggest mistake, IMO, was not being prepared for the racebaiting that was heaped on her and Bill by Obama and his lackeys. That is what killed her campaign, and McCain’s campaign as well. They could not figure out how to handle the racebaiting and it threw them off-stride completely. That is what they will now factor into future interactions.

    But in eight years, the world will be a different place. It will be different tomorrow — let alone eight years. Live and learn, as they say!


  164. Somebody objects.

  165. Whenever you are discussing ANYONE’s plans to run for office, keep in mind: one billion dollars. Who can have that but a plutocracy/media figurehead? remember, small donations only accounted for 20% (same as W’s percent)

  166. Achilles just tried to kill the guys that captured the Priestess of Apollo.

    What’s going on?

  167. Or not. IS this the vote?

  168. They wanted unanimous consent, but someone objected, so they have to have a roll call.

  169. Has she been confirmed?

  170. the clapping means a done deal?

  171. Still calling the roll, and most of them aren’t there.

  172. I think Obama marries Michelle because she was AA and thus would make him seem more black.

    I just can’t help but notice how fake they are.

    Thanks, NYCgirl!

  173. omg omg….
    *Dances happily for Hill being foreign President*

    First time I’ve been excited in days.

  174. I think the gallery was applauding Kerry… Did I miss something?

  175. Does she get to vote on herself? They called her name.

  176. Why is the Senate room practically empty? What are we paying those people for?

  177. DYB, on January 21st, 2009 at 4:16 pm Said:
    I think the gallery was applauding Kerry…

    For stopping?? lol!

  178. So far the handful of Senators who were in the chamber voted to confirm. No Nays yet.

  179. Should we wait till everyone comes back from lunch?

  180. Where the hell are all the Senators?

  181. Clearly finishing their Rubens is more pressing than picking a foreign diplomat.

  182. Reid said that because they started vote a little early they’d be a bit flexible with time. But generally he says there’s 20 minutes to vote; if you don’t get there on time – you don’t vote.

  183. So far everybody is an Aye.

  184. Did anyone else hear that they were going to review Hutchens amendment to Ledbetter after the vote and then vote on it tonite?

  185. I wanna be a Senator so I can talk on camera all day.

  186. I thought we are in a time of ” urgency” ??…help

  187. The Senators are moseying in. All male. We need more women.

  188. I like the little hand signals they make when they walk in the room.

  189. In an earlier comment someone asked what the so called feminists that sold out women should be called?
    about Axis Sallys?
    If the younger people were not taught about her, during the WW2 she worked for the Germans spewing propaganda to the allied troops.
    It seems to me that is what the so-called feminists today are doing spewing propaganda to women.



  190. Wow! I’ll be going home from work before they finish their vote, so I’ll have to watch the news (oh, no!) when I get home. So much for the news blackout I have been imposing on myself since last week! But HRC is worth it!

    Thanks for the updates, Conflucians. Catch you all tomorrow.


  191. right, at first i thought this was just going to be the roll call, b/c so many of the first ones called were silent. then about 1/2 way through they started calling aye! ???

  192. ur welcome nyc girl!

  193. Is this cocktail party what they do all day? Where do I sign?

  194. They go through the roll, then start over for the ones who missed the first time.

  195. I suppose technically Hillary can vote for herself, but I expect she’d abstain from voting.

  196. McConnell voted Aye.

    So far no Nays.

  197. Is this cocktail party what they do all day when “working”?

  198. mc connell aye – wasn’t he a vholdout?

    dement – NO
    vitter – NO

  199. Vitter and DeMint voted Nay.

    Cornyn voted Aye.

  200. DeMint is the first No.

    Vitter votes No also.

  201. thanks plural

  202. the womyn are bringing it for hrc

  203. Axis Sally.
    Sounds like a great name for those gals.
    I did not know about that, Helenk.

  204. I suspect that’s all for Nays.

  205. I think we should all send a diaper to Vitter’s office. Shall we organize it here?

    What about DeMint? What can we send DeMint?

  206. Vidder makes me gag. he repulses every string of my flesh and every fiber of my being. He sickens me.

    Cannot BELIEVE he voted nay.

  207. Go, Jeanne!

  208. who knows? is it just a majority they need? or???

  209. Olympia Snowe says Aye!

  210. okay, they’re going back around to earlier names.

  211. Well, I suppose it could have been predicted, but yes, that us probably all for “nays”.

    What an unremarkable, small p*nised man Vidder is.

  212. They’re getting everyone as they come.

  213. I’m certain Vitter and DeMint are going to be the only Nays. Graham, Cornyn, Hatch, etc etc have already voted Aye.

  214. *loves Olympia Snowe*

  215. Reid made a big deal about the 20 minutes. Is he going to enforce it? They started at 4:10.

  216. Am I the only one amused by Kay Bailey Hutchinson walking around trying to find someone to talk to?

  217. Minutes 21.

    Lieberman, Aye.

  218. A confirmation needs a majority.

  219. I just saw Claire McCrapskill.

  220. All I can think when I see Kay Bailey is Texas hair.

  221. Oh, Kay, you can’t be Tex. Governor.

  222. Jmac> Reid said that because they started the vote early on this they’ll be flexible with the vote. But he warned that normally the 20 minute rule would be enforced.

  223. I don’t know which ticks me off more – the d*ckhead Repubs full of Hillary-hate for so many years or the d*ckhead Dems who all of a sudden discover that Hillary is wonderful and experienced. Where the hell were these Dems all year? Why couldn’t they at least defend her against rac*sm charges? Will Claire come in & wax eloquent about how smart Hill is?

    If Obama & the Dems think this lets them off the hook for voter fraud, racebaiting, and betraying Hillary, they better not be asking me. Effen a**holes.

  224. Thanks, plural! That’s good!

  225. All the men are wearing black or grey suits. The women senators bring the color

  226. I am going to call Vitter’s office & remind him about his love of prostitutes!

  227. parentofed> Aye and aye!

  228. I’m telling ya’ll: let’s each send a diaper to Vitter’s office.

    What can we send DeMint?

  229. parentofed — at the end, looks like she’ll beat them at their own game.

  230. Do we have a quorum?

  231. Not surprised by McConnell, Repubs in KY are saying he hasn’t been true to conservative causes lately. I figured he’d vote for her confirmation. He does a lot of posturing, but overall he’s not as crappy as some might think,. Overall.

  232. DYB:

    I noticed that. Kinda felt bad for her, like none of the kewl kids will let her sit with them in the cafeteria.

    Not enuf women.

  233. I just heard that BO made an announcement: “since he is asking American families to sacrifice and curtail spending, Washington is going to do that too. He is going to freeze increases in salaries of his top officials.”

    Once again, Barnum & Bailey is puttin’ on a show. They are shoveling billions of dollars out the door, with little accountability (because there WAS NO TIME!), but he’s going to “sacrifice” a few grand in the name of the cause? Everyone will ooh and ahhh about his stoicism. Everything he says and does just reeks of phoniness and self-aggrandizement to me.

  234. DYB – I’m sure Reid will enforce the rule from now on – just like he stood up to Blago.

  235. Hillary is confirmed!

  236. Finishing up the vote.

    94 aye, 2 nay

  237. nom confirmed – senate erupts into applause.

  238. 94 Yays.

    2 Nays.

    Applause from the gallery.

    The nomination is confirmed.

  239. LBNY: Except we all know that if the DNC, Obama & Dems hadn’t stabbed her in the back and cheated, she’d be prez today. I’ll never, ever forgive them for that. No matter what. She’ll be a great SOS, and save the One’s a**, but she’d have been a great prez.

  240. HAPPY DANCE!!!

  241. parentofed, on January 21st, 2009 at 4:32 pm Said:

    I don’t know which ticks me off more – the d*ckhead Repubs full of Hillary-hate for so many years or the d*ckhead Dems who all of a sudden discover that Hillary is wonderful and experienced. Where the hell were these Dems all year? Why couldn’t they at least defend her against rac*sm charges? Will Claire come in & wax eloquent about how smart Hill is?

    They all tick me the f*ck off. It was about money, and that was it. Power.

    I only love Big Dawg and Hill because they brought the Thrid Way, Real liberalism.

    And of course, because they are awesome.

    There are other politicians I like, ones that I know have my best interests at heart, as well as America;s, but most of them just make me want to barf up my ramen.

  242. Is Obama going to waive his own salary?

  243. Oh, what now Kay?

  244. YAY

  245. Speaking for the Great State of South Carolina – Jim DeMint is an asshole.

  246. Indeed parentofed,…..what might have been

  247. Little Isis@4:27p
    I was not sure if they teach about her in WW2 history.
    It just seem to fit what the so-called feminists are doing now.

    Great minds think alike. I wanted to send diapers to him during the confirmation hearings.

    Now there will some hope for this country”s relations with the rest of the world.



  248. *jumps with joy*


    Can we please send Vidder a few diapers, just to mock him? Please?

  249. POF: If Obama & the Dems think this lets them off the hook for voter fraud, racebaiting, and betraying Hillary, they better not be asking me. Effen a**holes.

    My mother, who watched the spectacle yesterday, said Gerry Ferraro was breathless with excitement, saying she “would never forget this day as long as she lived.” And it wasn’t just about Civil Rights, it was about Obama.

    WTF Gerry–did you forget he smeared you as a rac*st too? Where is your integrity? I also heard that Jack Welch said, “We are SO lucky to have THIS man at THIS time.” It’s a collective psychosis. I want to hide in a cave until it’s over. Oh wait–I am…here 🙂

  250. Question if Obama is the only one making money and it doesn’t compare to what Michelle made (over 300G) who is paying the mortgage on the house in Chicago?

  251. Ooohhh ooohhh…

    Helen of Troy so much like our SOS

  252. I vote AYE on the diapers for Vitter. I’m about to leave for work, but perhaps one of the mods can start a thread with Vitter’s address. Each one of us must send a diaper with PUMA written on it. Spread the word.

    What can we send DeMint?

  253. I take it Hillary abstained?

  254. It has steamed me for eight years that the presidents following Bill are getting twice his salary.

    They get $400K a year.

  255. Leahy is such a pr ick. Why do I hate all of the Democrat senators now. Were they always this annoying?

  256. B, on January 21st, 2009 at 4:43 pm Said:
    What can we send DeMint?

    a used diaper

  257. AP Obama shill headline of the day: Obama sets to work to end war in Iraq.

    Ok, love him or hate him, or think the war was/wasn’t a mistake, the Bush surge worked, Petraeus did a great job, and the war is pretty much ended there. Bush deserves the blame & the credit for that war.

    I can’t stand this rewriting history for Obama; he deserves no praise for any progress in Iraq.

  258. Okay! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!! I’m out. finally going to go workout! Thanks for the togetherness this afternoon. xo 🙂

  259. Well supposedly the president makes

    The US President earns $400,000.00 a year plus $169,000 in additional benefits.

  260. Yay, Hillary.

    Now, when does she get sworn in and do we see it?

  261. Bill gets $250,000+ per speech. I think sexy voice is doing all right.

  262. Regency-I feel for you over the prof.

    The only thing you can do is speak to her quietly on your own-never embarass profs in front of class. Otherwise see if you can change your course.

  263. I suspect Hillary abstained. Kennedy was in the hospital, right?

  264. plural: yes, and the Clintons were one of very few recent POTUS couples that weren’t rich before getting into office. Bill had spent most of his life in low-pay public service, and Hill had done lots of pro bono work. Even though she was twice named one of top 100 young lawyers in US. She could have very rich, except she did so much work for women/children.

  265. fif:

    I’m willing to forgive Gerry. She is a good person. And it was a historical moment, in any case.

  266. can’t forgive idiot Claire McIdiot

  267. plural: yes, and the Clintons were one of very few recent POTUS couples that weren’t rich before getting into office. Bill had spent most of his life in low-pay public service, and Hill had done lots of pro bono work. Even though she was twice named one of top 100 young lawyers in US. She could have very rich, except she did so much work for women/children.

    Part of the reason the dynasty talk never made sense. A poor guy marrying a Middle Class girl.
    what does that have to do with dynasties?
    The Clintons had zero connections. Not like the Kennedy’s. There has never been a “Clinton Machine”. It does not exist.

    They are probably the only common folk who have ever made it to the White House, and that is why there is all this Village hatred for them.

  268. You should have reminded them that MO called Hillary to ask her for advice on raising kids in the WH.

  269. SOD: WTH do they mean? Chelsea is great, and has a great relationship with Hillary. Even the Repubs admitted during Clinton admin that Chelsea was a great kid – polite & smart.

  270. All I do is sit there and stare.

  271. Better than Chelsea?

    Good god, what is wrong with people?

  272. They are probably the only common folk who have ever made it to the White House, and that is why there is all this Village hatred for them.

    littleisis, I do so agree with you.

  273. 😦

  274. […] I’ve been live-blogging with my fellow Conflucians re: the debate goings on, beginning at about 930 am, then again at about 2:15 in the comments. I hate to send you away, but in lieu of typing up my notes, a time-consuming effort, you can check through comment thread here. […]

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